Samuel Langhorne Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain, Was A Jew


Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835-1910.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835-1910.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, more popularly known by his most famous pen name, Mark Twain, was a secret jew, the term for which is “crypto-jew.”

For most readers, who have no knowledge of crypto-jews, I must provide a sufficient amount of background information.

Crypto-jews have been in the USA since the beginning. The following are facts not in need of discussion. Alexander Hamilton, a “founding father” who had George Washington’s trust and used it to be the first to give control of our nation’s money to private bankers, was a crypto-jew. The slave trade was infamously owned and operated by jews — and jews are not Whites, though most of them pretend to be Whites. Thomas Jefferson warned against jew treachery, especially of the financial kind, though he seemed to have no awareness of crypto-jews. That was all well before the year 1800.

We can easily go further back. Although making a distinction between the two main kinds of jews is not important for this discussion, it is useful to mention that “Sephardic Jews” were in North America in the 1600s, according to the following linked article in USA Today. LINK.

In fact, when jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 (why? Because they were illegally undermining the majority population, as jews always do. Jews were punished, not persecuted, and they have always deserved that punishment.) Back to 1492, yes the year in which Christopher Columbus found Haiti (Leif Erikson had long long before visited North America by way of Norway, Iceland, Greenland, to North America), many jews stayed in Spain and pretended to convert to Christian religions, but the fleeing jews went to various places, two of which were Italy’s Sicily (whence the mafia came to America, they were jews) and Mexico. LINK1 LINK2 LINK 3. (You may search and find many other scholarly links to prove my statements true. The links I have provided are simply a few of the links I happened across during the last few years of my research.)

Long before our so-called Civil War, jews were developing and increasing their network to reach into the highest levels of society throughout the country. An example is the jew who became a three-office holder in the South’s government of the Confederacy.


Judah Benjamin, jew, traitor. Upon the South losing the unCivil War, the jew fled to England and was rewarded for his service.

Judah Benjamin, jew, traitor. Upon the South losing the unCivil War, the jew fled to England and was rewarded for his service.

As reported in the great patriotic Liberty Bell magazine, the issue of Jan.1989 (link opens as a pdf file), the jew Judah Benjamin, who was the Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State of the Confederacy, had grown up with the help of the jew network already established in the USA, including an education at Harvard University. (See that issue of the Liberty Bell, or any other decent biography of the jew Benjamin to see the network of crypto-jews, many recognizable as jews by name, aiding the infiltration of our country well before they orchestrated the War Between The States.) The head Rothschild’s visit to New Orleans shortly before war broke out is a fact noted by Revilo Oliver, Eustace Mullins, and found in other sources, such as the New Orleans Picayune of March 22, 1861, and the Chicago Tribune of March 29, the last truthful Chicago newspaper of the 1800s before jews devoured it.


Edwin Stanton, crypto-jew, Secretary Of War under Pres. Abraham Lincoln.

Edwin Stanton, crypto-jew, Secretary Of War under Pres. Abraham Lincoln.

Among the plethora of crypto-jews reaching the heights in the early and mid 1860s was Edwin Stanton. President Abraham Lincoln had crypto-jew Stanton as the Secretary of War. Thus, jews were chessmasters on both sides of the unCivil War, sending Whites to die in fratricide. Stanton facilitated the assassination and other treason in the federal government.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens was younger than Benjamin and Stanton, and so Clemens grew up in a country already covered by a web of jew families in every city, every capital, and many a small town, all ready and eager to provide help to traveling jews.

Another example is Adolph Simon Ochs, a jew who came to the USA before the jew-instigated War Between the States. He was welcomed by the jew network, of course, and later bought the New York Times newspaper. That was in 1896. In Clemens’s own writings, we see that Clemens was a daily reader of the New York Times, and he surely would have known that it was a jew-owned operation. This linked New York Times long obit on Ochs, though propaganda, exposes a great deal about the well-established jew web in the 1800s.

Thus, it is simply true to say that during the 1800s, jews spread across the country following paths blazed by others, of course. For example, from Virginia in 1800, adults with children went west to Tennessee. From Tennessee in 1830, the grown children who were then having children of their own moved to Missouri. These children grew to adulthood and used the network of jews already spread across the country to travel from place to place, from New York to San Francisco, from Chicago to Mexico, finding sanctuary and aid in any node of the network. After the unCivil War ended, in 1865, some of the latest generation rose to fame and fortune.

And that, dear readers, is an outline of the life of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, who is more popularly known as “Mark Twain.” His family spread from Virginia, to Tennessee, to Missouri. And he went on to Nevada and San Francisco and back. Despite being an unknown in his early adulthood, he reports being in the company of the highest businessmen and politicians everywhere he went — newspapermen, mine owners, mayors, and more.

In fact, Clemens himself wrote that jews were already — in the latter 1800s — throughout the country and in numbers much larger than the Census reported. In that article, Concerning The Jews, (here is one source of the many for the complete text), Clemens also admitted his knowledge of jewry’s new “zionist” leader, Theodor Herzl, and jewry’s first “zionist Congress” held in Switzerland:

Speaking of concentration, Dr. Herzl has a clear insight into the value of that. Have you heard of his plan? He wishes to gather the Jews of the world together in Palestine, with a government of their own — under the suzerainty of the Sultan, I suppose. At the Convention of Berne, last year, there were delegates from everywhere, and the proposal was received with decided favor.

Clemens went on to say that he was “not objecting” to the idea.

Much more needs to be exposed on this subject, including the likelihood of Clemens attending the jew “Convention.” But first, let us follow the progression of “duped, complicit, or jew” in order to impose a reasonable organization on the abundant evidence I wish to present.

Was My Former Idol Duped, Complicit, Or A Jew?

Perhaps it is helpful to the reader for me to note that I grew up and spent three decades of adult life as an avid reader and admirer of “Mark Twain.” But in the last few years, as I have researched and studied in depth the subjects of money, banking, media, jews, and race, veils have been lifted, curtains have been drawn aside, and sheep cloaks have been removed from many a fox and rat. The truth does not fear investigation. And as Thomas Jefferson said:

“There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.”

– to Henry Lee, 1826.

I present here a large collection of undeniable facts, known truths, educated guesses, and reasoned conclusions. The reader may choose to disagree with the two latter.

Before World War 1, Europeans and Americans were keenly aware of racial differences and their importance in life. Many jews were secret jews because jews were historically known as liars, cheats, swindlers, and underminers of the majority’s culture, and so they hid their jewness. (From the Whites of 1492 Spain, to the mature Martin Luther in the middle 1500s, to Charles Lindbergh Sr. and the automaker Henry Ford senior, to the post-WW2 General George Patton, and now to us, this knowledge is basic fact, not opinion.)

Thus, we can quickly dispose of the idea of Samuel Clemens being duped by jewry. He was well aware of jewry, as I have proved by quoting from his article “Concerning The Jews.” Furthermore, Clemens had traveled the world, visiting top jew liars such as Sigmund Freud, and eating and drinking in the company of non-jew kings, czars, top educators, and religious leaders, all of whom were aware of jews and much of their history. An example is the czar of Russia, who hosted Clemens during his visit to Russia. Later, Clemens gave speeches to private groups in the USA to spread the lie that jews were being unfairly punished in Russia — though, like a jew, he employed the word “persecuted” to suggest innocence. This was early work, in concert with the new “zionism,” to instigate a revolution in Russia, and the revolution came soon after Clemens’s death.

We should remember that it was the czar of Russia’s recent ancestor who had helped prevent open foreign invasion of our jew-split country during our “Civil War” by stationing Russian fleets off both the east and west coasts. In Russia during Clemens’s time, it is a fact that the czar simply limited the activities that jews could undertake and the areas where they could live — prudent measures. When they violated the law, they were deservedly punished.

Samuel Clemens was no dupe. He knew full well about jews.

Complicit? Certainly


Do we see any Black founders of our country? Do we see any Asian or Arab founders of our country? No. We see White men. Whites founded and built our country. Jews infiltrated and illegally took control of our money system, media, and government agencies, thus opening the door to destructive immigration of non-Whites. Our Founding Fathers intentions were that Blacks and Indians were not to be citizens, nor were members of other races. White countries prosper and progress. Other races' countries, and mixed-race countries, struggle with low-IQ populations, lack of inventiveness, and constant racial conflicts. That's the real history.

Do we see any Black founders of our country? Do we see any Asian or Arab founders of our country? No. We see White men. Whites founded and built our country. Enemy jews infiltrated and illegally took control of our money system, media, and government agencies, thus opening the door to destructive immigration of non-Whites. Our Founding Fathers intentions were that Blacks and Indians were not to be citizens, nor were members of other races. White countries prosper and progress. Other races’ countries, and mixed-race countries, struggle with low-IQ populations, lack of inventiveness, and constant racial conflicts. That’s the real history.

Samuel Clemens was complicit with jewry, knowing of their crimes of undermining the White Founding Fathers’ culture, knowing of their crimes of monopolies, knowing of jewry’s crimes of usury (theft by banking), knowing of jewry’s attempt to control newspapers throughout the country in order to systematically lie to White people.

Since Clemens was not a dupe, as has been proved above, then he was complicit, certainly, since he never spoke out against jewry’s crimes as he spoke out so frequently against U.S. actions and Christianity. The only remaining question is that of his true race.

However, before we move on to whether he was a jew, let me pile on some evidence of complicity, which will also provide background evidence of his race.

Samuel Clemens knew of the jews’ deceitful and increasing control of U.S. banking and vital industries.

Consider John D. Rockefeller, the frontman for the jew-Rothschilds in the USA for controlling the oil industry. Rockefeller’s vice president of the Standard Oil Company empire was Henry H. Rogers, a close friend of Clemens. Clemens admitted to often sitting for hours in the vice president’s office in corporate headquarters in New York.

What did Clemens say and not say about Rockefeller, who he thus knew, at least indirectly, better than most? Clemens attacked Rockefeller’s supposed Christianity. Clemens especially attacked his son, John D. Rockefeller Jr., who regularly taught a Sunday Bible class. Anyone can read about this in the massive Autobiography of Mark Twain, volume one, published in 2010, which is free on the Internet. (Main site at this link. However, it may be more convenient to download at here. Or if you are familiar with torrents, get your own pdf easily that way.) Attacking Jesus and Christianity: That’s what jews do. The jews’ racial rule book, the Talmud, says that Jesus is now hanging in boiling excrement for eternity. That is no exaggeration. Look it up. Every rabbi is a teacher of that jew rule book.

Meanwhile, Clemens did not attack Rockefeller the man nor the businessman. Nor did Clemens expose Rockefeller as being a crypto-jew. Nor did Clemens ever properly attack the supposed religion of jewry. An honest and intelligent attacker of religions, which are simply the grandest of superstitions, will attack them all, not just one.

Samuel Clemens had other high-level friends. His friends included top writers, of course, but also businessmen and politicians. When Clemens owned a publishing company, he befriended Hiram Ulysses Grant, better known by his stage name Ulysses S. Grant, former general and president of the USA. Clemens published an autobiograpy of Grant. “Hiram” is a typically jewish name. Though that alone is not proof in regard to Grant, it should stir the thinking person to prudent suspicion.

We have no need to go further with the fact of Clemens’ complicity with jewry. He well knew of jews and their operations, which he never exposed — but which he did excuse, as in his article “Concerning The Jews,” which any reader should take in its entirety to get the full effect of Clemens’ true purpose in writing it. We will revisit that article repeatedly below.

Now, let us move on to assembling the case of Clemens being a jew.

Clemens Was A Crypto-Jew

  1. Name
  2. Anti-Family, Anti-Christian, Anti-American, Anti-White
  3. Defended jews; otherwise his silence protected jews


His real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. “Mark Twain” was a pen name, a fake name, and it was not his first fake name. But let’s look at his real name first.

Samuel. Samuel is a common jewish name. Let me quote from a European source here to share knowledge about Samuel Clemens and about jewish names that most White Americans are not aware of.

“Mark Twain” had detractors who were non-jew journalists. He was even called “The Jew Mark Twain” (source) in Europe. That was before jews accomplished a full stranglehold on the major media in Austria and Germany, a stranglehold that Adolf Hitler heroically removed for 12 years. Nowadays, nobody dares talk about Twain’s real name being a clue to jewness, right? Nobody but me.

The following paragraph quoted from material linked above is very instructive in regard to the German awareness of criminal jewry, the importance of names, and the pro-jew point of view of the author of the linked page. The quote:

However, most of Twain’s detractors were journalists writing for the many anti-Semitic newspapers and magazines in Vienna. Carl Dolmetsch in his book, “Our Famous Guest”: Mark Twain in Vienna, suggests that amongst a number of reasons for their attacks was Twain’s first name “Samuel” which contributed to their belief he was Jewish. In Catholic Vienna, Old Testament names such as Abraham, Aaron, Samuel, and so on were considered Jewish names while gentile names were taken from the New Testament or Saints, distinctions unknown in Protestant America. Troubled by the virulency of the anti-Semitic press and sentiments, not just in Vienna but in the world at large, Twain wrote his thoughts about Jews and Christians in his article “Concerning the Jews”.

Some of the most infamous jews in our history have been Samuels, such as Samuel Untermeyer, whose long treasonous tenure in the USA included lying about Germany, Germanic people, and German heritage in order to demonize Germans in the eyes of Americans in preparation for the jew-instigated world war. For example, Germans were demonized as “Huns.” The infamous Huns of history were a mongoloid people from Asia. Germans are Whites. Asians and Whites are different races. Jews very well knew that.

Anecdotally, it seems that not so many jews use the name Samuel anymore. “Jon” seems to be the new “Samuel,” such as jew-media-darling humorist Jon Stewart, whose real name is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.

So, as I said, “Samuel” is a common jewish name, thus it is a clue to Samuel Langhorne Clemens being a jew.

Langhorne. Where did the name “Langhorne” come from? My searches produced nothing in regard to other writers or researchers digging into this question. (If the reader finds a useful link, please put it in a comment.) At this link, there is merely a mention that “Langhorne” came from a “family friend from Virginia.” I will pursue this below through “Lady Astor.”

Jews are known for changing or modifying their names in order to be perceived as a member of the host population. Therefore, we could investigate the full name “Langhorne,” along with “Lang” and “horne,” and various spellings of them.

Usually, families with a focus on bloodlines give previous family names to their children, especially as middle names. For example, Samuel Clemens’s wife’s name was Olivia Langdon. They gave the name “Langdon” to one of their children, a boy who died at 19 months. “Langhorne” may be a previous family name placed whole into Samuel Clemens’ name. Or “Langhorne” may be an Americanized, de-jewed version of a more common jew name, perhaps a version of “Langer.”

Web writer and broadcaster Caroline Yeager says here:

Langer is a common Ashkanazi Jewish and German name. For instance, there is a Rabbi Samuel Langer, well known on the U.S. east coast who died in 1969, and David Langer, a Jewish soldier in the Polish Army whose picture was taken in 1929.

Lang, Lange, Langer. “Lan” has been a common root for jew names in jew-infested Hollywood. Do you remember Michael Landon? Jew. Another example is Jessica Lange from the King Kong remake of 1976. She is the daughter of Dorothy Sahlman, jew, though she doesn’t admit it publicly, so she is a crypto-jew.

Ann Landers’ real name was Esther Pauline Friedman, and her sister “Dear Abby” was really Pauline Esther Friedman. A whole generation of newspaper-reading Americans were brought up on their crypto-jew advice columns, eating away at the Founding Fathers’ White cultural values.

We seem to be spinning our wheels there. A much more fruitful connection to “Langhorne” comes from Virginia history, and Virginia is the state from which Samuel Clemens’ family spread in the USA.

‘Lady Astor’ Langhorne

Nancy Langhorne was born in Virginia in 1879 to father Chiswell Dabney Langhorne and mother Nancy Witcher Keene Langhorne. I believe the Langhorne bloodline, who were wealthy slave-owners before the Civil War, is the secret source of Samuel Clemens’ middle name.

Supposedly, the family was poor following the Civil War, but after Nancy’s birth in 1879, the father got lucrative railroad contracts, and other income, and within 13 years they were a wealthy family again. This kind of “luck” and windfall profit fits the jew model. Furthermore, considering that the railroad magnates were jews, the lucrative contracts would almost certainly go to fellow jews. (The main sources of their story include wiki-jew-pedia and the New York Times featuring a jew-written book on the famous sisters, including the eldest sister, Irene, a “Gibson Girl.” Being jew publications, those sources carefully avoid the obvious jew connections. Jew media protect their crypto-jews.)

Believe it or not, Waldorf Astor, the infamous wealthy British man, was also born in Virginia. Nancy Langhorne married Waldorf Astor and became “Lady Astor” in England.


Benjamin Disraeli, a jew, prime minister of England. There are different main types of jews. Bob Dylan, the jew musician, is the D'Israeli type.

Benjamin Disraeli, a jew, prime minister of England. There are different main types of jews. Bob Dylan, the jew musician, is the D’Israeli type.

Down every avenue I research related to these families, I see jew. Remember, or learn for the first time, England already had had a jew prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli (D’Israeli), beginning in 1868. A generation later, Waldorf Astor was in the House of Lords, became a “private secretary” to a prime minister, and owned newspapers, including the famous Observer. Icing on the cake: He also headed the Peabody Trust. Peabody was a jew, and nearly every famous “trust” is run by a jew. Waldorf Astor’s career is a model jew career.

This wiki-jew-pedia link suggests that Waldorf was mildly “anti-semitic,” which was obviously a cover as he supported warmonger Winston Churchill (a crypto-jew) over Neville Chamberlain. That same page says Nancy “Lady Astor” was always “critical of the Nazis.” At this jewpedia link, evidence says that “the Cliveden Set [of which the Astors were big members] had been strongly anti-German before and during World War I.” Nobody was, nor is, more anti-German than jews.

Furthermore, Eustace Mullins reported in his great book The World Order (get it free on the WhiteSchool page) that “three of the Astors had founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs.” The RIIA was, and is, a jew organization of business and political leaders, whose American sibling is the infamous Council On Foreign Relations in the USA.

Now, the attentive reader may be waiting for the “missing link” that proves Samuel Langhorne Clemens’s middle name came from the Langhorne bloodline of Virginia. I do not have that link. Why is this odd name of so famous a person difficult to trace? Surely no coincidence, it remains cloaked for a reason.

Perhaps the reader considers “Langhorne” a fluke, an expression of an odd whim by his parents. However, I can prove that the appearance of the Langhorne name for Samuel Clemens was no fluke. He passed down the name to his daughter Clara Langhorne Clemens. It is beyond credulity to claim that he, or anyone, would give a girl the name “Langhorne” unless it has blood-related importance.

A couple of final straws atop this camel:

First, we find “Mark Twain” boasting yet deflecting about family connections “back to Noah’s time” and to European royalty and noblemen. (See page 112 of the pdf file of the Autobiography. This is the page just before the photos section. Links were provided above, or go to bottom for repeat links.) “Twain” reports having had dinner with a government minister and a nobleman in Berlin, likely 1891. The host, U.S. government minister William Walter Phelps, made a show of a particular photo. “Twain” writes:

It was a picture of the court that tried Charles I. There was a pyramid of judges in Puritan slouch hats, and below them three bare-headed secretaries seated at a table. Mr. Phelps put his finger upon one of the three, and said with exulting indifference—

An ancestor of mine.”

I put my finger on a judge, and retorted with scathing languidness—

Ancestor of mine. But it is a small matter. I have others.”

The ancestor was Geoffrey Clement, according to “Twain.” We are supposed to be left with the notion that “Twain” had bested the other man. The notion it leaves with me is that Samuel Clemens sought to brag and to elevate himself in his ignorant readers’ minds while maintaining his crypto cloak. Yet, there’s more to know about Geoffrey Clement. He served as judge under the infamous Cromwell. Before Cromwell, England had officially expelled the jews as punishment for their usual undermining of the government, their other crimes against the majority, and their filth. Cromwell, fully sponsored by jew bankers on the Continent, let them back in.

However, there is a big BUT. It is my duty to insert this information so that the reader can be introduced to the fact that Samuel Clemens made frequent errors in his nonfiction stories and anecdotes. When reading the Autobiography, the reader is urged to read every endnote. Often the endnotes are far more educational than the main text. (This is frequently true of scholarly works, such as the writings of Revilo Oliver. Another American example is the relatively great work by Gary Moulton as editor of the modern publication of the Journals Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition, a copy of which I used to own.)

Here is an endnote on Clemens’ ancestor “Geoffrey Clement” (from p. 274 of the pdf):

The other putative ancestor, Gregory (not Geoffrey) Clements (1594–1660), was a London merchant and member of Parliament. In January 1649 he was a member of the high court of justice that tried Charles I and signed the king’s death warrant. In 1660, when the monarchy was restored under Charles II, Clements went into hiding, but was found and executed that October. Extensive genealogical research has not revealed any family connection to Gregory; Clemens’s earliest known ancestor was Richard Clements of Leicester (1506–71) (Lampton 1990, 78; Bell 1984, 4–7).

In this case, we can choose whom to believe, whether it be Clemens or the jew editorial control of the Autobiography. One of them is wrong. Perhaps both are wrong in what they have chosen to leave out.

Second, (from page 195 of the Autobiography) we learn that a relative by the name of “Jere. Clemens” was a United States senator. What is “Jere.” an abbreviation of? Jeremiah, of course, another jew name. Jeremiah’s father was Ezekiel. See the Old Testament pattern? And he had a relative named Sherrard Clemens who was a Congressman from West Virginia (p. 130). The Clemens family tree above and below Samuel is rife with jew names. I have mentioned only a few of the many.

On the Clemens side of his family, Samuel Clemens’ previous five ancestors, in order, were named John (father, born 1798), Jeremiah (grandfather, born 1732), Ezekiel (great grandfather, born in 1696), and Abraham (great-great grandfather, born in Massachusetts, 1657). Other than “John,” the names are jewish names.

Since I have mentioned the Congressman Sherrard Clemens, a further intrusion on the reader’s patience is perhaps necessary. An endnote quotes from a letter from Sherrard to Samuel Clemens on the subject of Samuel having publicly voted, along with two of his famous friends, for Rutherford Burchard Hayes for president. The endnote, with quote:

The only surviving letter from Sherrard Clemens to Clemens was written several weeks before this event, on 2 September, but it suggests that the description here was not exaggerated. Sherrard, evidently reacting to a newspaper notice, wrote:

I regret, very deeply, to see, that you have announced your adhesion, to that inflated bladder, from the bowels of Sarah Burchard, Rutherford Burchard Hayes. You come, with myself, from Gregory Clemens, the regicide, who voted for the death of Charles and who was beheaded, disembolled, and drawn in a hurdle. It is good, for us, to have an ancestor, who escaped, the ignominy of being hung. But, I would rather have, such an ancestor, than adhere, to such a pitiful ninnyhammer, as Hayes, who is the mere, representative, of wall street brokers, three ball men, Lombardy Jews, European Sioux, class legislation, special priviledges to the few, and denial of equality of taxation, to the many—the mere convenient pimp, of the bondholders and office holders, about 150 thousand people, against over 40.000.000. If you, have, any more opinions for newspaper scalpers, it might be well, for your literary reputation, if you, should keep them to yourself, unless you desire to be considered a “Political Innocent Abroad.” (Sherrard Clemens to SLC, 2 Sept 1876, CU-MARK)

From this endnote, we see that Sherrard and the editor agree that the executioner judge’s name was “Gregory Clemens” rather than “Geoffrey Clement.” More interestingly, we may choose whether Sherrard did not think they were related to “Lombardy Jews,” or Sherrard was staking a claim of good jews versus bad jews, or he was covering for their own jewness.

Summary: The Clemens family tree is full of jew names, especially Old Testament jew names. It is a pattern, certainly deliberate. It was a jew tradition until the policy became common knowledge among the host population. More common now is that crypto-jews use traditional jew names for each other inside the home but use “gentile” names outside.

Pen names. Why use a pen name? Nowadays, nearly all Americans would think Samuel Clemens (or Sam Clemens) would be a perfectly fine name for an author. Did he fear failure and not want his real name besmirched? I have never read that Samuel Langhorne Clemens lacked confidence or had a significant fear of failure. So, why change the name? Maybe it was a purely innocent fancy. Yes? But this source says he also used the pen name “Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass.” What patriotic American would use the great Thomas Jefferson’s name in such a way? Not one single educated patriotic American would. And for anybody who understands the linkage here: jews, Rome, Shakespeare, I suggest reading this piece written by Clemens under the name “Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass.”

Twain also used the pen names “Josh” and “Sergeant Fathom.” Of course, “Josh” is short for “Joshua,” a jew name, and it makes a nice play on words for a humorist, with “josh” meaning “to joke” or “to kid.” “Sergeant Fathom” is easily related to “Mark Twain,” as a “mark” is one fathom of water depth, and “twain” means two.

Mississippi steamship pilots used the vocabulary of “mark” “twain” when determining whether the water depth was safely deep or deadly shallow. Before the unCivil War, Samuel Clemens was given pilot lessons and became a pilot himself. That is one of the many points in his magical career arc that helps to prove he was a jew. How many Whites of modest birth and modest means can travel anywhere and be accepted at the highest levels in every location? The answer is, none. But such golden career arcs are what we find in jew after jew. Every door is open to them — where the door is already owned or controlled by open jews or cryto-jews. Meanwhile, Whites typically find the door barred. Today, that is more true than ever in fields such as media, Hollywood, music, law, banking, insurance, and medicine.

But let us wait until the Conclusion to review the life arc of Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

Anti-Family, Anti-Christian, Anti-American, Anti-White

Anti-Family. As a writer, did Samuel Clemens encourage family togetherness, family problem-solving, family loyalty, and maintenance of family values?



Huckleberry Finn and the Black Jim. The Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln were right on race. "Mark Twain" was the opposite. Why?

Huckleberry Finn and the Black Jim. The White Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln were right on race — in regard to the Negroid race, or African race. “Mark Twain” was the opposite. Why?

No, he did not. Consider his famous main characters: Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, and any others you recall. Huck Finn rejected family. The “friend” is glorified over family. Adventures are not enjoyed by brothers, for example, but by “friends” or worse. Huck had his adventure with a Black man. And Huck’s protection of the Black man went against his entire White society. This subject is so important, we will revisit it below. (The same agenda is exhibited on jew-tv. Seinfeld glorified friends while portraying parents as unwelcome irritants. Following Seinfeld, jews simply named the next show after the agenda. Friends.)

For now, I will simply state the obvious. “Mark Twain” could have offered stories of adventure that respected families, but he chose not to. He chose to write stories in which the main characters reject family and glorify friends, no matter how unadmirable the “friends” may be. And with Huck, the unrealistic, glorified friend was a Black man. In the late 1860s, that was propaganda. And it still is. Surely, since we have been forced to share the same country, we can have friends of different races. But when we see a systematic pattern of the glorification of race-mixing and a systematic pattern of insulting the nuclear and extended family, then we are seeing deliberate propaganda. No intelligent White person would make a career of writing such propaganda. A jew certainly would. Clemens did, and he intended to do more, as I show in the penultimate “Excerpts” section.

Anti-Christian. Full disclosure: My position is that all organized religions are selling mind poison. Christianity, which was invented and forced upon the White race by jews beginning in the (White) Roman Empire about 2,000 years ago, is the jews’ mind poison of choice against the White race. (Islam is jewry’s mind poison of choice against the Arabs.) My mother’s family was Catholic, and I was sent to Catholic school throughout grades one through six. During seventh grade, my first year free of religious indoctrination, my mind immediately began to clear. I set about investigating in dictionaries and encyclopedias the beliefs of all the significant religions around the world, and my self-education resulted in my rejection of all religions. Samuel Clemens, however, despite his worldliness, spewed his wrath and ridicule on only one religion: the Christian religion. That is the jew’s m.o. (modus operandi, method of operation) in the White-founded White-built United States Of America.

In order to avoid tarnishing his lucrative popular image, Samuel Clemens prevented publication of his strongest anti-Christian works until after his death. Letters From The Earth, for example.

Time magazine, which has always been a jew propaganda publication, began a July 2008 article of deification of Clemens by first praising the tv jews Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann. Then, the article employed a Clemens quip that says it all:

Andrew Carnegie, a giant anti-American himself, brought up the idea to Clemens that the USA was a Christian nation.

“Why, Carnegie,” Clemens answered, “so is Hell.”

Clemens never ridiculed the jews’ so-called religion, Judaism. It is ripe for ridicule, more-so than Christianity. Clemens, if he were not a jew, could have entertained and educated the majority White race by applying his wit to the jews’ self-selection as “the Chosen people” of God, the chosen usurors (thieves by way of banking), the chosen racist-supremacists, the chosen infiltrators, conspirators, and culture destroyers. This is their history, described both in the Bible and in many trustworthy accounts in books in the last 500 years. Imagine how bitingly funny it could have been for Clemens to have given speeches around the world in which he lambasted the jews’ “religious” license to lie to all nonjews throughout the coming year — this license is called the Kol Nidre prayer. How about circumcision, where the rabbi sucks the bleeding penis? Too shocking for those times? Perhaps. Likewise, the jew ritual of males, naked, forming a circle and interconnecting themselves. From the tame to the atrocities, jewry provides a nearly limitless wealth of material with which to entertain us “cattle,” as jews refer to all of us non-jews.

Anti-American.Clemens made himself known around the world as a scathing critic of the country that gave him the freedom to degrade it.

I ask the reader to help me answer this question: Besides Clemens’s constant criticism of the USA, did he accompany that criticism with a call to return to the principles of the Founding Fathers of our country? Did he ever express any admiration for what our Founding Fathers established and what they intended to provide to us? As I write this article, I cannot recall a single such instance. Perhaps the reader can. But we would need more than one. A single instance would certainly not begin to counterbalance all his negativity against the culture and accomplishments of the Founding Fathers and their (our) race.

Finally, I would like to suggest that it is very important to keep in mind the order of events. The Founding Fathers created a flawed but great republic based on their principles as laid down in the Declaration Of Independence and, more than a decade later, the U.S. Constitution. After that, jewry infiltrated and began destroying — through their parasitic banking, their lying newspapers and books, their political parties, and their other divide-and-conquer tactics that led to the Civil War, the “freeing” of the incompatible Black population, the increasing of incompatible immigration, the corruption of the government including the military, and the instigation of conflicts of employees-versus-employers, religion-versus-religion, and race-against-race. After that destruction had already been conducted for decades, it was entirely hypocritical for the people who caused the destruction to then criticize the White majority, falsely blaming the White majority.

Trail of Destruction: The jew-Brits’ attack on us in the War Of 1812 was about control of our money system. In the 1830s, President Andrew Jackson had to fight off the jew bankers again. The Civil War was about the jew Rothschilds and their British money empire trying to divide and conquer our USA. In 1913, the jews succeeded in gaining full control of our money system by the enactment of the Federal Reserve Acts. This brief walk through history, hitting only a few tips of icebergs, proves that the destruction by jewry began early and has been ongoing, relentless.

History was better-taught in Samuel Clemens’ time than it is now. He knew. He chose to call himself “Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass.”

For more on this subject, see the penultimate “Excerpts” section below.

Anti-White. At this link, the article sappily laments that Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has fallen out of favor in our now-propaganda-filled world. The writer says of Huck’s decision not to turn in the Black man Jim that Huck “is going against the teachings of the church, the teachings of his elders, basically going against the full of society that he has been immersed in.”

Yes, Huck was doing all that against his own world, his White world, for one carefully crafted alternative. That’s what the best fictional, destructive propaganda does. It concocts a scenario in which one supposed good is pitted against our entire society. And when the “good” is underserved, our entire society is blamed.

Not only does Huck go against all of the society of his time, but his story is one of Escapism, which is taught as a theme in American Literature. How’s that for a one-two punch? Find fault with all of society, and then run away from that society. Don’t attempt to repair it. Instead, abandon it.

From the author’s point of view, that means: don’t write a story that is reasonable about parents, communities, and societies, and don’t write a story in which the main character finds other likeminded Whites or persuades other Whites to help improve society. No, instead, slam all of it.

An impartial observer might defend one such book as “merely entertainment, merely one kind of book among thousands.” But look at the pattern. Reconsider the literature we have been fed. Whites have provided a variety. But jews have written, funded, and or commissioned novels that all served the anti-White anti-American agenda of jewry. From Uncle Tom’s Cabin, to Alex Haley’s Roots, to Oprah’s Color Purple, it’s pro-Black anti-White propaganda. From jew Emma Goldman’s writings of anarchy (and she helped to assassinate President McKinley), to jew J.D. Salinger’s 1951 garbage The Catcher in the Rye, to jew Ayn Rand’s novels, to any jew screenwriter’s propaganda from Hollywood and New York, it all indicts anyone but jews, it usually puts Blacks on pedestals, and denigrates White men.

The reader who has gotten this far in this article may offer the co-authored book The Gilded Age in defense of Clemens. But then, as now, when “leaders” and “businessmen” are attacked without identifying their race, most Americans assume the offensive leaders and businessmen are all Whites. I ask the reader, Did The Gilded Age properly identify the jews who were railroad and oil barons, jews who were predatory bankers, and jews who languished in luxury on profits as absentee landlords and industrial exploiters of workers?

Defended jews; otherwise, his silence protected jews

This is the third and final section of evidence on Samuel Clemens as jew. We covered the category of “name” and the group of four “anti-” categories already.

His defense of jews came in two forms: His singular article “Concerning The Jews,” and his otherwise stark silence on the jew race, thus letting all his ridicule of our society be blamed on Whites.

In “Concerning The Jews,” the modern reader — mis-educated and mis-led to be race-blind and extremely weak on important history, as we all were — will likely think that Clemens was expressing “news” about jews to his audience. In fact, he was not. As I said above, race-awareness was a given throughout European and American history before World War 1. For example, most of what Clemens wrote was known to the mature Martin Luther (that is, after he became jew-wise) in the 1500s.

Every paragraph of “Concerning The Jews” deserves dissection in order to expose Clemens’ apparent purposes. For my purposes in this expose of Clemens as a jew, I wish to present only two samples here.

In the first sample, the first sentence will likely strike the reader with its initial bluntness, and then camouflage creeps over the listed criticisms of jewry:

The Jew … has some discreditable ways, though he has not a monopoly of them, because he cannot get entirely rid of vexatious Christian competition. We have seen that he seldom transgresses the laws against crimes of violence. Indeed, his dealings with courts are almost restricted to matters connected with commerce. He has a reputation for various small forms of cheating, and for practising oppressive usury, and for burning himself out to get the insurance, and for arranging cunning contracts which leave him an exit but lock the other man in, and for smart evasions which find him safe and comfortable just within the strict letter of the law, when court and jury know very well that he has violated the spirit of it.

The first sentence, after minimizing jewry’s crimes as being without monopoly, blasts Christianity. Then we see the minimalizations of “seldom,” “almost restricted,” “small forms,” “smart evasions,” “within the strict letter of the law” and only violated “the spirit” of the law.

This is offensive to me, and I do not mind admitting that I feel healthy anger about it. The worst offense is his obvious attempt to “bury” the crime of usury. (However, others may understandably cite the “crimes of violence” lie.) The professional writer and the practiced literary critic know that the way to try to slip something past the reader when knowing that the thing must be mentioned, is to put it inside a list. Usury is theft by banking, and jewry uses usury to impoverish families and communities and to transfer the people’s assets, through debt bankruptcy, from us to jews. At the government level, jews employ usury to force governments into bankruptcy, thus putting the governments in the control of jewry, which is especially easy for jewry to do when the governments try to keep the true extent of the debt secret.

The subject of usury deserved at least a paragraph all to itself, as Clemens surely knew. He knew because elsewhere in the article he refers to jewry’s loans to farmers resulting in jewry owning the farms.

Here, in the second sample, “the matter” that Clemens refers to is the underreporting of the number of Jews in the USA.

I went around talking about the matter, and people told me they had reason to suspect that for business reasons many Jews whose dealings were mainly with the Christians did not report themselves as Jews in the census. It looked plausible; it looks plausible yet. Look at the city of New York; and look at Boston, and Philadelphia, and New Orleans, and Chicago, and Cincinnati, and San Francisco — how your race swarms in those places! — and everywhere else in America, down to the least little village.

Read the signs on the marts of commerce and on the shops; Goldstein (gold stone), Edelstein (precious stone), Blumenthal (flower-vale), Rosenthal (rose-vale), Veilchenduft (violet odor), Singvogel (song-bird), Rosenzweig (rose branch), and all the amazing list of beautiful and enviable names which Prussia and Austria glorified you with so long ago. It is another instance of Europe’s coarse and cruel persecution of your race; not that it was coarse and cruel to outfit it with pretty and poetical names like those, but that it was coarse and cruel to make it pay for them or else take such hideous and often indecent names that to-day their owners never use them; or, if they do, only on official papers.

Although most of the above is news to the average American today, it was not news to the well-educated audience who read Harper’s magazine, in which the article was published, in 1898. Now, finally, let me add this related paragraph from the same article:

You will say that the Jew is everywhere numerically feeble. When I read in the C. B. [Cyclopedia Britannica] that the Jewish population in the United States was 250,000, I wrote the editor and explained to him that I was personally acquainted with more Jews than that, and that his figures were without a doubt a misprint for 25,000,000. …”

As first and foremost a “humorist,” Clemens knew he could use absurd exaggeration with the population number to sabotage the point with the tall-tale trick. The ignorant reader saw Twenty-Five Million and chuckled away the fear that threatened to rear up if the truth were plainly stated, and the ignorant reader unconsciously thanked Clemens for providing that sidestep of relief.

Clemens the author of both fiction and nonfiction was practiced at the art of deception, and he used his expertise to defend jewry in the rare instances when he spoke of jews. Otherwise, his deception was in his general silence on the vital subject.

The Twain Shall Meet

Which two are Einstein and which two are Twain?

Which two are Einstein and which two are Twain?

  1. Which one was the most famous, celebrated, lying, conspiring jew in the world?
  2. Which one attacked Christianity but never his own supposed “religion”?
  3. Which one described jews as intellectually superior while also describing jews as perpetual victims?
  4. Which one was made famous worldwide by jew-owned media?
  5. Which one has his fame protected and maintained by jew-owned media to this day?

My answers: In the photos, the top two are Einstein. Questions 1 – 5 are intended to help the reader see that both Einstein and “Twain” fit in every case.

Excerpts Toward Exit

Though this article could easily grow to book length with both explanatory passages and with entirely different evidence, let us bring this toward conclusion by way of the following 13 important excerpts and elaborations.



Clara, husband Ossip Gabrilowitsch, and their daughter Nina. With that beak, Ossip could hardly be a crypto-jew in those days. Nina exhibits the same nose gene.

Clara, husband Ossip Gabrilowitsch, and their daughter Nina. With that beak, Ossip could hardly be a crypto-jew in those days. Nina exhibits the same nose gene.

Not only did Clemens defend jews. His daughter Clara married a jew just months before Clemens’s death (link), thus putting a Jew in a strong position in regard to Clemens’s papers and future publications because Clara was Clemens’s only surviving child. She inherited everything. A few years prior, she had had a “nervous breakdown.” And then, apparently, the jew she had met in Austria perhaps 12 years prior, proposed. Smart move by the Russian Jew pianist Ossip Gabrilowitsch. They had one child, a daughter named Nina, who suffered mental problems that are most common in the jew race.

Clara wrote a book, or at least had her name attached to the book, titled My Husband Gabrilowitsch. The TwainQuotes website includes the following quote from Clara’s book.

Even if the Jews have not all been geniuses, their general average of intelligence and intellectuality is far above our general average — and that is one of our reasons for wishing to drive them out of the higher forms of business and the professions. It is the swollen envy of pigmy minds — meanness, injustice. In the case of the Negro it is of course very different. The majority of us do not like his features, or his color, and we forget to notice that his heart is often a damned sight better than ours.

That is nothing but the jew agenda.


Pals: Twain and the Elite Actor Brother of Lincoln’s Assassin


Edwin Booth, jew, elder brother of John Wilkes Booth.

Edwin Booth, jew, actor, elder brother of John Wilkes Booth.

Touring theatre companies were known jew cover operations. John Wilkes Booth, famous as the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln, had an older brother Edwin Booth who was an elite actor, integrated with the jew theatre network. That was in the early 1860s, when Twain was faking (and really avoiding) involvement in what we’re taught was the Civil War. (Not “civil” at all, and a complete manipulation to get Whites killing Whites and dividing our mighty country.) Later, in 1888, Edwin Booth “founded the Players’ Club,” and Twain was a member. No kidding. Look at this partial list of members including so many jews and crypto-jews. In regard to jews’ trojan-horse touring companies: Julian Assange, the public head of the infamous WikiLeaks (who somehow never publishes leaks against the jew elite bankers and their networks), was raised by the operators of a “touring theatre company.” Touring, though, is too much like work, which jews detest, and thus permanent palaces were erected and glorified, where jews could languish in luxury and decadence when off-stage, and there’s no more instructive example of that than Hollywood.

Along with touring theatre companies, there were lecture circuits, and Twain was a common member of such circuits before he was promoted to elite, lone-headliner status. Some of his experiences as a lecturer on the nightly bill with other lecturers (both famous and not) are told by him and his biographers. “Free the Negroes,” “equality,” and anarchy were regular lecture topics on the circuit.

From the Autobiography pdf:

255.18–19 my friends of ancient days in the Players Club gave me a dinner] The dinner for Clemens was held on 3 January 1906 at a house at 16 Gramercy Park in New York, which actor Edwin Booth (1833–93) had given to the club for its headquarters. Booth had conceived of the club as a place where actors could “associate on intimate and equal terms with the foremost authors, painters, sculptors, architects, musicians, editors, publishers, and patrons of the arts” (Lanier 1938, 47).


Clemens wrote on 30 March 1906 of “the celebrated Russian revolutionist, Tchaykoffsky” visiting Clemens at home. Tchaykoffsky is on a speaking tour, drumming up support for a revolution in Russia. Clemens gives a brief and devastating attack on Americans in general, American Christianity, and some criminals in particular, including Jay Gould, the late president McKinley (assassinated in 1901 by a jew-Communist conspiracy, promoting vice president Theodore Roosevelt), and the Roosevelt family. Tchaykoffsky counters Clemens by pointing out that Americans had in a New York minute solicited and donated 2 million dollars toward the Russian revolution. Clemens replied:

That money came not from Americans, it came from Jews; much of it from rich Jews, but the most of it from Russian and Polish Jews on the East Side—that is to say, it came from the very poor. The Jew has always been benevolent. Suffering can always move a Jew’s heart and tax his pocket to the limit. He will be at your mass meetings. But if you find any Americans there put them in a glass case and exhibit them. It will be worth fifty cents a head to go and look at that show and try to believe in it.”

[From p. 247 of the Autobiography pdf.]

The jew “has always been benevolent”? That was a lie, and Clemens knew it. As quoted above, Clemens knew about jewry’s concerted infliction of usury through history, from the Biblical Joseph in Egypt to the jew carpetbaggers after the unCivil War. And yet, he had not a word of scorn for them. Scorn against Christians and Americans, yes, but not against jews.


Page 179 of the linked Autobiography has a long passage written by Clemens about a time he spent with George Hearst, who Clemens praised as “without blemish.” Revilo Oliver (and Eustace Mullins) identified Hearst as a jew. Clemens, of course, did not.

Page 297 offers an editor’s note on George Hearst (yes, the same George Hearst that the HBO series Deadwood portrayed as a totally White tyrant):

315.23–24 father of the William R. Hearst of to-day, and therefore grandfather of Yellow Journalism] George Hearst (1820–91) was born into a family of farmers in Franklin County, Missouri. He migrated West with the Gold Rush and by the 1860s owned several silver and copper mines, which he would develop into a colossal mining empire. In 1886 he was appointed to the seat vacated by the death of California Senator John Miller, and was subsequently elected for a full term. In 1880 he acquired the San Francisco Examiner, chiefly for the propagation of his political opinions and ambitions; his son William Randolph Hearst (1863–1951) made it the cornerstone of a newspaper empire whose publications were frequently criticized as sensationalist and irresponsible. On Clemens’s attitude toward “yellow journalism,” see Budd 1981.

Please note that when Clemens abandoned his country, whether allegiance be with North or South, and fled the battling States in 1861 to enjoy adventures in the West, the Hearst network was already established, likely the unmentioned power providing Clemens with locations for respite and hijinks that he wrote up and sold through newspapers and books. He ran to Nevada territory, where his elder brother Orion migrated to and was set up as a government official.


Clemens was vice president of the Anti-Imperialist League from 1901 until his death. “Its officers included former abolitionist Thomas Wentworth Higginson; Mark Twain’s best friend, novelist and self-described socialist William Dean Howells; reformist labor leader Samuel Gompers, and capitalist Andrew Carnegie.” (Quote source: the openly Communist, which means jew,

Gompers, another “Samuel,” was a jew, an infamous Communist labor activist. As for Howells, “socialist” is another jew sibling to Communist and Marxist.

In addition, Clemens exactly opposed President George Washington’s farewell advice in regard to foreign policy and “foreign entanglements.”

From the Autobiography volume 1, endnotes:

128.30–32 his Excellency Anson Burlingame . . . good work for the United States] Anson Burlingame (1820–70) was a founder of the Republican Party and a Republican congressman from Massachusetts (1855–61). In 1861 he was appointed U.S. minister resident to China, and until the end of his term in 1867 he promoted diplomacy between China and the Western powers. In June 1866 he was en route to China after a leave of absence in the United States. When he died in 1870, Clemens praised him as a man who acted “in the broad interest of the world, instead of selfishly seeking to acquire advantages for his own country alone” (SLC 1870a; 21 June 1866 to JLC and PAM, L1, 345–46 n. 5; see also AD, 20 Feb 1906).

Thus, we see Clemens as a dedicated critic of the USA, a lifelong defender of jews, and here a praiser of an ambassador not “selfishly” for his own country but the world. Clemens’s attitude was the opposite of President George Washington’s, as clearly expressed in his Farewell Address. (Update, 2014: Washington didn’t mean it for us. See my historic article, along with the CONstitution page.) Clemens’s attitude as a globalist, before the term was coined, was exactly in stride with the jew world agenda.

In fact, Clemens was an anti-American activist working opposite the principles and wishes of our Founding Fathers for his final 45 years of life. Besides the lectures and books –

Mark Twain wrote often about the brutalities visited upon the Chinese population of that city by the police. In 1865 he startled fashionable San Franciscans, including those of more pronounced Northern and abolitionist sympathies, by strolling arm-in-arm along Montgomery Street with the editor of the Elevator, the city’s newly established African-American newspaper.

(Quote source: again, the jew


From the Autobiography volume 1, of 2010, we learn that Clemens planned a new novel “New Huck Finn” and sketched his plan for including jews he said he had known from his boyhood, the Levins:

420.4–11 first Jews I had ever seen . . . “Twice Levin—twenty-two.”] The Levin family apparently lived in Hannibal for a short time during the 1840s. Something of the townspeople’s attitude toward the boys is revealed in Clemens’s 1897 notes for a planned novel, “New Huck Finn” (Notebook 41, TS pp. 59–60, CU-MARK; the boy who drowned was Clint Levering):

*The Lev’n boys—the first Jew family ever seen there—an awful impression among us—it realized Jews, they had been creatures of vanished ages, myths, unrealities—the shudder visited every boy in the town—under breath the boys discussed them & were afraid of them. “Shall we crucify them?”

It was believed that the drowning of Writer Levering was a judgment on him & his parents because his great-grandmother had given the 11 boys protection when they were being chased & stoned.

All this feeling against Jews had been bred by the German youth who got so many verses by heart, before the 11s appeared. The ground was all prepared, & yet the Jew was a surprise at last when he came—as explained* above. . . .

Instead of 11, call them 9 (Nein) & 18.

Tom stands by them & has fights.

Can you believe it? In 1897, Clemens intended to tar the Germans specifically as anti-jew. He had traveled the world, knew many countries in Europe had repeatedly kicked out the jews or otherwise punished them for their crimes against those countries and against all nonjews, yet Clemens was singling out the Germans and planning publication at the same time as the elite jews were conducting their world jew “zionist” conferences and finishing the creation of WW1 against Germany, during which they would cry out the infamous “6 million” myth, which was repeated with more deceitful success after WW2. How could “Mark Twain” be so in sync with jewry’s anti-German agenda?


Clemens is widely credited as having written the following in 1899:

“Get your facts first and then you can distort them as much as you please.”

The editor, or editorial staff, of the linked Autobiography has chosen to tell us many “facts” that Clemens got wrong in his autobiographical writings. When assembled, the collection — which is surely not exhaustive — means that Clemens simply cannot be believed. Many mistakes appear to be accidental, yet others are difficult to see as anything but intentional lies.

Examples from the many:

  • Clemens’s story from his childhood of being left behind accidentally when his family moved to a different town. His older brother Orion claimed it was he, Orion, who was left behind accidentally. In fact, Orion wrote his own autobiography, and his famous brother Samuel blocked its path to publication. The linked Autobiography, from which I have often quoted here, reports that Orion’s manuscript, which was said to be a warts-and-all exposure, intimate and unrestrained, has been lost. “Lost.”
  • Clemens’s account of offering this advice to a second cousin: Get a job by offering to work for free, and later if worthy they’ll pay you well. That relative was William James Lampton, who instead started his own newspaper with his father’s money! — see the Autobiography 2010 endnote 450.13–19).


Consider the papers that are lost, or supposedly so, to history. One of the monumental “losses,” in my opinion, is the manuscript of Orion’s autobiography, mentioned above. As we read through the endnotes of the Autobiography, we learn that many pertinent papers are “lost.” Most of them are Clemens’s own: some notebooks, manuscript drafts, and letters. Orion’s “unrestrained” tell-all was in opposition to Samuel Clemens’s writings, which one can see were always restrained by the awareness of career maintenance and future purpose — which I assert to have included the maintenance of his crypto-jew cloak. Hence, Clemens’s direct hiring of Albert Bigelow Paine to be his biographer, and the marriage of his only surviving offspring and heir — daughter Clara — to a prominent jew as Clemens declined toward death. Those moves ensured his works and legacy would be in the hands of jews.


Let’s elaborate a bit more on Clemens’s close friendship with the vice president of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil empire.

Eustace Mullins, in his book The World Order, wrote:

George R. Conroy stated in Truth magazine, Boston, Dec. 16, 1912:

“Mr. Schiff is head of the great private banking house of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., which represents the Rothschild interests on this side of the Atlantic. He has been described as a financial strategist and has been for years the financial minister of the great impersonal power known as Standard Oil. He was hand-in-glove with the Harrimans, the Goulds and the Rockefellers in all their railroad enterprises and has become the dominant power in the railroad and financial world of America.”

The Schiff was Jacob Schiff, who had been born in the Rothschild house in Frankfort, Germany. (One of former vice president and climate-change liar Al Gore’s daughters married a Schiff of this same jew family, still infesting New York and Washington DC.) The supreme criminal banking family on the planet since 1800, the jew Rothschilds shared their house in Frankfort with the Schiff family. These facts are also from Eustace Mullins.

In the quote above, it is told that Schiff was the chief financial officer of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. During that time, Clemens was spending a lot of time hanging out with his great friend and Standard Oil vice president Henry H. Rogers. After modest investigation, I do not find evidence of Rogers having been a jew. It may be that the jew Rockefeller needed Rogers’ ability, perhaps good ‘ol White inventiveness, in refining oil. Or it may be that Rockefeller needed a cleanly White frontman. But the Standard empire’s founder and its money master were both jews. And its perhaps White vice president had a crypto-jew buddy at his side.

Furthermore, President James A. Garfield, the 20th U.S. president, said in 1881:

“Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce, and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

Two weeks later, Garfield was assassinated.

Clemens had best friends and fellow private club members who were in the “few powerful men at the top.” Could Clemens hobnob with such treasonous men of usury and business monopolies and neither see nor smell that the treason and greed were jewish? Of course not. And his silence about those jews of treasonous usury and monopolies means that Clemens was complicit. And his family tree, his anti-American activism, his anti-Founding-Fathers activism, his anti-Christianism but silence on the heinous jew “religion,” and other evidence presented above, all point to the conclusion that Clemens was a jew.


Clemens is credited with having written the following quip:

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

Think about when he said that. Nowadays, we can easily agree with the thrust of his quip because the schools are ruined already. But when Clemens put that out, it was in the 1800s when schools were still good, when schools were still serving parents and communities instead the jews’ anti-family anti-American educational policies dictated by the jew-infiltrated government. Thus, Clemens’s quip helped to undermine the established, White, neighborhood-centered educational system.


Clemens, who had visited with the czar of Russia before Clemens wrote his article “Concerning The Jews,” would have known what a fellow famous writer had said about the jews in Russia, Europe, and the world.

“What is coming is the complete triumph of Jewish ideas, before which, sentiments of humanity, the thirst for truth, Christian feelings, and the national and popular pride of Europe must bow. And what will be in the future is known also to the Jews themselves: Their reign is approaching, their complete reign!”

“The Jews look forward to world domination. This requires them to maintain their own close-knit identity. If the Jews are given equal legal rights in Russia, but are allowed to keep their ‘State within a State,’ they would be more privileged than the Russians. The consequences of this situation are already clear in Europe.”

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky, “Diary Of A Writer,” 1877.

As I have said, the reading public in the 1800s was well-informed about history and the jews.


Far above, I suggested that Clemens likely attended the first of international jewry’s “zionist” congress meetings. Now, I present the evidence.

Clemens traveled to Europe, stayed in Vienna, Austria, in 1897 (Sept. 1897 at Hotel Metropol) when the First Zionist Congress (zionist = jew) was held in Basel, Switzerland. Here, the New York Times has Clemens in Switzerland refusing to sign his name in a hotel registry — for the obvious reason.

This book, Mark Twain’s German critical reception, 1875-1986: an annotated bibliography, by J.C.B. Kinch, notes “the American humorist’s visits to Switzerland in the years 1878, 1891, and 1897″ (p. 75). An introduction to the book, speaking of Clemens’s popularity in Europe, says, “A fascinating aspect of this popularity is his wide acclaim in German-speaking countries, which stems not only from his literary accomplishments, but also his numerous visits to Europe and his extended stays in Vienna and Berlin.”

But we earlier learned that White Germans called him “The jew Mark Twain.” So, we must question who his real audience was.

Adolf Hitler went to university in Vienna only about 10 years after Twain’s last stay there, and Hitler noted the infestation of jewry there. Berlin, too. (The jews had wanted to hold the First Zionist Congress in Munich, Germany, which is nearer to Hitler’s hometown on a southern border with Austria, but wise German opposition drove them to “neutral” Switzerland.) Yet, the ever alert, elite hobnobber “Twain” remained silent on this subject vital to the health of those countries. Just as the jew “relativity” fraud Albert Einstein was made internationally famous by jew media, so was — and is — “Twain.”

(Is this a shock about Einstein? Some newspapers in the USA and Europe a century ago published several top scientists’ conclusive criticism of Einstein, but jew media did not and does not share that knowledge with us. Link, which opens as a pdf, to a book of proof, though it was written by a jew to lie against Hitler and for “good” jews.)

In Austria and elsewhere, it is well documented that Clemens visited the houses of government and media, met with the Viennese emperor, politicians, bankers, artists, doctors, etc., including the most famous of jews, such as Sigmund Freud, the psycho-pervert father of jew psychiatry. It cannot be that Samuel Langhorne Clemens was ignorant of jew domination, infiltration, and corruption of White-founded countries. The truth is exactly the opposite. He sought them out, was of brotherly comfort with them.

I now return to the main point of this item: Clemens and his likely attendance at jewry’s “zionist” Congress meeting(s). An interesting question is whether Clemens was known to have personally met the rabbi of zionism, Theodor Herzl, who led the Zionist Congresses. And the answer is: yes. Here, a common jew newspaper, Haaretz, admits it and provides a long quote of Herzl’s praise of Samuel Clemens, along with a few fraternal barbs. And here, a day-by-day account of Clemens’s whereabouts also has meetings with jew-leader Herzl, though we would have to pay a lot of money to buy the book that includes entries for 1897.

Thus, is it a mere coincidence that Clemens was also in the location of the Fourth Zionist Congress, held in 1900 in London? The first three had been in Switzerland, but the fourth was in London, as was Clemens.


The website MarkTwainOnline offers the following information about Clemens’s daughter Clara with her openly jew husband Ossip Gabrilowitsch and their daughter, of course a jewess, Nina. The first paragraph, featuring a list of jews, sets up the second paragraph. No prominent jew every “idolized” a non-jew. If we can believe this entry, we can believe that Clemens was a jew.


Ossip and Clara and their young daughter, Nina, had a large home in Detroit with many servants, and a summer home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. At his invitation, the world’s greats of the music scene came to Detroit to give concerts. He had begun the study of music at age five, and thus was a personal friend of Rachmaninoff, Gershwin, Heifetz, Stravinsky, Casals, Rubenstein, and others, many of them refugees fleeing from persecution of Jews in Europe. Clara was always a gracious hostess to them in their home.

Ossip idolized his famous father-in-law, Mark Twain and they had long been close friends, with animated conversations about anything but music, in which, of course, the famous writer had but little more than an elementary education. Ossip requested to be buried in the family cemetery in Elmira, New York and there is where he was laid to rest.


Related to Race.

President Thomas Jefferson said that slaves should be freed but that Blacks would never be compatible with us under one government. President Abraham Lincoln agreed with Jefferson, and while Samuel Clemens was a young man pretending to be a soldier for two weeks in 1861 during the beginning of the Civil War, Lincoln was meeting with Black groups to persuade them into his program of shipping the Blacks, with generous aid, back to Africa. Yet, Samuel Clemens dedicated a large part of his life and career to persuading Americans of the opposite, that Blacks should be “equal” and “unencumbered” forever here in the USA.

But in his private life, did Clemens welcome Blacks into his family and circle of friends as equals? Apparently not. Typical jew hypocrisy, telling everyone but himself to race-cohabitate and race-mix.


We began with proof of the network of crypto-jews across the USA and that it was established far and wide by the time of Samuel Langhorne Clemens’s birth.

Next, it was proved that Clemens was no dupe about jewry, that he was in fact at least complicit in knowledge of jewry’s American and European crimes of usury, monopolies, and other conspiracies against the majority race’s culture in every major White country from Europe to the USA.

Most importantly, evidence was presented toward proving that Clemens was born into a jew family and named after a jew “Langhorne” bloodline, and that he was anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-American, and anti-White. The behavior of Samuel Langhorne Clemens throughout his adult life — in his publications, vocal commentary, friendships, and activism — served very well the international jews’ agenda. Also important is what Clemens did not do. Despite his depth of knowledge about international jewry’s anti-gentile agenda (“gentile” is the jew word for all non-jews), Clemens did not expose nor ridicule nor even jest about the one anti-human race.

Nearly finished, we take a brief look at the Life Arc of Samuel Clemens. I use the term “Life Arc” rather than “career arc” to include aspects not related to his famous career as a humorist and author of fiction.

  1. Clemens was trained early in the printer’s trade — a primary target for jew takeover in every country infested by crypto-jews.
  2. Clemens was given training in the elite job of riverboat pilot, and was given employment as a pilot.
  3. Clemens faked service in the monumental American event of his adult lifetime, the unCivil War, ran away from that war to play in the West, and has never been ridiculed for his cowardliness and shirk of American duty.
  4. As with newspaper jobs and the pilot job, Clemens found all doors magically open to him in the West, from wealthy mine owners, to media barons, to government officials, from Nevada to San Francisco.
  5. He traveled the world, always financially sponsored, chronically criticizing White heritage while always praising and cultivating sympathy for other races.
  6. Clemens was an activist for the jew-instigated, jew-controlled revolution in Russia, which was funded by the jew bankers of London and New York City whose names were Rothschild, Schiff, and Warburg, among others. (Warburg was the pointman in the treasonous passage of the Federal Reserve Acts of 1913, only three years after Clemens’s death, giving control of our money system and banking to jewry.)
  7. Clemens, as a nine-year vice president of the jew-Communist front called the Anti-Imperialist League and as a propagandist for complete Black freedom and “equal” rights within the USA, was an activist directly opposed to our Founding Fathers’ and Lincoln’s principles and actions in regard to the Black population in the USA.
  8. Clemens deliberately put his works and his legacy in the hands of jews prior to his death.

A contemporary truth is this: The big media, a jew monopoly, glorify “Mark Twain.” How many non-jews thought to be White Americans of historical importance does jewry lavish with praise with regularity throughout their media? The fact is, the jews never praise Whites except a few whom they cannot avoid, such as Thomas Jefferson. But the praise is always coupled with criticism. But Samuel Langhorne Clemens is still praised without tarnish.

Clemens was a crypto-jew. One of jewry’s biggest crypto propagandists of all time. This well-kept secret of the anti-human race (the jew race) is now secret no more.


Links to free version of the Autobiography Of Mark Twain, volume 1, published in 2010.

  • Main site of the Mark Twain Project at this link.
  • However, it may be more convenient to download at here.
    Or if you are familiar with torrents, get your own pdf easily that way.

Note about the author: James T. Laffrey, on his previous site (which was hypocritically deleted by WordPress) outed many crypto-jews in the USA, including web broadcasters, doctors, bankers, professors, actors, and politicians up to and including President Barack Obama, whose mother was a jew pretending to be White by the name of Stanley Ann Dunham. Of German and Irish blood, the author has also firmly and proudly professed the unpopular truth that Adolf Hitler was the greatest, most honest leader of a major country in the last 100 years. Finally, the author urges all White men to step up against jewry in Self Defense of our race and country.

Make It So.

Make It So.

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  1. In a word, stunning. I must admit it’s too much for me to digest in one sitting. But I can tell you this right now: You are the bravest truth teller in sight for our White race, or any race! Who else would take on such an icon? Can’t think of one.

    • Thank you, “88.”

      You know, I was prepared for an onslaught of insults from lying jews and offended nonjews, but there has been none, so far. I haven’t deleted any comments. There simply haven’t been any others. Five years ago, I might have been one of the offended Twain lovers myself!

      Perhaps it says that the small but growing readership of this new site is more intelligent and thoughtful than many visitors of the previous site, so they are prudently digesting this big bitter pill.

  2. Historically since 1850, there can be no doubt of the jew = Communism= zionism war on Whites that you have very well described.

    As support, I see that the admirable Arthur Topham, of the of Canada, has published the following quote and related facts to fully prove the assertion:

    “The Communist ideology is to destroy your social order. This has been their aim for 125 years and it has never changed; only the methods have changed a little….And what is ideological war? It is a concentration of hatred, a continued repetition of the oath to destroy the Western world.”

    ~Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, from a Speech given in New York City to the AFL-CIO on July 9, 1975, and contained in his book, Warning to the West.

    1975 minus 125 years = 1850. Solzhenitsyn certainly knew of which he spoke, having been a prisoner in the Gulag system in Russia/SovietUnion. He wrote the Gulag Archipelago book.

    You have presented so much strong evidence, I choose to believe your conclusion until other White writers present persuasive evidence to the contrary, if ever.

    Carry on!

  3. Great article. Book of proof link on Einstein is censored. What’s the actual url address? Thanks.

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