Lazy people don’t want to hear about duty. Neither do the ignorant. They want to hear about leisure, entertainment. They want to hear about their “personal freedom” — to do nothing, to play childish games, to drink beer, watch tv.

Duty is what we owe first to our White self, and then to our White family, and then to our White race, and then to our White country.

Our duty is to at least maintain and always to try to improve our self, family, race, and country.

The problem with the “country” part is that our country is not now of, by, and for White people. It is of, by, and for jews. It is our duty to seize it back from the jews.

My parents didn’t teach me anything about duty. They should have. They only taught me to help with household chores. My parents, and probably yours, were fully duped by being fully immersed in jew media throughout their adult lives. They had no Internet to offer a strong opportunity of learning the truth about our White race, the other races, and the ultimate enemy that is jewry.

So, my parents let schools and tv do the teaching of their children — me and my siblings. Big mistake, of course. I was the fifth of six children. My three older brothers never acted like brothers to me. Their friends and their whatever were always more important than spending brotherly time with their younger brother(s). My sister, older than me, was better than my brothers, but not by much. I treated my younger brother poorly, though not as bad as I was treated by my older brothers. Why did I do that when I knew, to some extent, that I should do better with him than my older brothers had done with me? My parents gave my younger brother too much, spoiling him, as the baby of the family. He got away with disobeying direct and indirect orders, something I would have been punished for. He was not a piece-of-shit delinquent like my second-oldest brother, but still –. That irked me.

All of that, and the rest of it that I have not written here, could have been avoided if my parents had been raised with DUTY (as I have described it above) and then raised us with DUTY.

Adolf Hitler’s Germany was a brief, wonderful period of Whites raising children the right way, with the government and media informing, helping, and encouraging the right way. At that same time, my father (of German blood) was a teenager in Detroit, Michigan, being mind-poisoned by jew-owned radio broadcasts, jew-owned newspapers, jew-made movies, and jew-tainted textbooks, after which he was drafted and sent to help the jew-commanded U.S. military kill Germans in northern Italy. Wrongful duty.

This White DUTY that I have described gives PURPOSE to life. This is purpose and motivation with NO superstitious/religious nonsense to distract and pacify and create discord and conflict in people’s minds between REALITY and those asinine stories and beliefs — mind poisons — injected by religion.

(Your god created you while knowing already your entire future. Therefore, there is no free will. And then that god blames you when you do what he knew you would do, what he made you to do. That same god had killed in a flood every human HE HAD MADE — that he had made flawed — while sparing one family. And we’re all descended from that family. All of the races are descended from that one family. ASININE! And all of that in a biblical time frame of a few thousand years. All this from a “bible” written by jews in which the jews declared themselves the “chosen people.” Right there is proof of the jew agenda against us. But mind-poisoned people, poisoned from birth, cannot see it, and as adults they adamantly don’t want to see it.)

For we who are better than those cheek-turners, let me repeat that this DUTY I have described gives purpose and motivation to life.

Reality, duty, purpose. Pride. Joy.

So, what do we do now?

  • Educate ourselves by reading what our best White writers have written for us. Nonfiction. Truth. (The best are on the WhiteSchool page of this website.) This IMPROVES ourselves.
  • Spread this newly learned, or relearned, info — knowledge — wisdom. This helps IMPROVE your family and our race.
  • Kill (or otherwise shun or repel) all nonWhites infesting the country that was ours and that we have the DUTY to take back for the present and future survival and prosperity of our race. Death sends the ultimate message – absolutely effective. Remember: jews are Enemy #1. Of course, you alone cannot kill them all. Do your share. If our ancestors had done their duty, we would not have this duty on our shoulders. But they didn’t. So, it is our duty, and by doing so we earn Honor, feel Pride, and know supreme Joy.

By doing this, we Whites Will Win.

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  1. So, what do we do now? Educate ourselves by reading what our best White writers have written for us. Nonfiction. Truth…This IMPROVES ourselves. Spread this newly learned, or relearned, info — knowledge — wisdom. This helps IMPROVE your family and our race.

    James, I am having some difficulty in performing my duty above when it comes to the subject of 9/11. I was hoping that you may could provide a few recommendations. Here is my dilemma…

    I would prefer to use very effective information such as the below, however without using compromised jew-controlled sources (such as the below):

    Source1 (Film):
    9/11 Missing Links

    Excellent exposé of 9/11 for the dumbed-down masses; however it exposes newcomer (usually a simpleton) to a jew-controlled honey pot operation- run by a “front man” named Mike Delaney (research his FBI/Quest-EvrenHunKaplan-Welshon/JAM Connections). New-comer downloads the film (or later visits a URL link shown in the film and gets his IP address recorded) and gets put on a list, then eventually stalked/harassed to death (by jewish/crypto-jewish government workers IRS FBI ATF etc, jew-run domestic spy networks/fronts such as the Anti Defamation League (ADL), the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), local jewish Sayanim running “whisper campaigns” or worse- instigating frivolous lawsuits [character assassination by way of planted crypto-jewish/freemasonic false-witnesses, local judeo-masonic lawyers, and judges- also leading to possible forced jew controlled and trumped-up "psychiatric evaluations" whereby forced brain damaging injections of poisonous pharmaceuticals occur] etc etc where non-jewish “target” is eventually socially, financially, emotionally, spiritually, and/or physically destroyed) or soft-killed by crypto-jewish doctors etc. etc.

    Source2 (Huge Essay):
    Israel Did 9/11: All the Proof in the World

    The “author” was ZCF.
    See Source3 Next for Details…

    Source3 (Book):
    Masters of Deception: Zionism, 911 and the War on Terror Hoax

    The “author” (really a jewop network/collective) then [pre-2013] known as, Zander C. Fuerza (ZCF), now [2013-2016] known as Brandon Martinez (reassigned), is a known/exposed [sephardic mongrel] jewish agent/asset. The above book, although highly effective at waking up others to jewish involvement in 9/11, is basically a rip-off of another known asset named Christopher Bollyn (see next source for details). Furthermore, it’s plagued with intentional (or sloppy copy-and-pasted) mis-citations. Although effective, it can also prove to be deadly. Again, the newcomer to the 9/11 Question gets honey-potted, tagged, and possibly even bagged (see above).

    Source4 (Book):
    Solving 9/11: The Deception that Changed the World

    The author, Christopher Bollyn, is a known/compromised/exposed jewish agent/asset who once worked for American Free Press (AFP)- also a compromised jewish honeypot operation closely associated with Mark Glenn’s jew-controlled The Ugly Truth (TUT) network. Newcomer reads book, gets excited, then visits recommended links in the book in order to be honey-potted, bang- eventually ostracized, beaten, exiled, or worse: dead.

    James, what is your go-to (non-compromised) source on 9/11?

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a 4 hour segmented film- with JB Campbell (in gear) in front of a slide projector doing a “Sit Brief” on who did 9/11! I say let’s just rip off Delaney’s film and footage for starters- cause he ripped it off of NK, who sort of “borrowed” it off of the “Master Sal”- (note: the exiled master is/was possibly un-compromised, however not a US citizen, either way- a distraction). So nobody is going to sue anybody for copyright infringement- jurisdictional issues galore, so I say just copy/paste/cut away.

    Why not rip-off from the other previously mentioned jewish operatives as well?

    Who fed Christopher Bollyn inside info on jew involvement in 9/11, or perhaps rather- who (jew-wise and legit) was killed off, and then ripped off by him?

    I know Eustace Mullins mentioned that he had done a hit piece article on Jews doing 9/11 within months of 9/11, Ernst Zündel mentioned doing an article early on (within weeks?) of 9/11 as well [supposedly it's what got him deported from the USA/Tennessee]. James, could you possible score a copy of those two articles (if they do in fact exist) and re-post them here at WWW? If so, thanks.

    Any “clean,” authentic, and highly effective sources on 9/11 “wake-up calls?”
    (where the reader here is in need of insightful recommendations)

    Regular Reader, Reporting for Duty Sir!

    • Search “9/11″ and “9-11″ and such on this site.

      You’ll see simple arguments anyone can make to prove Arabs/Muslims had no control over any aspect of what had to have happened that day.

      You’ll see simple arguments to prove that it was controlled demolitions of the THREE towers that brought them down. For example, such tall strong structures — especially with the massive elevator towers inside of very thick reinforced concrete — simply could not fall straight down without explosives to cut and crumble them. Instead, they could only topple over ABOVE the plane-entry points.

      Thus, with preplanted explosives a given, beyond reasonable doubt, then we ask who had control of the buildings to allow weeks or months of men pulling up in trucks, being allowed past security, to plant and wire explosives top to bottom of those three towers? We know jews controlled the buildings (Larry Silverstein had the leases and scored billions of dollars from the insurance afterward). We know jews controlled the security of the buildings.

      We have videos of firefighters on 9/11 saying they heard the “pop, pop, pop…” of explosives going off floor-by-floor and they saw the dust spurts from them, as the building fell.

      We have a video of Larry Silverstein saying he decided to “pull” World Trade Center building number 7 late that afternoon of 9/11. “Pull” is the controlled-demolition term for proceeding with the detonation of the explosives and bringing the building down. Special companies do it all the time all around the world when buildings become obsolete or otherwise undesirable and when the quick way (demolition by explosives) is the chosen way to do it.

      We have the media and the government hand-in-glove in LIE about how those THREE towers were made to completely fall straight down. Surely, IF some of the big media were independent, they would see the facts such as I have recited above and broadcast their disagreement with the other media and government. But no, they are all controlled by jews, and they all serve the jew agenda against us.

      * In regard to a Eustace Mullins article about 9/11, I don’t recall. You can search for one as well as I, if you like. On the WhiteSchool page, I have some sources for Mullins’ works, with links.

    • Regular Reader here again from up above.

      I just wanted to add the following (to the above) for newcomers who may still be unaware…

      I have noticed that a lot of newcomers are unaware that Michael Moore, the creator/director of the 9/11 documentary film titled Fahrenheit 911 (that incorrectly pins the blame solely on Bush, the Muslims, and “The Government”) is a jew.

      Yep. Michael Moore is a jew supposedly originally from Flint Michigan, USA.

      Not only that, being a White-hating jew, Michael Moore is also a “closet” communist. He takes a “softer” Fabian Socialist “approach” in most of his films in order to disguise that he’s a hard-core Collectivist (like all jews).

      Now some of you will understand why all of his movies have such an un-American, un-Free Enterprise, and anti-White “controversial undertone” always running throughout the film. You all know- that uncomfortable jewy “sand in your shoe” type of feel to them.

      Hope that helps a newcomer that was previously unaware.

      Again, anybody out there got any jew-wise and un-compromised 9/11 (A to Z and 1-2-3) type of “first sources” (not re-parroted) for jew-wising folks on the jewish involvement/culpability/agenda (90+% ) which transpired on 9/11? If so, please help spread the word (simply hit reply). Thanks.

  2. http://www.whiteswillwinparty.org/?p=4791#comment-2513

    I agree with the user Aidhan here. The Irish do tend more towards darker hair and grey or green eyes compared to Englishmen and Scotsmen, with more inferior genes in them. It’s all scientific, but I do not see why you would be offended by that fact even considering your Irish ancestry. The only Irishman who would naturally “take offense” to that statement would be the inferior kind of Irishman that user “Europa Redux” described on the website NordicAntiSemite.com. Grey and greenish eyes are intermediate to blue eyes and found more often among the mixed races. Many people think green eyes show purity but that is not true. Pure Nordics tend more towards medium or dark blue eyes. The Finns are approximately 20% Mongol, and the most common eye shade found in their people is a light blue. Also, criminals, according to a study that I do not remember, possess more often than not criminals, mixed-colored (brown-green, grey) eyes. I know where the sources are, if you would like them, but it will take a bit of time to find it again.

    • This is you being a troublemaker, asshole, and personal enemy if not enemy of my White race. This you do after offering some acceptable comments — just to get you in the door again.

      I remember you from long ago on other sites, and your own site, probably before you knew anything about me. I have evolved to this great height while you seem to have evolved only as far as strategy to make trouble.

      Take it somewhere else. Open your own site. You are not welcome here.

      For all other readers here, I’ll just reply to one aspect of the Mick shit above. “According to a study” about criminals’ eye color. What could be more obviously wrong? Niggers have dark-brown or black eyes. More or less “pure” jews (theirs is a mongrel DNA to begin with) have Nigger eyes. Mexiturds have more or less dark brown eyes. Those are the major criminal populations. NOT Whites.

      I could go further, but why?

      Stay on track, my dear fellow Whites.

      Learn. Plan. Strike.
      Walk with Pride.

      • I agree with you, James.

        As you said, also, you could “go further.” I think, for clarity, we ought to. Just a bit. Let me take a shot at it. By the way, I am a proud White man of Ire heritage, too.

        When we speak of groups of people closely related by common DNA, the darker they are in skin, hair, eyes, and mentality, the farther from White they are. If we can identify a subset of supposedly Irish people as too dark in a combination of those factors, then that subset is actually NOT Irish, NOT White. Meanwhile, the rest of the Irish population IS Irish, IS White.

        Dark examples: the formerly White Spaniards. Example: the formerly White Greeks. Example: the formerly White Romans/Italians. Those groups race-mixed themselves out of the White race.

        Agree? If not, feel free to delete this comment. I don’t want to subtract nor distract from your article and comments.

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