The Good Of Gaza

The Good Of Gaza

  1. What good is Gaza to us?
  2. What do we care if Arabs or whatever nonWhites called Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are being genocided by the jews?
  3. Doesn’t attention to that Middle East crime distract attention from the jews genociding US right now here in the USA?

My short answers are:

  1. Very little.
  2. Very little.
  3. Yes.

Below, I will explain those answers. But first, visual nourishment.


In the combination image above, I said that Ayelet Shaked, a member of Israel’s parliament, has called for the total genocide, the total killing, of all Palestinians. She actually included all “mothers” and their “little snakes” children, too.

That jew is not some kind of rogue jew in jew-only Israel. Proof of that is in the photos and accompanying info, all in the following three links. Beware, they are jew sources, so they include elements of propaganda against us as they know their web pages are accessible to Whites and other non-jews. In fact, the first and third are intended for White audiences.

Normally, I don’t write anything about the ongoing 100 years of jewry’s reign of terror and murder on the Arabs in “Palestine.” Yes, 100 years, and more. The Rothschilds, the most infamous and supreme of heinous jew banking families in history, began paying for terror and displacement against those Arabs more than 100 years ago. After laying all of that horrific groundwork, by 1948 they had enough jew communities on the map of Palestine to push their fraudulent Israel into existence. Since then, the jews have continued to steal those Arabs’ land by deceitful, severe, anti-human oppression including a lot of murder.

What do we Whites of America care about that? Just this little bit:

  1. It is such an obvious and undeniable crime against humanity,
  2. and it so clearly and undeniably demonstrates jewry’s lying for 100 years about their intentions in “Palestine,”
  3. that it is useful as a tool for waking up the Whites among us who still believe the jews are the “Chosen,” “meek,” “victims” of history. The truth, as we well know, is that the jews are the villains of history. Everything ever done to them was done in reaction, was fully deserved, and was too lenient. Thus, there are more of them plaguing us now than ever before.

The female jew above ought to be extra useful as a tool to wake people up. Most Whites would think that a woman and member of parliament would be far behind the men of her race and be the last person to publicly call for the mass-murder and wipeout of an entire people.

Well, there she is. Exhibit A. No, Exhibit Z. Case closed.

The jew Theodore Kaufman, in the USA, and his book that a jew-owned publishing company printed and the jew-owned media promoted. Calling for the genocide of an entire ethnicity -- German Whites -- in their own country raised no cries of "hate speech" from the jewsmedia, of course.

There is nothing new about jews calling for the entire extermination of races and subraces. The jew Theodore Kaufman (in image above) did so in 1940, in the USA, saying that the country of Germany and all Germans “must perish,” and he described how. His book was printed by a jew-owned publishing company and promoted by the jew-owned media. His/their call for the genocide of an entire subrace — German Whites — raised no cries of “hate speech” from the jewsmedia, of course. Meanwhile, jewry was hoping the atomic bomb would be ready in time to make their dreams come true. It wasn’t, so they could only use it to incinerate two cities full of men, women, and children in Japan. Since then, jew leaders such as Susan Sontag and Noel Ignatiev have urged the death of our entire White race. Neither was vilified in the media nor lost a job nor smeared as a “racist.”

Some pieces of human refuse, probably jews rather than a few muck-minded Whites, likely are thinking of submitting a comment or email attempting to equate that female jew’s call for wiping out Palestinians with my call to wipe out the jews. So, let’s take care of that right now.

  • The race of jewry is against all other races, making them the true anti-humans of Earth. Their crimes against humanity — mass-murders of members of every nonjew race, and ongoing — are historical proof. Thus, the jews are the enemy of humanity, and we must exterminate them.
  • The jew woman’s call to wipe out the Palestinians is only one part of jewry’s agenda of wiping out races. My call is only to wipe out the jews, not any other race. My call is the real-world opposite of hers. And my call is right.

Points and Priorities

We Whites care at least a little about all victims of the jews.

But we care most about our own race and what we must do to end the jew plague upon our race.

That’s why I say that Gaza is a distraction. Our awareness of it, and to some extent our use of it, is enough. All of our physical action must be dedicated to killing the jews infesting our own country, right here, right now.

Isn’t it absurd that Rachel Corrie put her body and life on the line, and lost it, for Palestinians? How stupid was it that her parents let her do that over there rather than take physical action right here against the enemy jews infesting our own country?

After, and only after, we retake our own country can we choose to help others — if we so choose. Of course, we will get started helping all other Whites before we help nonWhites. That’s racial wisdom and racial reality. The other races would all do the same. ONLY WHITES even think about such cross-racial generosity.


Beware of the pro-White sites who overly focus on Gaza in an unstated attempt to dupe Whites into caring as much or more about slaughtered nonWhites across the ocean than Our Own Whites Here At Home.

The jews are killing White mothers and White children right here, right now. But of course the jewsmedia don’t put that in our faces. Too many Whites still think that if it’s not on tv it’s not happening.

We know better. And we know what to do about it. Kill jews now.

  • Be safe. Be efficient. Get advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website.

TV: Should ’24′ Live Another Day?

TV: Should ’24′ Live Another Day?

24.s09.e12.posterWhat I like about tv’s 24 is that a character who we are to believe is a White hero gets to kill jews and other enemies of our White race.

Oh, I know, that’s not even one of the intended messages of the show.

But for the jew-wise viewer who selectively watches tv for his or her own purposes, the jews’ anti-White propaganda works against the jews instead of for them.

We see it for the crime that it is, a crime against us. We feed off of it, knowing how destructive it is upon our race, and we direct our mighty reaction to the destruction of the jews.

Father and son, in younger days.

Father and son, in younger days.

The jew-produced, jew-written, jew-infested tv show 24 starring crypto-jew Kiefer Sutherland, son of longtime Hollywood actor Donald Sutherland, was a longrunning, very successful series that jewry abruptly stopped a few years ago. No surprise there. Other popular shows have been canned in similar fashion.

Anyway, it was brought back to “Live Another Day” — just one 24-hour day. And that day, already done, was a dishonest “day” of only 12 hours in a 12-episode mini-season.

No matter why they did that. The new programming had the same intent as the old programming:

  • attract, most importantly, White viewers by providing a supposedly-White hero.
  • provide vicarious satisfaction for White men when seeing a supposedly-White hero kill bad guys, thus providing an emotional vent for White men, keeping them pacified and pacifistic with ass on chair and beer in hand.
  • advance the mind-poison of multi-cult, with most positions of authority filled with obvious nonWhites. (Actually, there are no positions filled by Whites because not a single significant character is played by a true White person; they are all jews.)
  • push the suicidal absurdity that a hero is always honest even with the enemy, and he keeps his word with the enemy who is trying to kill him.
  • portray as normal the absence of families for important White people.
  • portray the low-IQ races (Africans, Mestizos, most Asians) as having Whites’ advanced mental traits, such as: multi-level analysis and problemsolving; perseverance to complete a mission no matter how difficult; honesty; loyalty; and noble intentions in all situations. In reality, nonWhites do not have that combination of mental traits. Those of us with multi-country experience know it.
  • provide support for the government’s increasing every kind of invasive surveillance against us.
  • provide support for the government’s increasing use of illegal methods of arrest and use of torture on detainees and prisoners.
  • paint Whites as most often the villains behind all massive crime and terror atrocities.
  • provide an absolute absence of jews (although, if there should occur any exception, the jew is never portrayed as negative but only as victim or as ethical, noble, and benign).
  • continue to pretend that there is any terror organization other than international jewry. (From the mass-starvations of the Great Depression and the Holodomor, to the mass-murders of Katyn and Waco, to the mass-bloodletting of contrived wars, to the specific terror atrocities from 9/11, to London’s 7/7, airliner explosions, preplanned cinema and mall and school shootings, they are all the work of the only international terror organization in history: the jews.

Meanwhile, of course, the tv show consists of a parade of jews, some of them physically obvious jews, to further dupe White viewers into thinking that those physical characteristics are White characteristics. (I use present-tense because the show’s finale was very recent, July 2014, and is likely to be revived again.)

Both jews pretending to be White. "Jack Bauer" and "Chloe."

Both are jews pretending to be White. “Jack Bauer” and “Chloe.”

The “Chloe” character is played by an actress who is an obvious jew, easy to identify by her eyes and mouth, but surely most viewers think she’s White. Name: Mary Lynn Rajskub. Her ugly character had a multi-cult family. Happily for viewers, her husband and kid were killed off.

The “agent Morgan” character is played by an actress who is not an obvious jew but is a jew, a crypto-jew. Her real name is Yvonne Jaqueline Strzechowski, fake name Yvonne Strahovski. She pretends to be of White polish descent but is the daughter of jews from Poland who infest Australia, where she was born. Strahovski is yet another bottle-blonde jew with bad facial skin that, in close-ups, even the tv makeup doesn’t totally hide.

The “president Heller” character is played by longtime Hollywood actor crypto-jew William Devane, featuring a too-wide jew mouth. The jews probably like the fact that Devane looks very much like the scum Ted Kennedy who was such a successfully divisive plague on the White race of America. “Heller” is also used to continue pushing the lie of Alzheimer’s, as if all old White people lose their minds.

The president’s daughter, a character satisfactorily shot dead in the finale of season nine (July 2014), was played by crypto-jew Kim Raver. Her mutant upper-lip action added a clue to expose her mongrel jew DNA.

The villain “Adrian” — well killed, but by a Chinese character instead of by the hero “Jack Bauer” — was played by an obvious jew, complete with unreconstructed jew nose, named Michael Wincott.

The president’s chief of staff “Mark Boudreau” is played by a subtly obvious jew named Tate Donovan. That character’s assistant is played by an obvious jew named Ross McCall.

An Irish Aside

The name “Donovan,” of the jew mentioned above, reminds me of another tv series that includes some satisfactory killing: Ray Donovan. The title character and his brothers, father, wife, and children, are all supposed to be Irish. Utterly and insultingly absurd. It’s insulting because I am half Irish. All of them are jews, some very obviously so, such as the curly haired, angry brother who is a boxer-trainer. Also, one of the jews on the show has freaky Kiefer ears.

Kiefer Sutherland, a.k.a. "Jack Bauer" of tv's 24.

Kiefer Sutherland, with those lobes and jowls.

By the way, isn’t it funny to notice how short nearly all of those jew men are? Even “agent Morgan” is a bit taller than little “Jack Bauer.” That’s another clue, you know. Historically, most jews are quite short. That’s why Hollywood has always been loaded with short leading men. Even the so-called “tall” ones are not as tall as we are led to believe by watching the electronic-jew. Crypto-jews such as Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Tom Selleck, and homo-jew Rock Hudson were/are not as tall as their publicists have said.

Fiction. No matter the type of program, tv spews fiction. Hollywood spews fiction. The jew race spews fiction. 24 season nine was set in London and filmed there. London and the U.K. have been firmly controlled by jews far longer than the USA’s government and institutions have been controlled by jews.

Tom Cruise, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, William Shatner, Michael J. Fox, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, and on and on, are all examples of normal runt jews. Yet, most of them look so much like White men that they have passed as White, duping nearly all Whites of America and around the world.

Kiefer Sutherland is just another one. His mother is crypto-jew actress Shirley Douglas, and his father is, mentioned above, Donald Sutherland, a freaky looking jew. The freaky fatherly physical features that his son Kiefer displays are those odd earlobes and cheek protrusions beyond the corners of the mouth.

Of course, it’s best to turn off the tv, the electronic-jew. Don’t let it pacify you and drain you of your energy to kill the true enemy. TV is the most effective mass-propaganda tool every invented by Whites and heinously employed by jews. The jews did the same with the printing press for books, newspapers, and magazines. And then the radio. And then the movie camera and projection system, which they stole from Thomas Edison. And then tv. And now the Internet, though it is proving too difficult for them to completely control, thus far.

Our White invention of the Internet and its World Wide Web is our best mass-communication tool. We must use it to the fullest to expose jews and urge every White MAN to join us in exterminating the jew infestation from our country (countries).

The jews should not Live Another Day.

  • For advice on safety and effectiveness, see the articles linked at the bottom of this website.

Kent State: ‘Four Dead In Ohio’ — 3 Were Good Kills Because They Were jews

Kent State: ‘Four Dead In Ohio’ — 3 Of Them jews, thus good kills

One of the students killed was, apparently, White: William Schroeder. The other three were jews, as named in this image from Kent State University.

One of the students killed was, apparently, White: William Schroeder. The other three were jews. Names are provided in this set of images from Kent State University.

Amazing, isn’t it? Three of the students famously killed by the Ohio National Guard on 4 May 1970 at Kent State University were jews.

In those days, when I was about 13 years old, one of my older brothers had an eight-track tape he often played that featured the song “Ohio,” written by crypto-jew Neil Young, who played off and on with the jew band Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young). The chant chorus of that song, “Four dead in Ohio,” was ingrained in my brain.

It’s a little surprising that those musical jew liars and the jewsmedia said “Four” instead of “Three,” as jews only really care about jews. Maybe the fourth was a jew, too, though I guess not. In the photo above, William Schroeder looks White. Yes, a lot of jews look White. But the key jew website that I will link to, below, mentioned him but left him out of their whining, moaning, and mourning of their own.

This discovery came on Tuesday (22 July 2014) by educated guess. I happened to be looking at a page on notable happenings in the year 1970, and when I saw the Kent State University item, the “Four Dead” chant played in my head, and I had a hunch that I ought to see who, exactly, had been so famously mourned.

Why would the jews show William Schroeder shirtless? Very likely, it was deliberate, to show disrespect.

Why would the jews show William Schroeder shirtless? Very likely, it was deliberate, to show disrespect.

Results of a google picture search included the four-shot image at right, showing the White young man shirtless. The photo link said “,” which I faintly recalled as a jew site, so I clicked it. The visual alone told me immediately that the jewsmedia’s wailing over the event was because at least one and likely three of the dead were jews.

As recently as two years ago, I probably would not have made that positive visual identification. But in the last two years, I added the too-wide mouth to my toolkit of jew clues. Krause and Miller fit the bill. Scheuer was, for me, the iffy one.

It’s important to note that wikipedia’s page on the “Kent State shootings,” which they and the other extremist jewsmedia call a “massacre,” says nothing about the three of four being jews. Wikipedia is owned and operated by jews, and they always protect the secret of their crypto-jews. Likewise, an old New York Times (jew York Times) article from May 1970, available for viewing on the Internet, says nothing about their jew race.

Here us the most famous photo from the event, made famous by jewsmedia. That's Miller lying there, one of three good kills.

Here is the most famous photo from the event, made famous by jewsmedia. That’s Miller lying there, one of three good kills. If all of the dead were Whites, would the event have been immortalized by jew bands and jewsmedia? Of course not. is a jew site for jews, which explains why they identified the jews, though I imagine it is a slip-up, nonetheless. Without their report, I probably would have been left with inconclusive, educated guesses.

Why do I call it a slip-up?

Because they have confirmed the fact that those three of the famous four students were jews. They have indirectly confirmed that it was jews instigating violence, shouting “pigs,” and throwing rocks at troops. Confidently, we can add this infamous and emotional example to the historical parade of examples of jews being the true instigators of group, anti-White violence across America.

Usually, the instigator jews pretending to be Whites expect nothing worse for their work than tear gas or pepper spray. A fairly recent example: the jew leaders of the Occupy Wall Street sham who got pepper squirts to the face. But the scum jews inciting violence at Kent State got peppered with lead, instead.

These are photos I posted in an article on 19 Sept. 2011,

These are photos I posted in an article on 19 Sept. 2011, in which I had fun identifying these four jews who were leaders of the supposedly “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street scam designed to attract and vent Americans’ anger down a pre-planned dead-end. (That site was deleted by anti-White This www! site is on an independent host-server.) I described these jews as (from left) Not Tina Fey, and the wailing one reported as “Chelsea” just after being pepper-sprayed, and (center) Not David Bowie (it seems to be female), and finally Not Jud Seuss (if you haven’t seen the great movie “Jud Seuss,” which means “Jew Seuss,” you ought to, free on the Internet). “Chelsea” was later interviewed on tv. It would be interesting to know how jewry rewarded these actors. Almost three years later, where are they now?

Summation: At Kent State in May 1970, when four students were killed, three out of four were good kills by the Ohio National Guard.

Laurel Krause, obviously a jew, younger sister of the rightly killed Krause.

Laurel Krause, obviously a jew, younger sister of the rightly killed Krause.

The jews are still wailing and instigating over it today. At this linked jew website, the jew Krause’s younger sister, now an enemy jew all grown up, is pictured and quoted as being a current “activist” along with her mother and other scum jews infesting our country. Her name is Laurel. (“Laurel” is a special jew name, as in the special room at Camp David, so named by jew president Dwight David Eisenhower.)

I suppose the accurate shooters in that Ohio National Guard troop did not know who were jews out there. If they did know, and if they deliberately shot the jews, those soldiers are heroes. Otherwise, they just got lucky.

The only one to mourn is Schroeder. Further evidence that he was White, not a jew, is that the jew site’s four-shot image has him shirtless, showing disrespect, when they could easily have gotten a clothed image or head shot. I don’t know why he was there. One account I read said that Schroeder was not part of the activism but was simply walking through the area. Otherwise, perhaps, Schroeder was duped by the jews into being at the scene of their crime.

Of course, there was nothing wrong in opposing the jew-contrived war in Vietnam. There was no need for our Whites to go kill Vietnamese in their own country. (I know the history of Vietnam. I know their name-changing leader was trained in jew-Moscow. Still, not worth a single White death.) But it was wrong for any students at Kent State to attack Whites, even duped Whites in uniform, who were there as a show of force to keep the peace against the jew-planned activism. Throwing rocks is an attack, in my book.

I know, we don’t like troops on campus, but that’s because of what we know now. Descriptions of that day say the troops were peaceful for a good amount of time before retaliating against the jews’ instigation and initiation of violence against the troops. Anyway, that’s a distraction I’d like to let go.

Schroeder didn’t deserve to die. But the three jews did.

jew Crosbys, jew Crimes

By the way, at that time in 1970, that jew band of Crosby, et al, also had a song broadcast incessantly called “Teach Your Children.” It was anti-White, against the White man and against the White family, of course. One line of it was: “Teach your children well, their father’s hell did slowly go by,…” You see? Demonizing the White father.

Constant, constant, mind-poisoning. That’s what we were subjected to by all jew-owned media.

Here's a Crosby jew. Mary Crosby, actress, daughter of Bing Crosby. Obvious, obvious jew. Thus, one or both of her parents were jews. Her father did a special session with jew David Bowie when Bowie was about 30. Bing's real name was Harry Lillis Crosby, Jr. Was he a jew? Of course he was a jew. He looked like a brother to lucky Larry Silverstein, the 9/11 jew who gave the "pull" order on WTC building 7, the third tower "pulled" that day.

Three of the Crosby clan of jews, plus one. Mary Crosby (left), actress, daughter of Bing Crosby. Obvious, obvious jew. Thus, one or both of her parents were jews. Her father, glorified and made wealthy by the jews’ media, did a special session with jew David Bowie when Bowie was about 30. Christmas songs. Yes, jews both boost and denigrate Christianity. If it didn’t exist, they would invent it — again. Bing’s real name was Harry Lillis Crosby, Jr. Was he a jew? Of course he was a jew. He looked like a brother to lucky Larry Silverstein, the 9/11 jew who gave the “pull” order on WTC building 7, the third tower “pulled” on that day. Kathryn Crosby (top right), 2nd wife of Bing, mother of Mary. Is that thing a jew? Of course. Those are not the eyes of a White woman (we see the Mongoloid slant expressed by her mongrel jew DNA). That is not the mouth of a White woman. She was a jewlywood actress, too. By the way, I don’t know if these Crosbys are closely related to David Crosby of the band, and I don’t care. They are all jews. That is relation enough.

Also, the Crosby jew band had a song that said, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” Right? That was self-serving, in order for them to get quick sex with groupies, and it was anti-White because it preached breaking loyalty for instant gratification, thus ruining established relationships among White couples.

Constant, constant, mind-poisoning.

It was deliberate, folks. And it is deliberate now, 24/7/365/, on all jew-owned media.

The way, the only way, to finally put a stop to all of it is to make More Dead In Ohio.

And more dead in jew-central New York.

And more dead jews in Hollywood.

And more dead jews in your neck of the woods.

More dead. More dead. Until they are all gone.

They are a unified race, unlike any other race.

They are the anti-humans, as they were rightly  named by a Romanian author, Dumitru Bacu.

The jews publicly led by the secret-jew Franklin Delano Roosevelt sent my father, well duped by the jewsmedia and the jewSA government, to go kill his German racial brothers in northern Italy during World War 2. My father returned healthy, despite the jews’ best efforts. But how many Whites of America returned in body bags? You don’t know, do you? But you know the jews’ lie number “6 million.”

The jews lied in unison about WW2, and they lied in unison about the Korean War, and they lied in unison about the Vietnam War, the JFK assassination, and the Kent State event, and they lied in unison about Waco (a true massacre and a true “holocaust” — by definition, “a burnt offering” to the jew gods, which means themselves, according to their racial rulebook The Talmud). The federal building in Oklahoma City. 9/11. Every “terror” act.

The jews, in unison, are killing our people every day and lying about it to protect their race. The jews blame Whites, the jews blame Arabs, the jews blame Asians, the jews blame Africans. But the blame belongs on the jews.

The jews, in unison, have earned the death penalty, over and over again. Historic atrocity after historic atrocity. Crime against humanity after crime against humanity. Genocides, past and present.

Give them more reason to whine and wail, “More Dead In Ohio” — and in every state of America.

  • See advice in articles linked at the bottom of this site.
  • Update: Nod to Post-publication, I did another search and found that a brief mention of the fact of the three jews appeared on Stormfront in 2011. Link.

George Washington’s Very Flawed ‘Farewell’

George Washington’s Very Flawed ‘Farewell’

This is how most true Americans picture George Washington, and this is one of the quotes used to defend him. But please see below for some revelations. Also, it's important to remember that every single president has said some pretty words to us, most of which were lies.

This is how most true Americans picture George Washington, and this is one of the quotes used to defend him. But please see below for some revelations. Also, it’s important to remember that every single president has said some pretty words to us, most of which were meant only to deceive.

Historical statements must be considered within the time and conditions in which they were made. When we apply this rule to the USA’s first president under the CONstitution, George Washington, we realize why he said what he said and why he did not say what the first president certainly should have said.

A great example, though it is one just as unbelievable to the ignorant masses as the example of Washington that I am about to expose, is the example of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, a secret jew, better known by his pen name (a false name) Mark Twain, which was not his first fake name. Samuel Clemens, always glorified by the jew media, spoke against education, saying that it was indoctrination in “conformity.”

At the time Samuel Clemens said that, education in the USA was quite good. It was mostly done in local schoolhouses, with multiple classes in a big room, with the neighborhood children being taught what their parents wanted them to be taught, as it should be. They knew our race was the best, as judged by performance, throughout known history.

Samuel Clemens helped to undermine and overthrow that local-controlled education practice in the USA. Today, his 150-year-old anti-education statement sounds good! Of course, it does — after the education system has been completely corrupted in service to the jew agenda, and thus it is an awful experience for most Whites.

This is my final paragraph here about Clemens. Readers may read a large collection of the evidence in my linked article “Samuel Langhorne Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain, Was A Jew.” For doubters, I would like to throw in one more, now-obvious, piece of damning evidence. As his most famous and damaging books and characters were anti-family, they were also multi-cult. Especially multi-cult was Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn and its glorified African to whom Clemens gave the White name “Jim.” And the jews force children in schools across the country to read it while, at the same time, the jews falsely whine against Twain’s use of the etymologically correct term “nigger,” as in “Nigger Jim.” In truth, jews hate the Africans — as they hate all non-jews — but they feign fondness for that low-IQ race only to further employ them as tools against our White race.

Deceitful ‘Farewell’

Again, the typical portrait of George Washington, the main painting used by the U.S. government and Federal Reserve notes. But among major paintings of GW, this is the odd one out.

Again, the typical portrait of George Washington, the main painting used by the U.S. government and Federal Reserve notes. But among major paintings of GW, this is the odd one out.

Now, let us delve into the “Farewell” statement by George Washington. He did not speak it. He only issued it on paper to be published by the government, newspapers, and other outlets around the country. Furthermore, to say that it was “by” Washington is misleading, to say the least. Explanation below.

Endeavoring to be brief, I first present links to various versions and drafts of the “Farewell” as evidence that this analysis was not superficial. Second, I discuss specific points about the “Farewell.”

1. The introduction at the Library Of Congress website ( to the “Farewell” admits the following, with a remarkable date for Madison’s first contribution, “1792.” That year was when Washington first wanted to retire from office, or so we’re told.

“Although the ideas expressed were Washington’s, Alexander Hamilton wrote a large part of the address. James Madison drafted an earlier version of the address in 1792.”

2. The following link is to the so-called “first draft” by Washington, which he sent to Alexander Hamilton. Anyone’s simple skim of this document and the final, published version would show that this first draft is very different from the final version.

3. The full version of the “Farewell” at the following link is probably the most authentic and easiest to read, although one must flip through it page by page on the site. It offers images of the actual paper pages of a publication of the “Farewell,” with the final page dated Sept. 17, 1796.

4. The following linked version offers images of the actual handwritten pages, which are difficult to read, and one must flip page by page through the images:

5. The presentation at the following link is an easy version to read because it is in simple type all on one page. However, it begins egregiously. Washington’s initial line, “To The People Of The United States,” is not present. Also, Washington’s second line, “Friends And Fellow-Citizens,” is changed to “Friends and Citizens.” Unacceptable. Thus, I chose not to spend any of my time in further reading of that version.

Important note: Of course, jews are lording over all of these linked websites, but the Yale site deserves special disgust for the above reason and because it is directly tied to the jews Sol Goldman and Lillian Goldman.

This authentic publication offers one of the most useful, and rare, portraits of Washington. Below, we will return to this revealing image.

This authentic publication offers one of the most useful, and rarely seen, portraits of Washington. Below, we will return to further consider this revealing image.


Point 1. In the “Farewell,” Washington referred only once to the “states” as in the separate states of the United States. Exactly, that single reference reads: “the happiness of the people of these States,…” He never referred to the States as the independent, locally-governed groups of people they were supposed to be. Thus, he confirmed his complicity in the CONstitution’s obliteration of “We the United States” for the deceit of “We The People.” (See my historic publication “The CONstitution” for a full exposure of the entire affair.)

Indeed, the “Farewell” begins:

“To The People Of The United States. Friends And Fellow-Citizens:”

Moreover, in a passage discussing the large size of the country, he asked:

“Is there a doubt whether a common government can embrace so large a sphere? … We are authorized to hope that a proper organization of the whole, with the auxiliary agency of governments for the respective subdivisions, will afford a happy issue to the experiment.”

This is another portrait of George Washington anyone can find on valid pro-GW websites. How very different it is from the standard portrait. Note, especially, the nose, but also other features. To those of us who are jew-wise, this man looks to be a jew.

This is another portrait of George Washington anyone can find on valid pro-GW websites. How very different it is from the standard portrait. Note, especially, the nose, but also other features. To those of us who are jew-wise, this man looks to be a jew. (Yes, blurry. But see below for clarity.)

Why did he, or Hamilton, or Madison, write “auxiliary … governments for … subdivisions” instead of “States”? The answer is obvious: He and his jews fully intended to continue the abolishment of state sovereignty (rights and limited independence) that the CONstitution had set well on its way. Yes, “his jews.” Hamilton was a crypto-jew (secret jew), a fact that has long been known. Madison was also a crypto-jew, a fact that I suggested in the “CONstitution” article linked above and that I further support and profess in my forthcoming book, White Honor.

Point 2. Of that CONstitution, Washington wrote that he hoped “the free Constitution, which is the work of your hands, may be sacredly maintained”.

In what way, we must ask, was the CONstitution the work of the hands of any true Americans? It was not. It was the work of the jews. Even the Ten Amendments known as “The Bill Of Rights,” which were demanded by true but compromising Americans, were deliberately written in final form by jews to be confusing and often ambiguous, allowing for erosion in “interpretations” by the jews’ almighty Supreme Court of the “supreme” central government.

“Supreme” is no exaggeration. Washington wrote that the CONstitution was “sacredly obligatory upon all,” and we know that its most infamous clause is openly called “the supremacy clause.”

This portrait of George Washington, also available for anyone to find on pro-GW websites, is quote like the preceding image. Same nose, same crease shape off each nostril. Again, this man looks to be a jew.

This portrait of George Washington, also available for anyone to find on pro-GW websites, is quite like the preceding image. Same nose, same crease shape off each nostril. Again, this man looks to be a jew.

Point 3. Also, in utter gall, Washington wrote that if any changes should be thought necessary in the CONstitution, it should be changed only by the exact process(es) as specifically written into the CONstitution. Gall? Yes. He and his co-conspirators had been tasked with exactly such a mission in 1787 in the Convention in Philadelphia, which they made a secret convention, and in which the traitors completely broke their oaths and overthrew the USA’s Articles Of Confederation instead of properly enhancing those Articles.

What Washington and his jews had done in that CONvention in 1787 was the overthrow of the original United States Of America. (Anyone who disagrees has only to read my “CONstitution” article, linked above, to have his or her ignorance evaporated.)

Point 4. In an extension of that gall, he wrote — or merely signed the combined writings of Hamilton and Madison — a long paragraph about credit and debt. This was after he had given control of that system to jewry. Thus, his pretty words were nothing but deceit. In this, he set a precedent that nearly every president thereafter followed, making a complicit pattern of behavior. Immediately below, a famous example will serve as exposition.

Another valid portrait of George Washington, this one from his younger days. This portrait is in agreement with the two jewy images above. Oh, but there is a third jewy image above. Look again, please, at the portrait on the large, aged document above. Clearly, the jews have chosen the softest, the most White-looking, the least jew-looking portrait for mass publication.

Another valid portrait of George Washington, this one from his younger days. This portrait is in agreement with the two jewy images above. Oh, but there is a third jewy image above. Look again, please, at the portrait on the large, aged document above. Why have the jews chosen the softest, the most White-looking, the least jew-looking portrait for mass publication such as on the dollar?

Point 5. The retiring first president warned against having strong ties with any other nations or countries. We have been taught that that was a great and true directive. But at that time, the nation of jewry had no country, thus there was no Israel for jewry to tie us to. Certainly, jewry did not want Americans to have strong ties with fellow White nations in other countries who might have been correctly anti-jew. (Nowadays, with jews at the helm of our countries, jews want strong ties with their Israel and “allies.”)

Meanwhile, Washington and Alexander Hamilton had already bound the USA with the strongest tie to the worldwide nation of jewry: They had given jewry control of the USA’s money system. (A “nation” is a group of people of one race. A “country” is the territory staked out by that nation.) The warning by Washington shares similarity with cryto-jew Dwight David Eisenhower’s so-called warning, as he was leaving office, about the dangers of the “military-industrial complex.”

The military-industrial complex was a complex that Eisenhower willingly had helped to build, and it was a complex owned by his own jewry. Eisenhower told only a half-truth about it, of course. The half-truth was deliberately misleading, thus a lie. Most of us wrongly assumed that Whites were the owners of that complex of traitors. The actual owners were, and are, jews — most of whom pretend to be Whites.

Point 6. Washington, in elaborating on his 1796 “warning,” specifically mentioned Europe, saying that Europe’s primary interests “to us have none, or a very remote relation.” That was blatant division of the White race (known as the “European” race in Europe). England, with a government controlled by jews, was the enemy of true Americans, but the vast majority of people in Europe were distant kin to Americans, not enemies in any way. The backbone of the USA population was, indeed, the productive Germans who had begun settling in North America en masse in the 1600s. And jews tagged along from the very beginning, to be the merchants, lawyers, and bankers, not to do any manual labor but to profiteer off of the inventions and labor of the best race. This has been true of the jews for at least 2,000 years, since their undermining of the Roman Empire.

Point 7. Washington wrote against anyone forming any political party or parties. That sounds like a good idea to us, as we know that the current parties are partners in jew crime. In fact, anyone in power wants no true opposition group. In 1796, jewry held the reins. Their CONstitution was in place, although burdened with the ten Amendments called “The Bill Of Rights.” Washington was either a crypto-jew or complete puppet of jews Hamilton and Madison. Of course, jewry didn’t want any organized opposition. But Thomas Jefferson rose in opposition, and around him formed a party.

Image note: Below, right, is an image showing the text of an ad placed by George Washington pursuing the return of two of his White slaves. It is authentic, as anyone can verify by simple searches, finding such sites as this and this, and more, including government document sites.

As we know, the jews were the owners and operators of the African slave trade. The top owners of slaves in the USA were jews. Washington not only had African slaves, he had White slaves. I ask you: Would any admirable White man have White slaves?

As we know, the jews were the owners and operators of the African slave trade. The top owners of slaves in the USA were jews. Washington not only had African slaves, he had White slaves. I ask you: Would any admirable White man have White slaves?

Point 8. Washington wrote, or at least he signed onto what Madison and Hamilton wrote, that it was necessary for people to believe in religion before they could have morals. Of course, our fellow Whites who suffer from such mind-poison as Christianity will see this as evidence in favor of Washington. But such people are also probably ignorant of the fact of many jew Popes, and many jew ministers of every major slice of Christianity. Such people are ignorant of the fact that jewry invented and force-fed the Christian mind-poison on humanity, meanwhile playing both sides, for and against, the toxic nonsense of it, including its suicidal pacifism. Thus, Washington was serving the jew agenda in saying morals cannot exist in us without religion.

My own life stands as proof against Washington’s assertion, as did the life of my father, my mother after 50 years old, Revilo Oliver, the mature Adolf Hitler, and certainly thousands of our White scientists and countless others who shun that mental sickness most openly expressed on Sundays.


There is much more to criticize about Washington’s “Farewell,” but the several points made in this article should suffice to persuade any jew-wise White person that Washington was not the man that schoolbooks and jewsmedia have painted and portrayed.

Already in other articles I have given conclusive evidence about Washington, especially in the historic assemblage, linked above, titled “Why Was The Convention In Philadelphia Secret?” In my forthcoming book, I will offer further evidence — most notably in regard to the jews he kept around him and the jews in the military who he repeatedly saved from court-martial and worse.

But let me now state for the record that my firm conclusion is that George Washington was a jew. The secret of his membership in that anti-human race has been one of jewry’s best-kept secrets of American History. The secret of Samuel Clemens’ jewness was another one. My self-adopted duties as a true White man born in the USA, thus a true American, are to expose jews, kill jews, and urge my fellow White MEN to do the same.

Thanks to my deep study of jews and my particular inherited White talents, my success in exposing crypto-jews, both historical and current, continues to set precedents in aid of my race. Therefore, I recognize it as a duty that I must continue.

Finally, a plea. Please do not let this knowledge of jews infesting the Founding Fathers persuade you to cast out the entirety of the Founding Fathers. The best Founding Fathers — that means the intelligent White Founding Fathers — invented, established, and built the United States Of America into a great country despite the infestation and crimes of jewry. However, as we know, that infestation eventually undermined and overwhelmed Whites’ best efforts, and now we have a huge clean-up job to do.

So be it.

It’s our turn.

In Europe, our ancestors had to fight off the Mongoloid invasion. Later, Germany had to fight off the jew-directed hordes of dupes from the Soviet Union, Britain, and the USA; and although they ultimately lost, the great Germans won enough battles to greatly delay jewry’s progress in Europe and the USA. Here in North America, White Americans had to fight off the jew-controlled Brits, and the jew-influenced Spanish, and then the jew-influenced Mexicans.

But in all of that warring, our Whites never killed a significant number of the real enemy, the root-cause enemy: jewry.

That duty, that privilege, that honor, falls to us.

Contrary to the pacifism and guilt-tripping that the jewsmedia sow, it is actually a joy to kill the correct enemy. Pride is an automatic and instant reward. Ultimate victory will bring the supreme rewards, especially the great White peace, happiness, and prosperity that only the White race can do for us. Only the White race has done it before, even for the other races at times when jewry wasn’t instigating those races into hatred and violence against us.

Kill jews, all jews, now.

Kill jews, Save America, Save Our Race, and Secure Peace for All White Families.

That’s “14 words.”


James T. Laffrey

The white "W" is for "Whites." We are the White race. The red "W" is for "Will." We have the will. The blue "W" is for "Win." Whites Will Win.

Cleanup, 22 July 2014: jew Officer Kills Family; Scum jew joan rivers; Stop non-White Immigrants; IQ and Performance

Note: This is a cleanup and posting of the contents of the right-hand column for archiving and ease of searching.


A “Joshua Boren” is being reported by the jewsmedia (I saw it on Yahoo news) as having killed his wife, children, and himself in Utah. That name, and the photo of him, tell me that he is a jew. But of course, the media want everybody to think he was White.

That’s a major part of the jew agenda against us, making people think Whites are the villain race when, actually, the jew race is the villain race of the world.

So, IF the basic report is true, we have yet another jew displaying the mental and physical behavior of their race as repeated over and over again throughout history. Again IF the report is basically true, my guess is that his wife was not a jew, thus this heinous jew would easily have been capable of slaughtering her and their hybrid children.

How many more people do the jews get to kill before more MEN of our great White race put a permanent stop to the enemy race of humanity?


Some of the writers I link to on the TruthfulSites pages have featured the jew scum Joan Rivers and what she said about Barack Obama and his beastly wife. Some of them (that I have seen), and some is too many, have done so with utterly ignorant praise.

Of course, Barack Obama is a homo who was pushed into having children for his career of deceit. If the wife had the children, she can’t be a “transgender.”

The jew Joan Rivers went over the top, of course, mixing truth with absurdity so as to give a good reason to doubters to reject the entire statement. And if she suffers any backlash, she can always defend herself by saying, “I am a comedienne, a comic, I tell jokes, get over yourself.”

Furthermore, the Number One big-”d” DISTRACTION of it is to keep everybody off the truth that Obama is a jew–because his mother was not White but was a jew, named Stanley Ann Dunham.

How long do I have to point this out and link people to my main article about it before our supposed allies step up to the truth?


Kill some of them. We need snipers to hit those trains and buses. Or heroes who can plant IEDs in the right place. Sniping is easier, generally. The IED missions would be more difficult to bring to fruition.

Otherwise, kill some already here. Choose targets, or plant evidence, to help them understand that they are risking their lives by being here. The word will spread like wildfire back to their home countries, and that will certainly slow their invasion.

Invasion. Yes, it’s an invasion. Usually, I don’t talk about those two-legged refuse being forced into our country because the true CAUSE must be stopped first and foremost: jewry. All jews must be killed.

The other nonWhites are secondary. As I frequently say, if they deliberately stand in our way, then they also deserve the death penalty. But the massive anti-White immigration must be slowed, at least, and the way to do that is to pick off some easy targets.

Bitcoin Is Jewed

Just in case there is any White person still thinking Bitcoin is an admirable effort, see this jewsmedia article touting it because a think-tank touted it.

On one of my previous sites, I outed its backers, so all of this is ancient history to me.


Our scientists — not the jews infesting science, but our White scientists — have done a good job of improving IQ tests and collating results during the last 100 years.

But because of jew participation and corruption, we must doubt the average-IQ rankings of races that purport Asian and jew IQs higher than the IQs of Whites. In fact, if we look closely at stats by race, region, and country, we find that corrupted science has mixed Latinos and other low-IQ nonWhites into our category. And they have cherry-picked among Asians and lied about jews. Note that the average IQ for jew-only Israel is down in the mid-90s.

Meanwhile, for the wise who want the Big Picture, the truth is more easily seen in Performance than in IQ.

Throughout history, which race built the monolithic installations in tune with the cycles and positions of the Moon, Sun, and stars? Which race built all of the great civilizations? Which race invented science and every machine and method we hold as valuable, and then shared them with the other races? Which race has tried to record history honestly and tried to provide justice for all?

Only one race. Our White race. From the sea-navigation schools, to the Great Pyramids, to the printing press, the electric light, bicycles, cars, planes, space ships, radio, tv, computers, flush toilets and sewer systems, heaters and air-conditioners, on and on. No other race comes close.

Yet, we have our weaknesses, of course. The worst is our gullibility to believe the LIE that is so big that we, as a race, cannot believe that any large group could agree to inflict such a LIE on all other people. We would never even think of trying to put such gross lies over on anyone. And we certainly wouldn’t lie as a unified race against the other races. It is not in our DNA.

BUT that heinous trait is in the DNA of the jews. They dedicate their IQs to self-gratification and to the operation of that heinous trait, to lying AND MUCH WORSE against all of the other races, especially against us, the White race.

For 2,000 years, the jews’ performance has proved that they are the criminal race in need of race-wide punishment. And their performance of crimes against humanity of mass-robbery, cultural destruction, mass-rape, mass-starvation, and mass-murder have earned for their race the death penalty.

The final test of performance for the best of our race is applying that penalty to all jews infesting our country. Exterminating the parasitic, murderous enemy of humanity will show, again, that we are the best, most valuable race on Earth.


It is not “hate” to state the truth and to fully oppose invaders and traitors.

Death is a justified, final solution to invaders, murderers, and traitors. The jews are the enemy race of humanity. All other races will benefit from the extermination of the parasitic, murderous, Masters Of Deceit: the jews.

Each race, in their own country, cleansed of jewry, will finally get to control their own destinies to the best of their own capabilities. And we Whites will prosper and flourish as the most admirable race of Nature that we are.

World peace awaits our victory, as only the White race has ever had both the ability and the goal of sincere world peace.

‘Free Speech’ Really Means This

What does “Free Speech” mean to White people?

It means freedom to say the absolute truth.

What does “Free Speech” mean to jews?

It means freedom to lie.

Race Awareness is a Master Key to Life, which is why the jews teach us to be race-blind while they simultaneously portray our White men on tv and in movies as the villains of the home, business, country, and world. Sadly, their treachery worked on me until after I turned 50 years old. Please let me help you not take so long to overcome the jews’ unceasing lies.

It is an ancient White symbol, and its meaning is only good. Our race travelled the world and spread this symbol to every continent. Many Asian countries still use it and its reversed image, both for good. Germany used it for the good of all of us against the jews, and now jews have made the symbol illegal in Germany and some other jew-controlled countries. It is our White symbol, and jews have no right nor say about it.

What do you think of my “Americanized” version?

Save America, Kill jews

Fewer enemies = Progress.

While most other truthful sites say “wait,” and “educate,” we know that any more waiting is suicidal. We must fight back now. Be smart. Be careful. Be efficient. Tell no one. See advice in articles linked at the bottom of this site.

For whiners who oppose my free speech of identifying the enemy and urging the solution, this site is not for you. But if you must spew against me, do it directly. My email address is below. Note: jews are never welcome.

I am James T. Laffrey, and I invite my fellow Whites who are strong of mind to add your own ideas on how to grow this White Wave to victory. Put comments on the latest article, or send email:

SWEET SIXTEEN. A Writer So Right Back In 1998

Sweet Sixteen: A Writer So Right Back In 1998

Now 16 years old is the following passage from the great Liberty Bell magazine of September 1998. (A link to the free archive.) First, here’s a screenshot of the key portion of the actual page. Afterward, I provide a transcription of the best part.


Transcription of the best part of the above image:

[T]he goal is to remove the hands of the enemy from the levers of control in this country. If we have to remove their cold, dead fingers from those levers and drag them off feet first with a bullet hole between their eyes, so be it.

If we have to kill every last one of them to stop this and make sure that it never happens again, then it simply must be done. We must find the courage to do it. After all, it was them who declared a race war to the death upon our race. We are only responding, as we simply must respond.

Anyway, that is what is required of us if we are to avoid genocide, racial extinction, and permanent loss of all of our rights and freedoms. If we do not have the stomach for the battle, then we are all doomed to the fate prepared for us at the hands of our mortal enemies. Such cowardice would make us deserving of our fate.

But even if some miracle should happen and we should even wipe every last Jew off the face of the planet, ending that threat forever, we would still have major racial problems to overcome.

To insure our racial integrity, we would have to force all other races back to their homelands, then take our military and force all Hispanics to the south past Panama. That is what it would take to win this war.

Note: I left out the first portion. Why? Because it misled me into thinking that first, before we could do anything else, we must “mass…inform the public.” That was wrong. That was the only part of that passage that was wrong.

Some years ago, the first time I read that passage, it seemed extreme, and it seemed impossible. But at that time, I was still suffering from lingering effects of jew-indoctrinated race-blindness and pacifism along with a tinge of defeatism.

Now, and as this entire website attests, I no longer suffer from those jew mind-poisons, those jew toxins, those jew weapons used against us from birth.

As groups of great Whites have risen in the past, so we, too, are rising. We can, and we will, remove the cold, dead fingers of the jews from all levers of control in our country. (Actually, I expect those fingers to still be warm. We will kill them and drag them away for disposal. Right, Just, Ruthless, and Efficient.) Our current minority of intelligent, anti-jew, heroically active Whites will spark the larger fire. We will create the larger wave.

We will wipe out every last jew too stupid to flee from our country.

Our White wave of reclaiming our country will scare off most of the members of the other races. We will not have to kill very many of them. We will help (to whatever appropriate level) the remaining, peaceful nonWhites to exit our country.

That cleanup of America will insure our racial integrity and begin the great White era of peace, happiness, prosperity, and improvement beyond all that has gone before.

First, right now, is Job One: Kill jews. All jews are enemy jews. Begin with easy targets. Be safe. Be efficient. Tell no one. Stay free to perform again and again.

  • For advice, see articles linked at the bottom of this website, such as, “No Weapons? No Problem.”