Happy Years. Prosperous, inventive, productive. That was Germany, starting in 1933 with Mr. Adolf Hitler’s rise to Germany’s top leadership positions. White families joyful, loyal, employed, and well informed. But their solution was not even close to the “Final Solution,” despite what we’ve been forcefed all of our lives. In the above photo, we see auto manufacturer Ferdinand Porsche, left, showing a model of the car based on the design and desires previously submitted by Adolf Hitler. The result: what we call the Volkswagen Beetle. “Volk” means “Folk” or “People.” “Wagen” means “Wagon,” or “Car.” German is a great language. I encourage all Whites to learn at least a little of it — and open a new window on history and understanding.

The Volkswagen Beetle

and the Rewriting-Falsification of History, Ongoing, by the jews

Are you a car guy or gal? I am, even though I can’t afford to be, as I am locked out, by jews and igno/fearful Whites from jobs in my two professions, and so I labor in poverty as a big-box wage slave, for now.

Motor Trend, August 2016

Motor Trend, August 2016

Motor Trend magazine is one of several, if not many, car magazines readily available for purchase across our country and in the other originally White countries around the world. Similar magazines include Car and Driver, Automobile, and Hemmings Motor News.

On rare occasion, I respond to the magazines’ hate speech against Germans (I am half German, half Irish, all White) and against Germany, especially the great Germany led by Adolf Hitler.

Previously, my offerings were met with silence, as far as I know. However, my most recent Letter To The Editor seems to have provoked a response.

First, by way of example, let me paste here a copy of an email of mine sent to a gun magazine called Shotgun News, recently renamed Firearms News.


Dear Editor of Shotgun News:

Reading gun magazines, including Shotgun News, gives me education and enjoyment, though I cringe at the frequent hate speech against Germans. The latest and prime example, triggering this email, is in an article by Vin Suprynowicz in the November 2015 issue (V. 69 Issue 32).

He wrote that the German government led by Adolf Hitler from 1933 to 1945 put “a ban on civilian possession” of handguns. But in fact, there was no handgun ban on the German population. There was a ban on the jew population. Why? Because jews were known as acting in favor of their own race and against all other races. (If you want to deny that jews are a race, then you ought to inform the jew-only government of Israel that their racial test for Israeli citizenship is somehow wrong.) The travesty of World War One and its result of dismembering Germany and defiling the honest, productive, traditional institutions of White Germany was all the work of jews — the Warburg brothers, Bernard Baruch, and so many others — and the top Germans knew it. Jews deserved to be disarmed, absolutely.

Please note that Serbia, also jew-controlled, has just unveiled a statue in honor of the assassin jew Gavrilo Princip, who helped spark WW1 by killing the White leader Archduke Ferdinand and his wife. Yes, they honor their assassins, not unlike their funeral extravaganza honoring Karl Weiss, the jew assassin of Huey Long here in the USA when Huey Long was making great strides in his run for president to oust the jew Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Surely your veteran article writer Vin Suprynowicz knows these truths but chooses to repeat what we’ll generously call “errors in fact” against Germans and, of course, in favor of jews. Can we also unveil here that Mr. Suprynowicz is a jew? If not, why not?

Speaking of mass murders — mentioned by Mr. Suprynowicz — let us note that Trotsky, Lenin, and Stalin of the Soviet Union were all jews and together they mass-murdered about 100 million nonjews. Trotsky lived in New York City while the jews prepared their “Bolshevik” revolution, and he was directly funded by the jew banker Jacob Schiff.

The facts — the true facts — can be presented on and on, all in proof that we Whites of the USA have been lied to since birth about the good guys and the bad guys. But those vital facts are never offered in the corporate gun magazines.

Gun articles provide excellent educational opportunities about history. The pattern is clear: the jews owning the major gun magazines use those opportunities to repeat their lies.

Will you publish this letter to the editor? Or print misleading bits of it? Or simply shun it? My bet is on the latter.


Jim Laffrey

Now, to Motor Trend

I presented the above email in lieu of a copy of my letter/email to Motor Trend — because I did not keep a copy of the latter. The letter to Motor Trend was similar in style, but shorter, also less accusational, which is because I wanted to give it a better chance of getting published — yeah, fat chance!

That letter was in response to an MT article in a June or July issue. The way the editor or editors decided to respond was the following: Under the title “Nazi Thieves,” there is a brief letter by a Mr. “Heumann” and then a longer response, in italics, by the editor. Laced with lies. Here, I quote it all:

Nazi Thieves

Please advise Angus MacKenzie that Ferdinand Porsche did not design the original VW Beetle. Paul Schilperoord makes that clear in his book “The True Story of the Beetle.” The Nazis stole everything that wasn’t nailed down. That doesn’t mean that their lies should still be given agency.

Joe Heumann, Charleston, Illinois

As best we can tell, we erred in failing to give proper credit to its originator. Josef Ganz, a Jewish engineer and automotive journalist was the first to come up with the design, and he may have even coined the “Deutschen Volkswagen” phrase. Ganz’s influence was, unsurprisingly, suppressed by Hitler and his henchmen.—Ed.


I think the jews owning and operating Motor Trend wanted to give neither a White man nor any truth a drop of ink in their publication. But they desired to respond to what I said, perhaps because others offered some truth, too. So, they invented a supposed letter from a common “Joe,” a “”Human,”” to shill for another jew — Shilperoord — and provide pretext for both paragraphs of lies.

“As best we can tell,” the editor said, not wanting to fully commit to this particular batch of falsities. Notice, please, that their setup letter doesn’t mention Adolf Hitler, the true designer, at all. Instead, the error they responded to is a claim that Porsche designed the car. And then the editor concluded by referring to Adolf Hitler without any first name, and by insulting him, and by labeling as “henchmen” his fellow top Germans.

The jews are in the middle of re-writing Volkswagen history, falsifying it in favor of jews and against Whites, especially against Germans.

Previously, the truth about the car was well known yet not widely published. But the rise of the World Wide Web changed that, with many White sites re-publishing and spreading the truth.

Currently, a simple search of the key words results in a large variety of results from truthful websites, half-truth websites, and lie sites.

Wikipedia — usefully known among us as wiki-jew-pedia because it is owned and operated by jews — is, at this writing, on a stepping stone across the creek from the true side to the jew side. They say the issue is “a subject of dispute.”

Probably the shill Schilperoord book goes all the way to the jew side. I haven’t read it, nor do any of us need to waste our time doing so. The jew New York Times newspaper published an article pushing the Schilperoord book and used a photo of Ganz sitting in a car he purportedly designed — this photo supposedly supporting their position. The car in the photo supports in no way whatsoever their jew-centric contention about the Beetle. Look:

The jew Josef Ganz in an obviously not at all Beetle-esque vehicle.

The jew Josef Ganz in an obviously not at all Beetle-esque vehicle.

We can expect that wiki-jew-pedia will “progress” from their middle position to the full-jew-lie position during the next several years. As the book 1984 showed (though fictionalized), the rewriting of history is an ongoing, step by step process, with the mass of sheeple, with their short attention spans, being none the wiser.

It is typical that the jews accuse others of doing what the jews always do. The letter above by the fake jew “Heumann” says, “The Nazis stole everything that wasn’t nailed down.” That’s what the jews do. Anyone who studies what Germans actually did, domestically and internationally, knows that their honesty and fairness were (and are) superlative. Anyone who studies what jews have done throughout history and up to the current hour knows that lying, deceiving, committing crimes against humanity, infiltrating and destroying, and blaming it all on others, is the M.O. of jewry, at which they reign supreme.

Furthermore, consider this: Only an honest and high-IQ nation can invent and build great things. It takes truthful cooperation to do it, sharing the knowledge, the ideas, and the techniques to produce new methods, machines, and structures of quality and durability. Only White nations (our White race and our race’s subraces) have done so, and the German nation’s performance has been the best of all. Among nonWhites, only the Japanese slice of the Mongoloid race deserve mention in this context and yet only for copying and modifying, not inventing.

Our cousins of Germany, then and now

Then, our White cousins of Germany were the most productively inventive — brilliant — nation on the planet. The proof is in the very long list of inventions and/or patents that the USA, England, and the Soviet Union (all jew-controlled governments) stole from Germany at the end of the jew-contrived war against Germany that was World War 2. (World War 1 was the previous jew-contrived war against Germany, but these facts are far over the heads of the average tv-watcher and magazines-reader. See the WhiteSchool page for books or articles that cover those wars.)

Lists of inventions/patents stolen from the Whites of great Germany:

  • Article on “The Great Patents Heist”.
  • Sorry to say I now see that other sites I knew offering great info, including lists, have died. One of them was I think was another. In some ways, we are making progress on the Internet, but in other ways we are not. This subject is a case of the not.

Now, our White cousins of Germany are producing for their jew masters a very inventive, booming, Europe-leading economy. I can’t help but wonder how ignorant our dear Germans still are. I suppose they are similarly as ignorant as most of our fellow Whites of America.

Many major-media sites (that is to say jew-owned, jew-corporate sites) have articles and stats on Germany’s return to dominance in Europe. Example: This piece from Of course, what those jew sites never say is that the jews took ownership of the companies and control of the government by way of winning WW2, while Whites are still the supreme inventors, engineers, and workers throughout.


Here’s a short list of great Whites who have known the nature of the jew, and I invite you to join us in knowing this truth, or if you already know it I invite you to join us and act upon it. In chronological order through history:

  • Martin Luther, in the 1500s, in Germany, who wrote the book  called The Jews And Their Lies, available for free in pdf form. See the WhiteSchool page or do a search including “” to easily get your own copy.
  • Alfred Owen Crozier, an American who published two books, the first fiction and the second nonfiction, to try to awaken and inform the public about the jews’ ongoing attempt to take control of our country’s entire money-banking system. His second book was published in 1912, and it correctly predicted what would come if the jews succeeded: The Great Depression and other deliberate crimes against humanity. Again, see WhiteSchool or do the search to get your own copy.
  • Henry Ford, the American inventor-automaker, who published his huge series of newspaper articles as a book titled The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem almost 100 years ago. Again, see WhiteSchool  or search to get it. Also, Mr. Ford’s autobiography includes a chapter on jewry.
  • Eustace Mullins, a famous American researcher, writer, and lecturer, wrote several historic books for us during the last 50 years. Standouts: The Biological Jew, The World Order, and his book on the Federal Reserve — “not federal and not a reserve.” Again, see the WhiteSchool page, etc.

The unavoidable conclusion for anyone of sound mind: the jew race is the enemy of humanity. That’s why European author Dumitru Bacu titled his book “The Anti-Humans.” It’s the truth. The jews say the White race is a “cancer” on humanity. As usual, what the jews say against us and the other races is the opposite of the truth.

The solution — I say, The Solution — is clear. See advice at the bottom of this website — to be as safe and effective as possible. As veteran anti-jew JB Campbell has told us: Heroism Required.

If you’re White, I have hope in you. If you’re White, you have the IQ. If you’re White, there’s a hero in you.

We Whites Will Win.


Update, 1 July 2016: notes on Charles Lindbergh’s speeches


Yes, indeed, 1939.

The impetus for this article is another Consumer Reports magazine, another stroll through history, and another nugget begging comment. (Why “another”? See my recent “Food” article.)

It’s the July 2016 issue of Consumer Reports, page 54. The jew editors of the magazine from that jew organization are praising themselves for selected past articles, and they offer this nugget:

September 1939

Taking a stand. Following a National Health Conference, which revealed that one-third of Americans lacked healthcare or access to treatment, we made a pitch for universal coverage. “In a democracy, the welfare of every individual counts, and every life is valuable. If we are unable to overcome poverty, unable to provide a job for every man and woman willing to work and to guarantee a decent standard of living to everybody, we are collectively responsible for such a condition.”

My comments

* First and foremost, what is that statement a reaction to? It’s a direct response to the pressure put on the U.S. government by the great government of White Germany. (Important note: the U.S. government was, and is, jew-infested. To name just one of the many: Pres. Franklin Roosevelt was a secret jew.) Led by Adolf Hitler, Germany’s government was famously providing all of those benefits: they overcame poverty for all Whites, provided a job for every man and woman willing to work, and guaranteed a better-than-decent standard of living to all Germans — especially families.

olympics-poster.1936I say “famously” because the Summer Olympics of 1936 had been held in Berlin, Germany, and had shown visitors from all over the world what wonderful prosperity was being enjoyed by Germans during that decade. Naturally, many Americans (Whites, of course) were asking why the USA was still mired in the Great Depression (since 1929) while Germany had rocketed out of that Depression after Mr. Hitler rose to full leadership in 1933 — the same year FDR started his 4-term reign in the White House.

How did Germany do it? First and foremost, by removing jews and their theft-by-banking agenda from the country’s money system. Another reason, by celebrating and generously rewarding productive work.

* Secondly, look at what’s wrong with the wording of that magazine quote.

– It says “democracy,” but the USA was established as a republic not a democracy. Our White Founding Fathers knew what democracy was and didn’t want one. In fact, a democracy larger than a small community is impossible (because if you’re voting for someone you don’t personally know well, the “democracy” is a farce).

olympic-stadium.aerial.1936– And what about “every individual counts” and “every life is valuable“? Lies. The jews count only jews as valuable while referring to the rest of humanity as “cattle.” Read parts of their Talmud, their racial rulebook, to quickly learn that. As for us, we should know that Whites are most valuable, and we should know that born-retards (as one example) are not valuable at all but in fact are simple mutant refuse and burdens that ought be eliminated as soon as they are recognized as such. And we should know that nonWhites should not be allowed residency in our country, where they cause far more ills than any “enhancements” they supposedly provide.

Mr. Adolf Hitler and German female athletes enjoy a photo opportunity.

Mr. Adolf Hitler and German female athletes enjoy a photo opportunity.

– Finally, we are “collectively responsible” for any shortcomings of the government and society. Absurd. But that’s how the jews deftly get ignorant Whites (and I was an ignorant White, too, just a decade ago) to unconsciously incorporate a sense of guilt into our subconscious and/or consciousness. Most Whites didn’t, and still don’t, realize that jews pretending to be Whites infest the government and all other major institutions in our country and are responsible for all shortcomings.

On our way from the 1936 Olympics up to 1939

In May 1937, the famous German dirigible (zeppelin, blimp) The Hindenburg erupted in flames upon arrival in New Jersey. The cause: jew sabotage. At the Olympics in Berlin, everyone had seen examples of the safe and reliable German dirigibles. The airships had become an international symbol of Germany and the country’s economic and technological successes thanks to removal of the jews from banking and other vital institutions.



1936 Olympics medals count

1939, what else was going on?

Japan and China were two or three years into war already.

In January, Adolf Hitler gave a major speech in which he said jew financiers were trying to force the start of war in Europe. He hoped public knowledge of that fact would help avoid war.

An image of the actual front page of this newspaper, March 1933.

An image of the actual front page of this newspaper, March 1933.

In July 1939, the German government closed what were, supposedly, the final remaining jew-owned businesses in Germany. (See? The jews had declared war on Germany back in 1933, and Adolf Hitler had come to full power in 1933, yet there were still in 1939 jew businesses allowed to operate — so very lenient!) The problem, of course, was that they were not the final jew-owned businesses in Germany. Mr. Hitler and his fellow top leaders seem to have been unaware of the secret jews, what we call “crypto-jews,” pretending to be Whites and still infesting the country as an anti-German network of info and sabotage.

In September 1939, the Consumer Reports September issue had already been published and distributed. Poland had flatly snubbed Germany’s generous peace proposals while instigating widespread murderous terror attacks on Germans in Poland. So, Adolf Hitler decided to return Poland to German control where Poland was before WW1. This is what the jews call the official beginning of WW2. But the jews never tell us that they, themselves, had declared war on Germany and all Germans worldwide in 1933, thus forcing Germany into self defense throughout the period.

Furthermore, Poland was manipulated by the USA and England (both led by secret jews, FDR and Winston Churchill) to give Germany no peaceful option and thereby ignite the shooting war that the jews had so evilly contrived. FDR and Churchill had told the Polish government that the Brits would directly defend them against any advance by Germany — and then they didn’t defend Poland at all, right according to plan.

Charles Lindbergh Jr.

Charles Lindbergh Jr.

In October 1939, Charles Lindbergh Jr., the famous aviator and son of a great Congressman, gave the first of a series of especially notable speeches urging Americans to prevent the government from involving the USA in the war in Europe.

Two years later, on Sept. 11, 1941 (a “9-11″), Lindbergh showed that he had learned a lot, but not enough, in delivering perhaps his best speech. “The three most important groups who have been pressing this country toward war are the British, the Jewish, and the Roosevelt administration,” he said. He still didn’t know enough to say that all three of those groups were the same group: jews. This fact is obvious to any knowledgeable person who reads the full, flawed, yet important speech. Three months later, FDR’s secret acts of war against Japan finally lured the only admirable slice of the Mongoloid race to attack Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, thus giving the jews the excuse to throw U.S. might into the war against White Germany. (And then Lindbergh, still woefully ignorant, put his talents to work helping the jews murder our cousin Germans.)

Post WW2

That Consumer Reports history page also includes an item from their June 1946 issue, which was a year after the end of WW2.

The item exposed two blatant lies in claims the Bayer company made in an advertisement in a popular U.S. publication. Of course, what the jew Consumer Reports magazine does not say is the Bayer company was a German company until the end of WW2, at which time, since the jews won WW2, the jews took control of every German company, bank, and of course, the government. So, the Bayer lies were by jews.


The media from which most Americans get their opinion-forming information like to isolate events in history, which makes it easier for them to lead Americans to wrongful conclusions.

I like to provide context, by both simultaneous events and previous events. Thus, readers are more likely to arrive at the truth of what happened — in this case, for the pivotal year of 1939. And then, that truth can be applied to what’s happening now.

That’s what we need to change: the now! And by changing the now, we change the future, too.

Join us, White MEN and women. Help us make history right now. See “the best” advice and other articles linked at the bottom of this website.

Whites must, Whites will, win.


John Scopes

John Scopes, who was put on trial for teaching evolution, a practice contrary to Tennessee law in 1925.

John Scopes was a jew.

Yes, the teacher of evolution — and “beloved tennis coach,” according to a jew publication — who was put on trial in July 1925 in Dayton, Tennessee, was a jew.

Of course.

Why “of course”? Because it was a jew-contrived conflict and jew-contrived court case brought by the jew-founded and jew-run ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

Why did the jews do it?

scopes-trial.historical-markerAs usual, they contrived a major event to create a major Distraction with which to fill radio programs and newspapers. And they did it to further divide Whites: North versus South, Christians versus nonChristians, our more-gullible folk versus our less-gullible volk, and between all the other factions with intellectual or emotional attraction to any aspect of evolution and science versus the Bible and faith.

The April 2016 issue of the Smithsonian magazine was what spurred me to write these facts here. It has an article under the umbrella of “EvoTourism” that is titled “Welcome To Monkey Town,” by jew Franz Lidz, and it features a photo of John Scopes (like the one above) that I immediately recognize as jew. The nose. The round glasses. And the fact that he was chosen by the jews and defended by the jews and immortalized by the jews. If he had been White, then the jews pretending to be White Christians would attack his character, attack his lifestyle, attack his looks, … but they don’t. Because he was a jew.

74 years later, still division. Why? Because jews fuel the divide instead of teaching the truth and only the truth as best we know it. One generation should be long enough to wipe such nonsense as a god born of a virgin human, and humans made flawed by a god and then blamed by a god when they make mistakes.

In 1999, 74 years after the trial, still division. Why? Because jews fuel the divide instead of teaching the truth and only the truth as best we know it. One generation should be long enough to wipe out such nonsense as a god born of a virgin human, and humans made flawed by a god and then blamed by that god when they make mistakes. Now, in 2016, still division. We should be unifying against jews, not dividing over distractions.

The article in Smithsonian ends with a telling quote from a woman reportedly born in Dayton named Rachel Held Evans (crypto-jew?), who wrote a book published in 2010 titled “Evolving in Monkey Town.” The article-ending quote is:

“… no wonder we have trouble dialoguing with one another. It’s as if we have been fighting caricatures of one another ever since 1925.”

And to that I say, “just as the jews like and intended for nonjews to do.”


Henry Ford. After publishing a series of articles exposing jewry, he republished most of those articles in a book titled "The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem." He also published a memoir in which he included a short portion of truth about the jews. Can't find those books in your local library, can you?

Henry Ford. After publishing a series of articles exposing jewry, he republished most of those articles in a book titled “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem.” He also published a memoir in which he included a short portion of truth about the jews. Can’t find those books in your local library, can you? Why? Because jews infest the library system and prevent those books from display. If jews aren’t your local library administrators, then they simply steal books of truth that are donated and ever so briefly displayed. Likewise with books by Alfred Owen Crozier, GLK Smith, George L. Rockwell, William Pierce, Revilo Oliver, and other great White truthtellers. We’ve been raised in a bubble of only jew-approved information, denied vital knowledge from the best authors of our White race.

In the early 1920s, there was a rising tide of awareness and righteous anger by Whites (Americans) against the jews. Henry Ford, the great White inventor and automaker, had published, circa 1920, a long series of in-depth articles exposing the jews uncountable crimes against Whites and against our America. Ford published those articles in his newspaper The Dearborn Independent (Dearborn is part of metro Detroit, Michigan), which was provided to readers through every Ford dealership across the country. (See my article on Ford with a free book link.)

Meanwhile, arrests were being made of groups of jews posing as White communists. I wrote and published an article in June 2014 about one such arrest: “TNTis = ‘Truth Not Taught in school,’ such as this explosive episode.”

Also, the jew gangsters were expanding their operations of gambling, prostitution, extortions, and murder. For example, the Purple Gang out of Detroit.

The Twenties were “Roaring.” That’s because jew bankers were unleashing the money supply in order to profit off of robust commerce and high inflation with full knowledge that they would crash the economy in 1929 and make mega-profits off of that, too, and then buy up Whites’ bankrupted properties for pennies.

If we back up a little, to before 1920, we can easily add a bit more background to the mass of jew crimes that more and more Americans were becoming aware of. As I wrote in the “TNTis” article linked above:

Several years earlier, jewry had taken control of Russia. The jew bankers in New York City, especially Jacob Schiff, had sent jew leaders from New York to Russia to conduct the “Bolshevik” revolution against White-led Russia. Those jew bankers, especially Schiff, directly funded that revolution. Woodrow Wilson was the secret-jew president who facilitated it. He had signed the Federal Reserve Acts, written by jew banker Paul Warburg, in December 1913, giving jewry control of the U.S. money system and thus the millions of dollars stolen from the U.S. economy that were used to pay for the “Russian” revolution and World War 1 against White Germany.

So, the jews perpetrated the Distraction of the “Monkey Trial.” Meanwhile, they continued to play both sides of Prohibition — from which the jews’ supposedly “religious” alcohol production and use were exempt. Add to that the garbage from Hollywood, ever-changing foolish “fashions” from New York (jew york), labor strikes contrived against White factory owners, all evils blamed on Whites, on and on. Thereby, the jews succeeded in keeping their true racial identity, unity, and anti-White agenda hidden from all but the best Whites.

No bank stores enough paper money to immediately pay out all account holders' money. Not even close. Not then, not now. Various jew banks were supplied with extra paper money by the jew-owned "Federal Reserve" corporation in advance and during the jew-contrived stock-market crash and banking crisis of 1929. White-owned banks were left to die. Meanwhile, jew banks used the emergency to "call in" loans to White farmers and factory owners, who of course couldn't immediately pay up in full and, thus, were bankrupted.

No bank stores enough paper money to immediately pay out all account holders’ money. Not even close. Not then, not now. Various jew banks were supplied with extra paper money by the jew-owned “Federal Reserve” corporation in advance and during the jew-contrived stock-market crash and banking crisis of 1929. White-owned banks were left to die. Meanwhile, jew banks used the emergency to “call in” loans to White farmers and factory owners, who of course couldn’t immediately pay up in full and, thus, were bankrupted.

And then came 1929, when the jew bankers crashed the economy, deliberately causing the so-called “Great” Depression to deliberately dispossess Whites from owning banks, farms, factories, and real estate, and deliberately starving to death one-to-two million Americans.

And that anti-White genocidal program had to be put on hold in 1940 in the USA only because great White Germany was winning against the jew-led countries in Europe in the jew-contrived war against all Germans worldwide that jewry had declared in 1933 and ignited in 1939.

Have you not had enough of that murderous, supremacist, parasitic race?

How many millions of Whites have to be killed by them before our fellow Whites finally reach the educated and correct conclusion that it’s us or them on this planet? How many more Whites have to be bankrupted, wrongly imprisoned, fired from jobs, … before enough of our fellow White MEN finally and correctly conclude that jews must be killed in return?

The government says our enemies are Arabs and a smattering of others half-way around the world and that we must continue to send our young (extra gullible while young) men and women to go there to kill and be killed. Wrong.

Our enemies are right here, infesting our country. They are the jews. Secondarily, our enemies are all the nonWhite “immigrants” — actually invaders — that the jew-infested government actually invites to come here.

Kill them. Carefully, covertly. Tell no one. Walk with pride as a White hero.

With your help,

We Whites Will Win — again. This time, permanently.



It bears repeating that human food is:

  • fresh meat
  • fresh vegetables
  • fresh fruit
My graphics from previous sites are gone, so I got this "Paleo Pyramid" image from a simple web search. It's a  useful image.

My graphics from my previous websites are gone, so I got this “Paleo Pyramid” image from a simple web search. It’s a useful image. But berries ought to be included in the “Fruits” section. It’s ok to have a nuts and seeds section, but it ought to be much smaller. The main three sections of meat, veg, and fruit ought to be about equal in size, with their final proportions up to each of us. Notice: Admirably, this pyramid has no “bread/grains/cereals” section. The Nuts” section includes a tiny space for seeds — just right.

That just about covers it. Cook them, or not, to suit yourself. Proportions of each to the other is up to you. Our White race became a strong, successful, inventive, globe-dominating race by eating meat, vegetables, and fruit. We have fallen, partly because of self-poisoning through eating and drinking the 80 percent crap in grocery stores.

If you want to be a healthy useful member of our White race instead of a fat medicated burden, then eat meat, vegetables, and fruit every time you’re hungry.


  1. What about eggs? I call them “liquid meat,” and they fit in the meat category.
  2. What about cheese and other dairy? Eat cheese if you want, but keep it minimal because it is not in the three human food groups above.
  3. Drink? Water.
  4. Where does our oh so precious gotta-have-it bread fit in? It doesn’t.


As I first wrote several years ago (on my website deleted by the jews of, and blew the lid off the “bread/grains/cereals” supposed food group, bread is mostly grass seeds. Yes. Think about it:

Wheat. We don’t eat the green plant. We eat only the seeds of the wheat plant. Scientifically, wheat is a grass, as are rice, barley, corn, and oats. Chemically, wheat seeds are the worst of the grass seeds. The chemicals in the grass seeds bloat and weaken our mucus-membrane cells — from sinuses to anus — thus allowing simple bacteria and viruses to cause sinus infections, runny noses, sore throats, etc., twice and more every year.

Most Americans have been misled into eating grass seeds as a whopping 50 percent of the daily diet! In the morning, toast and cereal, or biscuits and whatever. For lunch, sandwiches and cakes. For supper, pasta, rolls, cake/bread desserts. Plus the crap people eat for snacks.

Instead of those “amber waves of grain” wasting millions of acres of farmland and water, imagine how much actual White human food we could produce on that land.


Why am I writing about this again, now? Two main reasons.

1. This knowledge needs to be front and center in our minds so that we can get healthy, stay healthy, and be strong enough mentally and physically to carry out our White duties for pleasure and honor.

2. I read recently a Consumer Reports magazine, issue May 2016, that offered a big article on food. Title: “A Safer Food Future, Now.” Writer: Eric Schlosser. If you are new to this website, it likely will shock you to have it pointed out that jews own and operate Consumer Reports, and a writer named “Schlosser” is almost certainly a jew, and the jews make it a point to not inform us of their control of media and of their purposes in what they do and do not report.

Let me quote some of the article, after which I’ll make my comments. Notice that most of the problems pointed out in the article are real, but the true cause or causes never become ink on page. Quotes:

Severely obese schoolchildren, E. coli outbreaks, salmonella in ground beef, arsenic in apple juice and rice, poultry sickened by avian flu, hog farms dumping manure into rivers and streams, meatpacking workers routinely injured on the job, the cruelty of factory farms. …

But the seemingly disparate problems with America’s food system have a common explanation: The handful of corporations that now dominate the system are imposing their business costs on the rest of society. And the greatest harm is being suffered by the poorest Americans. …

Although it may be tempting to blame those problems on the workings of capitalism, the changes in food production during the past few decades have been largely driven by the elimination of free markets and real competition.

As the food system has become more centralized and industrialized, the income of ranchers, farmers, and food workers has been squeezed. …

The corruption of the political system helps to explain the wide discrepancy between what’s best for the American people and what benefits the leading food companies. …

The food system reflects the values of the nation that created it. …


That last line is a great one, isn’t it? It certainly is true. “Nation” first and foremost means a group of people of one race or subrace. The food system we have now certainly reflects the values of the group of people who made it what it is today. It reflects the greed of the jews. It reflects the desire of the jews to poison us. It reflects the desire of the jews to displace us from being owners and controllers of the food system. It reflects the jew mentality in its high costs, unfairness, and exposure to catastrophes.

Jews are the cause. Secondarily, the nonWhite races with their mindless greed and stupidities are also a cause.

WhitesWillWin2014.H.jtl.eConsider this: Germany during the White-only era of prosperity of Germany from 1933 until World War Two did not have and could not have the problems mentioned above. But now, with the forced flood of nonWhites into Germany under the control of jews since the end of WW2, such problems do exist in Germany. Reminder: Who won WW2? Jews won WW2. Only jews. FDR was a jew. Churchill was a jew. Stalin was a jew. History finally makes sense, doesn’t it?

Now, let me back up and approach those quotes from the top, not in detail but just for major points.

* “Food system.” Because of jews, we have too much of a “system” in the first place. Food should mostly be provided by local farmers. What we call “farmers markets” should be the norm, within easy reach of all residents other than those who are rural and isolated. (In Vietnam, where I lived for several years, one of the rare things those low-IQ Mongoloids do right is their non-system of local markets throughout the country.) For us, our imperatives are fresh food first, followed by frozen and canned food for dealing with our northern seasons.

Giant grocers, owned by jews, spread across the country to kill local markets and for the profit of jews and only jews. Likewise, the big department stores of our youth; and likewise, the big-box stores of now, which killed nearly all of the small, White-owned, family-owned, “mom and pop” stores selling what we needed and reasonably wanted. And the wages for workers in those jew-owned corporations are deliberately kept low so that we live in poverty, unable to afford proper families and to sustain our race.

* The “handful of corporations” that dominate the food system are owned by jews. But the major and minor corporate media, all owned by jews, never mention that. Remember: When they fail to identify the true race of the villain owners, the masses automatically fill in the blank with “Whites.” That’s because jew media have programmed all of us to think that Whites are the villains of every aspect of life, whereas the true villains are the jews, most of whom are pretending to be Whites.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the word "White" into a citizenship law, but it got removed. By whom? The crypto-jews. Jefferson and the other true Founding Fathers were ignorant of the infestation of secret jews among them.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the word “White” into a citizenship law, but it got removed. By whom? The crypto-jews. Jefferson and the other true Founding Fathers were ignorant of the infestation of secret jews among them. Read the “CONstitution” page on this website to get the awful historic truth.

* “Capitalism.” Our people have been duped into thinking that capitalism is “the American way.” The reality is that the USA was founded with fair commerce in mind. The word “capitalism” didn’t even exist at that time. The true Founding Fathers didn’t know about crypto-jews, they took for granted that they were talking about Whites and only Whites as the leaders and citizens of this country, and they had no desire for a system of commerce dominated and controlled by megabanks. That’s capitalism. Jews own the banks, thus enabling jew control of the system of big commerce and control of most small commerce, too.

In the end, in capitalism, the wealthy jews own or control everything of major importance. In that way, it’s the same as communism, also invented by jews (Rothchild, Marx, and Engels). In communism, it’s the jews in government who own or control it all.

* “The racism and inequality that still plague the U.S. are evident in how we produce our food.” Isn’t that funny? The mix of races in our country shouldn’t exist in the first place. Jews owned and operated the slave trade. From then to now, jews have caused and facilitated the influx of the nonWhites, the muds, the shitskins. (Yes, I use harsh terms now and then to describe what should not be here in our country.)

jew-menachem-begin.quoteAs for “racism,” jews are the most racist group on the planet. Jews are against all who are not jews. Jews intend to eventually kill or enslave all of us on this planet. Besides that, all of the races on this planet are full of racist people — except for our White race. Our White race is the only race with the intelligence for “mind over nature” and who bought the jew propaganda and nearly wiped out racism among us.

WhitesWillWin party . org

WhitesWillWin party . org

The races on this planet developed separately, of course. Each race lived separately, bred within their own race, and developed, or not, for thousands of years. Racism was automatic, and it protected each race from mixing with other races. Mixing is destroying. When Whites breed with Negroes, for example, the children are not White, the children are not Negro, they are hybrid low-IQ sickly human refuse, in general. The Negro DNA usually dominates over the highly evolved yet more fragile White DNA.

So, racism is actually good, it’s a necessary defensive mechanism, it is natural, and Whites must embrace that natural defense mechanism once again. The survival and advancement of our race, of technology (which we invented), and of beauty depends on us doing so, right now, and always.

* The following quote is not in the group of quotes above, but it is in the magazine article and is worth mention. “[T]he federal minimum wage is about one-third lower today than it was in 1968, when adjusted for inflation.” It is absurd to use the minimum wage as a measuring stick. It never was enough money to enable a White person to have a family. It is yet another tool used by the jews to DISTRACT us from main issues, true causes, and necessary solutions.

“Booze ruse”

In that Consumer Reports magazine, there is a history of sorts. Four pages offer a chronology of tidbits from history. I would like to present just one of those.

For September 1936, an item titled “Booze ruse” calls attention to the rampant “phony labeling and packaging schemes” of the time. True. But Henry Ford had already fully exposed that and mega amounts more in his historic book The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem. (Read my book review here. Get the book, including the option to download your own free copy of the book as a pdf file here.)


When I was a kid, I wanted our family to go to McDonald’s, the fast-food chain. My Dad said, “McDonald’s. That’s not food.”

His statement made no sense to me at the time. And he was not one to explain and to try to persuade. So, not until several years ago when I did the research and figured out all that I have reported to you above did I come to agree with Dad. So very late. No chance to thank him or enjoy sharing all this with him — because a tornado took him and Mom back in 2002.

Also, last year (2015) I looked at the lists of ingredients on the boxes in a local McDonald’s cooler and freezer. Even the “french fries” are not potatoes cut, seasoned, and fried. “Potatoes” is the main ingredient, but there is a long list of stuff after that, some of which I never want to eat, nor should you. So, it must be that the potatoes are cooked and mashed, and then those many ingredients are mixed in, and then the mush is pressed into the shape of “fries.” Not food.

The farther from alive that it is, the farther from food that it is. Too far from alive, it no longer qualifies as food.

Example: Kill a cow today, it’s great food today. Soak it in chemicals to keep it from rotting for a year, freeze it, thaw it, and then cook it, and it is no longer food. Period.

About eight years ago, I was still getting sinus infections at least twice a year, and other minor ills related to that. And I stopped nearly all wheat and rice intake. For years after that, I never had a sinus infection, nasal problem, sore throat. And then I let myself eat too much bread and such again, and a nasal problem flared up. I stopped the self-poisoning, again, and the problem quickly disappeared. To this day, I’m healthy, no sinus/nasal/throat problems, and I know why.

Fix yourself, if you haven’t already.

Meat, vegetables, fruit. Water.

Healthy life is far better than sick life. After a while, I suggest, you will lose even the desire to eat and drink what you used to eat and drink in your self-poisoning years.

Strength of body. Clarity of mind.

That’s what White heroes are made of.