Thanksgiving: Thanks for What?

THANKSGIVING is White and American. That’s first, right?

At the moment, I am rejecting every person and thing I can think of “Thanking” because of the negative baggage on every one. A bit harsh? Yep. I’m feeling, let’s say, perturbed about my own situation right now and about the larger scene, too.

I invite readers to give a “Thanks” for whomever and whatever, and then I’ll take the pleasure of reacting to your comments. Because I won’t have access to the Internet for some days around Thanksgiving, the Comment Section is set for automatic approval and posting of comments (with less than three links) — temporarily — despite the dangers of enemy submissions clogging the works.

Hey, now. That gives me a “Thanks” idea worth writing right now. Thanks to you, the best of the visitors to this pro-White anti-jew site, the strongest of its kind on this White-invented but jew-infested Internet.



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I was born in Michigan, now living in Tennessee. I’m willing to relocate (in the U.S. only) if we decide that’s the best option. I have lived in five states and two Asian countries, so I am adaptable.

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Top Five: What’s Wrong With The NRA

nra.logo.1871The National Rifle Association (NRA) is an old and wealthy organization described by NRA leaders as the defender of Americans’ Second Amendment rights — most especially to “keep and bear arms.”

Though there is much I would like to say about the NRA’s wealth, claims, activities, leaders, and publications, let’s proceed immediately to the Top Five Wrongs With The NRA.

Number 5:

They’re race-blind. They’re multi-culties. What does that really mean? The organization is, deceitfully, anti-White. Here is just one example of the proof: Each monthly issue of the NRA’s popular “American Rifleman” magazine includes about five mini articles on U.S. gun owners successfully defending themselves with their guns against attackers. All of the articles are devoid of race identifications, thus covering up the fact that Africans (wrongly allowed to reside in the USA as “African Americans”) are usually the attackers, home-invaders, armed robbers, rapists, etc. Instead of the NRA pretending that the Obsolete Farm Tools are “equal” to Whites, the organization should be including the racial facts to make clear that we Whites are, by far, the honest law-abiders and that the Africans belong in Africa, not here. (Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, on this point, agreed.)

Number 4:

The NRA promotes Hollywood tv and movies along with glorifying the celebrities of that mind-poison industry. Of course, we know who owns Hollywood, as they, themselves, have admitted. Yes, the jews. The original Warner brothers were jews, as were Goldwyn and Mayer, and the rest of them who the jews have told us since we were born that we should worship. In fact, they were criminals who stole technology from our great White inventor Thomas Edison and who established their motion-picture companies for the purposes of lying to us for their racial benefit and our racial destruction.

Number 3:

The NRA promotes the corporate music industry and glorifies the celebrities of that mind-poison industry. Yes, that’s the same description as above for Hollywood. Same ownership, jews. Same purposes. Those “stars” of music, tv, and movies are not Whites. They are jews, most of whom are crypto-jews (which means “secret jews”) because they never say they are jews, which is because they want us to assume that they are Whites. (See this link, same as above, to Wake Up To Crypto-jews.)

Let me say it right here: Whites do not control any major and vital institution in our own White-founded White-built country. The jews used to cry about monopolies, remember? Oil, sports leagues, etc. That was long ago. Now, the jews never cry about monopolies. Why? Because they own them. A White-founded White-built country should have Whites controlling every major institution and industry. Likewise, Japanese should control every major institution and industry in Japan. Likewise, Arabs in Arabia. Right? Right. But we have jews controlling ours.

Number 2:

The NRA does nothing against the state governments requiring us to buy our right to bear arms. For example, in Tennessee (where I am at this time), it costs more than 100 dollars to buy the right to carry a gun on your person (no matter whether open or concealed). If we have to buy it, it’s not a right. Instead, the jews infesting our government have made it an expensive privilege that must be bought, and it gets the buyers on the governments’ lists of gun owners. When they decide to confiscate guns, they will have the names and addresses of all of the buyers of the “right” to carry. Remember: The Second Amendment says we have the “right” to “keep and bear” arms. “Bear” means “carry with us wherever we go.” Do we really have that “right”? No. Many places are designated exceptions. Furthermore, many arms are outlawed — so as to keep us weakly armed compared with the government — and bearing our gun across certain state lines in our own country makes us government-manufactured criminals.

Number 1:

The NRA leadership is infested with jews pretending to be Whites. Thus, they never identify the true enemy on whom we should set our sights.

Example: Look at the profile of NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

NRA guy

Longtime NRA leader Wayne LaPierre, a crypto-jew

Except for the jutting bottom of the chin, that’s a rat face. Dramatically slanted forehead. Prognathism (nasal structure protrudes forward of the rest of the face). That’s an easily identified jew. Crypto-jews don’t expose themselves, so we must add up the evidence and decide for ourselves. A position of wealth/fame/power is clue number one. Physical features provide clues. Actions provide clues. Names often provide clues. The NRA’s LaPierre is an easy call.

Allan D. Cors (NRA site blurb) is the NRA’s recently elected president. Is he a jew?


NRA president Allan Cors

NRA president Allan Cors

Physically, I don’t see any significant jew clues. Since the jew race began with racially-mixed DNA, which they have stabilized over the last few thousand years, they often produce jews whose pieces of White DNA give them the appearance of being White. Cors has a White facial appearance. His name has odd spellings, but it doesn’t ring any bells for me. So, we must proceed to his positions and his deeds. The October 2015 issue of the NRA’s “American Rifleman” magazine offers a bio on Cors. His career path stinks of jew. Since they don’t mention if he served in the military, he probably didn’t. In the 1960s as a young attorney, he was minority counsel to the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. Now, here’s a quote from the magazine, page 71:

“Cors … helped bring about the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 — two of the most important pieces of legislation for freedom in the past century.”

Of course, it was the jews who dreamed up the label “civil rights” for what deserved to be called “simian rights.” The Negroids are a low-IQ, violence-prone race closer to their cousin simian apes than to us and who never deserved to have residence in our country let alone citizen rights. But the jews (who owned and operated the African slave trade, not Whites), in their neverending race war against us, launched the countrywide campaign to elevate that lowest of humanoids into position to displace us, to rob and kill us, to rape and race-mix with us, all in order to help wipe out our race. The NRA’s Cors had a high position in it, thus giving us a major clue toward him being a crypto-jew.

In the magazine article quoted above, Cors actually equates “freedom issues” for the Negroids with “freedom issues for all of us.” Instead of being embarrassed by what he did when he was young (such as I am somewhat embarrassed by having been a journalist for a daily newspaper in service of the jew agenda), he says he is “proud to have been part of it in 1964 when the Civil Rights Act was passed.”

The bio doesn’t say how Cors became wealthy, if he wasn’t born into it. But the blurb linked above says he “was a senior vice president with Corning, Inc., where he directed the company‚Äôs government affairs programs worldwide.”

So, on top of the jew-infested Congress employing him in a high-paid position in the 1960s, he was given a high position in a major international corporation. And now, the jew-infested leadership of the NRA seats him as president. That’s a jew. When jews hold the reins of an organization, company, or institution, they do not give positions of control or wealth or fame to White men. Case closed. Cors is a crypto-jew.

Our guns, our veterans

As I said above in Number 2, the NRA doesn’t fight the states forcing us to buy our right to bear our arms. Do you know about how many people have bought carry permits in the U.S.? The current number of permit holders, according to the NRA magazine quoted above, is near 12.8 million. Most of those are surely Whites who are the supreme law-abiders — ignorantly so, gullibly so. (That’s not meant harshly. I, myself, was so very ignorant and gullible as recently as eight years ago.) Those fellow Whites agreed to help the jews drain them of their money and to get onto government lists of active gun owners. You know, the crypto-jew president Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated gold from Americans, and that was without lists of gold owners. Government confiscation of guns will be made a bit easier with all those names and addresses.

A couple more laws that stick in my craw and that the NRA doesn’t fight are the following, which are mentioned in the NRA’s October 2015 magazine without any opposition. We can’t go to a different state and buy a gun in our own country. The penalty is five years in prison on each count. Also, we can’t remove the serial number from our own property — in this case, our gun. Again, the penalty is five years on each count. The jew-infested government is not content with criminalizing actual crime behavior. Those jews also criminalize our right of commerce and our right to personalize or otherwise modify our own belongings as we see fit.

The jews’ purposes, of course, are to limit our freedom and to maximize the jew-nation’s security. Yes, when they say “national security,” they are not talking about White American national security. They are talking about their own jew nation’s security. A “nation” is first and foremost a race or a major segment of a race. Our true nation is the White population of the USA. Our true larger nation is our White population around the world. The jews like to mis-use and mix up terms such as “nation” and “country” in order to help keep most of our White nation confused and duped into letting the jews continue to live and to rule over us.


Speaking of dupes, let us now expand a bit on another wrong with the NRA. The NRA pretends to support our veterans, and in a limited sense they do support our veterans. But that is done as an investment of a dollar in order to reap a windfall profit. The NRA uses their publications and programs to repeat the jews’ lies about past and current wars, about who our supposed enemies have been, and who were the villains and victims of history.

For example, their magazines constantly describe guns and gunmakers in history, which gives them the hooks on which to hang their repeated lies about the people in other countries who actually were only defending their own land against the jew-USA’s invading forces. Yes, I am talking about the jews calling Afghan people in Afghanistan “our enemies,” and calling Vietnamese people in Vietnam “our enemies,” and calling German people anywhere at any time “our enemies.” Most egregious, that last one. Why? Because Germans have been the most honorable and admirable nation among our worldwide White nation for at least the last 100 years.

Yes, especially Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party, and the entire great German population who were the most inventive, honest, fair, productive, and happy population of Whites on this planet. One of the most massive crimes of theft in history was the theft at the end of WW2 by the jew “Allies” (the USA, Britain, and Soviet Union) of the German treasure of scientific and technological discoveries and inventions.

As the great White general and American George Patton Jr. said right after the end of the war in Europe, we had fought the “wrong enemy.” Patton, who had done so much to kill so many of our brother Germans so efficiently, had awakened to the jew agenda. He realized what the Allies’ jew-infested leadership was doing, and he wrote to his wife to say he would return to the USA and tell the American people what was really going on. Before he could return, however, the jews assassinated him. That murder disguised as a traffic accident was yet another in a long line of assassinations by the jews to kill our best Whites, to maintain and expand jew control, and to advance the jews’ agenda against us and against all of humanity.

Most of our veterans remain duped.

But we are making progress.

A part of the Veterans Of Foreign Wars (VFW) in Michigan has just built a monument proclaiming the truth about Israel (the jew-only country) deliberately attacking our U.S.S. Liberty in 1967, killing dozens of our men and wounding dozens more. An article about that was recently published in a VFW magazine. That’s progress.

The jews fear more veterans waking up to the real enemy. Thus, the jews are trying to deny as many veterans as possible their right to keep and bear arms. The jew senator Dianne Feinstein from California suggested that all veterans — all veterans — must be suspected of having PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and thus be subject to disqualification from gun ownership.

The Other View

I have digressed a bit. This article is about the Wrongs Of The NRA. Before wrapping up, let’s air an anticipated opposing view.

“Without the NRA, the Second Amendment would have been shredded and flushed down the toilet by now!”

It’s easy to imagine some readers and commenters having thoughts similar to that one.

We must remember that one of the major jew tactics is to create the problem and then offer “the solution” to that problem.

In this case, the jews created the Constitution, which is the CONstitution. The first ten amendments, called “The Bill of Rights,” was added at the insistence of Whites who feared that the CONstitution would result in central government tyranny over the states and the people. Patrick Henry was one of the great Americans who refused to attend the secret convention that produced the CONstitution, and he spoke strongly and correctly against adoption of the CONstitution. The jews had to offer “safeguards” in order to get their Constitution adopted. However, they worded and punctuated the Second Amendment in a perverse way so as to enable future “interpretation” of its meaning.

In addition to that, the jews created the problem of our state governments working against White Americans. This is because the state governments also are infested with jews.

Furthermore, the jews created the immigration problem, thereby creating the presence of nonWhites committing every kind of insult, aggression, and crime against us Whites — thus making our right to keep and bear arms more vital than ever.

So, in response to the problem, the jews then offer “the solution,” which they control and limit so that the results will, overall, advance their agenda.

Proof: We have countrywide gun control laws. All of them came after the NRA was established. And in every state except one, we have to buy our “right” to conceal-carry an arm (Vermont being the exception).

Oh, the contradiction. We can’t buy a gun in any of the 49 states we don’t live in, but the government can buy and sell any kind of weapon anywhere in the world. We can’t own an automatic weapon, such as a Tommy gun (machine gun), but the government can arm itself with them for use against us.

And just like the jews were exempted from Prohibition (as Henry Ford pointed out almost a hundred years ago), you can bet that wealthy jews who collect guns own whatever they want while their fellow jews in government look the other way. NRA president Cors spent decades buying and amassing a huge collection of guns and even tanks — the full extent of which they will never admit to us.

You see, full knowledge of the jews’ race war against us includes knowing that the CONstitution shouldn’t exist in the first place, and the Second Amendment shouldn’t exist in the second place. Fully aware Whites would not want the CON, and would not need the Second Amendment. Some of the White Founding Fathers thought that basic White rights were so obvious that there was no need to write them down. They didn’t realize they were infiltrated by jews. The presence of jews made it necessary to write down all White rights.

Full knowledge, of course, requires the elimination of all jews.


The NRA is infested and led by jews.

The jew Vladimir Lenin said the best way to control the opposition is to lead the opposition. So, the jews founded and funded the NRA, the ACLU, the NAACP, etc. They put on quite a show, quite a tug-of-war, like tv reality shows — which are never real, of course. It’s all against us — to distract, dupe, displace, dispossess, impoverish, and outright kill us in order to wipe out our White race, which would end the only effective opposition to jewry fully controlling the entire world.

Always bear in mind: When the jews have control, then the jews skirmish against each other. (Example: The jews who like to own guns and plink and hunt are in opposition to the anti-gun jews.) But all jews remain forever and always united against us.

The real solution is stated very clearly by some of our best Whites and on this very site.

Heroism is required. See advice at the bottom of this site on how to maximize safety and anonymity while advancing our greatest cause: Saving and securing ourselves, our White race, and an always better future for White children.

The Truth Will Set You Free?

The truth will set you free?

No. It won’t.

Your efficient use of force will set you free?

Yes. It will.

We are not free. Why? Because of the jews’ control of the levers of official governmental force in our country. They have used force against us, and they will again use force against us. Meanwhile, they hang the threat of force over us every minute of every day. The IRS, FBI, BATFE, militarized police, National Guard, etc., are some of the agencies using force against our fellow Whites every day.

Meanwhile, as they have most of our population cowering, they get away with the constant turning of the screws, ever-tightening their control of society and increasing their anti-White agenda to impoverish us and eventually wipe out our race. Wipe out? Yes. If we can’t afford to have a family and to raise White families to fight to maintain our race, our race will die out. The jews have been successfully and ruthlessly pursuing this agenda for centuries. Their boldness and viciousness vastly increased with jew president Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s massive anti-White crimes against us — especially against our farmers, against our rights to keep our earnings from our labor, and the organized mass-murdering of Whites by foreign war and economic depression.

Their force — direct and implied — enabled their successes against us.

Only force defeats force.

Only your efficient use of force against them will set you free.

Only our efficient use of force against them will set us free.

True White MEN are, and increasingly will, employ force to defeat them — jew by jew. For now, we must do so covertly, intelligently, secretly. This phase of our White comeback will ignite the larger and necessary armed conflict across the country, which will quite properly set race against race.

No doubt, when the races each unite to Fight, Freeze, or Flight, only Whites will combine intelligence, inventiveness, and ruthlessness to win.

Whites Will Win.

  • See advice for safely eliminating jews now at the bottom of this site.