Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown — You jew-blind Dupe!

Writers choose names for reasons, whether readers realize it or not. “Lucy” is a common jew name. “Charlie Brown” is a common White name. Year after year, Lucy tricks Charlie Brown into believing her, but she lies every time.

A common White person cannot fathom the reality that a supposed friend, a neighbor, could cruelly lie to the sincere, honest White person time after time after time, forever.


And the jews laugh among themselves at the seemingly limitless gullibility of their White victims.

By the way, note the “WB” logo in that comic panel. It means “Warner Brothers.” And here are the original Warner Brothers of Hollywood, all jews:


Hollywood — jewlywood — has been lying to us for a century. Every movie. Every tv show. Every day. Every year. Year after year.

  • Tricking us to go kill fellow Whites in other countries — most heinously in WW1 and WW2.
  • Teaching children that “all humans are equal,” yet also implanting the idea that somehow our White race is far less than equal.
  • At the same time, teaching that there are no races: there is only “the human race.”

Yes, that combo is utterly contradictory and absurd. But if you begin implanting contradictory and absurd ideas into tender young minds, most of those children grow up into adulthood capable of holding and even defending the totally false and conflicting ideas rooted within.

So, we have millions of people believing that the jews who obviously are genociding the Palestinian population are somehow “innocent victims” who are getting “justice,” and the murderous jews deserve to get “justice” no matter what because they are “God’s Chosen People,” and that’s because the Bible says so, and it’s because tv and movies have said so over and over and over again directly, indirectly, in pieces, and in whole servings, since movies and tv were invented.

Yes, the jews still say they are meek victims never in the wrong and must be given every protection and privilege beyond all others, yet they own our entire money system (since late 1913), they own the banks, they own the insurance companies, they own all of the big media and the corporations that own the big media, and they own Hollywood so that they control the entire apparatus of misinforming and thus misshaping the knowledge base and resultant opinions reached by the tv-addicted masses.

A representative example:


You can’t know who owns the infamous banks if all of your sources of information only go as far as naming the CEOs.


Furthermore, jew-blind White boy Charlie Brown believes in Christmas. Although the White race had Yule thousands of years before the whole Jesus-Christ-Christianity hoax was invented (a bit less then 2,000 years ago), Charlie Brown and his fellow duped Whites believe that Christianity has always been and always will be. Why? Because the Bible, a book cobbled together and reworked several times, with the popular “King James Version” issued only ~300 years ago, includes a “Genesis” story, as if that’s how the world and humanity began.

Nevermind that the childish simplicity of “Genesis” and its 6-day creation story didn’t mention God making the other planets. Why not? Because the jews who wrote the story less than 2,000 years ago only knew about the Earth, Moon, Sun, and stars — no other planets, no other galaxies. And nevermind that God forbid his first two humans to have any Knowledge.

How can any adult White mind believe in that asinine crap? Number One: Because we are not all equal. Number Two: Because the ideas were implanted and took root in their minds when they were innocent ignorant gullible children. Number Three: The mind-poison ideas were individually and in combinations repeated to them every day of their lives.

The Roman Empire was established by a group of the White race before Christianity was invented. Before the Roman Empire, there was the White ancient Greek civilization. Before the ancient Greek civilization, there was the ancient Egyptian civilization — thousands of years prior to the invention of Christianity. Before there were any kings or pharoahs of Egypt as recorded in history, the Great Pyramids were built. So were hundreds, even thousands, of other pyramids around the world. Yes, BEFORE the kings and pharoahs of Egypt. They were NOT built by the hybrid, destructive Arab race living there now.

Meanwhile, since the last ice age about 12,000 years ago, Whites were flourishing in what we call Europe and were sailing around the world and living on every habitable continent and many islands, too. We know this. We KNOW this because of the scientific dating methods applied to pyramids and other mega sites around the world. Actually, the Pyramid Of The Sun in Bosnia has been dated, repeatedly, and shown to be far older than 12,000 years old.

Also, the pyramids, other megalithic structures, and mega-mounds have been shown to be linked as a network. Huge sites have been found under the seas. Obviously, some of them were built when the sea levels were so low that those pyramid structures were built and used on dry land long before the massive melting of ice and the rise of the oceans to their current levels — 65 feet above the tops of those pyramids and other buildings.

So, Christmas is a very young invention. First, we had the Nature-based thought system — whatever it was, exactly — of the great pyramid builders. And then came our Yule, with mistletoe and decorated trees and both solemn and festive activities celebrating our place in Nature. And then Christianity was invented and forcibly mixed with our basic Yule events, so that now the absurd birth-from-a-virgin story is combined with mistletoe. Only ignorance prevents Whites from recognizing the utter contradiction in that combination. (Ignorance can be overcome. Stupidity can not.)

And millions of Whites actually hold these conflicting and absurd notions simultaneously and peaceably in their poisoned minds.

INSERT: JEWS are on BOTH SIDES, pro and con, Christianity. The great Henry Ford, who was still a partial dupe about jewry, pointed out how jewry worked across the country against Christianity — banishing public symbols, including Christmas displays, and much more. All true. But jewry does that because it furthers their goal of denying all rights to Whites. Meanwhile, jewry leads and spreads Christianity to all who are gullible to it. The current Pope is a jew. Priests, bishops, and cardinals have been, and are, jews — such as the outed archbishop John Joseph O’Connor of New York City. Why do jews push C-insanity on anyone who is gullible to it? Because it is an effective mind-poison, teaching believers to be meek, to revere the “Chosen” jews, and to let the jews have their way in all things no matter what.

There is only one way to stop it all.

The jews who led the Soviet Union — Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin, along with hundreds of jew henchmen — mass-murdered about 100 million Whites during the last century in and near Russia. The jews did that to stop all intelligent opposition to their rule. The jews did that to wipe out, as best they could, the Whites who knew it was the jews who murdered the White czar and his family in order to take over Russia.

The jews who led Ukraine, part of the jew Soviet Union, deliberately mass-starved the rural population of Ukraine, especially the independent farmers. What was left after all of that? Cowards and nonWhites.

The jews deliberately genocided the Armenians. Look it up, if need be.

The jews deliberately caused World War 1 and WW2, with the millions of deaths — how many, 200 million? — that resulted from it all. Mostly, WHITES were killed. And then secondary populations in Europe and the Middle East. And then Asians, especially the Japanese — who were and are the only admirable subrace of the Mongoloid (Asian) race. Meanwhile, Adolf Hitler’s Germany was EXPELLING jews and putting many of them to work, not mass-exterminating them.

The fact is, great White Germany should have mass-exterminated jews while they had the chance.

That was then. This is now. And still, Charlie Brown is duped into killing anybody, anywhere, except the true Enemy of humanity. The Enemy is jewry — all jews.

They all lie to your face, Charlie Brown. They all serve their own race — jewry.

The race of mass-murderers of humanity has earned the Death Penalty many times over.

The Final Solution is another idea that the jews have made taboo as a result of the jews’ total demonization of the great White leader Adolf Hitler and the great German subrace of our White race. The jews say Adolf Hitler ordered a “Final Solution” of extermination of the jews. But Hitler, a humanitarian, a vegetarian, an artist, did no such thing — although, again, he should have.

Meanwhile, the jews are pursuing their eternal goal of their Final Solution against us. We Whites are now a small minority on Earth, and we are entering minority status in our own White-founded White-built countries. That’s because our men have been “Charlie Browns.”

Charlie Brown should reject the distraction of ball games. He should turn, stride toward the ball, and kick the jew in the neck to stun her. Then, he should put a choke-hold on her from the rear and break her neck. Absolute, undeniable progress.

Charlie Brown should reject the distraction of ball games. He should turn, stride toward the ball, and kick the jew in the neck to stun her. Then, he should put a choke-hold on her from the rear and break her neck. Absolute, undeniable progress.

Step out of the jew cartoon world. Stand up right here, right now, in reality.

Be White. Be Right. Kill jews. Every single jew is an enemy jew. For now, be a silent hero, working covertly, telling no one.

  • See advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website.

Our days of open glory will come with White Victory.


James T. Laffrey

  • Born in Mount Clemens, Michigan, in 1957.
  • Raised by a Catholic mother, Irish, and a silently atheist father, German. Both were entirely ignorant of jewry. On my own, I rejected religion while still a teenager, but it took another three decades before I overcame the jew-imposed ignorance about race and about the enemy jews.
  • Thus, if you are White, no matter what age, it is not too late for you.


I Love This! Do You Know OUR HERITAGE in 756 feet, 453.6 feet, and 51.84 degrees of slope?

I Love This! Do You Know ‘Our Heritage’
in 756 feet, 453.6 feet, and 51.84 degrees of slope?

What are we looking at? We are looking at one of the four sides of The Great Pyramid, which is one of the Three Great Pyramids that are in what is called Egypt.

This one side is 756 feet long, the same as the other three sides.

If we go around The Great Pyramid twice, that distance equals 1 minute of arc of the equator of the Earth.

Is that result a coincidence?

  1. People who have never planned and built anything, even something so small as a dining table, likely think that result can be nothing but a coincidence.
  2. People who have planned and built things are intrigued because they know that dimensions are not chosen at random but serve one or more intended purposes.

From ground level to the top of the intended flat top of The Great Pyramid, it is 453.6 feet.

If we multiply 453.6 by 10, we have 1/80th of 1 degree of equatorial arc of the Earth.


  1. People who never planned and built anything likely think that this fact is a longer stretch than one above.
  2. Planners and builders know that we have a pattern forming here of knowledge deliberately incorporated into the dimensions of the Pyramid.

The slope angle of the sides of The Great Pyramid is 51.84 degrees.

If we multiply 51.84 by 2, we get 103.68.
If we multiply 103.68 by 10, we get the speed of rotation of the Earth at the equator.


  1. People who never planned and built anything may, now, start to realize the importance here.
  2. Planners and builders know that the designer(s) and manager(s) of the building of The Great Pyramid already had this knowledge that supposedly no humans had so long ago.

When we know the circumference of a circle, we can easily determine the diameter of it. All we need is the number we call PI, which is 3.1416 (rounded to four decimal places).

For all circles, the Circumference = PI times the diameter.

When we know the diameter of a circle, we can easily determine the circumference of it. Again, all we need is PI. Every circle gives the value of PI. All we have to do is divide the circumference by the diameter to get the value of PI.

Knowing about PI is something people have to figure out.

Obviously, the designer(s) of The Great Pyramid already had that knowledge about circles and PI.

Dear Readers, there are many, very many, more dimensions of The Great Pyramid inside and out that add a mountain of support to everything I have said above.

This article continues below. And another article will follow this one. However, for readers eager right now to explore two of my admirable sources for the above facts and much more:

  • Piazzi Smyth’s book, published in 1874, titled, “Our Inheritance In The Great Pyramid.” Cautionary note: The scientist Smyth was a committed Christian, an affliction that blinded him to the most vital and natural conclusion.
  • Martin Doutre’s fantastic website Cautionary note: Although Mr. Doutre explains his position that jews were and are different from Hebrews, his inclusion of some jew historical claims requires suspicion.

One simple and obvious conclusion we can make is that the designers and technicians of The Great Pyramid wanted to display the Great Knowledge their people had built up over a very long time and to set it in stone for their future generations.

One more simple conclusion we can make is that those people knew they had enemies — enemies who surely had destroyed some of their previous achievements — and so the people of Knowledge made The Great Pyramid (and its two companions) so large and of such huge pieces of stone that it would be practically indestructible.

Our conclusions beg some questions:

  1. Who designed and built The Great Pyramids?
  2. Who were the enemies of the great people who built The Great Pyramids?
  3. Who were (and are) the destroyers?
  4. Who have robbed and have tried to destroy The Great Pyramid for centuries up to and including the 1900s?

Answer 1. As far as we know now, given the awfully spoiled condition of the Pyramids, the designers/builders didn’t exactly sign their work.

But intelligent people rooted in reality and Nature here on Earth can quickly narrow the possibilities.

  • We know that the people now living in what’s called Egypt were not the people living there several thousand years ago. Now, they are a hybrid, relatively low-IQ group who we generally call the race of Arabs. They are not a people capable of supremely intelligent, organized, longterm achievement.
  • We know that the Negroid race from farther south on the African continent did not invent anything, did not amass any great knowledge, and still have no capability for intelligent, organized, longterm achievement.
  • We know that a small part of the Mongoloid race (“Asians”) are capable of intelligent, organized, longterm achievement. But their performance in recorded history shows their accumulation of knowledge and their inventiveness lag a distant second behind our White race.
  • I have yet to find any photos of The Great Pyramid and its two great companions that do them justice. So, for fun, here's a photo of a Ford Model T, invented by the great White man Henry Ford, about a century ago, pictured with the Sphynx and one of the Great Pyramids.

    I have yet to find any photos of The Great Pyramid and its two great companions that do them justice. So, for fun, here’s a photo of a Ford Model T, invented by the great White man Henry Ford, about a century ago, pictured with the Sphynx and one of the Great Pyramids. Modern Egypt is now filled with Fords, air-conditioners, motorized elevators, phones, planes, computers, etc. — all of which Arabs were and are incapable of building from scratch. All came from the inventive and generous White race.

    We know that the inventors of science, the inventors of refrigeration, photography, flying machines, and other wonders, are all from one race — our White race. We also know that the jew race has for 2,000 years systematically destroyed our libraries and many great stone structures (megalithic structures) built by our White ancestors.

Thus, the only logical conclusion is that the best, the most amazing, of our White race designed and built The Great Pyramids. The jews almost succeeded in totally cutting us off from our great history. The jews almost succeeded in totally cutting us off from Our Inheritance.

Scotland’s royal astronomer Piazzi Smyth got it right when he titled his book

Our Inheritance In The Great Pyramid.

Look at another photo of that one side of The Great Pyramid. This one has a low-IQ "Egyptian" for scale. See the huge, angle-cut, white-surfaced stone at the base? Ancient writers reported that all four sides of The Great Pyramid were completely covered in such stones. It was the largest manmade structure in the world, a totally WHITE Great Pyramid sparkling in the sunshine. The only reason that one great angle stone (called a "casing stone") survived deliberate destruction is because it was buried under centuries of rubble that was a result of our enemies' ongoing desire to destroy this symbol of White Race greatness.

Look at another photo of that one side of The Great Pyramid. This one has a low-IQ “Egyptian” for scale. See the huge, angle-cut, white-surfaced stone at the base? Ancient writers reported that all four sides of The Great Pyramid were completely covered in such stones. It was the largest manmade stone structure in the world, a totally WHITE Great Pyramid sparkling in the sunshine. The only reason that one great angle stone (called a “casing stone”) survived deliberate destruction is because it was buried under centuries of rubble that was a result of our enemies’ ongoing desire to destroy this symbol of White Race greatness.

Our ancestors succeeded in building a store of much of their great knowledge in such a strong structure that it was nearly indestructible and survived long enough to reconnect us with them.

In the next installment of this short series of articles on The Great Pyramid and its two great companion pyramids, I will answer the other questions posed above, which were:

  1. Who were the enemies of the great people who built The Great Pyramids?
  2. Who were (and are) the destroyers?
  3. Who have robbed and have tried to destroy The Great Pyramid for centuries up to and including in the 1900s?
Clue: Of what race is this incessant liar spewing anti-White anti-knowledge sewage about "Ancient Aliens"? Is he White? No. Is he a jew? Obviously.

Clue: Of what race is this incessant liar spewing anti-White anti-knowledge sewage about “Ancient Aliens”? Is he White? No. Is he a jew? Obviously.

One of the topics to be unveiled is “The Metric Destruction Of Our Heritage.” Yes, I speak of the metric system. It was a deliberate invention only about 200 years ago for the purpose of replacing, thus destroying, the very measuring system that was used to build The Great Pyramid. That is, the measuring system based on the foot. And divided by 12, it is the inch.

Piazzi Smyth did a fine job, though short of the top truth, of exposing that anti-White purpose of the metric system. I will provide the gist of it, and the top truth, in my next article.

Let me give you one more teaser before I sign off this article:

Also, what we know is that Six of the ancient Seven Wonders Of The World were deliberately destroyed — and they were NOT destroyed by Whites. Some of them were also giant stone structures.

The other wonders: The Colossus of Rhodes, The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, and The Lighthouse of Alexandria. (Source:, which is a useful site for some interesting basics but not for accuracy nor Truth.)

The Great Pyramid is the only remaining one of the ancient Seven Wonders Of The World. Our ancestors’ enemies — our enemies — destroyed the other six, and try as they might, they have horribly defaced but not destroyed OUR GREAT PYRAMID.


James T. Laffrey

Whites Will Win.

‘Why’ on the Holocaust? ‘Why?’

‘Why’ on the Holocaust? ‘Why oh Why oh Why?’

A Simple Six


1. There were more than a thousand documented autopsies done on the WW2 concentration-camps prisoners who were found dead. Those autopsies were performed by medical experts from the western countries of the Allies (USA and England, not the Soviets).

Why were there zero autopsy reports showing any deaths by poison of any kind? (Answers to this and the other five questions are below.)

2. Why are there only two photographs (of very poor quality) and no others claimed by government- or university-related official sources as photographs of gas-chamber victims?

3. The Germans of Adolf Hitler’s era were diligent record-keepers, and the governments of the Allies still retain tons upon tons of confiscated documents, including original reports by the International Red Cross who repeatedly visited the key camps.

Why are there zero records of any human gassings?

4. Zyklon-B poison always leaves a blue stain on or in the walls of rooms where it has been used.

Why was blue staining never found on the walls of any so-called human gas chamber in the German camps?

5. The Allies, including prosecutors from the USA and England (most of them jews), used supposedly verified evidence of “lampshades and soap made from dead jews” toward the killings by hanging of many German officials.

Why have even official jew historians in Israel published statements saying there were no lampshades nor soap made from dead jews?

6. While the Germans were still in control of key concentration camps toward the end of WW2, tens of thousands of prisoners (including the infamous Elie Wiesel, according to him) were given a choice of whether to (1) stay and be “rescued” by the approaching Soviet military or (2) to evacuate with the Germans.

Why did those tens of thousands of prisoners (including the infamous Elie Wiesel, according to him,) choose to evacuate with the Germans?


Credit: The greatest inspiration came from Mr. Friedrich Paul Berg’s extensive, well-documented site. Click here to see his monumental site.

For other sites of documentation, search “holo” on the TruthfulSites pages and on the WhiteSchool page.


The Answers

1. “Although there were many thousands of corpses available in German concentration camps by the end of the war and although at least 1,000 autopsies were performed, none showed any evidence of death by poison gas or poison. Dr. Charles P. Larson made those autopsies to find proof of gassings but found nothing. No other western doctors ever claimed to have found any forensic medical evidence of gassings either.” (Source: Mr. Berg’s site, linked above.)

There were zero autopsies showing evidence of poison gas or any poison because there were no gassings of humans and there were no deadly poisonings of humans.

But there was a “Lice-o-caust”! Yes, more than 6 million lice were exterminated by gassings in the Germans’ endless, humane effort to stop the Typhus disease infestation that the jews had brought with them. (Credit goes to a commenter named “LOBRO” for the “Lice-o-caust.” Click here to see the “LOBRO” comments under a poisonous article of deception by a crypto-jew.)

2. There are only two photographs supposedly of gassing victims claimed by those official sources because there actually is no verified photographic evidence of human gassings. And that’s because there were not any human gassings. It’s the fiction experts who have put supposed photographic evidence in your face, such as jew Hollywood directors Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, and Steven Spielberg.

3. There were, and are, zero official records by the Germans or the International Red Cross about human gassings because there were no gassings of humans in any camps ever under German control. By the way, if you look into what is required to gas people to death, you see that gassing would have been a ridiculously slow, dangerous, and expensive way to kill groups of people. Simple historic truth: The Soviets mass-murdered millions of Whites by a simple single bullet to the head of each one. (The jews don’t make movies about that. Why? Because jews controlled the Soviet Union and performed that mass-murdering. Yes, Trotsky, Lenin, and Stalin were jews. That’s why.)

4. Blue staining was never found because there were no gassings of humans using Zyklon-B (nor any other poison of any kind).

5. Even jew historians in Israel have published statements that there were no lampshades nor soap made from dead jews because the supposed “evidence” was so overwhelmingly proved to have been a deliberate fraud that even some jews have published that limited amount of truth — though always accompany it with lies.

6. Tens of thousands of prisoners made the free choice to evacuate with the Germans because they knew the Germans had for years not killed them, had very reasonably taken care of them, had no facilities for killing them, and were far preferable to the oncoming brutally murderous rapists of the Soviet military.

The infamous Wiesel published the following statement in his own book, titled Night (paperback published in 1960, page 78):

“The choice was in our hands. For once we could decide our fate for ourselves. We could both stay in the hospital, where I could, thanks to my doctor, get him [the father] entered as a patient or nurse. Or else we could follow the others. ‘Well, what shall we do, father?’ He was silent. ‘Let’s be evacuated with the others,’ I told him.”

Actually, dear reader, Wiesel was not a camp prisoner. He doesn’t even have on his arm the prisoner number tattoo that he long claimed he had.

Note: This article if published in Germany would be illegal and I would likely be put in prison for years because of it, as many truthtellers have been, such as Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, Sylvia Stolz, and Horst Mahler.

“Really?” you ask. “Merely for publishing articles of facts that are now common knowledge among everyone who studies the subject to any depth? Why?!

Because the jews won WW2. Nobody else won WW2, despite what we have been told throughout our lives by our governments and big media. The jews control the government of Germany, and that’s why it is illegal to disagree in any way with the jews’ official story on the “Holocaust.” Even a certain hand and arm gesture warrants prison time. Actually, as shown by prison sentences, it’s illegal to simply disagree with any jew opinions or statistics on the “Holocaust.”

Not only in Germany, but such public disagreement is also illegal in several other countries, too. Yes, indeed, even in supposedly “neutral” Switzerland.

Do you see how we could be duped throughout our lives until now? It’s because it was ALL lies, a world of lies. We could not fathom such a monumental unity of lying by governments and media.

If the government and media were united in saying the Sun travels around the Earth every day, how would you ever figure out that the opposite is true?

Your answer might be, “I never would.” But you would if there were any courageous truthtellers providing authentic evidence that, in fact, the Earth is turning, which makes it falsely appear that the Sun is doing the traveling.

The supreme truthtellers throughout history, dear reader, and the inventors of science, and the pursuers of true justice for all, have always been Whites.

(True) Facts —> (True) Knowledge —> (True) Wisdom.

There’s no other path to Truth. There’s no other path to Justice.


There was a “Lice-o-caust.” There was no “Holocaust.” Only a few hundred thousand jews died during the several years of WW2 (versus the tens of millions of Whites who died during WW2).

Those jews died because of

  1. Typhus, a disease they brought with them.
  2. Starvation, caused by Allied bombing of food supplies, railroads, and other supply lines.
  3. Old age (not many).

Why? Why is it possible for our government and all of the big media to lie in unity about the fictional “Holocaust”?

It is possible because jews control our government and own all of the big media. For example, Barack Obama’s mother was not White; she was a jew, thus president Obama is a jew. A media example: the New York Times was bought by a jew in 1896 and is still owned by that jew family.

All of this is well proved. The only reason many people still suffer ignorance about it is because they get their information from jew-controlled sources, such as tv, Hollywood movies, newspapers, school textbooks, and the government.

My name is James T. Laffrey, and I didn’t begin to know all of this until after I turned 50 years old. Now, I’m 57. My life experiences include working for a daily newspaper for six years — ignorantly helping the jews spread and repeat and repeat and repeat their lies.

Now, I serve the Truth to the best of my ability.



White People Join In: ‘No More Toleration!’

Whites Join In: “No More Toleration!”

Foreword: For newcomers and for others shocked by the headline, a little background information will help. First, know that we Whites did not invite the other races into our country. The jews did, and the jews duped previous generations and our generation into tolerating it. We have every right to stop and reverse those crimes committed against us. Further, entertainment and partial education will be gained by clicking:

  1. The Irish Savant’s article “A Child Speaks From The Grave.”
  2. The Tomato Bubble’s article “Obama’s Civil War.”


We Whites of the White-founded White-built
United States of America

No More Toleration for Negroids in our country.
No More Toleration for Jews in our country.
No More Toleration for Mestizos in our country.
No More Toleration for Arabs in our country.
No More Toleration for Mongoloids in our country.

No More Toleration for all of you. Get Out or Die.

Non-White = Non-American

It has come to this. The riots and the looting are race riots. They are not “protests.” They are not “calls for justice.” They are race riots, primarily Negroid riots. They are anti-White riots. They are anti-American riots. If you haven’t noticed, let me point out: Whites don’t riot. Furthermore, we don’t go to their Negroid African countries and riot against them.

The Mestizos are the second-worst for riot-like protests in our country, and they are the second-worst, next to Negroids, for violent crime against us. We Whites don’t go to Mexico and farther south and riot against them.

Arabs and Mongoloids have a share in violent crime against us, and they have the invaders’ agenda of setting up their own anti-American communities within our White country, which is an effort to displace us while trying to take control of ever-growing parts of our country. We Whites don’t go to Arab and Asian countries and riot against them nor do we set up mini-Americas in their countries (but the jew-controlled military does).

If we American Whites wanted to riot against non-Whites in our country, we should have every right to do so. But we know what would happen: The government would NOT stand back and allow us hours of free activity as they do for the rampaging Negroids and other nonWhites. The government would move against us BEFORE we assembled. And if we managed to get some of us assembled, the government thugs would initiate lethal violence in full assault mode against us.

Who instigates all of the anti-White thus anti-American crimes against us in our own country? The jews. The jews who own the banks, the media, and control the government.

The jews are the supreme criminals in our country and on our planet. While most of the jews in our country pretend to be Whites, they dupe our White population into tolerating their seizure of control of our money system, our government, our academics, our medical system, our opinion-forming media, and more. The jews murderously stole a country in 1948 and called it “Israel,” but they don’t go there except to flee prosecution or to practice killing on Arabs/Palestinians. In the USA, as not only invaders but as the anti-human race of Earth, the jews must all be killed. Kill jews now. (See advice below.)

No More Toleration! To all nonWhites we say: Go “enhance” and “enrich” your own countries or wherever you choose to go. Get Out Now, or Die.


James T. Laffrey

American man. “American” means White person born of White parents in the U.S.A.

  • For now, we should kill them covertly and safely so that we remain free to operate again and again. Have no doubt that deaths in their families sends the only message that will get the rest of them fleeing and prevent more from coming. See advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website.

One Of The Most Famous Leaders Of All Time Said, “They Used To Laugh At Us….”

Dear Readers:

One of the most famous leaders of all time said:

“They used to laugh at us. They are not laughing anymore. …

Ours was a struggle especially against the people who seemed to have omnipotent power in our country. An evil power had taken over our whole country.

They had been able to grip key positions in our intellectual and spiritual life, yet also the political and economic life. From these key positions they were able to control and monitor our whole nation.

This power had at the same time the reins of the law and used it to persecute our people who fought against them and who were willing to sacrifice themselves in resistance to the advance of that power.

The ‘almighty’ power then declared outright war on us.

I always held the view and goal that the day would come when we would finally remove those evil people from our midst.”

That great leader and his people succeeded in that goal and enjoyed the freedom to employ their full ingenuity in becoming the happiest, most productive country on Earth for a glorious decade.

Yes, only a decade. And then the evil power combined the might of other countries where they also held seemingly omnipotent power, and they hatefully bombed, murdered, and raped that great subrace of the White race into slavery.

That famous leader was Adolf Hitler. His people were the German people of our White race. They succeeded in expelling enough of jewry from their country so that the honest, honorable, inventive, work-loving, family-loving German people could bloom.




But after a decade of that true, physical heaven, the jews of the governments and media of the USA, England, and the Soviet Union combined their worldwide forces toward the destruction and total genocide of the German people.

The destruction was virtually total, but the genocide was partial. The remaining members of the German population have bounced back, and are inventive and productive, though on the jew leash, seeing the bulk of their economic gains stolen by the jews and used to further repress the White population and force nonWhite invaders upon them.

That last statement — of further repressing the White population and forcing nonWhite invaders upon them — is that not happening in your country right now, in every city and across the countryside, dear reader?

And aren’t the jews laughing at you, and us, all across their media every day and every night, from the anti-White talk-show hosts (jews Jon Stewart, Barbara Walters, Jimmy Fallon, etc. etc.) to the anti-White fictional “heroes” to the anti-White news readers (Matt Lauer, Brian Roberts, Anderson Cooper, etc. etc.)?

And aren’t the jews laughing at you, and us, all across your White-founded White-built country from their banks where they count their free millions of our money, to their penthouse suites from Hollywood to Brooklyn, to their network of sex-abuse resorts where they rape and ritually murder women and children stolen from us and trafficked across the country and around the world?

And aren’t the jews laughing at you, and us, every time they take a gun away, every time they take a job away, every time they take a home away, every time they take a child away?

What is the solution to a race of people who work in unity, mostly in secrecy, so heinously, so vilely, so murderously, so remorselessly?

In Europe, White nations who finally stopped putting up with that vile race thought the solution was to expel the jews. Far more than 100 times, different groups of merciful Whites expelled the enemy race from White countries. The problem always, always, returned.

Even the great Germany of 1933-1945 had only a policy of expelling jews. Expelling ultimately failed. Leaving the enemy race alive to regroup and redouble their attack — that was a grave mistake in Europe, more than 100 times.

Now, here we are, with the problem raging, again, in every White country, and at its peak in our White country.

Our duty is to learn from history and to solve that problem once and for all.

What is the solution? You know what it is.


James T. Laffrey

Courageous Japanese Awakening To The Enemy Of Humanity. What can these Japanese teach Americans?

Courageous Japanese Awakening To The Enemy Of Humanity

What can these Japanese teach Americans?


The courageous leader of a group of Japanese defying the lies of the Japanese government, the U.S. government, and the international media is Kazunari Yamada, pictured above. That is a screenshot from a video interview and hatchet job by Vice Japan, a branch of the international media corporation named Vice Media Inc.

Mr. Yamada is about 52 years old and was born in Tokyo. Parallel with many American truthtellers, he says Facebook deleted accounts he has set up 15 times and counting.

Why would Facebook, owned and operated by the jew Mark Zuckerberg, delete the Japanese Facebook accounts of this Japanese man? Because he points out the obvious hypocrisy and outright lies that his government and many governments around the world are enforcing against everyone (except their precious jews).


He says Germany’s current government claims that Germany is a democracy but “they have no freedom of speech regarding the Holocaust or Adolf Hitler’s movement.” For example, he says, a citizen can be thrown in prison for making the salute that Hitler-era Germans proudly used. That hand-and-arm gesture is an ancient and good sign that Whites have used since at least the early and admirable part of the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago.

But that gesture is illegal in Germany. Why? Because Germans wanted Germany to be a country of Germans, not of jews and Arabs and Africans. So, the jews combined the military might of the USA, Great Britain, and the jewS.A.-funded Soviet Union to genocide the German people. That was World War 2, and the winners of that war were the jews and nobody else.

japanese.vs.jews.nsjap.realization.3Rather than relying on tv, movies, and big newspapers to tell him the truth about things, Mr. Yamada actually sought other sources, which included valid translations of what Adolf Hitler actually said and wrote.

About 30 years ago, Mr. Yamada founded the National Socialist Japanese Workers Party, following the model of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party (known as NSDAP using the German initials).

Mr. Yamada and the members of his organization want his country to be Japanese, owned and controlled by Japanese people. Thus, he is against the non-Japanese immigration that jewry is forcing into Japan.

Sound familiar? As the jews are forcing non-White immigration into the White-founded USA, the jews are forcing non-Japanese upon the Japanese of Japan.

How did jews get the power and influence to manipulate the Japanese government to follow the example of the jew-controlled U.S. government? The jews won WW2, remember. Japan was on the side of honesty and of their racial self-control of their own country in WW2. Yes, Japan was allied with great White Germany in WW2. That’s why, when WW2 was already over, the jews dropped atomic bombs on two Japanese cities.

The jews had desperately wanted to atomic-bomb the Germans, but the war was over and the presence in Germany of armies of White soldiers from various countries made atomic-bombing there undoable. So, despite Japan’s month of trying to surrender, the jews ignored their surrender pleas and gleefully incinerated two cities full of mostly women and children. Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Crypto-jew president Harry Truman said the atomic bombs were necessary and that they saved a million lives. Lies. The bombs saved no lives. The bombs mass-murdered tens of thousands — more than 100,000 — civilians, not soldiers. Accepting the Japanese plea to surrender would have saved every one of the subsequent lives lost by Japanese and Americans, along with some Australians and other White allies there.

And now the jews are continuing their program of genocide against that admirable subrace of the Asian (Mongoloid) race by forcing race-mixing and physical displacement upon them by way of forced immigration.

Notice, if you will, the names in the credits at the end of the Vice Japan video (screenshot above).

Look at “Sebastian Stein” and “Joseph George” as the producers. Those are jew names, not Japanese names, and not White names. And then there is “Ty Demura.” “Demura” could be a Japanese name, but “Ty” is not. The editor’s name is “Kazuo Shiozaki.” That is a Japanese name, though that does not guarantee that the man is Japanese. Crypto-jews have selectively bred with Japanese for at least two centuries already, and in a surge since 1945.

For anyone still light on the subject of crypto-jews, see my article “FULLY Wake Up….”

Look at the supervising translator’s name, “Lena Oishi.” “Lena” is not a Japanese name. “Oishi” in Japanese language means “delicious,” so it is an absurd made-up name. Surely a jew. The USA is infested with such absurd made-up names by jews. If we knew other languages well, we would easily spot some of them among every race in every country.

Look at the other translator’s name, “Alex Ko Ransom.” It is obviously not Japanese, but it has a “Ko” in the middle, which means “small” or “female” when attached to the end of a Japanese female’s name, such as “Mariko” and “Yumiko,” normal Japanese names. And who would have the verb “ransom” as a family name. A jew would.

Note: I lived in Japan for a year from 2002 to 2003, so I speak from that limited experience and further experiences with Japanese students in two U.S. universities.

Above, we see more credits. None of those names are Japanese. “David Laven” is the most obvious jew name. “Eddy Morreti,” a new chief of the VICE company, is probably a jew posing as Italian. “Shane Smith” and “Suroosh Alvi” are two owners of VICE. They are two different flavors of jews.

Vice was founded in jew-French Canada — that is Montreal, Quebec — as a filth purveying “alternative” media outlet aimed at the young end of the dumbed-down population. Now, it is an international conglomerate with operations in many countries and headquartered in Brooklyn, Jew York, New York, of the jewNited States Of America.

Here’s a link to the video, on the jew-owned and jew-controlled YouTube:

What about that term “Nazi”?

Despite the impression given by the jewsmedia’s constant repetition of the nickname “Nazi,” it has always been an insult term applied by jews against Adolf Hitler’s political party efforts since about 1920. Hitler, himself, never spoke that term in his speeches nor wrote that term in his books. (Neither should we. But we have many ignorant and lazy writers in our pro-White anti-jew movement online who use it as if it were legitimate.)

In the video, although we never hear Mr. Yamada say the word “Nazi,” the video on the “VICE Japan” youtube channel inserts the term “Nazi” everywhere. (Similarly, the jews’ Google Translator is programmed to insert “Nazi” into translations of texts that do not contain the term.) You see, the jews spew that insult term now against everyone who tells any truth about the jews. Simply stating internationally verified facts that the jews don’t like gets you tarred as a “nazi” or “neo-nazi” (which means “new nazi”).

Again, it’s no surprise that VICE portrays Mr. Yamada in a negative light since we already know that the film credits are full of jews.

Yes, of course, jews infest government and media, and of course banking, in Japan. That’s what World War 2 was meant to do against the Japanese: provide jew control. And the U.S. military presence there is to protect jew control.

What can these courageous Japanese teach Americans?

Despite Japan still being occupied by the U.S. military (many bases are still there and very active), there are valiant Japanese men defying the very purpose that the foreign U.S. military serves: to prevent the best of the Japanese from rising up in truth and honor in defense of their own admirable ancestors of the 1940s and against the jew world order.

These Japanese can teach Americans that we are right.

In the top image in this article, Mr. Yamada is quoted as saying it is “ridiculous” to think that all the different races and subraces are “equally capable.” Just compare the historical performance of black Africans in their own black countries against the Japanese performance in history. Africans: No written language, no wheel, no boats, no metal-working, no agriculture. Japanese: Written language with stores of knowledge, wheels, ships, fine metal swords etc., and a racial trait for order and honor.

By the way, this throws a wrench into “BUGS” Bob Whitaker and his followers’ strategy of saying “only White countries” are being forced to accept a flood of wrong-race foreigners. The jews are also doing it to the Japanese. The jews have not forgotten that the Japanese allied with Adolf Hitler’s Germany, and they never will. (The BUGS strategy, though usefully pro-White, is a strategy purposely designed to fall short of the top truth, thus a simple fact can expose it as false, and it can never achieve the top objective. WhitesWillWin serves the top truth in full pursuit of the top objective.)

Just as the jews spent decades of lying, conniving, and murdering to finally overthrow and butcher the White czar and his family of Russia, and just as the jews spent a hundred years trying to get full control of the USA’s money system (which they achieved in late 1913 with the first Federal Reserve acts), the jews are spending decades since WW2 to increasingly dupe the Japanese population into false guilt, suicidal nonviolence, and to race-mix the Japanese subrace into extinction.

The Japanese people are at one big disadvantage as compared with us, however, because they are disarmed. We are not disarmed, although the jews relentlessly advance, step by step, in their goal to take from us every White-invented tool of defense of ourselves, our race, and our country.

Meanwhile, along with using our weapons, we can choose to operate in stealth as individual silent heroes — White Wolves — to reduce that enemy jew population. No weapons required.

Every single dead jew is progress. Every kill is heroic.

See articles of advice linked at the bottom of this website.


James T. Laffrey