Dear White Newsers and Educators, Please Reply: What’s Your Endgame?

Dear Whites Who Are Committed Solely To News And Education:

You are my fellow Whites. We are in this together, for ourselves, for our families, for our race, for a great future.

Now, I must pose the question:

What is the endgame of an information-only strategy?

Here’s how I see it. People who sit and type for our race (as I happen to be doing at the moment) will cure some of our other Whites of their ignorance about jews. And then we will have a bigger group of pacifists who know about jews and a bigger group of people who sit and type for our race. Sitting and typing. And some are walking and talking for our race, too. MEANWHILE —

The jews continue to steal through banking; lie through media; oppress through government’s anti-White laws; poison through so-called foods, drinks, and medicines; and kill through government forces, through jew doctors, through instigated Negroids and Mestizos, and through torturous wrongful imprisonments.

What’s that I hear? Is that a chorus of our self-satisfied bloggers saying that “somebody else” will physically stop all of those genocidal activities against us once “enough Whites” become properly aware?

Well, there we have it, don’t we? “Somebody else” will do it. Which means, “Not me.” And there, also, is every weakminded person’s excuse: “If the mighty bloggers can wait for ‘somebody else,’ so can I.”

And there, if you are a “nonviolence” numbnut, is your endgame. Flawed. Certain to fail.

History is not made that way.

History is not made by words.

As the jews wage their war on us, our words don’t stop anything.

Physical action — force, violence — is required.

Let’s take a little skim through history:

  • Martin Luther,
  • Henry Ford,
  • Charles Lindbergh,
  • GLK Smith,
  • Douglas MacArthur,
  • John Beaty,
  • George Lincoln Rockwell,
  • William Luther Pierce,
  • Revilo Oliver,
  • Eustace Mullins,
  • and now —


All of them, above, offered news and education, and a few offered organizing for more news, education, and peacenicking. And they all died under an ever-growing enemy population of jews, and they all left our White population worse off than when they started.

We cannot win if we leave all of the enemy jews alive, in place, in control, and breeding more enemy jews.

They are deliberately killing us — some killed quickly, most killed slowly — and our response is marshmallows?


We kill animals to eat. We must kill the enemy to LIVE.

If you are an 80-year-old man or a particularly weak woman, then you are excused from heroic action. But you must urge the only effective solution. Especially if you are in the USA, there’s really no excuse for not using “free speech” the same way the jews, negroids, mestizos, arabs, and others do. They use “free speech” to say the White race must die. They say “kill Whitey.” They say we must be “destroyed.” And they openly praise members of their race who kill Whites.

So, if you are old and/or weak, do your part by urging all able-bodied fellow Whites to kill jews — carefully, efficiently, and covertly, of course. See advice linked at the bottom of this website, such as this linked article.

My fellow able-bodied Whites: Here’s our endgame, our true solution. We kill jews. We smile at how easy it is. We walk in silent pride. We know that every killed jew is undeniable progress.

We know that, thanks to us, the tide will turn.

We know Whites Will Win.

Dear Students: What Is “White Privilege”?

Dear Students of all ages: What Is “White Privilege”?

The New York Times has one of its top stories, right now as I type this, about “White Privilege.” Here’s what it looks like on the website:

This is a screenshot of the New York Times website 22 Feb. 2015.

This is a screenshot of the New York Times website 22 Feb. 2015.

There are many ways we can analyze and expose the concept of “White Privilege.” I will introduce a few of them here. I will be brief. Your own open-minded thought will be required if you care to boost your own knowledge and thereby, eventually, your own wisdom.

First, I ask a simple question that I will not immediately answer.

Do White people own the New York Times?

The New York Times has been owned by the same extended family since 1896. If you think that the owners are White, then here’s food for thought: WHY would the owners of the mighty NYTimes be leaders in pushing the concept of “White Privilege” and convincing their readers that “White Privilege” is an awful thing?

Second, let’s do one of the simplest and most effective tests ever invented for the exposure of lies (or for the confirmation of truth). That test is REVERSAL.

So, we are told that “White Privilege” exists in the USA and it’s a wrong, racist, awful thing. For the moment, let’s not argue it.

In the Congo, or Nigeria, or Zimbabwe, etc., is their “Black Privilege”? And is it a wrong, racist, awful thing?

In Israel, is there “Jew Privilege”? And is it a wrong, racist, awful thing?

In Japan, is there “Asian-Japanese Privilege”? And is it a wrong, racist, awful thing?

Let me offer a little conclusion for this REVERSAL section. If a people of one race invent their own country, build it, and defend it, then they will “own” everything in it — as they should. It’s their country. To label their ownership as “Privilege” would be an insult. Actually, worse than that.

Do you agree or disagree?

Third, I know what many readers are thinking: “But the USA is not a one-race country! The USA was established for liberty and justice FOR ALL races in one big happy family!

Yeah, I believed that, too. For a few decades I believed that because it was taught to me since kindergarten — when I didn’t even know what the heck the meaning of those words were that I was being made to memorize and repeat every single day at school.

I had to study history, I had to read the old books by true Founding Fathers and others in order to overcome that school-forced mind-poison. But you don’t want a history lesson now, so I am not going to give one.

Simple and clear thought, such as the REVERSAL above, are all we need to expose the “White Privilege” concept for what it is.

Fourth, let’s consider appropriate privilege. Oh, please, don’t react by thinking that there is no such thing as appropriate privilege. If you are first in line for a concert ticket because you waited the longest, you have the privilege of buying your ticket(s) BEFORE everybody else in line, right? You EARNED the privilege, right?

So, if you buy a house and have children, you have the privilege of deciding who will sleep in which room, right?

In that house, you have the privilege of deciding if anybody from outside your own family can ever enter your house, ever eat in your house, ever sleep in your house. Right?

I hope it is a given, now, that appropriate privilege exists.

The creators, founders, and builders of a country have that privilege. Simple, and correct.

Japan was founded by Japanese. They have that privilege, as they should, in their own country — not in ours.

The founders of the USA were White men. Thomas Jefferson actually put “White men” in one of the laws he wrote about citizenship. Now, I could explain what happened to that, but it would be a history lesson, which I won’t do here. But if you want one, read my historic article about the Secret Convention In Philadelphia linked at the bottom of this website.

Fifth, some examples of appropriate privilege.

Students in high school are taught to oppose some of these ideas, such as the privilege of a teacher to make all decisions in a classroom, and the privilege of parents to make all decisions in the home and family until children reach adult age.

How about a songwriter’s privilege? He or she invented the song, so nobody else has any right to claim ownership of it and to collect any money related to ownership. Right?

Inventor’s privilege. I know, schools are now teaching a load of lies about who invented various things. Those lies are easy to expose. There are many websites offering books and documents published before the schools were pushed into wholesale lying.

Who invented all of the things we really care about? Africans? Arabs? Asians? Jews? Nope. They didn’t invent anything we really care about, from the wheel, to science, tv, computers, radio, airplanes, air-conditioning, the manufacturing processes for everything from steel belt buckles to clear plastic glasses to camera lenses to memory sticks to … whatever you like.

White people invented all of those things. (Other races, especially the Japanese of the Asian race [also known as the Mongoloid race], made useful modifications in White inventions, but the other races didn’t make any of the original inventions.) No, not all White people invented valuable things. Individual, intelligent, analytical, focused, creative White people did. Probably half of our White people can’t invent anything. Now, here, I suppose, I am going too far for some readers. So, let me say just one more sentence about this. A simple, historical difference between the White race and all others is that maybe half of our race can invent valuable things, but zero members of the other races can invent valuable things (as proved by performance throughout history).

Sixth, Who Really Has “Privilege” In The USA?

I think most readers will easily realize that we have been taught wrong about this subject after only a minute of clear thought about it.

If your White parent is looking for a good job, and even when quite qualified for one or more good jobs, does your White parent get hired into a good job?

In general, the answer to that question is No. For anyone who can honestly answer Yes, you are living in a rare location. I am well qualified for journalism jobs and teaching jobs, but since about a dozen years ago, in my mid-40s, nobody will hire me into a good job. They hire nonWhites.

Who has the privilege to criticize Whites in the USA? Everybody does. The government and all big media encourage every kind of criticism against Whites. What happens when Whites point out any negative facts about the other races, such as the Blacks (Negroid/African race) committing 80 percent of violent crime against their own race and other races?

Yes, Whites are attacked for any and all statements of negative truth about any other race. Whites get forced out of our jobs (if we have a job) for merely “free speech” of saying documented facts!

Well, I could go on and on. But the bottom line is that Whites do not have “Privilege” in the country our race invented and built.

The Taboo Conclusion

“But James, are you blind?! Whites own the banks, and Target, and Google, and the NBA, and except for token Black Obama they control the government!”

The owners and controllers of those businesses and institutions are not Whites, but they are people who most often PRETEND to be Whites.

Did you guess that the owners of the New York Times since 1896 have been Whites? Their family was Ochs, and through marriage the family name of ownership has become Sulzberger. They are jews. The jews are not Whites.

Do you see that I am lowercasing their race name now? That’s because I know about them already. Because of their deceit against us — and far worse crimes — I show that I have no respect for them by that small symbolism.

Anyway, all — yes, all — of the city newspapers across the USA are owned by corporations that are owned by jews. Most of those jews are pretending to be Whites. But if you look them up by name and photo, you can easily see that many of them are known jews.

Bank owners? Same story. From the infamous Goldman Sachs to your “local” city or county bank, the true owners are jews. Just as an example, the Cumberland County Bank in little Crossville, Tennessee, is owned by jews. It was founded by a jew doctor named Ivey. He has died, but his son is also a doctor in Crossville and pretending to be White. His name: Donathan “Rebbe” Ivey. People think the “Rebbe” nickname is the Southern “Reb,” but it is the jew “Rebbe.”

Whites control the government? Obama’s mother was a White woman, according to Obama and the government and the New York Times and all of the city newspapers all across the USA. But she was a jew. Name: Stanley Ann Dunham, named after her father, Stanley Dunham, a jew CIA operative set up in the furniture business. Her mother was from a jew banking family. Since Obama’s mother was a jew, Obama is a jew. And that’s why Goldman Sachs bankers and all of the corporate media promoted him into the White House — twice.

What really exists in the USA is “Jew Privilege.” ALL of those people on tv who you think are White and who are talking about “White Privilege” are actually jews. Many are known jews. The rest are secret jews, historically known by the term “crypto-jews.” School doesn’t teach that fact either, does it?


This conclusion is not for the newbies. Newbies cannot grasp the truth of what I am about to say nor the necessity of it. If the fact of Obama’s mother being a jew was news to you, stop reading here now. Here’s a good place to go instead: “One Image”. The following statements will only shock you and lurch you back into the false security of your school-taught thoughts, where Whites are the villains on Earth and the word “jew” cannot be spoken except in Holocau$t sympathy or in praise of their “intelligence” and “success.”

As shown by the New York Times’ ongoing push of the multi-faceted lie of “White Privilege in America” and by all of their fellow jewsmedia’s lies about that and about the true racial face of crimes, and the true racial face of “illegal immigration” (which is really invasion), and the true racial cause of the foreign wars and crimes against humanity, and the true racial cause of the outsourcing of the manufacturing jobs our race invented, and the robbery by banking, and the robbery by deliberate inflation, and the wrongful arrests, false trials, imprisonments, and tortures —

As shown by it all, there is a war against us in our own country. The war is by the jews against us. The war is by the jews using the other races as “immigrants,” as tools, to take our jobs, to beat us, to rob us, to try to take our females and interbreed to cause the destruction of our race.

Here is a jew who teaches — actually teaches — the desire to “abolish” the White race. Does he look like a White man? He is a jew! And that’s why the jewsmedia do not attack him for his extreme hate speech, his extreme racism, his professing in favor of genocide.


Throughout the last 500 years of recorded history, the jews have been known as the Masters Of Deceit, the Masters Of The Lie, the reversers of the truth. But the jewsmedia and their textbooks and teachers simply don’t teach that fact. Instead, they reverse the truth and say that the White race is the villain race on Earth.

The simple truth, as shown by history and current events, is that the jew race will not stop their war against us. History shows that in the face of their lies, murders, and contrived wars for the mass-murder of our race (and other races), peaceful opposition always loses. From Martin Luther’s words until today, words have always failed to stop the jews. From more than 100 historical peaceful expulsions of jews from European countries until today, expulsion always failed.

It is a simple fact that the sure way to stop the jews is to do to them what they are doing to us. They are killing our race. We must kill them.

We don’t have control of our country’s armed forces, so we cannot use them, for now. What can we do?

We can, each of us, covertly, telling no one, go out and kill individual jews wherever we so choose. We can do so as easily, but more safely, than the violent Negroes and other vile nonWhites who “Knock Out” and beat, rape, and kill Whites and get away with it.

For advice, start with “THE BEST” article linked at the bottom of this website.

The jews and their dupes are on nearly every website in articles and comments saying it is hopeless, saying we must not “stoop” to violence, saying that no one person can make a difference. Why? Because if Whites stay nonviolent, jews win. It is as simple as that.

We are the inventors. We are the skilled hunters. We are the problem-solvers. And we are the heroes of true history — then, and now.

Every single kill of a jew is a heroic deed. Every killed jew is a jew who can no longer operate against us, can not grow up to operate against us, can not breed any more enemy jews against us.

Our heroic deeds are the seeds for a growing White Wave.

Join us, in silence, in heroism, in pride.

Join us, ultimately, in Victory.

Whites Will Win.

One Image. One Mind-Cracking Message. a.

One Image.

An image of the actual front page of this newspaper, March 1933.

An image of the actual front page of this newspaper, March 1933.

A war actually starts when one group or country declares war or when an act of war is deliberately committed.

As anyone can see by the authentic image of that newspaper frontpage (and many other images of events, especially in New York City) from 1933, “Jews” of the world declared war on Germany in 1933.

But the government and all of the big media say that World War 2 began six years later, in 1939, and that Germany started it.

That is as simple, undeniable, and mind-cracking of a message as can be.

Any of my fellow Americans or fellow Whites around the world who are not self-poisoning their minds into a stupor ought to be able to absorb that simple message.

We have all gone through the process that begins with a mind-cracker like that. We welcome you. We are the ever-growing, mostly silent, widespread population of Americans who will win.


James T. Laffrey

* email address is at the bottom of the right column

S.I. Swimsuit Cover jew

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover jew 2015

What are the top two reasons I am doing an article on this?

  1. For the clicks.
  2. To put the vital truth in the faces of guys who otherwise would never read this website or related sites.

Yeah, actually those are two parts of the one and only reason. Anyway, here you go:


I don’t need anybody to tell me that’s a jew. I know it. I don’t need that jewy name to help me, either. “Hannah” and “Davis.” Yes, very jewy. But I see it in the face, especially the mouth. It’s a jew.

By the way, that picture above bares more near the vagina than jew Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine did when I was a kid. Now, this magazine cover showing the jewess’s shaved pubic precipice will sit in full display on the shelves of bookstores, grocery stores, and mini-marts.

The jews call that progress, of course.

Now, for most visitors to this article, let me give you more of what you came for:


What you’re looking at is the luckiest expression of the White bits of the jews’ mongrel DNA that is currently known to the jew corporation of Sports Illustrated. And that package is presented in the best possible way, with the best possible makeup and lighting and angle and Photoshopping.

Guys, especially the newcomers, no pun intended, I know that you are salivating. As recently as seven years ago, I would have been fully and completely with you. But I have learned, thus I have changed. You don’t yet know enough to be rightly disgusted by this pretend-White seductress glorified by the jewsmedia.

Let me help you with that. One more photo:


Yep. The jew Derek Jeter has been inside that for years. Oh, you didn’t know Jeter (glorified by the jew-owned Yankees baseball corporation) is a jew? Why is that? Because the jews never said so? Well, I’m here for ya’. I have studied jews for six or seven years now, and my record in exposing and naming crypto-jews (that means “secret jews) is unblemished. Undefeated. (Example.)

Aside: I was a shortstop and pitcher as a senior in Engadine High School. It was a short season, partly because of the cold in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My record was 4-0. Undefeated. Our team’s record: League Champion, 1975. Yeah, small school in a league of small schools. Nonetheless, we were the best.

By the way, I also suggest that you don’t wait for the jews to openly admit that they own the Federal Reserve Bank of New York City and the entire anti-American Federal Reserve system. Clue: even the very public chairmen of the board of the Federal Reserve in recent decades have been known jews: currently jewess Janet Yellen, and going backward in time were Benjamin Shalom Bernanke, Paul Volker, and Alan Greenspan. All jews.

Well, maybe that’s enough for the newcomers.

For the veterans who know who jews are, what they do, and what must be done to them, I will end with this:

We have the knowledge, and we have the White willpower. We would love to be one-on-one with Miss Cover jew above for the mere seconds it would take to break that neck with honorable efficiency and stride away in pride, knowing that every dead jew is absolute and undeniable progress toward freeing our people and the rest of humanity from the anti-humans.

Yes, the jews are the anti-humans. Why? Because jews, as a race, are against every other race. That hateful, parasitic, murderous racism is unique on this planet. We will all be better off when we cleanse our country and then the rest of the Earth of that mutant scourge.


James T. Laffrey

Book Review: Herodotus and his ‘Histories’ — Valuable, Flawed, and a Supreme Lesson For Us Right Now

Herodotus, according to this Roman copy of a Greek bust.

Herodotus, according to this Roman copy of a Greek bust.

The History Of Herodotus

also known as ‘The Histories by Herodotus’

A book review by James Laffrey (wwwjames)

This ancient text translated from Greek to English is Valuable, Flawed, and Offers a Supreme Lesson For Us Right Now

WhitesWillWin2014.H.jtl.eSince my previous article (about ancient Troy and enemy jews) mentioned the ancient Greek traveler and writer named Herodotus, it would serve my readers best if I immediately post a brief review of the historic work of Herodotus.

As always, one of the reasons I read and report on these books is so you don’t have to! — if you have neither the time nor inclination.

The writings of Herodotus, who lived in the 400s BCE, are available in different books and editions. The main two are, apparently:

  1. a nearly complete set of 8 volumes, which are loaded with the translator’s and editors’ offerings of background info, footnotes, maps, and whatever.
  2. a 2-volume set, which is relatively small because the added info is pared to minimal. I read this 2-volume set: Vol. 1 pdf. Vol. 2, info page, one click from the pdf. It is a 1936 edition of the original from 1910 published in London.

Both versions are available at for free.

For impatient readers, here’s the brief summation I wrote in my notes upon finishing the set:

This image, from the book, is about the translator. The editor for the publisher in London was E.H. Blakely, who finished his work in 1909.

This image, from the book, is about the translator. The editor for the publisher in London was E.H. Blakely, who finished his work in 1909.

The original histories were written by an intelligent man (Herodotus) who suffered some nonsensical thinking, and these volumes were translated and edited by at least one pro-jew man and at least one man suffering Christ-insanity. Those recent men littered the footnotes — and only the footnotes, we hope — with their Bible-bits and jew pebbles, with most of the jew crumbs not really germane.

I took notes on those jewy intrusions and will give examples in the “Flawed” section below.

Why did I decide to seek, find, and read The Histories Of Herodotus in the first place? This followed naturally from my investigation into The Great Pyramid and then the global pyramid network. (Here is Part 2 of my recent two-part series.) Herodotus visited what we call Egypt and wrote about what he saw and what the Egyptians told him about The Great Pyramid and other pyramids. In some related books and articles I have read (published from the 1800s to today), Herodotus was quoted. I wanted to know if the quotes and indirect statements were correct, and I wanted to know what else Herodotus said about the pyramids and their history.


Here is part of page 178, Vol. 1, on which begins a description of the Great Pyramid. Herodotus was repeating what Egyptians — through translators — told him about history. He also commented on what they told him. Also, he described his personal observations. Here, the footnotes are appropriate and helpful.

Why Valuable?

There are many reasons why our reading of Herodotus can be valuable to us. Some of my top reasons are the following.

We get a sense of the intelligence of Herodotus and the populations he described, such as Greeks, other Whites, and Asians, Arabs, and Africans. Clearly, 2400 years ago, the general intelligence of our race was roughly the same as now. (They didn’t have our great modern inventions, of course, and they didn’t have quick knowledge-sharing by mass communication. Those are the big differences. But their advances led to our advances.)

It is very valuable to keep in mind at all times that Herodotus lived and wrote of grand travels, horrible wars, great victories, honor and shame, wonderful buildings, and important inventions — ALL LONG BEFORE Jesus, Christ, and Christianity were invented. The best among us easily see that our race had no need for the new mind-poison nor did our race gain from the new mind-poison.

It may surprise the reader to know that Herodotus told and retold historical stories that included direct quotes in conversations and included the thought processes and decisions by husbands and wives, rulers and the ruled, generals and combatants. Valuable and interesting.

The superstitions! Such stupidities were no worse nor better than the superstitions that abound today. Many leaders, and countless others, made life-changing decisions based on what the oracles pronounced (a person, unseen, spoke what the supernatural “oracle” wanted spoken, we are to believe). And they made big decisions based on their dreams, and on a variety of other supernatural and subnatural nonsense. I share Thomas Jefferson’s view that dreams are all too often useless, negative, and irritating — certainly not nocturnal advisors.

It is valuable to see for ourselves his errors — if we are sufficiently self-educated by our own reading of great White books. Also, it is valuable to see the limits of his knowledge about the world.

Caution: This map is from wikipedia, which is wiki-jew-pedia. It is useful here to show the limits of Herodotus's knowledge of the world beyond the region of the Mediterranean Sea.

Caution: This map is from wikipedia, which is wiki-jew-pedia. It is useful here to show the limits of Herodotus’s knowledge of the world beyond the region of the Mediterranean Sea. He wrote of knowing a slight bit about trade by ships outside the Pillars Of Hercules (at Gibraltar, the strait between Spain and Africa). He knew sailors had gone around what we call the African continent, but he knew nothing of its extent and shape.

This map, with its paragraph of text, is better for details and accuracy but not so novice-friendly.

This map, with its paragraph of text, is better for details and accuracy but is not so novice-friendly.

Fun fact. This relates to his lack of knowledge about the Atlantic Ocean and all things beyond. On page 290 of Vol. 1, while Herodotus gives us some secondhand news, he directly says the following, joined in progress:

“… an island called by the Greeks Erytheia, near Gades, which is
beyond the Pillars of Hercules upon the Ocean. Now some
say that the Ocean begins in the east, and runs the whole way
round the world; but they give no proof that this is really so.”

(Note: The translator tells us in a footnote that the island was, or was at, what we call Cadiz, Spain, which is not far outside Gibraltar, maybe 70 miles by sea.)

We know that during the late Bronze Age about 600 years before Herodotus, the prime source for essential tin to mix with copper to make bronze was what we call England, thus a prime trade destination. Why didn’t the well educated, well traveled Greek Herodotus know that?

Well, I can think of four strong possibles in answer to that. Can you?

In regard to his mention of the Ocean, he knew the world is “round,” but I wonder what he would have credited as “proof” that the Ocean “runs the whole way round.”

Why Flawed?

As I stated in my previous article, Herodotus was wrong about the location of ancient Troy. (Whether Iman Jacob Wilkens is right or wrong, we reasonably know ancient Troy was not in Turkey and not near Greece.) Thus, Herodotus was wrong in his identification of the subrace(s) of Whites, and perhaps others involved, who fought the very important Trojan War. This turns large parts of his narratives upside-down and inside-out.

I would like to add that his work is flawed in some of his statements and conclusions that were products of his superstitions. However, in his defense, Herodotus displayed his superstitions for us to see and judge accordingly. In the same way, I tell everybody that I believe in no religion nor anything definable as superstition, thus readers can gain more or less trust in my writings based on their own current mindsets.

Now, I promised examples of the jewy intrusions by the translator and/or the editor(s).

This footnote is from page 165 of Volume 1.

This footnote is from page 165 of Volume 1.

The footnote, above, mentions jews when jews were not at all involved in the narrative by Herodotus. The footnote intrudes with jews and portrays the jews as peaceful souls who became victims, “forced” to work “like … prisoners of war.” In fact, none of the 17 footnotes injecting the jews into these two books mentions any of the crimes jews committed before anybody punished them. And that has been the norm from jew-owned and dupe-owned publishing houses and media to this day.

This image is a snapshot from page 318.

This image is a snapshot from page 318.

The footnote immediately above is about an uncommon marriage practice. Herodotus has a brief passage about a murdered king whose son succeeded him on the throne and married one of his father’s widows. The footnote intrudes with jews. Throughout the two volumes, the footnotes do not intrude repeatedly with facts or fancies about any other particular race. So, why the repeated intrusions about jews? We know why: It is of ignorance or enemy complicity by the translator, editor, and/or publisher.

What is the Supreme Lesson?

ALL peaceful people become slaves to the aggressors. The slavery is physical or economic — or both.

Herodotus did not say those two sentences above. I said them. My conclusion springs from the abundant evidence provided by Herodotus and by all of the other histories I have read and by current events around the world and in our country.

Right now, the mind-poisoned White population of our country is almost completely subdued in economic slavery. Millions are unemployed because the jews have exported White inventions (machines and the factories that house them) to nonWhite countries. Millions are underemployed, working part-time jobs for poverty pay because the good jobs were exported or were given — GIVEN — to nonWhite invaders.

The owners of the big companies are jews. The owners of the banking system, including the Federal Reserve corporation, are jews.

Whites are blocked from nearly all high and lucrative positions and are blocked from ownership of major companies and other major assets. Most of us cannot even afford to buy and own a house anymore. That’s because of the jews, and they have done it deliberately.

That is economic slavery.

Of course, it is also physical slavery to have to do work for less than a reasonable amount of pay. It’s not exactly the same as cotton-picking slavery of old, but it is a kind of slavery because it is deliberately done by one group of people to another group of people.

In the USA, it is deliberately done by jews to all other races but especially to our White race, which is the only race in the USA whose health and prosperity is of significant interest to me.

The jews need to be killed. And the other races need to be expelled by any means we choose.

In the future, history books will say we were “a cancer on humanity that was rightly exterminated” by the jews, or history books will say we heroically exterminated the true cancer on humanity for the good of ourselves and all other races to live in our own countries and prosper according to our own abilities.

We kill the jews right now so that we will be the victors who write that truthful history.