At What Point Should ‘Somebody’ Act?

My Fellow White Men And Women:

Whites Will Win! — sooner, if you join us silent heroes in reducing the primary enemy population, which means any and every jew.

  • Step one: Starting now, tell no one of your intentions. See effective advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website.

Cleanup, 7 May 2015: Nigger Riots; April 20th Birthday; Enemy SCOTUS

Note: This — and all “Cleanup” posts — is the republishing of items that recently were in the righthand column. This archives the items for ease of searching and quoting.



Sadly, jewry’s deceits worked on me until after I turned 50 years old. Please let me help you not take so long to overcome their unceasing lies.


NIGGER RIOTS, Again And Again: What Do They Tell You?

The Nigger riots tell me that we must kill them as secondary enemies behind the jews.

For good articles on the Baltimore riots, see here and here.

I was 9 nine years old when the nigger riots of 1967 in Detroit raged 18 miles from our family’s house in Mount Clemens. I was around 50 years old when I first saw that President Thomas Jefferson said the low-IQ violence-prone Apefrican race was incapable and unfit to live under our government. And I was about 54 years old when I finally completed enough research to realize who had made sure I would never learn that truth in school nor by watching any mass media.

The jews have censored our history. The jews always have and currently do enable, instigate, and facilitate the organized riots by the Negroids wrongly allowed to squat in our White-founded White-built country. The jews prevent the proper punishment from being applied, thus ensuring that riots and Black Blight forever and increasingly encroach against our White race. Meanwhile, the jews increasingly live in penthouses, in their self-policed sections of major cities, in gated communities.

We must kill, first and foremost, the jews. Yes, the travel agent on Main Street, the doctor’s children living down the block, every single jew. As always, we must do so covertly, safely, efficiently, and at the time and place of our own choosing.

Secondly, we must kill Negroids.

Thirdly, we must kill the other invaders. Yes, the Mestizos, the Arabs, the Asians — all nonWhites.

The only message they surely will understand is death. For example, I know from experience that when an Asian student is killed in the USA, that news spreads like wildfire in the home country, and they begin to fear coming here. I saw this both in Japan and Vietnam.

When that message comes with this one: Whites are taking their country back!, those races will stop coming here, and most of those who are here will flee.

Get to work.

We Whites don’t riot. And we don’t “fight.” We kill. The time is now. All of the bad will get worse — as we have seen throughout our lifetimes — unless we stop it. The one Solution, the right and true Solution, is that we kill all enemies, all invaders. We take our country back, once and for all.

  • Be sure to see the vital advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website, and follow the appropriate aspects of that advice that will keep you free to walk in silent heroic pride and strike again and again.



Adolf Hitler. Born in 1889. He wanted to be a peaceful artist, or architect, but was forced into defending his White nation from International Jewry (the inflictors of Communism and Capitalism, two sides of the same radioactive coin). He rose to become a great leader.

What Adolf Hitler didn’t do, but should have, is order the mass-extermination of the jews. The jews, though, did mass-murder Whites by the tens of millions, as all of the best of us know already, thanks to the White documentation of the truth about history.

Justice shall be done, finally, once and for all to the jews. Justice shall be done by us, as we will not repeat the mistake of Hitler’s mercy to the anti-humans.


“If you believe that you must be free, then recognize that nothing will give you freedom but your own sword.”

— Adolf Hitler



“The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday (30 March 2015) left intact an appeals court ruling that school officials in California did not violate the free speech rights of students by demanding they remove T-shirts bearing images of the U.S. flag at an event (in 2010) celebrating the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo.”

jewsmedia source link.

So, this precedent means that White Americans (the only kind of Americans) cannot wear an image of the American Flag at any event in America where any nonWhites claim to be offended by a symbol of the country that gives the invaders everything they have.

Of course, the Mexicans shouldn’t be here at all. And when we kill enough of them, they will get the message and flee.

Meanwhile, SCOTUS is a fully jew-infested enemy of us all, and all of them must get the death penalty for their crimes (the above decision actually being one of their lesser crimes) against us.

Fellow heroes: If the opportunity comes — at a school lecture, or resort, wherever — strike.


  • Budding heroes: First advice, tell no one. Second advice, read “THE BEST” and other articles linked at the bottom of this site. We Whites Will Win.

Jade Helm Operation and The Solution

What is the Jade Helm military operation, really? We have conflicting and absurd reports from various supposedly independent jewsmedia and from other jew-controlled sources, including a few pretending to be pro-White. So, let’s cut through the crap as best we can.

A few days ago (late April 2015), I wrote to a strong military contact of mine who is an ally in our pro-White anti-jew struggle. Here are our two emails, slightly edited. wrote:

Hi, [name removed].

I hope all’s well with you (under the circumstances).

Question for you: What do you make of the Jade Helm uproar?

My guess is that it’s basically a real military operation but not much different from what they’ve already done for a long time — that is, illegal military actions here at home. Beyond that, I think the fear & terror hype is just that, serving as yet another capital-D Distraction.

I find it easy to offer that opinion because the hype has a few different branches (such as uses for the closed WalMarts, and the absurdity of the supposed hiring of hundreds or thousands of civilians who would have to pass security clearances), and these branches seem to source back to jews.

But I wasn’t in the military, so I seek your superior take on it.

– James

Our ally’s reply:

Hello … James,

Jade Helm is just another Domestic terrorist/martial law exercise/training operation by our military. I believe it is just another jew-run conditioning operation to let the American people get used to seeing the military in their communities and states. Basically people will get comfortable with seeing military equipment and troops block roads, search homes and vehicles without anything happening under the guise of “training” for the peoples’ sake in case we are attacked! It is all programming and preparation!

I have been watching the intel communities I belong to and seeing a lot of military (mostly Veteran) disgust with these lies! We know what is coming and hate seeing the … sheep fall into the trap!

My opinion is that the zionist jew-run government of ours is starting the distinctive takeover process of removing civil liberties with MSM promoting the training crap! I was at Fort [name removed] … on base and a few soldiers told me they were asked what type and how many weapons their family members had at home!!!!

A lot of it is a distraction and I will be waiting for reports on what color or nationality the soldiers appear to be as well. I know that the standard in the past has been mostly U.S. equipment but I have seen photos of a shitload of ferrets and other APC type of equipment on trains being moved in the nation’s interior! I will keep you informed to any first hand intel coming to me on this.

I am sure what I know is just a small part of the jewbies plan for us in the end but we will prevail and destroy them this time!!!

[Signed, name removed]

The Solution

The military has no right to conduct operations within the USA that affect us citizens in any way. Local and state police are the only entities that have limited rights for limited operations that affect us as we are not under arrest nor under specified suspicion.

I hope you are scoffing. The above paragraph is more or less technically correct EXCEPT that every president signs orders saying the country is in a state of emergency, thus giving them the supposedly legal freedom to take away all of our freedoms. For anybody who knows anything about Ruby Ridge and Waco, those events showed that the central government is our enemy and will kill us, our wives, and our children at any time they please, by sniper fire, by gas, by firebombs. And none of the government’s killers get punished, none of them, from the wife-killing sniper on up to the head of the FBI and the crypto-jew president.

When the government breaks the law every day, there is no law, and there is no legitimate government.

This has been true since long, long, long before the central government’s sniper on Ruby Ridge murdered Randy Weaver’s wife as she stood outside their house holding their baby in her arms. And since then, we’ve had the jew atrocity of 9/11, the little wars to kill anybody but jews, the jew-instigated and facilitated riots by the stupid violent enemy negroes, the constant robbing of us by jew-owned banks, the terror hoaxes and false trials (such as that recently in Boston) used as pretext to inflict martial law on us, and so very much more, including the millions of “undocumented immigrants” — which are illegal aliens which are INVADERS plain and simple — that continue to be invited into our country and GIVEN housing and money and jobs all for the jews’ purpose of taking everything we have and wiping out our White race.

It’s all against the “law” as any decent White person would define the law based on the CONstitution. Yes, capital CON. For readers yet unaware of that, this historic article is a necessary read.

The government is warring on us. Ours is the race who founded and built this country — a feat that NONE of the other races have even approached because they are genetically (by DNA) incapable of it. But they are perfectly willing to sponge off of us, and many of them are perfectly willing to kill us to keep on spongeing. And the jews, by DNA, know nothing but deceit by all means possible to take control, and take, and kill, and take, and kill, and take, until all is wrecked and most if not all of the original population is dead. And then the jews, as the rats they are, swim from the foundered ship to the next victim population. The jews are never satisfied, no matter how much they take, no matter how many millions they kill. They said they needed a country so they could then stop their infiltrations and destructions, so in 1948 they finished enough deceit and terror and mass-murder to take control of Arab land and call it “Israel.” But the jews don’t go there to rule themselves and leave us be. Their Israel is only a sanctuary for their international criminals and for their open, blatant sexual abuse of girls and boys they have stolen from around the world.

The jews are the problem. The jews are the enemy of all of humanity, and especially so of our great White race because ours is the only race proved by historical performance capable of destroying jewry once and for all. That’s why jews are flooding our White countries with nonWhites, not the other way around. Destruction of our race is the jews’ first priority.

We must destroy them first.

Can we? Oh yes, Of Course We Can.

If every ignorant POS who has said “We Can’t” had killed just one jew, we would have won already or would be well on our way to Victory. But ignorance abounds, fueled by the mind-poison of Christ-insanity (the maker of jew-loving MEEKtards), and fueled by the mind-poisons delivered by tv, movies, textbooks, songs, and government lies.

No matter. We don’t need “the masses.” Right now, we only need us. We are the silent heroes whose kills send the message to jews and all other invaders that WE WHITES ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK! And most of them will flee. Meanwhile, our hesitant heroes will follow our lead. Yes, many veterans, many deer hunters, many sport shooters, and other true White Americans will rise in our wake.

Everywhere, jews will drop from our snipers, drop from balconies, drop from bridges, fall in front of trains, succumb to broken necks in unguarded moments anytime, anyplace, all across America.

Nothing can stop us. Not militarized police. Not martial law. Increased oppression will only fuel our fire and hasten the final Race War to end all wars.

You see, with the jews, it has always been Race War. But with us, with our duped ancestors, it was never Race War. We always fought the wrong kind of war — which in modern times has always been war in which Whites have been duped by jews to kill anybody but jews.

So, the jews called World War 1 “The war to end all wars.” But of course, it was only a set-up for World War 2, yet another war for duped Whites to kill Whites (the great Whites of Germany, again) and everybody else who got in the way except for jews.

Full Race War is the final war.

Whites Will Win! We will not repeat the mistakes of our ancestors of being merciful and leaving enemies alive to regroup and infiltrate and attack again. We will wipe out all jews. We will take our place atop America and the world again, as we are the only race capable of administering World Peace with the other races staying in their own countries except for very limited visitations.

We Whites Will Win!

Join us. Be heroes, earn White Honor, and be rewarded upon final White Victory. See advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website, especially “THE BEST.”

Great White Images


The image above, and nearly all of the images below, are screenshots from the video at this link on the DukeOfDurham channel on YouTube (jewtube). Enjoy! And think. And know what we are “fighting” for when we kill jews and other invaders in our White-founded White-built country.


Even our pro-White writers and vid-makers usually use photos of dark-haired White men. I am not dark-haired. Most true Whites are light-haired. Often, the photos people lift off the Internet are of groups of hired models, most of whom are actually jews. Be careful about that, please.


Beyond “safeguard,” we must take it back. And that means we must kill the enemy invaders. The enemy invaders are (1) all jews, and (2) all other nonWhites.




That’s a classic, above, making the double-standard against us so very clear. The jews have conditioned the other races and most of our own race to wrongly think exactly that way — and in our own country! The jews were able to do that by deceitfully taking ownership of all big media and control of the government. For those who say, “But Obama is not a jew, he’s a Negroid piece of shit,” I offer this correction: Right, he’s a piece of shit, but he is also a jew because his mother was a jew. Her name was Stanley Ann Dunham, the daughter of two jews. This info is elsewhere on this site and on a few other valuable sites on the web.


Yep, meanwhile, the jew communities inside our country don’t diversify, and the Chinatowns don’t diversify, and the Little Saigons don’t diversify, etc., etc. And Israel doesn’t diversify (only jews can be citizens there, and the citizen test is by DNA, blood, parentage). And African countries aren’t diversifying. Etc., etc.

Anyway, we really don’t care if they diversify or not. We care about our country, and “diversity” is a jew agenda to genocide our White race in our own country and to wipe out our White race around the world. Why? Because only our race has proved to be capable of stopping and exterminating the anti-humans, the ultimate parasites, from our Earth. Previously, our all-too-lenient and merciful ancestors merely stopped the jews — which never got the job done.

Recent example, Adolf Hitler. He ordered jews to be expelled and many to be put to work, none to be mass-killed. He should have ordered the mass-extermination of all jews, but he didn’t. He thought there were many decent jews. Big mistake. (Fun link: The jew math.)

The jews always re-infected our countries through ever more stealthy, deceitful, murderous means. Now, we know. Full extermination is the only effective and true Solution.


The above image is an example of the jewsmedia’s relentless bombardment of us with their lies and mind-poisons about race and false “White guilt.” We are guilty of nothing. The jews and the other races are guilty of attacking us and spongeing off of us. We don’t go to their countries and take their jobs and demand welfare and “equal rights” and special privileges. But they are doing it here, and they will continue to do it until we are wiped out — unless we kill them. It will be easier than you think. When we kill enough of them, most of the others will get the message and flee.


That comment is from the website. It’s a strong and popular site, though the owner and most commenters are infected with the mind-poison Christianity, thus they remain Meek-ified, like they’re waiting for Jeeezuss to come save them. Hey, numbskulls, your savior committed suicide! He gave himself up to be killed! Anyway, the whole thing is fiction. It’s jew-written mind-poison well-designed to exploit the weakness in most Whites that is our “compassion gene,” so to speak. Our compassion is a strength when it is for our own kind but is a weakness when our compassion is for jews and other invaders and spongers.


The right attitude. This is what prevents the problem in the first place. After the problem exists, this is what stops the invasions. This is what reverses the flow.

Shooting, as is urged in the image, is quick and gratifying. But for many of us, shooting involves too much evidence. Alternative methods are many, including safe and silent methods leaving no evidence at all. See advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website, starting with “THE BEST.”

For starters: the simple, effective stranglehold; the push downstairs into a cement wall; the push off of a high floor or bridge. Think. Tell no one. Go on a dry run. Enjoy it. Do it.

We are the heroes who will write the next history books.

Local Recall: MarquetteJam Exposes an Infestation of Crypo-jews

Local Recall:
MarquetteJam Exposes an Infestation of Crypto-jews
in Marquette, Michigan

Recently I had the honor and the horror of viewing a set of my own publications of 12 years ago.

One of my favorite covers, this is of Mark Hamari. I like to think he is a White man. I praised him as the best rock-band frontman in Marquette.

One of my favorite covers, this is of Mark Hamari for the “Happy New Year” edition 2004. I like to think he is a White man. I praised him as the best rock-band frontman in Marquette. You can see that my columnist Jim Stedman, a crypto-jew, wrote “About Bob” — the Bob being, of course, jew Bob Dylan. At that time, I was as ignorant of jews as a bar of soap or a lamp shade.

In Marquette, Michigan, on the shore of the great Lake Superior, I created and almost singlehandedly produced a weekly entertainment magazine celebrating the impressive variety of “live arts”* in that small university town, especially the music scene. I called the magazine “MarquetteJam” and produced it for 12 consecutive weeks. It was a social success and a financial failure.

At the time, and for several years afterward, I could not figure out the cause of such a dichotomy. Now, of course, this website is devoted to the extermination of that cause.

So, it was with pleasure that I reviewed the good work I had done back then. And it was with disgust that I recognized the many crypto-jews pretending to be Whites who I had featured and otherwise praised in my publication.

Now, I shall list those crypto-jews about which I have no reasonable doubt. Others I may list with mention of my slight doubt. Surely there are other crypto-jews who will escape exposure here because I have too much doubt to render that judgment.

The masthead of my MarquetteJam, issue 1Jan2004.

The masthead of my MarquetteJam, issue 1Jan2004. Every week, except for the final week, I filled the slot for  “Advertising Staff” with the name of a dead famous musician, for fun. I, alone, was the advertising staff.

By the way, the Marquette city library, called the Peter White Public Library, had requested and received from me a complete set of my MarquetteJams when I ceased publication. If they are still there, readers may see that there are photos with many of these names. Of course, once the jews get the word that I have done this, they very likely will withdraw and/or steal the collection and destroy it. Such theft and destruction of White documents in libraries has been a jew constant across our country since public libraries were first established. Yes, yet another crime for which the jews shall be punished.

The List, issue by issue in chronological order

Nov. 6, 2003

  • Ali Thebert, 17. Daughter of an apparently Scandinavian mother, so the divorced and departed father Thebert must be the jew. As a teen, despite being bright, all her humor was copied from jew sources (tv, etc.), and she sowed decadence with her teen pals including a homo jew. She was taken under the wing of a crypto-jew in town — Theo McCracken, named below — and then went to Chicago for years, then returned to Marquette as an employed “environmentalist” to be controlled opposition to the pro-mining side in the area for the jew-owned international behemoth Rio Tinto. Jason Schneider, the coffeehouse jew described below, became a pro-mining mouthpiece. You see? Schneider and Thebert had been crypto-jew friends, and after some years they become the sham combatants in a false public debate, part of which I witnessed in 2012, with a planned outcome favorable to the jew agenda.
  • Kris Shirtz, a high school trombone player, has an older brother also musical named Michael, both sons of Jim and Cheryl Shirtz.
  • Jim Stedman, who I invited to be the lone columnist for every issue. A singer-songwriter-guitarist, pretended to be “pro-Palestinians,” and I think had ownership in a “Christian” bookstore. Children named Sarah and Micah. And that’s not all. Quite a crypto. Last I knew, he moved to Colorado. I tried to email with him, but when I approached the topic of Palestinians and jews, he went stone-cold silent.

Nov. 13, 2003

  • Jason Schneider (mentioned above), who I exposed in a previous article along with former Northern Michigan University (NMU) English Dept. head James Schiffer. (Here is that article, and here is a followup.) Schneider had arrived in Marquette as a university student and opened a coffeehouse he named “EmmaJoes” after the jew communist international criminal Emma Goldman, and I don’t recall which “Joe” or “Joes,” perhaps Josef Stalin was one of the Joes. Yeah, he was enshrining infamous jew criminals right in our ignorant faces. I remember an NMU professor friend of mine once mentioned half of that info as we drank coffee and chatted with Schneider. The prof never said “jew,” though, and he never again mentioned anything about that subject to me. The coffeehouse promoted live alternative music but also dreadlocks, tattoos, piercings, jewed politics, jewed half-assed “protests,” and other poisons against White honor and White culture.
  • Ian Zender, a curly-haired violinist, university sophomore, from a musical family.

Nov. 20, 2003

  • Meagan Reasoner, saxophone player, NMU student.

I would like to name four more, but there’s that doubt thing.

Nov. 27, 2003

  • Pete Schindler and his family band Sneaky Peat, with wife Cathy and kids Katy and Simon.
  • Tret Fure, singer songwriter guitar-player looks like a butch dyke (strong female homo).

And if you look at this issue, you’ll be surprised I didn’t name more.

Dec. 4, 2003

  • Jim Cohen, drummer in the Flat Broke Blues Band.
  • Justin Worsham, guitarist in a band called “säh.”

Dec. 11, 2003

  • Michael T. Schuller, with a bit of doubt. Played guitar, bass, and sang in a revolving-door band called Room To Move.

Dec. 18, 2003

  • The white patch is glare from my quick flash-photo of the cover.

    The real name of the scum jew “Fast Eddie” is at left. The white patch is glare from my quick flash-photo of the cover.

    Eddie “Fast Eddie” Consolmagno, harmonica-playing blues icon, also was part of the old punk scene with a band called “Plan 9 From Hell.” It’s hard to stomach it, but look at the cover photo at right — as jewy-looking as Howard f’n Stern.

  • Ana Geiselman, a 7-year-old piano student. Slight doubt. But that name. Now, she would be about 19.
  • Tom Vajda and Greg Sandel, slight doubt, two members of the band Plaid Billy Goats.

Dec. 25, 2003

Repeats, and otherwise significant doubt about a few.

Jan. 1, 2004

  • Mike Cohen, guitarist and bassist in The Amnesians band.

And a few in doubt, as usual.

Jan. 8, 2004

  • Josh Ploof, with doubt, but that name says “jew” and his picture supports the educated guess.

If you look at this issue, you might be surprised that I’m not identifying any of the women as jews.

Jan. 15, 2004

You have to wonder about Les Ross Jr., who looked jewy. After Jr. met an early death, his father identified himself to me as “seven-eighths Finnish and one-eighth Swede,” and his wife (Les Ross Jr.’s mother) as “half” American Indian and “part English and Scotch.” If the Indian part is true, I’ll say he’s not a jew. If the Indian part was a lie to cover for jew, then he was a jew. Les Ross Jr. had two daughters named Jessica Ross and Kristine Sheline, with grandchildren through Kristen Sheline named Griffen and Amelia.

Jan. 29, 2004

  • Isabel Edgell, with doubt, but who volunteered to be my advertising staff for what turned out to be the final issue. She had the experience and connections for success, yet didn’t sell a single ad. In hindsight, it looked like deliberate sabotage. Now, it still looks like deliberate sabotage and with a clear cause.
  • Theo McCracken, owner and operator of Dead River Coffee, a coffeeshop and a roasted-bean wholesaler. He has two sons, Cass and Alex, one of whom is a homo — such a common mutation among the jews. One of the ways McCracken outed himself to me was his knowing that Cahodas, the namesake of the admin building of Northern Michigan University, was a jew. This was after I told him that Jason Schneider (described above) was a crypto-jew but before I said anything of my suspicions about Cahodas from Marquette history. Other evidence is plenty but need not be poured forth here.

Other suspects but not named because of the usual doubt.

That ends the 12-issue run of the magazine.

* “live arts.” Actually, little if any of it was art. It was craft but not art. A work of craft that rises to the level of “art,” as I have defined it in previous articles, must successfully express or embody what the artist intended to express for the purpose of educating, improving, or otherwise helping his or her race. Of course, I speak of White artists for the White race, my only concern.

More Marquette jews

Not mentioned in the magazine but in need of exposure are other jews:

  • David Boyd, a diseased jew in a wheelchair yet active in the community. In my previous ignorance, I had thought him a friend. In 2012, I met with him and his Asian live-in caretaker, and I said if I ever learned another language I would choose German. He attacked the choice and the German people, citing the infamous jew hoax the “Holocaust.” I replied that the Holocaust “never happened,” and I asked him if he were “jewish.” He admitted it — from his mother’s side of the family, he said.

Marquette General Hospital, like nearly any hospital in the USA, is infested with jews, most of whom will never tell Whites that they are jews, thus they are “crypto-jews,” meaning “secret jews.” Just looking at the hospital’s list of providers/physicians at this link,, shows the following names immediately identifiable as likely jews:

  • Aaron Philip Scholnik, M.D. (very jewy name, somewhat jewy photo)
  • Bobby Z Joseph, M.D. (looks jew, interned at the jew Sinai-Grace Hospital, studied medicine in India and so likely pretends to be an Indian)
  • David C Shahbazi, M.D. (jewy name, jew photo, likely pretends to be Arab or even Indian of India)
  • John David Weiss, M.D. (jewy name, inconclusive photo)
  • Jonathan E. Benaknin, D.O. (jew name, jew photo, psychiatry is lousy with jews)
  • Joseph F Brzezinski, M.D. (jewy name, inconclusive photo)
  • Jonathan R. Harbin, M.D. (jewy name, somewhat jewy photo, psychiatry is lousy with jews)
  • Milton D Soderberg, M.D. (jew name, inconclusive photo, did residency at jew Temple University Hospital)
  • Stephanie Wise Grosvenor, D.O. (jewy name especially “Wise”, jew photo)

This kind of search-and-expose action can be done successfully on every public and private institution where photos and/or useful details are offered. Look at administration members, board members, doctors/professors, staff, lawyers, etc. Do it before the jews respond to too much exposure by deleting photos and details, and before they further “Americanize” their names.

Expose jews! Expel jews — permanently.

As always, see “THE BEST” and other important advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website.

Of Course We Can

We can’t wipe out millions of vermin because why? Because there are too many of them?

Buffalo-herd.eRemember the buffalo. They were not vermin, yet they were wiped out. They would have gone extinct if not for a last-minute effort to save some. There were millions of buffalo (officially “bison”) across much of our North American continent. Big, strong animals. We didn’t want them to be wiped out, yet they were — by a combination of jew-owners of railroads wanting them out of the way, and the mass-slaughter and selling of the meat, hides, and horns. And consider this: Out of the total American population at that time, only a tiny sliver of the male population actually did the killing.

passenger-pigeons.eRemember the passenger pigeons. “The most abundant bird in North America.” They were wiped out. All dead. Extinct. Early Americans wrote stories of the flocks darkening the skies. There were millions upon millions of passenger pigeons across America. And then a large portion of the population decided to eat them. Men and boys killed them everywhere. They were eaten at home or sold by the dozens to restaurants and food distribution companies. It didn’t take very long, and they were all gone.

What if we wanted to wipe out deer? There are millions of deer in the USA, from white-tailed deer flourishing across the North to mule-deer in the Southwest. We have limited deer hunting seasons and bag limits to prevent inadvertent extinction. Let’s say we decided to kill them all, and as part of the incentive plan we would forgo half of our beef and pork intake and replace it with venison. How long would it take our millions of armed hunters to wipe out deer? One year, perhaps two years, to kill the bulk of the population. And one more year to mop up. If any eluded our hunters, they would find nobody to breed with, and the species would go extinct.

Of course we can wipe out the jews.

All jews, including their next generation of porn moguls, bankers, insurors, media liars, politicians, generals, doctors, actors, singers, lawyers, teachers, drug pushers, protest organizers, anti-White parade leaders, etc.

All jews, including their next generation of porn moguls, bankers, insurors, news liars, politicians, generals, doctors, actors, singers, lawyers, teachers, drug pushers, protest organizers, anti-White parade leaders, etc.

What have the jews done to us? Let me just skim the surface of their crimes against White humanity. The wars they brought about for the killing of Whites: the “Civil” War, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, the ongoing Middle East wars. Domestically, the jew bankers caused the “Great” Depression to impoverish and starve millions of Americans. The jews have poisoned vaccines causing wave after wave of disease and death through generation after generation — including but not limited to polio and autism. The jew-directed militarized police are killing us in ones, twos, families, and groups. The jews did 9/11, killing more than two thousand directly and more indirectly. The jews are kidnapping and trafficking White children for sex slavery, ritual killings, and organ theft. The jews are encouraging the negroes (especially the negroes), mestizos, arabs, and asians to rape and murder Whites while the jewsmedia shun reporting on that pandemic and instead focus on rare White crimes and a slew of terror hoaxes to try to take away our guns.

Wipe them out? Of course we can. We only need our wise, heroic, White MEN — that’s us — to do it. Once we get the ball rolling, we will be joined by thousands more who we will have inspired. Those thousands are not mentally strong enough to lead, but they will follow. We have millions of hunters, millions of military veterans, millions of sport shooters, many of whom will follow once we have clearly shown the way. (Supplementary incentives are: We keep the cash from those we bag. When jew-government breakdown sets in, we keep the assets such as cars, houses, jewelry, etc., of the jews we bag.)

We Whites Will Win.

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