It bears repeating that human food is:

  • fresh meat
  • fresh vegetables
  • fresh fruit
My graphics from previous sites are gone, so I got this "Paleo Pyramid" image from a simple web search. It's a  useful image.

My graphics from my previous websites are gone, so I got this “Paleo Pyramid” image from a simple web search. It’s a useful image. But berries ought to be included in the “Fruits” section. It’s ok to have a nuts and seeds section, but it ought to be much smaller. The main three sections of meat, veg, and fruit ought to be about equal in size, with their final proportions up to each of us. Notice: Admirably, this pyramid has no “bread/grains/cereals” section. The Nuts” section includes a tiny space for seeds — just right.

That just about covers it. Cook them, or not, to suit yourself. Proportions of each to the other is up to you. Our White race became a strong, successful, inventive, globe-dominating race by eating meat, vegetables, and fruit. We have fallen, partly because of self-poisoning through eating and drinking the 80 percent crap in grocery stores.

If you want to be a healthy useful member of our White race instead of a fat medicated burden, then eat meat, vegetables, and fruit every time you’re hungry.


  1. What about eggs? I call them “liquid meat,” and they fit in the meat category.
  2. What about cheese and other dairy? Eat cheese if you want, but keep it minimal because it is not in the three human food groups above.
  3. Drink? Water.
  4. Where does our oh so precious gotta-have-it bread fit in? It doesn’t.


As I first wrote several years ago (on my website deleted by the jews of, and blew the lid off the “bread/grains/cereals” supposed food group, bread is mostly grass seeds. Yes. Think about it:

Wheat. We don’t eat the green plant. We eat only the seeds of the wheat plant. Scientifically, wheat is a grass, as are rice, barley, corn, and oats. Chemically, wheat seeds are the worst of the grass seeds. The chemicals in the grass seeds bloat and weaken our mucus-membrane cells — from sinuses to anus — thus allowing simple bacteria and viruses to cause sinus infections, runny noses, sore throats, etc., twice and more every year.

Most Americans have been misled into eating grass seeds as a whopping 50 percent of the daily diet! In the morning, toast and cereal, or biscuits and whatever. For lunch, sandwiches and cakes. For supper, pasta, rolls, cake/bread desserts. Plus the crap people eat for snacks.

Instead of those “amber waves of grain” wasting millions of acres of farmland and water, imagine how much actual White human food we could produce on that land.


Why am I writing about this again, now? Two main reasons.

1. This knowledge needs to be front and center in our minds so that we can get healthy, stay healthy, and be strong enough mentally and physically to carry out our White duties for pleasure and honor.

2. I read recently a Consumer Reports magazine, issue May 2016, that offered a big article on food. Title: “A Safer Food Future, Now.” Writer: Eric Schlosser. If you are new to this website, it likely will shock you to have it pointed out that jews own and operate Consumer Reports, and a writer named “Schlosser” is almost certainly a jew, and the jews make it a point to not inform us of their control of media and of their purposes in what they do and do not report.

Let me quote some of the article, after which I’ll make my comments. Notice that most of the problems pointed out in the article are real, but the true cause or causes never become ink on page. Quotes:

Severely obese schoolchildren, E. coli outbreaks, salmonella in ground beef, arsenic in apple juice and rice, poultry sickened by avian flu, hog farms dumping manure into rivers and streams, meatpacking workers routinely injured on the job, the cruelty of factory farms. …

But the seemingly disparate problems with America’s food system have a common explanation: The handful of corporations that now dominate the system are imposing their business costs on the rest of society. And the greatest harm is being suffered by the poorest Americans. …

Although it may be tempting to blame those problems on the workings of capitalism, the changes in food production during the past few decades have been largely driven by the elimination of free markets and real competition.

As the food system has become more centralized and industrialized, the income of ranchers, farmers, and food workers has been squeezed. …

The corruption of the political system helps to explain the wide discrepancy between what’s best for the American people and what benefits the leading food companies. …

The food system reflects the values of the nation that created it. …


That last line is a great one, isn’t it? It certainly is true. “Nation” first and foremost means a group of people of one race or subrace. The food system we have now certainly reflects the values of the group of people who made it what it is today. It reflects the greed of the jews. It reflects the desire of the jews to poison us. It reflects the desire of the jews to displace us from being owners and controllers of the food system. It reflects the jew mentality in its high costs, unfairness, and exposure to catastrophes.

Jews are the cause. Secondarily, the nonWhite races with their mindless greed and stupidities are also a cause.

WhitesWillWin2014.H.jtl.eConsider this: Germany during the White-only era of prosperity of Germany from 1933 until World War Two did not have and could not have the problems mentioned above. But now, with the forced flood of nonWhites into Germany under the control of jews since the end of WW2, such problems do exist in Germany. Reminder: Who won WW2? Jews won WW2. Only jews. FDR was a jew. Churchill was a jew. Stalin was a jew. History finally makes sense, doesn’t it?

Now, let me back up and approach those quotes from the top, not in detail but just for major points.

* “Food system.” Because of jews, we have too much of a “system” in the first place. Food should mostly be provided by local farmers. What we call “farmers markets” should be the norm, within easy reach of all residents other than those who are rural and isolated. (In Vietnam, where I lived for several years, one of the rare things those low-IQ Mongoloids do right is their non-system of local markets throughout the country.) For us, our imperatives are fresh food first, followed by frozen and canned food for dealing with our northern seasons.

Giant grocers, owned by jews, spread across the country to kill local markets and for the profit of jews and only jews. Likewise, the big department stores of our youth; and likewise, the big-box stores of now, which killed nearly all of the small, White-owned, family-owned, “mom and pop” stores selling what we needed and reasonably wanted. And the wages for workers in those jew-owned corporations are deliberately kept low so that we live in poverty, unable to afford proper families and to sustain our race.

* The “handful of corporations” that dominate the food system are owned by jews. But the major and minor corporate media, all owned by jews, never mention that. Remember: When they fail to identify the true race of the villain owners, the masses automatically fill in the blank with “Whites.” That’s because jew media have programmed all of us to think that Whites are the villains of every aspect of life, whereas the true villains are the jews, most of whom are pretending to be Whites.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the word "White" into a citizenship law, but it got removed. By whom? The crypto-jews. Jefferson and the other true Founding Fathers were ignorant of the infestation of secret jews among them.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the word “White” into a citizenship law, but it got removed. By whom? The crypto-jews. Jefferson and the other true Founding Fathers were ignorant of the infestation of secret jews among them. Read the “CONstitution” page on this website to get the awful historic truth.

* “Capitalism.” Our people have been duped into thinking that capitalism is “the American way.” The reality is that the USA was founded with fair commerce in mind. The word “capitalism” didn’t even exist at that time. The true Founding Fathers didn’t know about crypto-jews, they took for granted that they were talking about Whites and only Whites as the leaders and citizens of this country, and they had no desire for a system of commerce dominated and controlled by megabanks. That’s capitalism. Jews own the banks, thus enabling jew control of the system of big commerce and control of most small commerce, too.

In the end, in capitalism, the wealthy jews own or control everything of major importance. In that way, it’s the same as communism, also invented by jews (Rothchild, Marx, and Engels). In communism, it’s the jews in government who own or control it all.

* “The racism and inequality that still plague the U.S. are evident in how we produce our food.” Isn’t that funny? The mix of races in our country shouldn’t exist in the first place. Jews owned and operated the slave trade. From then to now, jews have caused and facilitated the influx of the nonWhites, the muds, the shitskins. (Yes, I use harsh terms now and then to describe what should not be here in our country.)

jew-menachem-begin.quoteAs for “racism,” jews are the most racist group on the planet. Jews are against all who are not jews. Jews intend to eventually kill or enslave all of us on this planet. Besides that, all of the races on this planet are full of racist people — except for our White race. Our White race is the only race with the intelligence for “mind over nature” and who bought the jew propaganda and nearly wiped out racism among us.

WhitesWillWin party . org

WhitesWillWin party . org

The races on this planet developed separately, of course. Each race lived separately, bred within their own race, and developed, or not, for thousands of years. Racism was automatic, and it protected each race from mixing with other races. Mixing is destroying. When Whites breed with Negroes, for example, the children are not White, the children are not Negro, they are hybrid low-IQ sickly human refuse, in general. The Negro DNA usually dominates over the highly evolved yet more fragile White DNA.

So, racism is actually good, it’s a necessary defensive mechanism, it is natural, and Whites must embrace that natural defense mechanism once again. The survival and advancement of our race, of technology (which we invented), and of beauty depends on us doing so, right now, and always.

* The following quote is not in the group of quotes above, but it is in the magazine article and is worth mention. “[T]he federal minimum wage is about one-third lower today than it was in 1968, when adjusted for inflation.” It is absurd to use the minimum wage as a measuring stick. It never was enough money to enable a White person to have a family. It is yet another tool used by the jews to DISTRACT us from main issues, true causes, and necessary solutions.

“Booze ruse”

In that Consumer Reports magazine, there is a history of sorts. Four pages offer a chronology of tidbits from history. I would like to present just one of those.

For September 1936, an item titled “Booze ruse” calls attention to the rampant “phony labeling and packaging schemes” of the time. True. But Henry Ford had already fully exposed that and mega amounts more in his historic book The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem. (Read my book review here. Get the book, including the option to download your own free copy of the book as a pdf file here.)


When I was a kid, I wanted our family to go to McDonald’s, the fast-food chain. My Dad said, “McDonald’s. That’s not food.”

His statement made no sense to me at the time. And he was not one to explain and to try to persuade. So, not until several years ago when I did the research and figured out all that I have reported to you above did I come to agree with Dad. So very late. No chance to thank him or enjoy sharing all this with him — because a tornado took him and Mom back in 2002.

Also, last year (2015) I looked at the lists of ingredients on the boxes in a local McDonald’s cooler and freezer. Even the “french fries” are not potatoes cut, seasoned, and fried. “Potatoes” is the main ingredient, but there is a long list of stuff after that, some of which I never want to eat, nor should you. So, it must be that the potatoes are cooked and mashed, and then those many ingredients are mixed in, and then the mush is pressed into the shape of “fries.” Not food.

The farther from alive that it is, the farther from food that it is. Too far from alive, it no longer qualifies as food.

Example: Kill a cow today, it’s great food today. Soak it in chemicals to keep it from rotting for a year, freeze it, thaw it, and then cook it, and it is no longer food. Period.

About eight years ago, I was still getting sinus infections at least twice a year, and other minor ills related to that. And I stopped nearly all wheat and rice intake. For years after that, I never had a sinus infection, nasal problem, sore throat. And then I let myself eat too much bread and such again, and a nasal problem flared up. I stopped the self-poisoning, again, and the problem quickly disappeared. To this day, I’m healthy, no sinus/nasal/throat problems, and I know why.

Fix yourself, if you haven’t already.

Meat, vegetables, fruit. Water.

Healthy life is far better than sick life. After a while, I suggest, you will lose even the desire to eat and drink what you used to eat and drink in your self-poisoning years.

Strength of body. Clarity of mind.

That’s what White heroes are made of.




What is a “Mexiturd”?

It’s a Mexican who comes to the U.S.A. for more than a very brief, nonworking, stay.

By “Mexiturd,” I also include any of the mudskins from anywhere south of the U.S. border all the way down to the southern tip of South America. I know that most of them are not Mexis, but the term serves as shorthand for all of those hybrids of Mongoloid/White/Congoid DNA. I can show respect for them if they stay in their own country/countries. They deserve no respect as invaders here.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Mexiturds here in Middle Tennessee, many of whom cannot speak English. This I know because I’m serving as a wage-slave cashier at a big-box mart, part-time — believe it or not. Call it a “cover” job. ha ha ha. Anyway, many of the ‘turds can’t speak English, have several children who are allowed to leave destruction in their wake throughout the store, and are working jobs that should be available to Whites. I saw one ‘turd man with several offspring who was opening bottle after bottle of skin cream, unscrewing the pumps, touching his fingers to the cream-covered pump stems, and sampling each cream for his and his ‘turdlings’ enjoyment. Yep, contaminating every bottle. The store management did nothing, and does nothing, nothing, about such behavior.

I decided to write this article when riled by the following info recently seen in a paper issue of the Tennessee Home & Farm magazine (, spring 2016).

The mag has a feature story titled “Berried Treasures” about a “family farm” called Green Acres, owned by the Parkins family, growing strawberries.

On page 33, we learn that the picking of the berries “depends upon a reliable workforce,” so says the article written by a Carol Cowan. Yeah, “reliable.” Now, get this: The following sentence is the slammer.

“Green Acres hires its workers through the federal H-2A temporary agricultural labor program, which requires the farm to provide visas, transportation, housing and workers’ compensation insurance, and guarantee at least 30 hours per week and $10.28 per hour.”

If you are not steaming right now, then you’re woefully ignorant of what’s going on across this entire country that used to be ours.

  • McDonald’s pays about $8 an hour, no guarantee of hours per week, no transportation, no housing.
  • Walmart just this year raised the normal wage to $10 per hour for part-timers (it’s almost impossible to become a full-timer), none of whom are guaranteed at least 30 hours a week (and hours do fluctuate a lot; this I know from experience). No help on transportation. No help on housing.
  • Weigel’s is a growing chain of minimart gas stations mostly in Tennessee. A new one is being built in Crossville. I applied for a management job. The pay for an assistant manager working 58+ hours a week (yes, a week) is $600. That’s very close to a mere $10 per hour — for management! Possible bonuses can raise that to a grand total of about $13 per hour — for management! Awful. And what do they pay the peons, the common wage slaves? $8 an hour.

Meanwhile, the pitiful Minimum Wage from the 1970s adjusted for inflation would now be more than $15 per hour.

If you name nearly any other fast-food joints and retail stores, they will fit right in with McDonald’s, Walmart, and Weigel’s, as detailed above.

Yet, the Mexiturds are guaranteed more money per hour, housing, transportation, and are provided visas. (A visa in the USA is a U.S. government document — usually a sticker or stamp — put into each foreigner’s passport — that is purchased by each visitor and says how long the visitor can legally be in the country and what activities are allowed, such as tourism or study or work).

So, the f***ing farm owners are paying a lot more, in total, than $10.28 per hour to the Mexiturds. Farmers could easily get AMERICANS to pick strawberries if they paid all that money to AMERICANS instead of to Mexiturds and the U.S. government.

The lie is that farmers and the other companies employing ‘turds “cannot get lazy Americans” to work in the field or wherever. It’s a lie because they surely could find teens, and underemployed people, and unemployed people — all Americans — to do that work if they paid a reasonable wage and treated the workers like fellow Americans instead of like crap.


Why is the situation so bad against us?

The jew-infested government doesn’t want us Whites to be treated well and to have gainful employment. Furthermore, the jew-infested government wants to keep ‘turds

  1. flooding into our country to continue displacing us,
  2. taking jobs from us,
  3. interbreeding with mis-raised misled Whites to make more mudskin ‘turds, and
  4. eventually fulfilling the jews’ goal of the total genocide of our White race.

That’s why the government sets up programs for foreign invaders to get housing, guaranteed hours and wages, etc., but the government won’t do the same for Whites.

What about the farmers?

Many of them are jews!

It used to be that jews wouldn’t touch manual-labor jobs. But as farming has become much more dominated by riding in an air-conditioned tractor, jews have become many of the so-called “family farmers” and, of course, have always been the corporate farmers who own the place and poorly pay others to do the labor.


The extent of the infestation of Mexiturds is beyond what most Whites realize, I think. Yard work, landscaping, housekeeping, basic construction, and other relatively simple labor jobs are taken by ‘turds all across our country, right now.

Here in Crossville, Tennessee, I overheard a conversation a few days ago in which a White guy was talking friendly with a ‘turd and the info came out that the ‘turd is an illegal, undocumented invader who gets hired for temporary jobs by local “doctors, lawyers,” and others, including local government officials. This ‘turd seems to be married or otherwise breeding with an apparently White female, making shitskinned low-IQ muck to further the destruction of our White race and White-built country.

What race would a high percent of those doctors, lawyers, and government officials be? Yes, jew. Crypto-jew, as usual.


The only solution that works with 100 percent efficiency is to kill invaders and the enemy jews who welcome them and hire them.

The only message that is guaranteed to get into the thick heads of the invaders from all nonWhite races is death. When they hear that their fellow muds have been killed, and perhaps killed by true Americans, the message spreads like wildfire. It goes viral.

It works.

Bonus to heroes: Many of those ‘turds carry all their pay on them, in cash, especially so among the “undocumented” invaders. End the invaders’ residency permanently and liberate that cash as reward for a heroic task well done.

As always, use your White IQ. If nobody knows you’re pro-White, keep it that way. Tell no one. Leave no evidence that directly links you to the deed. Walk in pride, with a smile, and look forward to your next heroic deed saving our great race and securing the future for White children in our own White-founded White-built country, the USA.



Art or Craft? What’s the difference?

Do you know anybody who can define the difference between art and craft?

Almost certainly, your answer is “no.” This includes students and everybody else at universities, where there’s always a so-called “Fine Arts” department.

I had a professor who said, “Art is what artists say it is.” Isn’t that nice? So, then, what needs to be defined is the term “artist,” which the prof did not define. Of course.

For me, that was a couple of decades ago. But I’ll bet it’s even worse now, given what I have seen recently in magazines. I don’t watch tv, which always, relentlessly, gets worse.

According to magazines, such as the Smithsonian, Guitar Player, Rolling Stone, and any other big name mag you care to name, art is whatever anybody decides to call art, and it can even be the product of four-legged animals. No kidding. Example: the “painting” by an elephant.

If you are new to this site, please brace yourself for the use of a word that is forbidden for us to use in a manner favorable to our own people.

Definition: Art must serve to improve the artist’s race.

Yes, a race-based definition. Absolutely. Actually, the above definition is just a part of my complete definition. Here’s the rest:

A piece of work rises above craft and becomes art if it successfully achieves or performs the maker’s specific intention(s) toward education and/or inspiring members of his or her race — all in service of the ultimate and necessary goal of improving his or her race.

  • The successful maker, then, in light of the definition above, already was a craftsperson and now is an artist.
  • Art is no accident.
  • A person who cannot clearly define what art is cannot be an artist.
  • A race-blind nation cannot produce art.
  • For race-blind craftspeople, art production is impossible.

In other words, if it is art by a White person, it

  • improves our race, and it does so by

1. educating, or

2. inspiring, or

3. both.


* Our whole lives, we have had the question “What Is The Meaning Of Life?” put before us and left hanging as if there is no important answer, as if anybody can answer that question with any answer whatsoever.

Improvement is what gives life meaning. By that, I mean improvement in self, family, and race. Thus, the Meaning Of Life is IMPROVEMENT.

* It is important to know who has so diluted the meaning of the term “art” that it has become both meaningless and ubiquitous in use. It is also important to know who has been pushing the question “What Is The Meaning Of Life?” and leaving it hanging our whole lives.

The answer is jews. I don’t capitalize that race term because I show absolutely no respect for that race. I capitalize White. I capitalize Japanese because the Japanese are the only admirable slice of the Mongoloid race (Asian race). I always capitalize White and Japanese, and I capitalize others merely when I feel like it. The knowledge and respect, and lack of respect, come from my extensive experiences living with and teaching members of all of the major races. Doubt it? Ask me, and I’ll tell you.

“No respect for jews?!” That’s right. I respect, in a sense, what they can do against us because of their unity against us, but I do not respect them. And only ignorance disagrees. Readers who disagree with me are also, to varying degrees, in disagreement with Martin Luther, Henry Ford, GLK Smith, Gen. George Patton, Revilo Oliver, Eustace Mullins, George Lincoln Rockwell, William Pierce, and many others. The only reason for most people being ignorant of the jew-awareness of those great men is because the jews ban the truth from being told in all the jew-owned media. And most people have no clue that jews own all the big media, including all the tv networks and big newspapers and magazines down to nearly all little newspapers and magazines. Book publishers, too.

Libraries, too, are controlled by jews across our country. They make sure that Henry Ford’s two books are not in the stacks. Also banned are the books by GLK Smith, Eustace Mullins, George Lincoln Rockwell, William Pierce, and works by other great White authors, professors, investigators, and reporters. The late Eustace Mullins noted that jews stole his books out of libraries. Yep, that’s what they did, and that’s what they still do whenever a book of truth gets donated to a library and somehow gets put on public shelves.

The jews hold their “banned books” events annually just as distractions, to keep people busy with emotional issues that are designed to stay away from the central truth. For example, they like to say that Mark Twain books were banned occasionally because of the use of the term “nigger.”

The controversy over using the term “nigger” uses up all of the participants’ time and attention for subject of “book banning.” They never get to the core truth that the jews are controlling the limits of the discussion on the subject. Furthermore, they never realize that Mark Twain, real name Samuel Langhorne Clemens, was a jew himself. I am the only — the only — White person to ever, as far as I know, unveil Twain/Clemens as a jew. See that historic article, with its mountain of evidence: “Samuel Langhorne Clemens … Was A jew.”


Art. It is the product of human effort that rises above and beyond craft, and it is in service to one’s race.

Therefore, one could argue that some of Samuel Clemens’s work as “Mark Twain” was art — in service of his race, jewry. His craft and/or “art” was against our White race, which was his primary purpose, of course, followed closely by his purpose of enriching himself. He promoted the culture-killing and race-killing behaviors of White youngsters disobeying their parents, of pretending nonWhites are “the same as” us, of accepting the living with — and ultimately the breeding with — Africans and, thus, breeding with any nonWhites. And more.

Most of what the jew publications and broadcasts promote as “art” is obviously against our culture and race, or for the profits of the jews, or both. Did you know Picasso was a jew? That tells you why his jigsaw crap has been promoted by jew publications and deemed so “valuable.” A couple decades ago, that so-called “artist” who put a crucifix into a jar of his urine and called it “Piss Christ” was a jew, of course. (I remember that it was Robert Mapplethorpe, but the jews have rewritten that history already and given the deed to a supposedly “a half Honduran, half Afro-Cuban” named Andres Serrano — yes, a jew.) And currently, look at any of the “controversial” so-called “art,” and you’ll see that jews are there every time. In the rare case that the perpetrator is not a jew, it’ll be a negro or other nonWhite who is being glorified by jew-owned media.

We need WHITE art. White art blossomed in Germany during the great 12-year era that began in 1933 (the year that international jewry declared war on Germany and all German people worldwide). White art can and will help to educate and inspire our nation (not “our country” but “our American part of our White race“) to rise up and conquer jewry once and for all.

I have written about art before, especially in regard to music:

Those articles have links to other articles.

Now, I say to you, my fellow Whites: be doers. We need you now.

Whites Will Win.





The so-called “federal” income tax is theft, plain and simple. State income tax is a different subject, which I am not addressing here.

In 1913, the same year the jews got their private corporation The Federal Reserve enacted by Congress and signed by Pres. Woodrow Wilson, the jews also got an income tax signed into law.

jew-bankers-rabbis.1913 irs.jewThe income tax was a tax on BUSINESS income, not personal labor income. Subsequent rulings by the Supreme Court made that clear. But the jew-IRS makes the “federal” income tax sound mandatory on our personal labor income, and they enforce their crime at the point of government guns, as we all know. (The late great White investigator and writer Eustace Mullins, and others, wrote and documented all of this in previous decades.)

By the way, there is nothing “federal” about it. The jews overthrew our truly federal government in 1787-1789 and reversed the meaning of the word “federal.” The original USA under the Articles Of ConFEDERAtion was a federal government, as the states were still individually sovereign. But the jews (Hamilton, Madison, Morris, et al) who foisted the CONstitution on the country labeled the true American federalists (Patrick Henry, for example) as “anti-federalists”! Indeed, it was a con of monstrous proportions. The whole story is in this article on this website.

Today, if you’re still forced to be a wage slave — as I am at this point in the struggle — be sure to have the least amount of tax automatically taken out of your pay, and then don’t file a tax return unless it seems worth it for the amount you will GET BACK. If you’re not getting anything back, don’t file.

I filed because I was going to get $500 back plus the Earned Income Credit, all told about a thousand bucks. Worth it, to me. But a month later, when an envelope arrived from the U.S. Treasury, it contained not a check but a letter informing me that no money would be returned to me but instead would all go toward “a debt you owe.” That debt would be the sum of student loans that I didn’t “pay back” and never will. There’s a story there.

When I was in Hawaii for two years getting my master’s degree in teaching English as a second or foreign language (2003-5, before my awakening to the Reality Of Race and to jewry), I filed for bankruptcy. The main thing was to get rid of credit-card debt and screw the banks — a laudable idea even before I knew who was in control of theft by banking.

My lawyer, who I hired at the flat fee of $500, told me why student loans had been removed from bankruptcy eligibility. Medical students had made a huge habit of going into med school with the intention of racking up loan debts, graduating from med school, and then filing bankruptcy to wipe away that huge debt. Abuse of the system of bankruptcy, obviously. It got so obvious and so big that “something” had to be done about it. Rather than punish the abusers only, the government punished everybody (in theory). Now, can you guess what race made up the bulk of the abusers?

Of course, jews.

Reason enough

Is theft by “federal” income tax enough reason to kill the jews infesting our “federal” government? Yes, it is. Theirs is a deliberate and ongoing effort to impoverish us and keep us in poverty — and then some. That is a crime against humanity and deserving of the death penalty.

“And then some,” I said. The “federal” income tax is only one small part of the monstrous agenda by jews to impoverish us, dispossess us (take our assets and prevent us from being the owners or controllers of anything significant), and ultimately genocide our race. Yes, White genocide is the top goal of the racial goals of the jews.

Why do you think they give “amnesty” to the nonWhite invaders (wrongly called “immigrants”) by the millions? And why does the government continue to invite more invaders? And why do you think the government gives the invaders free housing, food-purchase cards, cell phones, and other help paid for by us? And why do they insist “we’re all equal”? If we were all equal, the mudskins would have made their own successful countries, they wouldn’t need us to give give give to them. If we were all equal, we should at least be getting our equal share of all that welfare, eh?

Try applying for a share of that welfare. I did that last year. Believe it or not, I actually was homeless and penniless. And what I saw was invaders and africans getting priority from the system while I got led to do the reams of paperwork, got the runaround and, in the end, got nothing.

“Diversity” is a code word for White genocide.

“Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

Those two lines above are part of the simple and true efforts of Bob Whitaker and his “B.U.G.S.” group. A link to that group is on the first of the TruthfulSites pages on this website. One problem with that BUGS stuff is their banning of the ultimate truth. Believe it or not, they don’t want to mention jews.

We certainly have to identify the enemy. And then we have to kill the enemy.

Yes, we disagree with “our” government on who the enemy is. The government says various groups of Arabs (a race term) and/or Muslims (a religious term) are the main enemy and that we must kill them. That’s because Arabs and Muslims are especially prevalent near Israel, the jews-only country established illegally in 1948 after a hundred years of jew murders and other terror inflicted on the natives there.


Oh, and the government says “homegrown terrorists” are the enemy, too. Who do they mean? Yep, us.

So, kill or be killed.

As the admirable JB Campbell has said, Heroism is Required.

If you’re White, there’s a hero in you.

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