57 From 1957

57 From 1957

Everybody born in 1957 turns 57 years old this year. This month (October), it was my turn.

What was going on when you were born? They tell us not to look back and try to figure things out and apply our discoveries to what’s going on today. If we do it, they’ll call us names, such as “conspiracy theorists,” “tinfoil hatters,” and other factually empty smear terms. “They” have a good reason for that. Their guilt is getting easier and easier to recognize.

Here’s some of what was going on when I was born:

Elvis Presley rehearses for another appearance on the jew Ed Sullivan's very popular show on jew-controlled tv.

Elvis Presley rehearses for another appearance on the jew Ed Sullivan’s very popular show on jew-controlled tv.  The keyboardist at right is an obvious jew. Guitarist at right is very likely a jew. They may all be jews though two of them lack telltale jew physical features. My parents had no clue about jews, and my parents died in 2002 still without a clue about jews.

The jews first pushed into wrongly accepting Africans as "Americans" through entertainment -- a prime vehicle for undermining a nation through ideas, mind-poisons, which the jews have employed throughout America since the beginning of the USA.

The jews first pushed Americans into wrongly accepting Africans as “Americans” through entertainment — a prime vehicle for undermining a nation through ideas, mind-poisons. The jews have employed poisoned entertainment throughout America since the beginning of the USA, starting with theatre, lectures, and comedy. At right above is the jew Ed Sullivan. Does he exhibit jew features? Yes. The slant forehead, the mouth, no-neck, and short in height. CBS was founded by jew William Paley. But how many Americans knew, in 1957, that Sullivan and Paley were jews? Nearly none. And most of those who knew those two were jews thought being “jewish” was only a religion. In fact, it’s a race, hiding behind a heinous “religion,” and most of them in White countries pretend to be Whites.

Elvis Presley was soaring like a comet, fed songs by jew songwriters and promoted by the jewsmedia. In January 1957, Elvis made his third appearance on the jew Ed Sullivan’s countrywide tv show from New York City. Marilyn Monroe was also soaring, cooperating with use and abuse by jews from jewYorkCity to jewlywood.

Dwight David Eisenhower pretending to be a White man was president, in his second term. Crypto-jew Eisenhower and his jews were setting up for their planned war in Vietnam. Their agent in the north, the fake-named Ho Chi Minh, was trained in Moscow by jew Trotsky et al. Also during Eisenhower’s second term, the new “president” of the southern half of Vietnam arrived for a visit to the USA, where Eisenhower met him at the airport and the jewsmedia glorified him as “The Tough Miracle Man of Vietnam.” The first reported deaths of American military men in Vietnam were in this year, 1957.

The 101st Airborne of the U.S. military, ordered by jew president Eisenhower, commits this triple crime in Arkansas, 1957.

The 101st Airborne of the U.S. military, ordered by jew president Eisenhower, commits this triple crime in Arkansas, September 1957.

Meanwhile, at home, Eisenhower was committing other crimes against the American people. Against the CONstitution, against states’ rights, and against the White community’s rights to assemble as they saw fit, Eisenhower sent U.S. military troops to force Americans to accept members of the low-IQ, violence-prone African race into their schools, starting (pictured above) at the Little Rock, Arkansas, Central High School. (“African American” is a contradiction in terms.)

Real Americans — the Whites born of White American parents in the White-invented White-built USA — should have outnumbered and outgunned the troops committing treason against the American people in Little Rock. But Americans were already mostly pacified by 1957, after more than a decade since WW2, immersed in anti-White propaganda by radio, tv, movies, magazines (such as Time), and newspapers.

The jews called Little Rock high school a “segregated” school, a “terrible” thing, but the jews don’t call their own jew-only schools “segregated and terrible” nor do the jews call the many negroid-only schools and chinese-only schools and arab-only schools “segregated” and “terrible” today. Only Whites are not allowed the freedom to Assemble among our own. Worse: Our passive, pacified population didn’t kill the enemy then and doesn’t kill the enemy now.

This is an image from a real newspaper -- note the date at top, in which this newspaper was reporting these facts about "MLK" a few years after the event. The blue symbol of jewry was added recently.

This is an image from a real newspaper — note the date at top, July 1963, when this newspaper was reporting these facts about “MLK” a few years after the event. The blue symbol of jewry was added recently. The owner/editor of the newspaper didn’t know or was afraid to say that all leaders of Communists were jews, such as Myles Horton, above. The low-IQ Africans eager for handouts and anti-White leadership were easily enlisted and used by the jews.

Michael King, renamed “Martin Luther King Jr.,” was attending the jews’ Communist school in Monteagle, Tennessee. Rosa Parks, too. Yes, their later stunts were part of a fully planned, jew agenda of training, legal support, media support, and government support. The jew Stanley David Levison was MLK’s main handler and speechwriter. And now we have MLK boulevards and Rosa Parks Transportation Centers all across our degraded country as insults to real Americans of the race who created and built our country.

The visitor center at the Little Rock Central High School lies about history, lies about race, lies about the Constitution. Who forced all of this to happen? The jews.

The visitor center at the Little Rock Central High School lies about history, lies about race, lies about the Constitution. Who forced all of this to happen? The jews.

Can you see the lies and half-truth mind-poisons in just that one paragraph, above, of the visitor center’s anti-White anti-American onslaught?

  1. “Half a century of segregated education”? Education in every multi-race country was segregated throughout history around the world; nothing new about it, and nothing wrong with it.
  2. A “new era of equality”? There never was “equality” between races and their never will be. Thomas Jefferson knew it and said that although the Africans wrongly in America ought to be freed from slavery, the Americans and the Africans could never rightly exist under one government. But the jews put only half of Jefferson’s sentence on the wall in the Jefferson Memorial.
  3. Their “belief in the Constitution”? Those Negroid students had no true understanding of the Constitution, which originally referred to the Africans only as property to be counted as a kind of wealth for southern states to use as a basis for putting more representatives into Congress. Nor do most Americans truly understand what the CONstitution is. But let’s move on.
  4. “Democracy for all”? The White Founding Fathers never wanted a democracy. They wanted, and created, a republic. They knew that “democracy” only works in a small area where people only vote for people they really know. Voting for strangers is an absurdity and a nation-wrecker. The word “democracy” is not in the Constitution, nor is “capitalism,” another jew deceit inflicted upon White America.
"Dr. Seuss." Real name, Ted Geisel. Real race, jew. But he pretended to be White, pretended to be pro-children and pro-family, and the jewsmedia glorified him. And duped White parents, such as mine, bought that anti-White, anti-child, anti-family crap and put it into the hands of their children. My own White DNA told me that the art was ugly and the stories distasteful. But I fell for various other mind-poisons spewed by the jews.

“Dr. Seuss.” Real name, Ted Geisel. Real race, jew. Pictured here in 1957, he pretended to be White, pretended to be pro-children and pro-family, and the jewsmedia glorified him. And duped White parents, such as mine, bought that anti-White, anti-child, anti-family crap and put it into the hands of their children. My own White DNA told me that the art was ugly and the stories distasteful. But I fell for various other mind-poisons spewed by the jews. Such as? See the next item below.

In the USA, as the jews were grooming many entertainers, not only Elvis, the jews in the Europe were grooming many others. Here, in 1957, were the Quarrymen. The two in the middle, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, later became the head Beatles. The jews who could best pass as Whites were groomed to be the frontmen, with jewy-looking jews staying in the background as session musicians, managers, etc. Yes, folks, I say to you that you are looking at a photo of four jews, with the one on the right being the most obvious jew.

In the USA, as the jews were grooming many entertainers, not only Elvis, the jews in Europe were grooming many others. Here, in 1957, were the Quarrymen. The two in the middle, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, later became the head Beatles. The jews who could best pass as Whites were groomed to be the frontmen, with jewy-looking jews staying in the background as session musicians, managers, etc. Yes, folks, I say to you that you are looking at a photo of four jews, with the one on the right being the most obvious jew. Why would the jews give stardom and wealth to any Whites? They wouldn’t. Whites invented the instruments and the music, and jews used them for their own anti-White purposes. John Lennon wrote “Imagine,” the most anti-American, pro-Communism song of his many “love”-sick, pacifist, race-mixing, anti-White songs.

So, the jews had White children growing up on jew books, jew songs on the radio, jews on tv, and jews in movies. And for the adult Whites, another hoax in an endless historical parade of huge lies and hoaxes was perpetrated: The jews said that the Soviets were “ahead of us” in space technology, as evidenced by Sputnik.

Actual image of the newspaper page from 1957.

Actual image of a newspaper frontpage from 1957. Notice the little headline “Warsaw Sees New Uprising.” The beachball-size “Sputnik,” funded and launched by money and technology from America, overwhelmed all other news, including the story about Whites opposing the jew-Soviet government of Poland, about which the jewsmedia was lying, of course.

Here, the New York Times version of Sputnik.

Here, the New York Times version of Sputnik. In 1896, jews bought the New York Times, making it really the JewYorkTimes, and it still is. All of the jew-owned media work in concert, following the same agenda, pushing their hoaxes, against Whites, for nonWhites, for homos, for nonWhite “immigrants” who are really invaders. Meanwhile, most jews pretend to be Whites, duping most Whites into thinking that Whites are the villains in control.

The jews’ Soviet Union, in 1957, launched the Sputnik 1, the first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite. Americans were told that the Soviets were “ahead of us” when, in fact, the Soviet Union had been created and maintained by mostly White American money, equipment, and technology. The money had been stolen by the jews through their Federal Reserve crime-by-banking system. (The jew in New York named Jacob Schiff, of the Rothschild-led international jew banking system, directly funded the jews’ overthrow of the White czar of Russia and murdered his entire family; they established the “Soviet,” which was jew from start to finish.) The equipment and technology had been invented by Whites, much of it by the great White Germany during Adolf Hitler’s era and stolen by the genociding Allies.

A jew “immigrant” but actually invader from Russia fake-named Ayn Rand published in 1957 the novel Atlas Shrugged, which was a followup to her Fountainhead. She never lived by the edicts she issued upon all others. Alan Greenspan was one of the dominatrix’s disciples. Yes, he is the jew Greenspan who became a Federal Reserve chairman.

Stanley Armour Dunham, the father of Stanley Ann Dunham, in 1957 moved his family to Mercer Island in the state of Washington. (He had also lived in Kansas; Berkeley, Calif.; and Seattle.) About three years later, the Dunham family was living in Hawaii, where father Dunham was given another cover job in the lucrative furniture business owned by jews. We know it was a cover job because in 1960, if not a bit earlier, Stanley Armour Dunham was part of the welcoming party at the airport for the privileged African invitee Barack Hussein Obama (Sr.). There was no reason for a furniture man to be there, but there was every reason for a jew-CIA operative to be there.

This welcoming party

This welcoming party for the African Barack Hussein Obama at the airport in Hawaii includes “furniture man” Stanley Armour Dunham (third man from right in the front standing row; he’s next to the heavily “necklaced” Obama). Mr. Dunham’s daughter named Stanley Ann Dunham would soon be impregnated by an African, and the baby would be named Barack Hussein Obama Jr. though never raised for a day by Obama Sr.

The tool Barack Obama Sr. never spent a day  raising this half-African half-jew named Barack Obama Jr.

The tool Barack Obama Sr. never spent a day raising this half-African half-jew named Barack Obama Jr., pictured above with his jew mother Stanley Ann Dunham.

Within about a year, Dunham’s jew daughter Stanley Ann Dunham got herself impregnated by the special African — or by another African in America, a special Communist African named Frank Marshall Davis — and birthed the half-African half-jew she named Barack Hussein Obama Jr. This kid grew up to be a lazy, homosexual, drug-using, mediocre basketball-playing crypto-jew who later showed just enough potential to be trained and groomed into a tv-friendly teleprompter-dependent liar for public office.

Osama Bin Laden was born in 1957, the 17th son of the 10th wife (of 22) of the extremely wealthy Saudi named Muhammed Bin Laden. (All of the “Saudi” leaders are most likely crypto-jews, as a few great researchers have reported. That would explain why Israel and the jewSA never invade Saudi Arabia — there’s no need. It’s already in jew hands.) Otherwise, he was a jew from America named Tim Osman. Either way, he was a jew employed to ride the jew creation of “radical Islam” to provide another demon of Terror giving jew Israel and the jewSA excuses to kill millions more Arabs/Muslims.

(“Arab” is a race, a hybrid race. Muslim is the name of followers of the religion Islam. The jews love to misuse these terms to confuse our too many ignorant Whites into careless pacifism. Especially for American consumption, the jews call those Arabs “Muslims” so as not to raise the issue of race, since the jews want us Whites to think that there is no such thing as race, nor a White race, and that the “White race” is nothing more than a “social construct.” Therefore, supposedly, the jewSA is killing “fanatic extremist” members of a religion, not a race. Yet, in reality, jews are the supreme fanatic extremist racists of all time.)

Osama Bin Laden died in December 2001, reportedly of a kidney disease. But the jewSA government kept him “alive” by faked audio and video recordings as a constant Distraction for ignorant Whites to stay in the dark about who really did 9/11. Finally, the jews put that particular hoax to bed in 2011 by claiming that Osama Bin Laden had been found in Pakistan, killed, and then “buried at sea.” Evidence? All “buried at sea.”

Current $100 bill.

Current $100 bill. It’s a “Federal Reserve Note,” not U.S. government money. Big difference. Our government is CONTROLLED by jews. The Federal Reserve is OWNED by jews.

The jew-owned Federal Reserve corporation began to print the nonsense phrase “In God We Trust” on paper bills to continue the “good” side of their good-cop bad-cop Distraction about Christianity.

Spike Lee (real name Shelton Jackson Lee) was born in the USA instead of in Africa where he belonged. Eventually, the jews gave him wealth and fame as a director of movies funded, advertised, and distributed by the jew-owned movie industry — where no true White man is allowed any such opportunity. Whites invented photography, cameras, and movie cameras, and movie projectors. The jews stole the technology from Thomas Edison and others and employed it against us. The jews have had a century — five generations — to select their most White-looking jews for Hollywood stardom. But most Whites continue to believe that most of the “White-looking” actors and directors of Hollywood are Whites, whereas they are actually jews. Many of the famous Africans in Hollywood actually are jews, too. All of the “Arab” actors in Hollywood are jews. All of the famous Mestizo actors in Hollywood are jews. All of the few famous “Indian” actors in Hollywood are jews. And most, if not all, of the few famous “American Indian” actors in Hollywood are jews. How can that be?

The jew DNA is a mongrel DNA to begin with, which they solidified by inbreeding over at least the last two or three millenia (a millenium is a thousand years). So, they always produce a variety of physical features, White, Mongoloid (Asian), Negroid (African), and the hybrids we also call races and subraces. And then, the jews have always strategically interbred with other races in order to better infiltrate each one. Obvious case in point: Barack Obama. But there have been jews in China and Africa and elsewhere for hundreds of years, and they had hybrid children there, and some of those children grew up to be of great use to jewry. The U.S. State Department imports many of them, born to the jew elite of those countries, to be educated and trained in the special leadership academies that the U.S. government (the jew-controlled government) provides for them. And then they return to those countries to pretend to not be jews while serving jewry.

Check it out! Do a search on some foreign leaders of any race and see how many of them were “educated” in the USA. Of course, be wary of how the jews have doctored and scrubbed the info that you find on jew-controlled sites, such as wikipedia. But the basics will enlighten and perhaps shock most readers. Many jews from abroad, born to wealthy jews and who look Chinese and look African and look Indian, etc., are at U.S. universities and special government academies right now. Even the U.S. State Dept. website offers some info confirming what I have said. About three years ago, I perused it myself.

Joseph McCarthy died in 1957. Many knowledgeable Americans, including JB Campbell, have said that McCarthy, a U.S. senator from Wisconsin, was a hero. I disagree, as I judge him a wimp who only exposed some “Communists” and never publicly professed the vital truth that jews were the Communists and jews were the true enemy. He wasted his opportunity as a U.S. senator in televised hearings in which he could have reached millions of Americans with the truth. The jew Eisenhower was president, and other jews were featured speakers in the hearings, all aligned against McCarthy’s wimpy presentations. McCarthy even had jews on his team, giving the enemy access to everything he had. In the most infamous video from those hearings, it’s a jew who follows McCarthy’s lame, stumbling utterances by delivering the preplanned grandstanding line: “Have you no shame?” Did McCarthy respond by saying IT’S YOU, JEW, WHO HAVE NO SHAME AS YOU PRETEND TO BE WHITES AND USE COMMUNISM AS A DECEIT AND A TOOL AGAINST THE WHITE RACE AND WHITE AMERICA. Did he? No. He wilted. My review of the videos and related books left me thinking that he was, in the end, complicit.

Anyway, wasn’t that an example to any truthteller? I mean, wasn’t it obvious that any later truthteller with access to mass media ought to tell the full truth while he/she has the chance? Holding back, if that was McCarthy’s strategy, didn’t benefit him at all, nor us. And yet, along came John F. Kennedy, the son of a jew-enabled multimillionaire bootlegger. JFK had been in Congress, had seen the McCarthy hearings. And then JFK became president and gave a speech about “secret societies,” etc., instead of telling the full truth that he very well must have known. He was complicit. Of that, I have no doubt. That particular speech was more about withholding freedom of the press than it was about exposing the jew infestation. (On a previous website of mine, I published a full transcript of that speech. Recordings are still easily available, even on YouTube owned by jews.) And then Michael Jackson, yes an African, came along, with mass-media access and an international following, and he began to tell juicy bits of truth about the jews. He should have told it all, or all that he knew, when he had the chance. The jews hired a black-skinned jew-connected “doctor” to medicate him into permanent silence.

Neil Armstrong made his first flight in a rocket plane, reaching the altitude of 11.4 miles. A dozen years later, his greatness as a pilot and astronaut earned him the honor of being the first to step onto the Moon. Today, in raving ignorance or worse, many webwriters claim that the flights to the Moon were a huge hoax, and their favorite reason is that, supposedly, humans can’t survive a flight through the Van Allen radiation belt. And how do they “know”? Did they measure the radiation up there? No. Whose scientific reports do they choose to believe? Do the extreme claims about the radiation belt originate from White scientists or from jew troublemakers? (Yes, a few years ago I spent days suffering through the “evidence” pushed by the anti-MoonLanding crowd.)

The final result: Their claims are anti-White. Why? Because the inventions of powered flight, rockets, and computers were all great White achievements, as was the Moon landing. Furthermore, jewry’s big hoaxes always have a huge downside for Whites, a huge upside for jews, or both. The Moon Landing has neither. The jews wanted to know what the Moon was made of, the same as Whites wanted to know. Now we know, and it hasn’t been worth the cost to go back. But it has been worth hoaxing about, hasn’t it? Distraction after Distraction, from “bacteria” there, to “water” there, to “it wasn’t possible to go there.” Get it?

The jew Hollywood mogul Louis B. Mayer died. Perhaps Americans recognize the “Mayer” of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The history of jew Hollywood is a sordid, disgusting, bloody, anti-White thus anti-American history. The jew Mayer was a major criminal in that history. The great White inventor/automaker Henry Ford told a valuable part of that history in his publication “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem,” which is available free linked on the WhiteSchool page on this WhitesWillWin site.

Chess, a jew obsession, was revved up into an international Distraction lasting for decades. The jew Bobby Fischer rose to the top of the jew chess sewer in the USA while the jews of the Soviet Union were training Boris Spassky and others, all part of the hoax the jews call the “Cold War.” There never was a war of any kind between the jew governments of the Soviet and the USA. It was only a waging of Terror on the populations of both countries, and allied countries, providing excuses for more killing around the world and ratcheting up the police state here at home. Bobby Fischer, late in life and presenting himself as a longhaired unkempt madman, told much truth about the jews, and he claimed that he wasn’t a jew. But he was a jew. Bottom line: He was never pro-White. He was pro-BobbyFischer. There is no “good” jew.

Once more, let’s return to the jew Soviet Union. The Soviet Union in 1957 officially (which means superficially) switched sides in the jews-versus-Arabs conflict in the Middle East. Ten years earlier, the jew Soviet Union was instrumental (along with the jewSA) in helping the jews to establish the illegal illegitimate jew country called Israel. Why did the jew Soviet supposedly switch sides? The jews needed the appearance of mighty opposition so that the jews of the jewSA could ramp up their draining of the U.S. economy for increased funding, technology, and military support for jew Israel.

Today, we have a similar hoax being played, as the jews mildly demonize their man Vladimir Putin in Russia, where it is still illegal to be anti-jew, where it is still illegal to expose the jews’ Holocau$t lies, where Putin still gives speeches of lies against Adolf Hitler, where the jewsmedia have helped get Putin elected over and over again.


White-computers-rising.jews-scheming-exploitationIn 1957, Whites were advancing the White invention of the computer. Since jews already controlled the radio and tv networks, the top jews dreamed and schemed about the potential of this latest White invention and how they could employ it against us. They enjoyed much success until White scientists invented the Internet — which was first intended as a super-communication device for scientists worldwide. But continued advances in the technology made it the supreme decentralized method of communication ever invented, and it got away from the jews, as we now use the Internet to spread the truth about the jews at a speed and extent never before possible.

Now, 57 years after the IBM computer ad above, the jews are in desperation mode as every race around the world is now learning quickly about the one anti-human race: the jews.

1957, the first "Asian flu" vaccine shot. Eustace Mullins, among other great White researchers and writers, noted that most pandemics followed massive vaccination programs. The jews turned the entire idea of vaccinations into a poisoning program against Whites and against the other races.

1957, the first “Asian flu” vaccine shot. Eustace Mullins, among other great White researchers and writers, noted that most pandemics FOLLOWED massive vaccination programs. The jews turned the entire idea of vaccinations into a poisoning program against Whites and against the other races. Now, the jews require, by FORCE of law (see Little Rock High School, above, for an example) massive vaccinations of children before the children are allowed in schools. Meanwhile, the jews viciously oppose White homeschooling, often, again, by FORCE of law.

Here is the first prime minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion (white shirt, white hair), in 1957. They are all jews. Israel was is in its 9th year as a country. The jews had for millenia used the term "Israel" as their name for their race. Thus, after they stole enough land in "Palestine" by a half-century of Rothschild-funded murderous terror, they seized and declared the territory their new country of Israel. The specific plan was outlined during jew-contrived WW1 (see the Balfour Declaration). And jew-contrived WW2 brought the plan almost entirely to fruition. All that was left was for some ruthless, terrorist, jew killing of Brits in Palestine to finally eliminate all significant opposition. Secret-jew Harry S Truman immediately seconded jewry's claim of Israel as a country in May 1948.

Here is the first prime minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion (white shirt, white hair), in 1957. They are all jews. Israel was is in its 9th year as a country. The jews had for millenia used the term “Israel” as their name for their race. Thus, after they stole enough land in “Palestine” by a half-century of Rothschild-funded murderous terror, they seized and declared the territory their new country of Israel. The specific plan was outlined during jew-contrived WW1 (see the Balfour Declaration). And jew-contrived WW2 brought the plan almost entirely to fruition. All that was left was for some ruthless, terrorist, killing of Brits by jews in Palestine to finally eliminate all significant opposition. Secret-jew Harry S Truman immediately seconded jewry’s claim of Israel as a country in May 1948. Israel determines automatic citizenship by DNA, by parentage, NOT by religion. That fact, alone, ought to end the hoax of jewness as a “religion.”

1957, the National Basketball Association (NBA) team called the Boston Celtics, already infested with some jews not Celtics, helped the jews advance

1957, the National Basketball Association (NBA) team called the Boston Celtics was already infested with some jews not Celtics. The jews hate doing physical labor, but many of them are willing to play very hard and call it work, and enrich themselves doing so, golf being one of their favorite “jobs.” Never satisfied with their latest destructive, anti-White achievements, the jews forced the “Celtics” (otherwise known as a term only for the Irish subrace of the White race) to “integrate” — which means “displace Whites.” And now, the NBA is a White-invented league around a White-invented sport from which Whites have been almost entirely displaced. Africans lack the IQ to invent anything of value, but a portion of them can be trained to bounce and throw balls with accuracy. Football. Soccer. Baseball.

Most people would say that the above issues and events in the last 57 years of history are not directly connected and could not be directly connected. As recently as 10 years ago, I would have said exactly that, and did!

I didn’t know any of the truth about jews.

I was born in 1957, got the jew Seuss’s “Cat In The Hat,” poisoned my mind by jew-written comic books from Archie to Superman, watched the Beatles’ appearance in Shea Stadium on tv, was “taught” by Star Trek with its jews William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy as Capt. Kirk and First Officer Spock, was “educated” by jew Mike Wallace and gang on 60 Minutes every Sunday, bought the “Deep Throat” hoax by jews Woodward and Bernstein of the jew-owned Washington Post newspaper, pursued and “achieved” employment working for crypto-jews in the supposed-truthtelling media, and thought Whites were the villain owners of the banks and the villain controllers of the criminal U.S. government.

I, James Laffrey, worked for this thing, the Nashville Banner daily newspaper, until I quit in disgust about two weeks before the Banner published a surprise announcement that it would cease publication at the end of the week, closing with the frontpage above.

I, James Laffrey, worked for this thing, the Nashville Banner daily newspaper, until I quit in disgust about two weeks before the Banner published a surprise announcement that it would cease publication at the end of the week, closing with the frontpage above.

I had been proud of my “intellectual” ability to learn what the universities had taught me, and to learn what the “experts” on tv and in major publications were professing, and then to excel at my successive jobs at a major city daily (even though I didn’t much like those particular jobs, not investigating and writing but rather editing and encoding the writing of others). The jews had me as a well indoctrinated, well trained tool for “equality,” “democracy,” “diversity,” and their other anti-White mind-poisons and propaganda. I was way above average, ha ha. I thought I knew the truth and that there could not be any large truth about which I could be ignorant.

My fellow Whites, I overcame it all. And so can you. I shed even the meme of pacifism, of nonviolence. So can you.

Finally: WHITE HONOR. What is it? How did our race lose it? How can we get it back? My recently published book, including first-ever historical revelations about some of the most famous and infamous men in American history, explains it all.



James T. Laffrey

FBI Top 10 Most Wanted: No Whites

FBI Top 10 Most Wanted List, October 2014, Has No Whites

Since I educated and trained myself to recognize racial features, especially so on the jews, today was the first time I looked at the FBI website’s Top Ten page.

And here it is:


Partial screen-shot of the FBI website page, 21 October 2014.

See for yourself, in larger size, on the FBI site: http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten

Most readers are likely to guess that from four to six of those FBI-alleged criminals are Whites, and they would not recognize any jews.

Based on apparent physical features, their names, and in some cases their alleged crimes, I identify all of the possible Whites as actually jews. They are:

  1. Eric Matthew Frein,
  2. Robert William Fisher,
  3. Glen Stewart Godwin,
  4. Jason Derek Brown,
  5. William Bradford Bishop Jr.,
  6. Semion Mogilevich

Don’t expect them to be found. However, if found, do not expect them to be fully prosecuted. Finally, if any of them get prosecuted, they will, in the end, get off light.

As for the others in that Top 10, obviously they are not Whites.

For anyone who has studied hundreds upon hundreds of known jew names, including the names of the African slave-trade owners in early America operating on the East Coast, we know that many jews have Spanish-sounding names, and we know that there are many Spanish-looking jews.

Slave trade truth:

Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/14Guardian88b/videos

Documentation: One of the many. Others are easily found by simple searches.

This image is from the darkmoon.me site. Also, although we never need jews to verify our findings, various jew sites confirm the content of that list.

This image was copied from the darkmoon.me site. Also, although we never need jews to verify our findings, various jew sites confirm the content of that list.

Just as an example, we know that the infamous Geraldo Rivero of jew-tv is a jew. Also, all of the so-called Spanish, Latino, Mestizo actors who achieve star status in Hollywood are actually jews.

Therefore, in the FBI Top 10 above, we see a few characters of the other six who could very well be jews.

It is often said by our fellow webwriters in our great White anti-jew movement, that the Africans on the American continent are the worst criminals, especially in violent crime, and the Mestizos are second.

But that is only by statistics kept by the government. FBI stats confirm those claims.

But the reality is that jews are the supreme criminals in all major crime categories, including violent crimes and so-called “White collar” crimes. That latter category ought to be titled “Jew collar” crimes.

Final notes

We Whites normally are so careful that our default thought is that a person is not a jew unless they say so or unless the evidence is obvious and overwhelming. That is a mistake.

When it comes to major crime, and when it comes to supposed Whites on tv and in movies, and when it comes to supposed Whites as bank owners (and I could list other important categories), the default position must be that they are jews. That is the correct and rightful default position.

Claims that they are Whites must come with evidence, with proof. Otherwise, we should not believe the media’s and government’s claims that they are Whites.

And one more thing: There are no “White elites.” The ignoramuses who make that claim need to provide a list of these supposed “White elites” along with evidence of Whiteness. They never do. They claim, for example, that Bill Gates is an “elite White” serving the jews. Bill Gates is a crypto-jew, obviously so.

Now, stay focused. The jews, all of them, are the enemy. The race of jewry is the anti-human race. They are united against all other races, especially against us Whites. The permanent solution is to kill them. Nobody, especially not members of other races, will do it for us. See advice on how to kill jews safely and effectively in linked articles at the bottom of this website.

If you can’t say, in disagreement with the government, who the enemy is and how to defeat them, then you don’t have Free Speech.


James Laffrey

White man, half German and half Irish.

Not on the FBI Top 10 ;-)

Do your share. Destroy the enemy. And Whites Will Win again.

Do your share. Destroy the enemy. And we Whites Will Win again.

‘Ozone Hole Will Kill Millions Of Us By Skin Cancer!’ ‘AIDS Will Kill Millions Of Us!’ ‘Ebola Will Kill Millions Of Us!’ See the Pattern? Wake Up!

  1. “Ozone Hole Will Kill Millions Of Us By Skin Cancer!”
  2. “AIDS Will Kill Millions Of Us!”
  3. “Ebola Will Kill Millions Of Us!”
  4. See the Pattern? Wake Up!

And the government and jewsmedia terrorized us about Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Legionnaire’s Disease, Lime Disease, and “Global Warming” that would flood the seacoast cities: Each Would “Kill Millions” Of Us!

When, when, when will our own fellow Whites, including many webwriters, stop buying into the bullshit? When, when, when will they stop being DISTRACTED from the real problem? When, when, when will they focus on the SOLUTION?

The jews invented and spread through their media and government offices each one of those huge lies, hoaxes. The jews are the real problem. The jews are the real cause.

From left, obvious jews Greenspan and Bernanke. Yellin, right, is a jew, too.

From left, obvious jews Greenspan and Bernanke. Yellen, right, is a jew, too.

The jews own the banking system, the Federal Reserve System, the money system. Rothschild, Schiff, etc., are known jews. Nowadays, they don’t even hide the fact that they control our money system, as they appoint known jews to be the public heads of it: Greenspan, Volcker, Bernanke, and now Yellen.

Who controls immigration policy allowing legal and illegal nonWhites to flood into our country to take jobs, to rape, to rob, to kill Whites? The jews do. Do any readers still need names of powerful, known jews in key positions in the government for decades? Bernard Baruch, Henry Morgenthau, Henry Kissinger, Rahm Emanuel. It’s easy to name hundreds more. These are entirely verifiable facts.

Isn’t it absurd that our military veterans go abroad and kill, kill, kill Whites and nonWhites by the tens, hundreds, thousands, adding up to millions, yet they never kill jews? And here at home, the true enemy is right here among us, but the veterans are pacifistic, nonviolent, duped, mind-poisoned wimps who won’t kill anybody unless the government tells them who to kill. The government will never tell them to kill jews because the government is infested and controlled by jews. The government only tells them to kill Whites, and Arabs, and “Muslims” (Muslims are members of a mind-poison religion, Islam, not a race nor a subrace), and Asians.

How can I make this any more clear and persuasive? Please tell me.

I realize that most people are swayed by emotion more than facts, knowledge, and logic. I am not “most people.” I am directed by my White DNA to have the traits of honesty, curiosity, thirst for truth, demand for justice, and automatic commitment to IMPROVING everything of importance that I find flawed.

If you are White, you have the same potential qualities, though they may be submerged by the jews’ incessant mental warfare of mind-poisons, such as hopelessness, despair, and defeatism repeated daily in tv shows, songs, and website drivel.

What about the mind-poison of nonviolence? Are any readers right now thinking, “Nonviolence is not a mind-poison”? The meek shall inherit the Earth, eh? The meek never did, never will.

How was our country established in independence (almost) from England? By violence. By force. The Brits (controlled by jews back then, too, as jews owned the Bank of England and still do) tried to maintain their control by force. American force, with some help, defeated them.

How does the pretty White woman stop a mugger/rapist/killer on the attack? By violence. By force. By a kick to the groin, by fingers in the eyes, by a gun. Muggers and rapists and killers employ violence, you know. We stop them by violence.

The jews want only the police to have guns. They don’t want us to have guns. Thus, they want a Police State, with jews controlling the police. (Meanwhile, jews such as Senator Feinstein have bodyguards with guns.)

We true Americans, we Whites born in the country created and established by our White forefathers, don’t have any armies. We don’t have any “police forces.”

Please recognize that this is a STRENGTH. Yes, it is. How so?

You and I and other heroic Whites have not signed any organization papers, we don’t pay any organization dues, we don’t receive any organization communications. Therefore, we give the enemy nothing to use against us. We give them no group meetings to “Waco.” We give them no roster of leaders and members to arrest, torture, imprison (and kill) by excuse of “conspiracy” charges, etc.

You and I and other heroic Whites kill jews and any other nonWhites who stand in our way, and when we leave no evidence directly linking us to the scenes and the deeds, the jew-infested anti-White government thugs have nothing but cold cases on their hands.

We whittle away at the enemy population, actually REDUCING IT (which has never been done before). We don’t advertise it. We don’t gloat about it. We just do it. And when the jews — and other nonWhites who shouldn’t be in America at all — realize what’s going on, most of them will flee.

They, themselves, will advertise what they see and think that we are doing. And more White men will wake up and join us as heroes following our great examples.

Who will actually fight against us?

Some government forces, not all, will fight against us. There are many good but silent Whites there already. Thus, the government will be factionalized and fighting against itself while some of its forces will still follow jew orders to fight us.

The masses of our fellow Whites who are thoroughly pacified now will remain pacified, frozen in nonviolence, and will not go out of their houses to fight against us.

Only some of the males of the nonWhites will fight against us. The Africans (Negroids, so-called African-Americans, a contradiction in terms) who are too poor and too stupid to flee will have some males who will fight us. That’s a small percent of their population. Likewise, the Mestizos from the south. A smaller percent of the Asian and Arab male populations will fight us.

Do you see how comparitively easy our win will be? We only have to DO IT. We only need some more of our fellow White men to get started, and events will escalate, dominoes will fall, and this necessary war will play out with us on top.

We will kill every jew. We will expel every nonWhite.

And we will prosper, invent, improve, provide a house for every White family, build, produce, excel, and enjoy our great White America.

Whites Will Win.

Do your share. Destroy the enemy. And Whites Will Win again.

A New White America

Christianity and the Razor of Revilo Oliver

Christianity, and the Razor of Logic of Revilo Oliver

Revilo P. Oliver

Revilo P. Oliver

The great Revilo Oliver — a professor in Illinois, a master of ancient and modern languages, a scholar on history, an author of several books, and a great truthteller of our White race — wrote a short book in the late 1960s titled:

Christianity and the Survival of the West

It was published, after some delays, in 1973.

Here are a few excerpts, letting him speak for himself, though I will preface them by saying that he offered understanding and generosity to White Christians. Also, when he said “Occidental” and “Western,” he meant White. I will follow-up with some comments.

From Chapter 1:

You, who are now reading these lines, and I are strangers. I have no means of knowing whether you are a Christian or an atheist. That, however, will not matter, so long as we talk about facts and not wishes.

The observed and verifiable facts of the world about us are not affected by religious faith or the lack of faith. Christians and atheists must find themselves in perfect agreement when they affirm that lead is more malleable than steel, that the earth is an oblate spheroid rotating on its axis, that whales are mammals, that Germany was defeated and devastated by the many nations allied against her in 1945, and that the Chinese are Mongolians. About such matters there can be no dispute among Western men, who instinctively accept the reality of the world about us and cannot believe, as do many Orientals, that it is merely an illusion in the mind of a dreamer.

If we would salvage and restore our civilization—the Occidental culture that is peculiarly our own and that now seems to be disintegrating and rotting before our very eyes—we must do so as Western men, by observing reality objectively and by reasoning from it dispassionately.

From Chapter 2:

Again, we, whether Christians or atheists, have an instinct for truth, so that if we lie, we have physical reactions that can be detected by a sphygmomanometer (often called a polygraph or “lie detector”). When officers of American military intelligence tried to use that device in the interrogation of prisoners during the Korean War, they discovered that Koreans and Chinese have no reaction that the instrument can detect, no matter how outrageous the lies they tell. We and they are differently constituted.

We can no longer be so obtuse as to ignore the vast differences in mentality and instinct that separate us from all other races—not merely from savages, but from highly civilized races. The differences are innate, and to attempt to change their way of thinking with argument, generosity, or holy water is as absurd as attempting to change the color of their skins. That is a fact that we must accept.

From Chapter 4:

Was Christ the Son of God?

Christians answer Yes. And on that faith they found their lives.

The majority of adults today, including most of the persons who are doing business in the pulpits, answer No. The negative answer cannot be covered with verbiage about “great Teacher,” “social vision,” “moral earnestness,” and the like. There is no escape from logic.

If Christ was not the Son of God and an Incarnate God, then he was, on the record, a lunatic with delusions that he was. And a lunatic’s views on morality and justice are simply worthless. From this simple alternative our “modernist” clergy try to escape by claiming that all the passages in which Christ speaks of his own divinity, or miraculous proof of it is given, are forgeries concocted by clumsy interpolators, but if that is true, there is no passage that is exempt from the suspicion of forgery, and we have to conclude, as did Father Loisy in his famous work on Le mystère chrétien (1930), that there is no authentic record of what Jesus said—and, indeed, no certainty that He is not, like the words attributed to him, merely an invention of the clumsy “interpolators.” At the very best, if Christ was not literally the Son of God, his opinions are of infinitely less value than the opinions of learned, earnest, and thoughtful men, such as Aristotle, Cicero, and Marcus Aurelius in antiquity, and in modern times, David Hume, Schopenhauer, and Renan. From that clear alternative there is no escape except in the kind of patter and chatter that stage magicians use to distract the attention of the audience from a trick of prestidigitation.

From Chapter 5:

The most logical alternative to Christianity is obviously atheism, by which we mean the belief that, in all probability, there does not exist in the universe a personal god to whom one can address prayers and who has conscious purposes. If the faith that was well nigh universal among members of our race for so many centuries was a fiction and a delusion, then it is a priori highly improbable that Apollo, Odin, Vishnu, Dionysus, or any other Savior God is less of a myth and fantasy than the Christian God. If the faith that inspired our race for so large a part of its recorded history was merely a figment of overwrought imaginations, it is highly probable that faith in any substitute for Christianity is likewise a product of the same overheated fancy. He who finds Christianity unbelievable should at least equally suspect all other revelations, and conclude that, so far as we can ascertain, there is no god, no conscious power in the universe superior to man. That is only reasonable.

It may be pertinent to recall that during the Viking Age many men, including even some kings, confessed that they were atheists (goðlauss) and openly derided the Norse theology; many more, no doubt, were content to keep their opinions to themselves.

From The Final Chapter:

[jtl: Just prior to this excerpt, Oliver said perhaps our race has only been stunned and not yet killed.]

If that is so, then there is hope not only that we may revive from the shock and survive, but also that the unique powers of our unique race may again be exerted to give us a future that will be brilliant, glorious, and triumphant beyond all imagining. If that is so. . . .

The question is one that only the future can answer. But … Will [enough of our men] be willing to face, as did their ancestors …, the fact that wars are won only by mobilizing and directing superior force against the enemy…? [Our race] survived at Chalôns, and at Tours, and at Vienna, and in many another crisis, not by book, bell, and candle, but by grace of the shining sword in a mailed fist directed by a dauntless heart.

My Comments

As always, a good book is not justly served by mere excerpts. Readers who want to get the full breadth and depth of it can get a copy of the free pdf right now. This link opens as that pdf file from the SolarGeneral.com website. However, one caution: Oliver added a postscript when the book was finally published after jew-inflicted delays, and it is rather pessimistic. But now we have our White invention of the Internet, by which we are making much better and faster progress in waking and inspiring our fellow Aryans.

Now, when will the majority of our White anti-jew webwriters grasp the insanity of Christianity? When will they wake up to the simple facts that nobody is nor ever was birthed by a virgin; nobody can nor ever did walk on water; nobody can nor ever did rise from death and float up into the sky? When will they realize that the relatively young invention of Christianity is a tool used by the enemies to keep our men “Meek” and waiting for a “savior” so our men will never kill the enemies among us? (And yet, irony of ironies, White Christians have gone to other countries and killed whoever the government told them to kill!)

Is this simple truth beyond most White webwriters’ intellectual capabilities? Perhaps so.

Each has his limitations. My brick wall is Calculus. So, maybe their brick wall is seeing through the grandest superstition of them all, religion.

If so, they shall never qualify as leaders. Such minds are too vulnerable, too likely to fall for other tricks, such as “good jews,” “ancient aliens,” and other deceits and poisons endlessly spewed by the jews.

Of course, many of those professing some form of Christianity are actually jews. The leaders of the Christian Identity nonsense, for example. Many, many jews don’t look like jews. We only have to look at tv to see that. All of the major actors, most minor actors, the talk show hosts and nearly all of their guests who most people would guess are Whites are actually jews. Only dupes and dunces have to wait for the jews to say, “I’m a jew,” to realize the truth of it. After a hundred years of owning Hollywood, the jews have no reason to gift a White person with stardom and wealth. Yes, that certainly includes tv evangelists such as Pat Robertson. He’s a wide-mouth, remorselessly lying jew pretending to be a White man and a Christian.

And then we have dupes who defend Christianity by saying that it must be good because many jews attack Christianity. Do we really have to review the jews’ m.o. of creating and controlling the publicized dissent? Do we really have to explain why jews are on both sides and infesting the middle, too? There’s nothing new about jew popes, jew priests, jew Catholics, jew Protestants, jew Baptists, jew Episcopalians, jew Mormons, jew atheists, and jew Muslims, jew Hindus, etc. All of them are loyal only to themselves and jewry. All of them are anti-White and secondarily anti- the other races, too.

Believe it or not, Revilo Oliver’s razor sharpened over the decades after he published the above-quoted book. In the pages of the great Liberty Bell magazine during the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s, he applied his ever-increasing knowledge of history and human behavior to less generously and more rightly shred Christianity to ribbons of Charmin.

Please visit the WhiteSchool page for the three-step waltz to wisdom and for links to more Oliver wisdom, should you feel that thirst.

But carry this with you: Shun pessimism and defeatism wherever you find it. It is realism + optimism that gets great things done.


James Laffrey

‘Before Columbus,’ 1906. Mark Twain Accidentally Exposed jewry’s Columbus Lie

“Pre-Columbus,” 1906:
Mark Twain Accidentally Exposed A Big jew Lie

Mark Twain, real name Samuel Langhorne Clemens, didn’t know that his tribe was going to transfer the entire credit of “discovering America” onto their darling enslaver and murderer named Christopher Columbus.

Therefore, in 1906, when crypto-jew Samuel Clemens was dictating his planned Autobiography, he referred to the widely known and accepted truth that Leif Ericsson (son of Eric, known as Eric the Red, or Norway, Iceland, and Greenland) made the discovery of America, from modern Europe’s point of view, just before or about the year 1000. Yes, that was about 500 years before Columbus came along.

Here’s what Clemens wrote, which is published in the Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2, free to read page by page at this link on the MarkTwainProject.org site. It is in his dictation on 13 August 1906. In the quote, Clemens referred to other people metaphorically as Eric Ericssons:

“It is not likely that they perceived his full magnitude; it is most likely that they were Eric Ericsons who had discovered a continent but did not suspect the horizonless extent of it.”

Now, please note what the jew editor of the Autobiography, very recently published, said in an explanatory note about Clemens’s mention of Ericsson:

“176.10 Eric Ericsons] Norwegian mariners Eric the Red and his son Leif Ericson explored Greenland and Vinland (variously identified as Labrador, Newfoundland, or New England) in the second half of the tenth century.”

Obviously, the editor felt forced to offer a note about the name dropped by Clemens. But being well aware of jewry’s shunning of the true White Norsemen (Northmen), the editor minimizes the Norwegian mariners’ discovery: he doesn’t say “discovery” but only says they “explored.” The White men were on the mainland of North America. What did Columbus and his onboard jews “discover”? An island off Central America — half a millenium after the White mariners were on the North American mainland.

Thus, we easily see that Clemens was not aware that his tribe was going to put their “Columbus” on the pedestal where only White men belonged.

By the way, I am still the only one, as far as I know (correct me, with details, if I am wrong), who has made a reasonable attempt to find and expose the source of Clemens’s odd middle name “Langhorne,” which I did in my historic article: “Samuel Langhorne Clemens Was A Jew.” (That was back when I was still capitalizing the “j” in the name of the anti-human race.)

Although I provided plenty of evidence in that article for my conclusion, I have been reading the above-linked Volume 2 of the Autobiography to see if it provides any significant new evidence for or against my conclusion. Surprisingly, “jew” is mentioned many times, and the related passages are new and interesting. Not surprisingly, however, his many friends and acquaintances who were jews are frequently mentioned yet never, except for one “nephew-in-law,” identified as jews.

Anyone, even one still ignorant of jews and jewry, who reads through the Autobiography along with the editor’s notes will recognize that Clemens/Twain was a liar. And anyone already wise to jewry and aware of many of the famous people and events during Clemens/Twain’s lifetime will easily assemble a mass of evidence of his jewness — or at the very least his entire career’s service to jewry’s anti-White, anti-family, anti-American agenda.

Final notes

I put “Columbus” in quote marks above because anyone who delves into the available history on the supposed “Italian” mariner finds interesting and persuasive evidence that he was yet another jew who jewry has deceitfully redecorated and glamorized for White dupes’ consumption.

On the website TimeAndDate.com, www.timeanddate.com/holidays/us/columbus-day, it’s interesting to see that many states do not officially celebrate Columbus Day. But most if not all of them have the wrong reason for rejecting it. Instead, they profess the lie that the American Indians (members of the Mongoloid race from the Asian continent) were here first. It has been known and published for decades already among real scientists that Whites (of the “European” race) were here before the Mongoloids. Our ancient ancestors stopped colonizing North America, perhaps in response to the influx of savage Mongoloids, and for reasons that are not yet clear. Leif Ericsson’s discovery was actually a re-discovery, or a return, for our race.

Evidence has been amassed in support of what I have just written. White skeletons, skulls, tools, rock foundations for houses and other buildings in settlements, docking areas, canals — all of these have been found and reported. They are all things that the Mongoloids in America never had, never used, never built. But jewry’s media never reports the truth about any of it. In the rare instances in which jewry mentions some of the evidence, they claim that the Mongoloids did it, or they claim other absurdities such as “ancient aliens” or an extinct race did it.

For any reader who still doubts what I have reported about history and jewry in this article and on this site, I say to you that you only have to learn in-depth about one important person or aspect of history to “discover” for yourself the truth about jews. Of course, you cannot do it by only reading history written and published by jews. That is what you were raised on. You have to reach out to sources that jewry refuses to tell you about or that jewry demonizes in order to prevent you from exploring knowledge outside of the jewed realm, the jewed bubble, the jewed dome you’ve been living in.

I speak from experience. I began the reaching out only six or seven years ago. In the 1990s, I worked for a daily newspaper, the Nashville Banner, ignorantly helping the jews spew their lies along with every other city newspaper in the USA. At that time, I had not a clue about jews. I didn’t realize that my boss was a jew, for example, nor did I have any clue to the import of that fact.

Well, ’nuff said.

The race of jewry has committed, and is committing, so many crimes against us, against humanity, that any single article can provide but a taste, a sliver, a morsel.

Each true White man and each true White woman will seek further information, reach informed conclusions, and then demand justice. This is what true, awake, healthy Whites do.


James Laffrey

WHITE HONOR: Chapters 43 and 44. The End.

  • For all posts of chapters of WHITE HONOR, the book, click this link.
  • Update, 6 Oct. 2014: Now, all chapters are linked, in order, on the White Honor book page! Click here.






43      Breaking The Last Shackle


Though newly knowledgeable and energized, journalist Jim had been just as duped into nonviolence inside the USA as the parade of preceding generations had been. He was the product of a lifetime of input limited to nearly only jew sources. He had grown to be the man that the jew-published textbooks and the jew-owned news and entertainment media had trained him to be.

Thus, when it came to strategizing on how to awaken the White race and stop the jews, he thought the awakening had to come before the stopping. And he assumed without any critical analysis involved that all efforts must be nonviolent.

In that mindset, his first idea as a solution to the jew infestation had been to marshal enough of his fellow Whites into taking over one of the two main political parties. However, he quickly overcame that notion by reviewing the recent decades’ worth of campaign promises, who had made those promises, the results of the winners’ administrations, and who must really be in control of both parties. The Republicans and the Democrats had broken all promises made to Americans and had steadily advanced the jews’ agenda. The jews were in control of both parties and would never allow a group of true Americans to get the money and media-time necessary to get elected as official members of either party. They had even stopped, as planned, crypto-jew homosexual Ralph Nader from getting on some states’ pre-printed election ballots. Indeed, Nader was a designated loser whose job was to attract and flush the half-awakened Whites who rejected the two main parties. No, the journalist concluded, the conventional route was a sure deadend.

His next step, still mired in pacifistic nonviolence, was to launch an independent party effort utilizing the newly ubiquitous Internet as never before and employing the strategy of write-in votes to circumvent the well-documented corruption of the system of electronic voting machines that jews had pushed upon nearly every precinct in the country. This plan was formed in full recognition that a “single savior” candidate would never succeed, since one man could so easily be killed or incapacitated by jewry and their thugs. The plan called for a group of about 500, which was only an average of ten Whites per state. This group would get public face-time by online videos, including live streaming video, and full openness to nonjew media and individuals. These candidates would offer themselves for election to Congress’s House of Representatives and Senate, with two for president and vice president, with Jim offering himself as a candidate for the office of highest risk, president.

Lacking the money and expertise to launch a website with the necessary capabilities on an independent webserver, the journalist began the effort with a free site on the corporate WordPress.com site. At that point in the journalist’s climb toward the top truth, he made mistakes. Off the top, he gave the effort and site a name that would turn off the bulk of Whites already nearer the top truth. That name was “EqualPartyUSA.” Months later, finally realizing that no two living beings in Nature were “equal,” and certainly not the races, he patched the bad name with a prefix, making it the “UnEqualPartyUSA.” But it had been a flawed start, doomed to fail. Meanwhile, most other website owners who were supposedly allies in the online movement would not mention nor provide a link to his site, this despite the fact that they had links to dozens of sites ranging from awful to ok. Nonetheless, his work to spread awareness of his site, along with help from about one handful of other site owners, built his daily viewership to 200, at which point the anti-White pro-jew WordPress management put a permanent block on his site.

The death of his Equal-come-UnEqual effort actually brought relief. Thanks to his ongoing research and intellectual progress, he realized the absolute necessity of a new movement with a new name on a pro-White webserver. The name had to express the “who” and the “what” of the movement in a positive way, and it had to be catchy, slogan-friendly. This was a fun task for his creativity. An arduous task was finding a strong “free-speech” webserver and then learning the technical language and techniques of creating, launching, building, maintaining, and updating the new site. Within months, he unleashed WhitesWillWinparty.org into the World Wide Web.

The term “party” in the name was a deliberate, calculated, strategic decision that the journalist-educator soon judged another mistake. He had included it for two reasons. First, the term signaled that his site was “political” speech, thus perhaps less likely to be challenged and deleted as “unlawful.” Second, the term was a bow toward the masses who were still conditioned to think a group intending to govern had to be called a “party.” But when he watched a video interview of a former personal aide to Adolf Hitler, a single sentence from the great, though flawed, leader instantly turned “party” from tactic to trash. The aide, Karl Wilhelm Krause, reported that Hitler said a future goal for Germany was to have “no party, only Germans.” From then on, Jim’s goal was for the USA to have no party, only Americans, and the only true Americans in the USA were Whites of the race who founded and built the United States Of America, as only Whites could.

The mistake of “party” seemed to require yet another name-change. But a new name would mandate buying another domain name and building a new site. The journalist-educator considered all of that, but his poor financial situation and aging computer lobbied against it. Still, he prepared new names and a site outline, just in case. “WhitesWillWin” without the distasteful “party” continued to ring true. Another idea was “Ameritocracy,” emphasizing the “merit” upon which a restored White America must be based.

Meanwhile, his accumulating knowledge on another front was reaching critical mass. This treasure was the history of rightly anti-jew individuals and groups in the USA. One further mental spark could transform this new store of knowledge into wisdom. That wisdom would easily forge a key to the final shackle: the insidious jew-implanted meme of nonviolence. If he would turn that key, he could escape the mental straitjacket of his assumption that the great awakening of his fellow Whites had to come before the stopping of jewry.

The long procession of nonviolent campaigns by apparently admirable Americans, from that of Huey Long, to Gerald L.K. Smith, George Lincoln Rockwell, William Luther Pierce, and more, made clear to Jim what had been too big, too obvious, and too taboo to acknowledge. The great truthtellers of the past, even those with followings in the hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions, all had died in vain. Generation after generation, truth had lost. Forced ignorance, and treason, had won every time. Meanwhile, through generation after generation, the enemy jews’ control had grown. Moreover, the enemy’s population also had grown.

The burden on his generation, Jim saw, was larger than ever because the enemy population infesting the USA was larger than ever. The reason for that, and who was to blame, rose within him and demanded release aloud:

“They didn’t kill any jews! You can’t win a war when the enemy is killing you but you won’t kill them!”

The jews were all still living, reproducing, partying, ruling, repressing and genociding White Americans and the White race around the world.

Finally, it dawned on him that the stopping of the jews must begin immediately. The waking of the White population remained an imperative. Both necessities must be pursued simultaneously. Each would fuel the other.








44      The Asset


The great White truthtellers of generations past had all died in vain. As they were putting all of their efforts into nonviolent education and failed political organizing, the enemy jews were multiplying their numbers and increasing their control. To journalist Jim’s knowledge, all of that was clear and proved. Nonviolence was a nonstarter.

There were records of Americans who had heroically begun to use force against the enemy jews. The sole documented group he found was formed and led in the 1980s by Robert Jay Mathews. The valiant White Mathews had been trapped and burned alive in a government-set inferno, “a holocaust” by definition. Although the surviving, imprisoned members were properly silent on the matter, it seemed apparent to the journalist that one or more members of that group had killed a jew radio broadcaster. Thus, for them, progress could be claimed. Progress was made. Other than that group, according to all that the journalist had read, there had been only a few solo heroes who had wounded or killed jews. Again, for them, progress was made. The journalist’s newest principle was that every reduction in the enemy population was clear and necessary progress.

Back in 1787 to 1789, during the historic, atrocious CON, the true federalists employed only talk against the united enemy network of jewry. Those loyal Americans and their nonviolence utterly failed. Based on their deliberately flawed CONstitution, the jews were enabled to chip, chip, chip away the rights of the founding race. In 60 years, jewry succeeded in splitting the White nation of America, pitting duped Whites against duped Whites. It was a jew-instigated war that they, in their newspapers, called “Civil,” and which resulted in a huge reduction in the strong White male population, the unleashing of the African population against White America, the transfer of millions of dollars worth of assets from White hands to jew hands, and a dreadful increase in the power of jewry in the USA and, thus, around the world.

In the 1800s, relatively few Whites knew who the true enemy was, so there was no campaign whatsoever to kill them. Pretending to be Whites, jews reaped the spoils in remorseless, evil glee.

But in the 1900s, from 1912 onward, publications by outstanding Whites made it clear that they were wise to jewry, and they tried to wake their fellow Whites to that enemy, foreign and especially domestic. But words stopped not a single enemy jew nor any major objective on their agenda. As Alfred Crozier had predicted, the jews soon inflicted a massive contraction of the money supply on White America—not on the jews, who continued to provide their own with access to ample money. Thereby, the jews created a capital “D” Depression with mass-starvation, from one-million to three-million deaths, and a massive transfer of farmland and other assets from Whites to jews.

Throughout that monumental crime, from 1929 through WW2, not a single White man was known to history as killing a single enemy jew in America.

The spike in prosperity for Americans as a result of the economic boom of WW2 was all chipped away, step by step, through rounds of deliberately contrived inflation, decade after decade. By journalist Jim’s 50th year, a family such as he had grown up in, with a nice house in a safe White neighborhood, with two cars, where the father’s salary provided a decent living for his family, had become impossible. The jews were more numerous and more wealthy than ever, producing nothing, while the Whites who were still employed did the producing while gaining nothing, actually losing in the long run, losing to usury, losing to horrendous taxation, losing to the favored foreign races, and losing to the deliberate sending of factories and jobs overseas.

Still, the White reaction was words. Mere words.

The jews were hoarding every valuable asset they could get their hands on. The jews were insulting Whites throughout their media 24 hours a day, saying that Whites were the villains, that Whites were the wife beaters, that Whites were the bankers, that Whites were the child abusers, that Whites were the homosexual pedophiles, that Whites were the human traffickers, that Whites were the top drug lords, that Whites were the supreme racists, and on and on. All the while, the jews knew very well that their own race was the most guilty race in all of those crimes, with the African race coming in second. And the jews were instigating the other races to hate, rob, beat, rape, and kill Whites.

Most craftily, the jews were exploiting, as they always had, the weaknesses of the otherwise great White race. The main weaknesses were, as Jim clearly recognized they had been in himself as well: gullibility to the big lie, the acceptance of false guilt, the willingness to self-sacrifice, and the traits of tolerance and generosity.

The White mental qualities of honesty, self-sacrifice, tolerance, and generosity were great assets when expressed only for fellow Whites for the good of the White race. But those qualities were self-defeating when expressed to the other races who did not share those mental traits. When expressing those White qualities for the benefit of other races, those qualities became weaknesses. Thus, Jim concluded, honesty given to the dishonest was suicidal honesty. Sacrifice done for other races was suicidal sacrifice. Tolerance given to the intolerant nonWhites was suicidal tolerance. Generosity given to the sponge races was suicidal generosity.

The journalist well knew that it all must be stopped. It must be stopped at the source. Just as a poisoned water supply must be stopped not with a filter but at the poison’s source, so must the poisoning and genociding of the White race be stopped at the source. That source was history’s anti-humans. That source was the race against all other races. That source was the jews.

His conviction was that Whites with his level of knowledge had the racial duty to act, whether able to attract followers or not. If he must be the first, then so be it, though he knew he was not the first. The goal of exterminating the anti-human race was fully justified. And all methods — By All Means — were fully justified. The jews were doing everything they could to genocide the White race, and Whites were fully authorized by Rights of Nature to respond in all-out self-defense, in retaliation, and to secure a free and prosperous future for the great White race. Certain he was that the only road to American peace and world peace was the elimination of the murderous, parasitic race, the anti-humans, the jews.


History had taught him that it was force that established a territory and country for a race. It was force that maintained the country against all infections and invasions. And after the previous generations of suicidal pacifism, it must be White force that would re-establish White America for the White race. Otherwise, the USA would fall to total jew control over nothing but masses of low-IQ brownskins and blackskins, with Whites extinct.

History also had taught him that the other races would never fight to save Whites nor to restore Whites to power in Whites’ countries. The other races had fought only for themselves. Even the Japanese, the only admirable part of the Mongoloid race, had allied with Adolf Hitler’s great White Germany only out of self-interest. There was nothing wrong with that, but it was a reality that Whites must realize and never forget. Whites also must act in self-interest.

History also had taught him that only the White race had ever had both the ability and the goal of sincere world peace. Only Whites had tried to establish peace not only for Whites but for all, yet every effort in modern history had been infiltrated and undermined by jewry, with most of the jews pretending to be Whites.


His analysis of current events told him that jews were using every kind of force against Whites, from mental to physical, to impoverish Whites and to kill Whites. The proper, rightful reaction by any home race against the enemy race was to kill them. The journalist knew with certainty that the true solution, which had not yet been employed by more than a handful of heroic Whites, was for all capable Whites to kill jews. Once enough Whites killed enough of them, Whites would regain control of the White-founded White-built United States Of America.


In consternation the journalist beheld the jews’ success at the utter pacification of the veterans of military service. The veterans above all others ought to have understood that when an enemy race was waging war on them — whether a Cold War or a hot war — pacifism was suicide. Nonviolence was suicide. The enemy’s force must be met by the heroic defensive force. But as the journalist clearly recognized, the jewed government’s and media’s offensive against veterans, demonizing and degrading them, had castrated them of their White manliness. The jews were saying that veterans were all suspected of having Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and thus should be denied their right to keep and bear arms. And the mind-poisoned veterans were reacting with mere words when they ought to have been killing the traitors infesting the government and media who pushed that anti-American propaganda upon the entire population.

Furthermore, it rankled him that there were no veterans, to his knowledge, sharing common knowledge trained into soldiers that Whites must use whatever tactical advantages were available in the current situation. Instead, it was the journalist who was urging such action, in detail. He had never been in the military, having reached draft age just after the draft was stopped, so he simply studied the current realities and strategized accordingly.

As he saw it, advantage Number One was that Whites had no sizable nor effective anti-jew organization. A big organization would have no chance to remain secret from the jews and would soon be infiltrated, undermined, and perhaps mass-murdered, as was the large group of families united under the Branch-Davidian mind-poison at Waco, Texas. A true “holocaust” that was, as the jews had made those families a “burnt sacrifice” to the gods, with jews convinced of themselves as the gods. Such a mass-murder could not happen to the heroic, anti-jew Whites who were widely spread individuals, most of whom never personally met more than a few likeminded heroes, if any. Therefore, Whites of valor could most easily strike individually, or in pairs, covertly, as courageous guerrilla fighters.

Part of the journalist’s self-accepted duty was to educate and urge proper targeting. The inexperienced, budding hero was likely to over-reach and select high-profile targets, famous targets, well-protected targets. Instead, the journalist urged his fellow defenders to choose the easiest, safest targets. The jews’ war was total war against Whites. Whites’ reaction must be total war against jews. Every jew, every single jew, was an enemy jew. The children of jews would grow up and take the positions currently held by their parent generation. The current parent generation of enemy jews had been children, themselves. Better to kill the enemy before they grew up. Every jew was an enemy jew. The journalist’s advice was to kill jews, any jews, one or two at a time. Heroes should take care to leave no evidence connnecting themselves to the scenes of their necessary deeds. They should tell no one. The result would be instant cold cases for the jew-controlled anti-White thugs of law enforcement. The police across the country already had thousands of cold cases every year. The perps in most of those unsolved cases were Africans and jews who had killed Whites of all ages. Careful, heroic Whites could easily add enemy deaths to those long lists.


Awareness of the historical record and further deliberation led the journalist to conclude that when the jews realized a White wave building against them, they would panic, and most of them would flee. Simultaneously, most members of the other races, if they could afford it, would also flee in the face of rising White Might. Only tiny minorities would put up a fight. Meanwhile, more Whites would wake up to the reality of the struggle and the true solution, and they would join in the heroic action. That White revolution would retake America, and it would not take long.


Thus armed and aimed forward toward the beacon of White Honor, the former dupe of the jews and detriment to his race was now an asset to his great White race. Upon reaching his current peak in knowledge, his previous fear dissippated as mere fog under the Sun. If he were the first to act against the jews, then he would be the first, as somebody had to be the first. But in fact, he knew he was not the first. And if he were alone, then he would proceed alone, but he knew for a fact he was not alone.

Wisdom said that the worst of times provided the best of opportunities. The present, awful White plight set the stage for an awesome White comeback. Duty called. Honor beckoned. Pride and Pleasure awaited each killing of the enemy. The asset had no intention of becoming a martyr. He knew that Whites Would Win, and with his careful cunning and creativity, he fully intended to win his battles and live to share in the ecstacy of White victory. Honor won in the war would earn him a role in shaping the new White America in the new White Era.






The Book has ended. But we WHITES, you and I, have just begun.