Local Recall: MarquetteJam Exposes an Infestation of Crypo-jews

Local Recall:
MarquetteJam Exposes an Infestation of Crypto-jews
in Marquette, Michigan

Recently I had the honor and the horror of viewing a set of my own publications of 12 years ago.

One of my favorite covers, this is of Mark Hamari. I like to think he is a White man. I praised him as the best rock-band frontman in Marquette.

One of my favorite covers, this is of Mark Hamari for the “Happy New Year” edition 2004. I like to think he is a White man. I praised him as the best rock-band frontman in Marquette. You can see that my columnist Jim Stedman, a crypto-jew, wrote “About Bob” — the Bob being, of course, jew Bob Dylan. At that time, I was as ignorant of jews as a bar of soap or a lamp shade.

In Marquette, Michigan, on the shore of the great Lake Superior, I created and almost singlehandedly produced a weekly entertainment magazine celebrating the impressive variety of “live arts”* in that small university town, especially the music scene. I called the magazine “MarquetteJam” and produced it for 12 consecutive weeks. It was a social success and a financial failure.

At the time, and for several years afterward, I could not figure out the cause of such a dichotomy. Now, of course, this website is devoted to the extermination of that cause.

So, it was with pleasure that I reviewed the good work I had done back then. And it was with disgust that I recognized the many crypto-jews pretending to be Whites who I had featured and otherwise praised in my publication.

Now, I shall list those crypto-jews about which I have no reasonable doubt. Others I may list with mention of my slight doubt. Surely there are other crypto-jews who will escape exposure here because I have too much doubt to render that judgment.

The masthead of my MarquetteJam, issue 1Jan2004.

The masthead of my MarquetteJam, issue 1Jan2004. Every week, except for the final week, I filled the slot for  “Advertising Staff” with the name of a dead famous musician, for fun. I, alone, was the advertising staff.

By the way, the Marquette city library, called the Peter White Public Library, had requested and received from me a complete set of my MarquetteJams when I ceased publication. If they are still there, readers may see that there are photos with many of these names. Of course, once the jews get the word that I have done this, they very likely will withdraw and/or steal the collection and destroy it. Such theft and destruction of White documents in libraries has been a jew constant across our country since public libraries were first established. Yes, yet another crime for which the jews shall be punished.

The List, issue by issue in chronological order

Nov. 6, 2003

  • Ali Thebert, 17. Daughter of an apparently Scandinavian mother, so the divorced and departed father Thebert must be the jew. As a teen, despite being bright, all her humor was copied from jew sources (tv, etc.), and she sowed decadence with her teen pals including a homo jew. She was taken under the wing of a crypto-jew in town — Theo McCracken, named below — and then went to Chicago for years, then returned to Marquette as an employed “environmentalist” to be controlled opposition to the pro-mining side in the area for the jew-owned international behemoth Rio Tinto. Jason Schneider, the coffeehouse jew described below, became a pro-mining mouthpiece. You see? Schneider and Thebert had been crypto-jew friends, and after some years they become the sham combatants in a false public debate, part of which I witnessed in 2012, with a planned outcome favorable to the jew agenda.
  • Kris Shirtz, a high school trombone player, has an older brother also musical named Michael, both sons of Jim and Cheryl Shirtz.
  • Jim Stedman, who I invited to be the lone columnist for every issue. A singer-songwriter-guitarist, pretended to be “pro-Palestinians,” and I think had ownership in a “Christian” bookstore. Children named Sarah and Micah. And that’s not all. Quite a crypto. Last I knew, he moved to Colorado. I tried to email with him, but when I approached the topic of Palestinians and jews, he went stone-cold silent.

Nov. 13, 2003

  • Jason Schneider (mentioned above), who I exposed in a previous article along with former Northern Michigan University (NMU) English Dept. head James Schiffer. (Here is that article, and here is a followup.) Schneider had arrived in Marquette as a university student and opened a coffeehouse he named “EmmaJoes” after the jew communist international criminal Emma Goldman, and I don’t recall which “Joe” or “Joes,” perhaps Josef Stalin was one of the Joes. Yeah, he was enshrining infamous jew criminals right in our ignorant faces. I remember an NMU professor friend of mine once mentioned half of that info as we drank coffee and chatted with Schneider. The prof never said “jew,” though, and he never again mentioned anything about that subject to me. The coffeehouse promoted live alternative music but also dreadlocks, tattoos, piercings, jewed politics, jewed half-assed “protests,” and other poisons against White honor and White culture.
  • Ian Zender, a curly-haired violinist, university sophomore, from a musical family.

Nov. 20, 2003

  • Meagan Reasoner, saxophone player, NMU student.

I would like to name four more, but there’s that doubt thing.

Nov. 27, 2003

  • Pete Schindler and his family band Sneaky Peat, with wife Cathy and kids Katy and Simon.
  • Tret Fure, singer songwriter guitar-player looks like a butch dyke (strong female homo).

And if you look at this issue, you’ll be surprised I didn’t name more.

Dec. 4, 2003

  • Jim Cohen, drummer in the Flat Broke Blues Band.
  • Justin Worsham, guitarist in a band called “säh.”

Dec. 11, 2003

  • Michael T. Schuller, with a bit of doubt. Played guitar, bass, and sang in a revolving-door band called Room To Move.

Dec. 18, 2003

  • The white patch is glare from my quick flash-photo of the cover.

    The real name of the scum jew “Fast Eddie” is at left. The white patch is glare from my quick flash-photo of the cover.

    Eddie “Fast Eddie” Consolmagno, harmonica-playing blues icon, also was part of the old punk scene with a band called “Plan 9 From Hell.” It’s hard to stomach it, but look at the cover photo at right — as jewy-looking as Howard f’n Stern.

  • Ana Geiselman, a 7-year-old piano student. Slight doubt. But that name. Now, she would be about 19.
  • Tom Vajda and Greg Sandel, slight doubt, two members of the band Plaid Billy Goats.

Dec. 25, 2003

Repeats, and otherwise significant doubt about a few.

Jan. 1, 2004

  • Mike Cohen, guitarist and bassist in The Amnesians band.

And a few in doubt, as usual.

Jan. 8, 2004

  • Josh Ploof, with doubt, but that name says “jew” and his picture supports the educated guess.

If you look at this issue, you might be surprised that I’m not identifying any of the women as jews.

Jan. 15, 2004

You have to wonder about Les Ross Jr., who looked jewy. After Jr. met an early death, his father identified himself to me as “seven-eighths Finnish and one-eighth Swede,” and his wife (Les Ross Jr.’s mother) as “half” American Indian and “part English and Scotch.” If the Indian part is true, I’ll say he’s not a jew. If the Indian part was a lie to cover for jew, then he was a jew. Les Ross Jr. had two daughters named Jessica Ross and Kristine Sheline, with grandchildren through Kristen Sheline named Griffen and Amelia.

Jan. 29, 2004

  • Isabel Edgell, with doubt, but who volunteered to be my advertising staff for what turned out to be the final issue. She had the experience and connections for success, yet didn’t sell a single ad. In hindsight, it looked like deliberate sabotage. Now, it still looks like deliberate sabotage and with a clear cause.
  • Theo McCracken, owner and operator of Dead River Coffee, a coffeeshop and a roasted-bean wholesaler. He has two sons, Cass and Alex, one of whom is a homo — such a common mutation among the jews. One of the ways McCracken outed himself to me was his knowing that Cahodas, the namesake of the admin building of Northern Michigan University, was a jew. This was after I told him that Jason Schneider (described above) was a crypto-jew but before I said anything of my suspicions about Cahodas from Marquette history. Other evidence is plenty but need not be poured forth here.

Other suspects but not named because of the usual doubt.

That ends the 12-issue run of the magazine.

* “live arts.” Actually, little if any of it was art. It was craft but not art. A work of craft that rises to the level of “art,” as I have defined it in previous articles, must successfully express or embody what the artist intended to express for the purpose of educating, improving, or otherwise helping his or her race. Of course, I speak of White artists for the White race, my only concern.

More Marquette jews

Not mentioned in the magazine but in need of exposure are other jews:

  • David Boyd, a diseased jew in a wheelchair yet active in the community. In my previous ignorance, I had thought him a friend. In 2012, I met with him and his Asian live-in caretaker, and I said if I ever learned another language I would choose German. He attacked the choice and the German people, citing the infamous jew hoax the “Holocaust.” I replied that the Holocaust “never happened,” and I asked him if he were “jewish.” He admitted it — from his mother’s side of the family, he said.

Marquette General Hospital, like nearly any hospital in the USA, is infested with jews, most of whom will never tell Whites that they are jews, thus they are “crypto-jews,” meaning “secret jews.” Just looking at the hospital’s list of providers/physicians at this link, http://ww4.mgh.org/directory/SitePages/PhyDirectory.aspx, shows the following names immediately identifiable as likely jews:

  • Aaron Philip Scholnik, M.D. (very jewy name, somewhat jewy photo)
  • Bobby Z Joseph, M.D. (looks jew, interned at the jew Sinai-Grace Hospital, studied medicine in India and so likely pretends to be an Indian)
  • David C Shahbazi, M.D. (jewy name, jew photo, likely pretends to be Arab or even Indian of India)
  • John David Weiss, M.D. (jewy name, inconclusive photo)
  • Jonathan E. Benaknin, D.O. (jew name, jew photo, psychiatry is lousy with jews)
  • Joseph F Brzezinski, M.D. (jewy name, inconclusive photo)
  • Jonathan R. Harbin, M.D. (jewy name, somewhat jewy photo, psychiatry is lousy with jews)
  • Milton D Soderberg, M.D. (jew name, inconclusive photo, did residency at jew Temple University Hospital)
  • Stephanie Wise Grosvenor, D.O. (jewy name especially “Wise”, jew photo)

This kind of search-and-expose action can be done successfully on every public and private institution where photos and/or useful details are offered. Look at administration members, board members, doctors/professors, staff, lawyers, etc. Do it before the jews respond to too much exposure by deleting photos and details, and before they further “Americanize” their names.

Expose jews! Expel jews — permanently.

As always, see “THE BEST” and other important advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website.

Of Course We Can

We can’t wipe out millions of vermin because why? Because there are too many of them?

Buffalo-herd.eRemember the buffalo. They were not vermin, yet they were wiped out. They would have gone extinct if not for a last-minute effort to save some. There were millions of buffalo (officially “bison”) across much of our North American continent. Big, strong animals. We didn’t want them to be wiped out, yet they were — by a combination of jew-owners of railroads wanting them out of the way, and the mass-slaughter and selling of the meat, hides, and horns. And consider this: Out of the total American population at that time, only a tiny sliver of the male population actually did the killing.

passenger-pigeons.eRemember the passenger pigeons. “The most abundant bird in North America.” They were wiped out. All dead. Extinct. Early Americans wrote stories of the flocks darkening the skies. There were millions upon millions of passenger pigeons across America. And then a large portion of the population decided to eat them. Men and boys killed them everywhere. They were eaten at home or sold by the dozens to restaurants and food distribution companies. It didn’t take very long, and they were all gone.

What if we wanted to wipe out deer? There are millions of deer in the USA, from white-tailed deer flourishing across the North to mule-deer in the Southwest. We have limited deer hunting seasons and bag limits to prevent inadvertent extinction. Let’s say we decided to kill them all, and as part of the incentive plan we would forgo half of our beef and pork intake and replace it with venison. How long would it take our millions of armed hunters to wipe out deer? One year, perhaps two years, to kill the bulk of the population. And one more year to mop up. If any eluded our hunters, they would find nobody to breed with, and the species would go extinct.

Of course we can wipe out the jews.

All jews, including their next generation of porn moguls, bankers, insurors, media liars, politicians, generals, doctors, actors, singers, lawyers, teachers, drug pushers, protest organizers, anti-White parade leaders, etc.

All jews, including their next generation of porn moguls, bankers, insurors, news liars, politicians, generals, doctors, actors, singers, lawyers, teachers, drug pushers, protest organizers, anti-White parade leaders, etc.

What have the jews done to us? Let me just skim the surface of their crimes against White humanity. The wars they brought about for the killing of Whites: the “Civil” War, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, the ongoing Middle East wars. Domestically, the jew bankers caused the “Great” Depression to impoverish and starve millions of Americans. The jews have poisoned vaccines causing wave after wave of disease and death through generation after generation — including but not limited to polio and autism. The jew-directed militarized police are killing us in ones, twos, families, and groups. The jews did 9/11, killing more than two thousand directly and more indirectly. The jews are kidnapping and trafficking White children for sex slavery, ritual killings, and organ theft. The jews are encouraging the negroes (especially the negroes), mestizos, arabs, and asians to rape and murder Whites while the jewsmedia shun reporting on that pandemic and instead focus on rare White crimes and a slew of terror hoaxes to try to take away our guns.

Wipe them out? Of course we can. We only need our wise, heroic, White MEN — that’s us — to do it. Once we get the ball rolling, we will be joined by thousands more who we will have inspired. Those thousands are not mentally strong enough to lead, but they will follow. We have millions of hunters, millions of military veterans, millions of sport shooters, many of whom will follow once we have clearly shown the way. (Supplementary incentives are: We keep the cash from those we bag. When jew-government breakdown sets in, we keep the assets such as cars, houses, jewelry, etc., of the jews we bag.)

We Whites Will Win.

  • See essential advice and helpful ideas in articles linked at the bottom of this site.

The Best Japanese Expose Crypto-jews’ Crimes Against Humanity In Japan

This material needs to be on the record in the English language. Most important is the portion of email in which my ally in Asia, who I’ll refer to as “R,” translated portions of a historic book published by a Japanese hero.

Let the email exchange tell the story. I added some images and links.

My email to R.:

On Sun, Apr 5, 2015, <whiteswillwin@hushmail.com> wrote:

Hello, R.

How are you these days? Are you having success with your scholarly endeavors, and work, and family?

Ariana Miyamoto, named Miss Universe Japan. Note: "Ariana" is a common jew name.

Ariana Miyamoto, named Miss Universe Japan. Note: “Ariana” is a common jew name, a female form of the jew male name “Ari.”

In the last few days, I saw that Japan has a “Miss Japan” who is described as half Japanese (from her mother) and half “African American” (from her father). She is, of course, ugly. The Japan Times newspaper glorifies her, as expected.

This and other things related to Japan have been on my mind lately, so I did a search for Japanese sites talking about “crypto-jews.” I used Google Translator to help me understand what I found.

Actually, I found NO SITES exposing crypto-jews who are pretending to be Japanese in Japan! This is awful. Do you know of anybody exposing crypto-jews in Japan?

Somebody (some bodies!) needs to do it. It would be EASY to begin.

1. Look at the makers of porn movies in Japan, such as the old horrible movie “Sex Machine.” No doubt, jews made that film and some if not all of the cast were crypto-jews.

2. Look at the owners and reporters of newspapers such as the Japan Times. I looked at the site, and there are MANY names of reporters that are obvious jew names. Surely there are owners and reporters who can be surely identified as jews.

3. Owners of banks. Since WW2, jews have controlled the money system.

4. The high people in government and media who are pushing for the acceptance of nonJapanese to live permanently in Japan, and also for the mixing of the Japanese subrace with other races.

Patterns may emerge in regard to facial features and other physical features that will help identify crypto-jews in Japan.

This is not my job. It is the job of true Japanese people. If Japanese people don’t learn to identify the jew enemy, the jews will finish their ongoing effort to genocide the Japanese people.

Best regards to you, R.

R’s email reply:

Dear James:

How are you? It is a great delight to receive your email. I want to tell you that I check your website once a few days to keep abreast of the latest updates of your site and am really enjoying reading it which is always and unfailingly both informative and illuminating. Thank you for your kind greeting and important message on the dominative and vile Jewish role in Japan which is indeed a very realistic, significant, alarming, and thought-provoking topic.

I am doing well with my academic teaching as well as my family life here…. My only problem with my current state of living is that my official teaching load and the academic research work are quite heavy and burdensome, … which render me only limited time and energy in pursuing and advancing the intellectual endeavor of my own real interest i.e. the real, complete, and uncensored study of Western history and international politics, economy and culture centered on the viciously manipulative, subversive, exploitative, and destructive role of Jewry, which is vital and central to my own intellectual and actionist agenda but certainly untranslatable to any real-world academic success….

To note, I have been writing a quite comprehensive and exhaustive dissertation on exposition of the historical and present state and influence of international Jewry in the West … already totaling nearly 200,000 words and continuing to grow, which I hope will make into a book and get published…. The tentative title of my “book”, translated into English, would be like “Features and Facts of International Jewry —- A Critical Examination of the Jewish Role and Influence in the History of the West since the 20th Century.”

This thing is a negro, not Japanese. Likewise, anything that is half not White is not White. You have to wonder if the mother was a crypto-jew in Japan who bred with a 'groid like Obama's mother did.

This thing is a negro, not Japanese. Likewise, anything that is half not White is not White. You have to wonder if the mother was a crypto-jew in Japan who bred with a ‘groid like Barack Obama’s jew mother did.

Back to the key topic of “crypto-Jews” in Japan to which you rightfully and insightfully attach great importance and keen piercing observation distinctively yours. First on the Japanese-Negro “Miss Japan” you mentioned, I have read reports on it online from a couple of other White Nationalist outlets and fully agree with you on the wicked agenda and ulterior motive behind it nursed by those international elite forces mostly Jewish who are desperately pushing and promoting all such anti-natural and abnormal cultural influences in an attempt to reshape the popular mindset of the Japanese public and change Japan’s racial structure with all the Jews’ high-sounding, glittering, and smarmy talk of multi-cultural “diversity”, “tolerance”, “race-blind society” and other harmful mind-poisons.

Hopefully most Japanese are instinctively and intrinsically against such “artificial” tampering and expressed their displeasure and disapproval of it. The weaknesses of Japanese vis-à-vis the onslaught of Jewish internationalist propaganda are two-fold in my opinion:

1st, the collective Japanese national character determines that they are too polite, civilized, and [lack] aggressiveness, which means they often imply their views reservedly and tacitly instead of strongly and emphatically against things they dislike and disapprove;

2nd, the built-in Japanese national trait contains strong elements of introspection and self-doubt and self-challenge which give rise to the spirit of science and has engendered a great number of diligent and capable people of various scientific and cultural talents, while at the same time also producing a large and active section of guilt-wired and self-hating liberals amenable and malleable to self-destructive ideas, who tend to assume undue amounts of self-criticism and even self-hatred, and often harbor a burning desire for progressive social-engineering and thus often engage in sedulous work against their own national and racial interest. These kinds of altruistic preening and moralizing Japanese are in effect dangerous traitors to society in real life, aiding and abetting the Jewish internationalist agenda of destroying the Japanese nationhood consciously or unwittingly.

The above two flaws of Japanese people are surprisingly and strikingly akin to those of the Whites but unseen in other less civilized and less able human races, again uncannily affirming the belief that the Japanese people are the “Aryans of the East”, sharing with the White race both the admirable virtues and qualities vital to one’s superior development and at the same time the inherent shortcomings and insufficiencies susceptible to manipulations and detrimental to one’s racial survival when pitted against less civilized but more ruthless and disingenuous racial foes.

For those who have yet to realize the global jewlies network, here is a Japan Times subscription deal that offers free access to the NYTimes website.

For those who have yet to realize the global jewlies network, here is a Japan Times subscription offer including a period of free access to the NYTimes website.

I also understand clearly and agree with you entirely that The Japan Times is a den of filthy subversive Jews as all the editors, reporters, and columnists of that publication are stacked with easily perceptible Jewish names. The Jewish infiltration of Japan since the end of WWII has certainly multiplied many-fold and is a huge success on their part.

Again, your unique insight, conscientious alerting, and sonorous calling for discerning and identifying crypto-Jews in Japan are of cardinal importance to the survival and prosperity of a Japanese nation with sovereignty and integrity and is much appreciated. I myself have also posted several entries on some famous nationalist Japanese intellectuals’ websites on the Jewish question and hopefully will help draw their attention to the question more intensely.

You expressed your disappointment at the awful fact of your failure in finding any websites exposing crypto-Jewish Japanese in Japan despite your earnest effort and asked me if I know anyone exposing Japan’s crypto-Jews. Unfortunately, I myself also know no existence of such websites, at least any explicit ones in this regard.

But there is a silver lining which I would like to emphasize and inform you: There is a very good and valuable book doing the great job of exposing crypto-Jews and their treacherous Japanese followers in Japan before and during WWII, whose offspring and disciples certainly maintain considerable and palpable influence in today’s Japan, and their identities are certainly traceable if we follow those names and their deeds. Here is this book in Japanese which is passionately titled『ユダヤは日本に何をしたか-我が愛する子や孫に語り継ぎたい』(What Did Jews Do to Japan — What I Desire to Keep on Telling to My Beloved Children and Grandchildren).

The book

The historic book: What Did Jews Do To Japan, by Teiji Watanabe. The cover photo was a good choice because jews did that to Japan. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, crimes against humanity. The negro “Miss Japan” above brings an extra heinous insult to the real Japanese because she wears a Nagasaki banner as if she has a right to claim to represent that city.

The book was authored by an old gentlemen and intellectual named 渡部悌治(Teiji Watanabe)who was born in 1912 and died presumably a few years ago. This man had a very interesting and brave life track and a quite unique and significant career. He was born in Northeast Japan and received the Shintoist education at the renowned Kokugakuin University in Tokyo which is famous for Nationalist Shintoism study and where I also stayed for my Ph.D.

From 1943 to 1945 Mr. Watanabe worked at the government sponsored and then most advanced Jewish study institute of Japan the「国際政経学会」(Society for International Political and Economic Studies [SIPES])as a supervisor. At the war’s end, he was banished from public offices by the US Occupation Authority i.e. GHQ. After going back to his hometown in the Yamagata Prefecture and after some years, he was appointed the councilor of the local government until his retirement. The SIPES was set up in 1936 and continued to function until the war’s end when it was disbanded by GHQ and all their research work has been effaced silently. The main work and achievements of SIPES included

  • the publication of two official magazines: The Study of International Secret Powers, and The Monthly Study of Jewry;
  • ideological and intellectual struggle against the Jewish-Freemason power from Japan’s Shintoist and traditionalist stance,
  • publications of other relevant books,
  • the organization and holding of lectures and research meetings, and
  • advocating policy and appealing to political and social circles.

This book was first self-published in 1992, and the first public edition came out in 2003, the one I own and read is its revised new edition published in 2009. The book is like a live witness revealing and explaining the tragic history of contemporary Japan wrought by foreign spy organizations led by Jewish internationalists bent on Japan’s destruction and their Japanese cohorts and co-conspirators selling out their country for money, status, vainglory and/or twisted globalist ideals.

In the book the author pulled no punches as he boldly and truthfully exposed the appalling depth of Jewish internationalist infiltration into the highest levels of political, economic, and financial establishments of Japan and explained how they managed to penetrate or permeate into such exclusive circles and what grievous and irreparable harms they wreaked on Japan’s war effort which put Japan on the path to demise directly.

The details disclosed here are both rich and truly shocking. In the process of his narration and examination, he also identified and dissected quite a few Japanese elites with deep Jewish connections, some of them being called crypto-Jews in explicit terms, and allegedly all belonging to and working for the sinister and criminal Jewish Freemasonry-Christianity-Comintern triangular alliance acting hand in hand, and employing alternately the ideologies of communism and capitalism to advance their vastly ambitious and evil goal of globalist unification and the subversion, subjugation, domination, emasculation and enslavement of all nations — particularly the defiant German and Japanese.

The author was extremely discerning and approvable to you, I believe, with his argument against Christianity as he debunked the fundamental folly, the incorrigible and irredeemable nature of Christianity as a weapon and mind-poison against Japan in the hands of Jews and their gentile servants and the addled and brainwashed masses. The author argued powerfully that just as Jews created communism and controlled Freemasonry, the same Jew-invented and Jew-worshipping Christianity has every reason to be renamed “Jewish Christianity” to reflect the reality accurately. He also made the point that the Jewish Socialism and Communism were brought to Japan by Christianity.

The anti-Japanese crypto-Jews or suspect crypto-Jews who Mr. Watanabe identified included

  • Yusuke Tsurumi (politician, active till the post war period [here's a bio on him full of jews]), Wasaburo Asano, Mokichi Okada, Torahiko Matsumoto (anarchists and activists of Ohmotokyo, a cultist sect probably funded by the Jewish freemasonry and promoting the fallacious and deceptive theory of Nichiyudosoron i.e. Ten Jewish branch tribes arriving in Japan in ancient time and becoming ancestor of the Japanese nation, hence Japanese and Jews sharing the same ancestral roots used as a tool for infiltration and manipulation),
  • Kumao Harada (court politician and schemer, most certainly and specifically pointed out as being Jewish whose maternal grandfather is a German Jew named Michael Baer (“Baer” being speculation from the Japanese pronunciation, not exactly sure of its spelling) who was an active weapons dealer during Japan’s civil war in the late 19th century),
  • Zenji Kuroda, Daishiro Satoh (notable Bolshevists and spies for Moscow, also with links to Chinese communists and the American educator and later ambassador to Japan the Jew Edwin Reischauer, doing great service to Soviet Union by devising to bog Japan’s force down in China and switching it away from the Soviet and save the Soviet’s ass),
  • Hotsumi Ozaki (socialist and one big traitor during the war doing incalculable harm to Japan by teaming up with the exceedingly effective Soviet spy and German Jew communist Richard Sorge),
  • Toyohiko Kagawa (notable Christian activist connected to the American Jewish plutocracy Schiff Family and American communist funding, working hard to bring Japan and the US on a collision course to smash the old Japan for internationalist take-over),
  • Terutake Hinata (politician and member of Jewish Freemasonry and openly and proudly displaying the Jewish Star Of David badge in pre-war Japanese politics),
  • Masaharu Aneszaki, Yoshiharu Iwamoto, Shigeru Nanbara, Sakuzo Yoshino, Suekichi Nishikwawa, Hiromichi Kozaki, Inazo Nitobe (all notable Christian activist and liberal socialists and Jewish-Freemasonry members),
  • Sanzo Nosaka (longtime Japanese communist party leader and perfidious traitor working together with Soviet and Chinese communists),
  • Sen Katayama, Hitoshi Yamakawa, Kanson Arahata (all Japanese communists, subverters and provocateurs whose influence continued to the post-war era),
  • Yotoku Miyagi, Kenzo Asahara, Shinji Sogo, Akira Kazami (all liberal activists and political advisers with links to international communism),
  • Shinzo Koizumi (court official planted inside the Japanese Royal House as an agent working toward the structural and spiritual dismantlement of the most cherished Japanese traditions),
  • Komaro Takeuchi (the founder of the religious sect Amazukyo, alleging Jesus Christ visited Japan in ancient times with fabricated Takeuchi Document),
  • Shiroshiko Furusho, Tatsukichiro Horikawa, Shumei Okawa, Yoshio Kodama, Shinji Miyajima (pro-Jewish oligarchs, political fixers or their agents, feigning rightwing and some maintaining active political influences in post-war Japan as well).

There were also other pro-Jew and anti-Japan agents who might not have been Jewish themselves such as the high-ranking Imperial Navy generals Isoroku Yamamoto (Freemason), and Mitsumasa Yonai, Makoto Saito (pro-America defeatists), Koreshige Inuzuka, Morikatsu Inagaki (pro-American secret agents who leaked the vital Japanese fleet information to the US which led to Japan’s decisive defeat at Midway), and the famous scientist Hideki Yukawa who sold Japan’s top secret and classified information on the development of the nuclear bomb to the US and was rewarded with the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1949. The list goes on…

The most lethal and damaging crypto-Jew or pro-Jew traitors, either to Japan’s war effort or to the traditional Japanese culture, among all the names above, should be Kumao Harada, Zenji Kuroda, Daishiro Satoh, Hotsumi Ozaki, Toyohiko Kagawa, Yoshiharu Iwamoto, Kenzo Asahara, Shinzo Koizumi, Koreshige Inuzuka, Morikatsu Inagaki, Hideki Yukawa.

All in all, this is a book of gems and really worth translating into English if I have more free time.

With my best regards,

Sincerely and cordially yours,


Now, after all of that evidence, no intelligent person should doubt that it is very possible that the mother of the negroid “Miss Universe Japan” is/was a crypto-jew. Furthermore, with the jews producing so many cypto-jews in Japan for so long, it is likely that every Hollywood “star” identified as Japanese is probably a jew. Same with “stars” identified as Chinese, too, and the other races.

Our American concern is the entire population of open jews and crypto-jews infesting our country. They are in your bank, your hospital, your college, your courthouse, your tv and radio stations, certain coffeeshops, bookstores, clothing stores, jewelers, on and on.

They, their spouses, their children, are all enemies. We will kill them all. We didn’t start this longrunning race war, but we will rise up and end it by winning it. For now, we must kill carefully, covertly, until we kill enough of them to ignite their secretive war into an open blaze, at which time all races will huddle with their own. The jews will be on their own. Most members of the other nonWhite races will flee. And we Whites Will Win by killing or expelling all nonWhites who remain.

For our true White men and women who haven’t started yet, see vital advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website.


Charles Darwin, Such An Optimist!

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Each time I re-read a major book in our White Knowledge Foundation, I bring my own always-increasing knowledge to it. Thus, I am able to better appreciate the book’s truths and critique its faults. (We all do this. However, sadly, many of our fellow Whites won’t read nor re-read important works.)

So, recently I re-read Charles Darwin’s book Descent Of Man, which came after his more famous On The Origin Of Species. Here, I intend to offer just three quotes from the book, all celebratory, though one with cautionary notes. Enjoy!

1. The Optimist


I highlighted the most noteworthy sentence in the image, above. (By the way, by “Australian” he meant the so-called Aborigines of Australia, one of the very low-IQ “savage” races. Of course, Darwin included the Negroids among the savages, too.) Here, I’ll type out the key sentence for those who can’t see the image for whatever reason:

“At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races.”

I love that optimism! Don’t you?

The entire passage on that image is about the distance between closely related species. That distance between two closely related species is wider if more of the related species between the two have gone extinct. Simple logic. But no progress has been made on that prediction. Why? Because jews duped our White ancestors into overly helping the savage races, giving them our advanced medical care, etc., so that their populations have boomed instead of shrunk. And more recently, the jews have flooded our White countries with the savage races and other anti-White races and subraces.

2. Absolutely right 140 or so years ago on physical and mental differences.


Totally correct. And yet, much more than 100 years later, we have a vast number of our own people who are ignorant of this undeniable truth of the physical and mental differences between races. (I was one of them as recently as 10 years ago!) Why? Because the jews own the entire established and supposedly “authoritative” knowledge delivery system — in which they lie and lie and lie. Textbooks, newspapers, magazines, tv, movies, and government publications.

“There’s no such thing as ‘race,’” the jewsmedia say. “Race is a social construct,” they say.

And yet, in utter and obvious contradiction, they say, “The White race must be abolished.” “The White race is a cancer on humanity.” And beyond absurd: “Only Whites can be evil racists.” In fact everybody on Earth is racist except our duped majority of Whites!

All of this is proof that jewry is the one true villain race on this planet and must be abolished. They are well along on their Chosen path to genocide — to make extinct — our once great White race.

The portion of our once great White race who are still great — us — must kill them before they kill us.

Of course we can. Of course we will.

3. Darwin was aware of, and mentioned, jews as “a new race,” not a religion.


In this case, I’ll type out the entire content of the image:

“… descent from a common stock. In some cases the crossing of races already distinct has led to the formation of new races. The singular fact that Europeans and Hindoos, who belong to the same Aryan stock and speak a language fundamentally the same, differ widely in appearance, while Europeans differ but little from the Jews, who belong to the Semitic stock and speak quite another language, has been accounted for by Broca through the Aryan branches having been largely crossed during their….”

darwin.descent-of-man.1871.eNow, I offer cautionary notes about that passage. Darwin was too kind to the Hindoos (Hindu people of India) who are now easily recognized as a hybrid group unqualified to be called “Aryan” or “European” or “White.”

Darwin was also too kind to the jews in saying they “differ but little” from Europeans (Whites). Why would he say that? Probably because his experience with jews was mostly limited to the jews in England who admitted to being jews — perhaps the most “White-looking” jews whose mongrel DNA expressed White surface features, luckily for them. The jews have been selectively interbreeding with Whites for a much longer time in England than in the USA. Look at Brit tv, for example: Of course, it’s loaded with jews, but it’s harder to identify them as jews by physical features than it is to identify most jews on USA tv.

Final note about that passage: “Semitic stock” is not a properly racial term nowadays as “semitic” is a description of people who speak any of certain related languages in the Middle East. Anyway, Arabs are the main semites. Thus, jews are the supreme anti-semites on the planet as they are always killing Arabs! Their usage of the term they coined, “anti-semitic,” is simply another massive jew lie. They get away with it because they don’t allow the truth to be told in the media they own and because we haven’t killed them yet.


It’s fun to see Darwin as an optimist. Also, he was basically correct about nearly everything he stated as his conclusions. And he was aware of jews but apparently ignorant of the characteristics of the jews’ core population. (Likewise, our Founding Fathers.) Further, I suppose he never read the then-300-year-old book by Martin Luther titled “The Jews And Their Lies.”

We have. And We know. And We will do to the jews what they are trying to finish doing to us.

We will kill them all.

Whites Will Win.


Movie Review: ‘Good Kill’

Movie Review: ‘Good Kill’
All military personnel should read this review.


What does this movie do? It depicts “White men” as responsible for the deliberate killings by U.S. military drones of women, children, and other noncombatants in Middle East countries. We even have what looks like an “African-American” woman as the “noble conscience” in the film.

This movie’s main purpose is an attempt to further burden real White men with false White guilt. Yes, false. Why? Because Whites are not at all responsible for starting the wars, nor for directing the U.S. military. Who is?

Before I directly answer that question, let me first point out that all of the actors and actresses in the movie — yes, all of them — are jews.


Ethan Hawke who plays the main character is a jew. His wife is played by a typically short-legged bottle-blond jew. The others are jews. Even the supposed “African American” is a known jew played by Zoe Kravitz. The entire Kravitz Hollyood-and-music-industry family are jews, from Lenny Kravitz’s father on down.

The jews are not Whites, by the way. That should be obvious since they even breed with Negroes to make black-skinned jews. See my article “FULLY Wake Up To Crypto-Jews” (“crypto” means “secret”) for more of this undeniable truth in photo documentation.

As an aside, I would like to point out that this movie — and hundreds if not thousands of others — begins by saying “Based on a true story,” and then it ends by saying that any similarity between this movie and actual persons or events is completely coincidental! Is that possible? Can a story “based on a true story” have no characters nor events deliberately similar to the true story?

The movie-makers are blatantly deliberately lying, right there in type imprinted on the film.

Why can they lie and get away with it? Because they are jews. Hollywood is owned by jews, always has been. And jews control the government. That’s the answer to the question, above, “Who is directing the U.S. military?” Now, as we already know, Zoe Kravitz is a jew claiming to be an “African American.” Well, so is Barack Obama, the military’s commander in chief. His mother was a jew named Stanley Ann Dunham. She was named “Stanley” after her jew father. (Note: Israel defines jews by parentage, DNA, race — and religion has nothing to do with it.)

Who creates all modern wars? The jews. Who benefits from the wars? Only the jews. What is all the killing about in the Middle East? It’s all about killing everybody except jews.

The jews — the entire jew race — are the villains on this planet. But they lie and say Whites are the villains of Earth. But our White-founded White-built country and every country on Earth is getting worse except for one. Which one? Israel, the jews-only country.

Perhaps I have said too much for one article when my intention was only to give our military personnel some absolute, undeniable, eye-opening facts that arise from the movie “Good Kill.”

I, and the many of my fellow true Americans who also recently realized the truth about jews, will welcome you to our growing population. And we will welcome you in joining us as we deliver justice upon the true enemy, foreign and domestic, especially domestic.

By the way, you know how Senator Feinstein (a jew) and the big media (owned by jews) say that all combat veterans are suspects for PTSD and should be denied Second Amendment rights? Well, there is never any PTSD when we kill the right enemy. Every kill of jews is an authentic Good Kill.

My name is James T. Laffrey, and I stand by what I say. This site is full of what most newcomers will call “shocking,” and it is the truth. The TruthfulSites lists on two pages show hundreds more websites that offer at least pieces and often most of the same “shocking” truth.



Don’t ‘Fight’: Just Kill.

Each kill is absolute, undeniable progress.

Each kill is absolute, undeniable progress.

“It’s not enough to be right. We must fight.”

That’s a good slogan. And I have used it many times. But it occurs to me that it’s not quite right in regard to my advice.

“Fight” suggests engaging in a two-way battle in which the good guy may take some nasty hits as he “fights” the jew or other invader. This notion could deter our smaller or physically weaker potential heroes. Thus, my fellow Whites, perish the thought of “fighting”! There’s no need for it.

  • My advice is not to “fight.”
  • My advice is to not take any hits from any enemies.
  • My advice is to simply kill them.

We strike without warning. We strike, preferably, with the element of surprise totally on our side.

We strike to kill in one blow, or at most in two blows.

For example, from behind, we strike the neck with an edge-of-hand blow to stun the target, and then we apply the arm around the neck and break the neck or wait for the strangle to reach finality. No “fight.” And no loud noise, and no bloody mess. Safe, ruthless efficiency. In some cases, we may choose to forgo the first strike. However, our big, powerful heroes may find that they can kill with that first strike to the neck. For the rest of us, we simply choose targets of equal or smaller size. (See this linked article for details on this technique for any White adult to use with success.)

Or, when we use a weapon, such as a gun, we prefer to apply the lead to the head. Quick, efficient.

Likewise, when we choose a tool, such as an appropriate screwdriver, the first strike should kill so that there will be no shout-out, no “fight,” no mess.

And don’t forget easily applied “accidents,” such as long falls, flips off of bridges, shoves in front of trucks, buses, or trains. No “fighting.” No muss, no fuss.

For our budding heroes, I recommend reading “Go On A Dry Run,” and then see “THE BEST” and other articles of advice linked at the bottom of this website.

Hundreds of our fellow Whites are raped and murdered every day by the jews and other invaders. Most of those enemies get away with it. We are the heroes who will reverse all of that. With a noticeable number of deaths, all nonWhites will get the message that we Whites are taking our country back. Most who can will flee. Most others will cower. And we will mop up.

Whites Will Win.