‘Your Card Issuer Needs To Know Your Location At All Times’

“Your Card Issuer Needs To Know Your Location At All Times”

That headline is exactly what I was told by the “fraud detection hotline” related to my new debit card.

After I got my debit card last month, through the local “federal credit union,” I made two attempts to make small donations — online.

vlc-logoOne was to VideoLan, the makers of the free and great VLC Media Player. This donation was for $5 and went through with no problem.

And then I tried to make a similar small donation to the makers of the free and great DownloadHelper add-on to my Mozilla Firefox browser. This transaction was denied, without explanation of course.

video downloadhelper-logoMinutes ago (as I write this), I listened to a voice mail left for me yesterday, and it said I should call the fraud detection hotline about recent transactions on my debit card. Naturally, I guessed the jews had already hacked into that and stole or otherwise flushed my money. But no –.

The employee who came on the line, clearly a negro voice, told me that the problem was about the DownloadHelper donation attempt. The DownloadHelper account is in a different country, namely France. I asked if all international transactions would be blocked, and he answered, “Yes.” I asked if transactions would be blocked if I simply travel within the USA (where I live!), and he answered, “Yes.” To avoid blockage, said the negro, I would have to call the customer service line and tell them where I am and that I wanted to make transactions from there.

I reacted in the negative.

He said it was related to “homeland security” and that “Your Card Issuer Needs To Know Your Location At All Times.”

Now, there are plenty of fucking numbskulls who would agree with the negro on the line and say that it’s “for our protection” and it’s necessary in this corrupted society or some such regurgitated phrases they learned from the jewsmedia.

But as we know, the Homeland Security agency and the banking system have the same set of owners/controllers. They are the jews. They want to know where all of us are at all times — not where all of their jews are, but all of us.

Why? So that when any of us show that we disagree with the government on important issues or we disagree with any claims that jewry has made, they can easily flag our identity in the system and be ready to implement their evil plans against us.

Like what?

  • Illegal arrests and imprisonment or mass placement in “FEMA camps.”
  • Or outright hits, murders — by covert poisoning, or car “accidents,” or medical murders by “malpractice.”
  • Or “destabilization” measures, such as making us lose our jobs, or hacking bank accounts, or hacking and rendering unworkable other accounts from medical to email to whatever you have.
  • Or to having the local police or state “law enforcement” garbage visit your relatives and other significant acquaintances and plant ideas against you so as to alienate them from you — which the local sheriff and TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) did against me here two years ago. The TBI actually told people they visited to keep the visit a secret from me. One and only one person told me, though.

I hope every single reader of this article disagrees with the government or jewry in at least one major way, such as knowing they all lied about who did 9/11 and how the three towers really were made to fall. Or knowing that JFK was killed by multiple shooters and not Lee Harvey Oswald.

Or knowing that the fluoride chemical they put in our water systems is a poison. Or knowing that the known oil deposits on and in the Earth are so massive that gas should cost no more than a dollar a gallon and they are limiting oil production to pretend the high prices are justified.

Or knowing that the banking system is an entirely criminal system — at the top of which is the Rothchild family, and they are jews. Or that by simple mathematical calculations or by knowledge of simple physics it is clear that the “Holocaust” is a monstrous lie against our fellow Whites, the supremely inventive and honest Germans of the last century.

On the phone with the “fraud detection” negro, I said I didn’t like having to inform the government of my location “at all times.” He retorted that we were talking about “the bank, not the government.” I replied, “Same owners.”

Who among us Whites is not at the boiling point yet? What do those White laggards need? Do they need the jews to personally put a gun to their heads and rob them? Do they think that as long as “other people” are getting robbed, ejected from employment, falsely imprisoned, or murdered, that they have no need yet to be a MAN and begin killing the enemy?

Our White victims are “other people” until suddenly it’s you, too. Once you are incapacitated by poison, or imprisoned, or murdered, it’s too late to get started. Right?

Thousands of killings occur every day in this country. Most of them are negroes killing mostly negroes, otherwise killing Whites, and then killing some of the other races. Another significant percent of the killings are by jews killing mostly Whites.

A huge number of all those killings become cold cases. When the LEOs don’t have a quick top suspect directly linked to the corpse by family ties, employment ties, or hard evidence, they don’t find the killer and soon give up to work on new cases.

Kill jews you are not directly linked to. Tell no one of your plans. Don’t leave hard evidence, except for the probable bullet(s). Safely dispose of, or wisely hide, the weapon. Tell no one.

Be a part of the Solution, right now. Make history, right now. Be a White hero, right now.

This is how Whites Will Win now, while we’re still alive to enjoy the victory, securing the existence of our race and the future for White children.

Hoaxes of a lifetime

Hoaxes of a lifetime

The lifetime is mine. The hoaxes are a selection of those that have been inflicted upon us since I was born, which was 1957.

This is an official NASA photo. Look at the footprints. Obviously, the dirt is soft. And "Moon rover" shots have shown to to be like dry, light sand. Look at the Moon Lander. That's a rocket engine on that thing. It had to blast burnt propulsion elements out of it to slow the ship and allow it to land softly instead of crash down. Yet, there is NO hole under it, NO burnt depression where the rocket exhaust was blasting at it. Simple, correct conclusion: That's not a photo on the Moon.

This is an official NASA photo. Look at the footprints. Obviously, the dirt is soft. And later “Moon rover” shots showed the dirt to be like dry, light sand. Look at the Moon Lander. That’s a rocket engine on that thing. It had to blast burnt propulsion elements out of it to slow the ship and allow it to land softly instead of crash down. Yet, there is NO hole under it, NO burnt depression where the rocket exhaust was blasting at it. Simple, correct conclusion: That’s not a photo on the Moon.

For current website owners and future website owners, you might know that I have encouraged more single-issue websites for our pro-White anti-jew efforts. This is because each time we add an issue on which we proclaim the truth, we alienate a group of our readers whose ignorance on the added issue causes them to dismiss us as foolishly or evilly wrong and away they go, most of them never to return.

So, bearing that in mind, with each item on the list below I will be repelling a group of readers. I dare say that nobody, nobody, will arrive at the bottom and still be in complete agreement with me — despite the fact that I am correct. Yes, I am correct. I have lived through these hoaxes, many of which I fell for at the time. But since then, I have investigated, I have researched, I have remembered, I have read the work of others, and I have reasoned my way to these truths.

This is by no means a complete list of “all” mentionable hoaxes. There have been MANY more. And then there are the monstrous ongoing hoaxes that started before I was born. Anyway, the following is a good list, a big list. I thought about deleting the hoaxes that have been ideas only, not physical, so to speak. But I’ve decided to leave the idea hoaxes in the list. If anyone needs/wants details explaining or supporting these hoaxes, send me an email at WhiteMan1@tutanota.com. I don’t accept comments on this website anymore.

The Hoaxes (more or less in chronological order):

  • Cold War
  • Sodium Fluoride in water is good for teeth/health.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • JFK was killed by only one man (Oswald), three bullets.
  • Gulf of Tonkin event as excuse to ramp up Vietnam War
  • Moon Landings (in fact, all claims that any humans have gone to the Moon and returned alive).
  • Swine Flu (of the 1970s)
  • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in refrigerant gas causing the Ozone Hole by which most of us were to be riddled with cancer or dead by now
  • Meat is bad for our health
  • Eggs are bad for our health
  • Nuclear power makes sense
  • Every presidential “election”
  • Peak oil. And along with this, there is the hoax or lie that oil is a “fossil” fuel. It isn’t.
  • The Breakup of the Soviet Union supposedly put jews out of power.
  • Capital punishment solves no problems, deters no one from crime.
  • Y2K. Supposedly, when the year 2000 came, all computers and computer-controlled utilities, etc., would not work and thereby cause electric-grid and economic catastrophes.
  • 9/11 was committed against us by Arabs.
  • U.S. wars in the Mideast are for “freedom,” democracy,” and “security” for us and for the people the U.S. is (still is) killing.
  • The Greenhouse Effect. This was soundly proved to be wrong, so it was morphed into –
  • Global Warming, caused by us. This was soundly proved to be wrong, so it was morphed into –
  • Climate Change. (Still a hoax. Still a pack of lies.)
  • White people are a cancer on Earth, the villains of humanity.
  • NonWhites “enhance” White countries.
  • All of humanity is “the human race,” meanwhile –
  • “Race” is a social construct, yet still –
  • Only Whites are “racists.”
Even today, when we ask most people to tell us how many tall buildings fell in NYC on 9/11, they answer, "Two." Wrong. Vitally wrong.

Even today, when we ask most people to tell us how many tall buildings fell in NYC on 9/11, they answer, “Two.” Wrong. Vitally wrong. WTC buildings 1, 2, and 7 went straight down that day. Nothing hit the bottom halves of those THREE towers to make them fall completely and straight down to the ground.


Planes hit only

Planes hit only two of the buildings. No big plane parts (except for maybe one engine) made it through a building and out the other side. Why? Because, as you can see above, the buildings had massive elevator towers within. Steel-reinforced concrete towers, very thick, housing the elevator shafts, within each building. The planes did not break through those massive concrete structures. The planes only caused damage on a few floors high up. Nothing damaged the entire massive structures from the entry points on down to the ground. The lower portions could not be made to fall straight down no matter what damage was done above. I mean, they could not be made to fall straight down UNLESS they had controlled-demolition explosives planted throughout in order to cut the steel into short segments and pulverize the steel-reinforced concrete into stupendous dust clouds.


The jews had a message service called Odigo, only for jews. They used it to warn their fellow scum self-"Chosenites" to not go to work at the WTC on 9/11. As a limited hangout, some jew publications admitted to Odigo but lied about how many got the message and why.

The jews had a message service called Odigo, only for jews. They used it to warn their fellow scum self-”Chosenites” to not go to work at the WTC on 9/11. As a limited hangout, some jew publications admitted to Odigo but lied about how many got the message and why. 9/11 was done by jews. They killed anybody but jews. 9/11 was used to dupe the public into supporting the wars in the Middle East to kill anybody but jews. And 9/11 was used to horribly increase the erosion of our rights while increasing the freedoms, wealth, and “national security” of jewry.

So, now, there’s nobody left but me. Right?

The truth is not determined by popular vote.

Meanwhile, the truth does not fear investigation. Liars and their Lies fear investigation.

So, were all those hoaxes inflicted on us by different people, each person or little group having a different ax to grind or different devilish whim? Well, when you look deeply at the sources of each one, you quickly find a pattern. One “group.”

Remember, Liars and their Lies fear investigation. Therefore, what happens when you investigate the self-Chosen people’s biggest claims, such as the trademark Holocaust? In about a dozen countries, you get thrown in prison. In the USA, if you’re vocal about it, persuasive about it, you get thrown out of your job, you find various financial accounts frozen or stolen (such as PayPal), and you get evil phone calls. Or even worse, as the admirable JB Campbell has reported — see the “Direct Action” article on this site or on his site.

We should be killing the “group” who has been doing all of this, and much more, to us since we were born.

They are the self-”Chosen” people. Their goal is to kill us, and they are doing it. Notice that the wars are for killing anybody and everybody but jews. They did 9/11 and killed about 2,000 people, none jews (except for an accidental one or two) because they warned their fellow parasites to not go to work that day. We know this. They warned their own by an exclusively jew messaging system called Odigo.

Do we do such things? Do we as a race have a special messaging system? Do we as a race plan and commit crimes against humanity and then use the media we own to blame a different group? (Actually, we don’t even own any significant media other than our websites.)

We are Whites. The jews are not Whites and they know it. That’s why, despite their necessity of pretending to be Whites in order to get our sheeple’s permission to own or control everything, they say Whites are the “cancer” and the villains of humanity.

Do we, as a race, pretend to be what we’re not and simultaneously demonize what we’re pretending to be?

Of course we don’t. We must kill those who do.

When? Now. How? Carefully, using the tools we are familiar with. Efficiently. Covertly. One or two jews at a time. For now, this is how we reduce the enemy population while we lack popular support, while we lack the power to perform open and public extermination of the cockroaches.

We are the heroes of our race and of humanity, unsung heroes for now. Upon our Victory, our names will be sung.

Mine This Dump

Mine This Ideas Dump

Note: Images have been added.
Update, 4July2017: Correction to say I did fall for one hoax! And additions about Eustace Mullins and James McCanney.

This is a dump of ideas for articles, from nuggets to paragraphs to rough-draft essays. I intend not to develop them into articles for this website. Why? Read on –

* I’m done with this website. But I’m not done.

As posted in the righthand column of this website homepage on 13 June 2017, the domain “WhitesWillWinparty.org” will expire in September 2017. I will not renew it. I have other activities and new ideas, some of which I will share in this “dump” and in the coming two to three months.

holohoax-cinema-style-logoThe jews are supposed to be brilliant psychological manipulators. Maybe they are when it comes to poisoning minds from birth and manipulating the ignorant. But not when it comes to men such as me. Consider this:

The scum jews got ahold of my phone number, and they have called and left voice messages in the middle of the night — which I don’t even know about till the next day. I hear their jew-accented English, probably straight from Israel, as my phone identifies them as “unknown caller.” I listen to a few words only, to know who and what it is, and then hang up. They say things such as “you should kill yourself.”

The jews must think such calls will be effective in getting me to do — what? Give up? Cower into inaction? Or strike out in rage, planless, careless, and get myself arrested? This shows how stupid they are in general as a race. They only feed my fire. All of their tactics against me, including those against my website and other “destabilizers” they do — it all underlines that I am right, I am correct, I am justified. More jews will die because of what they do against me, not fewer.

What they should try to do is domesticate me. Send me a beautiful single White female employed by them. Heh heh heh.

So, I’m done with this website. But I’m not done. I’m the opposite of done.

* What Works: My current www site fails to grow a big audience because visitors who agree on one issue are driven away by a different issue on which they are still woefully ignorant.

Strategy: Do Personal “blog” with charisma on current events. Or: Single-issue single-focus expert sites. Each site has single, different focus.

* Remember These Vitals

  • Free Speech for Survival is Identifying the True Enemy and Urging the Once-and-for-All Solution.
  • It is not illegal to disagree with the government (in the USA) about who the real enemy is and where and when to kill them.
  • A government is people, and when the government makes it illegal to disagree with them, they must be killed.
  • The jews are not Whites, and they know it. One item of proof: Israel determines automatic citizenship by race (parentage, blood, DNA), not by religion.
  • The jews are the enemy not only of us Whites but of all of humanity.
  • Most jews in the USA and other White-founded White-built countries are pretending to be Whites. That’s how they duped our ancestors, and that’s how they have duped us since our births.
  • The jews know they launched and are fighting a race war. That’s why they say “race” does not exist while they also say only Whites can be racists while they also say Whites are the cancer of Earth.
  • This is knowledge I have shared with you. Not opinions. Not “views.” Facts assembled into knowledge. This knowledge moves true Whites — all of heroic capability — to action, to kill the jews. It moves inferiors to cower, to tremble, to run away, to dig holes in the ground in which to hide and let True Whites face the danger and earn our victory. Such treason will not be forgotten. Only True Whites will have earned the right to live among us.

* We True Whites need alternative sources of income. We get blocked from good jobs because of our speech — an illegal result, but that’s reality. We get marginalized socially because of our speech. So, we think we’ll get support from other Whites through donations to our websites or through actual sales of our pro-White products through our websites. And it does not happen. (I’m not interested in a discussion of reasons here. I’m interested only in the bottom line.) We True Whites get no significant financial help from our fellow Whites by way of our investigating, analyzing, and truthtelling about our White race and about the enemy of humanity the jews. Problem? You who don’t have websites and don’t take action against the jews: look in the mirror.
I say the solution is not another website.

* IrishSavant website comment under this article: Burning Down The House:


Celtic Morning said…

Slowly the people learn the facts and realise the truth is not as they were taught, their leaders were not the heroes they were led to believe. Slowly at first. But the pace of revelation is increasing daily as many more people are shown where they are being led. But there is not much time left and the mass of the people must accept that drastic action will soon be needed. Nothing will happen without true inspirational leaders. Are there any in sight? I cant see any. They need to appear PDQ

28 June 2017 at 07:59

I RESPOND, I say, what does it take for people to recognize one of us as “inspirational”? What do we have to look like?! What do we have to say that we’re not saying?! What do we have to do that we’re not doing?! Will our flouridated, MSG’d, HFCS’d, beered White facebooking tweeters respond, follow, and act?!

* The Falsity of Natural Entropy

We’ve been taught that every ordered or structured thing in our world and universe wants to automatically deteriorate to disorder. That’s the concept of “entropy.” And it’s wrong.
Our first bounty of evidence to support my contention is seen just by looking around.

Plants and animals and insects. Bodies of water, usually warm on top and cool on bottom, and living things inhabiting the warm areas are mostly different than those down in the cool areas. All the chemical — electro-chemical — ingredients in all these things are ordered. Naturally ordered. Nobody had to coax all that carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and all the other elements into their current formations.

Here’s an approach from the opposite direction. If we pour a mixture of sewage into a bucket, it will organize itself. It will separate into layers by the different mass and buoyancy of different molecules. Growth will occur according to the available air and electricity (in the forms of heat and chemical bonds). Order will grow in that bucket.

The solar system began, according to the theory of the unmatched scientific brilliance of James McCanney, with the Sun and Jupiter. Along came comets now and then, some of which were captured gravitationally and electrically by the Sun and Jupiter and eventually settled into their gravitationally and electrically appropriate orbits and became planets. Nobody had to lasso the comets and guide them into orbits. Nobody had to pour water on what became the Earth. All of this happened naturally because of the properties of the elements. These things self-ordered because of their natural properties.

Thus, order is natural.

Speaking of order, our White race is well known as the breed of humanity most inclined to make and appreciate order — as best personified by the great population of Germany from 1933-1945. Disorder, entropy, is the forte of a different breed — namely, jewry.

Let jews live and you get entropy, automatically. Exterminate jewry and you get order with true safety and security.


For anyone still lacking in knowledge about the jews, let me just simply point out the jew porns.

The jew Carroll Dunham, the male above, does "cartoon porn." Sick, which comes naturally to jews. Yes, this thing is related to an actress named Dunham. Probably also related to Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Of course, they are all related as jews.

The jew Carroll Dunham, the male above, does “cartoon porn.” Sick, which comes naturally to jews. Yes, this thing is related to an actress named Dunham. Probably also related to Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Of course, they are all related as jews.

Sexual Porn (pornograpy) is a jew creation to satisfy their endless perverse lust and to destroy White family solidarity. (Link to the Dunhams urging extinction of Whites.)

Family Porn is a jew creation pushing acceptance of homo “families” and incest, etc., also to satisfy their perversions while destroying White families.

Medical Porn is a jew creation, a mix of virus hoaxes (ebola, zika, etc.), disease and cure hoaxes, and poison “medicines.”

Terror Porn is a jew creation to keep the population afraid and conditioned to let the jew-government impose the “solution” that they call “safety” and “security.” Actually, suppression. (9/11, shootings in gun-controlled areas such as theaters, schools, malls, mil-base buildings, nightclub.)

Fear Porn. 9/11, the Ozone Hole hoax, the Y2K hoax, killer bees, AIDS will kill healthy Whites (hoax), and new ones every year.

Sci Porn. (some mentioned above, plus lies rather than truth about comets, asteroids, plus the hoaxes of ozone hole/cfc’s, greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change; ebola; etc.)

Health Porn. Lies, such as meat and eggs are bad for us. The lie that we Whites must fear the diseases inherent in the mongrel jews and the negroes. The fact is, we healthy Whites are the strongest race on Earth and don’t get AIDS, ebola, zika, Sickle Cell Anemia, etc. etc.

Need I go on?

Again, let jews live and you get entropy, automatically. Exterminate jewry and you get order with true safety and security.

* Great scientist, science genius, James McCanney (Science Hour of 27Nov2014) said Bill Clinton “is the illegitimate son of Nelson Rockefeller.” I can see that resemblance. For several years, it has been clear to me that Clinton is a crypto-jew. As to his secret father, I have heard other guesses, including direct Rothchild descent, but I never quite saw it though I was willing to accept it. Rockefeller, a jew, with a similar face and schnoz, makes sense.

* Also, McCanney describes the young movers and shakers from the network of “families,” of the international super-rich, many of whom he saw and some of whom he met, who look and act related “because they are related.” They wield millions of dollars for investments. They tell congress members how to vote. The only thing McCanney didn’t say, in 2014, is that they are related families of jews, most being secret jews (crypto-jews). It may still be now that McCanney hasn’t grasped the truth of secret jews, even though he does correctly describe the international and “European bankers” as jews.

- And yet, in 2014 McCanney fell completely for the international ebola hoax. However, it seems he learned much from that (though I have not heard him ever admit being wrong) because I think I recall him correctly calling the recent zika virus hoax. UPDATE, 4July2014: I am in the process of listening to his entire archive of broadcasts, and I heard him admit being wrong in predicting that the moon Titan would be relatively hot. In 2005, a probe found Titan to be cold — but otherwise very interesting, young, and active.

- And in that same Nov2014 broadcast, he mentioned the “problem of racism” in this country — clearly a display of his ignorance on race. Even recently, I have heard him say the jew-propaganda phrase “the human race.” He needs to strain the koolaid he’s drinking through his GF water filters!

* Oh, hell — and remember, hell is right here on Earth; there is no other. In his 11Dec2014 broadcast, McCanney shows in spades that when he strays from hard science and mathematics, he still thinks he’s right no matter how foolishly wrong he actually is. What about this time? “Nazis.” Here, I transcribe what he said, starting at about the 9-minute mark in the 58-minute mp3 file:

“My point here is you have to understand who these people are. The CIA is not some agency with your best interest in mind protecting the rights of American citizens. They’re the Nazis who moved to the United States after World War 2. That’s who started the CIA. The Bill Donovans and the, uh, the other people who were instrumental. The, ah, the Bushes were involved in that, in forming the CIA. But they, they were basically the Nazi, uh, spy, the SS from Nazi Germany that came into the United States just like they brought the scientists here, just like they brought other groups of people out of Nazi Germany, including the banks. All of that moved into the United States after World War 2. That’s where the CIA came from.”
End of quote.

Where and why did Mr. Science, Mr. Logic, Mr. Calculate Prime Numbers, get such absurd notions and decide to accept them as if true?

Comet Hale-Bopp, another view. The tail(s) is not the giving off of particles. The tail is the drawing-in of particles, which are electrically combined in the process. Near Earth, some common elements in space are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Thus, commonly formed compounds are water (H2O) and the building blocks of DNA. This is McCanney science. Are you overwhelmed? Listen to his free broadcasts, and learn.

Comet Hale-Bopp. The white tail(s) is not the giving off of particles. The tail is the drawing-in of particles, which are electrically combined in the process. Near Earth, some common elements in space are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Thus, commonly formed compounds are water (H2O) and the building blocks of DNA. This is McCanney science. Are you overwhelmed? Listen to his free broadcasts, and learn.

McCanney is a genius on science, electricity, chemistry, and mathematics. And I bow to him and his expertise there. I don’t have his brilliance of mind for higher mathematics especially. However, my earned expertise includes identifying jews now and back through history to the foundation of the USA in the 1700s. I have a mind for it, and I have done the investigation and analysis. My conclusions make sense, they “fit the data,” as the scientist would say. His Plasma Discharge Comet Model theory of the formation of comets and their behavior fits the data and thus appears to be proven fact.

aryan.ssSince we’re here, there’s another wrong statement about the great German SS organization that McCanney has made within the last three years. I heard him say that the SS “failed” in the effort to breed the best possible new Germans. In his ignorance, McCanney must be referring to the SS’s program called “Lebensborn”.

The Lebensborn program, under the direct supervision of the great Heinrich Himmler, had a matchmaking program in which they checked the backgrounds of women whom SS men intended to marry or might be encouraged to marry. The SS men, of course, with rare exceptions, were of fine White German stock. Paired with women of certified fine White German stock, they could be expected to produce offspring that would, in general, be the best possible German offspring — in terms of DNA, intelligence, and appearance.

SS.Lebensborn.boyThis program, however, didn’t even have time to operate for one full generation. WW2 was inflicted upon Germany — by international jewry — before the first batch of children reached adulthood.

McCanney’s claim that the program was a “failure” can only be born of ignorance and his gullibility to that particular version of the many jew versions of sewage propagated against Adolf Hitler, the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP, not “Nazi”), the SS, and against their heroic effort for us all.

* What I wrote to Jan of HistoryReviewed.com:

I am very glad to hear that you have overcome the deep disappointment that all of us pro-White anti-jew (keyboard) warriors suffer when our work gets near zero monetary support from even those who seem to value our work.

We question why we work so hard for people who DO NOTHING in response to our work: They don’t take any action against the enemy jews and the jews’ tools, nor do they help fund us as a kind of substitute for their inaction.

But then we realize that if we give up, we die. If this is the winter of our race’s existence, then so be it. We, the few, the heroes, will kindle the new spring! Somebody has to do it. Our very existence right now is because of great White ancestors who faced previous winters of our existence and refused to give up, refused to let the odds defeat them.

While we are still able to inhale, we are not defeated.

* “…the means always determine the end.”
(Aldous Huxley)
supposed full quote: “”The nature of the universe is such that ends can never justify the means. On the contrary, the means always determine the end.”
(Aldous Huxley) ”

* Democracy = democrazy

* McCanney,
- 13Febf2014, WRONG, backward, on John Lennon.
- why doesn’t he tell us a list of what he thinks/knows what Tier 1 science is doing?!

* A FUNNY THING about Catastrophes and How To Survive the Next Big One.

If we get a lot of people (WHICH people?!!! we must say only Whites) off planet and living sustainably on another planet or vast spaceship, the next big comet might kill them instead of us! Or hit us both in succession! We must inhabit far distant locations, or have at least one location highly mobile. Otherwise, all of us could still be totally wiped out.

* Till Death Do Us Part

Why? How?
Good for family. Good for community. Good for race.

* FUCK. The terror acts, the riots and looting, the street protests, the oppressive taxation, the agreed lies by all the big media and government. This is all planned. This is all organized. It is all planned and organized against us. AGAINST US. Meanwhile, we (not me but nearly all other Whites) plan nothing, we organize nothing, we DO ——– nothing. They DO. They initiate. We do nothing but react. We react with words. We initiate nothing. Thus, we are being led by them. In effect, they are leading us by the noses. Fucking stupid of us.

WE must initiate. WE must initiate the solution. We must kill them. We must not be afraid to plan. We must not be afraid to communicate (carefully) and organize (carefully). We must plan. We must organize. We must kill them.

Kill who? In history, they have been called the anti-humans. They have been called the Masters of the Lie, and the Masters of Deceit. The ultimate parasites. They are the jews. Kill the jews. Or continue to be a stupid fuck. Yes, I’m talking to you — every single you reading these words. If any of you are already killing jews, then you know you are not a stupid fuck, you are a HERO.

* Windows f’n 10.

You can stop the automatic updates. … Still, Microsoft controls some functions of your computer. You buy a computer. You pay for it. You should totally own it and totally control it with nobody able to instigate any activity that you don’t want. …

This is one of the ways to do it. As I recall, I used a "run" command to get an area where an otherwise secret panel opened, offering me choices. This also depends on which Updates you've already had installed. Do a search for sites to find what will work for you.

This is one of the ways to do it. As I recall, I used a “run” command to get an area where an otherwise secret panel opened, offering me choices. This also depends on which Updates you’ve already had installed. Do a search for sites to find what will work for you.

And there are many functions embedded that would be nice to know about and use if only you and I knew about them. But we’re not informed. Sometimes, we find a website where somebody offers info on a hidden capability — such as turning off the AutoUpdate.

* tsunami of stupidity! a stunami. (coined by me, mid May 2017)

* Velocity of Gravity? (I suppose I’m going to display my ignorance here.)

McCanney said he admired Thomas Van Flandern (a liar for jewry) for working on the mystery of the velocity of gravity. Well –

I say, let’s think how we could possibly measure that, as opposed to the speed of light. We need a far distant source of gravity, a mass, to suddenly come into existence, and then we can compare the arrival of its gravitational pull on us versus the arrival time of light from it or light bounced off of it. BUT WAIT, there’s no such thing as a “new source of gravity.” All the mass of the universe already exists. Nothing is going to magically appear for us to measure.

I say, the velocity of gravity is, from our point of view, instantaneous. How do we measure that? How do we provide a proof of that?

Can we move an object (any hunk of mass) faster than the speed of light to the other side of us and then measure how long it takes the gravitational effect to move, too? No, we can’t.

UPDATE, 4July2017: I should have offered info on what’s so special about gravity as opposed to electricity. McCanney wisely says gravity cannot be shielded nor blocked, as far as we know. That’s what makes it different from electricity and electricity’s effects, such as magnetic fields, which can be shielded or blocked. So, another interesting avenue of research would be to try to block gravity. Now, consider again what I said about the velocity of gravity.


It’s criminal by the jews to do it. It’s stupid by any nonjews who know better to allow it.

1. Science books with a drawing of the Solar System in which the planets’ orbits are shown all in the same plane. Accuracy in their various planes should be shown from the first! Minds — young and old — fertilize and produce over time. Plant the correct seeds and grow knowledge into wisdom, instead of planting seeds of ignorance and then occasionally jolting the stunted shoots with aspects of truth!

2. Same image. Must show Jupiter and Saturn as dim stars, not “planets.”

3. Same image. Must show at least dots for the myriad moons!

4. Electric flow into Sun, from Sun through planets to outer zone of the “Solar Capacitor” (McCanney science term).

5. Thousands of places all around the world, such as the La Brea Tar Pits in southern California, have been found containing amazing conglomerations of shattered, mixed-up bones of animals from around the globe. We were taught that all of those animals had actually lived right there. Pieces of human bones were found among the mix, also. In the 1800s, mountain crevasses were commonly found filled with such animal-bone conglomerations. In China, one was found with three disparate races of human bones (European, Melanesian, and Eskimo) shattered and mixed among mammoth bones, ostrich bones, etc., of global variety. The knowledge assembled points only to catastrophe(s) as the cause. Ignorance wastes time and lives as well-meaning dupes debate impossible causes while the rest of us are repulsed from science by such inanity.

6. Globes and maps without the islands! We must include the islands and accurate distances. With islands, it becomes obvious that our ancient ancestors could have sailed from island to island to other continents. But with ignorance, and teachers presenting such travel across vast “open oceans” as beyond belief, students are stifled and stunted in their thoughts.

7. many more in various sciences and other subjects

* If you were going to design a building to survive the massive geological upheaval, earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding, fires, etc., caused by the next big comet coming very near Earth, what would it look like?

My design: the Great Pyramids. That’s likely one reason our great ancestors built them. If they stay planted on the ground, they have a good chance of everything deflecting off of them, not pushing them, not breaking them.

Another idea: Whatever it has inside, make it a thick steel egg shape all around the outside.

* We should be digging deeper in the Earth with one major goal in mind: stumbling across remnants, perhaps technology, that our great ancestors had before the last catastrophe or two. There must be stuff of great interest down there, buried by the mountain forming upheavals and rearranged topography.

How deep? Reasonably, down to a mile, although many treasures could be much deeper. Make educated guesses about locations, which way some known civilizations might have been thrown and submerged, and then dig.

Of course, we can’t do that now and keep jews out of it. First, we have to exterminate the jews. Then, we thrive.

* On Trump: The previous Trumpettes who now say they realize the Trump Deception:

  • TomatoBubble
  • AryanStreet
  • Incogman.net
  • WhiteTeaRoom
  • IrishSavant
  • and some fake pro-White sites I don’t link to in the first place, but our weaklings do.

* NOTICE that I haven’t fallen for a hoax in all the years of this website. Didn’t fall for the virus hoaxes, didn’t fall for the ANNUAL “the dollar is going to crash” hoaxes, didn’t fall for the Jade Helm hoax, etc. Nobody notices but me, apparently. The hoaxers and the emotional fools get the attention. The calm wise get none.

UPDATE, 4July2017: I’m sorry, I actually did fall for a hoax in recent history, earlier this year. I fell for the jew-funded scum The Thunderbolts group, paid to steal McCanney’s “Electric Universe” theory and twist it into absurdity. (Link to my first article about them.) The enemy frontmen for that jew disinfo program are named Wal Thornhill and David Talbott. Their purposes include providing a shield for the jew-NASA lies, to divert us from the true White brilliance of McCanney’s science work, and overall to “own” the opposition — by creating and directing it. That has been a known strategy of jewry since the jew Vladmir Lenin said so almost a hundred years ago.

Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins

UPDATE, 4July2017: In regard to the annual “Dollar Crash” hoaxes and the like, Eustace Mullins had it right decades ago when he asked the rhetorical question: Why would the jews cause a monstrous crash when they are doing so well, constantly advancing their agenda against us? Mullins was right. The latest huge example is Trump. He lied and lied and lied to get the half-awake Whites to think he is their savior, and he won the (s)election, and then his actions and even his words have proved that he is pro-jew all the way. The jews have no need to cause any monstrous kind of devastation on the USA. From their point of view, all is going swimmingly. The most armed population of Whites in the world is still duped by flag-waving and zombified by alcohol and other mind-poisons while they worship their nigger and crypto-jew ballplayers.

* Some things I should cover again:

*** Banking. Their f’n windfall. Yes, it alone is enough to kill over. They bleed us, lifelong.

* Make yourself an expert on one thing (for doubters). Do this by reading all the necessary documents, the same as the current so-called experts have read. Then you will easily see the lying by the government and mass media about the people and events you have mastered. (I did this about Meriwether Lewis and the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Therefore, I knew that Stephen Ambrose and Ken Burns — the famous, to me infamous, filmmaker for PBS — were liars. Ambrose is not still a liar only because he is dead. Burns is still a liar, which is his nature, as he is a crypto-jew. That’s another field in which I have made myself an expert, crypto-jews. If we had honest academic systems, I would have earned PhD’s in these fields. But since those very liars are in charge and so successfully duping our population, I receive no income nor even a bit of glory for my expertise and work products.

* Mine: “jews must die. Whites must rise!”

* Which Part? Another episode in my “Which Part of This Does He Not Understand” series. Kol Nidre. How can anyone learn about this and not come to the correct conclusion about jewry?!


  • Belief System. Do you have one? Junk it. Replace it with a White Knowledge System.
  • They create wars to kill anybody but jews and to create refugees to flood White (our) countries.
  • They make the abnormal normal, suppress the strong, glorify the weak.
  • * Vaccines. If they really work, then NOBODY who takes them should ever worry about people not vaccinated. But the jewed government passes laws forcing vaccinations. That should all any intelligent White person needs to know. It’s not just a clue, it’s worthy of a full conclusion!

* Jew Music Industry …VERSUS… White Music
……….LUST ……………… vs. ……..LOVE
……….LIES ………………. vs. ……..TRUTH

* Hate? It’s love for my own people to name the enemy and urge the solution.

* GAB.ai shit:

“Users are prohibited from calling for the acts of violence against others, promoting or engaging in self-harm, and/or acts of cruelty, threatening language or behaviour that clearly, directly and incontrovertibly infringes on the safety of another user or individual(s). We may also report the user(s) to local and/or federal law enforcement, as per the advice of our legal counsel.

Gab follows the U.S. Department of State’s definitions of terrorism and list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s proscribed list of terrorist groups, organizations and/or individuals. “

* 24 march 2017, mozilla homepage startpage says:

“52% of all websites are in English, but only 25% of the world understands English. Find out how healthy the Internet is.”

Funny. How will dumbskulls react to that? How do we react to that?

* It’s ‘Jew Privilege’ not ‘White Privilege’
- census
- the Kahilla govt IN usa IN NYC
- exempt from laws
- monopolies
- pieces of HenryFord’s books

* I write and publish this stuff with various thoughts and goals in mind.

One thought is, I want to have an impact on the individuals who have rejected me (and so I rejected them, too) for the truth I tell. I publish some things as replies to whatever specific thing(s) they think I’m evilly wrong about. I have no evidence that I have had any effect on any of them.

Another thought is remembering that my awakening was sparked and fueled by previous truthtellers who suffered the same, and worse, rejection and consequences that I suffer. It’s one thing to suffer it. It’s another to be defeated by it. Guys such as Eustace Mullins and William Pierce weren’t defeated by it, and neither am I. Further sparking and fueling of our fellow Whites must be done. Those guys who helped me are gone. The duty now is on our shoulders. We are Whites. We do our racial duty with pride. Defeatism defeats for sure. Earnest work toward victory is the only path to victory. Those of us who do the work will deserve and enjoy the rewards. Upon victory, what will we do with those who don’t do the work?

* The Youth. What if we had put forth a big effort 10 years ago to inform and persuade our young people about the reality of our race and the other races on this planet including the jews? If they were 5 to 15 years old then, they would be 15 to 25 years old now. They would have been able to fend off the propaganda against us that they got in schools and the media. And they would be a powerful population now greatly helping us in our recovery and counterattack against jewry! So, for all of you who have ways to contact and influence our youth now, do it. Be careful, of course. Adapt to each situation – so as to keep your job, or keep your friends, and such. But do it. And be proud that you are a doer!

* WHEN was Oliver Cromwell? If in the 1600s, then look at it as having been seeded by “Shakespeare” tales of corruption and perversion of kings and their families.

AH, YES, born 1599, killed the king 1649.

I say it again here, Bacon was Shakespeare:
first: David Lane, part 3: http://www.whiteswillwinparty.org/?p=999
second: Manly P. Hall article: http://www.whiteswillwinparty.org/?p=1035 .

And I say Bacon was a jew.

* Folks, in their offerings about history, jewry keeps almost everything compartmentalized. That makes it easier for them to erode, re-write, and outright lie about each person, race, location, and event.

* Kill jews and –

Kill Debt
Kill Rent

* Vincent Reynouard, 18 Feb. 2017, London Forum. Photo of atrocities by jew-Soviets against White children. He was found guilty by the French injustice system of saying some truth about the jews’ Holocaust hoax, so he fled France and is existing in exile in England.


Vincent Reynouard (left), while giving a presentation including all of the above. Which part of this does any White man not understand? How can any of this make a true White man reach for a cold 12-ounce can of poison instead of a GUN?

* Ageism. Age should bring the increase in knowledge and the increase in wisdom. Thus, jews created Ageism against us so that we older wiser Whites are shunned by our own people.

* You don’t get rid of jews by telling them to get out.

England learned that.
Spain learned that.
Russia learned that.
Germany learned that.
They all learned that too late.

Telling the jews to get out doesn’t work because those parasites will not willingly go. And many of them will pretend to not be jews so that they can stay and continue to subvert your race, your culture, your control over your own lives and your control over your very existence.

You only get rid of jews by killing them.

* The hippie poison of the 1960s and ’70s was created by, led by, funded by, and pushed by jews.

hippie-jews.1960s.abbie-hoffmanWho? The paid pushers were Ginsburg, Keroac, Abbie Hoffman (the shit who went underground and wrote a big-selling book), Jane Fonda’s first husband, the jew music bands, the jews’ underground drug-pushing network throughout the country.

It was anti-family.

hippie-jews.1960s.alan-ginsburgIt was “free love” — which wasn’t love at all but lust and “free sex” for jews to sow their demon seed among our race.

It was, and they admit it and boast it, a “counter-culture” movement. “Counter” means “against.” So, counter to whose culture? White culture, the culture of order, honesty, cleanliness, productivity, obeying parents. Do you see? The hippie poison was against every one of those qualities that I just listed.

And the drugs. Poisons. But when taken in small doses, they were such slow poisons that those who were duped into swallowing or inhaling the poisons didn’t think of them as poisons but as mind “enhancers” or worry-relievers or requirements to be “accepted” into the group of enemies and dupes. Yes, they are poisons when used other than medicinally, from the least of the poisons, marijuana, to brain killers and people killers such as LSD, cocaine, and heroin.

The jews do wave after wave, generation after generation, of this introduction and pushing of poisons — for both the mind and the body. They do it because they want for themselves total freedom to do any and every disgusting, destructive, illegal, immoral, perverted behavior. And they do it because they know that every bit of it that they get duped Whites to adopt will help the jews to kill our White race.

What are they doing now? They have let the old hard drugs recede while pushing in recent decades meth and related toxins. Meanwhile, the jews have intensified their push on the use of the most popularly, foolishly accepted drugs — caffeine and alcohol. They have school kids routinely ruining their sleep and body-and-brain chemistry by addiction to “energy drinks.” Alcohol is used and abused by them more than ever. And adults? They are more childish than ever, never growing up and out of the “leisure” and “escapist” pursuits of misled youth.

cdn.brian-williams-jew.2TV has the masses accepting the latest wave of increased jew perversions — with homosexual deviancy depicted as just fine for teens, and incest and statutory rape and teen race-mixed pregnancies as if all are just matters of individual free choice.

And the media have the masses tolerating the forced flooding of our country with nonWhite garbage. Legal and illegal, immigrants and invaders, all of them are to be coddled. They all get free food, free housing, many are given jobs that displace Whites from jobs. The jews give it all to them, and we pay. In every way, we pay. Loss of money, loss of jobs, loss of safety everywhere we go, loss of security even in our homes and apartments, loss of order in society, loss of progress in society, loss of freedom to travel and assemble and communicate without government interventions, wrongful searches and seizures. Loss of everything our White ancestors fought for, established, and built.

Isn’t that enough to kill for?

Former vice president crypto-jew Joe Biden is famously quoted babbling the truth that jews have made all this happen and are continuing to make it happen and are congratulating each other for their demonic success. President crypto-jew Donald Trump has repeated some of what Biden said. It’s on the record. Yet we have our gullibles and crypto-jews continuing to support the Trump Deception. Onward marches the jew agenda.

So, I started with the hippie poison. Immediately before that one was the “Greaser” poison. My oldest brother was into that one. My second-oldest brother was into the hippie shit. TV and other media succeeded in swaying them away from our parents and into their jew-presented pursuits.

Back then, children born out of wedlock were called bastards and illegitimate children. Bad words for bad deeds. Rightly so. But the jews came up with propaganda to keep ‘em coming. “Love child.” A lie term. “Lust child” is most often the accurate term. “Rape child” was, and is, sometimes another accurate term.

Now, the masses easily accept and even celebrate their daughters and sisters giving birth without any father in sight. And according to them, my pointing that out puts me in the wrong! White families, good White DNA bloodlines, dead. White race declining toward extinction.

Germany-taught-youth-right.postersThis can still be turned around, though! The masses can be turned around to White race traits by the same mass media that the jews have used to mislead them. As our great White cousins in Germany proved less than a lifetime ago, the masses can be brought back to their racial senses within a few years — and in only months once we get control of the mass media.

This we must fight for. This we must take back. We must win. We must kill the enemy to win. Enemy jews are in every institution around you, from libraries to hospitals to schools and government offices, to businesses of every size. The enemy jews are driving to and fro right now, living off our inventions, our work, our productivity, our race — even while they are genociding us in our own White-founded White-built country. Kill them. They have earned our bullets a thousand times over.



Mr. JB Campbell, some years ago.

Mr. JB Campbell, some years ago.

If you don’t know who Mr. JB Campbell is, let me help you:

  • He fought for Whites in Rhodesia against the jew-funded Negroes. The jews won, and the country was renamed Zimbabwe.
  • He wrote for the great magazine The Liberty Bell in the 1970s – ’90s. The owner was George Dietz, and the anchor writer was Revilo Oliver.
  • He started and grew the militia movement, which the jews short-circuited by way of the false-flag terror Oklahoma City bombing.
  • His website “ExtremismOnline.com” blazed the trail for this website of mine. And remember, actually there is nothing “extreme” about identifying the true enemy and urging the necessary solution.

Continue reading, please, and learn more about him. And learn more about what must be done. By whom? By US.

The following is JB Campbell’s latest, titled “Direct Action.” In full. No edits. See the original on his website at this direct link:

Direct Action


The best thing Donald Trump had going for him was that he was not the murdering harpy. But now we see that he is totally under the control of the Jews, if he is not one himself. His family is at least through marriage interlocked with them, most infamously his Lubavitcher son-in-law. His recent Mid-East speeches were written by a Zionist operative. To cap it off, he has picked an Orthodox Jew to be the next head of the secret police! Joseph Lieberman as FBI director is probably not going to happen and is likely just Trump sending an SOS to the Jews to go easy on him in this stupid and fake Russian election diversion. Trump doesn’t realize that there is no getting on their good side. His presidency appears as doomed as the Oroville Dam. But the presidency itself and the Constitution that spawned it are fatal flaws in the American Experiment, the main one being the private central Jewish bank enforced by the central government.

The Jews are showing their power. Again. The Jewish method is to control the president, one way or another. Control him or destroy him, or both. And then there is the Congress – the mob that gave twenty-nine standing ovations to Netanyahu – which has just voted 419-1 in favor of the neo-con idea for US Navy warships to stop and search cargos in the waters of other countries, such as Russia! Only a Jew would have such an idea. And only a Jew-dominated Congress would vote for it. Russia considers the vote an act of war.

This is a call for direct action against the Jewish machine, which has virtually destroyed us all. Destruction by Jews is unavoidable and total when they are allowed power for over a century.

The original destruction didn’t take more than a couple of years – we’ve just been enduring Jewish Rule for all this time since they took over the American government in 1913 and used it to destroy the entire world. There’s no point trying to list all the things they have done because they’ve done it all, with their mind-boggling debt-based currency and endless wars.

We long ago passed the stage at which there was an alternative to direct action against the international and domestic Jewish enemy. Legal action was never possible and political action was also never possible in our lifetime. The Jewish machine has totally controlled the legal and political sectors of society since the Wilson administration. We are on the short road to extinction and only direct action against the machine can possibly prevent it.

In our distant past, political action was possible in theory before the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, though we were originally crippled by the federal Constitution, which put us under a merciless central government and central Jewish bank with the unlimited power to tax and wage war. The Constitution put us under the immediate control of beings such as the Federalists, American and English Freemasons, Alexander Hamilton and always the Jews.

In 1913 one prominent American attempted to prevent the act’s passage. No one else understood what it would mean to pay foreign hustlers for our own currency, or that they would be doing so, mainly due to the deceptive name of the act. Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., was a congressman from Minnesota. He spoke against the act at the time, warned that it was racketeering by greedy bankers and he continued to do so for the next ten years. He published a book against the Jewish monopoly on currency and credit (The Economic Pinch) and had just completed another one when his home was raided by J. Edgar Hoover and his new federal secret police in 1923. The Lindberghs were roughed up, their home ransacked and the new manuscript seized, never to be seen again. Hoover reportedly bragged that during the raid he kicked young Lindbergh in the stomach. The senior Lindbergh was disgraced by the raid and died the following year.

This writer has in the past written harshly of the Kennedy clan due to its Jekyll and Hyde nature and embrace of left-wing policies. The Hyde-types were old Joe, Bobby and Ted. Bobby was a ruthless and reckless double-crosser and Ted was a worthless bum. But we have to give JFK credit for taking on the Jewish machine. He ordered Bobby, his attorney general, to force the American Zionist Council to register as a foreign agency and thus prevent it from continuing to bribe and control US politicians. The Jews managed to stall Bobby long enough until JFK was killed, at which point the registration was forgotten. The AZC was re-named AIPAC and has continued blatantly to control US politics ever since.

JFK ordered, six months before his murder, the printing and circulation of over four billion dollars in debt-free Series 1963 US Notes, thus depriving the Jewish company known as the Federal Reserve System the interest it was accustomed to receiving on its privately-owned Federal Reserve Notes. He planned to follow this in 1964 with a greater issuance of US Notes in other denominations, which would have quickly destroyed the most outrageous, predatory and lucrative racket in monetary history.

On top of these crippling attacks on the Jewish machine, JFK told the Israelis that they would not be allowed to have nuclear weapons. He ordered an inspection of their French nuclear reactor/bomb factory and its shutdown if bombs were actually being built – which they were.

And there was Operation Northwoods, presented to him for his automatic approval by the top Jew in the military, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Lyman Lemnitzer. Northwoods was the false-flag factory that would simulate Cuban terrorism against the US to justify the invasion of Cuba. Kennedy rejected the operation and Lemnitzer was reassigned to Brussels to head NATO.

The Jews knew that this man was waging total war against them. He was too tough-minded to bamboozle, too rich to bribe and too popular to beat in the 1964 election. Kennedy had written in admiration of Adolf Hitler, predicting that one day he would be seen differently, so there was nothing to do other than kill him.

Kennedy would in the near future become the most prominent victim of Northwoods, along with Lee Oswald, the most vilified false-flag of them all.

Maybe things would have been different if Jack Kennedy had explained to the people what he was doing – and why. But he and his brother waged their war against the Jews in secrecy.

I mean by “direct action” paramilitary operations against the alien Jewish enemy, beginning with Israeli spies, assassins and agents of subversion licensed by the State Department to do their dirty work in this country.

My first reason for direct action, that all Israeli operatives in America be killed: David Ben-Gurion told James Angleton to assassinate JFK. Ben-Gurion was the prime minister of Israel and he wanted no interference with his hell-bomb factory at Dimona, which was working with plutonium “stolen” from the US. Angleton was the CIA executive who had helped create the Mossad during his year in Israel in 1951. His first loyalty was to the Jewish state his whole career.

Angleton gave it to the CIA’s boss of the Western Hemisphere David Atlee Phillips, who contracted the Chicago mobster Sam Giancana, who assigned John Roselli, Eugene Brading, Chuck Nicoletti and James Files to handle the actual shooting. The Mossad supplied one or two Corsican shooters as well. Jack Ruby coordinated the operation with help from the CIA’s E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. The shooters were critically aided by Secret Service limo driver William Greer, who brought the Lincoln to a stand-still in the kill-zone for the coup de grace.

Ruby murdered the fall-guy and two other Jews, Arlen Specter and David Bellin, handled the official cover-up. Only a Jew could have the gall to present the Magic Bullet Theory to convict their patsy in the cover-up.

Ben-Gurion ordered the assassination and then resigned as prime minister so as to appear unconnected to the coming horror show.

Because there are so many Zionist agents in the US government, it is difficult to distinguish between actual Israelis and so-called American Jews, many of whom including Lieberman have Israeli passports. “Dual loyalty” is a misnomer: they have only one.

Reason Number Two for direct action: Operation Cyanide – the joint US/Israeli murder plot against the USS Liberty. Cairo very nearly got nuked! The crewmen of the NSA ship were actually working for the NSA and were deliberately sent into the war zone unescorted by Lyndon Johnson, the navy and the NSA to be sunk. Again, it is often difficult to distinguish between Israelis and so-called Americans. The disastrous failure of Operation Cyanide resulted in the second-most desperate and drastic cover-up in US history – not quite as ruthless as the cover-up of JFK, which murdered scores of witnesses and connected persons.

Reason Number Three: the joint US/Israeli conspiracy of 9/11, which was Cyanide on steroids. The purpose of both plots was to justify the US invasion and destruction of the Muslim countries. Cyanide failed because the Israelis couldn’t sink the ship and blame it on Egypt. 9/11 was better-executed and was blamed on Saddam Hussein. Both operations were from Lemnitzer’s Northwoods playbook.

These three treacherous acts all stem from Jewish debt-based currency, which we know (but don’t understand) as the Federal Reserve System. We don’t understand it because it is so unbelievable that we could pay a private company to supply us our currency and set the interest rate which we must pay them for borrowing from them, as if they, the Jewish owners, were actually lending us something of value. We supposedly borrow our currency from this Jewish company, which manufactures it under license out of thin air, but must “pay it back” with interest, which they set!. We can’t pay it back even without interest so it becomes the National Debt. This fake debt to Jewish bankers is what gives them total power over every aspect of our lives. The income tax goes to the New York Fed, supposedly to pay the interest. Its purpose is to keep us in servitude to them.

But economic power is not enough for the Jews. The insatiable fiends must have total political and military power as well, as they revealed with JFK, Cyanide and 9/11, among many other worse examples such as the Soviet Union, two world wars, the atom bomb, Fukushima, ad nauseam. My three reasons for direct action are only three atrocities that must be avenged. We just need one reason: to end Jewish Rule.

Direct action means that, for openers, we must locate all Zionist spies, agents of influence and operatives in this country. Then, one by one, they must all be killed. This includes not only Mossad case officers, or katsas, but Israeli “diplomats” and American helpers, or sayanim, wherever they are found. Victor Ostrovsky, the former Mossad case officer, claimed in his two books that there were only twenty-five or thirty case officers in all the world due to their networks of helpers. The ones operating in the US must be identified, located and killed.

We got a glimpse of such a network on 9/11 with the arrests of the Dancing Israelis and the raid on their front known as Urban Moving Systems in NYC. Also, the bold operation of the Israeli spies who called themselves “art students.” Dozens of Israelis were arrested that day. Why, do you suppose? Plus the Jews driving the box truck full of explosives on the George Washington Bridge. Keep in mind the images of people jumping out of the two WTC towers and exploding like watermelons on the concrete while the five dancing Mossadniks were celebrating across the river as they filmed the whole thing. The witness who called the cops said, “They were, like, happy…” All of the dozens arrested were returned quietly to Israel on orders of Michael Chertoff, who himself has an Israeli passport.

Most Jews are at war with us and not just the Israelis. The sayanim, obviously, even if a sayan has no choice once his/her help is requested by Mossad.

Direct action against the Jewish machine needs to be a joint operation between civilian and military Jew-fighters. The Internet must be exploited for our purposes, not for those of the Mossad punk, Zuckerberg, and his sponsors in the NSA. The ultimate helper just announced that the world needs a global superstructure! The ignorant kike doesn’t know there already is one, called Zionism?

The time for propaganda and analysis is finished. We know everything about the Jews that we need to know, whether it’s a little or a lot. It’s all true and their murderous ways cannot be exaggerated. Judaism is cancer.

There should be two arms of Direct Action – intelligence and action. All we need to know now is who, where and when. I believe we are at the stage at which IT can be used to identify and locate the enemy.

Zionist spies must be killed immediately whether they are police, feds, Jews or non-Jews. They’re at war and the Jewish planners intend to kill us all, starting with those of us who know about them. They have flooded our country with hostile aliens, both legal and illegal, just as they have flooded the country with drugs and degeneracy and debt-based currency to weaken us and prevent resistance.

The action arm will depend on the intelligence arm for accurate information. At first, the action arm will be small units, as small as two-man teams of shooter and spotter. The teams will have to be funded for travel and lodging.

For me, self-defense against the Jewish machine is not theoretical. Here is what happened in 2003: A team of six or seven Israelis made three attempts to kill me by putting poison grease on the steering wheel of my truck. Ten years later when I was writing for Veterans Today, Gordon Duff said the poison was a combination of petroleum jelly, datura and DMSO. How would he know? Duff, he told me, was/is connected both to CIA and Mossad and said this is the Mossad poison of choice. He said I was lucky it wasn’t dandelion. Maybe it was. The poison, whatever it was, attacked my kidneys and burned my dick so that it was modified considerably and unusable for years due to the scar tissue. It remains something that I don’t care to handle. My wife, an MD, used antibiotics and nutrition to save my kidneys and my life but there was nothing she could do about my dick.

That was the year I presented my landmine-safety vehicle to the US Army, which intended to replace all frontline Humvees with it – roughly 75,000 of them over the coming ten years beginning the following year. This was fairly unprecedented due to the scandal of the high number of casualties from IEDs destroying so many unarmored Humvees in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was in the right place at the right time and the Israelis knew all about it. The experience was recounted in “Psychological Armor.”

The Israelis did not want someone such as myself with millions of dollars to spend on making trouble for them. So they decided to kill me. As we now know, assassinations must be signed off by not only the Mossad chief but also the prime minister. In my case they were Meir Dagan and Ariel Sharon.

My wife had warned me that the Israelis we would see at the pool and around the Flamingo apartment complex in Las Vegas were interested in me. This was several years before the Mossad murder of the Hamas executive al-Mabhouh in Dubai by a large group of Israeli killers, so I couldn’t imagine that it would take six or seven of them to kill me. I said, “How do you know they’re Israelis?” She said, “They’re speaking Hebrew. I’ve been to Israel. I’ve been around Jews all my adult life. They’re Israelis and they’re always looking at you. We’d better watch it.”

First, my truck was vandalized. In the excitement I didn’t notice anything on the steering wheel but the next day I became quite ill and my kidneys started to shut down and a serious and a painful burn was developing which I also couldn’t understand. Robbi was an ER and ICU doctor at one point in her medical career and immediately went into action. I eventually recovered except for the burn about six weeks later.

The day before the army was scheduled to arrive for a meeting my business partner and I got in my truck to go over to check out the vehicle and make sure it was ready. I grabbed the wheel, which was covered in grease! Sticky, gooey grease. I said to my partner, “What the hell is this?” He was too excited about the coming meeting to pay attention so I just wiped my hands and the wheel with a shop rag and off we went. I began to get ill again the next day during the army meeting but managed to get through it successfully. By afternoon, however, my kidneys started shutting down again and the raw burn intensified. When you pull it out to pee the irreversible damage is done.

This time, remembering the steering wheel, I said to Robbi, “You know something? I think I’ve been poisoned.” She said that she was thinking the same thing. It’s not something you want to face. And it took another six weeks to recover – except for the burn, which just got worse. The Jews burned about two inches off it due to the shrinking of the scar tissue over the next few months. And it hurt to get hard.

At this point, I was wiping door handles, steering wheel and gear shift with alcohol before getting in. I started parking the truck next to the guard shack and told the guards that someone might try to get into it. Despite this, they did it one more time. We got in it one morning shortly after receiving an emailed death threat from the JDL and the wheel was covered in grease again, despite being parked next to the guard shack. I cleaned it with the alcohol. The Las Vegas cops refused to investigate.

There was no alternative but to leave Las Vegas, which we did since there was no point to be there anymore. The Israelis wrecked the vehicle project with the army by informing them that I was a notorious anti-Semite. So take notice and beware a similar attack if you become known to them. Ideally, you shouldn’t become known.

Nine years later, in August 2012, we were attacked by a drone at our home in Victor, Idaho. It was making a whirring sound outside our opened office window in the dark at around nine pm. We both started for the window but Robbi was closer and she got there first. She was between me and whatever was out there. The noise went away and that seemed to be that.

I left for my work in California at 4:30 the next morning and let Robbi sleep. I didn’t know anything was wrong until she called as I was going through Reno hours later. Something was terribly wrong with her lungs and she was having difficulty in breathing. She’d been on the floor since she woke up and could hardly move as the pain was so intense. When she finally got medical attention, she was told there was nothing they could do since they couldn’t determine what was wrong. She put herself on steroids to lessen the inflammation and pain but they did nothing for the symptoms. She found a lung specialist in Wyoming who promised he would get to the bottom of it. On her second visit he was a changed man and told her there was nothing he could do – sorry. We’re pretty sure he got a national security letter instructing him to back off. Our local hospital in Jackson said the same thing. Months later, the disease was reduced greatly by a chiropractor’s hot laser.

Later in 2012 I had knee replacement surgery at the local hospital. Just prior to the procedure I was questioned by the chief of anesthesia, who was suited up for the operation…

I awakened in my room after surgery and immediately threw up. The room was dark but what was in the bucket didn’t seem right – it looked black. I called the nurse to bring another bucket. She took mine and appeared startled by the contents. Within minutes I threw up again and again the stuff in the bucket was very dark. She came again and this time was even more taken aback when she looked in the bucket. “Why is that so dark?” I asked. She said, “It’s blood.”

The nurse knew who I was and had heard a speech I’d made over in Idaho a few months earlier. She said the surgeon had done over six thousand procedures and this had never happened before. The odd thing was, it happened to me and the only other patient he had that morning – a woman. And the even odder thing was, at the very last minute before surgery, the anesthetist who’d questioned me was replaced by a female anesthetist whom they did not know. She was a total stranger! She was there for my surgery only and they never saw her again. But the unfortunate other patient apparently received the same anesthetic.

We had a meeting with my surgeon before my hip replacement a month later. He was very disturbed by what had happened on his watch and promised there would be no repeat of it. I told him that the Israelis had in the past attempted to kill me and he nodded, realizing it had to be something like that. And the next one was without incident. But within a month, I began to develop a neurological disorder which we suspect came from whatever was in the stranger’s anesthetic.

We all need to get our feet wet and operations against Zionists are logical starting projects. In time, maybe a short time, we can go against the Jewish controllers and policy-makers. Naturally, the teams can go against any aspect of the Jewish machine.

This was the goal and my reason for starting the militia movement in the ’80s. Back in those pre-Internet Bush days, coming out as anti-Jew was almost impossible and definitely counter-productive. I went for it carefully in radio interviews, which really got the movement going, but most audiences were not receptive to this part of my message. Jewish brainwashing was still in most people’s way.

I kept pressing the message and finally made some headway when Jeff Rense ran a piece called “Jewish Rule” in ’06. That’s how long it took! That essay literally changed the landscape and led to a real blowout of anti-Jewish awareness and writing which we see all over the Net. Hasbara trolls for some reason backed off from their aggressive online tactics.

This was a change but not enough. The Jews learned to live with it. In fact, our awareness and hatred of Jews seem to energize them and give the rabbis extra power over their people. Coexistence with these aliens is not possible. Think of them as the ones in THEY LIVE.

Jewish agents in Europe and the Western Hemisphere have fomented mass migration of Muslims to undermine society and sow chaos on which Jews thrive and make great gains in power. Until recently, Muslims were the enemies of our enemies but that time is over. Israel and the CIA have subverted the Arab world and turned millions of Muslims into our deadly enemies. This was made possible by neo-con control of the US military and using it to slaughter millions of Muslims in Iraq and elsewhere. Muslim reaction was scientifically created and turned into a Jewish weapon of mass destruction.

Direct Action is the only possible way to deal with Jewish Rule as it must be dealt with. I recommend for several reasons that it begin with action against the Zionist aliens who are in this country only for their deadly subversive purposes. It is our duty to destroy them.

While this may be read by people in other countries and is just as true for them, it is directed at Americans. The Jews have taken over America in every possible way. They have turned it into the most terrible killing machine of all time, not only by its military but mainly in its creation, recognition and/or support of all Communist parties around the world since 1917, and of the Zionist parties since 1948.

This has put a terrible burden on us. We are rightly hated and feared around the world for the fact that Jews control us and make us do what we do. Their control is most obvious and repulsive in the Christian believers. Many millions of these pathetic souls are in the Jewish thrall and though they may be pacifists, they will defend their “Judeo-Christian” values to the death. That means they will fight us to protect their sly masters. We might liken their mass hysteria to the Stockholm Syndrome.

The only way to defeat Judaism is with heroism. The Jews know this very well. Hollywood has abolished all heroic role models of people doing the right thing despite psychological pressure or physical danger. Children get no realistic heroes – only cartoonish, PC “super-heroes.” PC means “acceptable to Jewish censors.”

Today it takes heroism just to tell the truth about anything, so the heroism required to be any part of Direct Action is enormous. We have been undergoing psychological pressure – Jewish brainwashing – every day of our lives since we were old enough to watch television. Every scripted word uttered on TV must be acceptable to Jewish censors. Offenders are immediately fired, never to work again.

We must break this Jewish control the only practical way we have, which is by force. We must make this country uninhabitable for all agents of murderous Israel. Because it is so difficult to distinguish the nationality of these agents, all Zionists here must be eliminated. Israel is not just a gangster state – it is a gangster state of mind. Zionism means that Khazar Jews invade Palestine, kill the Palestinians and give it a Jewish name. But this simple idea required the military muscle and equipment of Uncle Samuel. Thus, participation by US military men and women in Direct Action is needed to deal with Zionist traitors in the military.

We shall need civilian leaders and military leaders as well as liaisons between them to coordinate action against the Zionists. Our first goal will be the elimination of Zionist control of this country. Our ultimate goal will be the elimination of Jewish power and influence and control of every aspect of our lives.

When I started the militia movement in the late ’80s I coordinated it with my friend Louis Beam’s “leaderless resistance,” which was intended to avoid infiltration by the police, the feds and the Jews. No one was authorized to lead the militia movement, which was a deception in the first place to confuse the government. I also needed to attract gun owners who thought it would be patriotic to be in the militia. But I was trying to create revolutionaries. What I did was to convert the militia from a government auxiliary into an anti-government armed movement, using the old name which appeared so deceptively in the Second Amendment. No one was authorized to regulate the old militia and no one was authorized to lead the new militia movement – not even the guy who started it. I got it going and then stepped aside when I saw that American men weren’t yet revolutionaries. Conditions were going to have to worsen considerably. That would take another thirty years.

The militia movement fell apart with the federal OKC massacre. It did so due to no training, no purpose and, frankly, no leadership. Leaderless resistance requires training and purpose.

Now, thirty years later, conditions have worsened considerably. The Federal Reserve has with its debt-based currency destroyed what was left of America – we supposedly owe the Jews over twenty-trillion dollars! For what? For allowing them to charge us interest on their Monopoly money loans? Anybody wonder where the extra comes from to pay the vig?

Direct Action needs both civilian and military leadership. The military side does not need generals or colonels or admirals or captains. It needs smart, tough Jew-wise younger officers and NCOs who are willing, ready and able to take over the military from the war lords who at this time are planning total war with Russia, North Korea, Iran and even China at the direction of the Zionist enemy. This enemy, since the days of Herman Kahn, actually thinks that nuclear war is not only survivable but also winnable! This is the primary mission of the military side of Direct Action, to take from the Jews their US military power, the power to wage aggressive war against all countries who do not recognize them as the masters of the Earth.

The secondary mission is to disarm Israel and remove its weapons of mass destruction, as first planned by JFK.

The military side will accept leadership due to its system based on rank, and that is fine assuming the higher ranking officers in Direct Action have good judgment. The civilian side must develop a leadership structure very quickly, since most civilians have not been thinking along these paramilitary lines. Those with military experience will no doubt become the original civilian leaders.

Direct Action should be supported generously by those who can do so. Everyone in the anti-Jew movement must contribute something, however, even if it’s just moral support or a place for a team to crash. Those with needed IT and paramilitary skills should participate. There are obvious risks involved but not as certain as the risks we all face now.


Again, the preceding is JB Campbell’s latest, titled “Direct Action.” See the original on his website at this direct link:

We must take Direct Action. Apply your intelligence, starting now. Be covert. Plan to remain covert. Plan to be accurate, efficient, and successful. Tell no one. Act! Smile as only our heroes smile. Plan again.

James Laffrey
Whites Will Win.