Art or Craft? What’s the difference?

Do you know anybody who can define the difference between art and craft?

Almost certainly, your answer is “no.” This includes students and everybody else at universities, where there’s always a so-called “Fine Arts” department.

I had a professor who said, “Art is what artists say it is.” Isn’t that nice? So, then, what needs to be defined is the term “artist,” which the prof did not define. Of course.

For me, that was a couple of decades ago. But I’ll bet it’s even worse now, given what I have seen recently in magazines. I don’t watch tv, which always, relentlessly, gets worse.

According to magazines, such as the Smithsonian, Guitar Player, Rolling Stone, and any other big name mag you care to name, art is whatever anybody decides to call art, and it can even be the product of four-legged animals. No kidding. Example: the “painting” by an elephant.

If you are new to this site, please brace yourself for the use of a word that is forbidden for us to use in a manner favorable to our own people.

Definition: Art must serve to improve the artist’s race.

Yes, a race-based definition. Absolutely. Actually, the above definition is just a part of my complete definition. Here’s the rest:

A piece of work rises above craft and becomes art if it successfully achieves or performs the maker’s specific intention(s) toward education and/or inspiring members of his or her race — all in service of the ultimate and necessary goal of improving his or her race.

  • The successful maker, then, in light of the definition above, already was a craftsperson and now is an artist.
  • Art is no accident.
  • A person who cannot clearly define what art is cannot be an artist.
  • A race-blind nation cannot produce art.
  • For race-blind craftspeople, art production is impossible.

In other words, if it is art by a White person, it

  • improves our race, and it does so by

1. educating, or

2. inspiring, or

3. both.


* Our whole lives, we have had the question “What Is The Meaning Of Life?” put before us and left hanging as if there is no important answer, as if anybody can answer that question with any answer whatsoever.

Improvement is what gives life meaning. By that, I mean improvement in self, family, and race. Thus, the Meaning Of Life is IMPROVEMENT.

* It is important to know who has so diluted the meaning of the term “art” that it has become both meaningless and ubiquitous in use. It is also important to know who has been pushing the question “What Is The Meaning Of Life?” and leaving it hanging our whole lives.

The answer is jews. I don’t capitalize that race term because I show absolutely no respect for that race. I capitalize White. I capitalize Japanese because the Japanese are the only admirable slice of the Mongoloid race (Asian race). I always capitalize White and Japanese, and I capitalize others merely when I feel like it. The knowledge and respect, and lack of respect, come from my extensive experiences living with and teaching members of all of the major races. Doubt it? Ask me, and I’ll tell you.

“No respect for jews?!” That’s right. I respect, in a sense, what they can do against us because of their unity against us, but I do not respect them. And only ignorance disagrees. Readers who disagree with me are also, to varying degrees, in disagreement with Martin Luther, Henry Ford, GLK Smith, Gen. George Patton, Revilo Oliver, Eustace Mullins, George Lincoln Rockwell, William Pierce, and many others. The only reason for most people being ignorant of the jew-awareness of those great men is because the jews ban the truth from being told in all the jew-owned media. And most people have no clue that jews own all the big media, including all the tv networks and big newspapers and magazines down to nearly all little newspapers and magazines. Book publishers, too.

Libraries, too, are controlled by jews across our country. They make sure that Henry Ford’s two books are not in the stacks. Also banned are the books by GLK Smith, Eustace Mullins, George Lincoln Rockwell, William Pierce, and works by other great White authors, professors, investigators, and reporters. The late Eustace Mullins noted that jews stole his books out of libraries. Yep, that’s what they did, and that’s what they still do whenever a book of truth gets donated to a library and somehow gets put on public shelves.

The jews hold their “banned books” events annually just as distractions, to keep people busy with emotional issues that are designed to stay away from the central truth. For example, they like to say that Mark Twain books were banned occasionally because of the use of the term “nigger.”

The controversy over using the term “nigger” uses up all of the participants’ time and attention for subject of “book banning.” They never get to the core truth that the jews are controlling the limits of the discussion on the subject. Furthermore, they never realize that Mark Twain, real name Samuel Langhorne Clemens, was a jew himself. I am the only — the only — White person to ever, as far as I know, unveil Twain/Clemens as a jew. See that historic article, with its mountain of evidence: “Samuel Langhorne Clemens … Was A jew.”


Art. It is the product of human effort that rises above and beyond craft, and it is in service to one’s race.

Therefore, one could argue that some of Samuel Clemens’s work as “Mark Twain” was art — in service of his race, jewry. His craft and/or “art” was against our White race, which was his primary purpose, of course, followed closely by his purpose of enriching himself. He promoted the culture-killing and race-killing behaviors of White youngsters disobeying their parents, of pretending nonWhites are “the same as” us, of accepting the living with — and ultimately the breeding with — Africans and, thus, breeding with any nonWhites. And more.

Most of what the jew publications and broadcasts promote as “art” is obviously against our culture and race, or for the profits of the jews, or both. Did you know Picasso was a jew? That tells you why his jigsaw crap has been promoted by jew publications and deemed so “valuable.” A couple decades ago, that so-called “artist” who put a crucifix into a jar of his urine and called it “Piss Christ” was a jew, of course. (I remember that it was Robert Mapplethorpe, but the jews have rewritten that history already and given the deed to a supposedly “a half Honduran, half Afro-Cuban” named Andres Serrano — yes, a jew.) And currently, look at any of the “controversial” so-called “art,” and you’ll see that jews are there every time. In the rare case that the perpetrator is not a jew, it’ll be a negro or other nonWhite who is being glorified by jew-owned media.

We need WHITE art. White art blossomed in Germany during the great 12-year era that began in 1933 (the year that international jewry declared war on Germany and all German people worldwide). White art can and will help to educate and inspire our nation (not “our country” but “our American part of our White race“) to rise up and conquer jewry once and for all.

I have written about art before, especially in regard to music:

Those articles have links to other articles.

Now, I say to you, my fellow Whites: be doers. We need you now.

Whites Will Win.





The so-called “federal” income tax is theft, plain and simple. State income tax is a different subject, which I am not addressing here.

In 1913, the same year the jews got their private corporation The Federal Reserve enacted by Congress and signed by Pres. Woodrow Wilson, the jews also got an income tax signed into law.

jew-bankers-rabbis.1913 irs.jewThe income tax was a tax on BUSINESS income, not personal labor income. Subsequent rulings by the Supreme Court made that clear. But the jew-IRS makes the “federal” income tax sound mandatory on our personal labor income, and they enforce their crime at the point of government guns, as we all know. (The late great White investigator and writer Eustace Mullins, and others, wrote and documented all of this in previous decades.)

By the way, there is nothing “federal” about it. The jews overthrew our truly federal government in 1787-1789 and reversed the meaning of the word “federal.” The original USA under the Articles Of ConFEDERAtion was a federal government, as the states were still individually sovereign. But the jews (Hamilton, Madison, Morris, et al) who foisted the CONstitution on the country labeled the true American federalists (Patrick Henry, for example) as “anti-federalists”! Indeed, it was a con of monstrous proportions. The whole story is in this article on this website.

Today, if you’re still forced to be a wage slave — as I am at this point in the struggle — be sure to have the least amount of tax automatically taken out of your pay, and then don’t file a tax return unless it seems worth it for the amount you will GET BACK. If you’re not getting anything back, don’t file.

I filed because I was going to get $500 back plus the Earned Income Credit, all told about a thousand bucks. Worth it, to me. But a month later, when an envelope arrived from the U.S. Treasury, it contained not a check but a letter informing me that no money would be returned to me but instead would all go toward “a debt you owe.” That debt would be the sum of student loans that I didn’t “pay back” and never will. There’s a story there.

When I was in Hawaii for two years getting my master’s degree in teaching English as a second or foreign language (2003-5, before my awakening to the Reality Of Race and to jewry), I filed for bankruptcy. The main thing was to get rid of credit-card debt and screw the banks — a laudable idea even before I knew who was in control of theft by banking.

My lawyer, who I hired at the flat fee of $500, told me why student loans had been removed from bankruptcy eligibility. Medical students had made a huge habit of going into med school with the intention of racking up loan debts, graduating from med school, and then filing bankruptcy to wipe away that huge debt. Abuse of the system of bankruptcy, obviously. It got so obvious and so big that “something” had to be done about it. Rather than punish the abusers only, the government punished everybody (in theory). Now, can you guess what race made up the bulk of the abusers?

Of course, jews.

Reason enough

Is theft by “federal” income tax enough reason to kill the jews infesting our “federal” government? Yes, it is. Theirs is a deliberate and ongoing effort to impoverish us and keep us in poverty — and then some. That is a crime against humanity and deserving of the death penalty.

“And then some,” I said. The “federal” income tax is only one small part of the monstrous agenda by jews to impoverish us, dispossess us (take our assets and prevent us from being the owners or controllers of anything significant), and ultimately genocide our race. Yes, White genocide is the top goal of the racial goals of the jews.

Why do you think they give “amnesty” to the nonWhite invaders (wrongly called “immigrants”) by the millions? And why does the government continue to invite more invaders? And why do you think the government gives the invaders free housing, food-purchase cards, cell phones, and other help paid for by us? And why do they insist “we’re all equal”? If we were all equal, the mudskins would have made their own successful countries, they wouldn’t need us to give give give to them. If we were all equal, we should at least be getting our equal share of all that welfare, eh?

Try applying for a share of that welfare. I did that last year. Believe it or not, I actually was homeless and penniless. And what I saw was invaders and africans getting priority from the system while I got led to do the reams of paperwork, got the runaround and, in the end, got nothing.

“Diversity” is a code word for White genocide.

“Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

Those two lines above are part of the simple and true efforts of Bob Whitaker and his “B.U.G.S.” group. A link to that group is on the first of the TruthfulSites pages on this website. One problem with that BUGS stuff is their banning of the ultimate truth. Believe it or not, they don’t want to mention jews.

We certainly have to identify the enemy. And then we have to kill the enemy.

Yes, we disagree with “our” government on who the enemy is. The government says various groups of Arabs (a race term) and/or Muslims (a religious term) are the main enemy and that we must kill them. That’s because Arabs and Muslims are especially prevalent near Israel, the jews-only country established illegally in 1948 after a hundred years of jew murders and other terror inflicted on the natives there.


Oh, and the government says “homegrown terrorists” are the enemy, too. Who do they mean? Yep, us.

So, kill or be killed.

As the admirable JB Campbell has said, Heroism is Required.

If you’re White, there’s a hero in you.

  • Be safe and effective: See advice in articles linked at the bottom of this site.


Guns are tools.

Guns are weapons.

We — the White race — invented them.

We need to use them more, and we need to use them against the right enemy.

patton.sidearmGen. George Patton, maybe the greatest true American general, said this right after the end of World War 2 in Europe: We killed the “wrong enemy.” He saw what was going on in defeated Germany and the region, and it was disgusting and “semitic,” he said. Yes, the reality of jewry was on full display, and it made General Patton puke and woke him up to the jew infestation of the military high command and the U.S. government. He wrote to his wife and he told his peers and friends that he would return to the USA, get out of the military, and inform the people! Likely, he could have been the next president in a landslide. Thus, jewry assassinated him there in Europe before he could return home. (Link to a full article on Patton, the major movie, and great links to sources.)

Right here and right now, we need to be killing that right and true enemy — jewry. Yes, jews. They’re a race, not a religion. They’re a race of mongrel DNA — a mangey mix of all races — the core of which they solidified by normal racial inbreeding at least 2,000 years ago. Israel’s test for automatic citizenship is by race, not religion. The jews are the enemy of humanity. Read portions of their secret racial rule book, The Talmud, and see for yourself. Big parts of that huge and most hateful book taught by rabbis only to fellow jews have been transcribed into English and are freely available on the World Wide Web. (Here, and here, are two. Get just a group of amazing excerpts here.)

How to kill jews? Guns provide us the easiest way. Other ways include “accidenting” them, stabbing them, injecting them with poisons, and using any other weapon or way you can think of. As always, I say do it covertly and tell no one. (Previous articles of advice are linked at the bottom of this site.)

If you read gun magazines, it is interesting to note some aspects of what those magazines — ALL owned by jews — say and do not say. I’m talking about the magazines such as those by the NRA, and such titles as “American Handgunner,” and “Guns&Ammo,” and so many more that you see in supermarkets, bookstores, etc.

revolver.ruger.9mOne aspect: About revolvers, they never point out that if you use a revolver, you don’t have to concern yourself with picking up your brass. Common pistols are semi-automatics that spew out the brass — the empty casings — with each shot. Those empties are evidence that might be used against the shooter. Generally, the only evidence we care to leave at the scene of a heroic event is the bullet inside the invader. In this way, revolvers are better than semi-automatics.

How to get guns anonymously

If you have a family member or friend you totally trust, you might get each gun through that person. Those guns should have been purchased by that person through private transactions so that there will be no federal paper trail that leads directly to that person just one step from you.

That said, many of our heroes have no one to totally trust or don’t want to put the trusted person in this particular position. In this case, perhaps the best way to get guns is by using a website such as The way it works is that you look online at the guns for sale in your state, and when you see one on which you want to make an offer, you click on the button to send a message to that particular seller. In that message you send, you either provide an email address or a phone number for the seller to use to contact you. The followup contact then settles the price and the meeting time and place for the purchase.

Is this anonymous? Not quite, but it may be good enough. It depends on whether the online system keeps copies of the original message(s), and how anonymous your email address is, and how much true info you give to the seller. In the end, you meet the seller face to face, preferably not giving the seller anything more than your first name (maybe not your real name) and cash. If the seller asks questions you don’t like, then you say you want respect for privacy. Any problem there should spur you to immediately drop that seller and seek another.


I invite readers to contribute advice and other comments on this subject and related subjects. Also, I will probably soon add pieces to this article. Topic examples we may want to discuss: the buying of ammo; how long to keep each gun, and where to keep each gun. Et cetera.




In The USA

What do you make of this small but powerful set of stats on members of law enforcement agencies killed in action?

I got these from a March 2016 issue of the VFW magazine that has been discussed in or under the previous article titled “POWs” on this site. However, that VFW magazine presented the stats in order by death totals, which obscures the important patterns. The stats are much more telling and suggestive if they are organized chronologically.

The Ten Deadliest Years in U.S. Law Enforcement History

  • 1924, 259 deaths
  • 1927, 269 deaths
  • 1928, 251 deaths
  • 1929, 265 deaths
  • 1930, 301 deaths
  • 1931, 262 deaths
  • 1932, 273 deaths
  • 1971, 248 deaths
  • 1973, 275 deaths
  • 1974, 280 deaths

The Three Deadliest Decades

  • Roaring Twenties (1920-1929), deaths: 2,417
  • Depression Decade (1930-1939), deaths: 2,212
  • Turbulent Seventies (1970-1979), deaths: 2,312


Off the top of my head, I would venture to say that jews did most of the killing during the 1920s. They were and are the top gangsters. Most of them got away with what they did, but there were still White lawmen in those days who took admirable action against them.

In the 1930s, the Depression was caused by jews, mainly the banker jews. I would venture to say that Whites rose up a bit and defended their property against bankster and government confiscation, resulting in a share of the reported KIAs. Again, jews also killed White law enforcement officers (LEOs).

In the 1970s, Negroes probably did most of the killing of LEOs — incited by jews, of course. Meanwhile, some Whites were defending themselves, their families, and their property against the jew-serving government, which resulted in some KIAs. The jews, of course, had created the hippie and counterculture (counter White culture) shit of the 1960s and the backlash of the ’70s.

If anybody has some knowledge or wisdom to add to, or to correct, my offerings, please submit comments or emails.