Why Men Do Not Wait For Women To Approve Violence

White women, in general, will ultimately use violence. The White woman will use violent force to defend herself, her children, and her husband. She will pull the trigger when the enemy is already in the house, after the enemy has already raped and killed the neighbors, and there is no “nonviolent” choice left for her feminine mental traits to cling to.

That’s too late.

White men, the best of White men, and there are many, recognize that the way to secure the wife, children, home, neighbors, and community is to go to kill the enemy at a distance. That is why president GW Bush’s deceit that he was sending Americans to fight and die in the Middle East so we wouldn’t have to fight “the enemy” at home rang true with the duped male population. But of course, Bush was lying about the enemy. In fact, the enemy is at home — here in our country — and Bush is one of them.

Our best White men are now calling for us to kill the enemy jews who invaded our country and who now infest our country from sea to shining sea. It is our right, duty, and honor to kill all of them. Our best White men are right. I am right.

We do not wait for women to approve violence in defense of our selves, our race, and our country. Women are wired to nurture first, protect a distant second.

Men are the protectors. Throughout history, men recognized the threats, men led the formation of fighters, and men went to kill the enemy before the enemy could harm what the men loved, what the men possessed, and what the men had built.

No murderous enemy has ever been stopped by nonviolence. Violence is necessary. Physical Force is necessary. Killing is necessary.

Notice, if you will, that we have only men directly calling for the killing of the enemy jews. Women of our movement are not. For example, Carolyn Yeager, who is called “the” leader by endzog (whoever he is), is still against violence. How many more thousands of Whites duped into the military have to be killed overseas before Yeager wakes up? How many more home invasions and murders of Whites by the jew-serving thugs of government have to occur before Yeager will wake up? How many of her neighbors will have to be raped and killed by bloodthirsty jews and their mud-race tools before she will wake up? She is a teacher, a valuable teacher. She is not a leader.

If you know of a rare White woman who is an exception, please inform me. But she will be rare, indeed. Deanna Spingola? No. There are several women among the webwriters and bloggers on the TruthfulSites pages. None of them, with the possible exception of the “VikingBitch” (as she disappointingly calls herself), are approving our violence.

Men. We know what to do. We do it. They thank us later.


James T. Laffrey

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How Would We Adapt Adolf Hitler’s ’25 Points’ To A New White USA? Here’s How

How Would We Adapt Adolf Hitler’s ’25 Points’ To A New White USA?

Here’s How

Adolf Hitler, appointed and elected.

Adolf Hitler, appointed and elected.

Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) published in 1920 their 25 Points, which was their announced set of principles and directives. It was both a bold statement in opposition to their jew-corrupted government and a promise to their fellow, true Germans — that is, the Whites of Germany.

Thirteen years later, in 1933, when Adolf Hitler and his NSDAP gained the trust and approval of most Germans and acquired the reins of leadership, they followed their long-publicized program in full trust with the German people.

This many well-educated, honest, united Germans were not wrong.

This many well-educated, honest, united Germans were not wrong.

Note: Different translations of the document from the original German into English vary, in some cases significantly. This version came from the following webpage: http://www.hitler.org/writings/programme/.


If we are to improve on what came before, we must know what came before. Successful White models include the USA’s Declaration Of Independence and The Articles Of Confederation, and historic documents from the Germany of Adolf Hitler’s era. Here, we consider a great one from Germany.

After each paragraph or item of this document, the WhitesWillWin position is given, beginning with the letters “WWW” or the current logo. Our White nation of America now is not quite the same as the White nation of Germany nearly 100 years ago. Nor is our situation the same. However, the main principles of the best of our race remain constant, as shown below.


The 25 Points

The Programme of the German Workers’ Party is designed to be of limited duration. The leaders have no intention, once the aims announced in it have been achieved, of establishing fresh ones, merely in order to increase, artificially, the discontent of the masses and so ensure the continued existence of the Party.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini The Program of the WhitesWillWin Party contains items of permanency, and contains items designed for limited duration intended to quickly defeat all anti-White forces in America. The items for limited duration are so noted below in each instance. This Program is offered in full and open White honesty for Whites, thus no hidden agenda, no hidden intentions.

1. We demand the union of all Germany in a Greater Germany on the basis of the right of national self-determination.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini We demand the restoration of the full union of the United States of America on the basis of the right of national self-determination. The USA was founded by Whites and built to greatness by Whites. Remember: Our Race Is Our Nation. A “nation” is a people of one race, not a mix of races. A “country” is the territory of the nation. The tiny minorities of other races in America, on balance, contributed more in the negative than the positive, and they have no right to claim any part of our country.

2. We demand equality of rights for the German people in dealings with other nations, and the revocation of the peace treaties of Versailles and Saint-Germain.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini We do not demand “equality.” We demand peaceful respect from other nations for the security of our nation, and we demand the total destruction of the jew-created United Nations. We demand the total revocation of our current international treaties. We fully intend to establish new treaties of equality with our brother White countries and treaties as appropriate with other races’ countries.

3. We demand land and territory (colonies) to feed our people and to settle our surplus population.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini This item does not apply, as we intend not to have a “surplus” population, thus no need for extra territory.


4. Only members of the nation may be citizens of the State. Only those of German blood, whatever be their creed, may be members of the nation. Accordingly, no Jew may be a member of the nation.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini Only members of the White race, which is our greater nation, may be citizens of our states and of our country. Accordingly, no nonWhite — as defined by having one (or more) nonWhite grandparent — may be a citizen of our states and of our country. The jews — jewry is the enemy race against all other races — found within our borders shall be killed efficiently, as quickly as possible, and without ritual, by any White member, who shall then be entitled to take possession of all personal assets of the exterminated jew. Nonpersonal assests — that is, businesses or corporate assets — of the jew will be distributed according to local state law.

5. Non-citizens may live in Germany only as guests and must be subject to laws for aliens.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini Non-citizens may live in the USA only as guests, only for terms of less than one calendar year, and are entitled to no equal rights with the Whites of America. Of course, non-citizen Whites will be afforded all appropriate hospitality. Non-Whites must be subject to strict laws for aliens.

6. The right to vote on the State’s government and legislation shall be enjoyed by the citizens of the State alone. We demand therefore that all official appointments, of whatever kind, whether in the Reich, in the states or in the smaller localities, shall be held by none but citizens.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini Only citizen Whites of our states and our country may enjoy participation in any government function at any level. Non-Whites shall never have any influence nor any participation of any kind in any function of our government at any level.

We oppose the corrupting parliamentary custom of filling posts merely in accordance with party considerations, and without reference to character or abilities.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini After our White nation and White USA is reestablished, we will oppose parties. We must not be a party or parties but must be one nation, one White nation, committed to the security, prosperity, and improvement of our families, our race, and our country. Merit shall be the only criterion on which positions in government are filled.

7. We demand that the State shall make it its primary duty to provide a livelihood for its citizens. If it should prove impossible to feed the entire population, foreign nationals (non-citizens) must be deported from the Reich.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini We demand that the government never put obstructions in the way of our inventive, honest, productive White citizens to provide livelihoods for themselves. Of course, our governmental network shall stand, in part, as a safety net for those in temporary hardship and in need of special aid. Our White principles of correct control and regulation of money, loans at no interest, maximum individual freedoms within the responsibilities to family and race, and our compassion for all honest members of our race, will ensure the reasonable comfort of all.

8. All non-German immigration must be prevented. We demand that all non-Germans who entered Germany after 2 August 1914 shall be required to leave the Reich forthwith.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini All non-White immigration must be prevented. We demand that all non-Whites (with the possible exception of American Indians now living, which is a topic to be discussed and settled) shall be required to leave the USA immediately or within a maximum time of six months, with each going as quickly as his or her means allows. Those who deliberately delay will be subject to severe punishment up to and including death. Our governments may — no guarantee — provide help to any one or more emigrants, as our local, state, or country’s government may lawfully decide.

9. All citizens shall have equal rights and duties.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini All citizens — White Americans only — shall have equal rights and duties. Accordingly, there shall be no privileged nor exempted individuals, groups, or classes of any kind.


10. It must be the first duty of every citizen to perform physical or mental work. The activities of the individual must not clash with the general interest, but must proceed within the framework of the community and be for the general good.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini It must be the first duty of every citizen to perform physical or mental work. The activities of the individual must not clash with the general interest, but must proceed within the framework of the community and be for the general good. Our race knows, above all other races, that the Meaning Of Life is To Improve family, community, and race. However, as the country’s government shall have no internal police powers, how is this item to be enforced? Our White-raised, White-educated citizens, each and collectively, shall enforce this item to local standards, with local and state government intervention only as locally needed and determined.

We demand therefore:

WWW: We demand therefore:

11. The abolition of incomes unearned by work.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini The abolition of incomes unearned by work. For example, the “business” of money speculation is an operation generating incomes unearned by work. Another example is insurance, which is, as Ambrose Bierce once defined it, gambling in monthly installments.

The breaking of the slavery of interest

WWW: The breaking of the slavery of interest

12. In view of the enormous sacrifices of life and property demanded of a nation by any war, personal enrichment from war must be regarded as a crime against the nation. We demand therefore the ruthless confiscation of all war profits.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini Personal enrichment in war, such as overcharging for materiel, must be regarded as a crime against the nation and must be punished by at least complete confiscation of all such profits, and likely by prison time or death.

13. We demand the nationalization of all businesses which have been formed into corporations (trusts).

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini We demand the confiscation, beheading, breakup, and distribution among the citizens, of all corporations, trusts, foundations, and similar entities. The common business is the only accepted form of business entity as commonly understood. We demand the abolishment and prevention of all such entities beyond the common, honest, open White business.

14. We demand profit-sharing in large industrial enterprises.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini We demand profit-sharing in large industrial enterprises.


15. We demand the extensive development of insurance for old age.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini We oppose “insurance” (as explained in Item 11), but we demand an open, honest, system of basic aid as a safety net for our old-age Whites who may find themselves in times of hardship.

16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a healthy middle class, the immediate communalizing of big department stores, and their lease at a cheap rate to small traders, and that the utmost consideration shall be shown to all small traders in the placing of State and municiple orders.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini We demand no class be deliberately created nor favored. Instead, we demand that all work be properly rewarded according to community and state standards. Of course, jews will be exterminated, and big stores, malls, and such currently owned by nonWhites will be taken over by Whites who will follow our White principals in ownership, leasing, and all related activities of commerce. Local markets shall be established, maintained, aided as necessary, and revered as part of the backbone of communities. Prime example: farmers’ markets, offering fresh meat, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruit for the good health of all.

17. We demand a land reform suitable to our national requirements, the passing of a law for the expropriation of land for communal purposes without compensation; the abolition of ground rent, and the prohibition of all speculation in land.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini For the great Germans of the Hitler era, this demand for land reform was aimed at the enemy jews who had hoarded land and off which the jews profiteered as greedy landlords. The Germans made the mistake of tolerating the existence of jews. We will not repeat their mistake. Meanwhile, we oppose all speculation in land. Note: The honest and open buying and selling of land — White commerce in land — is not “speculation.”

18. We demand the ruthless prosecution of those whose activities are injurious to the common interest. Common criminals, usurers, profiteers, etc., must be punished with death, whatever their creed or race.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini We demand the ruthless prosecution of criminals with punishments up to and including death. This includes White criminals, as serious White criminals duly proved guilty have proved themselves as carriers of DNA detrimental to our White gene pool. Of course, non-Whites here (who may only be here as temporary guests) who are proved criminal shall be punished according to our laws for Whites or for aliens, whichever is more severe.

19. We demand that Roman Law, which serves a materialistic world order, be replaced by a German common law.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini We demand that the current jewed, chaotic, anti-White, anti-freedom, anti-American system of laws be abolished and replaced by a basic, proper, White common law. Models of such law are easily found in history, such as in the states during the early years of the United States of America under the Articles of Confederation, and can be adapted and improved for current and future success.

20. The State must consider a thorough reconstruction of our national system of education (with the aim of opening up to every able and hard-working German the possibility of higher education and of thus obtaining advancement). The curricula of all educational establishments must be brought into line with the requirements of practical life. The aim of the school must be to give the pupil, beginning with the first sign of intelligence, a grasp of the nation of the State (through the study of civic affairs). We demand the education of gifted children of poor parents, whatever their class or occupation, at the expense of the State.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini The states must each offer a system of White education. Parents shall never be forced to enroll their offspring in the system. Meanwhile, the system must be open to every White child, every member, every citizen of the state and country. The country’s government may offer guidance and materials but may never force in any way any White person into a government system of education. Homeschooling and locally organized non-governmental schools shall always be welcome. Educational materials, especially on White history and other imperatives of our race, shall be offered, preferably free or otherwise at the cost of production, to all, in appropriate quantities as needed. Proper White education focuses on the realities and needs of the following groups in this order: local families, our race, community, country, world.

21. The State must ensure that the nation’s health standards are raised by protecting mothers and infants, by prohibiting child labor, by promoting physical strength through legislation providing for compulsory gymnastics and sports, and by the extensive support of clubs engaged in the physical training of youth.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini The states must encourage but never force the maintenance and improvement of White health standards, with special attention to mothers and infants. Likewise, states must encourage but never force participation in state or community organizations for exercise and or sports. The current, jewed glorification of games and sports must be abolished. Proper appreciation for the benefits of physical activities and friendly White competition should be nurtured without exaggeration. The absurdity of game-players, all of whom produce nothing, being paid a higher salary than productive workers must be abolished. Games and/or sports in which our Whites are deliberately encouraged to physically injure a fellow White must be overhauled or abolished.

22. We demand the abolition of the mercenary army and the foundation of a people’s army.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini We demand the abolition of all private military contractors. Defense of community, state, and country that requires the organization of military groups (army, navy, etc.) shall be by public governments, open, honest, and accountable, as determined by duly elected leaders. Meanwhile, the right of every White citizen to buy, have, carry, and responsibly use guns and other weapons shall never be limited by any government. White governments must encourage every able citizen to have and know how to use guns for the defense of self, community, race, and country.

23. We demand legal warfare on deliberate political mendacity and its dissemination in the press. To facilitate the creation of a German national press we demand:

(a) that all editors of, and contributors to newspapers appearing in the German language must be members of the nation;

(b) that no non-German newspapers may appear without the express permission of the State. They must not be printed in the German language;

(c) that non-Germans shall be prohibited by law from participating financially in or influencing German newspapers, and that the penalty for contravening such a law shall be the suppression of any such newspaper, and the immediate deportation of the non-Germans involved.

The publishing of papers which are not conducive to the national welfare must be forbidden. We demand the legal prosecution of all those tendencies in art and literature which corrupt our national life, and the suppression of cultural events which violate this demand.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini Only Whites may create, sell, and/or distribute publications of any kind in the United States of America. Violators of this principle and common law may be killed or otherwise punished by any White member of our country. That White hero will then have the right to take possession of all personal assets of the violator at that time within the USA. If no White hero steps in, the local community’s or state’s legal system must prosecute the case. Note: Of course, there is no infringement on the right of our citizens to sell or distribute publications or materials from non-White sources. Accordingly, and as always, our White principles must be applied to such commerce in every case.

24. We demand freedom for all religious denominations in the State, provided they do not threaten its existence nor offend the moral feelings of the German race.

The Party, as such, stands for positive Christianity, but does not commit itself to any particular denomination. It combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and without us, and is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent health only from within on the basis of the principle: The common interest before self-interest.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini Folktales from our ancient ancestors or more recent ancestors can be very useful. Education in the beliefs of our ancient ancestors can be very useful. But religion is mind-poison in every case. Beliefs in the supernatural are mind-poisons. We must educate our children and fellow adults that the White race was triumphant around the globe thousands of years before today’s main mind-poisons were invented. For example, our ancient ancestors sailed the oceans around the globe, navigating by the stars and Moon, thousands of years ago, and built the great monoliths and pyramids, all of it long before Christianity was invented only about 2,000 years ago. Since then, despite the jews’ and their christians’ destruction of our books of ancient history and White knowledge, our race has invented science, invented great industries, and amassed new knowledge and wisdom on Nature and our place in what we call the universe. Although the Whites of Europe and then America somewhat modified Christianity, reducing its poisonous effects, it remains mind-poison. Surely, we have outgrown the superstitions and supernatural nonsense of the mind-poisons and can base our White race’s present and future on the natural, on the real, and on our ever-improving creativity, inventiveness, and wisdom. We must learn as much of the truth as our ancestors knew, and then we must stand on their shoulders to reach the heights of our unique capabilities on this Earth and in this universe.

25. To put the whole of this programme into effect, we demand the creation of a strong central state power for the Reich; the unconditional authority of the political central Parliament over the entire Reich and its organizations; and the formation of Corporations based on estate and occupation for the purpose of carrying out the general legislation passed by the Reich in the various German states.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.mini We demand the creation of a very limited, very specifically defined set of powers for the government of the country along with specified punishments for leaders and others holding government positions who violate their defined boundaries. We must base our new state governments and country government on our race’s best models from the past. We must know and endeavor to avoid the problems and mistakes of those models. Two prime models are the following. First, the USA’s original Articles of Confederation, which were in need of improvement when the traitors of the secret Convention in Philadelphia, infested by jews, hijacked the process, overthrew the Articles, and foisted their Constitution upon our country. The second prime model is the organization of Adolf Hitler’s government of Germany. Most important is to end “government by committee” as the government is structured now and to establish “government by leaders,” as Hitler did. Each leader at each level, at each position, must have gained that position by merit alone, must be openly accountable to the citizens, and must be openly accountable to the leaders at higher levels. In our USA, the state governments must be restored to primacy in the lives of the citizens of each state. That was the essence of the original, true “federal” system before the jews reversed the meaning of the word “federal” as they lied the Constitution into place. Our race has established good White governments before, and we can do it again, this time better. Without interference from other races, especially the enemy jews, every time will be better.


A good follow-up article would be a similar treatment of the Declaration Of Independence by the USA’s Founding Fathers, great White men though infiltrated by jews.

Another good follow-up would be on the Articles Of Confederation, which were the basic law of the United States Of America but which was torn up and overthrown by the secret CONstitutional Convention in Philadelphia controlled by jews, such as Alexander Hamilton.


James T. Laffrey

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In School, In Media: Wrong Questions, As Usual

‘What If They Called A War And Nobody Came?’

That question — along with others in schools and in the big media — is the Wrong Question, as usual

bird.earOur enemies — actually our enemy, singular, as they are a united people against us — love to occupy and misdirect us by propounding wrong but interesting questions.

Example: If a tree falls in the forest but nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

For adults, this is a stupid question and a waste of time. But for children in schools, it is a teaser, misdirecter, and time-waster. The answer is, “Of course it makes a sound. All movements in air make sounds, no matter whether an ear is there to hear them.”

after.the.darkExample: A movie released last year (2013) titled “After The Dark” was devoted to the question of, given a group of people too large to be saved, who would you choose to live and who would you choose to let die?

This was an idea presented to us in Science Class in Engadine High School in the 1970s when I was a student there. Of course, the textbook completely avoided, as does the movie, the most important issue: race. I saw the movie. It would deserve an article on how it insults our race and in many ways misleads the sheeple except that every Hollywood movie does so.

And now there is a new tv series as an “answer” to the question. The 100 is described as a group of “juvenile delinquents” who return to Earth about 100 years after the human population was annihilated by nuclear bombs, and now the juvenile delinquents may “repopulate” the Earth. It is a stupid set-up as an excuse for stupid behavior for the juvenile and ignorant among us to watch.

So, our enemy also propounded the title question:

“What if they called a war and nobody came?”

Bear in mind that this is the same enemy who contrives the wars and then grabs leadership of the public anti-war demonstrations so as to sterilize them.

That question was meant to imply that we could stop wars by doing nothing more than not going, by not letting ourselves be made soldiers and sent to foreign wars. But of course, as long as we do nothing about the enemy who controls our money system, the international money system, and our government, wars will continue to be contrived and fought. The Draft forced our young men to submit before and could again.

The enemy makes big noise with the wrong questions to prevent, or drown out, the right questions.

Prime example: In regard to war, we must ask: Who is funding it?

Money is a necessity for war. Nobody would voluntarily and free-of-charge go to fight and risk dying in a foreign war. Even draftees must be paid. Otherwise, they would revolt — or so we fervently hope.

And the uniforms, food, shelters, guns, tanks, ships, planes, ammunition, etc., must all be paid for in some way — as people working in the factories must be paid.

So, What If They Called A War And Nobody Funded It?

That’s a useful question. It is an educational question. And it gets to an inch of the heart of the matter. The answer is: If nobody funded the war, there would be no foreign war.

I inserted the word “foreign” because a war on our own soil MUST be answered by every real MAN among us, with funding having nothing to do with it. But foreign wars are an entirely different matter.

So, with no funding, there would be no foreign war. Then, of course, must come the question that strikes directly into the heart of the matter:

Who funds the wars and profits from the wars?

Caution: We must not let the enemy answer our questions. The enemy lies. Every day, about every significant thing, the enemy lies to us. By the way, we certainly may lie to the enemy. We not only do not owe them any of our White race’s inherent honesty, but for our own good, our own survival, and our ultimate victory, we should lie to them any time we so choose.

The enemy would answer the question of “Who funds the wars?” with at least two answers, always attempting to split the people and give rise to wasteful argumentation and conflict.

Answer One: “Your government funds the wars.” That answer is a half-truth, and every half-truth told to deliberately mislead the audience is a lie.

Answer Two would be more provocative but still a deliberate half-truth: “The bankers fund the wars and profit from the wars.”

In the United States of America, and in most other White-founded and White-built countries, that answer is a deliberate half-truth. Why? Because when most people envision “the bankers,” they envision White men. Our enemy very well knows this. Our enemy has taught us, has programmed us (especially by tv programming), to think of the villains at the top of banking and other corporations as White men.

The truth is that the bankers, and the owners of Hollywood and all other corporate media, are people who pretend, mostly, to be White people.

The jew international banker who led the writing of the legislation we call the Federal Reserve Acts, and the jew and plagiarist physicist, both duping White America for their jew race.

The jew international banker who led the writing of the legislation we call the Federal Reserve Acts, and the jew and plagiarist physicist. Both duped White America for their jew race.

But the top bankers for the last 100 years in the USA have been one kind of people with names including Paul Warburg and his brothers, and Jacob Schiff, Bernard Baruch, Junius Morgan, the Lehman brothers, Benjamin Strong, Harry Dexter White, Eugene Meyer, Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, Benjamin Shalom Bernanke, Janet Yellin, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, and many more I could list.

(Many readers may want to ask: Why not include the infamous Rothschild family here? The answer is that the Rothschilds, centered in Europe, kept their name almost completely out of the USA and, instead, operated through their frontmen, including all of those named above, and more, such as the Rockefellers, George Peabody, and August Belmont. And as we know, the Rothschilds reign supreme, with the secondary Warburgs and Schiffs, among others, very closely related to the Rothschilds by intermarriage of their families.)


A rare admission in a publication meant for White readers, this is a boasting jew’s article on a page in the Los Angeles Times. Do a search on the title and see the photo large enough to read.

As the bankers are all one kind of people, so are the owners of Hollywood, from Goldwyn and Mayer on up to Michael Eisner, Robert Iger, Sumner Redstone (who changed his family name from Rothstein to the deceptive Redstone. This kind of people has been known throughout recorded history for their deceptive namechanging), Edgar Bronfman Jr., and Barry Diller. All of them are of that same kind of people as the bankers.

Most of them still pretend to be Whites. But they are, in fact, jews.

(Wikipedia, owned and operated by jews, admits to a lot of them on this linked page.)

The jews know they are a separate race because of their thousands of years of inbreeding to stabilize their mongrel combination of DNA (White, Mongoloid, and African — to list only the top three; the three main races were basically pure but are now somewhat impure from mixing, but the jews and only the jews began as a mix, a mongrel combo).

We Whites need no enemy jews to verify our facts. But doubters quickly benefit from knowing that Albert Einstein, a jew, said jews are a race. Theodor Herzl, a leader of jews, also said so. Benjamin Disraeli, a jew and former prime minister of England (in the 1800s), said so. Dozens of rabbis (a rabbi is a jew teacher of the jews’ racial rulebook The Talmud) have declared so.

Many leaders of jews have declared in recent years and recent decades right here in our own country that the White race is “a cancer” of humanity and of the Earth, and that the sooner the White race “perishes,” the better. Doubt? Do a search on “Susan Sontag” and “White” and “cancer,” for example. Or search rabbi “Ignatiev” and “White,” for another example.

If I may offer, very briefly, an important bit of clarity on a vital historical episode, let me say this:

In 1933, it was the jews — “international jewry” — who declared war on all German people, especially the Germans in Germany. Six years later — yes, later — came the so-called official start of World War 2. That was 1939. Thus, Germany (and really all German people who were paying attention) were forced to defend themselves against a jew-led and jew-funded war against them beginning in 1933.

An image of the actual front page of this newspaper, March 1933.

An image of the actual front page of this newspaper, March 1933.

The jew Theodore Kaufman, in the USA, and his book that a jew-owned publishing company printed and the jew-owned media promoted. Calling for the genocide of an entire ethnicity -- German Whites -- in their own country raised no cries of "hate speech" from the jewsmedia, of course.

The jew Theodore Kaufman, in the USA, and his book that a jew-owned publishing company printed and the jew-owned media promoted. Calling for the genocide of an entire ethnicity — German Whites — in their own country raised no cries of “hate speech” from the jewsmedia of America, of course.

And then, a year after jewry got the shooting war to become a Europe-wide war, it was the jews who declared that “Germany Must Perish!” Those jews truly meant by “perish” that all of the German people “Must” be killed. And they tried to carry out that intention of genocide against Germans. The Morgenthau Plan, and the original Marshall Plan, and jew General Eisenhower’s efforts even after the war were all aimed at systematically snuffing out the entire population of White Germany.

Again, don’t let the jews answer your questions for you. What was the Morgenthau Plan? What was the Marshall Plan and its source? What did General Eisenhower do in Europe right after the war? After the war, why did “only” millions and not “all” White Germans get raped, starved to death, tortured to death, or outright shot to death?

Answers have come from great researchers and authors such as Eustace Mullins (books and articles linked on the WhiteSchool page) and James Bacque, the latter of whom published two books fairly recently on the atrocities by Eisenhower and the “Allies” (all led by jews) for which the author has not been sued because he was not wrong. Instead, the jews attempt to demonize him and block the publishing and distribution of his books, and other vile tactics.

Who Funds The Wars? The jews.

Who Contrives Those Wars in the first place, causing the horrendous, massive, inhuman toll of death and misery? The jews.

Who Profits From Every War? The jews, as they “lend” the money to governments to pay for the financial costs of war.

Thus, who really deserves to “perish”? Yes, indeed. The jews.

Kill jews. It is the path to peace. There is no other sure, effective, and lasting path to peace.

Kill jews. Be careful. Be successful. Tell no one, for now. See advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website.


James T. Laffrey

Distinguish Governments From The People: Russia, China, and USA

Distinguish Governments From People: Russia, China, USA

Since 1917, the government of Russia has always been against the White people of America. Meanwhile, the government of Russia has always been working WITH the government of America.

Since at least the 1950s, the government of China has always been against the White people of America. Meanwhile, the government of China has always been working WITH the government of America.

May I ever so briefly step through history, naming some names, since 1913? If not, goodbye to you. To true Whites who revere useful knowledge, I invite you to read on.

In 1913, the jews succeeded in getting their Federal Reserve laws passed in Congress (just prior to Christmas) and signed by the secret-jew president Woodrow Wilson. (Eustace Mullins reported that Wilson was a secret jew.)

In 1917, the date mentioned above for Russia, the jew Trotsky traveled from New York City to Russia. Trotsky carried money given to him by the jew Jacob Schiff, which was stolen from the U.S. economy by the Federal Reserve Banking system. Trotsky joined the secret jew Lenin and the secret jew Stalin to take over Russia’s government and murder the entire family of the White rulers of Russia.

In China, the jews in control of Britain’s money system (since Cromwell’s treason, and more-so since 1815) had long been in control of the opium/heroin trade in and out of China. In the 1950s, if the jews were not already in control of the top level of the government of China, the jews finally gained that control by supporting the butcher Mao against the reportedly NON-Communist Chiang Kai Shek (spelling varies). The loser, Chiang Kai Shek, fled to the island of Taiwan (at that time, called Formosa). Mao, the jew-supported butcher, mass-murdered tens of millions of Chinese people who might have had the intelligence to oppose the heinous jew-controlled government.

Thus, in the 1970s, when president Nixon and his hideous jew Henry Kissinger supposedly “opened” China to American diplomats and businessmen, it was a sham, a tv show. China had been opened to them since the installment of Mao in the 1950s. But the jews had decided to change the public perception of China from “terrible Communist enemy of America” to “friendly trading partner with a different kind of government.

Similarly, in the 1980s, the jews decided to change our perception of Russia and its Soviet countries. Gorbachev was the main transition puppet, with his “glasnost” and “perestroika,” and was a darling of the jewsmedia in the USA and other Western countries.

The Berlin Wall was allowed to fall, an event all jewsmedia hailed, and the Soviet Union “broke up” into separate countries. But the leadership of every one of those countries was still jew, as reported by the great Liberty Bell magazine during those years. (See the WhiteSchool page for link.)

Boris Yeltsin was installed as the supposedly “democratic” leader of the supposedly new Russia. And now Vladimir Putin, who was a leader in the jews’ KGB during the Soviet Union era, was supported by the jewsmedia and installed as leader, currently in his SECOND two-term stint as the top leader of Russia, with his own choice of Medvedev having served in the interim.

The jews are not having their rights and privileges reduced in Russia. Only a relative few jews have been imprisoned — because they are criminals and because the government likes to broadcast a few misleading examples, for show. But now the jewsmedia in the West are partially demonizing Putin. It doesn’t matter exactly why. It is enough to know the jews’ history with him and the jews’ history of rollercoaster deceits.

Our public perceptions in America of both China and Russia have been manipulated, from bad to good to bad to good, to serve the jews’ desire to always keep us misled and in terror about a Big Enemy. The Big Enemies revolve over time, and occasionally a new one is brought in, such as the nebulous, ubiquitous “International Terror.”

From September 11, 2001, the deception of “International Terror” was used by the jews to dupe us into nonaction as our government attacked the nonjew leaders of Afghanistan and Iraq, murdering millions of nonjew people in those countries. Since then, “Terror” has also been the supposed excuse for murdering at least tens of thousands of nonjews in Libya, Pakistan, Syria, and other countries in the region where jew-Israel is bent on gaining total tyrannical control from the main “Semites” (Arabs). (Yes, that means jews are the supreme “anti-semites.”)

Yet, now, as the “International Terror” deception has aged and tarnished (because of total proof that Iraq had no “weapons of mass destruction,” Bin Laden did not commit 9/11, and Afghanistan was never a threat to real Americans), the jews are dusting off Russia and China as enemies, again.

Meanwhile, Russia is full of jew-business owners from the USA overseeing ALCOA (aluminum) corporation operations in Russia, and oil companies, and mining companies, and Coca Cola, and on and on. And of course, the jew international bankers of the Federal Reserve and Wall Street are still fully interlocked and freely traveling between Moscow and Jew York City.

Likewise, meanwhile, the jew-business owners from the USA are freely overseeing the many factories invented by White Americans and built by American money in China. And the jew international bankers of HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Chase, Citi Corp., etc., are still fully interlocked and freely traveling between Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Jew York City.

Again, the GOVERNMENTS of China and Russia are our ENEMIES. Yes, they are. They are controlled by jews. But those governments are not the enemies our government. The government of China, the government of Russia, and the government of the USA are working together, as always.

Any conflicts that you see portrayed in the jewsmedia are either for show, or are intramural competition within international jewry. Yes, the jews quarrel among themselves after they get control, and they sometimes even kill the occasional rogue jew. But jews never forget that they are a race united against all other races, especially against the White race.


Now, we see a few people and their websites linked within our White movement who are worshiping Putin of Russia as if he were a White savior. Who?

  • The jew “Brother” Nathanael Kapner pretending to be a Christian has been a longtime glorifier of Putin. The jew Kapner’s obvious, double agenda against us is to push Putin and to dupe Whites into thinking there are “good” jews and that being a jew is religious not racial.
  • Andrew Anglin a.k.a. Andre Anglin, the main founder of the DailyStormer website, which stormed onto the scene in 2013 with plenty of secret funding and instant popularity. And look at “Andrew Anglin.” Is he White? Hardly. So, he’s a Putin pusher. What else is up his sleeve? He is tight with the ChristianIdentity cult, including Mike Delaney and their apparent leader William Finck of christogenea, a convicted murderer who certainly sounds like a jew.
  • The TomatoBubble man, John King. If you sign up for his free email updates, you get a constant flow of emails and links to his webpages that are quite good on Adolf Hitler but worshipful of Putin. Is he deliberately wrong on Putin? I don’t know. I hope not. Time will tell.

We don’t want to further split our White movement. But we certainly do want to weed out the crypto-jews and traitors. Shun them, at least. If the opportunity arises, kill them. The death penalty is the correct penalty for every enemy jew — that is, every jew.

Be wary.

Be White, be strong, be right.

Whites Will Win!

What ACTION Are You Taking Against The Enemy jews?

What ACTION Are You Taking Against The Enemy jews?

That is The Question.

The absolutely only way for us to make progress against the jews infesting our country is for each and every one of us to take action against the jews.

Yes, it is that simple.

No personal action means no progress for us and our race.

No personal action by you means no progress performed by you for us and our race.

You decide if your life will end — whenever that end comes, and it will come — in actionless shame or in heroic pride.

Personal action by you means personal knowledge of certain progress accomplished for us and our race, and it means personal pride for you, knowing you are one of the White heroes (silent, for now) who will be duly honored upon our ultimate victory.

Remember: We are fully justified in fighting back — in self-defense of ourselves, our territory, and our race — and fully justified in doing so By All Means. Each of us, according to our own abilities and circumstances, is fully justified in employing any and all means to eliminate any enemy jew. And be sure of this: all jews are enemy jews.

Whites Will Win!


James T. Laffrey