Let’s Commemorate A Holocaust! 1

Let’s Commemorate A Holocaust. 1.

January 27 is “Commemorate A Holocaust Day”

  • The definition of the jews’ term “holocaust” is a burnt offering or sacrifice, usually to a god or gods.

Huge airplanes carrying their loads of bombs approached a large city of mostly women and children — civilians, not military personnel — also, there were thousands of refugees in the city who had fled other areas that had already been bombed so that there were no trains, no bridges, no roads to facilitate the necessary supply of food and other essentials for a civilian population to live on.

The fleet of bombers were loaded with incendiary bombs. That means, fire-making bombs. Firebombs. Following their inhuman orders that had come down the chain of command from the very top, the bombers unloaded on the city. Relentlessly. Mercilessly. Viciously. Murderously.

After they exhausted their supplies of explosives, the bombers headed back to their bases and left the city a towering inferno.

Hours later, when the horrified survivors had crawled out from hot, smoking rubble to try to help other survivors and to weep, often uncontrollably, as they attempted to find and collect the bodies of their children or siblings or parents or friends, another horde of bombers came — exactly as their commanders had planned — to firebomb the survivors. Their goal was total extermination of the population.

In modern history, such heinous, murderous inhumanity in a full and open attempt to fully genocide a population of a city — and the population of the entire country — had never been done before.

What was the city’s name?



In Germany.

The victims were tens upon tens of thousands of White people — all ages, though most were children, and most of the adults were women.

Who were the bombers?

They were the Whites of England who were directed by jews. The jews were secret jews. (Secret jews have been known through recorded history as “crypto-jews”). Those crypto-jews were pretending to be Whites. Thus, they duped most of the British population into wrongly hating and killing the Germans.

Winston Churchill, the prime minister of England (and “Great” Britain) at the time, was a crypto-jew. President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the USA was a crypto-jew. And their ally, yes ally, Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union was also a crypto-jew.

The jews had tricked Whites into a World War to kill the best nation of Whites then on the planet — the Whites of Germany, led by the White man Adolf Hitler. The jews had been lying against Adolf Hitler and his political party from its inception more than 20 years prior to this holocaust inflicted by the jew-controlled Allies upon the honest, inventive, productive Germans.

My own father, Edward Alexander Laffrey, was born in 1922, about the time of the beginning of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party. My father grew up bombarded by lies, and he was drafted and sent to Europe to help all of our other duped Whites kill our White cousin Germans. I am half-German, through my father. And I am half-Irish, through my mother. All White.

After this Dresden holocaust, and after the jews likewise inflicted holocausts on several other German cities, then and only then did Adolf Hitler begin, in retaliation, to bomb the population of England. He hoped it would help the British people to understand the horror of it and rise up to stop Churchill from such crimes against humanity. But to no avail.

What I have said, above, is well documented on many websites, also in previous articles of my own here, and in government documents (of the USA, England, and Russia) that have been released in dribbles and dumps ever since the end of WW2 but that the jew-owned media has always chosen to nearly totally ignore.

Now, Just A Taste Of The Jews’ “Holocaust”

Please recall that the jews’ own term “holocaust” means a “burnt” offering or sacrifice. Were the jews ever mass-burned during WW2? No. Not even universities in Israel claim that jews were mass-burned during WW2. Only some of the liars of jew-owned Hollywood and the other jew-owned media, such as tv, newspapers, magazines, and books, still make such monstrous and false claims.

So, by definition, there was no holocaust of jews.

Nonetheless, the famous number of jews killed — as claimed by the jews — was 6 million. Right? Everybody knows that number.

Now, despite the serious nature of all of this, there is some fun to be had when discussing the trademarked “Holocaust” of the jews. There is Fun With Math. No, really.

There are other ways to have fun with the big “H,” but in this article I will stick to just this one: the math.

Let’s start with the famous 6 million that the jews have been saturating into the media since about the year 1900. Ha ha ha, yes indeed. No kidding. Before WW1, during WW1, after WW1, during WW2, and after WW2, the “6 million” has been a fixation by the jews throughout that time. Newspaper clippings abound that prove it. Simple searches will show them to anyone not too lazy to look.

Oh, but there’s much more to the math.

Let’s pick a camp, almost any camp, for which the jews claimed a large number of their “Chosen People” were deliberately killed during WW2.

Let’s start with Majdanek, and then we’ll hit the infamous Auschwitz. For today, just those two.


The Majdanek camp was in Poland, which had been reclaimed as part of Germany. The New York Times newspaper, which had been owned by jews since 1896 and still is owned by jews, reported the number (shown in the clipping pictured above) of “1,500,000″ victims, most or all supposedly jews.

Since then, here is how the Majdanek number of “victims” has changed (image below):


Let me explain a bit about that graph.

  • We see that in 1944, the jews published the number of “victims” as 1.7 million, though the NYTimes went with 1.5 million.
  • At the Nuremberg Trials in late 1945, the so-called “evidence” presented at that hanging trial was a number for the Majdanek camp at 1.5 million “victims.” No contrary evidence was allowed to be introduced at the Nuremberg Trials. I’ll bet most readers didn’t know that. Well, it’s true.
  • In 1991, jew “scholars” lowered the official number to 360,000 “victims” at Majdanek.
  • In 1998, “Revisionists” — that means, historians working with authentic documents who made a serious recount — put the number of deaths at 42,200. As the Revisionists knew and said, most of those deaths were caused by disease carried by the jews themselves (typhus, from fleas, from their filth), and then from starvation and other causes.
  • Finally, as of 2005, the jews’ own “scholars” such as in a university in Israel, put the number of Camp Majdanek “victims” at 78,000.

The Math, a subtotal.

So, the scholarly jews of Israel, themselves, reduced the Majdanek total from 1.5 million down to 78,000. That’s a drop of more than 1.4 million!

JEW MATH: What’s 6 million minus 1.4 million?

ANSWER: 6 million!


Yes, the jews continue to repeat the “6 million” lie in their constant spew of tv shows and movies that attempt to prop up their old lies.

For the readers, here, who have yet to understand how wide and deep the infestation of jews into our U.S. government was (and is), here is a morsel:


All but one of those names of the special intelligence team of the U.S. and Allies’ Psychological Warfare Division are jew names. Only Sampson might not be a jew. The others are certain jews. “Akselrod” is a good example for the way jews change spellings in order to trick Whites into thinking the jews are not related to those other jews. This spelling, “Axelrod,” is a jew who has been a longtime top operative for Pres. Barack Obama, whose mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) was a jew not a White woman. And do you see “Biberfeld”? Justin Bieber, a little jew singer, simply has a different spelling of the “Biber.”

Auschwitz Math

The infamous Auschwitz Camp was also in Poland. In fact, all of the tall tales about the “Holocaust” were based on claims from territories in the possession of the Soviet Union after WW2. Why? Because the Soviet Union’s claims were from behind the Iron Curtain of secrecy. The jewsmedia could claim that there was no way to access the original documents about all of those camps because the documents were in the possession of the Soviets, and the territories were off-limits to investigation because they were in possession of the Soviets, too. How convenient for the lying jews, right? As we know now, the Soviet Union was a jew-controlled jew-Communist nightmare from beginning to end.

So, the jews of our countries lied and said they couldn’t access anything under jew-Soviet control, and therefore they couldn’t prove or disprove the Soviet claims about “holocausted” jews. Thus, the jews in our countries simply repeated the claims by the jews of the Soviet Union as if they were true. Case closed.

But some of our great Whites never gave up. They continued to uncover evidence, continued to find ways to test the jews’ stories and the jews’ so-called evidence.

Oh, I’m talking too much, eh?

At Auschwitz, the jews’ original claim, as set in metal on their own signage, was 4 million, letting viewers assume that they were all, or nearly all, jews. And then, after great Whites revealed evidence that obliterated the jews’ claims, the jews had no choice but to reduce their claims — though never down to the actual truth. Here, I let an image tell the story:


As we can see, the jews themselves reduced the official number, because they really had no choice, from the 4 million. They took it down by 2.5 million to “about” 1.5 million “mainly jews.”

JEW MATH: Considering Auschwitz alone, what is 6 million minus 2.5 million?

ANSWER: 6 million!

And yet, as you well know, the jews continue to say “6 million” on tv, in newspapers, in books, and in movies.


JEW MATH: Total, considering the two camps.

What’s 6 million minus (1.4 million + 2.5 million) 3.9 million?

ANSWER: 6 million!


Dear readers, all of the camps that were claimed as “extermination” camps, “death” camps, etc., have undergone the same kind of cleansing by White-uncovered TRUTH.

Now I ask you: Who are the liars — an entire group of thousands of liars, actually an entire race of liars — in regard to the trademarked “Holocaust”?

There is no doubt. There is plenty of proof. The liars are the jews.

The International Red Cross told the truth way back then. We have the documents to prove it, and they are linked and shown by several sites on my TruthfulSites pages with noted sections of the Holocaust. We who know call the “Holocaust” by truthful names, such as the Holocau$t and the Holohoax.

Two of the many admirable websites for us are the following:

  • Holocaust Hoax Museum  http://holocausthoaxmuseum.com. This is a young and very strong execution of an excellent idea. Take a “virtual tour.” See videos. Click to other exhibits.
  • NaziGassings.com by Friedrich Paul Berg. http://www.nazigassings.com. Perhaps everything a person would want to review about the jews’ holocaust hoax is here.

Yes, there were holocausts during WW2. But none of them were of jews. All of them were of Whites. And the jews reversed the truth. We were born into the lies. We had no way to know otherwise, except as we matured and applied our White intelligence to the absurd and impossible claims, and as we received the brave truth uncovered and reported by our fellow Whites.


James T. Laffrey


By Truth And Force, We Whites Will Win.

Texas Top 10 MOST WANTED: NONE WHITE. But Liars Claim 9 are White!

But jewed Government’s Liars Claim 9 are White!


Here’s the link for the page where I got the images (first week of Jan. 2015):

You know, as serious as this is, when you look at those “Gang Affiliations” for the top five, you might have to —


Any White person who is not totally ignorant about race can see just by looking that NOBODY in those 10 photos is White.

And yet the government openly and blatantly lies and says nine of them are White. A very  similar situation is on the “sex-offenders” top-ten list at that site.

On 21 October 2014, I reported a similar set of lies from the jew.S.A.’s FBI site. And I have seen it on all the other such government sites I have looked at.

Any White person who doesn’t see that there is an Anti-WHITE war ongoing against us is unfit and undeserving of our White compassion and defense of his or her life. The only hope for such a person is to stop self-poisoning his or her brain (coffee, colas, alcohol, tobacco) in order to regain maximum brain recognition of REALITY.

Each of us who sees that there is an Anti-WHITE war ongoing against us has the human duty, the WHITE duty, to rise up and help END the war: END the war by WINNING the war.

Our White race is the only race who can do it. That’s why the jews focus most of their attack against humanity on US.

See my advice for safe, effective action right now — in linked articles at the bottom of this website.

Whites Will Win.


James T. Laffrey

Note: I am already public as an active anti-jew White man. I have been openly so for several years. Therefore, I continue to use my “free” speech to the fullest in service of my race. But you probably shouldn’t. It is much easier to function unsuspected as a silent White hero if nobody knows that, inside, you are among the best of the best.



‘OUR INHERITANCE’ In The GREAT PYRAMID: Part 2, With The Bottom Line

‘OUR INHERITANCE’ In The Great Pyramid

And The Worldwide Network Of Pyramids:

Part 2 With The Bottom Line

Arabs did not build these pyramids. This we know. But who did? Who could? And who destroyed the White exterior of The Great Pyramid and destroyed nearly all of ancient White recorded history? Read on ...

Arabs did not build these pyramids. This we know. But who did? Who could? And who destroyed the White exterior of The Great Pyramid and destroyed nearly all of ancient White recorded history? Read on …

WhitesWillWin.no-p.2014.mini.jtl.eIn this first line, I want to give the bottom line: The worldwide network of thousands of pyramids — yes, a network; yes, thousands — provides conclusive evidence that a great civilization operated on Earth more than 12,000 years ago, which was before the last ice age.

Yes, conclusive. Why? Because the best dating techniques have been performed on materials of, and in, the sites. Results are consistent across different reliable techniques — carbon dating, ceramics dating, and stalactite dating, to name three. (Meanwhile, the liars continue to say that The Great Pyramids in Egypt are less than 5,000 years old.)

This one is off Japan. A simple search of images provides hundreds more, though most of the websites hosting the photos offer only the conventional forced (false) info about them.

This one is off Japan. A simple search for images provides hundreds more, though most websites hosting the photos offer only the conventional (false) info about them.

Perhaps the most dramatic evidence comes from the fact of deeply submerged undersea megalithic cities with pyramids. “Megalithic”? Think, “made of giant, cut, shaped stones.” Some of them certainly were built where they are now but before the ocean levels rose and submerged them. Long ago, there was very much more dry land around the world than there is now. For other submerged sites, a possibility is that they sank (due to earthquakes or volcanic activity), which included massive breakage.

Upfront, let me give you a short list of my major sources of scientific information on this historic topic:

"Dr. Sam" spends a few minutes in his landmark video to identify and demolish some of the public liars trying to stop him and the Bosnian Pyramids project.

“Dr. Sam” spends a few minutes in his landmark video to identify and demolish some of the public liars trying to stop him and the Bosnian Pyramids project. This presentation, given in the USA, is linked above.

What about scientific investigations of these great sites on land and undersea?

China has tremedous sites and continues to keep nearly all off-limits to international scientific investigation. And the Chinese government strictly curtails what Chinese scientists can examine and say about what they find. Decades ago, the Chinese put soil on pyramids and planted trees all over them to conceal pyramids from aerial and satellite view. No kidding. We have pictures.

Egypt‘s government over decades has refused to allow many kinds of scientific investigations — non-invasive, non-destructive. Why? Every new discovery adds proof to what we already know: The Arabs of Egypt had nothing whatsoever to do with building the pyramids. They are squatters, not owners. In fact, they have had a major role in trying to destroy the pyramids. Why destroy them? Because the pyramids are evidence of White supremacy. That’s the plain truth.

Bosnia has the currently largest known pyramid, which sits among a group of huge pyramids. Its construction material is different from The Great Pyramids in Egypt. In Bosnia, materials consist of much ancient concrete (yes, manmade concrete), sandstone, and clay. In Egypt, the main material is solid stone cut into huge blocks. The government of Bosnia offers no help, or nearly so, to the heroic and good-humored effort led by Dr. Sesmir “Sam” Osmanagich (sometimes spelled with that “h” to aid pronunciation).

USA. The U.S. government, controlled by jews, continues to suppress investigation, withhold evidence, and discourage publications. The jews of the government do this in lockstep with the jews of the big media, of course, and with the jews infesting the university research system. Furthermore, the jew.S.A. uses the Mongoloids in America — the so-called American Indians — in this crime of denial of investigation and the confiscation and concealment of skeletons and other vital artifacts. All of this is ongoing.

In fact, jews have infested (in varying degrees) every government of every country, and their concerted pressure keeps the truth from being freely investigated and reported for all to see and to be awestruck by. Besides the above-named countries, also included are Japan, Mexico, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, the “United” Kingdom (England, etc.), and others.

However, the jews’ efforts are less than 100 percent effective. They can’t stop absolutely everybody — the same as they can’t stop absolutely all of us saying that The Jews Are The Enemy Of Humankind and must be eradicated from our Earth before they murder another billion people and totally genocide our most valuable White race.

The Promised Q & A

For us, what are the biggest questions?

  • Who built the network of pyramids and other super structures;
  • For what purpose(s) were they built; and
  • What happened to that great race and/or their knowledge so that it seems none of it was passed down to us?

Hold those thoughts.

In Part One of this two-part presentation, I said I would answer the following questions:

  1. Who were the enemies of the great people who built The Great Pyramids?
  2. Who were (and are) the destroyers?
  3. Who have robbed and have tried to destroy The Great Pyramid for centuries up to and including the very recent 1900s?


  1. We don’t know who were the enemies of the great people who designed and built The Great Pyramids. However, since the current major races probably all had members who survived the last ice age, we can make the educated guess that the great builders’ enemies were the same enemies we have now. Number One: jewry (though this would make the jews as a race older than we previously thought). Secondarily, the worst portion of the Mongoloid race, and all others when they are allowed too much access to our civilizations.
  2. The destroyers were, as answered above. The destroyers are jewry and the Arabs. However, with Arabs, we always have to remember that jews have infiltrated and led Arabs, as crypto-jews, for millenia. For example, the “exodus” of jews from Egypt (without the “parting of the sea” and other extreme nonsense of the jew-written Bible) has only one historically evident cause: The jews had duped, robbed, and impoverished the people of Egypt, thus sufficiently enraging the Arabs to expel the anti-humans. And now, why are most Arab countries actually doing nothing against jews? Because their leadership is infested with crypto-jews.
  3. From before the last ice age until about 2,000 years ago, The Great Pyramid looked much like this. Since then, who controlled that land while directing the destruction?

    From before the last ice age until about 2,000 years ago, The Great Pyramid looked much like this. Since then, who controlled that land while directing the destruction?

    The robbers are none other than the jews and, secondarily, the Arabs. Example: The Great Pyramid was still in beautiful condition less than 2,000 years ago, as reported by various leaders and notables in written history. And then the entire outer layer of White “encasement” stones was, over a long period, laboriously broken and stolen. Whatever was inside the Great Pyramids and carryable out through the small passages was carried out. In The Great Pyramid, only the “coffer” remains (awfully damaged by the Semites: Arabs and jews) — because it is carved from solid stone and is slightly too large to be taken out through the passageways. That coffer, by the way, is the physical Standard of Measure by Volume for our race since before all recorded history. The Brits have always had a “quarter” (in the USA, think of it as a larger relative of the bushel), but they couldn’t answer the question, What is it a quarter of?! Now, we know. It is a quarter of the coffer in The Great Pyramid, which was made long before any and all of Egypt’s recorded history. (Credit for that fact: Martin Doutre.)

For our religious Whites, this needs to be said: Inside the Great Pyramids, there are no writings, no images on walls, no religious symbols, nothing of the sort anywhere. The Pyramids stand testament to a great Foundational Knowledge System, not a nonsense Belief System, and certainly not the very young nonsense of the jew-invented Christian religion.


Now, for us of the great White race, we have the biggest questions to ponder, as mentioned above. Here, I will repeat the questions and offer my educated guesses.

1. Who designed and built the network of pyramids and other megalithic structures, including “cities,” around the world?

We know that our White race is far, far older than the time of the last ice age. So are the other major races — the Mongoloids (with the only admirable slice being the Japanese) and the Congoids/Negroids/Africans (who are close in DNA and intelligence to the highest apes; they were, and are, capable of inventing and maintaining nothing of any value to us).

So, judging by historical performance, the only known possibility is that our White race designed and built it all. But apparently, after the last ice age, we had to start over. Too much knowledge had been lost.

2. For what purpose(s) did they build the structures and the network of structures?

They set in stone a large part of their knowledge system — of weights & measures, and their mathematical genius, and their sea navigation knowledge, and their Solar System knowledge, and their awesome ability to quarry, shape, and transport gigantic stones beyond our current abilities. (Example: We simply cannot and wouldn’t try to transport such stones 100 miles from a quarry to a steep, roadless mountaintop in Peru.) Another purpose of pyramids is energy production — proposed in Bosnia by Dr. Sam Osmanagich and the scientists who have measured various forms of energy inside and above the Bosnian pyramids.

3. What happened to their great knowledge and to them?

In the video presentation “Dr. Sam” gave in the USA circa 2012, linked above, he proposed that the melting of the last ice age flooded nearly everything, wiping out the bulk of the populations including all or nearly all of the people of highest knowledge. Thus, the survivors had to start over again. For me, that proposition is lacking because I think the melting and flooding would have happened gradually enough that the most intelligent and capable people could have moved to higher ground.

I have another idea, only an idea, and I surely I am not the first to offer it: Maybe they, themselves, invented something that accidently wiped them out, such as their advances with energy use. After all, we, ourselves, have worried about uncontrollable chain reactions when first initiating huge electrical and explosive forces, such as atomic and nuclear bombs.


On the biological advancement ladder, we see that high intelligence, high knowledge, and high technology are rather fragile.

  • On fragile intelligence: If I breed with an African, the children will almost certainly be shit-for-brains compared to me. Race-mixing is a main reason our previous White empires went brown and incapable. It seems they were as ignorant about race capabilities as I was just a few years ago. The other main reason for the White empires’ deaths was infestation and destruction by the enemy jews.
  • On fragile high knowledge: Nobody knows it all; we are each dependent on others’ pieces of great knowledge that fit with ours, and that’s how we get greater things accomplished. Killing a critical mass of members of the high-knowledge group will kill that living knowledge system. (Example of our White interdependence: The great White man Henry Ford didn’t invent all of the pieces of a car; he invented the car, his kind of car, combining and adapting mostly previously invented components. Meanwhile, our German brothers were inventing cars in Europe.
  • On high technology: As with high knowledge, no single person, no handful of people, no matter how brilliant they are, could make totally from scratch a bicycle or a computer. Consider how few of us could even bake an edible pie without a recipe in full detail!

So, apparently, our great Whites of 12,000 years ago were struck by a calamity or combination of calamities, and after the ice age receded, the last 9,000 years has been a slow recovery involving discoveries leading us down some paths quite different, apparently, from those our mega-great-greatgrandfathers mastered. They didn’t leave any time-capsules filled with radios, microscopes, motorcycles, and nose-hair clippers, as far as we know. They left mega-structures, and thankfully so, as they survived to inform us today.

Meanwhile, the other races, by not making great advances since the last ice age, have shown us that they never did.

Reasoning about the jews (you can’t reason with them)

Let’s focus a discussion on the jews to what they possess, what they do or don’t know, and what they will and won’t do.

The jews have practical control over what the U.S. government, industry, academe, and media investigate and report to us and to the world. When the jews want to know something, they fund Whites to find it out. We wanted to know about the Moon, and the jews wanted to know about the Moon, so they funded Whites to make the Moon exploration happen. What was learned probably bored the jews (no species there to exploit, no riches handy for plunder), so they have since used the subject of space travel and exploration mostly for teases, lies, and Distractions.

IF the jews controlling our government, etc., wanted the now established fact of the network of pyramids, the age of that network, and all of its ramifications expanded and published for all to see, it would happen. It would have happened already. But the jews have systematically blocked it. Why?

IF the jews had been the great builders, they would have trumpeted that information incessantly. It might even be bigger than the Holocau$t! (which, as everyone who doesn’t self-poison their minds knows is a hoax). Note: I predict that the jews will make the claim that they were the great builders, if given the preparation time. They have been planting poison seeds into rewritings of history and scientific findings in order to nurture that poison ivy to someday bud and bloom. (Although I have praised Martin Doutre and Carl Munck for the best of their work, I have also pointed out the “poison seeds” in their output.)

IF the jews long ago confiscated documentation of our ancient knowledge, then they would know that Whites were the designers/builders and would certainly do their damnedest to prevent White access to that documentation. But meanwhile, they certainly would try to capitalize on any ancient knowledge they possessed. Right? Absolutely. That is what jews do. But they haven’t. So, I conclude that the jews do not possess any significant amount of our great ancient White knowledge.

Therefore, the top jews have seen, in modern times, as well as we have seen what the worldwide pyramid network is, and they know the only logical explanation as to who designed and built it. That’s why they are blocking it. They will continue to block it, or try to, and to offer such inanities as their “Ancient Aliens” propaganda until they plant enough seeds to enable them to claim it all. (There is a precedent for that, you know. The jews convinced millions of people to believe that they had a primary historic ownership claim to Palestine, and still there are millions of our own Whites believing that massive lie.)

But Whites Will Win.

By the way, here is one additional and important point. Ignore the “Sampson Option” doomsday propaganda. It says the jews, if backed into their stolen corner of Palestine, will nuke the world. All of recorded history shows us that the jews don’t mass-murder themselves. They have always whined and lied and kept enough crypto-jews secret to save themselves for another comeback. Yes, they will nuke nonjews, obviously, as they proved by atomic-bombing — “holocausting” — two cities of Japanese people after Japan had, for weeks, offered full surrender. But jews will not nuke themselves to extinction.

The Metric Destruction Of Our Heritage


Note: This section is another promise I made in the previous pyramids article. Carry this fact as you read on: The Whites of the USA are the only major population in the world rightly holding onto our original White system of weights and measures — but for the wrong reasons.

metric-measures1The Metric System. That of liters and meters. Most people have no idea how young it is nor who invented it, nor why. Me, too, until just last year. If they ever did try to teach me in schools, colleges, or universities about its origins, none of it stuck. I used to prefer the simple 10 of it all, although I never liked liters, and when I was repairing cars I hated being forced to buy metric tools. Now, I put the Metric System in the category of its natural name, “10-Based System,” as a secondary useful tool.

Our great ancestors used many different number systems, each applied where it was most appropriate. (Martin Doutre’s site will teach you that knowledge while you enjoy his awesome info about the pyramids, weights, measures, sea navigation, and more.) We use a 60-Based System for time. We use a 12-Based System for linear measure. And so on.

Oh, but there’s so much more to it, and something so very important. Cutting to the chase: our ancestors made the dimensions and measures of very many things to be exact numbers that needed to be remembered to maintain their Knowledge System and Civilization. That’s why the pyramids are all laid out to specific measures that relate to PI, the speed of the Earth’s rotation, and all.

Our inch. To our White race, it is more valuable than gold.

Our inch. To our White race, it is more valuable than gold.

So, the Metric System, invented only about 200 years ago was a deliberate invention for the purpose of replacing, thus destroying, our very measuring system that was used to build The Great Pyramid. That is, the measuring system based on the foot. Dividing the foot by 12, we have our ancestral inch.

Without that inch key, we might never have begun to rediscover the knowledge built into the pyramids. I say, “we,” but it was White men of the 1800s who found and recognized that key.

This shows another jew tactic -- mind poison -- toward the destruction of our remaining links to White history.

This shows another jew tactic — mind poison — toward the destruction of our remaining links to White history.

Piazzi Smyth was one of those White men of the 1800s. He was Scotland’s astronomer royal. Smyth did a fine job, though short of the top truth, of exposing the anti-White purpose of the Metric System — invented in France after the jew-French Revolution — as the Metric poison was being forced upon many countries. He was short of the top truth because he was ignorant of jewry and further blinded by Christianity.

Published in 1874, Smyth wrote:

France had been consistent in her own case; she had begun, at her first Revolution, by slaughtering off all the accessible individuals of her reigning family; who, as such, were the very type and symbol to the French people of their being a nation, ….

[And then] France become the champion of the metric, or anti-nation-existence metrological system; a system since then everywhere secretly adopted by the Socialists, Internationalists, Communists in all countries; … to attempt to destroy our British hereditary metrology.

The jews infesting our government have even passed laws against fresh raw -- nutritious -- milk so that we only consume homogenized -- dead, useless -- milk.

The jews infesting our government have even passed laws against fresh raw — nutritious — milk so that we only consume homogenized — dead, useless — milk.

Amongst many other symptoms of strong and youthful vitality, and promise of its future pre-eminence in the affairs of the world, Russia scorns to adopt the French units of measure. Some interested parties recently went to St. Petersburg, trying to persuade its citizens to adopt the French system, on the plea that Belgium, Holland, Sardinia, Tuscany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, and several countries of South America, had already joined it, and that Great Britain was just going to do so. But Russia was nothing moved by that, and though all the world was going to submit itself to France, she, Russia, was not; she knew the value of her own hereditary measures, connected at one point with the British system, and she would as soon give up her language as her ancient metrology, adapted to, and loved by, her people.

All of the "super" ball games are now jew-owned distractions against us. But worth noting: The original Olympics were a sensible-because-very-limited set of events all based on White units of measure.

All of the “super” ball games are now jew-owned distractions against us. But worth noting: The original Olympics were a sensible-because-very-limited set of events all based on White units of measure.

Russia, back in the 1800s, was led by Whites. That was prior to the jews’ “Bolshevik” revolution overthrowing and massacreing the White czar and his family and all White leaders in the early 1900s. To this day, a century later, Russia still serves the jews and demonizes Adolf Hitler and his White Germany. Our jew.S.A. government’s and jewsmedia’s current, mild hate speech against Vladimir Putin is just a show, a hoax, as was the Cold War. The current chill is merely ColdWar-light. Putin is a crypto-jew.

Finally, on the Metric System of destruction, Martin Doutre offers a somewhat different and detailed view of the invention of the Metric System. However, his view also fails to identify the jews and their obvious goals.


The bottom line, which I said at the outset, is: a great civilization existed before the last ice age ended, before 9,000 to 12,000 years ago.

Furthermore, evidence says that the pyramids around the world are Monuments of Ownership. White ownership. By illegal and inhuman means, our ownership was taken from us. Nonetheless, it is still OUR heritage and OUR inheritance.

We ought to take it all back.

That said, when our more-ignorant fellow Whites arrive upon this BIG subject, it probably functions as a Distraction rather than a final step to activation against the enemy jews.

Education is good and necessary, but activation is absolutely essential right now and, thus, is the focus of this WhitesWillWin! website.

My overall point with this subject was, and is, to make it clear how great our White race has been, and to show that the jews have been destroying our history, our ancestors’ achievements, and separating our race from our history for at the very least the last 2,000 years. And for that, they deserve and have earned the death penalty many times over.

Not a single jew deserves to be alive today. Their ancestors for 2,000 years, and their parents now, have deliberately caused and furthered the ongoing genocide of our race. The JUST reaction, the JUST punishment, is capital punishment — the execution of all of them.

The other races should realize and adopt the same commitment, but they won’t because they are not capable of it. It’s up to us. They might follow our example. But we are the only capable leaders, as always.

We White MEN must kill the jews right now. And as always, I mean we must do so covertly, safely, telling no one, and keeping ourselves going until we are joined by overwhelming White force. (See articles of advice linked at the bottom of this website.) Following that, we will get to bask in the ecstasy of our future Victory and to set our new White America on a proper White course.


James Thomas Laffrey
White man — half German, half Irish.


JEWS Lead Obsolete-Farm-Tools In Orchestrated Attack On St. Louis Police Station — Video

JEWS Lead Obsolete Farm Tools

In Orchestrated Attack On St. Louis Police Station — Video

WhitesWillWin.no-p.2014.mini.jtl.eNormally, as regular visitors here know, I do not cover the low-level events in the long-running race war jewry is now ramping up. But now and then, such as I did at the very launch of the jew-contrived Occupy Wall Street sham, I see a need for the jew leaders right there on the street to be pointed out for our fellow Whites who mistakenly think, and allege, that we have “traitor Whites” leading such anti-White contrivances.

The video of which I speak is linked below. But first, here is the lead jew, or one of them.

Near the start of the linked video, the camera got jostled, and then the camera turned onto this face, a selfie of what is surely a jew.

Near the start of the linked video, the camera got jostled, and then the camera was turned onto this face, a selfie of what is surely a jew.

Same jew, same selfie. Now, the earring is clearly seen. It's jews, you know, who pushed earrings (and rings elsewhere) for males our whole lives, and tattoos, and all of it for females, too. I never fell for it, and neither did any other true Whites I knew -- from junior high on up.

Same jew, same selfie a second on. Now, the earring is clearly seen. It’s jews, you know, who pushed earrings (and rings elsewhere) for males our whole lives, and tattoos, and all of it for females, too. I never fell for it, and neither did any other true Whites I knew — from junior high on up.

This jew does a lot of shouting, antagonizing, and insulting the police, trying to instigate a violent response — though not directly upon himself. He saves his worst for the end, when he’s a safer distance from the police who are, at that point, in a stable group simply standing outside the police station doors.

During the video’s four minutes, we also hear organized chanting by the crowd of protesters. They are chants that just don’t ring true as chants written by the Negroids and practiced and memorized beforehand.

The enemy jews are the orchestrators, folks. Always have been. Always will be, until we kill enough of them and finally put a stop to it ALL. (Eventually, we will kill them all. But Victory will come long before we’ve killed all of them.)

There’s another very important aspect to this “protest” as caught on video. But first, here’s an accomplice of the above jew:

There was another split-second still of this accomplice jew where he looked like the jew actor Casey Affleck, brother of Ben Affleck. Of course, this piece of scum is not the actor. But they are not too distantly related.

There was another split-second still of this accomplice jew where he looked like the jew actor Casey Affleck, brother of Ben Affleck. Of course, this piece of scum is not the actor. But they are not too distantly related.

Also, in the video, we see a couple of short, fat, fairly young females. Almost certainly they are jews, too.

And now, the other important aspect. The jews — the four I have mentioned — seem to have no real concern about getting hurt by the police. Can you imagine yourself or other Whites you know — who have no resume of experience at the front of physical clashes — acting like these jews? The jews act like they know how far they can go and how nothing of significance will happen to them. Maybe a squirt of pepper spray — which is what the camera-jew got near the end. But was it really pepper spray? The jew never responded with any signal of pain.

The point is, the jews knew that the preplanned event would only go so far. The jews probably knew exactly what the police station’s officers were told to do in response. Key officers, or their superiors, were probably informed beforehand what “God’s precious Chosen Terrorists” would be wearing — this time, black knit hats, with both males all in black. It was a setup to get, at that place and time, a group of White cops for the jew-contrived photo opportunity — with only the jews hoping the cops or the Negroes would push it to bloody violence while the jews stepped aside.

The video, here:

Yes, it was orchestrated down to the tactic of having Negroes sit down against open doors to “nonviolently” try to keep them open so the confrontation could be extended.

Why do any of our true White webwriters hold back any longer?

The proper response is this: The jews are the leaders of the ongoing genocide of Whites, and we need to kill all of them. Meanwhile, all other nonWhites in anti-White activities are fair game, too. Just be careful about it. The same as most Negroids get away with their knock-downs, beat-downs, rapes, and murders of Whites, there is no reason why we can’t do our heroic deeds and leave the scenes without any decisive evidence behind.

Plan it. Tell no one. Do it. Tell no one. Plan the next. Be confident. Walk proud.

Whites Will Win.

How To MAKE It A Happy New Year

White children deserve a White future. Image from odinist.com

White children deserve a WHITE future — as do we all. Image credit: odinist.com

Wishes affect nothing outside of our heads.

Actions affect everything.

We want a Happy New Year. It won’t come from wishing or hoping. It will come from doing.

Here are the most basic How-To’s for MAKING this a Happy White New Year.

  • Eat real food, not garbage packaged and sold as “food.” Real food is fresh (cooked) meat (including eggs and fish), fresh (usually cooked) vegetables, and fresh fruit. The human drink is water. (This should be enough said about food. But the following three items are always worth repeating.)
  • Shun bread almost completely (or completely, if you can). Bread and all of its relatives — noodles, cakes, cookies, breakfast cereals, and the like — are made from grass seeds. We should not be eating many seeds from the grasses (wheat, rice, corn, and other grains), which deliver chemicals that weaken our mucous membrane cells giving rise to the chronic nose, throat, and digestive ailments most people repeatedly, unnaturally, suffer with every year.
  • Shun alcohol. Treat it like a medicine. Think of it as a medicine — something to use, rarely, for a specific purpose. Alcohol, and normal medicines, are poisons when consumed beyond medicinal purposes.
  • Shun coffee. After you get over the withdrawal symptoms (from a week to a month), you will rediscover your clarity of mind, your natural libido, your (males’) penile vigor, your regular and comfortable bowel movements, and much more. At that point, if you like, think of coffee as a medicine to be used rarely, sparingly, for specific purposes.
  • Shun tv, movies, newspapers, magazines, and other sources of constant lies that are all owned by jews. Exception: If you like, monitor their output and turn it against them, as I have often done on this site. Of course, if you don’t know about jews, then make it a priority to bone-up on the subject. The owners of all of the big media are jews who you can find listed by name and with pictures. Thanks to the Internet, jewry’s control of all big sources of opinion-forming information has become the most open, public secret of our time.

Very soon, after achieving the above self-improvements in part or in whole, REALITY will return to your sight, your hearing, your feelings, and your thinking. The TRUTH that the jewsmedia have suppressed, withheld, spindled, and mutilated will now find acceptance in your mind.

The TRUTH, step by step, will bring shocks, for sure. The funny thing about this process is that each time we grasp a new and shocking truth, we think that we have reached the top of it all! Well, I should speak for myself: That’s what I did. But my thirst for knowledge and truth never stopped, and still hasn’t, so I proceeded on and came to realize that I had reached plateaus, not mountain summits.

The summit, according to many great men and a few men in history — nearly all Whites, of course — is that our White race must exterminate the anti-humans. I agree. Who, or what, are the anti-humans? They are the jews. The jews are a race. Israel, the open-jew country, accepts citizens by race only. Religion has nothing to do with it. The Israeli government tests the DNA, the parentage, the bloodlines, of all applicants for citizenship.

You see, I have reached this summit. THE summit. THE peak. THE pinnacle.

Along with the greatest of those White men and the rarest of White women, I also reached the Solution. Since jewry has deliberately pursued for at least 2,000 years their clearly stated and obvious goal of total death of our White race — by duping Whites into wars against fellow Whites and the other races, by mass-starvations, by mass-poisonings of wells and vaccines, and so very much more — the Solution is to finally, once and for all, do unto the jews what they have been doing to us.

Each one put down is absolute, undeniable progress.

Each one put down is absolute, undeniable progress.

Kill jews. Every jew is an enemy of our race (and of the other races). Every adult jew works in service of jewry’s heinous goals, and every child jew will do the same. Most of the jews in the USA are crypto-jews, a term which means “secret jews.” Most of them in the USA pretend to be Whites. They know they are not Whites, though we now see many of them lying in universities, in the government, and in big media saying that they are Whites.

Examples: jew “journalist” Joe Klein and jew comic-slut Sarah Silverman. They and others say racism won’t end until the White race is abolished. The truth is that jews are the ultimate racists on the planet. Only the jews want to kill all Whites, kill the best of all of the other races, and enslave the rest. Their racial rulebook The Talmud says so. Many of their leaders have stated so in recorded and published accounts.

Take a breath

Perhaps I have gone over the heads of many readers by including knowledge of the jews and of the Solution here in this “Happy New Year” post. That’s ok. One of my mottos for a very long time has been: Nobody knows until they do. Furthermore, just like learning a trade or higher mathematics, most people will never get it unless it is taught to them. Therefore –.

The Top Truth must be stated whether readers, listeners, and viewers are ready for it or not. A person will not strive to reach the top if he or she doesn’t even know where or what it is.

My elderly parents and I, back in about 1994, when I ignorantly worked for the jewsmedia.

My elderly parents and I, back in about 1994, when I ignorantly worked for the jewsmedia.

Several years ago, after I turned 50 years old, I still had no true clue about the jews — even though they were, and are, all over tv and other media, and infesting every important profession and institution. In my thirties, I had worked six years for a city daily newspaper (the now defunct Nashville Banner) infested by jews, and I still hadn’t a clue! (Of course, none of them said they were jews.) I needed the Truth told to me, even when I was not ready for it.

When I first read books by Eustace Mullins, when I first read articles by Henry Ford and Revilo Oliver, when I first read articles and listened to audios and videos made by George Lincoln Rockwell and William Luther Pierce, I could not accept the best of what they offered. (Links to all can be found on the WhiteSchool page.)

But step by step, I investigated, I compared information, I applied new knowledge to what was, and is, going on in the world. And only the Top Truth explained it all.

Happy Years. Prosperous, inventive, productive. The Berlin Olympics, 1936. White families joyful, loyal, employed, and well informed. But their solution was not final, despite what we've been forcefed all of our lives.

Happy Years. Prosperous, inventive, productive. The Berlin Olympics, 1936. White families joyful, loyal, employed, and well informed. But their solution was not the Final Solution, despite what we’ve been force-fed all of our lives.

Only knowledge of the jews — all jews — as a unified enemy explained how the government, the media, most lawyers, most doctors, most professors, all big retailers, the banks — how they could all do what they do and nearly always get away with it. Crime upon crime upon crime.

Moreover, the totality of it has always been ANTI-WHITE.

a-wyatt-mann.meek-inherit-nothingWe are in a war in which only the enemy is fighting. The jews are using the military, police, other armed agencies, and the other races wrongly invited into our country as tools to wipe us out. (The Negroid/African race is the most obvious, and least intelligent, of them.)

Our rarest of great White men already have reacted rightly, and we must continue their heroism. Robert J. Mathews was one. Read about him and let related articles inform you of others. We must continue their heroism, but we must also improve upon it.

Our goals are not to be martyrs but to be winners, again and again, until we achieve our final White Victory and our establishment of the New White America.

Each of us MEN can, and each of us must, go out, engage, and win, again and again.

We can do so, for now, covertly and safely. Rule One: Tell no one. See articles linked at the bottom of this website, starting with  “THE BEST,” and MAKE this a Happy White New Year.


James T. Laffrey

Whites Will Win!

Image credit: Odinist.org

Image credit: Odinist.org




Best 12* Movies Of The Year

The Best 12* Movies Of The Year
(If, and when**)

1. “Dear White People.”

Lilly Riefenstahl directed this gripping composite of four separate true stories transplanted into one Ivy League university class. Set shortly before our glorious White Victory, the film deftly unveils the jews’ former system of non-White favoritism in academe while vividly capturing the conflicts among the quad of Negroid students as they struggle to grasp the reality that America is not theirs and they do not belong on this continent. Each does his or her best, which is never enough, to overcome the media-implanted memes from famous jew-trained, anti-White Africans including Michael King (aka MLK), Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton.

Americans, certainly averse to watching a film so littered with Congoids, are carried through by a pair of roommates: one White and not unlike a budding George Lincoln Rockwell, and the other a Japanese, both of whom take turns witty and wise in mental and physical conflict with the inferior Africans.

Spoiler Alert! On their mandatory boat trip back to BlackFrica, as they leave what was New York Harbor and witness our spectacular demolition of the jew Statue Of Liberty, the four come to terms with the finality of White America. However, as befits their racial mentalities, they take turns using the title line to spew parting shots reeking of losers’ viciousness. Yet, the generous Riefenstahl depicts the Negroes mouthing two poignant insights that might serve them well if they survive long enough to influence life in their Negroids-only future in BlackFrica no longer boosted by White invention and generosity.

2. “Boyhood.”

From the marvelous mind of Mark Wilson, this understated yet ambitious autobiographical portrait of a boy and his family through our White Recovery period succeeds both historically and artistically. The young Mr. Wilson’s story, representative of very many of our youths such a short time ago, places us inside the Aryan boy’s jew-poisoned mind as he recovers at a pace that both varies and often conflicts with the recoveries of his sister, mother, father, and his dying grandfather. This film fulfilled Mr. Wilson’s thesis requirement at the Adolf Hitler University Of Michigan and spread by word of mouth and popular demand to movie houses across the country.

3. “Calvary.”

Writer-actor Revilo Brown’s Irish priest undergoes a riveting, occasionally excruciating, process of mental detox retarded by faith but fueled by White Truth. Pivotal in his awakening is his step-by-step realization that his supposed best friend and rectory mate is a crypto-jew.

Spoiler Alert! In a jarring postscript scene, we are shown the actual, true-life former priest with his lovely wife and infant son. Why “jarring”? Because the new family man, fully recovered from Christ-insanity, is every bit as handsome and charismatic as the actor, gentleman, and scholar Revilo Brown.

4. “Selma.”

In a daring approach (for me, blood-boiling), Leif Nelson produced and directed this historically accurate account from the point of view of the jew Stanley David Levison who put the words in the mouth and the whores in the bed of Afro jew-tool Michael King (jew-glorified as “Martin Luther King Jr.”) starting in the Alabama town of Selma. Perhaps knowing that having no admirable character in the film would be its deathnell, Mr. Nelson weaved a secondary narrative throughout, based on recently restored FBI files (that the frantic, fleeing jews tried but failed to fully destroy), in which a mystery man’s path finally converges with the main narrative. Satisfaction comes with the mystery man’s pull of a trigger, as we all know, and with a final revelation we all did not know.

5. “Locke.”

In a brilliant gambit with a little budget, moviemaker James T. Edison and actor Joe Alois Goebbels believed that a man in a car in serial conversations by speakerphone would be enthralling and that concrete-pouring specifics could be thrilling. White engineering, ingenuity, loyalty, honesty, and teamwork all play vital roles in what — believe it or not — is also a true love story of marital fidelity through inescapable but surmountable duress. White and only White. No other race has, nor ever could, erect such a combination to such a height. Our race has a “Locke” on that. Already, engineering schools are seeing a new wave of applications inspired by this uniquely minimalist model of educational entertainment.

6. “Interstellar.”

Piazzi Doutre both wrote and directed this fascinating unveiling of the young science archaeoastronomy. This true story puts us in co-pilot seats with the husband and wife team of Tom and Seana Munck at the Aryan Institute Of Technology in Massachusettes as they drive and deliver a quintet of headstrong post-docs to fact-based, creative, insightful fruition. While deliberately keeping the door cracked by about one Great Pyramid inch to the possibility of ancient human interplanetary travel, the stellar group lays waste to all major mind-poisons and pseudo-science “facts” injected into the field back when jews infested and corrupted every great White pursuit in both academic and industrial science.

For some people, all of this is news, and jaws will drop at the verified linkage in time and space of hundreds of great pyramids, other megalithic structures, and monumental mounds — above ground and submerged — all around the world. That and much more, including a virtual ride through our solar system from a never-before-depicted point of view, leave viewers in awe of what our as-yet unidentified ancient ancestors knew. Hopefully, this stellar effort will inspire our next generation to find the answers to our greatest questions about exactly who and when those ancestors thrived and why they took their greatest knowledge with them, apparently, when they died.

7. “Gone Girl.”

Already, we have had fine films depicting the horrendous loss in jew-contrived wars and jew-contrived domestic killings of our bravest, often brightest, most heroic men, young and old. Of course, nearly all of those gung-hoes suffered from our honest race’s weakness of gullibility, which jewry exploited to the maximum. But here, in “Gone Girl” featuring Julie Giesler, we have the true story, compressed, of one Aryan American lass and how jewry’s incessant efforts from every angle lured her into their “local threatre” circuit, and then ushered her into depravities “on Broadway,” and –. Well, we just don’t know. The trail runs cold, even now, despite our confiscation and poring through tons of documents and gigabytes of data from former jew agencies. Further abuse and her ultimate demise seem certain. But where? Evidence suggests one of two final destinations: Hollywood’s porn sewer or Middle East sex-slavery.

There’s no need for a spoiler alert before saying she’s a “gone girl” without a happy ending. But the film has a happy ending, as do all the horrors of historical narrations. We all carry it now, and all hold it dear. With both relief and supreme pride, we know that the happy ending was, is, and should always be, our White Victory.

8. “Art and Craft.”

Our great new White tsunami of historical truth already has made most Americans fully aware that our own Thomas Jefferson, though ignorant of jewry as a racial entity, had no intention of his revolutionary claim “All Men Are Created Equal” applying beyond White men of Great Britain and America. Jefferson knew all male two-legged upright humanoids were not created equal. Andrew Breker’s family-focused “Art and Craft” ever-so-eloquently lays bare the fact that even White brothers are not created “equal.”

Born of the same parents, raised in the same loving household, influenced by environmental factors of the same extended family members, teachers, and media, these two handsome Aryan siblings personify the supremacy of biological inheritance. While both draw ooh’s, aah’s, and belly laughs from the audience as they apply their skills of artistic critique to almost everything — from toothbrushes to girlfriends’ blushes — only the elder’s creative works rise above craft to deserve honor as art. How the younger responds to this conclusion makes for one of the most inventive and uplifting climaxes in our young HollyWhite history.

9. “Penguins Of Madagascar.”

With all of the charm, quirks, colors, and surprises that keep children engaged, this animated delight presents a parent-friendly fantasy of “what might have been” had the great but too-lenient Fuehrer Adolf Hitler succeeded in carrying out his desire to transplant the jew race and quarantine that world scourge on the island of Madagascar. Hilarity abounds as certain native species on the island rebel at the infestation while one particular, teeny species tries to FLEAce all other tiny parasites by requiring the purchase of a LICEnse to feed off the ultimate vermin of planet Earth.

Note: For fans of the personification of animals, this might be the last such film for the foreseeable future as our top minds have shown the detriments of portraying animals with human characteristics, which enemy jewry had employed to such devastating effects on the mental and physical health of our previous generations. Pop quiz: Which came first — Disney’s Mickey Mouse or Adolf Hitler’s vow of vegetarianism?

10. “Like Father, Like Son.”

This White family film proves that there really never was a “family film” in the century of Jewlywood, California. While elaborating the title premise in personal, provocative, educational, excruciating, and exhuberant ways, the movie makes and underscores the point that our creators are our parents and their bloodlines, which culminates in rightful reverence for race. Despite the males-only title, this George Dietz production boasts three of the most talented and beautiful Aryan actresses ever on screen since Whites invented movie technology. Art in every sense, this film teaches, entertains, and espouses improvement in our selves, families, and race. White so very right.

11. “American Sniper.”

Behold a thriller, a procedural, a documentary, a model of White heroism against what, at the time, seemed an invulnerable jew beast forcing nonWhite immigration upon us and nearing the genocidal point of no return against our race. This is the true story of Richard Mathews, who we all know now as the “Menorah Killer.”

While most solo White Wolf heroes were exterminating less conspicuous vermin, Mr. Mathews defied and astounded the enemy for two consecutive Yule seasons by sniping their menorah-erecting and menorah-blessing events, in public, cameras rolling! In this superb film, woven with actual newsvideo clips, we stride with him as he chooses a nest location; we feel the tension build while our hero assembles his rifle, guages the wind and distance, and puts rabbis in the crosshairs. Not every squeeze hit its mark, and each sniping event was limited to mere seconds. We live the suspense with each tick of the clock. We wax and wane with each hit and miss. We exhult in each Talmudic terror’s collapse on the scaffoldings! No time to celebrate, though: We join the urgency of escape. How did he do it, time after time, every time? You might not believe your very own eyes.


Honorable mention goes to the great movie “The Kill Team” — the true story of a husband and wife duo’s long campaign of covert killings of vacationing jews that is increasingly earning raves throughout the White world. But our esteemed 12-spot goes to “WHITE HONOR.”

Based on the historic book initially released online for free back in 2014, this “WHITE HONOR: Meriwether Lewis P.O.V.” is the first in a planned series of films inspired by the book. This first epic and the next two are slated to vividly flesh out the elite-jew network of infestation in early America’s military and subsequent CONstitutional government.

Brilliantly directed by George W. Clark, this passionate “P.O.V.” opens with the incomparable Meriwether Lewis’s triumphant — yet personally humble — return from his successful mission of Exploration to the Pacific. Simultaneously, crypto-jew Aaron Burr’s traitorous scheme (with Gen. James Wilkinson) has been exposed by Thomas Jefferson, and the former vice president is on the run. Despite family urgencies and post-Exploration duties, Meriwether Lewis is called back to service by Jefferson in this national crisis.

Today, thanks to recent revelations from White historical documents we liberated from the enemy jews’ secret underground archive in their Kehillah headquarters in what was New York City, the “network of treason” first exposed in the original WHITE HONOR’s historic online publication has been confirmed. Also, that trove of truth helped to expand and enrich this William Anderson screenplay to a new pinnacle in circa-1800 American drama.

Despite their ignorance of jewry as a race committed to causing total White genocide (believing jewry a “mere” religious association), Jefferson and Lewis scored partial victories because of their inherent White Honor in a pivotal era so soon after the jews’ 1787 overthrow of the original USA and the 1789 installment of the CONstitutional USA. A special joy will infuse many viewers of this landmark film without quite realizing why. That is, it will be the first time in their lives to see White actors — rather than anti-humans — playing these great Whites of history. Finally.


* Why 12? With knowledge comes duty — most welcome and enjoyable duty. Knowing that our megalith-building ancestors incorporated important numbers and knowledge systems within their monuments, such as The Great Pyramid’s basic inch (and PI, and other key units of weights and measures, and more), we eschew the jew-contrived “Metric System” and its love of the simple “10.” Twelve is our dozen. Twelve is our number of inches in a foot. Twelve is our number of months in a year. If not 12, I would have chosen 9, for what an amazing product and sum it is!

** “If and when.” “If” we had already achieved White Victory, then we would already have such movies. “When” we do achieve White Victory, we will have such movies, all serving capital “T” Truth and the maintenance and improvement of our great White race.

By James Laffrey
Whites Will Win.