Don’t ‘Fight’: Just Kill.

Each kill is absolute, undeniable progress.

Each kill is absolute, undeniable progress.

“It’s not enough to be right. We must fight.”

That’s a good slogan. And I have used it many times. But it occurs to me that it’s not quite right in regard to my advice.

“Fight” suggests engaging in a two-way battle in which the good guy may take some nasty hits as he “fights” the jew or other invader. This notion could deter our smaller or physically weaker potential heroes. Thus, my fellow Whites, perish the thought of “fighting”! There’s no need for it.

  • My advice is not to “fight.”
  • My advice is to not take any hits from any enemies.
  • My advice is to simply kill them.

We strike without warning. We strike, preferably, with the element of surprise totally on our side.

We strike to kill in one blow, or at most in two blows.

For example, from behind, we strike the neck with an edge-of-hand blow to stun the target, and then we apply the arm around the neck and break the neck or wait for the strangle to reach finality. No “fight.” And no loud noise, and no bloody mess. Safe, ruthless efficiency. In some cases, we may choose to forgo the first strike. However, our big, powerful heroes may find that they can kill with that first strike to the neck. For the rest of us, we simply choose targets of equal or smaller size. (See this linked article for details on this technique for any White adult to use with success.)

Or, when we use a weapon, such as a gun, we prefer to apply the lead to the head. Quick, efficient.

Likewise, when we choose a tool, such as an appropriate screwdriver, the first strike should kill so that there will be no shout-out, no “fight,” no mess.

And don’t forget easily applied “accidents,” such as long falls, flips off of bridges, shoves in front of trucks, buses, or trains. No “fighting.” No muss, no fuss.

For our budding heroes, I recommend reading “Go On A Dry Run,” and then see “THE BEST” and other articles of advice linked at the bottom of this website.

Hundreds of our fellow Whites are raped and murdered every day by the jews and other invaders. Most of those enemies get away with it. We are the heroes who will reverse all of that. With a noticeable number of deaths, all nonWhites will get the message that we Whites are taking our country back. Most who can will flee. Most others will cower. And we will mop up.

Whites Will Win.

Go On A Dry Run

Go On A Dry Run

Let this be for fun. Let this be for recon. Let this be for training. Let this be for final preparation. Whatever you like.

1. Choose a location where you would hope to find the opportunities that would fit your chosen method.

For example, if you need to find a jew or other invader alone in order to apply your intended final solution, then choose a location likely to offer that opportunity. (Particular restrooms, parking lots, offices, shops, parks, beaches, tourist spots — during a slow time, most likely.)

2. Dress the part. Wear clothing and adopt a demeanor that shows you fit in yet are not at all conspicuous.

For example, on a college campus, you want to look like you could be a student, or a teacher/professor, or an administrator, or other.

3. Choose how to go there, and then go there.

Probably you won’t use your own vehicle, if you own one. If you use your own vehicle, park it at some distance where it will never be associated with your intended action site. Does your car have GPS? Disable the GPS unit, or don’t use that car. This is a dry run, so you might think it’s ok to carry your cell phone, but on a heroic deed you would not carry any such thing. (Although you might want to carry a phone with its vitals removed just as a prop.)

4. You are there. Even though it’s a dry run, you likely will feel a rush because of only the thoughts in your head! This is fun. Enjoy it. Evidence strongly suggests that only White people produce such emotions even when we have no intention of doing what we’re thinking.

5. Behave like you know the place and all is routine. Head-swivelling attracts attention, so don’t do it. Mostly, move your eyes, not your head. (An exception would be if you are playing a character, such as a visitor who needs directions.)

6. Go to your chosen spot or spots. Likely, you will just pass through, or otherwise pause for only an appropriate time.

7. Do you see any suitable enemy targets? If yes, good. If not, then use anybody as a stand-in. Imagine yourself closing the distance and applying your chosen method. Enjoy the fact of how quickly and cleanly this can be done — preferably just seconds, or up to two minutes maximum. Your heart will be pumping more strongly just thinking about it! Enjoy it. This shows that your mind and body rise to the occasion — even when only imagining it! Of course, with practice and focus, this will become a smooth and confident surge of controlled energy.

Consider a few things. Would you reappropriate the enemy’s cash? Would you be leaving fingerprints anywhere? (If so, plan for gloves, or don’t place your prints on any surfaces.) Any security cameras? (Maybe that matters, maybe it doesn’t. Simply don’t give them any full, close-up view of your unadorned face or of any unique clothing or jewelry.) Did a witness happen by? (Decide how you would avoid or eliminate that.)

8. Depart the scene. Walk like nothing happened but the same old same old. This is easier said than done the first time, but it quickly becomes a secret delight. Today, it doesn’t matter because this is a dry run.

You might choose to go out a different way than you came in. You might choose to change your appearance so that you seem to be a different person going out (perhaps a reversible jacket; or take off the outerwear and carry it inconspicuously; or other simple misleader). You might change your walking style or posture until you are sufficiently far from the scene, at which point you may return to normal while not being observed doing so.

9. You are driving away, or riding a bus, or you were picked up by a pre-arranged and totally trustworthy driver, and you feel great! That was fun!

By the way, almost certainly, that location is burned, so don’t go there again. Meanwhile, you didn’t leave any evidence that could prove exactly you were there, right? Bask in your complete success.

Imagine how you would feel if you had just reduced the jew or other invader population by one, or more. Yes, that’s pride, that’s heroism.

Next time, make it real.

Join our silent White Heroes. Earn White Honor.

We are making history.

We Whites Will Win.

How To Kill jews: A Military Manual’s Instructions

Foreword, added in 2016: The advice below is for silent killing with no blood or other mess. It is advice best for our beefy heroes. Otherwise, guns ought to be Number One on our list of weapons. See the Guns article. Be creative, be smart, be covert, tell no one.

How To Kill jews

A Military Manual’s Instructions

For Every Able White Man

Note: The quoted military publication does not specify the enemy. Why not? Because the government is always changing the enemy, which if you’ll notice, never includes jews. In WW2, the government told our fathers and grandfathers to kill other Whites, especially German Whites. And then Japanese (of the Mongoloid “Asian” race). And then Koreans. And then Vietnamese. And Africans (the Negroid race). And Arabs. Now, the government is training “our” military to prepare to kill “homegrown terrorists” — which is a code term meaning the best Whites of the USA, us. Only the jews — every group in the entire race of jews — have avoided being named the enemy of the U.S. military.

Note: The U.S. government was allied with the jews’ Soviet Union during WW2. Later, the U.S. government and jewsmedia “named” the Soviet Union as an enemy. It was a sham. The Cold War was a sham. If you’ll recall, the U.S. military didn’t kill any of them. And the Soviet Union supposedly crumbled all by itself and swore off Communism (another jew invention), yet jews stayed in control in every former Soviet country. And now, after Vladimir Putin was an international darling in the jewsmedia, the jews have decided to pretend that Putin is an enemy. Another sham. Same old game. Same old murderous, anti-White game.

Yes, Trotsky, Roosevelt, Freud, Einstein, Kissinger, Marx, Ben-Gurion, Sharon, Netanyahu and the whole citizenry of Israel; and Foxman, Perlman, Goldman, Sachs, Sassoon, Schiff, Warburg, Rothschild, Kristol, Chertoff, Albright, Bronfman, Bloomberg, Bono, Dylan, Emanuel, Kerry, Sarkozy, Hollande, Ginsburg, Kagan, Bader, Spader, Spielberg, Silverstein, Krugman, Simon, Sorkin, Stern, Yellen, etc. — the entire race, and only that race, jewry, has avoided being the named enemies of the U.S. military. How obvious.

Necessary Free Speech is naming the enemy and urging the solution — especially if we disagree with who the government tells us to kill.


A need exists to further instruct and inspire our fellow White men who hesitate because of uncertainty and lack of confidence.

I have offered many ideas toward that need. At the same time, I left some specifics for each man to find for himself. I have even provided links, but the essentials are sometimes buried in links within links.

For example, on the following information of high utility is somewhat buried. I now bring it to the fore.

Every able-bodied White man will immediately see the value in this information and know how easily and effectively he can employ it.

Kill Or Get Killed, Pt 1” (linked below) is the name of the publication in pdf form. When we open the pdf, we see that it was published by the U.S. Marine Corps, and inside it tells us that much of the info was first published during WW2. Here is an image from the top of page one:


Now, we are not interested in “combat.” And we are not interested in “disarming the enemy” nor in “handling of prisoners.”

We are interested in the quickest, surest, quitest ways to incapacitate and kill our enemies infesting our towns, cities, states, and country.

Therefore, I present here only those.

(Anyone who feels the need to round out their knowledge on the secondary topics may, of course, go to and download a free copy of the pdf. This is a direct link and will open the pdf. In fact, I recommend reading the entire pdf first, and then going back through and selecting the few moves that are right for you — which likely will be exactly these that I present here.)

Chapter 2 is titled “Offensive Unarmed Combat.” That’s what we want.



What could be simpler and sweeter than the above combination of a stunning karate chop to the back or side of the neck followed by the quick arm-around and breaking of the neck. All of the advantages are here. No cry out in pain that might alert others. No struggle. No blood. Quick. No weapons. No evidence.

Here are excerpts of text describing those simple moves. First, the hand blow:


And here, the neck-break:


Now, if your target is sitting and you can walk behind:


A delight.

Now, boost your confidence by knowing a superb defensive action in case of need — for example, against Negroids who you may desire to disable but not necessarily kill. The Kick To The Knee. Keep in mind, this will be noisy, as the target will shout in pain. The kill comes with the follow-up move, which is a stomp on the windpipe to crush it. Or first a kick to the neck/head to stun the target before the final kill move.



Obviously, the Knee Kick can also be an offensive opening move (though noisy).

These are very simple actions. Be sure to practice them in secret to enhance your strength and hone your accuracy with hand and foot. Think about where your intended target(s) will be: standing at a urinal, or standing at a car door, or sitting on a park bench, or sitting at a desk, or other. For practice, use a soft piece of furniture and/or a pillow against something at the appropriate height. Be careful: Don’t injure yourself while practicing!

Confidence will come quickly.

For added confidence, you might have a backup at the ready. Perhaps a weapon. Or, if you are one of the luckiest among us, you have a totally trustworthy partner. But remember: If you know very well a small set of moves, you don’t need a weapon nor partner. For example, a quick backup move if the target faces you: the chin jab to almost-silently stun him/her; or a quick strike to the eyes (though noisy). Then break the neck, or do a take-down and stomp the windpipe.


For the Chin Jab, strike with the heel of the palm. It’s a quick thrust with whatever power you have up and in at the chin.

Again, it’s a good idea to read the entire pdf first, then go back and review the exact moves that best fit what you can and will do.

Simplicity is best.

If you have time, take cash as an extra reward or as needed income. (If so, don’t leave fingerprints; likely wear very thin gloves). Take no evidence. Leave no evidence. Tell no one. Enjoy the pride. Know that you have joined the ranks of our heroes. Our White wave will grow.

In conclusion, let’s enjoy two choice excerpts from the publication’s introduction:

Do unto jews before they do unto you.

Begin with easy targets. Be stealthy. Be efficient. Tell no one. Feel the pride. For further advice, such as simple elements of disguise, see articles linked at the bottom of this site.

Whites Will Win.

No Weapon? No Problem

No Weapon? No Problem

one.downPrevious related articles:

Update: Be sure to see the latest in this series, THE BEST: How to Kill jews, per a Military Manual.

Forget the “fighting” and killing methods that tv and movies have taught us. That’s entertainment, and we know who owns it.

Let’s say you have no weapons, you don’t want to buy any weapons, and you don’t want to carry any weapons because just maybe the police will catch you carrying.

Fine. Previously, I have listed many tools that can be effective killers in our hands, such as a little jump-rope, a guitar cable, or the like. A sharp screwdriver, applied to the brain or heart. A syringe, perhaps filled with bleach, applied to the temple while a jew is standing at a urinal.

But those are weapons, you say?


Empty-handed, here’s what anybody can do:

Face to face, what’s the quickest way to disable someone and prevent that someone from being able to attack you? The eyes. With no warning whatsoever, you thrust your two strongest fingers into the eyes of an enemy. You want him or her blinded instantly. If you are strong, though it is not necessary, you thrust all the way in and pull out the eyeballs. That’s a joy, but is not necessary.

Two cautions: This is noisy compared to THE BEST article linked above because the enemy will shout in pain from the eyes jab. This is more of a self-defense option instead of a stealthy attack option.

So, you jab the eyes. Then, you trip and push the enemy to the ground or into a brick wall. If the enemy isn’t sufficiently stunned by that, you bash the enemy’s head on the floor or pavement. You simply want the enemy to hold still long enough for you to easily finish him or her off.

How to finish him or her off? Just stand on the enemy’s neck for a minute — two minutes to be certain. Done.

Or if you are concerned about leaving a shoe print on the enemy’s neck, then use your hands to pinch the nose and cover the mouth for a minute. Hold on during the squirming to breathe — that’s if the enemy is not quite unconscious. Done.

Simple as A, B, C. One, Two, Three.

  1. Jab eyes,
  2. bash head,
  3. stop breath.


Maybe you don’t want to get any of the enemy’s DNA under your two main fingernails. Fine. Use gloves. (Not thick, soft gloves; remember your purpose.) Otherwise, you need a tool.

Also, if the enemy is wearing glasses, you need a tool. How about a spray can? I have read that the police don’t want us to have pepper spray, mace, whatever. Why? Because these tools are effective, and the jews and their accomplices don’t want us Whites to have effective, legal, easy-to-carry, easy-to-use tools for self-defense, and especially not for offense.

No problem. If you like spray, how about a can of anti-roach pesticide. If you like squirt, how about a can of anti-wasp pesticide, which shoots a stream? The squirt is especially good at getting behind glasses. And then you follow steps two and three, above, to finish off the enemy.

You see? Just apply a little thought, a little planning, and you will arrive at techniques that are right for you in your chosen situations, and you will minimize noise, minimize the time factor, and maximize effectiveness.

Remember, if you buy anything for these purposes, buy with cash, buy where the sellers don’t know you, and keep your fingerprints off of anything that you might leave behind.

Whites Are Rising.

Whites Will Win.

The white "W" is for "Whites." We are the White race. The red "W" is for "Will." We have the will. The blue "W" is for "Win." Whites Will Win.