Top Five: What’s Wrong With The NRA

nra.logo.1871The National Rifle Association (NRA) is an old and wealthy organization described by NRA leaders as the defender of Americans’ Second Amendment rights — most especially to “keep and bear arms.”

Though there is much I would like to say about the NRA’s wealth, claims, activities, leaders, and publications, let’s proceed immediately to the Top Five Wrongs With The NRA.

Number 5:

They’re race-blind. They’re multi-culties. What does that really mean? The organization is, deceitfully, anti-White. Here is just one example of the proof: Each monthly issue of the NRA’s popular “American Rifleman” magazine includes about five mini articles on U.S. gun owners successfully defending themselves with their guns against attackers. All of the articles are devoid of race identifications, thus covering up the fact that Africans (wrongly allowed to reside in the USA as “African Americans”) are usually the attackers, home-invaders, armed robbers, rapists, etc. Instead of the NRA pretending that the Obsolete Farm Tools are “equal” to Whites, the organization should be including the racial facts to make clear that we Whites are, by far, the honest law-abiders and that the Africans belong in Africa, not here. (Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, on this point, agreed.)

Number 4:

The NRA promotes Hollywood tv and movies along with glorifying the celebrities of that mind-poison industry. Of course, we know who owns Hollywood, as they, themselves, have admitted. Yes, the jews. The original Warner brothers were jews, as were Goldwyn and Mayer, and the rest of them who the jews have told us since we were born that we should worship. In fact, they were criminals who stole technology from our great White inventor Thomas Edison and who established their motion-picture companies for the purposes of lying to us for their racial benefit and our racial destruction.

Number 3:

The NRA promotes the corporate music industry and glorifies the celebrities of that mind-poison industry. Yes, that’s the same description as above for Hollywood. Same ownership, jews. Same purposes. Those “stars” of music, tv, and movies are not Whites. They are jews, most of whom are crypto-jews (which means “secret jews”) because they never say they are jews, which is because they want us to assume that they are Whites. (See this link, same as above, to Wake Up To Crypto-jews.)

Let me say it right here: Whites do not control any major and vital institution in our own White-founded White-built country. The jews used to cry about monopolies, remember? Oil, sports leagues, etc. That was long ago. Now, the jews never cry about monopolies. Why? Because they own them. A White-founded White-built country should have Whites controlling every major institution and industry. Likewise, Japanese should control every major institution and industry in Japan. Likewise, Arabs in Arabia. Right? Right. But we have jews controlling ours.

Number 2:

The NRA does nothing against the state governments requiring us to buy our right to bear arms. For example, in Tennessee (where I am at this time), it costs more than 100 dollars to buy the right to carry a gun on your person (no matter whether open or concealed). If we have to buy it, it’s not a right. Instead, the jews infesting our government have made it an expensive privilege that must be bought, and it gets the buyers on the governments’ lists of gun owners. When they decide to confiscate guns, they will have the names and addresses of all of the buyers of the “right” to carry. Remember: The Second Amendment says we have the “right” to “keep and bear” arms. “Bear” means “carry with us wherever we go.” Do we really have that “right”? No. Many places are designated exceptions. Furthermore, many arms are outlawed — so as to keep us weakly armed compared with the government — and bearing our gun across certain state lines in our own country makes us government-manufactured criminals.

Number 1:

The NRA leadership is infested with jews pretending to be Whites. Thus, they never identify the true enemy on whom we should set our sights.

Example: Look at the profile of NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

NRA guy

Longtime NRA leader Wayne LaPierre, a crypto-jew

Except for the jutting bottom of the chin, that’s a rat face. Dramatically slanted forehead. Prognathism (nasal structure protrudes forward of the rest of the face). That’s an easily identified jew. Crypto-jews don’t expose themselves, so we must add up the evidence and decide for ourselves. A position of wealth/fame/power is clue number one. Physical features provide clues. Actions provide clues. Names often provide clues. The NRA’s LaPierre is an easy call.

Allan D. Cors (NRA site blurb) is the NRA’s recently elected president. Is he a jew?


NRA president Allan Cors

NRA president Allan Cors

Physically, I don’t see any significant jew clues. Since the jew race began with racially-mixed DNA, which they have stabilized over the last few thousand years, they often produce jews whose pieces of White DNA give them the appearance of being White. Cors has a White facial appearance. His name has odd spellings, but it doesn’t ring any bells for me. So, we must proceed to his positions and his deeds. The October 2015 issue of the NRA’s “American Rifleman” magazine offers a bio on Cors. His career path stinks of jew. Since they don’t mention if he served in the military, he probably didn’t. In the 1960s as a young attorney, he was minority counsel to the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. Now, here’s a quote from the magazine, page 71:

“Cors … helped bring about the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 — two of the most important pieces of legislation for freedom in the past century.”

Of course, it was the jews who dreamed up the label “civil rights” for what deserved to be called “simian rights.” The Negroids are a low-IQ, violence-prone race closer to their cousin simian apes than to us and who never deserved to have residence in our country let alone citizen rights. But the jews (who owned and operated the African slave trade, not Whites), in their neverending race war against us, launched the countrywide campaign to elevate that lowest of humanoids into position to displace us, to rob and kill us, to rape and race-mix with us, all in order to help wipe out our race. The NRA’s Cors had a high position in it, thus giving us a major clue toward him being a crypto-jew.

In the magazine article quoted above, Cors actually equates “freedom issues” for the Negroids with “freedom issues for all of us.” Instead of being embarrassed by what he did when he was young (such as I am somewhat embarrassed by having been a journalist for a daily newspaper in service of the jew agenda), he says he is “proud to have been part of it in 1964 when the Civil Rights Act was passed.”

The bio doesn’t say how Cors became wealthy, if he wasn’t born into it. But the blurb linked above says he “was a senior vice president with Corning, Inc., where he directed the company’s government affairs programs worldwide.”

So, on top of the jew-infested Congress employing him in a high-paid position in the 1960s, he was given a high position in a major international corporation. And now, the jew-infested leadership of the NRA seats him as president. That’s a jew. When jews hold the reins of an organization, company, or institution, they do not give positions of control or wealth or fame to White men. Case closed. Cors is a crypto-jew.

Our guns, our veterans

As I said above in Number 2, the NRA doesn’t fight the states forcing us to buy our right to bear our arms. Do you know about how many people have bought carry permits in the U.S.? The current number of permit holders, according to the NRA magazine quoted above, is near 12.8 million. Most of those are surely Whites who are the supreme law-abiders — ignorantly so, gullibly so. (That’s not meant harshly. I, myself, was so very ignorant and gullible as recently as eight years ago.) Those fellow Whites agreed to help the jews drain them of their money and to get onto government lists of active gun owners. You know, the crypto-jew president Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated gold from Americans, and that was without lists of gold owners. Government confiscation of guns will be made a bit easier with all those names and addresses.

A couple more laws that stick in my craw and that the NRA doesn’t fight are the following, which are mentioned in the NRA’s October 2015 magazine without any opposition. We can’t go to a different state and buy a gun in our own country. The penalty is five years in prison on each count. Also, we can’t remove the serial number from our own property — in this case, our gun. Again, the penalty is five years on each count. The jew-infested government is not content with criminalizing actual crime behavior. Those jews also criminalize our right of commerce and our right to personalize or otherwise modify our own belongings as we see fit.

The jews’ purposes, of course, are to limit our freedom and to maximize the jew-nation’s security. Yes, when they say “national security,” they are not talking about White American national security. They are talking about their own jew nation’s security. A “nation” is first and foremost a race or a major segment of a race. Our true nation is the White population of the USA. Our true larger nation is our White population around the world. The jews like to mis-use and mix up terms such as “nation” and “country” in order to help keep most of our White nation confused and duped into letting the jews continue to live and to rule over us.


Speaking of dupes, let us now expand a bit on another wrong with the NRA. The NRA pretends to support our veterans, and in a limited sense they do support our veterans. But that is done as an investment of a dollar in order to reap a windfall profit. The NRA uses their publications and programs to repeat the jews’ lies about past and current wars, about who our supposed enemies have been, and who were the villains and victims of history.

For example, their magazines constantly describe guns and gunmakers in history, which gives them the hooks on which to hang their repeated lies about the people in other countries who actually were only defending their own land against the jew-USA’s invading forces. Yes, I am talking about the jews calling Afghan people in Afghanistan “our enemies,” and calling Vietnamese people in Vietnam “our enemies,” and calling German people anywhere at any time “our enemies.” Most egregious, that last one. Why? Because Germans have been the most honorable and admirable nation among our worldwide White nation for at least the last 100 years.

Yes, especially Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party, and the entire great German population who were the most inventive, honest, fair, productive, and happy population of Whites on this planet. One of the most massive crimes of theft in history was the theft at the end of WW2 by the jew “Allies” (the USA, Britain, and Soviet Union) of the German treasure of scientific and technological discoveries and inventions.

As the great White general and American George Patton Jr. said right after the end of the war in Europe, we had fought the “wrong enemy.” Patton, who had done so much to kill so many of our brother Germans so efficiently, had awakened to the jew agenda. He realized what the Allies’ jew-infested leadership was doing, and he wrote to his wife to say he would return to the USA and tell the American people what was really going on. Before he could return, however, the jews assassinated him. That murder disguised as a traffic accident was yet another in a long line of assassinations by the jews to kill our best Whites, to maintain and expand jew control, and to advance the jews’ agenda against us and against all of humanity.

Most of our veterans remain duped.

But we are making progress.

A part of the Veterans Of Foreign Wars (VFW) in Michigan has just built a monument proclaiming the truth about Israel (the jew-only country) deliberately attacking our U.S.S. Liberty in 1967, killing dozens of our men and wounding dozens more. An article about that was recently published in a VFW magazine. That’s progress.

The jews fear more veterans waking up to the real enemy. Thus, the jews are trying to deny as many veterans as possible their right to keep and bear arms. The jew senator Dianne Feinstein from California suggested that all veterans — all veterans — must be suspected of having PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and thus be subject to disqualification from gun ownership.

The Other View

I have digressed a bit. This article is about the Wrongs Of The NRA. Before wrapping up, let’s air an anticipated opposing view.

“Without the NRA, the Second Amendment would have been shredded and flushed down the toilet by now!”

It’s easy to imagine some readers and commenters having thoughts similar to that one.

We must remember that one of the major jew tactics is to create the problem and then offer “the solution” to that problem.

In this case, the jews created the Constitution, which is the CONstitution. The first ten amendments, called “The Bill of Rights,” was added at the insistence of Whites who feared that the CONstitution would result in central government tyranny over the states and the people. Patrick Henry was one of the great Americans who refused to attend the secret convention that produced the CONstitution, and he spoke strongly and correctly against adoption of the CONstitution. The jews had to offer “safeguards” in order to get their Constitution adopted. However, they worded and punctuated the Second Amendment in a perverse way so as to enable future “interpretation” of its meaning.

In addition to that, the jews created the problem of our state governments working against White Americans. This is because the state governments also are infested with jews.

Furthermore, the jews created the immigration problem, thereby creating the presence of nonWhites committing every kind of insult, aggression, and crime against us Whites — thus making our right to keep and bear arms more vital than ever.

So, in response to the problem, the jews then offer “the solution,” which they control and limit so that the results will, overall, advance their agenda.

Proof: We have countrywide gun control laws. All of them came after the NRA was established. And in every state except one, we have to buy our “right” to conceal-carry an arm (Vermont being the exception).

Oh, the contradiction. We can’t buy a gun in any of the 49 states we don’t live in, but the government can buy and sell any kind of weapon anywhere in the world. We can’t own an automatic weapon, such as a Tommy gun (machine gun), but the government can arm itself with them for use against us.

And just like the jews were exempted from Prohibition (as Henry Ford pointed out almost a hundred years ago), you can bet that wealthy jews who collect guns own whatever they want while their fellow jews in government look the other way. NRA president Cors spent decades buying and amassing a huge collection of guns and even tanks — the full extent of which they will never admit to us.

You see, full knowledge of the jews’ race war against us includes knowing that the CONstitution shouldn’t exist in the first place, and the Second Amendment shouldn’t exist in the second place. Fully aware Whites would not want the CON, and would not need the Second Amendment. Some of the White Founding Fathers thought that basic White rights were so obvious that there was no need to write them down. They didn’t realize they were infiltrated by jews. The presence of jews made it necessary to write down all White rights.

Full knowledge, of course, requires the elimination of all jews.


The NRA is infested and led by jews.

The jew Vladimir Lenin said the best way to control the opposition is to lead the opposition. So, the jews founded and funded the NRA, the ACLU, the NAACP, etc. They put on quite a show, quite a tug-of-war, like tv reality shows — which are never real, of course. It’s all against us — to distract, dupe, displace, dispossess, impoverish, and outright kill us in order to wipe out our White race, which would end the only effective opposition to jewry fully controlling the entire world.

Always bear in mind: When the jews have control, then the jews skirmish against each other. (Example: The jews who like to own guns and plink and hunt are in opposition to the anti-gun jews.) But all jews remain forever and always united against us.

The real solution is stated very clearly by some of our best Whites and on this very site.

Heroism is required. See advice at the bottom of this site on how to maximize safety and anonymity while advancing our greatest cause: Saving and securing ourselves, our White race, and an always better future for White children.

Double Exposure

Some people need to be exposed to a piece of shocking truth more than once.

Apparently, I am one of those people!

During my last six years of intensive research and advancement in knowledge about history, the media, banking, race, and more, I have had many a “holy crap!” moment when I realized that I was reading a publication for the second time.

Most recently, that moment came when I was reading what commenters and I refer to as that “holey fuck! pdf.” The actual pdf link came from commenter “C” on my article related to ancient Troy.

  • The free book pdf, by Anatoly Fomenko titled “History: Fiction or Science?”, is at the top of the page at this link.

Surely, the first time I read it I quickly began to skim it because I rejected its main idea: major eras in what we call our recorded history, especially “ancient” history, were fabricated in the 16th and 17th Centuries (that’s around the year 1600).

But two sets of the book’s dramatic images had stuck with me.

  • One set is the photos exposing the deliberate deception-by-destruction done to the Acropolis in Greece in the 1800s.
  • The other set is a huge variety of images exposing Christianity (to put it succinctly).

I wasn’t ready, some years ago, for that book’s main idea. It was over my head. It’s like telling a political novice that the Democrats and Republicans in D.C. are actually working together against us. Wooosh! Over his head. It’s like telling a science illiterate that we’re going about 600 miles per hour just standing here. Woosh!

What does the image show?

What does the image show? It shows that the flow of the two narratives are nearly exact mirror images. Of course, names and dates were changed, and details were reworked or replaced. But the image shows that the supposedly older jew “history” was fashioned from the perhaps true Roman history, OR both of them were fashioned from a different template. You see, it’s easier and quicker to create a long piece of history if you just change one that already exists. Although, thanks to our White invention of computers, the liars are far more likely to get caught these days. For persuasion, or not, as to the worthiness of the authors’ methods and conclusions, I can only refer you to their book to get the full explanation. The link has already been given above.

We need double exposure. Is this true for everybody? I should re-phrase that question. Is this true for all of us Whites?

I guess not. But I guess it is true for most.

My need for double exposure (actually more than double in many cases) has a kind of double history.

First, I learned so well in college and universities — absorbing their toxicly corrupted curriculum — and I so voraciously read the big media that when I was exposed to an opposing idea from outside academe and media, I thought I was so smart that the idea couldn’t be true because I hadn’t been taught about it!

So, that was my first learned resistance to truthful mind-blowing ideas.

Second, after learning that we’ve been lied to our whole lives by all of the supposedly trustworthy sources (government, tv, newspapers, …), I learned to be properly skeptical of mind-blowing ideas no matter where they came from. On top of that, I learned to be most skeptical in regard to anything coming from jews or from anyone who thinks there is such a thing as an honest jew.

So, to cap off that subject, let me just say that I have read at least twice nearly everything linked on the WhiteSchool page of this site along with many books on which I have published reviews. And then there are other books and webpages that I have read twice but have not yet mentioned on this site.

“History repeats”

We tend to believe the idea that “history repeats itself,” right?

Is it true? Who wrote the old history and the new history that seems to be a repeat?

Does true history repeat? By this, I mean, does history that has been reported by Whites and checked by Whites and accepted by our best Whites repeat?

Well, that’s food for thought. But here are two reasons for the repetition of “history” we’ve been given, whether true or false:

  1. Episodes at different times in “history” seem to repeat because one or both of them are copies — with names, dates, and various aspects changed.
  2. Our race settles in a place and then relaxes and forgets, thus allowing the jews to rise again and again supported by their fictionalizations of history.

I think both of those reasons are true. The holey fuck! pdf “History: Fiction or Science?” is quite persuasive to me now, though not completely so. Here is my conclusion that I think fits their evidence but somewhat differs from their conclusion:

After united jewry destroyed nearly all of our White recorded history, there was a big hole to fill, and jewry attempted to fill it.

Yes, I know, there are at least three mind-blowing ideas in that one sentence! Remember, it took me six years (after the age of 50) to get here! One mind-blowing idea is “jewry.” Another is “united jewry.” Another is “jewry destroyed our history.” Another is, implied, “jewry wrote a new history, filled with lies, for us.”

One of those jew-written “histories” is the King James Version of the Bible. When was that fashioned and published? Around the year 1600.

The Bible always had been a deliberate mind-poison, a combination of real and imagined events, all fictionalized. The Bible and its purveyors emphasized fear and violence when the jews needed duped Whites to help jews destroy good White governments and the recorded history of the White race. By 1600, those goals had been accomplished, so the religion could be morphed into a “love” potion to keep the masses passive and not destroy the governments that jews had successfully infiltrated. The KJV was a re-contrivance, a reformulation, to better fit the post-Crusades strategy of the jews against the White race. Supposedly, originally, it all had been the “Word of God” recorded by “divinely inspired” scribes. But around the year 1600, that “God-directed book” needed to be fixed. Right? Right. It sure did need to be fixed. And it needs to be fixed now because it is now recognized as utterly self-contradictory and filled with falsehoods. So, why don’t they fix it again? We are all watching, that’s why. With our great inventions for mass communication, they wouldn’t get away with it. And big changes would make too many of their sheep realize that the Bible is an entirely human-written contrivance for the purpose of deceit.

But what about the “ancient manuscripts” we hear about?

There’s a big problem with almost everything called “ancient” by the liars in government, academia, and media. When were many “ancient manuscripts” discovered? Around the year 1600, give or take some decades. And then they said the manuscripts actually were copies, not originals. In nearly all cases, the originals were said to have been destroyed long previously. In other cases, we’re not allowed to even see the so-called originals, such as the claimed “Dead Sea Scrolls” that jews are withholding in Israel.

Therefore, why believe there ever were “originals”?

History repeats itself? Well, the jews certainly repeat themselves in history. They tell us to believe what the copies say and what their translations say while we have no access to originals. And the jews launched their entire “Holocaust” story while the bulk of the German documentation to prove or disprove the jews’ story was held, inaccessible to us, in the jew-controlled Soviet Union, and most of it is still held inaccessible to us by Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Putin is a secret jew, and yes, I know, the previous sentence contains mind-blowing ideas.

The jews know how our race forgets, and they know how thoroughly they have mis-educated us, mis-informed us, and mis-led us. So, they think they can get away with such blatant historical exercises as the following. (And they have gotten away with it, since nearly nobody knows about it.)

The Acropolis

The Acropolis is the famous hill in Greece. The Parthenon, among other things, is on the Acropolis.

Source: "History: Fiction or Science?"

Note: In each picture above, the Athena Nike temple is at right, with the white columns. Behind it is one of the “Ottoman” towers that were on the Acropolis, among other kinds of non “Greek” buildings. Below, we see the stripped Acropolis, where the only remaining buildings are those that fit the desired narrative.

This image is also from the book "History: Fiction or Science?"

This image is also from the book “History: Fiction or Science?” It is part of a series of photos of the changed Acropolis.

Looking at the Acropolis today is like looking at Disneyland. Fiction.

By the way, do you recall my identifying a crypto-jew from the late 1800s to early 1900s named Heinrich Schliemann? Here, let me repeat what I said in that previous article:

Heinrich Schliemann, jew

Heinrich Schliemann, jew

Heinrich Schliemann. This guy pretended to be a German man. His amazing career arc and life arc have “jew” written all over them, although open admission of that info does not appear in the and bios about him. I am not qualified to critique Homer’s work nor Iman Jacob Wilkens’ work (yet), but I am qualified to identify crypto-jews. Schliemann was a crypto-jew. Surprisingly, wikipedia’s bio is the better of the two because of its breadth and inclusion of what we clearly recognize as crimes by the scoundrel.

By the time Schliemann threw himself into what we now call archaeology, he had become wealthy by profiteering through monopolizing particular goods and by supplying war materiel — as jews do. This member of God’s Chosen Thieves even came to the USA and did a stint in California in the 1850s dealing in gold. Seizing upon the preliminary work of another man, in the early 1870s Schliemann dynamited, falsified, and declared a site as “ancient Troy” in what is now Turkey. And the jews in general have been calling him the “discoverer of ancient Troy” since then and continue to do so to this day. (Examples: Wikipedia, owned and operated by jews. The New York Times newspaper, owned and operated by jews since 1896.)

Well, jew Schliemann was also a major player in the destructive fictionalization of the Acropolis. The next image is a screenshot of a page from the same book as above.


An important note about Anatoly Fomenko and associates who wrote the book I have featured in this article is that the authors show some awareness of jewry but not enough. Thus, they do not say what we say:

Yes, all of these pieces fit the jew jigsaw puzzle of history. The big picture is clear. The falsifiers and destroyers are the jews.

In fairness to the authors, it may be that they know quite well about the anti-humans but withheld that knowledge as the authors are living in a country that still criminalizes criticism of the jews. Yep, that’s Russia, headquarters of the former Soviet Union where criticism of jews was punished by execution. As I said above, Vladimir Putin, current figurehead, is a crypto-jew.

My Necessary Adjustments

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” That’s a famous quote, common and often true. In regard to history, a little knowledge is not always dangerous, but it surely can be misleading.

I suppose I still possess only “a little” knowledge about history, despite my extensive reading and rereading and occasional writings about it. My current state of knowledge tells me to make some adjustments. Among them:

  1. I don’t believe “ancient” history. I observe it. I may like parts of it. But I am rightly and strongly skeptical about it all — the what, who, when, where, and how. A small example: You know how we’re told that so very many of the Roman statues were “copies” of “ancient Greek” statues? Well, I say to myself, maybe they weren’t copies at all.
  2. Herodotus. His name always stirred mixed feelings in me. Its root could be “hero,” or it could be “Herod.” And the fictionalizers could have added “dotus” or “otus” to make it sound “ancient Greek.” I still think my two articles based on my reading of the Herodotus book are useful but must be seen, now, in this article’s more learned light.

But on the Great Pyramids, no adjustment is necessary. They were built before any of what is called recorded history. Inside of them, no writings and no pictorial images of any kind were found. And remember: No mummies were in them. As far as we know, they stand clean of all recorded-history-nonsense, clean of superstition, clean of modern ignorances. They stand as monuments to our truly ancient ancestors’ great knowledge and abilities. And they stand to this day only because of our ancestors’ greatness in building such large and strong structures that the destroyers could not (yet) wipe them off the face of the Earth.


Double exposure. Many of us need to be exposed a second time, or more, to ideas that are the opposite of what we have been taught from birth. Example: They taught us jews are good and Adolf Hitler was evil. The opposite is the truth.

The jews — the enemy of all humanity — destroyed and recreated “history.” Books are full of fiction. The Acropolis is a Disneyland.


The jews are the falsifiers and the destroyers. They use other races as tools to help them destroy first and foremost our great White race. Even most members of our great race have been duped into being tools for the jews — as I was such a dupe when I worked for the Nashville Banner daily newspaper during the 1990s serving lies, serving distractions, serving the jew agenda.

Those jew crimes are crimes against humanity. They are reason enough to exterminate that mutant parasitic destructive race from our Earth. And then there are the mass-murders of millions upon millions of people that were all contrived and directed by jews — world wars, mass starvations, mass-raping-and-murdering. They, too, are reason enough to exterminate the anti-humans.

The jews are well on their way to the total genocide of our White race. If they succeed, there will be no more Honesty on this Earth, there will be no more Justice, no more Inventiveness, no more Progress, no more White Beauty.

We, as a race, have not yet begun to fight back!

But we, the few, have begun to fight back. Our silent White heroes will inspire a White Wave of rightful retaliation toward final White Victory.

Join us — safely, efficiently, and telling no one. See “THE BEST” article and other advice linked at the bottom of this website.


James T. Laffrey

Whites Will Win.

‘Citizenfour’ Starring Edward ‘Snowjob’ Snowden — Made By jews With A Cast Of jews But Nobody Says ‘jew’

The Citizenfour Movie Continues The Snowjob

Clue: The jews never glorify an actual White man as a hero. This movie, made by jews, full of jews, glorifies Snowden as a hero.

Clue: The jews never glorify an actual White man as a hero. This movie, made by jews, full of jews, glorifies Snowden as a hero.

For everybody who has no idea that “whistleblower” Edward Snowden is a jew, let me be the first to inform you: Snowden is a jew.

Regular visitors to this website know that exposing crypto-jews (which means “secret jews”) is one of the specialties of this site. For readers now who need a persuasive example of this specialty, I recommend a recent, extensive article: “FULLY Wake Up To Crypto-jews. Most if not all ‘bad elite Whites’ are Crypto-jews.”

I saw the movie Citizenfour by torrent file already. Seeing Snowden from all angles as he walks and talks, and listening to him talk, and knowing that he didn’t tell us anything important that we didn’t already know, and seeing him surrounded by jews and praised by jews and filmed by jews and protected by jews, there is only one logical conclusion for anyone with a healthy White brain and who is already wise to jewry: Snowden is a jew.

The same as previous “whistleblowers” given the big-glory treatment by the jewsmedia — such as Daniel Ellsberg and his “exposure” of the Pentagon Papers all orchestrated and controlled by jew Henry Kissinger — the Edward Snowden “exposure” of NSA activities is just another such controlled exposure.

The movie, Citizenfour, called a “documentary,” was made by jews and is full of jews and talks about massive crimes that were and are masterminded and directed by jews yet never utters the word “jew.”


The only one in the cast lineup above who might be a tough call as a jew is MacAskill of the Guardian jewsmedia of England. Well, wrap your head around the basic fact that top so-called “journalists” in the jewsmedia are jews. Poitras, above, is the jew director of the movie. Greenwald is the homo jew who Snowden actually asked for as the first “journalist” he wanted brought in for the “exposure” — this according to the movie. Appelbaum is an obvious jew who also looks like yet another homo jew.

We also see Snowden’s girlfriend in the movie, shown in full, glorious, jew-nose profile in the kitchen of a place apparently in Russia where Snowden was given “asylum” by crypto-jew Vladimir Putin. Her name is Lindsay Mills, and she obviously is a jew.

Can you imagine what would happen to Snowden’s family and girlfriend if Edward Snowjob were actually a White man? They would have been given the third degree, hounded and terrorized by the jewed government and jewsmedia — one of whose goals would have been to cause family members and loved ones to suffer such extreme stress as to induce heart attacks or other disabling or fatal afflictions. Such was the case with our great White researcher and writer Eustace Mullins. His parents were terrorized into their graves.

Another fact recognized by those of us at the top level of identifying jews is that movies are even full of jews in the background. Every actor or real-life person who gets a bit of face-time onscreen and who looks like a White person is actually a jew. Perhaps I should say “nearly” every such person, so that I will be safely correct. This is true for every movie I have seen — fiction films and supposed “documentaries” — during the last three years, at the height of my recognition of jews.

It goes beyond just supposed Whites in the movies, of course. Most of the nonWhites are jews, too. Here’s a shot from the movie:


Remember, this is from a movie called a documentary, so this is a shot of a room full of supposed journalists, along with whomever the jews decided to let in. I say to you that every person who perhaps looks White in that picture is actually a jew. I say that there is not a White person in that shot. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the Negroids are actually jews, too — as we know Pres. Obama is a jew (because his mother was a jew, not White) and we know jew Lenny Kravitz and his offspring and some of the jew Bronfman family and their offspring are black-looking jews.

Also, in the movie, while Snowden was in Hong Kong, we see a lawyer in the hotel room with Snowden. The lawyer speaks poor English, and he looks “Asian.” Almost certainly he is a jew, too. His name is a laugher its so jewy: Jonathan Man. Most readers probably didn’t know or care about the recent “umbrella” protests in Hong Kong, but they were led by young men who are crypto-jews posing as Chinese. (I did the research, though I don’t recall if I published that at the time. I have a large backlog of material, most of which I never have the time and facilities to publish.)

Also in the movie we see the crypto-jew Julian Assange of the jew-controlled WikiLeaks given some glorifying face-time.

Let me conclude my movie commentary with two points:

  1. As the movie poster shows, at the top of this article, Steven Soderbergh is a big-name Hollywood jew behind the funding and distribution of this piece of propaganda.
  2. The only way to stop, once and for all, the ongoing crimes against humanity committed by jewry especially against our White race is to kill them before they finish killing us. The jews make the wars, you know. And the jews concoct the poison vaccines and make it a crime to refuse them, you know. And the jews are instigating and allowing the low-IQ, violent Negroid race wrongly in the USA to beat, rape, and kill Whites. And the jews are forcing the nonWhite hordes of invaders called “immigrants” legal and illegal into our country to help finish the displacement, impoverishment, and genocide of our White race.
Who? Where? Read below, please.

That pile of bodies is not a pile of jews. They are White people who were firebombed in the city of Dresden during WW2. But the jews have used that photo (and many other such photos of Whites) to falsely claim that it is “evidence” of the “Holocaust” of jews of WW2. Why do the jews so blatantly lie? Because there was no holocaust of jews. Because the jews need to prop up their blatant holocaust hoax. Because the jews need to deceive us and misdirect us from the fact that jews deliberately started that war and deliberately mass-murdered tens of millions of Whites in Europe and White soldiers from the USA. The only way to stop the current wars and the next wars jewry has planned is to kill them first. Man up, or suffer the consequences. Be a White hero, or be a victim like one of those in that steaming photo.

A message from another writer about watching jew tv and jew movies

The following is a comment submitted by the admirable “Pat” and published on the website. It is important, and it is my pleasure to republish it here. It’s a copy-and-paste, in full:

Pat says:


Do you watch TV?

If you do – you’re brainwashed.

I see references to people having watched ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSBC, FOX, etc.


The most basic feature of thought control, mind control, psychological control and brainwashing is the control over what you see, hear and communicate.

This is what your TV EXPERIENCE does.

You’re the one who’s watching it. Nobody is grabbing your head and forcing you. You’re doing it.

ALL NETWORKS here are under the full control of people who don’t have your best interests in mind. But you knew that – right?

ALL NARRATIVES you see on TV are vetted by them.

If you watch – you’re thinking about what they said about this – that and everything else. That means that THEY are actually controlling what you’re thinking about – and how you’re thinking about it.


But you think that you can watch their billion dollar propaganda and “see right thought it” without being affected at all… that right?



Television is the electronic version of the Chinese Thought Reform and Reeducation Camp.

Would you voluntarily check yourself into a Chinese Thought Reform and Reeducation camp where they systematically break down your interpretation of reality?

If you watch their TV – that is exactly what you’re doing.

Even if you “just comment” on the latest ALLEGED school shooting, or ALLEGED police shooting, or ALLEGED “terrorist attack”…… are playing into their little game.


Don’t underestimate your opponent. Only stupid people do that. Stupid. “People who lose” do that.

Televised narratives are aimed at different groups at the same time. In polarized situations, there will always be one side who is “biased to believe” this vs another side that is “biased to believe that”. To get this thing going all you have to do is feed them a plausible story….and the idiots do the rest.

Sadly, there’s way too much of that going on.


This is called Reflexive Control. Look it up. Learn.

And stop watching their Sh*t.

If you’re not analyzing their “Propaganda” but find yourself commenting on the broadcast “Narrative”……you have already fallen for it.

Well said, Pat.

I analyze the propaganda, I expose it, and I arm fellow Whites to use this knowledge (and even the jews’ own propaganda) against the jews.

We must do to the jews what they have been doing against us. Of course, we Whites who are fully wise to the jews and know what must be done are a small — but growing — minority of our great race. Therefore, we know we must kill the jews carefully and covertly, for now.

For our fellow White MEN: Please see articles of advice linked at the bottom of this website, especially “The Best.”

We Whites Will Win.

FULLY Wake Up To Crypto-jews. Most if not all ‘bad elite Whites’ are Crypto-jews.

Note: “Crypto-jew” means “a secret jew; a jew who tries to prevent Whites, and other races, from knowing that he or she is a jew; in White-founded White-built countries, most jews pretend to be Whites.” Abundant evidence is below along with links to further proof.

Isn’t it tiresome to see members of our pro-White anti-jew movement blaming what they call “elite Whites” for being traitors who help the jews? For example, we still see slow learners saying that Bill Gates is a bad White even though I, and others, provided the jew evidence on him years ago.

Rule of Thumb: If jewsmedia, jewsbanks, and/or jewlywood are giving fame and fortune to somebody, that somebody is NOT WHITE.

Furthermore, we still see Whites talking about members of Congress as if any of them are Whites. Wake up, I say. And then we still see Whites talking about religion as if being jew”ish” is not a race but a religion. Israel, the jew-only country, bases jew citizenship only on DNA — race, blood, parentage. Nothing about religion. Fully wake up!

Photos and descriptions: the new tv show “Benched,” those two in the photo are jews. I have not seen the show, but it is surely populated with jews. See below. See the evidence.


Do you remember the HBO show “Entourage”? Cast, pictured above, all jews. Yes, only one of them by physical features is a tough call: the third from left. But investigation combined with the Rule of Thumb leaves no reasonable doubt.

Likewise, the cast of Seinfeld, and then Friends. All jews. See the pattern? That’s only the tip of the jewberg. CSI, NCIS, The Blacklist, etc., etc. All of the actors you might think are Whites are actually jews. So are all the “Arab” actors, and most if not all of the “Asian” actors, and most if not all of the “African-Americans.”

Stanley Ann Dunham and her anti-White offspring named Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Stanley Ann Dunham and her anti-White offspring named Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Stanley Ann Dunham, the mother of the person known as president Barack Obama, was not White, she was a jew. I have made that clear in my article “Obama Is A jew,” and in my book WHITE HONOR. When the jews can breed and promote a black jew into the presidency in the White House, you know that they have been breeding black jews for a long time, with many failures, many partial successes, and one all the way to the White House already.


“Who dat baby?” In the photo above, that baby is Lenny Kravitz, jew, son of jew Sydney Kravitz (left) and actress Roxie Roker, who is either of the Negroid race or a black jew already.


And there, above, is grown-up jew Lenny Kravitz, with jew Lisa Bonet, and their jew offspring Zoe Kravitz. They usually go around pretending to be “African-Americans” when, in fact, they are jews, serving the jew agenda, enriched by jewlywood and the jew-owned music industry, and doing their part to genocide our White race. Who needs more examples of black jews? I don’t. But for those who do –

The jew Edgar Bronfman Jr., of the jew Bronfman family who owns a gigantic conglomerate of media and alcohol industries, wed an apparent “black” woman in 1979. They gave birth to more black jews. And as jews often do, the famous son of a jew changed his name to better pretend to not be a jew:


Their given names, above, are Vanessa, Ben, and Hannah. Their are all jew Bronfmans. But Ben presents himself for deceitful and celebrity purposes under a different family name. Do you know it?

For the jew Bronfmans pictured above, their grandfather or great-grandfather jew named Edgar Bronfman Sr. pretended to be an “elite White” on the international jew stage:


Jacob Schiff, jew. He doesn't look very jewy, though. Thus, he was an effective crypto-jew. And he had children -- more jews. See below.

Jacob Schiff, jew. He doesn’t look very jewy, though. Thus, he was an effective crypto-jew. And he had children — more jews. See below.

Above, you see three jews, with Bronfman on the left and Soviet Union president Mikhail Gorbachev on the right. For readers who don’t yet know that the Soviet Union was a jew-created jew-operated murder machine, a beginning would be to know that the so-called “Russian” revolution, also known as the Bolshevik revolution, was a jew operation funded by jews mainly in New York City and London. Jacob Schiff was the key jew in NYC — look him up. And the Rothschilds, of course, the supreme jew financial family since the mid-to-late 1700s, have headquarters in London.

They, all of the above, are all enemy jews. As for the black jews, their skin, alone, is enough of a uniform to tell us they are anti-White.

It’s more important to be able to identify the jews pretending to be Whites. They are the ones who criminally tricked us into giving our White countries away and who are directing the genocide of our race.

But for entertainment and edification purposes, I would like to present one more pair of black jews. One from history and one from, appropriately, the “Blacklist.”


As you can see, the jew named Israel Zangwill, above, was on the cover of the jews’ Time magazine in 1923. He could have passed as a “black,” a member of the Negroid race, the African race, anywhere in the USA at that time, or now. Below, do we see perhaps a grandson of his?

Pictured above are Zangwill (left) and two photos of actor Ron C. Jones. Are they related? Yes, at least distantly. Are they directly related, as in grandfather and grandson? It doesn’t matter. Jones is probably a black jew. In the middle photo, Jones is in character as a doctor on the tv show “The Blacklist.” Yes, James Spader and all of the other supposedly White actors on that show are jews. With all of them, particular physical features combined with the Rule of Thumb leave no reasonable doubt.

How about a brief history tour of Hollywood?


Those four, above, are the actual jew “Warner Brothers.” Notice the variety among them. They are brothers, jew brothers, none of whom look very jewy. Based on only this photo, we can see that the jew brother second from right could most easily pretend to be White.

The Warner Brothers, and Goldwyn and Mayer, etc., were all jews. Historically, and as told in their racial rulebook The Talmud, the jews hate all other races, especially Whites. Why would the jews owning Hollywood give fame and fortune to any Whites? If they ever did, and I do say if, their reasons could have been the following: They didn’t have enough jew actors yet; they wanted some White beauties to rape; they wanted some White boys to rape. And that covers it.

There was a time when the jews nearly always chose their most White-looking jews to be the frontmen, the lead actors, the CEOs, the politicians. And the jewy-looking jews would fill the top roles behind the scenes, off camera. But now, because the jews got so emboldened by their massive success at duping us, they have many heinous-jew-looking jews up front! Who? Rahm Emanuel, who went from Congress, to chief of staff with Obama, to mayor of Chicago. Larry King was on CNN for ages. Ben Stein. Ben Bernanke. Jon Stewart and a few other nightly talk-show hosts. On and on.


Rod Serling, above, did a great job for his race as he masterminded the “Twilight Zone” tv series of anti-White mind poison (comparatively subtle in those days) that my family eagerly watched when I was a child in the 1960s. Yes, of course, Serling was a jew, at that time a very effective crypto-jew. Likewise, Edward R. Murrow.


And then came Star Trek in the 1960s, created by crypto-jew Gene Roddenberry. After his death, his relatively stupid and obvious jew widow did what she could to inadvertently destroy the Star Trek franchise of effective mind-poison against us “thinking Whites.” My father, two of my older brothers, and I were big fans of Star Trek. Why? It seemed that we had admirable characters who seemed to use intelligence to solve all problems. Now we know that Star Trek was very effective propaganda for race-mixing and the lie of “equality.” Meanwhile, Trek was a Distraction to keep us from spending any time actually learning any truth about the world. Are they all jews in that photo? I say, Yes. As I have said — and proved in other articles — the jews have been breeding Mongoloid-jews and Negroid-jews for a long time. And if the Warner Brothers could have White-looking members of the family way back when, then Hollywood could certainly have had White-looking jews playing “Mr. Scott” and “Dr. McCoy.” We know Shatner and Nimoy are jews. They were crypto-jews, but now they are open jews, still serving their race against all of us. They are still — wrongly — alive. nearly 50 years, jew William Shatner, above, has been on tv in series after series, and on talk show after talk show, working for jewry against us. They do it step by step, you know. Most Whites didn’t like Shatner’s kiss, on Star Trek, with the black “Uhuru” character. It was a step. Most children, like me, accepted it. So, my generation could be taken to the next poisonous step. Later, Shatner did “T J Hooker,” a stupid cop show I didn’t watch. Later, “Boston Legal,” on which the jews were far beyond interracial kissing and into full defense of homos, anti-guns, pushing the “Alzheimer’s” scam — which, if a true illness, probably afflicts jews, not Whites. And now, other shows are encouraging child sex and making light of adult sex with children. Step by step.

Break for nature, and for inspiration

Some of my fellow Whites may reach this point and gasp, “But Shatner and many other jews don’t LOOK LIKE jews. How can we ever recognize them and get rid of them?!”

The solution is to focus on what we can do, not on what we think we can’t do. Any healthy White person can learn to recognize the jewy jews. That is important. Look at pictures, and videos if available, of Larry King, the Seinfeld cast, the recent Federal Reserve chairmen Greenspan and Bernanke, and look at Rahm Emanuel, and more of the photos below. Quickly, any healthy White person will learn to recognize those kinds of jews both on tv and in local government, schools, lawyer offices, hospitals, etc., especially those with curly black hair and/or the infamous jew nose. That is very doable, and that is very important. After that, in time, your skills will further hone themselves. All of us Whites can do it, and we must.


Example: A history teacher in Florida right now. Is he a jew?

That history teacher, above, is Stephen Veliz. Is he a jew? Most readers probably think, “Maybe, but I don’t know.” The most obvious clues to consider are the hair (which would be curlier if not gelled), the bow tie, and the fact that he is a history teacher. I said “clues,” not “conclusions.” Now, let me add another fact. He gets articles published in the jewsmedia and he gives lectures pushing the Holocau$t. Can you make your conclusion yet? Veterans, such as myself, knew he was a jew based on the photo alone, even without a profile view. The facial package shouts “jew” though without any standout feature. We also notice the odd ear shape, especially the curve of the lobes as seen on many jews.

Right now, today, there are jews you can identify in the nearest university, big public school, or among administrators or doctors in your city or county hospital, and among your politicians. They are all enemy jews.

Now, as I’m not “preaching to the choir” today, I’d better return to more entertaining pictures.

Natalie Portman, actress, jew.

Natalie Portman, actress, jew.

Yeah, the female named Natalie Portman is just one of the best possible crypto-jews the enemy could put in movies against us. By visible physical features, I could not have identified her as a jew, so don’t let it bother you at all if you don’t see anything jewy about her. Funny thing, she’s an open jew. There are many other open jews among the famous, but most of our people never do a simple search to find those easily available and verified facts.

Family resemblances are especially instructive, I think. Let’s look at some.

Joshua Kelley (left) and three photos of Katherine Heigl. They're jews, of course.

Joshua Kelley (left) and three photos of Katherine Heigl. They’re jews, of course.

jews.charles-kelley.wife-cassie.bottle-blonde.eSo, you see Joshua Kelley, above, with Katherine Heigl. Kelley has a brother named Charles Kelley, seen in the photo at right with his bottle-blonde jew wife named Cassie. These jew brothers look very much alike. However, below I will present far different examples. Meanwhile, here, note that Katherine Heigl, who has a new tv show titled “State Of Affairs,” is a bottle-blonde jew, and depends on makeup, angle of view, and lighting for her fake “beauty.” Above, at right, her hair was closer to its natural color in the show “My Father The Hero.”

Three of the four pictures are of Mel Gibson, and one is of his brother Donal Regis Gibson.

Three of the four pictures are of Mel Gibson, and one is of his brother Donal Regis Gibson. Do you see a potential jew, or two, above?

Mel Gibson has a brother named Donal Regis Gibson. Both of their names are actually longer than I have given. Their long, full names give jew clues, especially the “Regis” of Donal Gibson. Donal Gibson, a not-famous actor, looks more jewy than his massively successful propagandizer brother, Mel. I know, I know, the jewsmedia like to make noise about Mel being “anti-semitic” because of a convenient rant or two. But Mel Gibson is still working and raking in the dough in Hollywood and other jew-movie-industry locations. He still acts when he wants to, but he has been producing movies and tv shows all along, hand in hand with jews. Similarly, do you remember when Charlie Sheen was chosen to make an “anti-semitic” outburst? Was he railroaded out of shoah bizness forever? If a successful White person is found to have merely written in an email “homo” or “damn jew” or “nigger,” the White person is run out of their job, their livelihood. But where is Charlie Sheen now? He’s up front again, basking in fame and wealth.

Dear readers, “anti-semitic” is a fraud, a scam, and a show that jews, themselves, use now and then to prop up their supposed “victimhood.” Occasionally, they spray-paint swastikas on their own buildings as part of the show. Don’t fall for it ever again. By the way, by definition, Arabs are semites, too. Thus, the jews are the ultimate anti-semites because jews have killed, and are still killing, more Arabs than anybody else ever has.


Those, above, are the Wahlberg family brothers and sister: Donnie (left), Alma, Paul, and Mark. Alma and Howie Mandel — oops, I mean Paul — are the most obvious jews. Donnie stars on the Jew Bloods — oh, I mean the Blue Bloods — with very effective crypto-jew Tom Sellick. My research finally turned up “Sellick” as an old jew name in American history. Anyway, Marky Mark Wahlberg is the one who looks and acts the least jewy and is the biggest star. By the way, they are all little runts, a common stature among the jew race.

Ben Geza Affleck and Casey Affleck, jews, brothers.

Ben Geza Affleck and Casey Affleck, jews, brothers.

Of the Affleck brothers, Casey was the more easily identifiable jew for me, even though he exhibits no single standout jewy feature. It’s the package. You only need to be sure about one jew in the family to then be sure that they are all jews.


That’s old actress Blythe Danner, above left, with her jew offspring Gwyneth Paltrow and Jacob Paltrow. Aside: For anybody familiar with names in the Bible’s Old Testament, that’s where jews have always loved to get names. Ben, Sam, Jacob, etc., etc. “Jake” is just another Jacob. “Jack” is very often just another Jacob. Notice, above, that brother Jacob looks far more jewy than his sister and mother. If we didn’t already know about them, Jacob probably could not fool us into thinking he’s a White man. But Gwyneth probably could. Blythe Danner fooled the older generation.


There’s a scum jew “Jake” for you, above. Jake and sister Maggie Gyllenhaal. Both would be difficult for novices to identify as jews. For me, on the street, Jake would be easy and Maggie difficult to immediately identify as jew.


The Baldwin brothers, above. If one is a jew, they are all jews. Do you see a jew? For me, Stephen is instantly and obviously a jew. His most outstanding clue is the mouth with those up-curved ends. Personally, I never could stand to look at any of these Baldwins, including the very successfully deceitful Alec. It took full race and jew awareness for me to fully realize why.


Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges, brothers, are pictured above with two other jews. The “two other jews” are obvious jews. Jeff (tallest, or least short, and bearded) had me fooled for a long time. But when I saw that jewy Beau was his blood brother, I knew. Beau has bred a lot of jews. He and his wife have named them Casey, Jordan, Dylan, Emily, and Ezekiel “Zeke” Bridges — all names commonly used by jews, with the latter four being historically common jew names. But you can bet that they all pretend to be Whites in public.

andy.larry-became-lana.wachowski-jews.eThose, above, are the Wachowski brothers. I kid you not. Andy is on the left. Larry is on the right. Larry underwent operations to make him into “Lana,” center. Another mental disorder is the sex-change, and it’s jews, not Whites, who do it, push it, and attempt to glamorize and normalize it. Notice that it might be difficult to identify Andy as a jew, but Larry/Lana is easy. The Wachowskis are jews. One or both of their parents were jews, and if these jews have children, the children are jews.

Let’s touch on the “elite,” shall we?


Those, above, are the parents of Bill Gates, Mr. Microsoft and international poison-vaccine pusher. Judging only by this photo, his father is a relatively easy I.D. as jew, but his mother is difficult. However, a little research on their past quickly turns up the fact of her jew banking family and other evidence. The conclusion is simple and solid.


Look at the two men pictured above. Does either look jewy? Does either look like somebody else you know? Both of them resemble others, to me. The one on the right reminds me of Robert Redford, who nearly everybody would still knee-jerkedly defend as White. Not me. Redford is a jew. And this man, on the right, is “elite” Robert Pruzan, a jew. On the left is his brother Jon Pruzan (another John with no “h,” an obvious jew thing), a Morgan Stanley banker.

Image credit:

Image credit:

Here we have, above, the “elite” Kagan family of Washington DC and Jew York, New York. All five in the image are jews, including the Nudel who married into the jew Kagan family. Only the Nudel would be difficult on the street to I.D. as a jew.

Although I have identified and exposed many others of politics, business, and media in DC and NYC in other articles (and my previous two websites), and although I could do that again here, I think I should continue on the “entertainment” side.


Who, above, is he? The jew Regis Philbin? No. Philbin’s brother? No. A famous actor, perhaps British? No. Mr. Shampoo? Yes! Vidal Sassoon, famous to a generation, including mine, as the seller of cherry fragrance “hair care” products. Vidal Sassoon is from the following family of jews:


Yes, indeed, that’s a jew Sassoon family, a long time ago, in Iran. Yes, Iran. Think about it. Also, in history, the Sassoon family was infamous as international financiers (casually, “bankers”), and they were instrumental in the opium doping of the Chinese population in the 1800s. At that time, there were still some Chinese leaders of China, and those Chinese leaders were not happy about the British jew Sassoons and their tribe hooking the Chinese on heroin and draining their scant money. So, there were the two “Opium Wars,” in which the Sassoons employed their British military, about which anyone can easily read by a quick web search. But remember, on jew sites, you will not get the full truth, and you will get lies. Wikipedia, for example, is owned and operated by jews, where they protect their crypto-jews and blame Whites for nearly all of the jews’ historical crimes.

On the left and right is Vidal Sassoon, young and old. He died in 2012. In the middle is his son Elan. They don't look very jewy, do they? Yet, jews they are, for sure.

On the left and right is Vidal Sassoon, young and old. He died in 2012. In the middle is his son Elan. They don’t look very jewy, do they? Yet, jews they are, for sure.

In the photo above, on the right, old Vidal reminds me of Henry Fonda, crypto-jew, father of “Hanoi Jane” Fonda who is still given wealth and fame in Hollywood.


Funny story. Sassoon adopted the Negroid on the left above, perhaps as an early yet common example of the jews trying to dupe Whites into race-mixing. (Now, we have the absurd jews Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with multiples.) Sassoon even gave the little Negroid the sacred jew name “David.” But being a common low-IQ violence-prone Negroid, the “equal” little David became a terror, and Vidal eventually shunned him, disowned him, and left him out of his will. The two females above are daughters of Vidal. One of them could fool us as “White,” couldn’t she? She won the lottery in what the mongrel jew DNA had to offer in terms of physical facial features. The other killed herself by narcotics — yet another example of the jews being the most mentally deranged race who often destroy themselves even when they are living in carefree luxury. A lot of actors have done that, recently Philip Seymour Hoffman, a jew, of course. A lot of teen and young-adult offspring of other wealthy jews do it, too, but they are not trumpeted by the jewsmedia.

Can you imagine what the jewsmedia would do to a successful White man who adopted and then rid himself of a piece of shit like “David Sassoon”? But jew Vidal got a pass. Of course.

Update, 3 Dec. 2014: Since I mentioned Brad Pitt above, here is a photo. Most people can't wrap their heads around Brad Pitt being a jew. But look at his younger brother, Doug, above left. The jew genes displayed.

Update, 3 Dec. 2014: Since I mentioned Brad Pitt above, here is a photo. Most people can’t wrap their heads around Brad Pitt being a jew. But look at his younger brother, Doug, above left. The jew genes displayed.



Who is he, above? What is his race? Is he Negroid? No. Is he a Mongoloid (Asian)? No. What’s left? Hybrids, such as the Arabs and Mestizos, and then the White race, and finally the mongrel-DNA jew race. Is he an Arab? I wouldn’t think so. Is he White? I would not think so, but I would not be sure. Is he a jew? Probably. Why “probably” a jew? Because he looks wealthy and probably somewhat famous, given the clothes combined with long hair and beard, and the prepared background for intended photos of those who come and go.

Let me give you some clues: His given name is David. His middle name is Mayer. That ought to be enough already. Conclusion: jew. Enemy jew. Case closed. Family name: Rothschild. And here are his direct bloodline kin of almost 200 years ago:


The five jew brothers, above, were the sons of a jew Rothschild (who had changed his name from Bauer) who trained and sent his sons to establish banks in five different European countries, and by secretly working together for jewry against the White people of every European country, the Rothschilds rose to become the Number One criminal jew banking family in the world, surpassing the Sassoons and the Oppenheimers, et al. According to those drawings or paintings, the Rothschilds didn’t look very jewy, did they? Thus, they rather easily duped the Whites of Germany, Austria, France, Italy, and England. Though some names have changed, they are related to most if not all of the following living jews:


In the top row, above, all still carry the family name Rothschild.

1) Jacob de Rothschild, in England. 2) His son Nathaniel. 3) John de Rothschild. 4) Evelyn de Rothschild. All are elite jews who are never written about by the jewsmedia without their consent and control.

Number 5 is David Rockefeller, the most successful crypto-jew of the jew bankers in the USA. Other famous crypto-jews in the family include Nelson Rockefeller (who got appointed to the vice presidency with dunce Gerald Ford as substitute president; both now dead), and “Jay” Rockefeller, currently in Congress.

Number 6 is Nathan Warburg, descended from the jew Warburg brothers Paul, Max, and Felix. Their heinous, anti-White, war-making, genociding history is too much to even begin here. They should have been killed by Whites in their day, as all of these jews listed and pictured here should be killed by us now. Our previous duped and derelict generations left the entire job to us. We must do what we can now.

Number 7: Henry Kissinger, an elite jew for decades in the White House and around the world.

Number 8: George Soros, crypto-jew billionaire, operating in the USA and around the world.

Number 9: Paul Volker/Volcker, elite jew, former chairman of the jews’ Federal Reserve Bank corporation and countrywide system of massive theft by banking.

Number 10: Larry Summers, elite jew who takes the “Democrat” side in the two-party scam of Democrats and Republicans. So, Summers was part of the Clinton and Obama groups. Kissinger and selected others have pretended to be “Republican” in the administrations of Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and the Bushes.

Number 11: Lloyd Blankfein, jew, a head of Goldman Sachs bank, a top international power in criminal jew “finance” putting companies and governments into debt that they can never get out of — unless the jews waive their debts, as the jews in the USA do for Israel, for example.

Number 12: Ben Bernanke (Benjamin Shalom Bernanke), jew, the most recent head of the Federal Reserve corporation before the current jewess Janet Yellen.

“Christian” White elite?


This one picture really is worth a thousand words, but I won’t do that to you. Do you recognize the very obvious and famous jew? Yes, that’s longtime mayor of Jew York City Ed Koch, in the sweater. And the man with Koch is — a White Christian? If a person looks White and claims to be a Christian, then the person must be White, eh? Very funny. But — but — but — he’s wearing the sacred garb! Yes, hilarious. That “Christian” pretended to be a White man during his entire career as a peddler of mind-poison, protector of pedophiles, and robber of the duped White Christian population’s money, time, efforts, and affections. That’s archbishop John Joseph O’Connor, also called cardinal O’Connor. Was he White, was he Irish? No. He was a jew. If you doubt me, look it up. The jew sources will try to minimize the exposure. Don’t fall for it. The woman at right above is the jew JJ O’Connor’s sister, Mary. She probably spent her life pretending 90 percent of the time to be White. Do you see any other jews in that photo? Yes, you do, though you may not realize it. The most obvious one is the runt jew, far left, in the black hat.

Comedians Work Just For Laughs?


Which one is not a jew in this image and the combo-image below? Above, their names are Peter Kaminsky, Kelly Carlin, Lewis Black, and Richard Belzer.

I continue the question: Which one is not a jew? There is only one non-jew. In this lower photo, who is that guy in the blue t-shirt on the left? That’s George Carlin, the famous comedian, now dead. In the first photo of the two above, the Kelly Carlin is the daughter of the comedian. At right, immediately above, is the cast of a George Carlin tv show. Two or three of them are still somewhat famous, right? They’re jews.

So, which one is not a jew? (Drum roll …………..) The dog.


Well, let’s slide from comedy back to elite and jewlywood. Above, how many different men do you see? How many jews? Answer: Two men. All jews. Which is John Kerry, the U.S. secretary of state? And which one is actor Jeff Daniels? Kerry is on the left. He was outed as a jew during the Clinton administration, as was Madeleine Albright, both of them lying about not having known they were jews. The other actor — Jeff Daniels — is in both the center photo and right photo. Currently, he stars in “The Newsroom,” an anti-White, anti-White-male, slick fiction pretending to teach about journalistic reality. This season, I monitored the first two episodes as free torrent files, and saw their attempts to prop up the jews’ lies about the false-flag Boston Marathon firecracker “bombings” and the ongoing charade of “whistle-blowers” covered by the big jewsmedia.

Both jews: Glen Greenwald, homo. Edward Snowden. I know, he doesn't "look like" a jew. Neither do some of the Sassoons, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. etc.

Both jews: Glen Greenwald, homo. Edward Snowden, on the right. I know, he doesn’t “look like” a jew. Neither do some of the Sassoons, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. etc.

Aside: Dear reader, dare I mention Edward Snowden? In a long line of crypto-jew sham “whistleblowers” from Daniel Ellsberg to today, Snowden was another jew Snow job. Every true part of what Snowden has said — and through the jew homo “journalist” Glen Greenwald — we knew already. The “exposure” was part damage control, part international Distraction, and all a game that the jews love to play.


More from “The Newsroom.” It’s main jew brain is the same jew who masterminded the “West Wing” about a decade ago, named Aaron Sorkin. (Note the name “Aaron” and all its homonyms, such as Arin, Aron, and Erin.) Little runt Martin “Sheen” (short for Sheenie, ha ha) was the most effective crypto-jew among the main cast of all jews. In the photo, Sam Waterston, above left, black eyebrows and all, has been an effective crypto-jew actor. Next to him is Daniels (a family name that is a first name, and it’s pluralized; jews do that a lot), and then an obvious jew whose name I don’t know, and then what is that on the right? That is the pretend-White wife of pretend-White Jeff Daniels. And they have children, who they raised in Michigan, serving to more deeply dupe the White population. My gosh, folks, as I have shown by photos, names, and personal details, even small places like Marquette, Michigan, and Crossville, Tennessee, are infested with jews. They are all enemy jews. They all serve jewry. They are all anti-White and anti- every other race. But only the White race has the intelligence and capability of ridding the planet of the jew scourge, which is why the jews still try to keep most of their population secret and desperately push their anti-White propaganda by every means public and private.


The Wikileaks scam operation. Public head of the show: Julian Assange, a crypto-jew. Why do the “leak” organizations never leak on the jews and expose jews? The answer is obvious.

Ok, let’s juice it up.

Surely, all adult Americans recognize the man in middle, above. Al Gore. Who’s the juicer on the left with the too-big mouth? That is one of Gore’s daughters, Karenna. She married the guy on the right. Do you remember the banker jew pictured far above who didn’t look jewy but who directly funded the jew revolution against the White leadership in Russia about 100 years ago? His name was Jacob Schiff. And here we have another Schiff, directly down the jew Schiff bloodline, named Andrew. Andrew Schiff married Karenna Gore. Now, “ignorant” rightly means “not knowing yet,” and “stupid” means “unable to know.” So, I say that the ignorant among us are still saying that the “elite White-traitor Gore family” married into the jew Schiff family. But I hope, after all of the above, my dear readers know better, or at least suspect better. Indeed, the Gores are surely crypto-jews. Sometimes a different photo, in the right light, reveals enough:


See the lizard-ish characteristic there? It is another useful clue to identifying many jews. Please don’t go crazy and buy into the David Icke nonsense about jews shape-shifting in and out of lizard form. That’s another “David” of Distraction, a jew operation to discredit our truly White truthtellers who are fully wise to the enemy jews. Tim Olyphant of the show “Justified” is another who, in the right light at a fortuitous angle as seen briefly on the show, has looked very lizard-ish.


Most of our Whites still don’t know that jews own the major sports leagues of the USA and Europe. They even have become so bold as to have obvious jews as the public-face commissioners and such. Anyway –.

Please excuse that painful site, above. What is it? Not Natalie Portman, eh. What does it have to do with sports? That thing is pictured at an NBA (basketball) Hall Of Fame event. Name: Nancy Lieberman. Yes, it was before the time of most NBA zombies today, but the jews actually put this chest-shooting jew into the NBA long ago. Speaking of sickening anti-White-man spectacles, the Harlem Globetrotters were (are they still in operation) a jew-owned, jew-directed sideshow — one of the endless parade of such anti-White Distractions keeping Americans busy arguing about anything but the vital truth.


Sarah Hughes, famous figure skater, jew, stands with a jew on her left and a jew on her right. The relatively stupid, former(?) alcoholic jew in the picture is George W. Bush, given two terms in the White House because the Bush family has so effectively kept their jewness secret. Our duped Whites who had/have hopes in the “Republicans” ignorantly defended this enemy of humanity.


Here, above, is the Jeb Bush family. “Jeb” is a brother of George W., and those brothers are the sons of George Herbert Walker Bush who was head of the CIA before he became vice president and then president of the USA. The Walker and Bush families go way back as bankers and politicians. Look at them in the photo above. Do you see any jews? My gosh, it’s obvious, isn’t it? The mongrel jew DNA spewed forth some of its infamous physical traits there. The jewy ones won’t be running for president, will they?


President Woodrow Wilson wasn’t the first president to help his jews promote mere ball games into Divisive Distractions against our race. The great Eustace Mullins long ago identified Wilson as a crypto-jew, and since Mullins had a record of being about 95 percent correct in his entire body of work, we ought to believe him. In fact, we have no good reason not to believe him in regard to Wilson. Not long after Wilson, along came the certain, heinous, mass-murdering jew named Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was given four terms in the White House. Yes, four terms. He died while reigning for his jews. Back to Wilson: How many jews do you see there with Wilson? Immediately and obviously, the two men inhabiting each armpit of Wilson are I.D.’d with certainty as jews.

jew-golfer-rory-mcilroySpectacle sports are infested with jews. Most infested are the games that are wrongly called “sports,” such as golf. Since the jew race in general detests physical labor, golf is one of their favorite “sports.” How can walking interrupted by a swing every ten minutes or so be called a sport? This article is already loooong, so I am not going to bother with lists and photos, but just to get you started: One of golf’s obvious jews currently slathered with praise is Rory McIlroy, a curly haired jewy jew. McIlroy is pictured, at right. That photo should make every White doubly desire to kill that jew. One, he’s an enemy jew. Two, if that woman is White, he is defiling a White woman. Unacceptable.


Is that a jew above? Look at the flip-out of the earlobes. Remember that in a photo far above? Otherwise, he might be difficult for most novices to identify as a jew. For veterans, the package is full of subtle clues, from the gel-tamed hair, to the nose-mouth area, and the educated anticipation that the mouth would stretch too wide in a full smile — wider than any Whites’ mouths do.

So, his name is Arthur Sulzberger Jr. He has descended in the family who owns and operates the New York Times, which was bought by his jew ancestor Adolph Ochs in 1896. The Jew York Times has been lying for jewry for 118 years, and counting. And nearly every single newspaper and tv station across the country has repeated for more than a century the “news” from the JewYorkTimes as if it’s all true and verified.

Of course, the JewYorkTimes has a Sports section.

More games. Deadly games.


For anyone who doesn’t yet know what the “ADL” in that photo, above, stands for, it’s the “Anti Defamation League.” It’s a jew organization that those invaders set up a century ago to pretend that jews are against the “defamation” of people. The reverse is true, as usual. The jews use the ADL to defame our entire White race and any member of any other race who speaks any truth about the jews. If you look at their website, you’ll see that what I have said is true. What they say and what they do are usually complete opposites.

Example: The jews say they are against “racism.” Actually, they are 100 percent in favor of racism — totally in favor of their own race. Worse, they are against all other races.

Example: The jews say they are against “hate.” Actually, they hate all of humanity outside the jew race, as their racial rulebook The Talmud and their Old Testament clearly show. Deuteronomy, anyone? Every lie they tell related to their Holocau$t hoax is a spew of hatred against all Germans of the White race. Every Hollywood production misleading people to think Whites are the villains of the home, the workplace, the stadium, the governments, the banks, and the world are spews of hatred against the entire White race. While nonWhites are encouraged to spew hate — and inflict violence — upon Whites, a mere utterance by Whites of “nigger” or “kike” gets our Whites run out of their jobs by the jews.

In that photo above, how many of those men do you recognize as jews? From left, they are Gary Ackerman, NY congressman; Abraham Foxman, longtime head of the jew ADL; Raymond Kelly, NY police commissioner; Rudolph Giuliani, former NYC mayor.

They are all jews.

Now, here’s another connection with the conveniently timed “Blue Bloods” tv propaganda starring jew Tom Selleck. Major, awful things done by crypto-jew Raymond Kelly as NYC police commissioner have been covered by the tv show, with Selleck’s commissioner character jew-justifying such crimes as internationalizing the NYC police. Yes, the JewYorkCity police work internationally, on a parallel with the FBI’s similar invasion of other countries. Meanwhile, Selleck’s character pretends to be an Irish man, which I suppose a jew with the name “Raymond Kelly” also pretends to be.

Who does not yet realize that all of jewry must be killed? Everything the jews do, from the local doctor to the teachers and politicians to Hollywood to bankers to Washington DC, they are all serving their race in their relentless drive to genocide our White race.

It should come as no surprise that the race with by far the highest rate of insanity and other mental scourges is also the race with by far the highest rate of homosexuals. The graphic above includes homos — again, not surprisingly pedophiles (rapists of children) — in the USA and little Britain. That’s just a whiff of the fact that it’s a problem in every jew-controlled White country. Various sites on my TruthfulSites pages have listed and pictures hundreds and thousands of them. Even in most small towns, people have heard of, or know, a homo pedophile, and they think the heinous pervert is a White man. WRONG. Almost certainly, the heinous pervert is a crypto-jew.


There is nothing new about jew homos on the Supreme Court of the United States. That thing pictured above is named Elena Kagan. Yes, jew homo U.S. Supreme Court “justice.” The first then-known jew to be put on the Supreme Court was Louis Dembitz Brandeis, appointed by the president throwing the baseball pictured above in this article. Yes, Woodrow Wilson, the same scum jew who lied his way into office saying he would not send Americans to fight and die in a European war; the same scum jew who sent Americans to kill our best fellow Whites across the ocean in WW1; the same scum jew who signed the first of the jews’ Federal Reserve Acts giving control of the entire U.S. money system to the jews. “elite,” eh? That’s the pope, calling himself “Pope Francis,” above left, with Henry Eyring, president of the Mormons. Which one is a jew?

Yeah, that was a bit of a trick question. No matter which one you picked, you are right. They are both jews. Have you read the easily found truth about how the Mormon religion was founded? No White man was nor is capable of such an absurd, monstrously stupid hoax. And no White-founded religion would be enshrined and protected by the jewsmedia and jewed government as the Mormon corporation has.


I hear ya. “What is that?!” That is an “elite White.” It’s a jew, of course. Name: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the Democratic National Committee.

Oh, folks, just from my own archives I could give you another thousand photos and descriptions, historical and current.

It’s sickening.

It’s almost depressing because the infestation is so large.

It angers us to think, to know, that previous generations left the entire job to us. The wealthy White truthteller Henry Ford, the well-traveled White truthteller Eustace Mullins, the fiery White truthteller George Lincoln Rockwell, the great and scholarly White truthteller Revilo Oliver — none of them killed any jews. None of them funded a secret group of heroic White men to begin to get the job done.

The lesson is this: None of us can leave the job for somebody else to do. Every one of us White MEN must do his share. See advice in linked articles at the bottom of this website.


Dear Veterans of the U.S. military: That thing above is named Robert McDonald, and he is the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Despite the White name, which was stolen from our White western-Europe ancestors, that thing is a jew — very obviously a jew.

Dear Veterans, you killed or helped others in the military to kill hundreds, thousands, millions, of people around the world. None of those killed were actually enemies to our race as long as they were in their own countries. The worldwide enemies to our race are the jews. And you didn’t kill any jews. But now you know that jews are the Enemy, both foreign and domestic. It is your duty to kill the enemy, the correct enemy. The only way to balance what you have done and to become a hero of our greatest of all races is to kill enemy jews among us.

Do it carefully. Do it efficiently. Tell no one. Preserve your anonymity going and coming so that you will remain free to operate again, and again, at your pleasure, on your timetable, in your choice of location, by your choice of methods.

Every single killed jew is progress. Every White person who kills a jew is a White hero. Also, not that it matters, a White hero is also a hero of humanity, though most of the members of the other races are too stupid to know it and appreciate it.


That damn thing above, named George Aigen, poisons the minds of our children and everyone else in the captive audiences at schools, etc., where he spews the jews’ LIES about our race, about Germans of the White race, about World War 2, and especially about the Holocau$t hoax. The reported world jew population was about 15 million right before WW2, and it was about 15 million right after WW2. No kidding. But jews don’t report those figures in their media. Even some jews at universities have admitted that no showers were used to kill anybody during WW2; that gas chambers — all of which were small — were for killing lice in clothing and bed linens — never for killing any people; that the International Red Cross visited the camps and honestly reported that there was no evidence of intentional killing but in fact full evidence of medical care, exercise facilities, and entertainment facilities (hospitals, soccer fields and a swimming pool, a theatre). Movie director jew Spielberg has video proof and eyewitness testimony, but he chooses only the best liars for his false “documentaries” and his Hollywood fictions.

That jew Aigen, and Spielberg, and all of those scum jews preaching their lies to our White children need to be killed asap. They are the haters. They are the invaders. They are the enemy. We are the defenders. We are the pursuers and deliverers of JUSTICE.

There is no justice if the White individual has no right to deliver justice.

The only justice, and the only rights, we will ever have are the rights we claim and defend and put to use!


And what, above, is that? That is a jew spewing lies under the cover of “comedy.” Going by the name of Sarah Silverman, that enemy parasitic scum actually claims to be a White person while she works to poison the minds of Whites (and the other races wrongly in the USA and watching her antics in the jewsmedia). She needs to be killed asap. Likewise, the other jews claiming to be Whites as they push genocide against our race by saying that the world will be better off without Whites and that “racism” will die out as the White race dies out. I’m not kidding. The so-called journalist Joe Klein, a jew, published such things for all to see, though some of it was quickly withdrawn when attention was called to it. Other documented examples are not difficult to find.

Granted, the celebrity jews are more difficult to safely kill than are the crypto-jews infesting our towns, counties, cities, and states. No problem. Every jew killed is progress. The jews in the lawyer offices, the jew doctors, the jew professors, and any of their family members — all are easier, viable, worthwhile targets.

Consider situations and locations where you can be unknown, where the particular location and jew have no connection to you. Leave no evidence directly linking you to the deed. Voila, it’s an instant cold case for the jew-serving law thugs.


By now, any White reader ought to be able to look at those three photos above and identify three different races. Their DNA has expressed itself in the physical features of all three, making each an obvious member of his race.

From left, they are the following, with brief descriptions of typical racial traits:

1. A White man of the White race, often called the “European race.” This specimen is a combination of White DNA from the German and Irish subraces of the White race — both of which descend from Nordic Whites. The White race is the race of invention, of generosity, of order, of sanitation, of strength, courage, justice, handsome and beautiful blond, and of gross gullibility to the biggest lies oft repeated. The name of the White man in the photo is James Laffrey, leader of WhitesWillWin.

2. A jew of the jew race, often called by the collective noun “jewry.” Of mixed DNA from the three major races (mongrel DNA, of Mongoloid, Negroid, and White DNA) long ago stabilized by inbreeding, the jew race exhibits a variety of physical and mental traits overlapping with those of the three major races. Famous, historic traits include black curly hair, prognathism (the forward push of the mouth and nose which comes from the Negroid portion of the jew DNA), slanted forehead, short stature, unique diseases, a racially united focus against physical labor, against all other races, for lying and cheating of every kind, for hatefully destroying every civilization created and built by the superior White race. The name of the jew in the photo is Edgar Bronfman Jr., of the pretend-White side of the Bronfman family exposed above in this article.

3. A Negroid man of the Negroid race, also called the “African” race after their continent of origin. Of DNA relatively close to the DNA of the other primates of Africa, this race typically exhibits low-IQ, small physical brain size and less complex brain tissues, prognathism, propensity for violence including violent crime against others of their own race and all others, black wiry hair, extra-large mouth capacity, moccasin feet, flat feet, no invention, unique diseases, laziness toward productive work but energetic toward unproductive and/or destructive play and crime. The name of the pictured specimen is Barack Obama Sr. He was born, appropriately, in Africa (Kenya) and died there, too.


Again, there are three very clear and distinct races, above.

In fairness and in desire, I would like to mention the Mongoloid race who I have not pictured specifically in order to keep the last presentation simple and memorable. The Mongoloid race is the “Asian race,” of which the so-called “American Indians” are a subrace. The only admirable slice of the Mongoloid race is the Japanese subrace.

We can easily judge races by PERFORMANCE through history while setting aside the science of DNA. By performance, only the White race has invented, built, and shared with all. Only the White race could, and did, make fantastic “impossibilities” into fantastic realities: photography, flight, wireless communication of audio and video, and more. Only the Japanese subrace of the Mongoloid race has shown the intelligence combined with secondary inventiveness and cooperation with us to deserve honorable mention. (And remember WW2: The Japanese were on the right side, for the White race, against the jew-controlled governments of White countries.)


These White girls and this White boy, all siblings, were forced into a room with their White parents. And they were all slaughtered -- by jews. The name of one of the daughters was Anastasia. This is only one group of the millions of White families the jews have slaughtered during the last 100 hundred years. How many photos of how many White children murdered by jews do I have to show for our still-weakminded men to man-up, to know that we must respond by killing all of the jews -- their babies, their teenagers, their women, their men -- all of them?

These White girls and this White boy, all siblings, were forced into a room with their White parents. And they were all slaughtered — by jews. The name of one of the daughters was Anastasia. This is only one group of the millions of White families the jews have slaughtered during the last 100 hundred years, and counting. How many photos of how many White children murdered by jews do I have to show for our still-weakminded men to man-up, to know that we must respond by killing all of the jews — their babies, their teenagers, their women, their men — all of them.

We White MEN are fully awake, we are very well informed, and we are now ready to carry out our duty to kill the parasitic invasive jew race. As we relieve our country of the jew scourge, any members of the other nonWhite races and their hybrids who oppose us will be expelled or killed — our choice, any place, any time.

After we re-establish White control of our entire country, and as we help our fellow Whites in other White countries re-establish their full control of those countries, we will operate in fairness and in peace with the other races in their own countries.

Only the White race is capable, as proved by historical performance and supported by evidence from DNA and intelligence tests, of establishing such world peace.

White MEN, do your share.

Whites Will Win.


James T. Laffrey