One Image. One Mind-Cracking Message. b.

One Image (please excuse me as it is a combo of two photos):


WhitesWillWin2014.H.jtl.eWhat are we looking at? On the left is a photo of the plaque that was featured at the prison-and-work camp famously known as Auschwitz. That plaque was there for years, until 1990. And then the plaque was removed and a new one was installed. The replacement is pictured on the right.

* Let me interject here that only six years ago I was a scholarly, race-blind, “equality” nut who was shocked by the pair of photos above. And when I am shocked, I investigate.

As anyone can see, the officially reported number of people “mainly jews” was reduced from 4 million to 1.5 million. Today, they actually say about “1.1 million.” So, that’s a total reduction of very nearly 3 million.

What have the jews been telling us since we were children about how many jews were supposedly deliberately killed by the great Germans of the White race during World War 2? Everybody knows that number: 6 million.

The math:

6 million total, minus the Auschwitz reduction of nearly 3 million, equals 3.1 million. That’s about half of what the jews claimed!

But what number do the jews still spout in tv shows, movies, in newspapers, and even in the speech on 3 March 2015 by Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of jews-only Israel?

6 million.

Somebody’s lying. A whole lot of somebodies are lying.

To all doubters, I say “Check for yourselves. It’s easy to find other people’s photos of the plaques. It’s easy to get the transcript of what Netanyahu said to Congress assembled. I got the quote of Netanyahu saying “6 million” from the New York Times website. The NYTimes has been owned by jews since 1896.

Also, to all doubters, it’s noteworthy to point out that the jews have not increased the numbers of supposedly killed people at other prison camps to try to balance out the reduction shown above. In fact, other camps’ numbers have decreased, too, some to zero. Again, anyone can check that. But the cut in half that I have shown above is plenty all by itself. It is, or should be, a mindcracker for anyone with a functioning brain who has been believing what has been told to us by all of the media owned by jews and by the lying U.S. government.

The truth is so easy to see, and the lie so humongous, it’s a shock to think that we ever believed the heinous lie, isn’t it?

Most importantly: Who has been lying, and who still is lying? Who is lying right in our faces despite the documented proof?

The answer is the name of the race of liars — the race of Benjamin Netanyahu, Rahm Emanuel, Wolf Blitzer, Barbara Walters, Diane Feinstein, Howard Stern, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Henry Kissinger, the owners of the banks where you live, and so very many more — most of whom in the USA are pretending that they are Whites. (Oops, that’s another mindblower message. Please click my article linked in the righthand column about “What Is A Crypto-jew” and join us in truth.)

  • Note: There are many websites featuring facts and photos by true historians, researchers, and true journalists listed on my TruthfulSites pages. One of them is the January27 site, named for the “Holocaust” Commemoration Day. I used the double-plaque image from that site.

This article, dear readers, is about as gentle as I get on this site as I work to help my fellow Whites to quickly cover the ground that I covered slowly but thoroughly during the last six years. As I said above, I came from being a scholarly, race-blind, “equality” nut. So, if you are White, I know you also have our high racial intelligence, and I have hope in you.


James T. Laffrey
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One Image. One Mind-Cracking Message. a.

One Image.

An image of the actual front page of this newspaper, March 1933.

An image of the actual front page of this newspaper, March 1933.

A war actually starts when one group or country declares war or when an act of war is deliberately committed.

As anyone can see by the authentic image of that newspaper frontpage (and many other images of events, especially in New York City) from 1933, “Jews” of the world declared war on Germany in 1933.

But the government and all of the big media say that World War 2 began six years later, in 1939, and that Germany started it.

That is as simple, undeniable, and mind-cracking of a message as can be.

Any of my fellow Americans or fellow Whites around the world who are not self-poisoning their minds into a stupor ought to be able to absorb that simple message.

We have all gone through the process that begins with a mind-cracker like that. We welcome you. We are the ever-growing, mostly silent, widespread population of Americans who will win.


James T. Laffrey

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