Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. the Traitor Plays Role in jew-kill Hoax

Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., aka Glenn Miller and Frazier Glenn Cross, a Known Traitor, Plays Role in jew-kill Hoax

“Oh, THAT Glenn Miller!”

I said that exclamation aloud to myself yesterday a few hours after I posted a sidebar bulletin on the reported event, of 13 April 2014, of Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. killing three jews. (That bulletin is republished below, at the bottom of this post.)

I had suddenly recalled a “Glenn Miller” mentioned as a traitor in the books by two members of The Order — The Brüder Schweigen (who we also refer to as The Brothers). They are David Lane and Richard Scutari.

So, I went to my archived pdf files of their books.

David Lane, in his book Deceived, Damned & Defiant, p. 353, wrote:

“How about Glenn Miller, who testified under oath that he received hundreds of thousands of dollars from The Order Brüder Schweigen? He was an Identity teacher and White patriot. He testified against his own recruits and against The Order.”

Richard Scutari is quoted in the book of his writings, Unbroken Warrior, as stating the truth about Glenn Miller very clearly and much more strongly than did David Lane. After going into some detail, including a Miller lie, Scutari wrote:

“Miller is a bought-and-paid-for government rat. Once a government rat, always a government rat!”

Since then, all of the activities by Glenn Miller supposedly in favor of our White race and our fight against the jews have been fake, probably providing intel to the JOG — jew-occupied government — all along.

So, is Frazier Glenn Miller THAT Glenn Miller? Yes. The rat. The traitor. THAT Glenn Miller.

Therefore, I submit to you that the reported event is a hoax.

How can the jewsmedia use such a hoax? They get to paint the supposed killer as an old, ratty-looking extremist, and as a dumbshit who quickly got himself caught.

We even had Kenny the Sideshow saying, “Whatever it is, the shooter did not do any favors for the anti-zionist, anti-criminal crowd. Which, you never know, may have been the plan.”

In all fairness, Sideshow Kenny later, in his comments section, improved his position on the event.

But his first position helped prove my point. You see? Despite the fact that every jew killed is a success and a heroic help to the cause of defeating the jews, Kenny spun it in favor of the jews who he didn’t even mention by their race name, instead saying the stupid “zionist” term (the use of which is justified only in countries where saying anything against jews, specifically, is illegal).


In light of the above, Glenn Miller the traitor from the The Order’s brief era surely did not go publicly shooting jews.

Meanwhile, the jews need to be killed for real. Miller, too.


James T. Laffrey

Now, here is the flawed bulletin I had posted in the right-side column:



Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., 73, also known as Glenn Miller and as Frazier Glenn Cross, has been reported as arrested on 13 April 2014 for killing three people outside jew centers.

My hesitance in writing anything about this is because, as we gather from reports that are laced with lies, he was not careful. It would seem that he approached people in the afternoon while in plain sight of others, and maybe he asked if they were jews, and then shot them, leaving witnesses, which thus led to his quick capture.

That smells. Thus, my hesitance to read more about him and to write about him.

Before the news of the shootings, I was not familiar with him, which is surprising but nonetheless a fact. Now, I don’t know of any better info about him than these two pages on endzog (despite self-contradictory sentiments by endzog) linked here:



It is no surprise that jew-issued news reports say that two of those killed were not jews but “Christians.” Being a jew has nothing to do with religion, thus we can be reasonably sure that Mr. Miller killed jews: a jew doctor, a jew teenaged boy, and a jew woman. Good and necessary kills. On that alone we can say, Well Done, with his heroic status secured.

But I urge readers to consider my advice in articles linked at the bottom of this site. Plan your heroic deeds so that you will remain free, leaving the enemy corpses as yet more unsolved cases in the stacks of files of unsolved cases the police accumulate every year.

Bottom line. Every jew killed is one less enemy jew infesting our country. Every single jew killed is a success on our path to White victory and the subsequent peace and prosperity that we will establish as only Whites can.


That ends the flawed bulletin, in full.

My advice, and my Bottom Line, remain correct and constant. Kill the enemy jews. Every single jew killed is a heroic success on our path to White victory. Be smart. Be safe. Tell no one. Walk with pride as the enemy corpses simply add to the piles of unsolved cases in police offices all across the country.

Robert Jay Mathews Speaks For Himself, Life Of White Valor

Rare photo of Robert Mathews, holding his son, Clint.

Rare photo of Robert Mathews, holding his son, Clint.

Thanks to a recent commenter named “Wolzek,” I searched that unusual name and clicked to pages by a “Victor Wolzek,” having no idea whether the two are related. But a treasure of works, images, and other info was found. Here is the index page to most of it, at the vanguardnewsnetwork.

In that index we find Robert Mathews’ Last Letter, apparently written as a letter to the editor of a publication, likely a local newspaper. Normally, I write my own articles and include only selected quotes and facts from other sources. But this time is different. (Click the Categories menu item “Bruders Schweigen” for my series on Mathews’ group.)

Robert Jay Mathews’ own words telling his life story, briefly and eloquently, need to be republished in full. On this page, he will have the last word. On this page, my last words are these: We must take up the cause. We have learned from the victories and mistakes of The Bruders Schweigen and other rare heroes of recent history. We must add our successes to theirs. The more of us who prove ourselves as White men now in defense of our great race, the sooner we will win back what is ours — every inch from sea to shining sea.

[Robert Jay Matthews was killed in action against Federal agents, dying with a weapon in his hand, on Whidbey Island in December 1984.]


For the past decade I have been a resident of Northern Pend Oreille County. When I first arrived in Metaline Falls, I had only twenty-five dollars to my name, a desire to work hard and be left alone, and the dream of someday acquiring my own small farm.

During my three years at the mine and seven years at the cement plant, I can safely say that I was known as a hard worker. I stayed out of the bars and pretty much kept to myself. Anyone who is familiar with Boundary Dam Road knows how my late father and I carved a beautiful place out of the woods.

All of the goals I had when I arrived were accomplished but one … I was not left alone.

Within months of my arrival the FBI went to the mine office and tried to have me fired from my job. I was working in the electrical department at the time and my foreman, fortunately, had a deep and lasting dislike for the Feds. He was informed of the situation by the mine secretary. Had it been the mine manager instead of the secretary that the Government goons talked to, I would have lost my job.

This campaign of harassment and intimidation began because of my involvement in the Tax Rebellion Movement from the time I was fifteen to twenty years old. The Government was on me so much in Arizona that during one incident when I was eighteen, IRS agents shot at me for nothing more than a misdemeanor tax violation.

I left Arizona and the Tax Rebellion when I was twenty. I left not out of fear of the IRS or because of submission to their tyranny, but because I was thoroughly disgusted with the American people. I maintained then as I do now, that our people have devolved into some of the most cowardly, sheepish, degenerates that have ever littered the face of this planet.

I had hoped to start a new life in the state of Washington, but the ruling powers had other plans for me. When I learned of their highly illegal attempt to have me fired, I wrote s letter to their Seattle office and told them “I would take no more, to leave me alone, or I would respond in such a way that could be very painful to certain agents.”

After the letter they gradually started to let me be.

I soon settled down to marriage, clearing my land, and reading. Reading became an obsession with me. I consumed volume upon volume on subjects dealing with history, politics and economics. I was especially taken with Spengler’s “Decline if the West” and “Which Way Western Man?” I also subscribed to numerous periodicals on current American problems, especially those concerned with the ever increasing decline of White America. My knowledge of ancient European history started to awaken a wrongfully suppressed emotion buried deep within my soul, that of racial pride and consciousness.

The stronger my love for my people grew, the deeper became my hatred for those who would destroy my race, my heritage, and darken the future of my children.

By the time my son had arrived, I realized that White America, indeed my entire race, was headed for oblivion unless White men rose and turned the tide. The more I came to love my son the more I realized that unless things changed radically, by the time he was my age, he would be a stranger in his own land, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan in a country populated mainly by Mexicans, mulattos, blacks and Asians. His future was growing darker by the day.

I came to learn that this was not by accident, that there is a small, cohesive alien group within this nation working day and night to make this happen. I learned that these culture distorters have an iron grip on both major political parties, on Congress, on the media, on the publishing houses, and on most of the major Christian denominations in this nation, even though these aliens subscribe to a religion which is diametrically opposed to Christianity.

These are the same people who Ex-Senator William J. Fulbright and the late General Brown tried to warn us about. Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh tried vainly to warn us also. Had we been more vigilant, my son’s future would not be so dark and dismal.

Thus I have no choice. I must stand up like a White man and do battle. A secret war has been developing for the last year between the regime in Washington and an ever growing number of White people who are determined to regain what our forefathers discovered, explored, conquered, settled, built and died for.

The FBI has been able to keep this war secret only because up until now we have been doing nothing more than growing and preparing. The government, however, seems determined to force the issue, so we have no choice left but to stand and fight back. Hail Victory!

It is at this point that I wish to address the multitude of lies that the federals have been telling about Gary Lee Yarbrough and myself. Gary did not “ambush” any agents. For weeks prior to this incident they had been harassing Gary, following him everywhere, even to the hospital to visit his gravely ill daughter. The day of the mythical ambush Gary was out in his yard when he saw a forest service truck driving across his property in obvious disregard to the numerous no trespassing signs scattered about his land. He yelled at the truck to stop but it kept coming towards his house until it crashed into and destroyed a gate. At this point Gary fired warning shots into the air and the truck drove away. That … was the big ambush.

The newspapers are saying now that Gary not only ambushed three agents but that he hit three of them. Gary did not even realize that they were FBI at the time, which is fortunate for them because Gary is an expert marksman and had he decided to ambush the FBI he easily could have killed every fed within range of his weapon.

It was until 8:00 p.m. that night that Gary realized what was actually taking place. That is when approximately thirty agents drove up to Gary’s house. Gary and a young house guest went outside to investigate the commotion. When the Feds started yelling at Gary he dropped to the ground and rolled into a ditch behind the line of government vehicles. The young house guest went running back into Gary’s residence. After waiting for three hours the FBI used Gary’s wife as a shield and a hostage and went into the house. What brave men they are!

As incredulous as it sounds Gary laid in the ditch behind the agents for five hours with his gun aimed at their backs. Had Gary really wanted to ambush these invaders then that was a wonderful opportunity to do so. Gary chose instead to give them quarter, something he would later come to regret. Gary eventually slipped out of the ditch and into the woods.

The incompetence of these gun toting bureaucrats never ceases to amaze me. Especially after their attempted ambush and murder of myself in a Portland motel. First, let me say that the FBI was not there to arrest Gary but to ambush me. They didn’t even know that Gary was in the room. The only reason they were able to find me was because a trusted friend in Room 14 was actually a traitor and an informant. The FBI has vast resources and the latest technology but the quality of their agents is going down hill with every new recruit. That’s because most of the best White men in this country are starting to realize that to be an FBI agent is to be nothing more than a mercenary for the ADL and Tel Aviv.

When I stepped out of my motel room that morning, a gang of armed men came running at me. None of the men had uniforms on and the only thing they said was “Stop, you bastard.” At this, I yelled at Gary who was still inside and I leaped down the stairwell and took off running into the parking lot. A woman agent shot at my back and the bullet missed and hit the motel manager.

I rounded the corner of the motel and took off down the hill into a residential area. After running for two blocks I decided to quit being the hunted and become the hunter. I drew my gun and waited behind a concrete wall for the agents to draw near. When I aimed my gun at the closest agent I saw the handsome face of a young White man and lowered my aim to his knee and his foot. Had I not done so I could have killed both agents and still had the use of my hand which is now mangled beyond repair and which I might very well lose altogether. That is the last time I will ever give quarter.

As for the traitor in Room 14, we will eventually find him. If it takes ten years and we have to travel to the far ends of the earth we will find him. And true to our oath when we do find him, we will remove his head from his body.

I have no regrets or apologies to make for Gary or myself. In fact, I am proud that we had the courage and the determination to stand up and fight for our race and our heritage at a time in history when such a deed is called a crime and not an act of valor.

Approximately nine months ago the FBI went to my house while I was away and threatened my two year old son. That was a very big mistake on their part. After the Portland shootout they went to my house and threatened my sixty-three year old mother. Such brave men they are!

I am not going into hiding, rather I will press the FBI and let them know what it is like to become the hunted. Doing so it is only logical to assume that my days on this planet are rapidly drawing to a close. Even so, I have no fear. For the reality of my life is death, and the worst the enemy can do to me is shorten my tour of duty in this world. I will leave knowing that I have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the future of my children.

As always, for blood, soil, honor, for faith and for race.

Robert Jay Matthews

Robert Jay Mathews. Image found at

Robert Jay Mathews. Image found at

Update, 4 April 2013: Listen to ROBERT MATHEWS speak! In 1983, William Pierce had invited Mathews to speak at a meeting of the National Alliance during the Labor Day weekend. That was only weeks before Mathews officially launched the Silent Brotherhood. Mathews’ speech surely went beyond what Pierce had in mind, which was merely to speak on recruiting and organizing. It was twenty years ago, Mathews made clear that White men who won’t act against the enemy are cowards, or worse, traitors against our race. His call to action resonates ever more urgently now. Listen:

  • When you click to that page, wait for the speech to play automatically. No further click required. However, a tiny control panel is at the bottom of the page.
  • Here, on the Wolzek index page that I linked near the top of this article, is a link to a recording of a William Pierce broadcast in which Robert Mathews’ entire speech is played. (The link is to an “.ra” file, a Real Audio file. I saved it to my computer. My Windows Media Player would not play it, but my VLC Media Player did.) Pierce gives an interesting introduction, and afterward Pierce disappointingly speaks out of both sides of his mouth: At the 17:30 mark, Pierce says he should have talked peace and patience into Mathews, but at the 23:00 mark Pierce seems to urge us to kill the enemy though more carefully than did the Bruders Schweigen. Only the latter urge is correct. Revilo Oliver had given speeches in the 1960s saying, “Destroy the enemy.” In the 1980s, how could Pierce do less? The duty — the heroic opportunity — is now ours.



Bruders, Part 4. Unbroken Warrior Richard Scutari — Right on the Races

Note: The three previous articles in this four-part series are

  1. Deceived, Damned, and Defiant
  2. I Apologize to The Bruders Schweigen
  3. David Lane on Aryan Knowledge, Bible, Jewry’s Theft, Shakespeare, and Strategy

unbroken-warrior.cover.eThe Unbroken Warrior featured in the book by that name is Richard Scutari, a still-living member of the famous Bruders Schweigen group, also known as The Order and The Brotherhood.

Scutari was specifically praised by David Lane, the most famous of the Bruders Schweigen, thus a book about the Aryan brother Scutari warrants our attention, especially because he is still among us, unbroken, though forced to endure the anti-White torture of federal prison.

This very informative book published in 2011 was not quite written by Scutari but written for him and features his writings. The authors-editors, two White men in Europe, a Swede and a Finn, had written to Scutari in prison and suggested that Scutari write an autobiography. The unbroken warrior replied that such an account of his recent history was not for him to write but for others to assess and record, if warranted.

The two men realized that they had most of a book in hand: the decade worth of letters already written to them by Scutari. How right they were.

Thus, the full title is Unbroken Warrior: The Richard Scutari Letters. (Free pdf file on this page at

Magnus Soderman the Swede and Henrik Holappa the Finn chose 14 letters from the interesting and intelligent missives from the Bruder and complemented them with articles about Aryan ancestry and essays by friends of Scutari. (Here is an admirable article about the book on the Swedish Nordfront site, in English.)

This fourth and final installment of my Bruders series will focus on two areas:

  1. a few details from Scutari supplementing what I have previously published,
  2. and a selection of Scutari’s words that resonate with our call to action.

Born on the 30th of April, 1947, Richard Scutari was a Navy diver who completed his service in 1968. Therefore, like so many of us, he served the enemy agenda before burning through the jew fog and rising up to become a hero for our great race. (I ignorantly served the enemy as a blindered editor for a daily jewspaper.)

The blatant, hypocritical, anti-White tactics by jews in the U.S. INjustice system are no more clearly displayed than in the following example from the murder trial of David Lane and Bruce Pierce.

Scutari tells us (page 115) about one of the three trials against David Lane in which the jew-feds alleged that David Lane and Bruce Pierce killed jew radio mouth Alan Berg in Denver. Lane and Pierce were declared guilty of the Berg killing even though no evidence was found to place any Bruder at the scene of the killing. Besides the jew tactic of submitting Lane to double jeopardy and triple jeopardy, Scutari informs us of a rabbi’s role.

Scutari says a rabbi was brought in to the trial to declare that Berg, even though Berg had said he did not follow judaism, was still a jew because jews are not Whites, jews are a race. That fulfilled the requirements of a law allowing the government to press the charge of “conspiracy” to violate Berg’s civil rights based on race.

You see, in the jew-owned media, jewry pretends to be a religious group and not a race — to this day. But in court, jewry called in a rabbi — a jew teacher of the jew racial rulebook called The Talmud — to establish the legal claim that jewry is a race. And their media continue to lie that old lie to us. (Some of the so-called truthtellers in our movement still argue that jewry is not a race. Those pretenders should be shunned. They are deliberate time-wasters, detaining our Whites from quickly reaching the truth and thus arriving at the only true solution: destroy the invaders now.)

Thus, the jews were successful in violating Lane’s and Pierce’s rights as White men.

The fact of Nature on this planet, however, is that we have no rights at all except for the rights we demand and maintain for ourselves by force.

Jews control the governmental force in our country, so jews have rights. Jews protect themselves and protect their anti-White tools — the blackFricans, Mexicans, Arabs, and Asians who they have allowed to flood into our country.

What have Whites done about it since, let’s say, November 1963? The answer is: Nothing but talk. The invaders are right here, in our faces, yet they are not being killed. This situation must end. Now.

Bruders.goals.from.richard-scutari.www.eDid the Bruders actually kill the jew Berg? I hope so. If so, that’s one. In this book, Richard Scutari gives us the list of eight goals of the organization (image at right), and he says that the Brothers got “a little more than half-way” through those goals. The first goal past half-way is Number Five: “assassinations.”

I hope, in fact I trust, that Berg was not the only invader rightfully terminated by the Bruders. They, of course, cannot share further information without exposing themselves to new trials and tortures.

Deaths, martyrs, mythology

Robert Mathews was the leader of the The Order Of The Bruders Schweigen. Mathews refused to be taken alive by the thugs of the jewnited states of America, and he heroically fought them to the very end, when he died in an inferno deliberately set by the jews’ thugs — not unlike their Waco inferno. Both of those infernos must call to mind the jews’ blazing crimes against White humanity in Dresden and so many other White cities.

Scutari draws a distinction between the death of Mathews and the death of Lane. Mathews was directly killed by the enemy, thus he is a martyr and now resides (according to the enjoyable myth) in Valhalla, the legendary “Hall of the Slain.” Lane is not eligible for Valhalla, according to Scutari, because technically he was not killed by the enemy. Thus, Lane would be in Tyr’s Hall, also a place of honor.

However, I wonder where we draw the line. Lane’s death certainly came early due to years of government torture.

And there is where I drop the subject. Debating mythology would be a waste of my time and a waste of my race’s time as we muster soldiers to continue where the Bruders left off. Step Five, destroying the invaders, one by one, two by two, group by group, whatever works.

Scutari is about 66 now. Unbroken Warrior says he’ll be 69 in 2016, the year he becomes eligible for parole. It is unlikely that the jew system will release him alive.

We must do the fighting. We must envision ourselves freeing Scutari and the remaining Bruders from that jew hell.

Scutari on Race

Let’s end this article with a focus on the Reality Of Race here in our stolen country. We know that jews — all jews — are enemy invaders and must be destroyed. But what of other races?

We know that the blackFricans are the most prolific violent criminals raping and killing Whites. We know that the so-called Latinos/Hispanics are right behind the Blacks. Prison life has given Scutari inside knowledge on another race, the many Arabs who are Muslim by religion.

scutari.on.muslims.fanatics.e With experience, age, and a continued thirst for knowledge comes wisdom. The wisdom of Scutari in regard to racial “cooperation” is this:

Revilo Oliver, the great scholar and pro-White writer, lectured in the 1960s saying it is our duty to destroy the invaders. Bob Mathews, in 1983, knew that talk was getting nothing done. Knowing the Bruders’ days were numbered, he proudly said:

“[W]e had the courage and the determination to stand up and fight for our race and our heritage at a time in our history when such a deed is called a crime and not an act of valor.”

Thus must we stand up now and carry out our own acts of valor! We must perform our deeds as silent heroes while avoiding the Bruders’ mistakes so that we become not martyrs but the victors!

Destroy the invaders, now and ongoing until we Whites have won back control of our lives, our land, and our country.


David Lane, Part 3: Aryan Knowledge, the Bible, Jewry’s Theft, Bacon, Shakespeare, and Our White Duty

Note: Earlier parts of this series are

  1. Deceived, Damned, and Defiant
  2. I Apologize to The Bruders Schweigen
This image is from the book Deceived, Damned, and Defiant.

This image is from the book “Deceived, Damned, and Defiant: the Revolutionary Writings of David Lane.”

It really does appear that David Lane discovered, or otherwise verified, an amazing discovery. The discovery is this: There is ancient Aryan (White race) knowledge secretly coded into the first King James Version of the Bible.

We all have heard from jew-owned media about “coding” here, there, and everywhere. We have heard it enough throughout our lives to know, now, that jewry has deliberately twisted and falsified claims in order to keep the White race distracted from the truth.

I don’t know if I have read all of David Lane’s public works in regard to this knowledge, and I have not read the sources he gives. However, I believe the basics of what he tells us, such as the following:

  • Our ancient ancestors were very good with math and with other manipulations of numbers.
  • Our ancestors discovered amazing ways of arranging numbers in squares. They found very special squares, including the remarkable square (pictured above) that arranges the numbers 1 through 36 in a square such that the sum of each row’s numbers equals 111, and the sum of each column’s numbers equals 111, and the sum of each diagonal’s numbers equals 111.
  • Now, please don’t get carried away with this next fact: When you add that square’s numbers together in obvious ways you get 666. Jewry has demonized that number. The truth is that our ancient ancestors identified that number as most interesting, thus they gave a supreme name from Nature to that “666″ square: the “Sun” square.
  • Various other squares of different sizes exhibit similar relationships of sums. They received other exhalted names from Nature, such as the Moon, Venus, et cetera.
  • Other knowledge coded in the Bible, KJV, includes particular measures of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, especially involving the degree of slope of the structure. That’s because Aryans designed the great pyramids.

Another important aspect to the coding in the Bible involves particular numbers, especially 14 and 74. However, there are other numbers that Lane identifies as very important, though I care not to go into it here. The significance of the number 14 is such that Lane chose that number of words for his imperative “14 Words”:

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

Important questions arise in the reader’s mind. For example:

Who deliberately put that coding in the King James Bible? David Lane’s answer is that Sir Francis Bacon put that coding into the Bible — during the reign of King James of England, of course. That was near the year 1600. (This was also the time of William Shakespeare, who I will mention again shortly.)

Another question is:

David Lane, photographed in prison during a decade of torture, and there he died in 2007.

David Lane, photographed in prison during a decade of torture, and there he died in 2007.

Why was that coding, which was certainly very painstaking work, put into the Bible? David Lane’s answer is that jewry had already brought on the Dark Ages during which progress by science and other scholarly pursuits by the White race was quashed (while the best Whites were slaughtered or imprisoned while other Whites were duped into fighting Whites over conflicting versions of the mind poisons created by jewry in the Middle East: especially Christianity). That part we know. But the rest of the answer is that there was a secret chain of Aryans who tried to retain and pass along as much of the knowledge as they could. They were forced to be secretive in order to avoid being burned at the stake. Thus, the new version of the Bible commissioned by King James was chosen as a vehicle in which to encode some Aryan knowledge.

One further statement that David Lane makes about the Bible is that the supposedly holy content of the Bible is “filler” plausibly arranged in order to tell the twisted stories of mind poison while serving as a vehicle for the code.

We know that leaders, whether or not infected with the mind poison themselves, forced the mind poison of Christianity on the White race from decayed Rome in the south to Germany and Scandinavia in the North. Constantine in the 300s was an early forcer. “Holy Roman Emperor” Charlemagne, in about the year 787, infamously forced the mind poison into northern Europe by slaughtering thousands of White European leaders who he had summoned to a meeting. And several generations later, the spread reached the Americas.

Deceived-Damned-Defiant.cover.eLet me say that I believe all of the above claims by Lane to be true — as much as I can believe what I have not investigated and verified for myself. I recommend anyone who is curious about the above to read Lane’s writings on the subject. The book titled Deceived, Damned, and Defiant: The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane (link at opens as a pdf file, free) is highly recommended for the purpose.

If anyone has further knowledge, especially if that knowledge is about the sources Lane has cited (for example, Manly P. Hall’s book The Secret Teaching Of All Ages), please offer what you like in the comment section.

The stretch

However, I think Lane stretches credulity with some other claims, and he goes beyond credulity in certain other aspects.

He stretches credulity with his claim of evidence proving that Sir Francis Bacon was William Shakespeare. Again, we know how jewry’s media has twisted the mystery of Shakespeare to nauseating extremes, but the actual historical evidence says that the actor named William Shakespere (spellings vary) did not write the famous plays because he simply had no education and life experience to the degree necessary to acquire the knowledge expressed in the “Shakespeare” plays.

This image is from E.M. Dutton's book "Homeless Shakespeare: His Fabricated Life From Cradle To Grave," published in 2011. It can be found as a free pdf on the Internet.

This image is from E.M. Dutton’s book “Homeless Shakespeare: His Fabricated Life From Cradle To Grave,” published in 2011. It can be found as a free pdf on the Internet. The “Droeshout Image” is one of the various famous drawings or paintings of “Shakespeare.” Notice that each left sleeve would be more accurately described as the backside of the right sleeve. Thus, certainly a pair of clues toward a conclusion.

David Lane arrived at his conclusion as a result of his counting books, chapters, verses, and words. Very meaningful numbers are associated with the two words “shake” and “spear,” thus suggesting that Bacon deliberately but secretly identified himself as Shakespeare. My tentative conclusion is that Lane’s claim about Bacon being the writer of the works of Shakespeare is believable.

However, beyond credulity, beyond reason, is the following claim. Lane performs his number counting and his “number pyramids” on his own name and date of birth, and what he finds is that he, himself, was predicted in the King James Version of the Bible as a future prophet. In addition, he finds his name “Lane” in a supposedly deliberate word puzzle. To me, the claim is absurd.

I did some counting and some building of number pyramids, carefully following the directions, for my own name and birthdate. At first I thought I found nothing significant. But then I tried looking at it another way, and I found number “evidence” that I am the second Hitler (from a double “88″) and that I am another Jesus Christ (because of the “666″ made from number pyramids of my name, birthdate, and “Jesus Christ”)!


If you try some of that yourself, you quickly realize that patterns and repetitions emerge when using only nine numbers — one through nine. If you don’t get a “significant” result by one technique, you can try another technique, and another, until eventually you will get a “significant” result.

Although it is sad that David Lane went too far in his numerology, it is not hard to excuse him for it. He was brutally tortured in prison and subjected to long periods of painfully uncomfortable solitary confinement — which was, and is, all done deliberately by the jew-INjustice system to cause mental destruction, physical destruction, and early death, as attested to by witnesses and victims from Ezra Pound to Frederick Seelig and the current sources of JB Campbell (see his “Sedition” article on the linked page).

David Lane survived the torture and wrote brilliantly for the White cause. That is a proven fact. But by combining his openness to a sliver of the supernatural (exactly so on page 310 of DD and D) with his numerology, he went a step or two beyond the Natural. The “super-natural” by definition is not natural, is not real.

Clarity on religion

We all have flaws, some of which are inborn and some of which are taught to us (which is to say forced into our minds). The Meaning Of Life is to improve ourselves, our families, our race, and our world. As we grow older and wiser, we overcome as many flaws as possible. Jewry’s media monopoly against us glorifies youth because the young are, naturally, less wise, and more easily misled. Typical tv programming and movies portray older White men as wrong, stupid, or even abusive, while the young are glorified. That is deliberate, of course.

A flaw of David Lane was his openness to a sliver of the supernatural, as I mentioned above. He paired that with his recognition that most of our population is addicted to the mind poison of Christianity, so he employed the term “religion” to perhaps make our Aryan ancestors’ mythology more palatable to our duped masses. But I refuse to use the term “religion” for the system of symbols our ancestors created to represent Nature and our duties and pleasures as products of Nature.

Although Lane used the term “religion” and described Wotan (Wodin, Woden), Thor, Frigga (Freya), and other symbols as “gods,” he made a statement of utter clarity in his article titled “Misplaced Compassion” (page 382 of the linked book):

“For those new to Wotanism it is useful to point out that, while the super-natural and impossible mythologies of Aryan religions had multiple and valuable purposes, they were never meant to be taken literally by mature adults.”

Thus I say, don’t use the term “religion.” We must help our race overcome that 2,000-year-old mind poison. Our race established great civilizations and invented wonders long before that mind poison was born in the desert of the Middle East and inflicted upon our race. There is no need for that addiction. It is long past time to abolish it.

Jewry’s theft

The following image includes most of page 287 from a Lane article on FreeMasonry (in the linked book). Although many terms are beyond the average reader’s understanding, I offer this important passage as both an example of Lane’s depth of knowledge and a lure into the book Deceived, Damned, and Defiant. While reading the book, the reader will understand the entire passage.


Can you resist reading the book and deciding for yourself how much of what David Lane has shared with us is truly ancient Aryan wisdom — our heritage? I hope you cannot.

The article on FreeMasonry ends with this call to Reason and Action:

“Choose now between Nature’s God of Reason and the tyrant’s artificial Gods of belief. The first is struggle and life within the reality of this world. The second is continued slavery and finally death for the Aryans, which all history proclaims are the Master Builders.”

Note, please, that all previous action by our White defenders has been unsuccessful. Why? They neglected the very first imperative of defense: Kill the invaders. Our courageous, heroic action must be to destroy the invaders. One by one. Two by two. Group by group. Each of us must choose the particular methods and White-invented tools, if any, to employ.

As General George Patton said to his warriors: We have no intention to be martyrs. We intend to be the winners.

As David Lane wrote (p. 388), paraphrasing previous leaders in history:

“Courage without wisdom, cunning, and ruthlessness is futile.”

Be smart, silent heroes. Live to enjoy our victory.

The last word, by Robert Mathews

One might say that I have slighted the actual leader of the Bruders Schweigen in this series of four articles related to the group, as I have focused on David Lane. True. However, we do not have much literature from Mathews.

In closing this third part of the four-part series, I choose the wise and inspiring words of the Bruders’ leader.

Realizing that the Bruders’ days of freedom and action were numbered, Bob Mathews proudly and defiantly said:

“[W]e had the courage and the determination to stand up and fight for our race and our heritage at a time in our history when such a deed is called a crime and not an act of valor.”

And now we must have “the courage and the determination to stand up and fight for our race and our heritage at a time in our history when such a deed is called a crime and not an act of valor.”

Whites Will Win! And valor will be rewarded.

Whites Will Win

Whites Will Win