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Update, 13 October 2016: I withdraw this solicitation for donations. See my more recent article published on this date, 13 Oct.

Update, 6 October 2016: The writing is on the wall. No help has been received, thus far. The following words are not meant for the mere handful of heroes out there. Because of ignorance, because of fear, most readers of this website will not contribute to a White man rightly and boldly saying we must kill the enemy jews. The wimps, the cowards, the ignorant, and the crypto-jews pretending to be Whites who own other websites do get some donations from readers. Just in case any significant donations are “in the mail,” I will keep this article up for some days more.

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You know I can compose and play because of THIS simple video on YouTube(jewtube).

Musically, to put you in the right ballpark of rock music (music, not lyrics), think Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones, Warren Zevon. (Yes, jew examples. That’s what we all grew up with, though we didn’t know it.) My style is born in classic guitar rock but is unique and all White.

Lyrically, I’m all about informing and inspiring — while entertaining, of course. And I prefer group choruses, sing-along choruses. A taste of my recently written lyrics:

The song “Spread It!”
(Verse One:)
Classified information
Intensifies a bad situation
If it’s for them to know and us to find out
When I learn their dirty secrets
I shout them out! —— listen:
(Verse Two:)
Parasite infestation
Maggots in media deceive our nation
Pretend to be Whites while spewing their lies
Blaming the victims for all of their jew crimes.
Spread it! Tell everyone you know.
Spread it. Shock them. They’ve got to know.
Spread it. Tell it all right.
Spread it. Tell all Whites.

This song also has verses about our being gullible, mentions 9/11, assassinations, and other jew crimes.

The song “Wake Up!”

(Verse One:)
Color isn’t only skin deep
Color is blood deep, it’s brain deep, it’s D N A deep!
We are the human species, not one ‘human race.’
Earth birthed our creative race, and parasites, copyists, muds, and apes!
Wake Up, Wake Up, to reality.
Wake Up, Wake Up, kill the tv.
Wake Up, Wake Up, your progeny.
Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up.

This song also says “Family is Number One,” and it points out that nonWhites “swarm into our countries — we don’t swarm into theirs, you see?” Other wakeup points include this: “Bluebirds don’t mate with blackbirds; eagles don’t mate with doves; wolves don’t fuck hyenas; neither should we ever poison our blood!”

Another song, titled “The American Dream,” says in the chorus:

The American Dream, born of Aryan seed,
The American Dream, is a White and only White possibility.

Another song, titled “If You’re White,” is truly anthemic, and says in the chorus:

If you’re White, I have hope in you.
If you’re White, you have the IQ.
If you’re White, there’s a hero in you!
If you’re White, we’ll win this fight.

Recording and Distributing

Twenty years ago, I had a multi-track recorder and microphone, guitar, bass, and drums. I recorded demos of songs by playing and singing all the parts while occasionally inviting musician friends to do a part or two. Some great results.

After what I’ve been through during the last decade, especially the last couple of years, I have only a guitar.

  • A new multitrack recorder is only about $500.
  • I could borrow or rent other instruments and maybe get selected local musicians to play, particularly drums, on tracks.
  • A computer for video editing and song distribution onto the Internet would be from $500 to $1,000.

This is a labor of love for me. Love of race. Love of music. Love of composing and performing for this greatest of purposes.

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Now is the time. Our White people will listen repeatedly to strong catchy music and then allow the lyrics to sink in, especially when those lyrics have hooks and hit home.

Nobody is doing songs with pro-White anti-jew lyrics combined with quality mainstream-type rock music. We can, so we must.

We will. Email me now. Or mail your contribution in an envelope now (to address in Number 2 above).

I am James Laffrey

Whites Will Win

Whites Will Win



Local Recall: MarquetteJam Exposes an Infestation of Crypo-jews

Local Recall:
MarquetteJam Exposes an Infestation of Crypto-jews
in Marquette, Michigan

Recently I had the honor and the horror of viewing a set of my own publications of 12 years ago.

One of my favorite covers, this is of Mark Hamari. I like to think he is a White man. I praised him as the best rock-band frontman in Marquette.

One of my favorite covers, this is of Mark Hamari for the “Happy New Year” edition 2004. I like to think he is a White man. I praised him as the best rock-band frontman in Marquette. You can see that my columnist Jim Stedman, a crypto-jew, wrote “About Bob” — the Bob being, of course, jew Bob Dylan. At that time, I was as ignorant of jews as a bar of soap or a lamp shade.

In Marquette, Michigan, on the shore of the great Lake Superior, I created and almost singlehandedly produced a weekly entertainment magazine celebrating the impressive variety of “live arts”* in that small university town, especially the music scene. I called the magazine “MarquetteJam” and produced it for 12 consecutive weeks. It was a social success and a financial failure.

At the time, and for several years afterward, I could not figure out the cause of such a dichotomy. Now, of course, this website is devoted to the extermination of that cause.

So, it was with pleasure that I reviewed the good work I had done back then. And it was with disgust that I recognized the many crypto-jews pretending to be Whites who I had featured and otherwise praised in my publication.

Now, I shall list those crypto-jews about which I have no reasonable doubt. Others I may list with mention of my slight doubt. Surely there are other crypto-jews who will escape exposure here because I have too much doubt to render that judgment.

The masthead of my MarquetteJam, issue 1Jan2004.

The masthead of my MarquetteJam, issue 1Jan2004. Every week, except for the final week, I filled the slot for  “Advertising Staff” with the name of a dead famous musician, for fun. I, alone, was the advertising staff.

By the way, the Marquette city library, called the Peter White Public Library, had requested and received from me a complete set of my MarquetteJams when I ceased publication. If they are still there, readers may see that there are photos with many of these names. Of course, once the jews get the word that I have done this, they very likely will withdraw and/or steal the collection and destroy it. Such theft and destruction of White documents in libraries has been a jew constant across our country since public libraries were first established. Yes, yet another crime for which the jews shall be punished.

The List, issue by issue in chronological order

Nov. 6, 2003

  • Ali Thebert, 17. Daughter of an apparently Scandinavian mother, so the divorced and departed father Thebert must be the jew. As a teen, despite being bright, all her humor was copied from jew sources (tv, etc.), and she sowed decadence with her teen pals including a homo jew. She was taken under the wing of a crypto-jew in town — Theo McCracken, named below — and then went to Chicago for years, then returned to Marquette as an employed “environmentalist” to be controlled opposition to the pro-mining side in the area for the jew-owned international behemoth Rio Tinto. Jason Schneider, the coffeehouse jew described below, became a pro-mining mouthpiece. You see? Schneider and Thebert had been crypto-jew friends, and after some years they become the sham combatants in a false public debate, part of which I witnessed in 2012, with a planned outcome favorable to the jew agenda.
  • Kris Shirtz, a high school trombone player, has an older brother also musical named Michael, both sons of Jim and Cheryl Shirtz.
  • Jim Stedman, who I invited to be the lone columnist for every issue. A singer-songwriter-guitarist, pretended to be “pro-Palestinians,” and I think had ownership in a “Christian” bookstore. Children named Sarah and Micah. And that’s not all. Quite a crypto. Last I knew, he moved to Colorado. I tried to email with him, but when I approached the topic of Palestinians and jews, he went stone-cold silent.

Nov. 13, 2003

  • Jason Schneider (mentioned above), who I exposed in a previous article along with former Northern Michigan University (NMU) English Dept. head James Schiffer. (Here is that article, and here is a followup.) Schneider had arrived in Marquette as a university student and opened a coffeehouse he named “EmmaJoes” after the jew communist international criminal Emma Goldman, and I don’t recall which “Joe” or “Joes,” perhaps Josef Stalin was one of the Joes. Yeah, he was enshrining infamous jew criminals right in our ignorant faces. I remember an NMU professor friend of mine once mentioned half of that info as we drank coffee and chatted with Schneider. The prof never said “jew,” though, and he never again mentioned anything about that subject to me. The coffeehouse promoted live alternative music but also dreadlocks, tattoos, piercings, jewed politics, jewed half-assed “protests,” and other poisons against White honor and White culture.
  • Ian Zender, a curly-haired violinist, university sophomore, from a musical family.

Nov. 20, 2003

  • Meagan Reasoner, saxophone player, NMU student.

I would like to name four more, but there’s that doubt thing.

Nov. 27, 2003

  • Pete Schindler and his family band Sneaky Peat, with wife Cathy and kids Katy and Simon.
  • Tret Fure, singer songwriter guitar-player looks like a butch dyke (strong female homo).

And if you look at this issue, you’ll be surprised I didn’t name more.

Dec. 4, 2003

  • Jim Cohen, drummer in the Flat Broke Blues Band.
  • Justin Worsham, guitarist in a band called “säh.”

Dec. 11, 2003

  • Michael T. Schuller, with a bit of doubt. Played guitar, bass, and sang in a revolving-door band called Room To Move.

Dec. 18, 2003

  • The white patch is glare from my quick flash-photo of the cover.

    The real name of the scum jew “Fast Eddie” is at left. The white patch is glare from my quick flash-photo of the cover.

    Eddie “Fast Eddie” Consolmagno, harmonica-playing blues icon, also was part of the old punk scene with a band called “Plan 9 From Hell.” It’s hard to stomach it, but look at the cover photo at right — as jewy-looking as Howard f’n Stern.

  • Ana Geiselman, a 7-year-old piano student. Slight doubt. But that name. Now, she would be about 19.
  • Tom Vajda and Greg Sandel, slight doubt, two members of the band Plaid Billy Goats.

Dec. 25, 2003

Repeats, and otherwise significant doubt about a few.

Jan. 1, 2004

  • Mike Cohen, guitarist and bassist in The Amnesians band.

And a few in doubt, as usual.

Jan. 8, 2004

  • Josh Ploof, with doubt, but that name says “jew” and his picture supports the educated guess.

If you look at this issue, you might be surprised that I’m not identifying any of the women as jews.

Jan. 15, 2004

You have to wonder about Les Ross Jr., who looked jewy. After Jr. met an early death, his father identified himself to me as “seven-eighths Finnish and one-eighth Swede,” and his wife (Les Ross Jr.’s mother) as “half” American Indian and “part English and Scotch.” If the Indian part is true, I’ll say he’s not a jew. If the Indian part was a lie to cover for jew, then he was a jew. Les Ross Jr. had two daughters named Jessica Ross and Kristine Sheline, with grandchildren through Kristen Sheline named Griffen and Amelia.

Jan. 29, 2004

  • Isabel Edgell, with doubt, but who volunteered to be my advertising staff for what turned out to be the final issue. She had the experience and connections for success, yet didn’t sell a single ad. In hindsight, it looked like deliberate sabotage. Now, it still looks like deliberate sabotage and with a clear cause.
  • Theo McCracken, owner and operator of Dead River Coffee, a coffeeshop and a roasted-bean wholesaler. He has two sons, Cass and Alex, one of whom is a homo — such a common mutation among the jews. One of the ways McCracken outed himself to me was his knowing that Cahodas, the namesake of the admin building of Northern Michigan University, was a jew. This was after I told him that Jason Schneider (described above) was a crypto-jew but before I said anything of my suspicions about Cahodas from Marquette history. Other evidence is plenty but need not be poured forth here.

Other suspects but not named because of the usual doubt.

That ends the 12-issue run of the magazine.

* “live arts.” Actually, little if any of it was art. It was craft but not art. A work of craft that rises to the level of “art,” as I have defined it in previous articles, must successfully express or embody what the artist intended to express for the purpose of educating, improving, or otherwise helping his or her race. Of course, I speak of White artists for the White race, my only concern.

More Marquette jews

Not mentioned in the magazine but in need of exposure are other jews:

  • David Boyd, a diseased jew in a wheelchair yet active in the community. In my previous ignorance, I had thought him a friend. In 2012, I met with him and his Asian live-in caretaker, and I said if I ever learned another language I would choose German. He attacked the choice and the German people, citing the infamous jew hoax the “Holocaust.” I replied that the Holocaust “never happened,” and I asked him if he were “jewish.” He admitted it — from his mother’s side of the family, he said.

Marquette General Hospital, like nearly any hospital in the USA, is infested with jews, most of whom will never tell Whites that they are jews, thus they are “crypto-jews,” meaning “secret jews.” Just looking at the hospital’s list of providers/physicians at this link,, shows the following names immediately identifiable as likely jews:

  • Aaron Philip Scholnik, M.D. (very jewy name, somewhat jewy photo)
  • Bobby Z Joseph, M.D. (looks jew, interned at the jew Sinai-Grace Hospital, studied medicine in India and so likely pretends to be an Indian)
  • David C Shahbazi, M.D. (jewy name, jew photo, likely pretends to be Arab or even Indian of India)
  • John David Weiss, M.D. (jewy name, inconclusive photo)
  • Jonathan E. Benaknin, D.O. (jew name, jew photo, psychiatry is lousy with jews)
  • Joseph F Brzezinski, M.D. (jewy name, inconclusive photo)
  • Jonathan R. Harbin, M.D. (jewy name, somewhat jewy photo, psychiatry is lousy with jews)
  • Milton D Soderberg, M.D. (jew name, inconclusive photo, did residency at jew Temple University Hospital)
  • Stephanie Wise Grosvenor, D.O. (jewy name especially “Wise”, jew photo)

This kind of search-and-expose action can be done successfully on every public and private institution where photos and/or useful details are offered. Look at administration members, board members, doctors/professors, staff, lawyers, etc. Do it before the jews respond to too much exposure by deleting photos and details, and before they further “Americanize” their names.

Expose jews! Expel jews — permanently.

As always, see “THE BEST” and other important advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website.

Kent State: ‘Four Dead In Ohio’ — 3 Were Good Kills Because They Were jews

Kent State: ‘Four Dead In Ohio’ — 3 Of Them jews, thus good kills

One of the students killed was, apparently, White: William Schroeder. The other three were jews, as named in this image from Kent State University.

One of the students killed was, apparently, White: William Schroeder. The other three were jews. Names are provided in this set of images from Kent State University.

Amazing, isn’t it? Three of the students famously killed by the Ohio National Guard on 4 May 1970 at Kent State University were jews.

In those days, when I was about 13 years old, one of my older brothers had an eight-track tape he often played that featured the song “Ohio,” written by crypto-jew Neil Young, who played off and on with the jew band Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young). The chant chorus of that song, “Four dead in Ohio,” was ingrained in my brain.

It’s a little surprising that those musical jew liars and the jewsmedia said “Four” instead of “Three,” as jews only really care about jews. Maybe the fourth was a jew, too, though I guess not. In the photo above, William Schroeder looks White. Yes, a lot of jews look White. But the key jew website that I will link to, below, mentioned him but left him out of their whining, moaning, and mourning of their own.

This discovery came on Tuesday (22 July 2014) by educated guess. I happened to be looking at a page on notable happenings in the year 1970, and when I saw the Kent State University item, the “Four Dead” chant played in my head, and I had a hunch that I ought to see who, exactly, had been so famously mourned.

Why would the jews show William Schroeder shirtless? Very likely, it was deliberate, to show disrespect.

Why would the jews show William Schroeder shirtless? Very likely, it was deliberate, to show disrespect.

Results of a google picture search included the four-shot image at right, showing the White young man shirtless. The photo link said “,” which I faintly recalled as a jew site, so I clicked it. The visual alone told me immediately that the jewsmedia’s wailing over the event was because at least one and likely three of the dead were jews.

As recently as two years ago, I probably would not have made that positive visual identification. But in the last two years, I added the too-wide mouth to my toolkit of jew clues. Krause and Miller fit the bill. Scheuer was, for me, the iffy one.

It’s important to note that wikipedia’s page on the “Kent State shootings,” which they and the other extremist jewsmedia call a “massacre,” says nothing about the three of four being jews. Wikipedia is owned and operated by jews, and they always protect the secret of their crypto-jews. Likewise, an old New York Times (jew York Times) article from May 1970, available for viewing on the Internet, says nothing about their jew race.

Here us the most famous photo from the event, made famous by jewsmedia. That's Miller lying there, one of three good kills.

Here is the most famous photo from the event, made famous by jewsmedia. That’s Miller lying there, one of three good kills. If all of the dead were Whites, would the event have been immortalized by jew bands and jewsmedia? Of course not. is a jew site for jews, which explains why they identified the jews, though I imagine it is a slip-up, nonetheless. Without their report, I probably would have been left with inconclusive, educated guesses.

Why do I call it a slip-up?

Because they have confirmed the fact that those three of the famous four students were jews. They have indirectly confirmed that it was jews instigating violence, shouting “pigs,” and throwing rocks at troops. Confidently, we can add this infamous and emotional example to the historical parade of examples of jews being the true instigators of group, anti-White violence across America.

Usually, the instigator jews pretending to be Whites expect nothing worse for their work than tear gas or pepper spray. A fairly recent example: the jew leaders of the Occupy Wall Street sham who got pepper squirts to the face. But the scum jews inciting violence at Kent State got peppered with lead, instead.

These are photos I posted in an article on 19 Sept. 2011,

These are photos I posted in an article on 19 Sept. 2011, in which I had fun identifying these four jews who were leaders of the supposedly “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street scam designed to attract and vent Americans’ anger down a pre-planned dead-end. (That site was deleted by anti-White This www! site is on an independent host-server.) I described these jews as (from left) Not Tina Fey, and the wailing one reported as “Chelsea” just after being pepper-sprayed, and (center) Not David Bowie (it seems to be female), and finally Not Jud Seuss (if you haven’t seen the great movie “Jud Seuss,” which means “Jew Seuss,” you ought to, free on the Internet). “Chelsea” was later interviewed on tv. It would be interesting to know how jewry rewarded these actors. Almost three years later, where are they now?

Summation: At Kent State in May 1970, when four students were killed, three out of four were good kills by the Ohio National Guard.

Laurel Krause, obviously a jew, younger sister of the rightly killed Krause.

Laurel Krause, obviously a jew, younger sister of the rightly killed Krause.

The jews are still wailing and instigating over it today. At this linked jew website, the jew Krause’s younger sister, now an enemy jew all grown up, is pictured and quoted as being a current “activist” along with her mother and other scum jews infesting our country. Her name is Laurel. (“Laurel” is a special jew name, as in the special room at Camp David, so named by jew president Dwight David Eisenhower.)

I suppose the accurate shooters in that Ohio National Guard troop did not know who were jews out there. If they did know, and if they deliberately shot the jews, those soldiers are heroes. Otherwise, they just got lucky.

The only one to mourn is Schroeder. Further evidence that he was White, not a jew, is that the jew site’s four-shot image has him shirtless, showing disrespect, when they could easily have gotten a clothed image or head shot. I don’t know why he was there. One account I read said that Schroeder was not part of the activism but was simply walking through the area. Otherwise, perhaps, Schroeder was duped by the jews into being at the scene of their crime.

Of course, there was nothing wrong in opposing the jew-contrived war in Vietnam. There was no need for our Whites to go kill Vietnamese in their own country. (I know the history of Vietnam. I know their name-changing leader was trained in jew-Moscow. Still, not worth a single White death.) But it was wrong for any students at Kent State to attack Whites, even duped Whites in uniform, who were there as a show of force to keep the peace against the jew-planned activism. Throwing rocks is an attack, in my book.

I know, we don’t like troops on campus, but that’s because of what we know now. Descriptions of that day say the troops were peaceful for a good amount of time before retaliating against the jews’ instigation and initiation of violence against the troops. Anyway, that’s a distraction I’d like to let go.

Schroeder didn’t deserve to die. But the three jews did.

jew Crosbys, jew Crimes

By the way, at that time in 1970, that jew band of Crosby, et al, also had a song broadcast incessantly called “Teach Your Children.” It was anti-White, against the White man and against the White family, of course. One line of it was: “Teach your children well, their father’s hell did slowly go by,…” You see? Demonizing the White father.

Constant, constant, mind-poisoning. That’s what we were subjected to by all jew-owned media.

Here's a Crosby jew. Mary Crosby, actress, daughter of Bing Crosby. Obvious, obvious jew. Thus, one or both of her parents were jews. Her father did a special session with jew David Bowie when Bowie was about 30. Bing's real name was Harry Lillis Crosby, Jr. Was he a jew? Of course he was a jew. He looked like a brother to lucky Larry Silverstein, the 9/11 jew who gave the "pull" order on WTC building 7, the third tower "pulled" that day.

Three of the Crosby clan of jews, plus one. Mary Crosby (left), actress, daughter of Bing Crosby. Obvious, obvious jew. Thus, one or both of her parents were jews. Her father, glorified and made wealthy by the jews’ media, did a special session with jew David Bowie when Bowie was about 30. Christmas songs. Yes, jews both boost and denigrate Christianity. If it didn’t exist, they would invent it — again. Bing’s real name was Harry Lillis Crosby, Jr. Was he a jew? Of course he was a jew. He looked like a brother to lucky Larry Silverstein, the 9/11 jew who gave the “pull” order on WTC building 7, the third tower “pulled” on that day. Kathryn Crosby (top right), 2nd wife of Bing, mother of Mary. Is that thing a jew? Of course. Those are not the eyes of a White woman (we see the Mongoloid slant expressed by her mongrel jew DNA). That is not the mouth of a White woman. She was a jewlywood actress, too. By the way, I don’t know if these Crosbys are closely related to David Crosby of the band, and I don’t care. They are all jews. That is relation enough.

Also, the Crosby jew band had a song that said, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” Right? That was self-serving, in order for them to get quick sex with groupies, and it was anti-White because it preached breaking loyalty for instant gratification, thus ruining established relationships among White couples.

Constant, constant, mind-poisoning.

It was deliberate, folks. And it is deliberate now, 24/7/365/, on all jew-owned media.

The way, the only way, to finally put a stop to all of it is to make More Dead In Ohio.

And more dead in jew-central New York.

And more dead jews in Hollywood.

And more dead jews in your neck of the woods.

More dead. More dead. Until they are all gone.

They are a unified race, unlike any other race.

They are the anti-humans, as they were rightly  named by a Romanian author, Dumitru Bacu.

The jews publicly led by the secret-jew Franklin Delano Roosevelt sent my father, well duped by the jewsmedia and the jewSA government, to go kill his German racial brothers in northern Italy during World War 2. My father returned healthy, despite the jews’ best efforts. But how many Whites of America returned in body bags? You don’t know, do you? But you know the jews’ lie number “6 million.”

The jews lied in unison about WW2, and they lied in unison about the Korean War, and they lied in unison about the Vietnam War, the JFK assassination, and the Kent State event, and they lied in unison about Waco (a true massacre and a true “holocaust” — by definition, “a burnt offering” to the jew gods, which means themselves, according to their racial rulebook The Talmud). The federal building in Oklahoma City. 9/11. Every “terror” act.

The jews, in unison, are killing our people every day and lying about it to protect their race. The jews blame Whites, the jews blame Arabs, the jews blame Asians, the jews blame Africans. But the blame belongs on the jews.

The jews, in unison, have earned the death penalty, over and over again. Historic atrocity after historic atrocity. Crime against humanity after crime against humanity. Genocides, past and present.

Give them more reason to whine and wail, “More Dead In Ohio” — and in every state of America.

  • See advice in articles linked at the bottom of this site.
  • Update: Nod to Post-publication, I did another search and found that a brief mention of the fact of the three jews appeared on Stormfront in 2011. Link.

Music And jews: The End Of The Innocence

Note: I vent a little healthy anger in this article. Don’t take it personally — unless, of course, if it applies to you.

Don Henley

Don Henley

I’m sick of seeing truth websites — actually half-truth websites — and their likeminded commenters post links to the jew-approved and jew-sold song by Don Henley and Bruce Hornsby titled “The End of the Innocence.”

Does the song educate? Does the song tell any important truth?

The answers are No and No.

Number One, it is a seduction song.

Number Two, it is an empty nostalgia song.

Number Three, it is a rape song, and it tells the female listener: Lay back. I’m about the screw you.

Here are the lyrics. Read them. As Revilo Oliver used to say, “Read while awake” please.

The End of the Innocence

by Don Henley and Bruce Hornsby

Remember when the days were long

And rolled beneath a deep blue sky

Didn’t have a care in the world

With mommy and daddy standing by

When “happily ever after” fails

And we’ve been poisoned by these fairy tales

The lawyers dwell on small details

Since daddy had to fly

But I know a place where we can go

That’s still untouched by man

We’ll sit and watch the clouds roll by

And the tall grass waves in the wind

You can lay your head back on the ground

And let your hair fall all around me

Offer up your best defense

But this is the end

This is the end of the innocence.


O’ beautiful, for spacious skies

But now those skies are threatening

They’re beating plowshares into swords

For this tired old man that we elected king

Armchair warriors often fail

And we’ve been poisoned by these fairy tales

The lawyers clean up all details

Since daddy had to lie

But I know a place where we can go

And wash away this sin

We’ll sit and watch the clouds roll by

And the tall grass waves in the wind

Just lay your head back on the ground

And let your hair spill all around me

Offer up your best defense

But this is the end

This is the end of the innocence.


Who knows how long this will last

Now we’ve come so far, so fast

But, somewhere back there in the dust

That same small town in each of us

I need to remember this

So baby give me just one kiss

And let me take a long last look

Before we say good bye

Just lay your head back on the ground

And let your hair fall all around me

Offer up your best defense

But this is the end

This is the end of the innocence.

Bruce Hornsby

Bruce Hornsby

Number One: Obviously, it is a seduction song. He invites her to a place he knows, supposedly unspoiled. Actually, no such place exists.

Number Two: There’s nostalgia about mommy and daddy, small towns, and the “happily ever after” lie. No depth to it. No specific truth in it.

Number Three: It is a rape song. He gets her alone to his place. He tells her to lay back and offer up her best defense! If this were anything but a rape, she would need no defense. He tells her “this is the end of the innocence.” He is going to take her virginity. And then he’s going to say “good bye.”

Well, now, isn’t that what male jews and other males who are scum do?

What education, what truth, is provided in the song? An “old man” as king was nothing better than a reference to Ronald Reagan as president. “These fairy tales” are which fairy tales, exactly? The only one offered is “happily ever after.”

On the surface, the song is nothing but a big sweet rubber PACIFIER in the listener’s ignorant mouth. Under the surface, it is a song that tells you to lay back and accept the situation — with a promise that this is the end of your innocence. After the song mind-rapes you, supposedly you won’t be so “innocent” anymore because you will know the superficial facts the song has given you: that you are told fairy tales, and that lawyers clean up all details.

It could have offered a little truth, such as: Offer up your best defense; you’re about to get a bullet in the head.

It could have offered a lot of truth, such as: Offer up your best defense; jews are about to rape you again.

Complain all you want — to yourself — if you think my ideas are not poetic enough. Ignoramouses — or should that be “ignoramice”? — like to defend their precious famous singers (though they’ve never even met them!) by saying their idols would have hurt their careers by telling some truth. And I ask: When does the multimillionaire singer have enough money so that the old “career” excuse can be flushed where it belongs?

And the ignoramice say that naming names can’t be done in “art” without ruining the “art’s” poetic aspects and popularity. Oh, really?

  • Perhaps the reader remembers jew Billy Joel’s song We Didn’t Start The Fire. The verses were lists of names. A big hit.
  • How about John Lennon naming “Chairman Mao” in the song Revolution? It didn’t hurt that song, did it? Lennon didn’t name in song, and never named in song, Rothschild, Rockefeller, nor any other jew. Of course, the song Revolution was actually against revolution, as Lennon said if you want to “change” the CONstitution then “we all wanna change your head!” Yes, Lennon was a servant of jewry’s agenda. That agenda included the Communist agenda, which was invented by jews, and which Lennon expressed and slathered in saccharine with “Imagine no possessions, … Imagine there’s no country, …”

Before jew Lady Gaga, before jew Madonna, before jew Lindsay Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac, before Don Henley and the Eagles, before John Lennon and the Beatles, there was “Italian” jew Frank Sinatra, and there was jew Neil Sedaka, and there was jew Neil Diamond, and jew Carole King, and so very many more.

Jews wrote the songs. Barry Manilow sang “I Write The Songs,” and he is a jew. Jew Paul Anka wrote the jew boast “My Way” that Frank Sinatra made famous. Jews wrote the songs, and still do write the songs, that the jews sell as hits and put in movies and tv shows.

John Fogerty with second wife, usually identified as Julie Kramer, sometimes as Julie L. Either way, jew. Look at that face, like jew Rosanne Barr. Fogerty, jew or not jew? Tough call.

John Fogerty with second wife, usually identified as Julie Kramer, sometimes as Julie Lebiedzinski. Look at that face, like jew Rosanne Barr. Jew. Fogerty, jew or not jew? Tough call. Either way, his career has suited jewry just fine. Only one obscure song, “Zanz Kant Danz,” raised a ripple. It got changed to “Vanz Kant Danz.”

Sure, we can name some singers who have written their own songs, and maybe they are not secret jews, such as John Fogerty; Mark Farner and Don Brewer of Grand Funk; and others. In those cases, jews had contractual approval over the final cuts or decided whether to promote or ignore certain songs. We could produce the greatest songs ever, the greatest album ever, but if jews don’t approve, none of the songs would ever be on tv or in a jewywood movie.

It’s understandable for still-ignorant Whites to produce songs that serve jewry’s anti-White agenda. In my awfully ignorant years, I wrote a song called “Wet Dream” trying to outdo Prince. But I also wrote “Classified Information.” It followed the musical principles of UpRock (first article here, second here), but lyrically it did not name the enemy — as I didn’t know who the real enemy was. Thus, by default, the listener would assume that the villains were Whites. That’s one of the problems with every single complaint song about government, wars, bankers, joblessness, etc., that doesn’t name the enemy jew. People think the bank owners are Whites. Bank owners, and the other top villains, are not Whites. They are jews.

jew.professor.Ignatiev.for-White-genocide.eMick Jagger wrote and sold the song “Neo-con.” Of course, secret-jew Jagger knew what he was doing. Most Rolling Stones fans heard “Neo-con” and thought “Whites.” Jews are not Whites. Again, if you believe only jews about jews, then believe Albert Einstein, Theodor Herzl, and dozens of rabbis who have said jews are a race, and they are not Whites. Jews call all non-jews “goyim,” including us. In fact, occasionally jews go on record calling for the genocide of Whites.

An example from 2002: jew Noel Ignatiev, a professorial liar about history at Harvard University, wants to “abolish the White race.” If you need jews to confirm that for you, here it is in the Washington Times. Naturally, jews lie in the article, such as their calling Ignatiev’s skin “white.” Disgusting, but there it is.

Occasionally, the jews boast quite openly about their illegal monopoly, though in limited media. This one came from the San Francisco library blog — limited exposure — in January 2012. A jew named Unterberger wrote it. If you’re accustomed to believing only jews about jews, then read that. He says it was all “great.” And here is a jew site boasting of their top-100 jew songs, which may further educate the reader on who are jews. If you can stomach reading jew sites, there’s no end to them, and the reader can see the info jews share with jews while trying not to expose their crypto-jews.

In 1920, the White inventor and automaker Henry Ford published a series of articles in his company newspaper The Dearborn Independent, including details on the jew-dominated and disgusting broadcast music industry and theatre music industry. (Get the book free as a pdf here, Item 8.) And he exposed the then-new Hollywood movie industry — Jewywood, really. Ford reported that office workers were going to Jewywood’s movies everyday during their lunch hours! That’s 1920, folks. The truth was known.

Elvis Presley, with the two jews who wrote a lot of his songs, Stoller and Lieber.

Elvis Presley, with the two jews who wrote a lot of his songs, Mike Stoller and Jerry Lieber.

Elvis Presley, who I don’t think was a jew, ignorantly served jewry well. He earned the nickname “Elvis the Pelvis,” thrusting sexuality into the physical performance of the ongoing parade of stupid, love-obsessive, wisdomless and truthless songs to keep us all hormonally charged and educationally depleted.

Presley also helped make it a public fashion to ridicule our women: “You aint nothin but a hound dog cryin all the time.” In fact, that’s appropriate for jews who cry holohoaxxx all the time.

Deeply duped, Elvis wears the symbol of jewry. Jews didn't invent the ancient symbol, but they have effectively usurped it.

Deeply duped, Elvis wears the symbol of jewry. Jews didn’t invent the ancient symbol, but they have effectively usurped it.

Elvis was encouraged by his jew handlers, including crypto-jew Colonel Parker, to “medicate” himself to oblivion. If Elvis had been a jew, the jews would have helped clean him up. Another case, Michael Jackson was the unusual African (all of whom are wrongly allowed residence in our country) who woke up to jewry, and who was surviving jewry’s onslaught of lies about child abuse and jewry’s onslaught to ruin him financially, so jews hired a “black” doctor to medicate him to death.

Oh, I’m so mean, huh? I used to love listening to the music and some of the lyrics of most of the singers I have mentioned above. I was duped from birth just like nearly everybody else was.

Now, I say to you, the evidence above is plenty. Make a few clicks. Do some reading. Do some thinking.

Finally, after all, it should be that THIS is the End of the Innocence. And this should be the End of the Ignorance. And this should be the start of the great White surge of self-defense retaliation for all that jewry has done against us, from 1913 to 9/11, from mass-foreclosures to medical murders, from raping our women to forcing us into horrendous wars.

There is only one suitable response. We are fully justified as we deliver the punishment  upon these invaders, upon every member of their murderous, parasitic race.


James T. Laffrey