Only Whites Make Whites



Only Whites invented science, control of electricity, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trains, planes, rockets, radios, televisions, telephones, computers, cameras, air-conditioners, electric and gas heaters, plastics, drilling machines, pumping machines, pistols, rifles, lasers, radar, sonar, and shall I go on?

Only Whites can do it again.

Only Whites can make Whites to invent the next great wonders.


EVERY great White scientist, inventor, explorer, truthteller, leader had two White parents, not one White parent and one nonWhite parent. Two White parents. A short list: Eric the Red and Leif Ericcson, Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, George Patton, Eustace Mullins, William Pierce, James McCanney.

Never support Whites who mate with nonWhites.

Never support the hybrid garbage offspring from interracial matings.

ONLY WHITES can and will make honesty, justice, creativity, prosperity, and security reign again.

No other races have ever done that, and they never will. Why? DNA. They haven’t, and they don’t, because they can’t.


Launch of White Man Music!


Boomer Rock without the ignorance.

If The Stones had stones.

Above, if the video doesn’t autoplay for you, simply click the download link up there and choose to play the vid with your own player, such as VLC, WindowsMediaPlayer, etc.


The video and songs provided on this page are short versions for your free enjoyment. What you’re missing are the guitar solos, the stronger verses, and group-chorus climaxes of the songs. And you’re missing the fun and inspiration of the video’s second half.

For a puny donation to the cause, you may own the full versions of the video and songs.

Note: I will not give away these songs and video prior to May 2018, if ever. They are available only in trade for a donation.

  • $5 donation gets the Triumvirate of songs — by email, or by other arrangement that you may request.
  • $10 donation gets the Triumvirate of songs and the “Wake Up!” video — by email or other arrangement that you may request, such as download or dvd.

To get the music, please scroll down to where you see my mailing address. Nope. No more mailing address. See below.


UPDATE: 13 June 2017

The response has been overwhelming. Oops, I mean the lack of response has been overwhelming. Not a single order for the music has been received. No friend, no anonymous reader, no foe. Nobody. I am the only person who has ever heard the full versions of the songs. And that’s the way it will stay. I like them, I listen to them in my car, and I am proud of them.

I will not give the songs away for free. If anybody wants to make a special request, do so by email (get my current email address from the homepage, bottom-right column).

Most of you own music and listen to music — all jew-written, jew-sung, and/or jew-approved for the deterioration of White minds and our White race. You think those are famous White people doing that writing, playing, or singing. Wrong. They are jews pretending to be Whites. Well, you’ve made your choice. And I’ve made mine.

The above offer and the current email address will expire soon.


“Wake Up by WhiteMan if the stones had stones”




German carmaker Audi, part of the Volkswagen corporation, has a nice slogan that says, “Vorsprung durch Technik.” In English, it means, “Advancement through Technology.”


However, I give it a hefty dose of reality, and it becomes:


“Vorsprung durch Rasse.”


Yes, “Rasse” means what you think it means. All of we true Whites get it, no matter which White language is used.


* Advancement through the White race.” Real advancement has only ever come through our White race. Look at history — not the jew-written lies but the best reportage by our White race and a few others. The truth does not fear investigation. Honest, deep investigation proves me right.

These are two races of canines. But for the non-human animals, we say "breeds" instead of "races." These two probably could mate and produce offspring. But who but jews, other nonWhites, or mental cases would want to? It's an easy and valid parallel: Think of the wolf as White and the burnt cinnamon bun as Negro.

These are two races of canines. But for the non-human animals, we say “breeds” instead of “races.” These two probably could mate and produce offspring. But who but jews, other nonWhites, or mental cases would want to mate them? It’s an easy and valid parallel: Think of the wolf as White and the burnt cinnamon bun as Negro.


* “Advancement through Negroes.” Yes, it’s a laugh-out-loud absurdity. There’s no advancement through Negroes.


* “Advancement through Arabs.” Nope.


* “Advancement through Asians.” If by “advancement” we mean small improvements in already existing inventions (inventions by Whites), and if we mean the Japanese slice of the Asian (Mongoloid) race, then we may give it a qualified “yes.” But no advancement by new inventions. And no advancement through the rest of the Mongoloid race.


* “Advancement through jews.” Absolutely the opposite is true. Decline, corruption, perversion, destruction through jews is the truth.


* I say again: “Advancement through Whites.” The only way real, original, positive advancement has ever happened.


Now, we’re handcuffed by jews.

Ok, you asked for it and you know it. A wolf and a burnt cinnamon bun. A mountain of evidence tells us we ought to classify these as two different species, not just different races of the same species. (See the on WhiteSchool page, the book “Erectus Walks Amongst Us.”) If these two kinds mate, which wins and which loses? The hybrid offspring will be shit compared to the wolf. The hybrid offspring will almost certainly be an improvement over the burnt bun, though burdened with extra mental and physical problems because of the compatible aspects of their different DNA. And not in the league of the wolf. Not ever.


We are, as a race, burdened by Whybrids.


We’re victims, for sure.


Our ancestors were derelict in their duty to recognize and kill threats to our race and what we have built.


But as Mr. JB Campbell has said, we must advance our mindset from victims to predators. And then we will rise again, we will wipe out our enemies, and we will achieve advancements upon those where our ancient ancestors left off – such as the Great Pyramids and the world’s network of pyramids – and we will achieve advancements upon those of today that are corrupted by jews, misused by jews, and weaponized against us by jews.


If you’re White, there’s hope in you. If you’re White, you have the IQ. If you’re White, there’s a hero in you! If you’re White.

The white “W” is for “Whites.” We are the White race — the European race spread around the world. The red “W” is for “Will.” We have the will. The blue “W” is for “Win.” Whites Will Win.

The white “W” is for “Whites.” We are the White race — the European race spread around the world. The red “W” is for “Will.” We have the will. The blue “W” is for “Win.” Whites Will Win.


Great White Images


The image above, and nearly all of the images below, are screenshots from the video at this link on the DukeOfDurham channel on YouTube (jewtube). Enjoy! And think. And know what we are “fighting” for when we kill jews and other invaders in our White-founded White-built country.


Even our pro-White writers and vid-makers usually use photos of dark-haired White men. I am not dark-haired. Most true Whites are light-haired. Often, the photos people lift off the Internet are of groups of hired models, most of whom are actually jews. Be careful about that, please.


Beyond “safeguard,” we must take it back. And that means we must kill the enemy invaders. The enemy invaders are (1) all jews, and (2) all other nonWhites.




That’s a classic, above, making the double-standard against us so very clear. The jews have conditioned the other races and most of our own race to wrongly think exactly that way — and in our own country! The jews were able to do that by deceitfully taking ownership of all big media and control of the government. For those who say, “But Obama is not a jew, he’s a Negroid piece of shit,” I offer this correction: Right, he’s a piece of shit, but he is also a jew because his mother was a jew. Her name was Stanley Ann Dunham, the daughter of two jews. This info is elsewhere on this site and on a few other valuable sites on the web.


Yep, meanwhile, the jew communities inside our country don’t diversify, and the Chinatowns don’t diversify, and the Little Saigons don’t diversify, etc., etc. And Israel doesn’t diversify (only jews can be citizens there, and the citizen test is by DNA, blood, parentage). And African countries aren’t diversifying. Etc., etc.

Anyway, we really don’t care if they diversify or not. We care about our country, and “diversity” is a jew agenda to genocide our White race in our own country and to wipe out our White race around the world. Why? Because only our race has proved to be capable of stopping and exterminating the anti-humans, the ultimate parasites, from our Earth. Previously, our all-too-lenient and merciful ancestors merely stopped the jews — which never got the job done.

Recent example, Adolf Hitler. He ordered jews to be expelled and many to be put to work, none to be mass-killed. He should have ordered the mass-extermination of all jews, but he didn’t. He thought there were many decent jews. Big mistake. (Fun link: The jew math.)

The jews always re-infected our countries through ever more stealthy, deceitful, murderous means. Now, we know. Full extermination is the only effective and true Solution.


The above image is an example of the jewsmedia’s relentless bombardment of us with their lies and mind-poisons about race and false “White guilt.” We are guilty of nothing. The jews and the other races are guilty of attacking us and spongeing off of us. We don’t go to their countries and take their jobs and demand welfare and “equal rights” and special privileges. But they are doing it here, and they will continue to do it until we are wiped out — unless we kill them. It will be easier than you think. When we kill enough of them, most of the others will get the message and flee.


That comment is from the website. It’s a strong and popular site, though the owner and most commenters are infected with the mind-poison Christianity, thus they remain Meek-ified, like they’re waiting for Jeeezuss to come save them. Hey, numbskulls, your savior committed suicide! He gave himself up to be killed! Anyway, the whole thing is fiction. It’s jew-written mind-poison well-designed to exploit the weakness in most Whites that is our “compassion gene,” so to speak. Our compassion is a strength when it is for our own kind but is a weakness when our compassion is for jews and other invaders and spongers.


The right attitude. This is what prevents the problem in the first place. After the problem exists, this is what stops the invasions. This is what reverses the flow.

Shooting, as is urged in the image, is quick and gratifying. But for many of us, shooting involves too much evidence. Alternative methods are many, including safe and silent methods leaving no evidence at all. See advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website, starting with “THE BEST.”

For starters: the simple, effective stranglehold; the push downstairs into a cement wall; the push off of a high floor or bridge. Think. Tell no one. Go on a dry run. Enjoy it. Do it.

We are the heroes who will write the next history books.