Manly P. Hall’s ‘Secrets’ Mission: Falsely Insert Jewry Into Our History

Manly Palmer Hall, right. This image will be repeated, larger, below.

Manly Palmer Hall, right. This image will be repeated, larger, below.

Who was Manly P. Hall, and why do we care at all?

Hall was cited by David Lane as one of Lane’s sources for the conclusion that William Shakespeare (spelled exactly that way) was actually Sir Francis Bacon. (See my four-part series on Lane and the famous Bruders Schweigen of the 1980s, especially part three.)

Manly Palmer Hall has gone down in history as the author of a very large book titled The Secret Teachings Of All Ages. (Note: I read the free version on That very useful doorstop was published in 1928, when Hall was only 27 years old. There is a clue, folks. But it was not my first clue.

I first approached the book by jumping to the main section on Bacon and Shakespeare. Indeed, the book has an interesting and believable section on Bacon being, without reasonable doubt, the true author of all attributed to Shakespeare. However, that wasn’t news to scholars in 1928, and it shouldn’t be news to anybody now, but it is news because of jewry’s constant corrupting, confusing, and confounding of our history.

When I attended Tennessee Technological University and studied journalism near the year 1990, my female professor and professional worshiper of Shakespeare derided the idea that Shakespeare could be any other than the famously statued actor of Stratford on Avon. Just a morsel, there, of my mis-education.

After I did a little cherry-picking in the book, I went to the beginning and began reading every word and taking notes. After several chapters, I had to stop. Clues were piling up. Jewish assertions were mounting, sometimes well weaved into the prose, but other times clumsily shoe-horned into the text. I had to pause my reading of what smelled like propaganda in order to investigate the celebrated author of the propaganda. After my investigation of Manly Hall, I returned to the book, and though I often skimmed, I finished it to the last.

Returning to the point of this article, let me state it flatly. Manly P. Hall was a jew, a secret jew, a crypto-jew. His main mission as author was to falsely inject jewry into history. His secondary missions, as evidenced in the “Secret Teachings” book, were to push mind-poison while espousing pacifism, thus keeping White people with the intelligence for philosophy from realizing and violently opposing jewry’s agenda of genocide of our race.

This exposure of Manly Hall should help make clear to the reader how long, wide, and deep jewry’s effort has been to mislead and poison our minds.

Interesting information on Hall is easy to come by. Wikipedia is enough. But remember: wikipedia is owned and operated by jews, where they never deliberately blow a crypto-jew’s cover. (Note: A site called “The Manly P. Hall Archive” tells an almost completely different story about Hall’s first two decades of life, and with less detail. I have dismissed it.)

Manly Palmer Hall was born in 1901 in Canada to “William S. Hall, a dentist, and Louise Palmer Hall, a chiropractor and member of Rosicrucian Fellowship.”

Already, smells like a jew. The Rosicrucians (“Rose” “Cross”) may have been started (in 1600 or earlier) with good intentions, but jewry infests and thrives in every secret organization of significance. That’s what jews do. It is not part of our mental makeup, and so we find it hard to believe. But jews are a different race, with different physical and mental traits, and we must learn to stop projecting our own ethics and morals onto them. They have none except for a single-minded, DNA-directed dedication to what’s good for themselves and their own race.

In the wikipedia entry, we’re told that Manly Hall never knew his father, and at age 18, in the year 1919, he moved to Los Angeles “with his maternal grandmother to reunite with his birth mother,” in Santa Monica, the trendy beach burb known for the Santa Monica Pier.

There are a lot of clues given already. His middle name was Palmer, which came from his mother not his father. He never knew his father, so it may have been a breeding of utility such as it was with the jewess Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. (if in fact Obama was the real African-race father; a Chicago communist is another strong contender).

Keeping the maternal-jew line together, Hall and his maternal grandmother reunited with his jew mother in jew Hollywood. I have changed “Los Angeles” and “Santa Monica” to “Hollywood” because the jews’ Hollywood infects and corrupts the entire so-called “White” civilization there (leaving aside the Mestizo and blackFrican areas). I know, partly because I lived there for a brief, enlightening time.

Almost immediately, Manly Palmer Hall was ordained into The Church Of The People, and he started publishing. How does an 18-year-old come from nowhere and in months become ordained? When he is a jew and the church is a jew front, that’s how. Within a year after that, he started booking lectures, the first being on the subject of reincarnation — mind poison, of course.

He delved into mysticism and other “philosophies,” and became “a student of Sydney J. Brownson, … a practitioner of phrenology.” Notice that “Sydney” is a common jew name, and phrenology was yet another jew-spread pseudo-science to distract and sour White minds.

And at the age of 27, after nine years in Tinseltown, voila!, he published the giant book The Secret Teachings Of All Ages. Estimated cost of that first edition: $150,000. That was in 1928. How much is that in 2013 dollars? A million? Where did the money come from?

Wikipedia says:

“During the early 1920s, Carolyn Lloyd and her daughter Estelle—members of a family that controlled a valuable oil field in Ventura County, California—began ‘sending a sizeable portion of their oil income to Hall,’ who used the money to travel and acquire a substantial personal library of ancient literature.”

If what wikipedia reports is true, then we have another classic example of a Chosen member of the self-Chosen People being very well guided and funded to fill a role jewry wanted filled. I have exposed others during my researches and writings in this four-year, three-website effort. Manly P. Hall is simply another one.

During Hall’s lifetime, the giant book was republished several times, and it is estimated that a million of them were sold before Hall’s death in 1990. Such wealth-producing books are jew-written, jew-published, and-or jew-approved and jew-promoted. Exceptions are rare. I cannot think immediately of a single one.

Hall married twice, and there are jew clues involved there. But the most obvious marriage-related evidence toward concluding that Hall was a jew is his ceremony with Bela Lugosi.

Hall performed the ceremony to marry the jew actor of Dracula fame, Bela Legosi, with his fifth wife, in 1955.

Manly Hall performs the marriage of jew actor Bela Lugosi and his fifth wife. Jews have been popes, priests, and presidents. Here, a crypto-jew performs the sham for two more cryptos.

In the wonderful world of Hollywood, Manly Hall performs his ordained role for the marriage of jew actor Bela Lugosi and his fifth wife. Jews have been popes, priests, and presidents. Here, a crypto-jew performs the sham for two more, and the jew-owned press reported it as if legit.

The photo of the event comes from this website dedicated to Lugosi’s life and career. There we learn among other things that Lugosi was an immigrant from Hungary who was magically welcomed into the lucrative land of Hollywood where nearly all jew dreams come true. Riches, fame, and White beauties to use and abuse.

The linked website displays quite a page on Legosi’s life. Photos, news clips. A procession of jews living out their parasitical fantasies in our country. The following two quotes are from newspaper clippings there.

  • Lugosi and his google-eyed bride “were wed in a ceremony performed by Manley P. Hall at his Hollywood home.”
  • “Hall, a long-time friend of Lugosi, identified himself as a writer, philosopher and an ordained minister. He married the couple in front of a huge hearth, flanked by Chinese devil dogs, amid the odor of burning incense. Lugosi’s son Bela Jr., 17, was best man, and Mrs. Pat Delaney, a city jail employee, was matron of honor.”

Back to wikipedia, we are told that in 1973 Manly Hall became a 33-Degree Mason. He was not a bricklayer, builder, nor architect. But he was a top-level mason in Freemasonry. During the last century of our country, that means a jew.

Finally, his long, lucrative anti-White service to jewry ended in his death in 1990.

Conclusions: by Hall and by me

For readers who would like a review of the famous book Secret Teachings Of All Ages, here it is:

The book is not a complete waste of time. A person can learn about, but not from, our ancient ancestors and the many mythologies that they invented for education and entertainment as they struggled to understand Nature, from the ants to the humans to planets and stars. But what is presented is twisted and mis-emphasized. Blatant lies included. (See excerpts below.) A far better way to learn is by seeking works by White authors and published before jewry got its stranglehold on Western publishing, or works produced independent of corporate publishing.

In regard to David Lane having credited this book as a source, I assert the following. David Lane was an intelligent man. Surely he did not read all of the book from end to end. Even though Lane was open to “mystical” knowledge, he was wise to jewry and would have recognized the agenda of this book just as I have recognized it.

Cherry-picking for quotes and references is a plague on our modern efforts to share knowledge quickly and widely. I have been guilty of it myself, later regretting it. The jews’ better and best propaganda always includes pieces of interesting truth. That’s the bait, the hook.

I would like to present some excerpts from Hall’s doorstop. These come near the end, and they will be followed by my attacks on them.

Here is one of the many lies from Hall:

That the philosophic culture of ancient Greece, Egypt, and India excelled that of the modern world must be admitted by all, even by the most confirmed of modernists.

Wrong. In fact, we have greatness now, but we are suppressed by jewry’s domination of systems of sharing and teaching our wisdom — major media and academia. It’s a war against us that we have yet to answer with all our might.

Adolf Hitler brought our ancestral wisdom from words and symbols and put it into practice to physically and mentally improve his nation and our race. On top of the book wisdom, he added his own brilliant recognition of Nature’s laws and raised up his nation against the anti-human race and for the security and future of his own most inventive and generous race among humanity.

It is a place of high honor to be an excellent teacher. It is a place of supreme honor, of ultimate greatness, to be both an excellent teacher and an excellent doer — with weapons, with love, and with organizations.

Adolf Hitler raised the bar on White accomplishment. It is our racial duty to learn from his example and to raise the bar again!

The ancients, with their mythologies, superstitions, and alchemy, plainly pale in comparison with Adolf Hitler.

Also, it must be said that if the ancients with their many different “Mystery Schools” and secret societies were so right, why were they in so much disagreement? If they had been correct about their “universal knowledge,” they would have been in agreement. But they were not.

Final page

Manly Hall began his final descent in the book with a barrage by which he falsely divided the philosophic and the materialistic, as if all materialism is bad.

However, a proper expression of materialism is to put into physical practice what our minds, our wisdom, our philosophic imperatives request us to do. Of course, every person who Manly Hall convinces to act like a monk is a person who will never oppose jewry’s seizure and control of public thought and material.

Raising the nonsense to highly decorated absurdity, Hall wrote:

Philosophers are nor born nor do they die; for once having achieved the realization of immortality, they are immortal. Having once communed with Self, they realize that within there is an immortal foundation that will not pass away. Upon this living, vibrant base–Self–they erect a civilization which will endure after the sun, the moon, and the stars have ceased to be. The fool lives but for today; the philosopher lives forever.

Wrong. Several points:

1. Actually, philosophers are born with the mental ability to mature into success as a philosopher, but his or her race’s culture must aid the climb. And then, at the end, they die as everyone dies.

2. There can be no “realization of immortality,” because there is no such thing. The idea of immortality is a human invention as a response to seeing what we can see of the universe and imagining that it is, relative to our lives, a thing without beginning and without end.

From the human point of view, our ideas can achieve immortality but only in the practical sense of continuing into the future for a very long time. (If they were truly immortal, they would have already been here for an unknowably long time!)

3. Philosophers do not “erect a civilization.” The inventors and the builders who apply their knowledge to our physical world are the ones who erect a civilization. A civilization is not a mere collection of people and thoughts! A civilization includes the orderly function of the houses, neighborhoods, and other physical structures and inventions that are our expressions of our philosophy, creativity, and collective culture.

5. “endure after the sun … ceased to be”?

Certainly not! If our sun were to cease to be right now, we would have 8 minutes and 20 seconds until instafrost.

The jew’s final clause is this:

“the philosophers of the ages invite YOU.”

“Invite” us into what? This entire book has done little but tease. The book unveiled zero wisdom, knowledge, or philosophical thought beyond what our best White truthtellers have already published and otherwise attempted to share with all of us. The best among us do not withhold their most important knowledge in “Mysteries.” And, by the way, the best among us have always been White.

So, this book “invites” us to what? It invites us to waste years, if not decades, of our lives trying to figure out the still-unexplained still-secret coding systems our ancestors employed to supposedly hide their greatest knowledge throughout their literature and other arts.

Meanwhile, jewry continues to seize all that our race has already invented and built, and continues to increase their genocidal control over every other aspect of our lives.

Fight the invaders. Kill them now. If we go into Japan and try to secretly control all media, their money system, and their government, they should kill us as the invaders we would surely be.

Invaders do not need guns when they have seized the means to control public opinion and when they can administer their physical poisons as medicines and inflict their mind poisons as religions and destructive philosophies.

Jews are invaders poisoning us to death. And speaking of guns, the jews have seized the reins of our armed forces (military and police). Thus, it is also a shooting war against us. When will the 2-a.m. raid come at your house or the house of someone you know?

Fight back now. Kill them all.

Previous punishments against the historically heinous jews have been merely to expel them — from England, Spain, Germany, et cetera. Not “persecutions” but deserved punishments. Those punishments fell short every time. Here we are, generations later, still suffering under jewry’s anti-human atrocities.

The solution is to kill them, as they have killed 100 million of our race just since the USA was founded by our White Founding Fathers. How many millions of Americans have they killed through contrived wars and financial depressions? Half a million in the “Civil” War. A million in the “Great” Depression. How many of our best young American men, potentially great leaders among them, were killed by WW1 and WW2? We should know, but we don’t, yet we all know the jews’ Big Lie Number — 6 million — because jews have beat it into our heads throughout our lifetime. The Korean War. The Vietnam War. The many little wars in the Middle East, are all obviously for jewry.

The killing never stops. It is always the killing of non-jews but especially Whites.

In our own country here on the North American continent, jewry has the low-IQ, violent blackAfrican race raping and killing us as they demand more of what they call “rights” but are in fact gifts. And jewry has the Mestizos (Mexicans, Latinos, and the like) working hard — not in producing value — trying to surpass the blackFricans. And jewry has the Asians and Arabs less violently but just as complicitly growing their alien colonies in our cities. All of it is displacing us and genociding us.

Yet, even our fully aware Whites are nearly all too cowardly to speak this truth in any public way.

Invaders must be killed.

Nothing stands in our way. The mental qualms we feel are conditioned responses taught to us since childhood, especially through television and the corrupted education system. Jews own the broadcast networks. Jews have systematically corrupted our education system for a century already. (The instrumental, jew-controlled Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations were established a century ago.)

We must finally rise up, fight back, and kill them. Kill them all. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. We must destroy the enemy invaders in order to achieve peace and security for ourselves and our children.

Fight back now. Kill them all. Use your intelligence. Use your stealth. Don’t be a martyr, be a winner.

Fight back now. Kill them, one by one. Do your share. We must kill them all.