No Weapon? No Problem

No Weapon? No Problem

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Forget the “fighting” and killing methods that tv and movies have taught us. That’s entertainment, and we know who owns it.

Let’s say you have no weapons, you don’t want to buy any weapons, and you don’t want to carry any weapons because just maybe the police will catch you carrying.

Fine. Previously, I have listed many tools that can be effective killers in our hands, such as a little jump-rope, a guitar cable, or the like. A sharp screwdriver, applied to the brain or heart. A syringe, perhaps filled with bleach, applied to the temple while a jew is standing at a urinal.

But those are weapons, you say?


Empty-handed, here’s what anybody can do:

Face to face, what’s the quickest way to disable someone and prevent that someone from being able to attack you? The eyes. With no warning whatsoever, you thrust your two strongest fingers into the eyes of an enemy. You want him or her blinded instantly. If you are strong, though it is not necessary, you thrust all the way in and pull out the eyeballs. That’s a joy, but is not necessary.

Two cautions: This is noisy compared to THE BEST article linked above because the enemy will shout in pain from the eyes jab. This is more of a self-defense option instead of a stealthy attack option.

So, you jab the eyes. Then, you trip and push the enemy to the ground or into a brick wall. If the enemy isn’t sufficiently stunned by that, you bash the enemy’s head on the floor or pavement. You simply want the enemy to hold still long enough for you to easily finish him or her off.

How to finish him or her off? Just stand on the enemy’s neck for a minute — two minutes to be certain. Done.

Or if you are concerned about leaving a shoe print on the enemy’s neck, then use your hands to pinch the nose and cover the mouth for a minute. Hold on during the squirming to breathe — that’s if the enemy is not quite unconscious. Done.

Simple as A, B, C. One, Two, Three.

  1. Jab eyes,
  2. bash head,
  3. stop breath.


Maybe you don’t want to get any of the enemy’s DNA under your two main fingernails. Fine. Use gloves. (Not thick, soft gloves; remember your purpose.) Otherwise, you need a tool.

Also, if the enemy is wearing glasses, you need a tool. How about a spray can? I have read that the police don’t want us to have pepper spray, mace, whatever. Why? Because these tools are effective, and the jews and their accomplices don’t want us Whites to have effective, legal, easy-to-carry, easy-to-use tools for self-defense, and especially not for offense.

No problem. If you like spray, how about a can of anti-roach pesticide. If you like squirt, how about a can of anti-wasp pesticide, which shoots a stream? The squirt is especially good at getting behind glasses. And then you follow steps two and three, above, to finish off the enemy.

You see? Just apply a little thought, a little planning, and you will arrive at techniques that are right for you in your chosen situations, and you will minimize noise, minimize the time factor, and maximize effectiveness.

Remember, if you buy anything for these purposes, buy with cash, buy where the sellers don’t know you, and keep your fingerprints off of anything that you might leave behind.

Whites Are Rising.

Whites Will Win.

The white "W" is for "Whites." We are the White race. The red "W" is for "Will." We have the will. The blue "W" is for "Win." Whites Will Win.

2 thoughts on “No Weapon? No Problem

  1. Even naked we have weapons. The throat as pointed out is an obvious target, hands can be used to crush the windpipe. It may seem savage but even the teeth are and effective tool, again aimed at the throat. It is well within the jaw’s capacity to rip out major blood vessels which are surprisingly exposed under soft flesh. Messy maybe, fatal certainly.

    Then of course are other less conventional weapons. A classic clown gag is a cream pie thrown in a person’s face, but if the cream were replaced with a fast acting glue the target will suffocate momentarily. Even in a crowded area the onlookers would be more likely to laugh then assist at first, by which point it is far too late to clear the airways.

    Do not forget that a neck can be broken by using the body’s own weight against it, either. The head is grabbed from behind and pulled back, then lifted, allowing the dead wight to do the work. A garotte can be used in place of the arms, if preferred. Cheese wire is a common suggestion.

    No matter what the method, the result is the same. One less one of them on this planet.

  2. It can work . . . and you can add a can of oven cleaner [not the environmental friendly kind], this sticks and literally burns the skin off leaving a good scar if you just want to deter and not kill.
    Alternatively you could clang, bash and smash and then apply the oven cleaner just to make sure there’s no DNA left behind.

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