Clues To I.D. jews: Add The Too-Wide Mouth

Update, Aug. 2016: See update near the bottom of this article adding the too-wide fingernails.

Update, Oct. 2016: Also near the bottom, see the addition of eye circles.

Clues To ID Jews

Add This To The List: The Too-Wide Mouth, their big mouths help give many jews away. It’s only right.

By the way, I wonder who originated the phrase about a wide smile being “ear to ear”?

“Ear to ear” is an impossibility, of course. But many jew smiles go almost to that extreme. They go even with the outside corners of the eyes.

That extreme smile usually grows out of an already too-wide mouth. Probably, you know it when you see it. But most Whites are so used to seeing the wide-mouths on tv pretending to be Whites that our Whites have become conditioned to think we have a lot of Whites with those mutant mouths.

Caution: This too-wide mouth is a clue, not a conclusion. And it only applies to a portion of the many jews trying to pass as Whites. The other races — Mongoloids (Asians and American Indians), Africans, Arabs, and their mixtures — include many mouths of extreme width. But Whites rarely, if ever, display such an extreme, according to my accumulated observations. (I invite examples to the contrary, with links to photos.)

In my own case, and to my knowledge about known Whites, our mouths are not wide and our smiles don’t go past the pupils.


John C. Beale, a fraudster near the top of the global-warming hoax. He was recently convicted of financial fraud from the C.I.A. for more than $900,000 — according to jewsmedia reports. Surely he is a jew, but the media are silent on that point, so he is a secret jew — crypto-jew.

J. C. Beale, crypto-jew

John C. Beale, crypto-jew

Here’s a known jew: boy actor Cameron Boyce. Don’t let the freckles throw you off. The hair, eyebrows, eyes, and too-wide mouth add up to say “enemy jew.”

Cameron Boyce, actor, jew, of the show "Mirrors" about which I know nothing.

Cameron Boyce, actor, jew, of the tv show “Mirrors” I have not seen.

Here’s another known jew: actor Ron Perlman. Behind that wide mouth is a giant mouth cavity, which we can guess is from the African DNA that is a significant part of the mongrel DNA of jews.

Ron Perlman, actor, jew

Ron Perlman, actor, jew

Look at Perlman’s family, below. Apparently, he married an African. Thus, their children are black jews. They will, of course, claim to be “African Americans.” But let’s be clear: They are not Americans, which is a term for members of the founding race of the country called the U.S.A. They are jews who are half-Africans who are wrongly allowed to live in our country. When not pictured with their jew father, it is very likely their jewness will be left out of all references to them as individuals, and they will not describe themselves as jews. Thus, the children are crypto-jews. By the way, African DNA is closer to gorilla DNA than White is to African. On this point and much more, I highly recommend reading Richard Fuerle’s book Erectus Walks Amongst Us linked on the WhiteSchool page of this site.

Ron Perlman, a jew, with his apparently African-race wife and two wide-mouth black jew children.

Ron Perlman, a jew, with his apparently African-race wife (right) and two wide-mouth black jew children.

A Stretch?

Now, lets take this wide-mouth clue into potentially controversial territory.

Clint Eastwood. I have never seen anyone suggest that Eastwood is a jew. But let me ask: Why has jewlywood protected him from media vilification over his dirty “private” life? Why has jewlywood glorified him? Why do his movies always glorify members of other races while always portraying White perpetrators? In his movies, why does he so frequently mate with nonWhites? His movies are anti-White propaganda. Every one of them. Typically, he is the lone supposedly White man against other supposed Whites who are mostly if not all bad men. And then he made the propaganda movie glorifying Nelson Mandela, a murderous terrorist tool of the jews in South Africa (recently, finally deceased).

Thus, although we have a mountain of career and personal-life clues toward Eastwood being a crypto-jew, it seems that we have no physical clues to Eastwood being a jew. But have you ever seen an unguarded, fully released smile by Eastwood? The following photos were very likely not unguarded, full-out smiles because they all seem posed for publicity purposes. Nonetheless, consider the width of the smiles.

Clint Eastwood, left to right, from young to old.

Clint Eastwood, left to right, from young to old. At right, the old eyes and mouth remind me of the old Paul Newman, a known jew.

Is Clint Eastwood a crypto-jew? I do not know. My guess, though on thin ice as it is based on only one physical clue, is yes.

If he is a crypto-jew, Eastwood would be very far from the first Hollywood jew not expressing (to cameras) any of the historically recognized physical features of jews. Do a search on a phrase such as “early Hollywood jewish actors” and get some surprises. More and more of them are being admitted on popular sites and obscure sites. Note: I put “jewish” in that phrase because Google and other jewed search engines often block results on a search for “jew,” which is a term the jews do not want us non-jews to use. Such blockages vary by country, too.

Mary Tyler Moore. Another among the very many cases of wide-mouths in jewlywood is this one, who got to have a sitcom named after her. So did jew Roseanne while most of us had no idea that Roseanne Barr is a jew. MTM was surrounded by other jews on her show, including the well known jews Ed Asner and Valerie Harper. Cloris Leachman, although wikipedia (owned and operated by jews) wants to keep her jewness a secret, is surely a crypto-jew. This linked site says so, though pretends that “jewish” is a religion not a race.

Young and old

Mary Tyler Moore, lifelong darling of jewlywood. At left, note the too-wide mouth. At right, the old, facelifted actress’s mouth looks increasingly jewy. Nose-changing and facelifting are most common among jews, the supremely deceitful and vain race.

So, is Mary Tyler Moore a crypto-jew? I do not know. I guess yes. This good linked site says she had a jew paternal grandfather. Whatever the source of that information, it smells of trying to limit the jew content of someone who has been undeniably outed in their ancestry. Likewise, Hillary Clinton, who has attempted to minimize her own jewness.

Before we leave Hollywood for the time being, I should provide this caution: Don’t automatically believe the jews’ stories about their parentage and childhoods, nor should we automatically believe any biographical info on actors and other celebrities of the jew-owned entertainment industry. Deceit against all other races is what the jews have, historically, always done.

Dick Cheney. His deeds say jew. His mouth suggests jew. Jewry protects and glorifies him. Is he a jew?

Dick Cheney. His deeds say jew. His mouth suggests jew. Jewry protects and glorifies him. Is he a jew?

Richard “Dick” Cheney. Leaving jewlywood for jewington DC, we find many more cases of wide-mouth liars and criminals. A high-level example is this former vice president. Cheney is usually seen as a bad White deliberately serving jewry. Look again. By his record, behavior, and mouth ye shall know him.

Crypto-jews are infesting our entire country. Now, we can identify them like never before because we have the Internet with fine websites featuring photos of thousands of known jews. After you look at many photos and videos of known jews, you will get a good handle on the main varieties of jews and their identifying features.

Two good sites of photos of many jews:

Then, take a closer look at your local politicians, bankers, insurers, reporters and editors, doctors and hospital administrators, teachers and professors and school administrators, union leaders, lawyers, travel agency owners, furniture store owners, department store owners, and more. You will see enemy jews among them no matter what town you are in.

You know, if all jews had brown or black skin, we would have figured this out long ago and rightly extinguished them for all time. But their mongrelized DNA includes genes for white skin, giving many of the jews a strong chance to deceive us and pass as Whites.

Priority: get familiar with the physical features of the most common jews.

A Guide To Identifying jews

Funny and True. Nine kinds of rat-faced jews. Each of the nine begins with the same caracature of the classic hooknosed, slant-foreheaded, thick-lipped jew. With only different hair and glasses, we can note resemblances to the famous and infamous.

Funny and True. Nine kinds of rat-faced jews. Each of the nine begins with the same caricature of the classic hooknosed, slant-foreheaded, thick-lipped jew. With only different hair and glasses, they bear resemblances to some of the famous and infamous. Top row, right: Brent Musburger, longtime sportscaster.  Middle row, left: radio and tv scum jew Howard Stern. Bottom row, left: dead jew lawyer turned sportscaster Howard Cosell, supreme promoter of Africans in our White-invented sports in the USA. Or perverted jew Marv Albert, a stupid, grammar-corrupting sportscaster. Who do you see in those images above?

Here’s a quick summary of the easiest-to-recognize physical features of most jews. Common jews exhibit one or more of them. From the top:

  • thick, curly black hair. Why was heavy hair gel made “popular” since the beginnings of movies and tv? Because jews were trying to tame those curls and needed other races to use the goop, too, to give the jews cover.
  • marked forehead slant.
  • a convex nose, especially the “hook” nose where the sharpest bend is in the bottom half. Why has jewlywood featured so many shows and plots about plastic surgery? Because jews write what they know and do, and the number of doctored jew noses is uncountable.
  • the bottom end of the nose hangs lower than the bottom of the base of the nose.
  • thick lips.
  • a peculiar, “devious” curl to the corners of the mouth.
  • from the back and side, the appearance of a short-necked lizard-like back lacking the “s”-curve of the White spine.
  • short in height. Often, the legs are disproportionately short compared with the torso — also a common characteristic in the Mongoloid race.

There are other characteristics that are harder to describe, such as the look about the eyes of very many jews, the walk (which jew Charlie Chaplin exagerrated), hand and arm activity, and voice and manner of speaking.

Keep in mind that jews are a mongrel race. They mongrelized millennia ago, and they have preserved that mongrelized core ever since. It is a mix of aspects from every major race, mostly the worst aspects. jews suffer the extra physical and mental diseases that afflict mongrels, yet jews include a trait for high intelligence though it expresses only in a total self-focus and race-focus against all others.

As mongrels, the curly black hair trait comes from the African DNA, along with the slant forehead, thick lips, and the often heavy brow ridges. It may be that the slant forehead and pronounced brows also come from old Neanderthal DNA. Larry King (photos below) and various past leaders of Israel are forehead and brow models. The convex nose is also a trait of the other “semites” the Arabs, a hybrid race. The lizard-like back shape would seem to be a variant of the fairly common flat-back flat-butt of the Mongoloid race (Asians and American Indians).

At left, Larry King's mugshot, 1971, when the statute of limitations saved the criminal jew from a larceny conviction. At right, King is with Walter Cronkite who also has suspicious facial features in profile. Cronkite lied to us for decades as news anchor for CBS, a network founded by jew William Paley.

At left, Larry King’s mugshot is from 1971, when the statute of limitations saved the criminal jew from a larceny conviction. At right, King is with Walter Cronkite who also had suspicious facial features in profile. Biographies on him offer many jew clues. Cronkite served jewry for decades as the top tv news anchor for CBS, a network founded by jew William Paley.

Jewry reserves the least jew-looking jews for various public positions, especially lead roles in Hollywood and the White House (likewise in other countries) if those jews prove to have on-camera charisma. Here is a batch of jews who are recognizable as jews to those of us who have made ourselves familiar with the main varieties of jews:

more info

We must raise our familiarity of known-jew faces so that we can apply that awareness to the crypto-jews around us. In the top row above, profile views would further help identify them as jews, but all of their jew features are relatively subtle. Have you noticed how rarely tv and movies show the big, hooknosed jews in profile? They know what they’re doing.

At least half of the presidents of the USA since and including Franklin Roosevelt have been jews. (For links to sources, see the article “Jews For President?“) Truman and Eisenhower were known jews. Johnson was, and the Bushes are, the Sephardic kind of jews. Clinton’s mystery father makes Slick Willy a likely jew whose secret continues to be protected by the jewsmedia. (Hillary Clinton is a known jew who tries to minimize her jewness as a small fraction of her blood.) Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan seem not to have been jews. Despite being jews, the jew presidents were not the top jews of the world, just as jew Barack Obama (whose mother was a jew) is certainly not the decisionmaker of the White House, let alone of the world.

Jews have strategically mated with well-placed members of every other major race, thus there are jews who look Chinese, jews who look African (Obama, for example), and on and on. (Readers may simply search for terms such as “Chinese jews” to get more info and documentation.) Some of those hybrid jews are leaders in those races’ countries. This interbreeding, along with control of international money and the U.S. War Machine, explains why nearly all of those races’ countries walk in step with jewry’s world agenda rather than defy the self-”chosen” Enemies Of Humanity.

For us Whites, we can add the too-wide mouth and too-wide smile to our toolkit for identifying and eliminating the scum jews infesting our country (countries).

Update, Aug. 2016: Add the too-wide, extra-thick fingernails. Since the jew DNA is mongrel DNA (the core of which they solidified by inbreeding over at least 2,000 years), manifestations include characteristics from any race. In this case, Negro fingernails. Too-wide, especially. Also, too-thick. They’re ugly. So, if you see a maybe-White person with Negro fingernails, you are seeing either a jew or a White-Negro hybrid. There are two cases I see repeatedly in my area: One is a jew, the other is a W-N hybrid.

This combo image came from a google search for "celebrity eyes."

This combo image came from a google search for “celebrity eyes.” The top three jews pretending to be Whites have clearly dark circles around the irises. The bottom jew has circles that offer no clue.

Update, Oct. 2016: Add the too-dark circle around the iris (the wide colored part of the eye). For us Whites, we might have a slightly dark circle around the outer edge of the iris. But a dark, easy to see circle is not from White DNA. Meanwhile, not all nonWhites have the dark circle. Therefore, the strong dark circle offers a clue, though alone not a conclusion, identifying nonWhites.

We who are at this level of knowledge have the racial duty to act, whether we attract followers or not. Our goal and our methods — By All Means — are fully justified in self-defense, in retaliation, and in securing a future for our children and our race.

Our race invented all of the modern tools and comforts. Our race invented science. Our race is generous and tolerant (both to a fault, and awfully gullible). No other race has our combination of qualities (nor does any other race suffer our suicidal all-races compassion). We had a great, prosperous, peaceful country. We can have it again.

It is force that establishes a territory and country for a race. It is force that maintains the country against all infections and invasions. And it will be our force that re-establishes our country for our race. Otherwise, it would fall to total jew control over brownskins and blackskins, with Whites extinct.

Our record proves that we are the most admirable race of Earth. Our best are always head-and-shoulders over all of the rest.

Now, in this worst of times, is our opportunity to roar back, make history, and retake our country and direct our own future. Get to it.


James Laffrey


4 thoughts on “Clues To I.D. jews: Add The Too-Wide Mouth

  1. After long hesitation, I have decided to provide the following link to a Stormfront discussion on How To Identify A Jew. My hesitation has been because:

    1. The good comments and tips are mixed with crap from infiltrators on Stormfront.

    2. There are two pdf files that are offered on that page, and they are safe for download and viewing — I have done so — but they include stupid statements about “lizard” and “reptilian” a la David f’n Icke.

    Fact: Nobody shape-shifts or transforms from human to lizard to human.
    Fact: Many jews do, indeed, have physical features and sometimes behavior that can be described usefully as like a lizard or as reptilian.

    So, with those cautions firmly in place, I now offer the link.

    The following is a copy-and-paste of an email I have received in regard to Clint Eastwood. The info very well deserves to be posted here, and I thank the man who sent it. Here it is, in its entirety minus the man’s name and email address — since I didn’t ask for his consent on publishing his email and name. Enjoy:

    I just read your article about crypto-jews in which you wrote about the actor Clint(on) Eastwood.
    I just wanted to tell that I have looked the internet about him being jewish to almost no finding, except!:

    in the (jewish controlled) Wikipedia article about him, it is written that:

    1) quote:”I don’t see myself as conservative,” Eastwood has stated, while noting in the same breath that he isn’t “ultra-leftist”, either.[] At times, he has supported Democrats in California, including Senator Dianne Feinstein in 1994″

    so he supported the most jewish, most anti-white Feinstein

    2)Eastwood’s relationship with actress Sondra Locke began in the autumn of 1975 while filming The Outlaw Josey Wales. They lived together, part-time, for nearly fourteen years, although Locke remained married to her gay husband, Gordon Anderson.[notes 264, 265] Eastwood befriended Locke’s husband and purchased a house on Crescent Heights Boulevard in West Hollywood for Anderson and his male companion.[258]

    So he’s in support of the faggot so called “gay” people, I mean I understand it is something that always existed & always will, but seems to me a “real” (racially conscious) white will not act to facilitate/propagate it, I mean they do as they please in their private life, but I would not buy a house to a pair of homos even if I was a millionaire (which I am not, am quite poor in fact).
    Indeed, further in the article:

    “He has endorsed same-sex marriage[303][309][310] and contributed to groups supporting the Equal Rights Amendment for women, which failed to receive ratification in 1982.[311]”

    Again this is “gay” lobbying…(I can understand abortion can be legal as is here in France, at least when the woman is in danger it is understandable, well…unfortunately niggers & colored-bums do not have enough abortions)

    3) Anti-gun policy (federal scam to get the people unarmed & completely at the mercy of the jewish governments as it is here in Europe):

    “Despite being heavily associated with firearms in his Westerns and cop movies, Eastwood has publicly endorsed gun control since at least 1973. In the April 24, 1973, edition of The Washington Post, the star stated that “I’m for gun legislation myself. I don’t hunt.”

    clear statement here: this actor finds normal that cops or armies serving jews’ interests are armed, but as he does not hunt, he would like others to be forbidden to hunt probably…always the same mentality to forbid everything in private/individual liberties as they do with smokers all over the world following the communist United Nations’ orders…(no smokers, no gun…under the one world jewish Red/Green etc tyranny) in the same time as they want to put poisons in people with tainted vaccines (Big Pharma lobbies).

    Well the smoking rant is a parallel I do because I am a regular smoker of cigarettes, and for example I would not try to prevent someone to drink a glass of scotch after a hard days work or a beer when relaxing, if this is something that people enjoy, I mean they have bought it they can use it, it’s basic respect for personal freedom, and white people’s freedom is intolerable to the jews of course!

    They can do whatever, but we can do less & less as the years go, I do not understand how people do not see this revolution/destruction of white’s way of life (the “green” extremists would banish even our cars if we let them have their way) done by “small steps” toward total enslavement!

    Well, I suppose maybe these bits of “information” will maybe be useful to you & your readers if you edit your article with these details, the picture is crystal clear: this actor perhaps is not a jew, but is full on with the jews’ agendas…

    I would of course appreciate to have your take on this or informations about other less-known crypto-jews you might know if you have the time to answer to me.

    Best regards from France,


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