‘Wish’ A Happy New Year? No. MAKE IT A Happy New Year.

‘Wish’ A Happy New Year? No. MAKE IT A Happy New Year.

Did you wish a Merry Yuletide or did you make it a Merry White Yuletide?

Wishes don’t work. Wishes are asking for some other person — or some thing — to do what you want done.

Wishes are not action. Neither are these words of mine.

Here is a jew. James Schiffer, professor and administrator who has hopped from college to college.

Here is a jew. Exposed. James Schiffer, professor and administrator who has hopped from college to college. In my former ignorance, I worked for him at Northern Michigan University. To my knowledge, he does not tell any White people that he is a jew. Further info at bottom of article.

During the Yuletide, if you exposed, expelled, or permanently silenced at least one jew infesting our country, you made it a Merry Yuletide.

Likewise, to make it a Happy White New Year, each one of us must at least expose local crypto-jews. Better, expel at least one from our country, though that is difficult, I know. Best of all, and easier than expelling, is permanently silencing any jew in your county, state, or in our country. Yes, that means killing an enemy jew.

Don’t buy the programming from the tv crime shows. Their purpose is to influence your thinking. As we know, their depiction of always-White perps is meant to make us Whites think our race is no good and to encourage the other races to increase their hate of our race.

Those fiction programs have another purpose: They want us to think that the so-called “law enforcement” agencies will use their scientific wizardry to catch our White heroes no matter how careful we are. They want us to think we cannot get away with any deeds in our self-defense. Reality is the opposite of that.

For example, they can not make clear closeup photos from grainy distant security cam videos. If you use Photoshop or a similar software program, you know that you can’t make a good photo from a bad one. If the original photo lacks detail, then there’s no detail there upon which to improve. In that case, a clear photo would be a faked photo.

Here is another jew. Exposed. Jason Schneider, infiltrator of Marquette, Michigan. Unlike Schiffer above, Schneider does not have obvious jew physical features. More info at bottom of article.

Here is another jew. Exposed. Jason Schneider, infiltrator of Marquette, Michigan. Unlike Schiffer above, Schneider does not have obvious jew physical features. Now, he looks like a homosexual, which I believe is most common among the jew race. More info at bottom of article.

What about all the tv noise about facial-recognition software? It’s hype. If you cover parts of your face, there’s no way for software to recognize you. Covers include glasses, bandage, hat, or hood. Also, you can easily change the contours of your face. Be slack-jawed when you are in camera range at the scene of your heroic deed. Or squint and scrunch up your face during that minute. Or puff out your cheeks. Wear makeup. Never look up into the cameras.

Notice that the tv crime shows have a zillion different tests they can do if they collect every molecule of material from the “crime” scene. But for each show, they magically choose the useful evidence to collect, and then they magically perform the correct few tests that link the “crime” to a suspect.

If you don’t leave obvious evidence for them, they will have nothing. (Consider leaving a piece of false evidence to misdirect them. However, this requires clear and clever thought to avoid it from backfiring on you.)

If you do your deed in a distant place where nobody knows you and where you will not return, they will have no suspect at all. Instant cold case. They move on to the next case. That’s reality.

The “crimes” they solve are the deeds of the ignorant, nearly always involving family or friends or acquaintances, and nearly always in the same vicinity. So, if you risk staying in a motel for a night in that city, make it across town.

It helps immensely to have a partner who keeps the vehicle you are using — if you are using a vehicle — away from the deed, thus away from any potential cameras and any potential witnesses. But for many of us, there is no such person we can trust.

During your excursion, don’t carry your cellphone. Don’t use a credit card. Don’t mark your trail. Don’t tell anybody where you really went.

A mongrel race, the jews' physical features vary from their core group's very jewy hair, foreheads, noses, and mouths.

A mongrel race, the jews have physical features that vary from their core group’s very jewy hair, foreheads, noses, and mouths. When learning to identify jews near you, it is helpful to consider who some known jews look like. The jew front-left looks like a famous actor in younger days whose name I cannot immediately recall. The back-right jew looks like the dead homosexual jew Freddie Mercury of the band Queen. And do you see the jew bearing resemblance to the dead counter-culture (anti-White) singer John Lennon? Some jews have strategically mated into every other major race, thus there are even some blond jews, though most of Hollywood’s jewesses are bottle-blondes.

Our strengths are our mobility, unpredictability, our White creativity, and efficiency.

As jewry gets wind of our successful efforts, most jews will flee our country. Even if the jewsmedia throw a cloak of silence on our increasing wave of deeds, the word will spread among the network of jewry.

It will be a joy to see the enemy jews crazed with terror like the terror they constantly inflict upon our ignorant people. (We who are not ignorant are not in terror: We are activated by the jews’ atrocities against our people.) The jews’ emotional and neurotic reactions will hasten our ultimate White victory.

Go out and make it a Happy White New Year.

  • Selected articles of advice are linked in the “Not For TV Addicts” section at the bottom of this website.
  • James Schiffer, jew. Despite having the obvious jew hair and nose, he qualifies as a secret jew — crypto-jew — because he hid his jewness and pretended to be White in Marquette, Michigan, where I knew him. Look at where he has been and some of what he has done, here and here, to see his anti-White opportunities.
  • Jason Schneider, crypto-jew. When I first met him, he was a student at Northern Michigan University who opened a parent-funded coffeeshop and operated it as an old-style, dingy, hippie-ish hangout. He typically wore glasses then. In the photo above, the blue of the eyes may be natural or from contacts. After travel and counter-culture (which is anti-White culture) activism, he returned to Marquette, got on the City Commission spouting small-business do-gooding and saying the commission needed “a wide range of ages” on it rather than the wisest members of the community, and then he jumped to indirectly representing the jew giant international mining corporation Rio Tinto as it increasingly rumbles Marquette county.

One thought on “‘Wish’ A Happy New Year? No. MAKE IT A Happy New Year.

  1. James, here. My notes are in bold type. The “todd” comment in its entirety is below in normal type. This guy is a jew or jew-tool who is trying to insert wedges between the main populations of our White race. Irish people are Whites and always have been, but “todd” claims otherwise and quotes the infamous jew Ignatiev who openly called for genocide of the White race. That particular heinous jew recently died, as I noted in a recent article here. I am half Irish and half German — fully of the WHITE RACE, also known as the “European race.”

    And the lying scum “todd” claims that the Cahokia monolithic structure was built by American Indians. Of course, the American Indians are of the Mongoloid Race from Asia and to this day continue to demonstrate their racial low IQ and lack of ability to systematically discover knowledge, invent technologies, document them, and maintain them. The Cahokia structure is a record and teaching tool of our White race’s knowledge of Nature’s cycles, including the Sun and Moon, and our ancestor’s knowledge of global sea navigation. The “todd” refers to the Indians as “Indigenous Americans” as if they originated here. They didn’t. And the evidence says, monumentally, that our White race was here before the Indians from Asia came and, apparently, killed off the Whites. How could that happen?! Because our race is so gullible, tolerant, sympathetic, and compassionate with OTHER RACES. Meanwhile, the other races are not tolerant and compassionate with other races. We should be tolerant, sympathetic, compassionate, and generous ONLY WITH OUR OWN PEOPLE.

    Now, here is the “todd” spew:

    You close comments to your posts very quickly, so I am posting my comments here.

    Your concept of race is quite confused. First, who told you that you’re White? You look Irish to me, and your name Laffrey looks like a variation of the common Irish surname Lafferty (possibly an Ellis Island mix-up?). The Irish were never considered White in America, and have only very recently become ‘honorary Whites.’ Check out the book ‘How the Irish Became White,’ by Noel Ignatiev.

    Secondly, Cahokia (the largest archaeological site in North America) was built by ‘White’ men? Really? So now the Indigenous American peoples are also considered ‘White’? That’s certainly news to me — and it would also be news to them. Or to anyone living in America during the past 250 years: White, Red, or other.

    The “todd” sent his comment through a proxy in Hungary. The stupid email address is surely a fake. Here are the basics:


    I, James, have NO TOLERANCE for the enemy jews and their accomplices. Death to them all.
    Whites Will Win, exterminate jewry, and restore peace with the other races in their separate countries.

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