Tom Selleck And His jew-Blood ‘Blue Bloods’

Tom Selleck And His jew-Blood ‘Blue Bloods’

Tom Selleck (second from left) and three jews pretending to be Irish White Americans.

Tom Selleck (second from left) and three jews pretending to be Irish White Americans.

Hollywood actor Tom Selleck’s latest tv series, running four years now, is Blue Bloods.

Certainly, the show attracts a lot of White viewers because they are fans of Selleck, thinking he is a kind of White hero actor.

Maybe Selleck is White. (Update: See the comment I added below this article.) But certainly, most White viewers do not know this: On Blue Bloods, Selleck is surrounded by jews — along with a few glorified Africans, as usual. (An African as the mayor is the boss of Selleck’s police commissioner character. This fiction of Africans as intelligent bosses capable of the highest-level positions in White society is another staple of Hollywood’s anti-White output.) Those jews are pretending to be Whites, in this case Irish Whites. My educated guess is that every other member of the Selleck character’s family is played by a jew.

If the jews are so anti-White, why do they portray any heroes as “Whites” on tv and in movies? There is only one reason: To keep Whites watching, soaking in all of the mind-poison ideas seen and heard.

For readers who don’t think tv can influence us, I ask:

  • Why do you laugh out loud, right on cue? Why do you get teary-eyed, right on cue?
  • Why do you get angry, right on cue?
  • Why do you get horny, right on cue?
  • Why do you get angry if somebody interrupts while you are glued to your favorite program?
  • Why do you want to buy something you have only seen and heard about by way of tv?

If commercials didn’t work, corporations wouldn’t spend millions of dollars on them. Meanwhile, the non-commercials are really commercials, too. Commercials selling ideas, poisonous ideas.

The Blue Bloods show uses the premise of a multigenerational, supposedly White, police family’s experience and authority to push the jews’ anti-White agenda. The most recent episode of that propaganda that I happened to see was Season 4 Episode 4, in which jew Donnie Wahlberg (brother of jew “Marky Mark” Wahlberg) approves and defends the degeneracy of transvestite homosexuals. He is also credited with having directed the program, so he was an accomplice in the sick suggestion that “normal” White men can be seduced by such transvestites into consensual, ongoing homosexual depravity.

As usual, the villain perps of the show are depicted as Whites. When Africans (wrongly called “African Americans” in the U.S.A.) are shown to have committed crimes, they are given “noble” reasons for having done so. Of course, this is typical across the board of tv programming. Movies, too.

Can you imagine if Muslim Arabs owned Hollywood and the rest of the tv and movie industry across the country? Do you think our fellow Whites would realize that Hollywood has an anti-White agenda? What if Hollywood were owned by Africans putting out the programming that the jews are putting out? Do you think our fellow Whites would realize that Hollywood has an anti-White agenda?

The thing is, jews are a mongrel race (more-so than any other race, though stabilized over at least the last two millennia), and they use their most White-looking jews with some on-camera charisma to play White characters. Arabs and Africans wouldn’t be able to populate tv and film programming with Arabs and Africans pretending to be Whites. Neither would Mongoloids (Asians). But jews can.

Another thing is that jews have programmed us from near infancy to think that our race is the villain race of the world, to think that we must feel guilt, and therefore we must tolerate everything — everything — being done against us.

Thus, we have been shut out of the good jobs, the lucrative jobs, and we are prevented from having our own neighborhoods and organizations while the other races can have their own one-race neighborhoods, organizations, companies, and endless government handouts.

Meanwhile, the jews always have had their own one-race everything. And jews have monopolies on banking, insurance, gold, silver, diamonds, media networks, major sports leagues, and much more. When Whites founded and built this country, it was natural that Whites populated and owned the industries that Whites invented. And along came the jews to claim that those were “illegal” “immoral” monopolies and must be broken up and “diversified.” Our too-compassionate, too-tolerant, too-generous, gullible race bought it.

But now that jews control all of it, there is not a peep about “evil monopolies,” is there?

Meanwhile, jews medically poison us with vaccines and other so-called medicines that are laced with toxins. And jews encourage our population to drink alcohol, a poison, at every occasion and in response to every emotional event. Also, they have made it seem that drinking coffee throughout the day is as normal as drinking water. Don’t underestimate what regular coffee-drinking does to the mind and body.

Meanwhile, jews are flat-out murdering us, a few at a time, here in our own country. And in wars, jews are deliberately sending duped Whites to die when forced to fight the people the jews hate in other countries. That is, in fact, murder.

When jews train our “police” forces to hate us for telling the truth about the jews and about our jew-infested government, they turn the police into militarized, hair-triggered, anti-White thugs.

  • It is murder when those jew-serving thugs invade homes and kill White defenders of our own homes.
  • It is murder when those jew-serving snipers kill our fellow Whites on our own land.
  • It was murder when jew-serving snipers killed Randy Weaver’s wife and one of his children.
  • It is murder, slow murder, when the jews’ government psychiatrists declare veterans and other armed and intelligent Whites as “mentally incompetent” and then chemically lobotomize them. (See my article on “Destroy The Accuser” for the tip of that horrendous iceberg.)

The jews are killing us.

We must kill them.

This is our White-founded, White-built country. We have every right, and we have the moral duty, to defend ourselves, our families, our race, our land, and our country. All of it. We must kill the invaders, the jews. And we must expel the other non-Whites.

The path to peace always has been bloody. Students of history know this to be true. Better the enemy’s blood than ours.

Blue Bloods is another piece of heinous propaganda in the jews’ war against, first and foremost, our White race, and secondly against all other races. The jews are the only race against all other races. And they know it, which is why they accuse Whites of it. That’s what jews do — commit the crimes and blame them on others. jews manipulate all others to kill each other.

That’s why the jews rarely mention themselves in their Hollywood output. They are the evil little “Oz” behind the curtain. One of the appropriate titles jews have earned throughout history is “The Masters Of Deceit.” Another translation of the phrase, which comes from a different European language, is “Masters Of The Lie.” Exactly right.

There is no lie too big for the jew to tell. One of our White race’s weaknesses is gullibility. Since we would never attempt such gigantic lies, we automatically think that such gigantic claims repeated by all of the jew-owned media must have at least some truth to them. Thus, the jews have sunk their hook into us.

Lies against the Vikings. Lies against the original Romans. Lies against the great Germans. Lies against us, our history, our qualities, our inventions, our accomplishments.

It is genocide. If you know what “genocide” means, as coined and defined by the jews in the United Nations as yet another tool against us, you know that it applies to what they are doing to us.

We have every right, and the duty, to fight back now, with all of our intelligence and all of our might, and do what our ancestors were always too nice, too merciful, too compassionate, too gullible, too duped to do: Exterminate the jew infestation.

Finally, our generation has begun to get the job done. Wouldn’t it be nice if enough of us joined-in so that the job got done soon, while we are still alive to enjoy the victory and to shape the great White prosperity to follow?

There’s no paper to sign, no dues to pay, no statement to make. Just kill jews. See advice articles linked at the bottom of this site.

Whites Will Win.


James T. Laffrey,

Of White Blood, half German and half Irish.


One thought on “Tom Selleck And His jew-Blood ‘Blue Bloods’

  1. Update: Selleck is a jew. How could anyone so popular and for so long, who was given so many chances to succeed (like 6 failed tv pilot shows), in Hollywood, not be a jew?

    Further evidence: His parents were Martha Jagger and Robert Dean Selleck, who was big in real estate, and they moved from Detroit to the Los Angeles area when Tom was a child. Do you know any Jaggers who are not open jews or crypto-jews? I do not. Most people think of Mick Jagger, who is of course a crypto-jew. About “Selleck,” such an odd name, I have been researching traitor Aaron Burr’s family tree, and a member of the jew Burr family named John Burr married a Martha Godfrey and they had a son they named “Selleck” in 1775.

    Yes, I have concluded that Aaron Burr was a jew from a long line of jew Burrs in America starting with Jehu Burr. “Jehu” is a jew name, was a king of the jews some hundreds of years BC.

    They are enemy jews, folks. Some of them hide it well. And their tribe hides it well for them. But their very tribalness helps to out them.

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