Timothy Olyphant Is The ‘Justified’ Bait

Timothy Olyphant Is The ‘Justified’ Bait

Walton Coggins (left) is "Boyd." Timothy Olyphant is "Raylan."

Walton Goggins (left) is “Boyd.” Timothy Olyphant is “Raylan.”

Most viewers of the tv series Justified starring Timothy Olyphant have not, I’ll bet, ever summed up the situation.

For example, a family summary. We have met the Olyphant character’s father, “aunt” (actually, step-mom), and a bunch of cousins, and they are all bad. Portrayed as “White” Southerners of Kentucky, they are all bad. Olyphant’s character, Raylan Givens, is the only “good” White in his family.

A summary of Kentucky people. It would seem that the only “good” White person in at least the whole of Harlan County is Olyphant’s character, and he never wanted to return to his homestate of Kentucky but was given no option by his employer, the U.S. Marshall Service. Meanwhile, Kentucky seems to have a lot of “noble” African criminals (so-called “African Americans”) who only do bad things for good reasons and because, deep down, it’s the fault of all awful racist Whites. So, we’re led to believe.

Exception: Raylan Givens’ boss seems to be of Kentucky, and he is portrayed as an intelligent, good-humored, White man.

Who would have tuned in to watch that show once and then ever return to watch it again, if not for the “hero” White guy played by Olyphant in the role of a horny DirtyHarry of rural Kentucky?

If not for the charming lady-killer and criminal-killer character, I should hope that no White person with at least a sour-dough bisquit’s weight in brains would put up with what that show does against White people.

By the way, has the Olyphant character shot dead a non-White character yet? Why oh why does it seem that all of the serious villains on Justified and across tv are portrayed as Whites? It is unjustified. FBI stats, and local news reports (that never make it into the nightly news and CNN), show that the Africans in the USA are the most criminal race — violently criminal. Of course, jews are the ultimate criminal race, but most of their crimes are not collected by the FBI nor reported in the jewsmedia. But –

On occasions when jews’ crimes are put into stats and reported by the jewsmedia, are they correctly recorded as crimes by jews? No. Nearly always, they are reported as “White” crimes. The jews hide in the “Caucasian” category, which is a deceit. Most jews may qualify as “Caucasians,” but no jews are Whites.

(For readers who, sadly, will only believe jews on this matter, do a search on “race” and jew Albert Einstein, or jew Theodor Herzl, or jew Benjamin Disraeli, or many a rabbi. Or look at older posts on this site, or choose links from the WhiteSchool page. Or simply realize that the jew country Israel decides who is a jew by parentage, which is blood, which is DNA, which is race.)

Anyway, it ought to be obvious now that Timothy Olyphant is the bait to get White people to watch the anti-White Justified.

Actually, there’s nothing justified about the show.

And another thing: Most of the so-called “Whites” on the show are not Whites. They are jews.

Extreme mouth. The unguarded, full-out smile goes about even with the outside corners of the eyes. That's a clue to a lot of secret jews.

Extreme mouth. The unguarded, full-out smile goes about even with the outside corners of the eyes. That’s a clue to a lot of secret jews.

Currently, the most obvious of the obvious jews is the “Duffy” character. But jews are a mongrel race, and they produce a variety of faces, some of which look very White. (See “Clues to I.D. jews.”) Olyphant, for instance. His too-wide smile, other subtleties of his face, his short stature, his walk like a loose-limbed queer on a tightrope, and his ongoing support from the race of jewlywood tell me that he is a crypto-jew (meaning “secret jew”). But he can dupe 99 percent of our population, so jewry gives him lead roles.

Update, April 2014: I saw a scene from a recent episode in which Olyphant was in near darkness but lit across the front of his face, and he had a very lizard-like appearance. Now, dear readers, please don’t put me in the boat of deceit with David Icke who spews the intentional self-sabotage that jews are shape-shifting lizards. His is nonsense. Mine is a true and useful clue to use when identifying jews who are not immediately obviously jews.

Also, the new “most obvious jew” is the rat-faced jew who is a prosecutor or something like that. The actor’s name is Rick Gomez, born in New Jersey.

Take note of the noses on most of the other men in the show, whether regulars or one-show temps. They are convex, from slightly to very convex. Even though Hollywood and New York (jewlywood and jew york city) are the nose-job capitals of the world, most jews still have those noses.

Boyd: The ‘worst’ speaks the best

A funny thing about the “Boyd Crowder” character. I looked back at the very first episode, thanks to torrent files, free for our use and giving no profit to the enemy jews.

Boyd and Olyphant’s character have a history, having dug coal together in the now-shut-down underground mines. In the first episode, before the first face-to-face with Boyd, both Oliphant’s character and his boss talked of Boyd’s “racist bullshit” and his being a “racist asshole.”

Only after that demonizing set-up did the jews who produce, write, and direct the show put a bit of big-”T” Truth into the mouth of a character. They put that Truth into the mouth of supposedly heinous racist Boyd Crowder.

Boyd told Givens why digging for coal had had to give way to the open raping of mountains for coal and, most importantly, who controls the money at the top of the whole anti-worker, anti-American, criminal-corporate structure: “the jews.”

Normally, tv and movie programming never mention the jews in relation to crime. They let viewers fill-in the blank with, of course, the default race. The default race for bad things — as we have been led to believe since birth by all sources of information owned by jews — is the White race.

The Boyd character went on to muddy it up, though, by using the mind-poison of the Bible to say that Cain’s breeding with the “mud people” begat the Edomites, and the Edomites are the jews. It’s a nice story, but mind poison is mind poison, and the jews know that — since they invented and forcibly spread all three of the major mind poisons of humanity: their own judaism, christianity, and islam.

And then, of course, the “hero” Givens immediately told Boyd he was spewing “bullshit.” So, the truth that jews want none of us to even begin to believe was said by a totally discredited character. That’s one of the ways jews try to vaccinate us to reject anybody who says the truth. That’s how I, myself, reacted to truthtellers in the past. I ignorantly rejected truthtellers. Most of our fellow Whites are still where I was.

Now, in the programming’s fourth season, Boyd has become an admirable, articulate character — of sorts. (I have not seen the interim seasons of the show.) Oh, he’s still a criminal, a dope dealer, and a killer. But the jews relish developing characters that duped Whites “love to hate.”

Example: J.R. Ewing of Dallas, originally played by the secret-jew Larry Hagman, now dead. Such characters push the dagger deeper into the hereditary moral code of Whites, further confusing and corrupting the still-ignorantly passive members of our race. The most common effects are tolerance of criminal behavior (mostly done by jews), belief that Whites are the main doers of such criminal behavior, and pacifism in the face of it all.

As for Boyd, the jews would never have him say that big-”T” Truth about jews now. Boyd is now a character respected for his intelligence. No way would the jews risk putting truth about the jews into his mouth now.


Well, enough of this. Timothy Olyphant is the bait for Whites to sit, week after week, and absorb yet another anti-White piece of programming to further embed the ideas that Whites are bad, and

  • that White heroes do not have nor want solid families of their own,
  • that White heroes kill other Whites,
  • that Africans are inherently good but are driven by Whites to commit the crimes they commit, and
  • that most Whites have black hair and convex noses.
  • Also, to underscore the lie that the Germans of Adolf Hitler’s Germany were bad.
Double insult: In unJustified's fiction, this jew Robert Picardo portrayed a White man, a German White man, whose life's work has been to buy paintings by Adolf Hitler and burn them, keeping the ashes in jars. TV is full of such hateful ideas and hate-speech against Adolf Hitler, all real Germans, and all White people.

Double insult: In unJustified’s fiction, this jew Robert Picardo portrayed a White man, a German White man, whose life’s work has been to buy paintings by Adolf Hitler and burn them, keeping the ashes in jars. TV is full of such hateful ideas and hate-speech against Adolf Hitler, all real Germans, and all White people. Yet, jews claim to be against “racism,” “hate speech,” and “defamation.”

The jews are desperate to keep that hateful, anti-German lie going. The truth about Adolf Hitler is a master key to the truth about jews, and they know it. That’s why Justified‘s bad guys’ bodies and walls are painted with symbols of the Germany of Hitler’s era.

  • Oh, and the idea that the government in Washington has any right to do police work in each state. That’s yet another thing that we have been duped since birth into accepting as normal and “justified.”

One good thing about the show is it demonstrates how easy it can be to kill the enemy. Do it, my fellow Whites. Kill the enemy. Givens always does it with a gun, which is quick and efficient. But noisy. There are many ways to kill a jew.

Oh, one more thing. Isn’t it funny how absurdly short nearly everybody is in tv shows? Olyphant is not tall, yet he is taller than the average jew, so he looks like a tall guy among all of those jews pretending to be Whites. Some of them can’t even see over car roofs. Imagine how low the camera has to be to make those little parasitic jews look like adults. (jews like to employ and glorify even their munchkins, such as the one pretending to be White playing the boss on NCIS: Los Angeles.)

That’s Hollywood. Every kind of lie. All of it against our White race.

My dear fellow Whites, Wake up. I woke up after the age of 50! So, I do not lose hope in you, whatever your age. The truth is that our White race invented everything we care about, from science itself, to the printing press, true sanitation systems, heating and cooling systems, the control and use of electricity, every kind of machine, power tools, every motorized vehicle, planes, rockets, phones, computers, and this Internet. The jews stole the White inventor Thomas Edison’s movie-making equipment and fled out to the far coast, to Los Angeles, to put it to use in their new propaganda industry against us.

The jews are the invaders in this White-founded White-built country of ours. Ours. But our great race has some weaknesses. Our ancestors were too generous, too tolerant, too ignorant of jews, and suicidally gullible. Thus, the invaders were allowed to operate.

We are the founding race of our country. By every right of humanity, the founding race of a country can and should kill invaders.

When jews send our military to invade other countries to kill people the jews don’t like (which is all non-jews), those people rightly try to kill the invaders. They have every right to do so.

Likewise, we have every right.

Kill every jew. We have every right to do so. Also, it is our duty and our pleasure. There is no “PTSD” (post traumatic stress syndrome) when killing the right enemy.

See advice in the linked articles at the bottom of this website.

In our lifetimes, our presidents have ordered us to go kill our White-brother Germans, and the Arabs, and the Asians, and the Africans, and the Mestizos. Presidents have never ordered us to go kill the real enemy, the jews infesting our country and the world despite the documented, historic crimes-against-humanity that jews have committed and continue to commit. We have killed millions upon millions of people who have only tried to have their own countries to themselves.

And now, we need to rise up, kill the enemy jews, and re-take our own country for ourselves and our own people. By controlling the violent force of military and police, the jews have taken control of our country away from us. Only by force will we take it back.

They have us out-organized, since they are fully race-conscious and they control the government. But they do not have us out-gunned. We have multi-millions of veterans, hunters, and other gun owners across the country. And the jews do not have us outsmarted. You and I have overcome a lifetime of their propaganda against us! Be proud of that. Also, we know how to efficiently and covertly put our intelligence, abilities, weapons, and creativity to work for us, for now.

Kill jews. jew doctors, jew lawyers, jew teachers, jew insurers, jew porn dealers, jew drug dealers, jew owners of major league sports teams, jew bankers, jew travel agency owners, jew jewelers.

Do it carefully. Safely. Proudly. Silently. Again and again. That’s our necessary strategy for now, as our massive wave of White Might rises across our land from sea to shining sea.


James T. Laffrey


One thought on “Timothy Olyphant Is The ‘Justified’ Bait

  1. Great work, James. I guess I’ve seen more episodes of UNJustified than you, so I can add a couple of things.

    Jewified also supports the old lie about Whites being THE Southern moonshiners of history. Sure, our people brewed their own, and some still do. But it was the damn kikes who made an INDUSTRY of making and selling cheap shit before, during, and after Prohibition. Henry Ford’s book exposed all of that a hundred years ago. You have that book linked on the Whiteschool page as you know.

    Also, about mining underground in shafts, it was maybe in the second season that Boyd went back to work — after he got jarred out of his christinsanity — in the underground mines. But I think it was a different company from the one when he and Raylan were teens.

    The way I see it, Boyd is the most interesting character. He has evolved. Raylan doesn’t evolve, really. The kikes evolved Boyd away from saying the truth about jews, but as you say he learns, he speaks very well, he is intelligent, and he says many wise things.

    But one funny thing that I always remember that Boyd said, after he overcame christinsanity, was that he guessed he had never met a Jew. That’s funny because the damn show is infested with jews playing so many “White” characters around him! Do you think Walton Goggins is a Jew? To me, his face looks Jew but not the nose.

    btw don’t worry, I don’t watch much of the Electronic Jew. I reckon I have watched that show for the same reasons you’ve had a look at it. We keep up on what the enemy Jews are poisoning our people with, and we enjoy the killing of characters we know are actually damn kikes.

    Hey kikes. “Fire in the hole!” ha ha.

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