WHITE HONOR: Chapter 39

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39      Crypto-jews At Work And Play


Frequently reflecting on failed romances, the journalist-educator retained vivid memories of past lovers and their surroundings. One of them immediately leapt to the fore as a possible crypto-jew. She was the only child in the upper-crust Brookhart family of Crossville, Tennessee, the seat of rural Cumberland County. Her father had been the owner of the Crossville newspaper and had sold it to a media corporation. Her mother was still the owner and operator of Crossville’s main travel agency. Both occupations were now known to Jim, through his research, as favorites of jews. In his memory, neither parent looked like a classic jew. The father was short and bulky, with similarity to the stocky jew prime ministers of Israel. On recollection, the mother had wiry hair likely forced by treatments against reverting to natural jew curls. The daughter, Laura, Jim’s girlfriend, had as her best friend the wife of the owner of a prominent jewelry store in Crossville. His name was Jerry Phillips, and in Jim’s memory he looked like a typical, short, curly haired jew, although blond. The journalist had learned that jews control the international diamond trade and that jewelry was another favorite, and lucrative, field dominated by jews.

On a side street of Crossville, near the center of town and not far from the large Brookhart residence, was an independent dwelling with a foreign-sounding name on a sign in plain view from the street. One day, as Jim and Laura drove past the place, he commented that he had no idea what kind of a place that was. However, Laura very well knew, and immediately offered an exact yet minimal description. Now, Jim clearly recalled that episode and knew that a jew, of course, would have known what B’nai B’rith was all about while the normal White person would not have had a clue.

This evidence and other clues he recalled left him with no doubt that he, himself, in his previous utter ignorance of jewry, had been used as a lover of a secret jew. Used, indeed, for she had admitted to him under his close questioning that her mother did not approve of their relationship and that she was enjoying him only until she found a suitable man to marry.

Sure of that major, female, secret-jew in his life, Jim searched his past for other crypto candidate girlfriends. Of the two dozen, only two offered clues, not enough for conclusions.

Knowing that the medical profession was another favorite of jewry, he recalled the doctors and other medical workers he had known. Again in Crossville was a prime candidate. Doctor Donathan Miles “Reb” Ivey was obviously, physically, a jew, with his black curly hair and typical facial features. Jim had first met the doctor when Ivey had come as a customer into the musical instrument store where Jim worked. The young family man was also a guitar player and eventually invited Jim, one time, to his home. A vivid memory from that visit was the scene of the doctor taking off his footwear to reveal surprisingly long, squared-off toenails. Jim inquired. The man explained that despite the double points of each long, squared-off nail, they were the sure way to avoid the far worse condition of ingrown toenails. Another vivid memory was Jim’s inquiry about the doctor’s nickname, “Reb,” as he had asked if it was short for “rebel,” as in “Southern rebel.” The doctor’s reply had been hesitant and evasive, only saying that it was not a version of “rebel.” Now, the journalist searched the Internet and found that not “Reb” but “Rebbe” was a jew word, title, and nickname. Surely, that was it, he concluded. Furthermore, he did a more extensive search on the doctor’s name, turning up the fact that his father, Ray Donathan Ivey, had been a co-founder of a bank. Crossville was the county seat of Cumberland County, and the bank’s name was Cumberland County Bank. Thus: jew, crypto-jew. Case closed.

The journalist-educator also scoured his past experiences with teachers, professors, and administrators in academe. A no-doubt hands-down crypto-jew immediately reared its ugly head: the curly black-haired, hooknosed, droopnosed, top administrator of Northern Michigan University’s English Department in Marquette, Michigan. Name: James Schiffer. Journalist Jim had co-formed a weekly musical jam group with NMU professor John Smolens, apparently White, and a few other men. They met in one’s garage or another’s basement and played old songs, both famous and obscure. Secret-jew Schiffer had told Smolens that he could play harmonica, so professor Smolens had invited his boss to join the jam. Despite the group bending over backward to play songs familiar to the jew and in his harmonica’s key, the administrator was a miserable musical failure. Another memory of that episode etched in Jim’s mind was overhearing the jew comment to Smolens that Jim as a singer certainly had the enthusiasm but not the voice. In Jim’s experience, no one in the group had ever criticized another while in the room, and all had known that each was volunteering their parts with no claim of expertise nor even adequacy. What they were doing was a simple joy only possible in cooperation. But the jew, after his own failure, had insulted the most obviously White man in the room.

From only his own experience having lived in small towns, big cities, and metropolises in five different states, the journalist knew without a shadow of reasonable doubt that jews had infested the entire country. Most of them were crypto-jews, as they never told of nor deliberately exhibited their jewness to him nor, surely, to any other Whites.

One day, while following leads on the Internet, Jim was startled by the appearance of a photo showing baby Barack Obama in the arms of his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. The name “Stanley,” alone, was a clue. But the image, itself, was a conclusion: She’s a dark-haired twin of jew Laura Brookhart! Thus, the journalist dropped his previous intentions and researched the background of the supposedly “White” mother of half-African Obama. He found that her father was surely a crypto-jew named Stanley Dunham, whence the repeat of the common jew name of “Stanley,” even for a daughter. The father had been in the furniture business, one in which Jim’s own brief experience as a delivery man and mover had taught him that it was a lucrative field for unscrupulous owners who extremely overcharged at retail and lied about it. Stanley Ann Dunham’s mother, however, was more obviously a crypto-jew. She was from a banker family. In modern America after the deliberately inflicted Great Depression and its bankrupting of nearly every remaining White bank owner from sea to shining sea, “banker family” meant jew family. Stanley Ann Dunham’s own background was rich in evidence of jew. As Jim found, she had worked for the CIA and for international banking, especially so when sowing the scam of “micro-loans” in so-called developing countries. Further photographic evidence salaciously exposed the jewess. Barack Obama’s mother had posed nude for an African, a known Communist named Frank Marshall Davis from Chicago, which displayed her as yet another jewess pretending to be White and baring her all to satiate her own perversities while degrading White society and culture. Thus, Jim knew beyond all reasonable doubt that no matter who was his African father, Barack Obama was a jew because he was a son of a jew.

Stanley Ann Dunham and her anti-White offspring named Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

THE photo: Stanley Ann Dunham and her anti-White offspring named Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

The president jew Obama, as the journalist already knew, had surrounded himself with jews in the White House. Rahm Emanuel was chief of staff, later to become the mayor of Chicago. Campaign advisors and speech writers who Obama had brought into the White House were jews, such as David Axelrod. He had with him former and current members of the jew Federal Reserve corporation, including Alan Greenspan, Paul Volcker, Ben Shalom Bernanke, crypto-jew Timothy Geithner, Janet Yellen, and more. And nearly every “czar” he had appointed was obviously a jew. He had appointed a crypto-jew homosexual, with that detrimental mutation most common among the jew race, to the Supreme Court.

There was nowhere left in the top levels of government for journalist Jim to investigate. Even the half-African president was a jew. And every president since and including Woodrow Wilson had similarly surrounded himself with jews, as exposed by many great White authors and publishers from Henry Ford Sr., to Eustace Mullins, to Revilo Oliver, and more. Furthermore, there was nowhere left, at that time, across the top levels of domestic and international banking for Jim to investigate. There was no higher power than control of the money systems. The jews were proved as the deceitful, conspiring, traitorous holders of that power.

Therefore, the journalist felt free to return to explore and hopefully discover more of what jews had done to the most admirable Meriwether Lewis, to the young United States Of America, and to White American history.






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    • @ E W A-G: Thanks for the campaign ad and links. Your opening about mantra was a great one to use on me!

      I looked at the offerings at nearly every link, including watching the two campaign vids awash in traffic noise.

      @ One Kill: I’ll bet you and I agree. However, I would say Mr. RR is doing the THIRD BEST thing. The Second Best thing would be to say we must kill the jews. And the BEST thing, of course, is to actually kill jews.

      My next post will show HOW in the simplest, cleanest, quitest, safest way for our current and budding lone heroes.

  2. Note: The jew office in Crossville, TN, described in this chapter was completely removed from that land along Webb Ave. and is nowhere to be seen. Enemy jews still abound in Crossville, nearby Fairfield Glade, nearby Tansi village, and elsewhere, but they have hidden all of their institutions. While the jews more and more display themselves openly in media, they hide themselves locally as individuals. Hiding in plain sight! You see them everywhere as they govern, sell, shop, entertain, play, and promote every kind of anti-White crime — all the while pretending to be Whites (or for the darker ones, pretending to be various nonWhites).

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