Cleanup, 17 Nov. 2014: ‘Kike’ Delaney, Peace Not An Option, 9/11 Never Forgive, jew ‘Yahoo’ means ‘G-d’, Labor Day is another jew Onion, Veterans Veterans Veterans.

Cleanup, 17 Nov. 2014: ‘Kike’ Delaney, Peace Not An Option, 9/11 Never Forgive, jew ‘Yahoo’ means ‘G-d’, Labor Day is another jew Onion, Veterans Veterans Veterans.

Note: These items were part of the righthand column, now posted in this form for archival purposes.



Oct. 2014: Delaney said: “Whites are the biggest fucking joke in the country — in the world. They really are.”

See that? “THEY.” And Delaney announced that he is shutting down TruTube. Why? Because some people have been using it for things he doesn’t like. That’s no excuse, folks. The owners-operators of websites can control who use the sites and for what purposes. We can stop comments, we can stop and/or delete videos — at will. We can ban particular users based on IP addresses, email addresses, and user names.

(Note: I don’t visit TruTube. I got the above quote from the admirable Pat’s video replay of Delaney’s anti-White tirade. Update, 30 Oct.: jewTube has wiped all of the vids off Pat’s “Adamic Man” channel.)

‘Kike’ Delaney’s shutdown is further proof of my public position all along that Delaney was a fraud, an infiltrator, who was involved in a previous anti-White explosion in our White movement against jews, and this is another such pre-planned explosion. (See my notes and links about him, Andre Anglin, ZCF, Bollyn, Hufschmid, etc., on the TruthfulSites pages.)

Delaney is one of the Enemy, folks. Respond accordingly.

Furthermore, don’t let him and them distract you from the necessity of killing the enemy jews. Nothing will improve for our race until enough of us kill enough of the jews.



Who? Me. I say PEACE is not an option. Why?

When the enemy already controls the money system of the country, the government, the legal system, the academic system, the medical system, and all the big media including Hollywood, AND YET the enemy still forces more mud-race immigration upon us, and still tries to take away our weapons of defense, thereby continuing to wage their war of genocide against our White race, it is very clear that the enemy will not stop slowly killing us until we are all killed.

Only the enemy and the ignorant among us would speak in disagreement with that assessment.

For those among us able to understand history:

Many of our Whites have very well learned that Adolf Hitler made fair peace offer after fair peace offer to the enemy (all of which were flatly rejected). He did not realize that PEACE WAS NOT AN OPTION. That’s because he did not realize that jews were in control of the governments of England, France, and the USA.

During WW2, the jews in the USA published the book Germany Must Perish! By “Germany,” the jews meant all of the German sub-race of the White race.

During WW2, Rudolph Hess, the right-hand man of Hitler, flew solo to Scotland to try to circumvent jewry’s blockade against “diplomatic” peace talks. Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a secret jew, had Hess immediately imprisoned, where he was eventually murdered as the last prisoner of the infamous Spandau prison.

  • Peace was not an option for the great Germans.
  • Peace is not an option for the Palestinians.
  • Peace is not an option for the remaining Whites in South Africa.
  • Peace is not an option for the blonde Swedes being raped and killed by mud-race “immigrants” invited by the jews.
  • Peace is not an option for Whites in Detroit, St. Louis, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, Jackson Hole, and every other locality in the muddied, jew-controlled USA.

Peace is not an option for us. The jews will not stop until they have killed us or we have killed them. Our MEN must kill jews. Every single dead jew is progress toward White Victory. Only White Victory will bring true peace.


If you’ll notice, there hasn’t been a single jew brought to justice for the atrocities of 9/11. That’s because jews infest the government and the media and they protect their own.

On 9/11 (11 Sept. 2001), the jews murdered more than 2,000 of our people by deliberately destroying three World Trade Center towers and part of the Pentagon. There is no doubt about this. Only enemies and ignorant dupes say otherwise.

As Thomas Jefferson said, when tyrants take over the government, it falls upon the people to “spill the blood” of those anti-Americans. That means KILL THEM.

See the new book WHITE HONOR to learn what White Honor means, to learn how we lost it, and to learn how we must regain it. (9/11 is part of Chapter 37.)

Or don’t spend any time reading. Kill a jew today. Do it carefully, efficiently, and tell no one. Walk with pride as a silent hero. Plan your next heroic deed. This is the way We Will Win. This is the way we will prevent any more jew atrocities being committed against us. This is the true Final Solution that has never been done before.

Whites have always been too lenient, from the early Roman leaders to Adolf Hitler to our veterans sitting on their hands right now.

But WE KNOW. Therefore, WE KILL jEWS. We will win, we will write the history, and we will be recorded as the Heroic Generation who finally killed the jews, saved America, and saved our race from genocide.


Often, the jews’ insults, boasts, and self-incriminations are as open and blatant as can be.

Since “yahoo” and the “yahu” of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu sound the same, I decided to look it up.

“The Hebrew word Yahoo (or Yahu) is a name of G-d. It is commonly found at the end of people’s names.” — says a rabbi on one of the many scum jew sites admitting the same.

Of course, the jews have no God in the sense that Whites know that word. That’s why they don’t even want to spell it out. They consider themselves to be the gods. And some of them blatantly declare so in their own made-up names.

They think they are our gods. The only sure way to stop that anti-White anti-human race is to kill them, kill them all.


Excuse me, but if you are not wise to jewry, then this onion metaphor will look crazy to you. To we who are jew-wise, we see nearly all big public events as jew onions.

Example: Labor Day. When did it start? In the late 1880s. The jews had already instigated and prolonged the so-called Civil War, which was not a civil war at all. But that’s another subject.

On its surface layer, the Labor Day onion is pro-Labor, or pro-workers. Right?

But what was the impetus? Strikes. The jews had instigated massive strikes, a very divisive tactic to drive a wedge between White workers and White business owners. Divide and conquer.

Labor Day was, thus, an institutionalized wedge between “labor” and owners.

Who instigated the forming of labor unions, and who has directed the labor unions for generations? If you peel back the layers, you will find jews at the core.

Did unions really help workers? Overall, no. Ultimately, once the jews got control of the big businesses, too, the unions simply added another set of bosses against the workers.

The jew owners underpay and overwork the workers as much as possible. Meanwhile, the union bosses pretend to fight for workers while draining the workers’ money through dues. Also, the union itself imposes a system of limits on the jobs and promotions that effectively handcuff White workers.

Germany completely solved those problems during their glorious 1930s. But jews of the media and government do nothing but lie to us about that.

Yes, Labor Day is another deceit. Peel the onion, and at the core, you will find jews.


I am not a veteran, so maybe you want to dismiss my knowledge. But I know that you killed or helped others in the military to kill people. Fine. That was your job.

The problem is that you and the rest of our Whites in the military were tricked into killing only the enemies of jew America. You didn’t kill ANY enemies of White America.

It’s the jews. The enemy of White America is right here, instigating the nonWhites into action against us, such as raping, robbing, burning, and murdering.

And the enemy of White America is right here, robbing us by usury and calling it banking, injecting us with poison and calling it medicine, and killing our fellow Whites and calling it “justice.”

Why did you kill abroad but now sit as a useless nonviolent pacifist at home? Because jewry, the enemy, has made it taboo to even think of using force and violence against the domestic crimes being done to us.

And the jews, for example Senator Feinstein, says that all veterans are suspected of having PTSD and thus should not be allowed to keep guns!

The SOLUTION is to do to the enemy here what you were duped into doing to non-enemies over there. Kill the jews here. Save America. Be heroes, right now.

You have the training to be stealthy and efficient. We have some non-veterans killing jews now but perhaps not using the best methods because of lack of training and experience.

White America Needs You. Now.


Throughout history, which race built the monolithic installations in tune with the cycles and positions of the Moon, Sun, and stars? Which race built all of the great civilizations? Which race invented science and every machine and method we hold as valuable, and then shared them with the other races? Which race has tried to record history honestly and tried to provide justice for all? Which race ended slavery?

Only one race. Our White race. From the sea-navigation schools, to the Great Pyramids, to the printing press, the electric light, bicycles, cars, planes, space ships, radio, tv, computers, flush toilets and sewer systems, heaters and air-conditioners, on and on. No other race comes close.

Yet, we have our weaknesses, of course. Gullibility to the BIG LIE. Which race, in unity and deceit, tells history’s BIGGEST LIES?

The jews. Holocaust, lie. Christianity, lie. Our White Founders Wrote The CONstitution, lie. (jews wrote the CONstitution.) Whites Owned and Operated the African Slave Trade, lie. (jews owned and operated the slave trade. Whites ended it.) Ozone hole, lie. Global Warming, lie. The “human race,” lie. “Everyone Is Equal,” lie. Whites Are The Villains Of The World, lie. Whites Are The Evil Racists Of The World, lie.

The jews own all of the major media and control the U.S. government. That is the truth. Everything they do in the USA is anti-White.

But our country was invented and built by Whites. So, anti-White = Anti-American.

Our race created it. Our race established it. Our race built it. Now, our race must SAVE IT.

Our Performance will, once again, prove us the best.


Is it hate to pursue justice? Is it hate to state the absolute truth? Is it hate to kill invaders and traitors?

World peace awaits our victory, as only the White race has ever had both the ability and the goal of sincere world peace.

Each race, in their own country, cleansed of jewry, will finally get to control their own destinies to the best of their own capabilities. And we Whites will prosper and flourish as the most admirable race of Nature that we are.

What does “Free Speech” mean to White people?

It means freedom to say the absolute truth.

What does “Free Speech” mean to jews?

It means freedom to lie.

Race Awareness is a Master Key to Life, which is why the jews teach us to be race-blind while they simultaneously portray our White men on tv and in movies as the villains of the home, business, country, and world.

Sadly, their treachery worked on me until after I turned 50 years old. Please let me help you not take so long to overcome the jews’ unceasing lies.

It is an ancient White symbol, and its meaning is only good. Our race travelled the world and spread this symbol to every continent. Many Asian countries still use it and its reversed image, both for good. Germany used it for the good of all of us against the jews, and now jews have made the symbol illegal in Germany and some other jew-controlled countries. It is our White symbol, and jews have no right nor say about it.

What do you think of my “Americanized” version?

Save America, Kill jews

Fewer enemies = Progress.

While most other truthful sites say “wait,” and “educate,” we know that any more waiting is suicidal. We must fight back now. Be smart. Be careful. Be efficient. Tell no one. See advice in articles linked at the bottom of this site.

For whiners who oppose my free speech of identifying the enemy and urging the solution, this site is not for you. But if you must spew against me, do it directly. My email address is below. Note: jews are never welcome.

I am James T. Laffrey, and I invite my fellow Whites who are strong of mind to add your own ideas on how to grow this White Wave to victory. Put comments on the latest article, or send email: