Cleanup, 3 Feb. 2015: IS/ISIS Beheadings; Neverland; Your Web Privacy; Web Slowdown — with updates

Cleanup, 3 Feb. 2015:
IS/ISIS Beheadings; Neverland; Your Web Privacy; Web Slowdown
– with updates

Note: These are items that were in the righthand column during the last two months or so, now posted for archiving and easy search availability.



Note: Update at end of item, with photos of fake beheading.

As I write this, the deadline broadcast by the “ISIS” or “IS” group is about to end, and supposedly they will kill two “Japanese” men if Japan doesn’t pay the demanded $200 million in ransom soon enough.

Of course, it’s all a lie.

The same as the supposed beheading of Steven Sotloff last year, and the same as that other supposed beheading last year, of James Foley, it’s all fake.

Sotloff and Foley were jews posing as journalists. We saw the videos of the supposed beheadings, and they were obviously fakes. I still have a copy of the Sotloff vid on my computer. No blood. No showing of an actual cut. And then the still shot of the head sitting on the body — more fake than some horror films out of the jews’ Hollywood.

ISIL/ISIS/IS/Daesh is a jew-created group, funded by the jews of Israel and the U.S. government and other jew entities around the world, to create more FEAR to help the jews do what they want, which is to kill more Arabs and every other kind of people except jews.

Japan has been serving the jews very well since the jews won World War 2. One of those two Japanese men, the “Kenji Goto Jogo” character, is surely a crypto-jew posing as a Japanese man. Probably the other man is a jew, too.

Although it is easy to imagine reasons why the jews would want to kill some Japanese — such as further payback for their allying with the great Adolf Hitler’s Germany — there really is no reason for the jews to kill two of them now other than the fact that jews want to kill most of every nonjew race on the planet.

They will not actually behead those two “Japanese” men, though they may produce a jewlywood video that makes it look like they did.

And the same as we laughed at their previously fake-beheading videos, we who know will laugh again. And the dupes will be terrorized and cower to the jewed governments’ demands for more “anti-terror” laws taking away more rights and freedoms of all nonjews.

WHY is it that people look at videos or movies on tv and in cinemas and believe that the killing is fake, yet people watch the videos on “the news” and believe the killing is real?

ANSWER: Because they are believing the wrong people. They are believing the jews.

Update: Well, they said they beheaded first one of them, and then after many days, the second one. Supposedly, a video was posted of the first beheading but for so short a time that nobody — according to my searches — has a copy of it for us to see. That’s like Osama Bin Laden “buried at sea.” Just absurd. After that, mixing apples and oranges, they posed a new deadline over “Japanese Jogo’s” head in regard to a “Jordananian pilot.” Yes, it is all that asinine. And then they supposedly beheaded him. All the reports I have seen have settled on his name as “Kenji Goto.” Here, at a site called …, is the video accompanied by the standard propaganda (as of 3 Feb. 2015).


Here, we see the video quickly going to black when the "knife" is placed at the actor's neck. The video, as usual, shows no actual cutting, no blood, not even any effort by the "victim" to give his supposed killer a hard time.

Here, we see the video quickly going to black when the “knife” is placed at the actor’s neck. The video, as usual, shows no actual cutting, no blood, not even any effort by the “victim” to give his supposed killer a hard time.

Here, the video returns from black to show this contrivance. Oh, it would be nice if it were real -- a dead crypto-jew of Japan. But it's not real. It's fake.

Here, the video returns from black to show this contrivance. Oh, it would be nice if it were real — a dead crypto-jew of Japan. But it’s not real. It’s fake.

I only called attention to the Distraction that it IS because it is such an easy example of yet another jew terror hoax (not only against us but also the true Japanese population) — an example easy enough for beginners to grasp.


(humor laced with truth)

In a surprise announcement, Hollywood issued a vow on Tuesday to portray all depictions of fictional villains for one tv season as jews. The statement, released just prior to the tribe’s annual Kol Nidre event, defined “villains” as including murderers, rapists, cannibals, wife abusers, and international slave traffickers.

Spokesman Lyman B. Verman said Hollywood’s jewish leaders “are generously responding to the widespread but false notion among White Americans that our stories have unfairly portrayed Whites as the villains of America and the world.”

Asked for a date of commencement of this special tv season, Verman said that new scripts featuring jew villains would have to wait for the depletion of each network’s current backlog of scripts, so the exact date was yet to be determined.

On the street, ignorant gentiles (that’s the jew word for “non-jews”) interviewed at random claimed victory while lauding the self-Chosen as “working to restore fairness and balance” in the media.

Meanwhile, Whites who described themselves as wise to jews, said they know Lyman was lying and that the vermin of humanity never have and never will seek fairness nor balance but, instead, will lie until dead or until the day they have ritually butchered the last White man to death.


Sadly, the enemy’s treachery worked on me until after I turned 50 years old. Please let me help you not take so long to overcome their unceasing lies.



Click here for the definition — with pictures.

Update, Dec. 2014: This is related to the above-linked article’s mention of jew Aaron Sorkin, the master propagandist behind the former tv series West Wing and the recently concluded tv series Newsroom.

We have the jews’ New York Times and a jew on the jew site saying that Aaron Sorkin is “a rich, powerful, white man in the United States, … among the most privileged people in the world.”

Yes, we have jews quoting jews saying that another jew who they certainly know is a jew is “a white man.” Also, they push, yet again, the “White privilege” lie.

This example of blatant, direct lying against us, against our White race, is yet another in a constant, ongoing procession of it in the jewsmedia. Joe Klein did it. Sarah Silverman does it. Etc., etc.



The site construction and maintenance software/program I use is the free WordPress website program. Problem: It is not a White-controlled program. (But neither are any of the other web-related big-name companies and programs, as far as I know.

* The program automatically collects statistics, some of which are provided automatically to me. Worse, the program automatically stores info about your computer. And whether by computer IP address, or browser I.D., or what, the program thus saves information about the exact computer you are using and your location — unless you are using a good proxy.

The stats automatically provided to me do not include the above information, but you can be sure that the jew-controlled company can and does use the info and coordinates with other jew-controlled companies, such as Google.

However, if you submit a comment, I automatically receive your computer’s IP address with the comment. The only times I have ever revealed commenter IP addresses was to expose jew commenters who showed themselves to be jews.

Please note: These anti-privacy facts are almost certainly true for all sites, not just sites using the WordPress program and Google’s Blogger. All sites.

In my own normal use of the Internet, I don’t let the above knowledge bother me at all. That’s because I am already a public anti-jew. But for most Whites who are or will also become active in any way against the Enemy (jews), I recommend caution.

Cautionary tips:

1. There must be one or more free proxies that are White-made and White-operated, thus relatively safe. But I don’t know which one(s). However, they don’t allow forms, such as comments, because the operation of forms exposes your IP address, at least. As for priced proxies, I don’t know if any are equipped to allow forms.

2. You could use different computers, such as in different libraries, etc. But if you don’t want any of that use to be connected to you, you can’t check any email accounts or other accounts that are already linked to your true identity.

3. Our White Heroes: Remember to beware of security cameras — and computer webcams. Cover the computer webcam before you sit down in front of it.

4. So, what to do? Give them an I.P. address and location, such as at home, for your normal web use. And don’t give them an I.P. and location connected to you when you use the web for or during your anti-jew activities.

Anybody with better technical info and advice, please offer it in a comment(!) or by email:

Update, supplement: Many website owners subscribe to outside stats services, some of which are free, that provide a “wonderful” variety and depth of stats on visitors. We see the display of most of the stats-counter icons either at the bottom of those websites or in one of their side columns. The reason I don’t subscribe to any of them — though I would like to have the info — is that those companies automatically get for free ALL of the collected information on visitors to subscribing websites (not all of which they give to subscribers). We can safely guess that most of those stat companies are jew-owned, thereby giving the jews all of that visitor info to be combined and correlated with jew-Google’s info, and jew-Yahoo’s info, and jew-Facebook’s info, etc. etc. And all of that plays into the next item, Web Slowdown.


Web Slowdown

(Update, at bottom)

For several weeks (through November 2014), I have noticed a dramatic slowdown in loading webpages when those webpages are hosted on, Google’s Blogspot, or contain links to webpages or files on either of those jew-controlled services.

This is especially true for sites in my TruthfulSites list who are on WordPress or Google servers.

My guess is that our Enemy is testing their blocking capabilities and how effectively they can block — or slow down to the practical effect of blocking — selected sites. Of course, they would be targeting anti-jew sites and pro-White sites.

Dear Whites: Get your valuable sites off of those jew-controlled host-servers. You may have to learn a lot of technical knowledge, as I had to do, to launch and run your own site on a good server, but it’s worth it. For me, the service has been admirable and inexpensive.

Update: Personally, I have no doubt about what I said above. Now, depending on the location of the ISP I use, most of the blogspot sites on my TruthfulSites pages automatically get blocked or rerouted to dummy sites. This is organized censorship of the Internet by jewed-governments and the jewed Internet corporations and jewed ISP’s. I can get around that enemy censorship of our speech and our human rights (“rights” which we really don’t have while we are not in control of our own governments, countries, and other vital institutions). Free proxies. My current favorite is — that link takes you to their Settings page where you can toggle such things as the “family filter.” By using such free proxies, however, we cannot use Comment forms and other java components that would expose our computer’s identity and location.

The sooner we kill enough jews, the sooner we won’t have to go these extra and irritating steps because we will restore/install White control, White honesty, White openness, and White prosperity. See “THE BEST” advice linked at the bottom of this website.