Go On A Dry Run

Go On A Dry Run

Let this be for fun. Let this be for recon. Let this be for training. Let this be for final preparation. Whatever you like.

1. Choose a location where you would hope to find the opportunities that would fit your chosen method.

For example, if you need to find a jew or other invader alone in order to apply your intended final solution, then choose a location likely to offer that opportunity. (Particular restrooms, parking lots, offices, shops, parks, beaches, tourist spots — during a slow time, most likely.)

2. Dress the part. Wear clothing and adopt a demeanor that shows you fit in yet are not at all conspicuous.

For example, on a college campus, you want to look like you could be a student, or a teacher/professor, or an administrator, or other.

3. Choose how to go there, and then go there.

Probably you won’t use your own vehicle, if you own one. If you use your own vehicle, park it at some distance where it will never be associated with your intended action site. Does your car have GPS? Disable the GPS unit, or don’t use that car. This is a dry run, so you might think it’s ok to carry your cell phone, but on a heroic deed you would not carry any such thing. (Although you might want to carry a phone with its vitals removed just as a prop.)

4. You are there. Even though it’s a dry run, you likely will feel a rush because of only the thoughts in your head! This is fun. Enjoy it. Evidence strongly suggests that only White people produce such emotions even when we have no intention of doing what we’re thinking.

5. Behave like you know the place and all is routine. Head-swivelling attracts attention, so don’t do it. Mostly, move your eyes, not your head. (An exception would be if you are playing a character, such as a visitor who needs directions.)

6. Go to your chosen spot or spots. Likely, you will just pass through, or otherwise pause for only an appropriate time.

7. Do you see any suitable enemy targets? If yes, good. If not, then use anybody as a stand-in. Imagine yourself closing the distance and applying your chosen method. Enjoy the fact of how quickly and cleanly this can be done — preferably just seconds, or up to two minutes maximum. Your heart will be pumping more strongly just thinking about it! Enjoy it. This shows that your mind and body rise to the occasion — even when only imagining it! Of course, with practice and focus, this will become a smooth and confident surge of controlled energy.

Consider a few things. Would you reappropriate the enemy’s cash? Would you be leaving fingerprints anywhere? (If so, plan for gloves, or don’t place your prints on any surfaces.) Any security cameras? (Maybe that matters, maybe it doesn’t. Simply don’t give them any full, close-up view of your unadorned face or of any unique clothing or jewelry.) Did a witness happen by? (Decide how you would avoid or eliminate that.)

8. Depart the scene. Walk like nothing happened but the same old same old. This is easier said than done the first time, but it quickly becomes a secret delight. Today, it doesn’t matter because this is a dry run.

You might choose to go out a different way than you came in. You might choose to change your appearance so that you seem to be a different person going out (perhaps a reversible jacket; or take off the outerwear and carry it inconspicuously; or other simple misleader). You might change your walking style or posture until you are sufficiently far from the scene, at which point you may return to normal while not being observed doing so.

9. You are driving away, or riding a bus, or you were picked up by a pre-arranged and totally trustworthy driver, and you feel great! That was fun!

By the way, almost certainly, that location is burned, so don’t go there again. Meanwhile, you didn’t leave any evidence that could prove exactly you were there, right? Bask in your complete success.

Imagine how you would feel if you had just reduced the jew or other invader population by one, or more. Yes, that’s pride, that’s heroism.

Next time, make it real.

Join our silent White Heroes. Earn White Honor.

We are making history.

We Whites Will Win.

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  1. Exceptional tutorial, James. But, uh, can you make a video of that?

    ha ha. just kidding.

    My real point is I think you forgot something that never gets old:


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