SWM seeks SWF to make a true White family

Update, September 2016: Still seeking. Dear attractive White female of child-bearing age, send email now.

We will grow our love, marry, and birth our own children, raise them and teach them everything we know to be White and right. Our family will make history for the security and future prosperity of our great White race.

I was born in Michigan, now living in Tennessee. I’m willing to relocate (in the U.S. only) if we decide that’s the best option. I have lived in five states and two Asian countries, so I am adaptable.

This is my website, so you have a good start on knowing the caliber of White man that I am. Send an email to get us started together.




WhiteMan1[the AT sign]tutanota.com

6 thoughts on “SWM seeks SWF to make a true White family

  1. Why are women willing to degrade themselves with niggers? It’s inhuman, we are humans, they are apes, it’s zoo time. It’s fucked up that they think those boozos have larger penis, I don’t care and don’t want to look but seriously, I doubt it. They smell and are digusting, I’m not thinking about negresses am I? Sick trend in white women. So sick indeed.
    Once I met a woman who fucked with some ape from South America and I wanted to smash her face. I really did, and I don’t care if I’m being judged, I thought what? You fucking slut, you did this in your past? Didn’t dadddy taught you anything? So I spit in her friend’s mouth at the same time, then he could get some Aryan vitamin to recover, this ape I found in Roskilde in Denmark, and had to smash my way through his circle of coward friends located there and the lowlifes couldn’t do shit against me, I was only with a few guys, they were 200, about the bitch I told her why? Is that justice or?

    Fuck em all, they are traitors and whores and I should of never known about their past for their own safety. She should of been whacked. Time will show.
    Lets not forget this is a diversion from being in touch with ourselves through their cults of mindwash on big scales. Chrisianity, racial mixing, all side projects of the Jews, Thousands of years before they could get their little Mossad in motion. A Jewish vermin fantasy to detrone all greatness!

    I’m a good man. Nordic with clean heritage. I’m proud to trace my ancestry with no Infusion of anything else than purest Nordics to year 700 circa. Knights, Barons, Viking king blood.
    Jutland Anglo men with Østerdal Norse types in me. Email me if you’d like.


  2. Good luck, man. If this works for you, let us know. There are a lot of us real White men in the same life boat — the one the kikes blew holes in.

  3. Funny you should post this James…

    Just recently I was speaking with a good true friend (the kind who will put his back against yours and shoot the bastards coming the other way) who’s extremely jew aware and knows we have to take them out for good.

    He’s currently going through a divorce and we were chatting about women in general. I had been doing some research on our enemy and stumbled across a jewish only dating site. Mentioned this to my friend and joked about someone should start a jew haters only dating site.

    We both burst out laughing of course. Had a lot of fun with various profile ideas. Made for an interesting conversation.
    You never know, could also be a good way to gauge just how many fighters we have.

    I’m very lucky to have an awesome wife and two amazing children. Not easy to accomplish today in this jewish mess. She is completely aware of what is going on and 100% in this fight. I wouldn’t want to mess with her and her children, she wouldn’t hesitate to splatter an aggressor with lead. No joke.

    My children have been educated right from the get go to the jewish problem and the jewish solution. They are being taught our real history, survival skills, and necessary skills for irregular warfare.

    They know exactly what their father is doing and why.

    Best of luck to all of you men in this search. The jews have really messed up most women’s (and men’s) heads today as you well know.

    NEVER lose sight …. the JEW is the enemy and this enemy is threatening your very life. Only rational and reasoned response to this threat is eradication of our enemy.

  4. [on Adolf Hitler:]

    Nah he wasn’t Alpine. His mother was Dinaric and his father was Phalian Nordic. His nose was fleshy like a Dinaric and broad headed, with broad forehead, fair hair, fair complexion, and violet blue eyes of Phalian Nordic type. Its described by his master Anthropologist Hans Günther. Hans Günther in his 1922 Book I have at home, first published in English there. :) You should read it.

    Who described Alpine and Dinaric races and Baltic races and those most keen to inhabit Religious features into their mental outlook. He saw Alpines and Dinarics as a stupid people who mostly recided in areas of lowland like Middle Germany, where you had the Dinaric in the South and the Nordics in the North of Germany. Alpines inbetween, it goes for France also and Belgium has alot who also interbreed with more Nordic types of Norway and the blond Brachycephal according to Arbo spread with increase. 

    Madinson Grant who stood for Eugenics also were certainly a proper persona, also preserving redwood trees and Bronx zoo can thank him. There is a undermined Biography out on Madison Grant, its not that exspensive. Its called (Defending the Master race. Eugenics and so on by Jonathan S.) Read it if you got time, he is in stir with Jew Boasian Anthrolopology. Described well in the book, great book, large and in Hardcover with Gold writting. :) He inspired Hitler alot BTW. It was required for many highstanding SS people to read his masterwork. Madison Grant was great but forgotten after the war. 

    1 out of 3 women were raped from what i know. Its why those 14 million Eastern Germans after 9 november/1989 are more swarthy in pigmentation and more Slavic.

    Its making me sick that 9-11 million, some say 14 million Germans got exterminated under the war. we never hear about it, we have to seek the truth ourselves. Further 14 million living in east Germany had their women raped by filthy Slavic scum. They are also more inferior in race great parts of them. More dark Haired and such. Its making me angry bro! 

    I study race for last 14 years.

    I know all about different white races and mostly expert in Nordics, nordic types and Jews and then other worldwide races as well. But mostly The white race and Nordicism and then Jewry in all shapes and forms, the enemy. Blond is better hehe, its why I’m still total blond in age of 36. I’m extremely Aryan, my descent is from Kings from Viking times and such, and I have no been mixed up ever, we can go back to year 700. And if we look at Tacitus descriptions, then I have not been mixed since my people arrived 9-11000 years ago with horticulture from Russia, where we expanded from, maybe through 40 000 years. I’m extremely proud i cant detect any other European genes in me than only Nordic and Germanic. I’m still a stranger walking around Scandinavia, maybe only 15 000 as Nordic as myself in my country, and maybe only half million on the earth with whole Scandinavia and such. Its extremely depressing, I’m not just fighting for the white race but for my tribe within the Nordic race.


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