Merry Xmas, Charlie Brown — you White dupe!

Merry Xmas, Charlie Brown — you White dupe!

Note: This is an improved version of the article first published in 2014.

Authors choose character names for reasons, whether readers realize it or not. Charles Schulz, the creator, writer, drawer of the Peanuts cartoons, certainly chose the characters’ names for specific reasons. We don’t know his reasons, but we can guess.

“Lucy” is a common jew name. “Charlie Brown” is a common White name. (Examples: My mother’s original family name was Brown. Adolf Hitler’s wife’s name was Eva Braun, which is the German spelling of the same word.) Also noteworthy about Lucy is that she plays the psychiatrist throughout the cartoon strip’s life — as jews have dominated the psychiatry “profession” in real life since the depraved jew Sigmund Freud set psychiatry on a fully poisonous path.

The focus of this article is on an insult that Peanuts creator Charles Schulz made into an annual event:

Year after year, Lucy gets Charlie Brown to believe her, but she’s lying every time.

A common White person cannot fathom the reality that a supposed friend and neighbor could cruelly lie to the sincere, honest White person time after time after time, forever.


And the jews laugh among themselves at the seemingly limitless gullibility of their White victims.

By the way, note the “WB” logo in that comic panel. It means “Warner Brothers.” And here are the original Warner Brothers of Hollywood:


Are those Warner brothers Whites or jews?

They’re jews.

Hollywood — jewlywood — has been lying to us for a century. Every movie. Every tv show. Every day. Every year. Year after year.

  • Tricking us to go kill fellow Whites in other countries — most heinously in WW1 and WW2.
  • Teaching children that “all humans are equal,” yet also implanting the idea that somehow our White race is far less than equal.
  • At the same time, teaching that there are no races: there is only “the human race.”

Yes, that combo is utterly contradictory and absurd. But if you begin implanting contradictory and absurd ideas into tender young minds, most of those children grow up into adulthood capable of holding and even defending the totally false and conflicting ideas rooted within.

So, we have millions of people believing that the jews who obviously are genociding the Palestinian population are somehow “innocent victims” who are getting “justice,” and the murderous jews deserve to get “justice” no matter what because they are “God’s Chosen People,” and that’s because the Bible (written by jews) says so, and it’s because tv and movies have said so over and over and over again directly, indirectly, in pieces, and in whole servings, since movies and tv were invented.

Yes, the jews still say they are meek victims never in the wrong and must be given every protection and privilege beyond all others, yet they own our entire money system (since late 1913), they own the banks, they own the insurance companies, they own all of the big media and the corporations that own the big media, and they own Hollywood so that they control the entire apparatus of misinforming and thus misshaping the knowledge base and resultant opinions reached by the tv-addicted masses.


Furthermore, jew-blind White boy Charlie Brown believes in Christmas. Although the White race had Yule thousands of years before the whole Jesus-Christ-Christianity hoax was invented (a bit less then 2,000 years ago), Charlie Brown and his fellow duped Whites believe that Christianity has always been and always will be. Why? Because the Bible, a book cobbled together and reworked several times, with the popular “King James Version” issued only ~400 years ago, includes a “Genesis” story, as if that’s how the world and humanity began.

Nevermind that the childish simplicity of “Genesis” and its 6-day creation story didn’t mention God making the other planets. Why not? Because the jews who wrote the stories only knew about the Earth, Moon, Sun, and stars — no other planets, no other galaxies. And nevermind that God forbade his first two humans to have any Knowledge.

How can any adult White mind believe in that asinine crap? Number One: Because we are not all equal. Number Two: Because the ideas were implanted and took root in our minds when we were innocent ignorant gullible children. (I uprooted those weeds in my mid teens.) Number Three: The mind-poison ideas were individually and in combinations repeated to us every day of our lives.

The Roman Empire was established by a group of the White race before Christianity was invented. Before the Roman Empire, there was the White ancient Greek civilization. Before the ancient Greek civilization, there was the ancient Egyptian civilization — thousands of years prior to the invention of Christianity. Before there were any kings or pharoahs of Egypt as recorded in history, the Great Pyramids were built. So were hundreds, even thousands, of other pyramids around the world. Yes, BEFORE the kings and pharoahs of Egypt. They were NOT built by the hybrid, destructive Arab race living there now.

Meanwhile, since the last ice age about 12,000 years ago, Whites were flourishing in what we call Europe and were sailing around the world and living on every habitable continent and many islands, too. We know this. We KNOW this because of the scientific dating methods applied to pyramids and other mega sites around the world. Actually, the Pyramid Of The Sun in Bosnia has been dated, repeatedly, and shown to be far older than 12,000 years old.

Also, the pyramids, other megalithic structures, and mega-mounds have been shown to be linked as a network. Huge sites have been found under the seas. Obviously, some of them were built when the sea levels were so low that those pyramid structures were built and used on dry land long before the massive melting of ice and the rise of the oceans to their current levels — 65 feet above the tops of those pyramids and other buildings.

So, Christmas is a very young invention. First, we had the Nature-based thought system — whatever it was, exactly — of the great pyramid builders. And then came our Yule, with mistletoe and decorated trees and both solemn and festive activities celebrating our place in Nature. And then Christianity was invented and forcibly mixed with our basic Yule events, so that now the absurd birth-from-a-virgin story is combined with mistletoe. Only ignorance prevents Whites from recognizing the utter contradiction in that combination. (Ignorance can be overcome. Stupidity can not.)

And millions of Whites actually hold these conflicting and absurd notions simultaneously and peaceably in their poisoned minds.

INSERT: JEWS are on BOTH SIDES of Christianity, pro and con. The great Henry Ford, who was still a partial dupe about jewry, pointed out how jewry worked across the country against Christianity — banishing public symbols, including Christmas displays, and much more. All true. But jewry does that because it furthers their goal of denying all rights to Whites. Meanwhile, jewry leads and spreads Christianity to all who are gullible to it. The current Pope is a jew. Priests, bishops, and cardinals have been, and are, jews — such as the outed archbishop John Joseph O’Connor of New York City. Why do jews push C-insanity on anyone who is gullible to it? Because it is an effective mind-poison, teaching believers to be meek, to revere the “Chosen” jews, and to let the jews have their way in all things no matter what.

There is only one way to stop it all.

The jews who led the Soviet Union — Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin, along with hundreds of jew henchmen — mass-murdered about 100 million Whites during the last century in and near Russia. The jews did that to stop all intelligent opposition to their rule. The jews did that to wipe out, as best they could, the Whites who knew it was the jews who murdered the White czar and his family in order to take over Russia.

The jews who led Ukraine, part of the jew Soviet Union, deliberately mass-starved the rural population of Ukraine, especially the independent farmers. We call that crime against humanity The Holodomor. What was left after all of that mass-murdering? Cowards and nonWhites.

The jews deliberately genocided the Armenians. Look it up, if need be.

The jews deliberately caused World War 1 and WW2, with the millions of deaths that resulted from it all. How many, 200 million? Mostly, WHITES were killed. And then secondary populations in Europe and the Middle East. And then Asians, especially the Japanese — who were and are the only admirable subrace of the Mongoloid (Asian) race. Meanwhile, Adolf Hitler’s Germany was EXPELLING jews and putting many of them to work, not mass-exterminating them.

The fact is, great White Germany should have mass-exterminated jews while they had the chance.

That was then. This is now.

And still, you — White Charlie Brown — are duped into killing anybody, anywhere, except the true Enemy of humanity. The Enemy is jewry — all jews.

They all lie to your face, Charlie Brown. They all serve their own race — jewry.

The race of mass-murderers of humanity has earned the Death Penalty many times over.

The Final Solution is another idea that the jews have made taboo as a result of the jews’ total demonization of the great White leader Adolf Hitler and the great German subrace of our White race. The jews say Adolf Hitler ordered a “Final Solution” of extermination of the jews. But Hitler, a humanitarian, a vegetarian, an artist, did no such thing — although, again, he should have.

Meanwhile, the jews are pursuing their eternal goal of their Final Solution against us. We Whites are now a small minority on Earth, and we are entering minority status in our own White-founded White-built countries. That’s because our men have been “Charlie Browns.”

Charlie Brown should reject the distraction of ball games. He should turn, stride toward the ball, and kick the jew in the neck to stun her. Then, he should put a choke-hold on her from the rear and break her neck. Absolute, undeniable progress.

Charlie Brown should reject the distraction of ball games. He should turn, stride toward the ball, and kick the jew in the neck to stun her. Then, he should put a choke-hold on her from the rear and break her neck. Absolute, undeniable progress.

Step out of the jew cartoon world. Stand up right here, right now, in reality.

Be White. Be Right. Kill jews. Every single jew is an enemy jew. For now, be a silent hero, working covertly, telling no one.

By the way, this is true free speech. Name the Enemy. Urge the Solution. We disagree with our government on these two vital topics? Of course. If you can’t openly disagree with the government, then you have no free speech, and what you have is a tyrannical government that Thomas Jefferson said must be put down by the People. Whites founded and built our USA. We must put down the Enemy that has infested our country and, by every crime imaginable, taken control.

  • See advice in articles linked at the bottom of this website.

Our days of open glory will come with White Victory.


4 thoughts on “Merry Xmas, Charlie Brown — you White dupe!

  1. James, you didn’t say whether Charles Schulz was a Jew or not. What say you, man? (I say he was kikenvermin, of course.)

  2. I agree with “no reasonable doubt.” Of Course Charles Schulz was a jew.

    A few years ago, the most searched term that brought people to this website was “Hitler.” (Unlike the jews, I always include that great White man’s given name. Adolf Hitler, he was.) But throughout 2015, at least, the article that has brought the most new visitors by searches has been “John Lennon’s Penis.”

    Minutes ago, I had a look at that article on Lennon to judge it in terms of newbies getting their Truth initiation from it. In that article, I wrote:

    “Furthermore, stop linking to any of the jew-approved songs that came from the music industry, tv, Hollywood, and other races. Jews were behind it all since before we were born. If a song or group didn’t serve their agenda, it didn’t get promoted.”

    Right. The same goes for cartoons published in the jewsmedia. The jews who own the media monopoly DO NOT boost any White men to fame and fortune. If they like a White man’s idea, they steal it and produce it themselves.

    Charles Schulz was boosted to fame and fortune by jewsmedia. His Peanuts was a very effective mind-poison against our White children, and still is a very effective mind-poison against our mass population of aged White children. I call the mass of adults “children,” too, because they still think and act as if they are in childhood — focused on games and gadgets, mindlessly repeating what the jewsmedia tells them, stubbornly refusing to quit poisoning themselves with 90 percent of what’s sold in so-called grocery stores and “supermarkets.”

    I’m 58 years old. Only a decade ago, I was pretty much one of those adult children, too. My coming of age came with my uptake of the Reality Of Race, which coincided with my uptake on the reality of the jew race.

    I’ve only been a real White MAN for a few years.

    DECADES wasted in ignorantly serving the jew agenda against my own race.

    With this knowledge comes Wisdom, to those of us capable of turning knowledge into Wisdom. And with this White Wisdom comes duty — in service of our race.

    It’s great to have a purpose, a higher purpose, the highest purpose, in life. How well we serve that purpose is the measure of the man — and the woman.

    Imperatives: Produce WHITE children and teach them all that we know. Kill jews and all other invaders in our White country (countries). This is how to win.

    Whites Will Win.

  3. And another thing.

    There’s no such thing as a White Christmas. Christ-mas = Jew-mas. It can’t ever be White.

    Yule is White. Yule is Right.

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