Guns are tools.

Guns are weapons.

We — the White race — invented them.

We need to use them more, and we need to use them against the right enemy.

patton.sidearmGen. George Patton, maybe the greatest true American general, said this right after the end of World War 2 in Europe: We killed the “wrong enemy.” He saw what was going on in defeated Germany and the region, and it was disgusting and “semitic,” he said. Yes, the reality of jewry was on full display, and it made General Patton puke and woke him up to the jew infestation of the military high command and the U.S. government. He wrote to his wife and he told his peers and friends that he would return to the USA, get out of the military, and inform the people! Likely, he could have been the next president in a landslide. Thus, jewry assassinated him there in Europe before he could return home. (Link to a full article on Patton, the major movie, and great links to sources.)

Right here and right now, we need to be killing that right and true enemy — jewry. Yes, jews. They’re a race, not a religion. They’re a race of mongrel DNA — a mangey mix of all races — the core of which they solidified by normal racial inbreeding at least 2,000 years ago. Israel’s test for automatic citizenship is by race, not religion. The jews are the enemy of humanity. Read portions of their secret racial rule book, The Talmud, and see for yourself. Big parts of that huge and most hateful book taught by rabbis only to fellow jews have been transcribed into English and are freely available on the World Wide Web. (Here, and here, are two. Get just a group of amazing excerpts here.)

How to kill jews? Guns provide us the easiest way. Other ways include “accidenting” them, stabbing them, injecting them with poisons, and using any other weapon or way you can think of. As always, I say do it covertly and tell no one. (Previous articles of advice are linked at the bottom of this site.)

If you read gun magazines, it is interesting to note some aspects of what those magazines — ALL owned by jews — say and do not say. I’m talking about the magazines such as those by the NRA, and such titles as “American Handgunner,” and “Guns&Ammo,” and so many more that you see in supermarkets, bookstores, etc.

revolver.ruger.9mOne aspect: About revolvers, they never point out that if you use a revolver, you don’t have to concern yourself with picking up your brass. Common pistols are semi-automatics that spew out the brass — the empty casings — with each shot. Those empties are evidence that might be used against the shooter. Generally, the only evidence we care to leave at the scene of a heroic event is the bullet inside the invader. In this way, revolvers are better than semi-automatics.

How to get guns anonymously

If you have a family member or friend you totally trust, you might get each gun through that person. Those guns should have been purchased by that person through private transactions so that there will be no federal paper trail that leads directly to that person just one step from you.

That said, many of our heroes have no one to totally trust or don’t want to put the trusted person in this particular position. In this case, perhaps the best way to get guns is by using a website such as The way it works is that you look online at the guns for sale in your state, and when you see one on which you want to make an offer, you click on the button to send a message to that particular seller. In that message you send, you either provide an email address or a phone number for the seller to use to contact you. The followup contact then settles the price and the meeting time and place for the purchase.

Is this anonymous? Not quite, but it may be good enough. It depends on whether the online system keeps copies of the original message(s), and how anonymous your email address is, and how much true info you give to the seller. In the end, you meet the seller face to face, preferably not giving the seller anything more than your first name (maybe not your real name) and cash. If the seller asks questions you don’t like, then you say you want respect for privacy. Any problem there should spur you to immediately drop that seller and seek another.


I invite readers to contribute advice and other comments on this subject and related subjects. Also, I will probably soon add pieces to this article. Topic examples we may want to discuss: the buying of ammo; how long to keep each gun, and where to keep each gun. Et cetera.


7 thoughts on “Guns

  1. The greatest General George Patton Jr. also said that the German people were the most admirable in Europe. And he suggested to the high command that “now” was the time to march to Moscow and conquer the communists while they were weakened by the long war. He was right, as you know.

    But of course the JOG (not ZOG) — Jew Occupied Government — of the U.S.A. didn’t want the great White George Patton and troops killing their cousin jew leaders of the Soviet Union. So, Patton’s right idea was a nonstarter with them.

    On guns, isn’t it confounding if not enraging that the sheeple are all in favor of the military and police having guns to kill anybody demonized by the government but are against real Americans having guns?

    By the way, thanks for educating me on the “CON”stitution. Still, the right to “keep and bear” guns is written on the document, and “shall not be infringed,” and yet it has been grievously and traitorously infringed since Franklin Kike-o Roosevelt was Tribe Leader and began the infringement.

    Why haven’t “we,” especially our military veterans and law enforcement veterans, used our guns to kill the infringers?! If “gun violence” is acceptable and works to put an end to supposed enemies abroad, it must also be acceptable and effective against the enemies right here at home. Right?

    Keep up the great site, Mr. WWW.

  2. Use the gun once, or for a single spree, and then dispose of it where nobody will find it in this lifetime. Don’t keep any of that specific ammo, either. No evidence, no worries.

    Expensive, but safe.

    Then get another gun. Repeat.

    • Can’t disagree. but how about these ideas:
      * file the firing pin a tad so that the marks on cases (brass, empties) won’t match anymore.
      * over-clean the barrel, perhaps brush the heck out of it, so that a new bullet fired through it will not match, ballistically, the bullet(s) in the vermin.

      Anybody have gunsmithing expertise and/or experience with this? My deeds will be few and far between if I have to discard my weapon and save save save up money to get another, especially rifles!

  3. Looks like “buying of ammo” is left undiscussed, so I’ll throw in the obvious. Buy where nobody knows you, far enough from home so the government-thugs won’t look at the security cam video there, pay in cash, don’t give any personal info.

    Then again, if you have long had multiple weapons and buy very common ammo, you might not care about privacy on this topic.

    Final note: Death is the complete solution. Kill ‘em, every one.

  4. Some of the many comments from another article (titled “Normal”) ought to be here, with a bit of further comment. Therefore, I have copy-and-pasted them below.

    J Ireson on 13 January 2016 at 11:29 am said:

    Hey, James and killemall,
    I agree that’s a great comment. Kill them, we must. A couple of points, though:

    * If many other jew-hating Whites are like me, we aren’t watching any jewsmedia news, so how are we going to know when our fellow Whites are finally “getting mean”?

    * I appreciate your articles of advice, but I think it would be far better to focus on how to killemall with guns, which is how I think our fellow men would prefer to do it, let alone women. Pistol or rifle? Locations? Escape routes?

    * By the way, usually when I recognize a p.o.s. kike near me, there’s no neck! I don’t see how I can follow that military manual procedure and break the neck of the enemy when there’s no neck! Seriously.

    Keep up the great and courageous work.

    [Here is part of one of several comments by killemall:]

    killemall on 18 January 2016 at 4:31 am said:

    Many become afraid and suspicious when someone posts such things, which
    I understand.

    More often than not they accuse a guy like myself of being an agent, trying to provoke others for sting operations. Sure, this sort of thing is a concern.

    Real men are truly fed up and pissed off. However, one must realize Jews have accomplished what they have ultimately with boldness of action and violence. Do you really think the solution will not come down to same?

    It is time to accept that some of us are simply not afraid and truly legit, despite the legal risks of saying these things. Frankly, at this stage I’m more angry at my fellow man for doing little to nothing. I’ve long ago processed the anger toward jews into accepting what must be done with them. That’s easy, my fellow man however are the ones really pissing me off.

    Not everyone should be saying these things publicly. Playing in the action arm and the propaganda is not wise. I’d rather not do it because I’m a trigger puller and much better at that skill than this skill.

    Sadly, I’ve come to accept most are just not getting it and YOU PEOPLE are forcing guys like me to take this risk because you’re just not learning !!! You are too reluctant in your own minds to finally accept where we really are in this and the only real solution available to us. People are also afraid, I get that.

    I guess the futility of doing nothing hasn’t sunk in enough yet.


    J Ireson on 18 January 2016 at 12:16 pm said:

    Maybe you don’t want to give specifics about tactics and such, but I think we need some help out here.

    What do you think of driving to the site of choice and sniping out a window (keeping the barrel inside), and then casually driving away? Wear earplugs, of course. Do it after dark, or during rain, for cover.

    I remember the guy who had a young sniper shoot out of his trunk around D.C., according to the newsmedia. It worked well until they did it too many times in the same area.

    What do you think? Other suggestions will be appreciated.

    killemall on 18 January 2016 at 11:39 pm said:

    Yes, the DC sniper mostly shot out of a car trunk. I have been to one of their shooting sites and studied it. The “sniper” part of the story is media hype. The shot distances were very short for a rifle so no real sniping went on per say.

    Ever shoot from inside a vehicle ? Trust me, it’s not just about ear plugs. The concussion can be devastating depending. You would also need a small team, not a bad thing but you better be tight.

    As for shooting with your barrel inside the vehicle..
    Assuming you have a rifle, go to your car right now and get into position for an accurate shot. Now, get your team member to walk near the car and ask if he sees anything unusual. It’s not very viable in most situations as you will discover. Enclosed truck bed could be more viable.


    My further comment:

    J Ireson’s idea of shooting out of a car IS a good idea. Yes, I have, let’s say, been in a car when a shot was fired from inside by a handgun/sidearm. It was fired out an open window. With normal cheap earplugs, the sound was almost nothing. No percussion effects. Use this idea. There’s nothing new about pulling up on the left side of an enemy’s car at a red light and shooting the driver through your own open passenger-side window. Also, think about doing this on a freeway/interstate highway. Be sure no witness cars are behind you or otherwise near enough. Act like you’re going to pass, but instead, have your right window down, you pull alongside with yourself slightly behind parallel with the enemy driver. Raise the ready gun. Fire. Headshots.

    Go on a dry run to see how easy it can be.

    Also, why not do so with a rifle at an easy range like you’re shooting a deer? Location is everything, of course. You don’t sit there long. Don’t stop where you suspect a camera could get a clear shot of your license plate. All normal precautions. And if you have a noise suppressor, all the better, giving you more options.

    Finally, consider the cover provided by after-dark times (or pre-dawn), also by rain.

    Recently, I read an article in the jewsmedia about a jew getting shot and killed by a guy in a car. I think the jew was in his own car in his own driveway at the time, or perhaps in a parking space beside the street. Reportedly, a witness said the shooter was driving an Accord. That’s all they had. For the cops, instant cold case, one of the many every every every day.

    Be White smart. Be covert. Be proud. Tell no one. Plan your next heroic deed.

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