Trump: Right and Wrong

Trump: Right and Wrong

This morning in my car, I heard on the radio that Donald Trump won yesterday’s (s)election for the next president of the United States of America.

Back in the primary season, I said that Trump was another “designated loser” whose job was to make the half-awake Whites think they had a viable representative in the electoral process. Thus, the built-up steam of rightful anger among the half-awake would be vented off, and the jews could go on about their normal anti-White business.

So, I was wrong about Trump being a “designated loser.”

When Trump won the Republican nomination for president, my thinking was forced to change. I retreated to the foundation of solid rock.

Since I don’t have a short memory, since I have researched and analyzed a lot of history, it was easy to note that the jews don’t let a two-term president be followed by another president of the same party. They keep flipping back and forth. There’s a great little one-panel cartoon showing an American in a car and alternately shifting from forward to reverse, either way crashing into a wall in front of and behind the car. One wall is Demo, the other Repub. So, knowing that Trump was likely to get the paper crown, I fell back to saying what was certain: Trump is another lying crypto-jew.

Adolf Hitler correctly noted that Communism and Democracy were, and are, two sides of the same jew-owned coin.

Likewise, Republican and Democrat are two sides of the same jew-owned coin.

I am right about these things.


Our original WHITE Founding Fathers had no parties. They were all Whites for a White USA. They established a Republic of semi-sovereign States, NOT a Democracy. They were for fair and free Commerce, NOT Capitalism which was later invented by the jews for the jews. And then only 12 years into U.S. history, the jews succeeded in their monumental CON in overthrowing the original USA of the Articles of Confederation and foisting their CONstitution upon our White country. Read all about that here in my historic one-of-a kind article.

How did the jews — James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, et al. — get away with it? Our Founding Fathers didn’t know about crypto-jews. They only knew about the jews who openly identified themselves as jews, and they thought being a jew meant a religious affiliation rather than being a member of the parasitic, devious, heinous anti-human race. Also, the Founders were surely war-weary. And as Whites, yes we must admit it so that we can overcome it, they were gullible to jew lies.

And immediately after establishing the CONstitution, the jews caused divisions giving rise to parties.

Adolf Hitler said he used the party structure in order to win power but that he planned for a future of no parties, just Germans. Sounds great.

That’s what I want. That’s what I see for our future: No parties in the USA, just Whites. A government by Whites, of Whites, for Whites, in the White States Of America.


So, Trump. I began my big wake-up when Obama was (s)elected and then immediately appointed known criminals from the Clinton administration. Maybe some more of our fellow Whites will begin their big wake-up when they see Trump appointing known criminals from previous administrations. Also, because of the Internet’s ubiquity now, our fellow Whites will have an increased possibility of becoming awakened to the fact that Trump is already surrounded by jews that he chose to be surrounded by, and that Trump’s new appointments will be all or nearly all jews. (Note: I use the nonpersonal “that” rather than the personal “who/whom” whenever I want to in referring to the anti-humans, who do not deserve human status.)

The only slightly interesting aspect for us is whether Trump will mostly appoint jews that are hard to identify as jews or whether he will appoint a slew of the already known and obvious jews.

Did I say it yet in this article? Trump is a crypto-jew. Has to be. A White man is not given the opportunities by jews that Trump has been given. The jews do not give tv fame and wealth to White men. The jews do not give massive banking help to White men to survive and make comebacks from massive bankruptcies. Doesn’t happen, folks. The jews push us down. They bankrupt us. They do not prop us up. Therefore, Trump is not a White man. Period.

But now the half-awake have had all their steam vented off. Trump will be shown to have lied about nearly everything that matters. When he doesn’t do what he promised he would do, he will use the age-old excuses of “a contrary Congress,” and information he “wasn’t privy to” before he became president, and Climate Change, ha ha, and on and on.

It was so-called conservative Republican Ronald Reagan who did the first big amnesty for invaders. Yes, I say “invaders,” while the jews used to say “illegal immigrants” and now say “undocumented immigrants” and simply “immigrants” and “migrants.” They are all vile invaders and more of us should simply be killing them. (I plan an article on this subject.) You see, a Republican could get away with doing what Reagan did at a time when a Democrat would have been lambasted for “overdoing” his liberalness.

That’s how it works. No matter which jew party’s animal mascot is on the balloon at the White House festivities, the jew agenda advances. The elephant pushes it forward or the donkey pulls it forward, each to whatever extent the gullible, dumbed-down, medicated, intoxicated, self-poisoned populace will tolerate.

How about a prediction? Democrat jews couldn’t get gun control to go forward. But Republican jews will be able to, to some extent. I predict they will. The NRA (National Rifle Association), led by crypto-jews, went all-in for Trump because Trump made the appropriate noises in favor of the “Second Amendment.” Hillary Killary Clinton promised to be a gun-grabber — not a grabber of her fellow jews’ guns nor her jew bodyguards’ guns, of course. Not Negroes’ guns. Not Mexiturds’ guns. Whites’ guns. Our guns.

So, Trump will advance the jew agenda against us. He will help the jew bankers continue their massive crimes. He will sign some kind of limits on guns or ammo, or on private sales, or he will advance the recording of gun-owner registrations. He will not deport enough of the shitskins illegally and wrongly alive inside our country. He will not even try to force the jew-owned corporations to pay us a living wage instead of the current poverty wages. He will, certainly, continue the massive funding of jews-only Israel. He will not stop the U.S. Military Murder Machine from killing anybody but jews around the world for the sole benefit of jewry.

A problem now is that the masses who wanted Trump to win will wait and do NOTHING while waiting to see what will happen, bit by bit, month after month, year after year. And as Trump’s deeds display step-by-step his true DNA, the jewsmedia will trump-up other secret jews pretending to be better-than-Trumps for the still-ignorant masses to pin their hopes on and say their stupid prayers for.

Those of us with both Knowledge and Wisdom have seen it all before. We know that waiting is continued slow suicide. We know that the solution is to kill the invaders — including all jews and the shitskins that the jews invited in, no matter how many generations they’ve already been here.

White heroes are wise, careful, courageous, effective killers of the enemy. One by one. Two by two. Occasionally, groups of jews, when such great opportunities arise. White heroes, for now, tell no one. White heroes choose the best advice from the articles listed at the bottom of this website, and adapt that advice for their skill sets and situations.

We are falsely asked if we “want a race war?” There already is a race war, a long-running race war. It’s all anti-White. We need that race war to flare up so that it is in our fellow White MEN’s faces, and then they will rise to join us, and finally we will win the race war once and for all.

Trump, surrounded by jews, says he will “make America great again.” Only our America WHITE again will be great again. Only Whites ever made a country great for Whites. Only Whites will do it again.


Some of the best Whites who read this website may be wondering why I have written about the so damned obvious jew-owned TV Electoral Big Show. To get a lot more hits, a lot of new visitors, that’s why. The stats that I get from this website software tell me some of the search terms people use to reach this site, and they tell me how many visitors came by way of search engines. Articles about popular subjects produce more visitors. For better or worse, my articles on “John Lennon’s Penis” and the jew model covergirl Hannah Davis bring a lot of visitors. Happily, so do the articles on how to I.D. jews.

Progress is being made. But we White MEN must light it up.

20 thoughts on “Trump: Right and Wrong

  1. I believe you are correct James. On the order of ten months ago, I asked my jew-wise friend what he thought of Trump. “Are you kidding,” came his instant reply “If he was not a jew or with jews then he would be destroyed in six seconds.” As I walked into the office for work, I noticed on a large television (I don’t own one) a newscast touting how Trump had won a “stunning upset.” That tells us loud and clear what we need to know.

  2. @ James and Doug,
    I concur. Evidence is overwhelming.

    lol, the only way I’d say he was White is if the jews assassinate him!

    James, you pointed out the usefulness of looking at someone’s family. We look at Trump’s many children, and some of them show their jew genes. Trump himself, and some of the children, were lucky in the expression of their physical-appearance genes producing a White-looking exterior. But some family members can’t help but display their true kike core. A simple google search of images makes that clear in seconds.

    We’re right to H8 M. We’re right to kill ‘em. You got that right, James. We have that human right.

  3. I would like to add another note here. This (s)election has provided a context in which to study the reactions of other groups. I work in what is called a “diverse” office as an engineer and have seen first hand how diversity benefits from our contributions and we get the bill. What this really means is that these people are benefiting from White inventions, creations and our sense of fairness. They reciprocate nothing and in fact have come to expect it.
    For them, this (s)election is about taking from Whites by force. This is about race for them. The perceived notion – they view Trump as an obstacle to continued theft of White knowledge, contributions and inventions – that they will not be able to exercise force (through voting and government enforcement) and take/benefit from all White contributions has them in an uproar.

    • Noted, and appreciated, kind sir.

      Relatedly, I have been thinking of writing and posting an article titled “The Thanks We Get.”

      The “We” is our White race. And the thanks we get, of course, is none.

  4. Sure thing. The Donald is a kike. If you can stomach reading openly jew publications, read The Forward, for example. Here’s a taste (of the sewage): An article about Republican Jews defending Trump:

    As for predictions, I’ll add one: Trump will not stop nor reverse the kikes’ requirement for us all to buy insurance from kike insurance companies.

    • Thank you. Sure, indeed. Good link. Such jew documentation is easy to find, but I’ll bet not many of our fellow Whites go out of their way to read openly jew publications, let alone to read them analytically.

  5. Trump has jew in his family tree. His daughter “converted” to get a tiny weiner on Wall Street. Rather odd. Obnoxio the clownboy doesn’t get anything good unless its for money. I hear Trump had some loan issues.
    However, tiny weiner is screwed anyway. I’m surprised they went with Trump. I was sure dead head wormwood was going with the Wicked Witch of Wall Street to spite US. I guess all the guns that locked and loaded must have changed things. No matter, they’re dead anyway. These dummies cannot walk it back. They burned their bridges with US, and all their darky malarky pets want to kill em too.
    SWEET. All they can do now is delay. Trump has to keep the HAMMER from smashing the rat nest. He can’t keep that going long. The sewer rats have spiked their fake monopoly money. They can’t keep it going much longer.

  6. Quite right, James. The vile tribe will leverage the Republican tools against us, and Trump’s crypto-qualities (or should I say crypto-weapons) against us. Likewise, as when Democrats are selected. Always, the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion are advanced.

    I would add, the Trump selection tells us that the Cancer On Humanity were extra worried. The Jew leadership saw the boom in gun sales, the simmering (near boil) anger at the ongoing invasion of two-legged refuse into our White country, the general rise of awareness among Whites about race (though not nearly enough), and other factors positive for us. The Jew leadership decided that the steam must be vented in a big way. The selection of Clinton might have produced the boil. The selection of Trump has the half-aware millions of White gun owners — the largest “army” in the world — grinning in a false sense of victory. Today, they are hunting deer by day, drinking beer by night, and contemplating not one whit of revolutionary action.

    The Elders Of Zion dodged another bullet. But like rats in the basement or the attic, their relief and security is temporary.

    We must do more to leverage our gains. We all must step up. The Trumped will soon experience disappointment, and we must aim their guns in the right direction — the same direction as our guns.

    Carry on!

  7. I cast my vote for Trump because I couldn’t bare the thought of going from the first nigger president who was a marxist, to the first female president who wanted open borders and amnesty. I knew of the jews around him and his children all marrying jews, but I kept telling myself that it’s a ploy to get him into the white house and then he would go rouge and full Hitler. I know he isn’t the leader white America truly needs, but at least he is talking about things that never see the light of day. Plus, seeing all the special snow flake liberals cry after shillary lost was worth it.

    • I just read another post of yours and now I will capitalize “White” when speaking of my race. I love reading at, but I have now found another great read right here. Thanks James.

  8. Has a (woke) African American I love your articles and it felt has if I was in a parallel universe has I started to understand what these Jews are doing. But one thing that bothers me is how you keep describing us has some kind of sub humans, I’ll agree the BLM are all sub humans for falling for soros plan, but not all of us are dumb.. we agree with you and want to unite to get rid of these parasites that’s destroying both black and white families.

    • Glad to hear it, Tony R.

      If we overlook your grammar and spelling, we can say we welcome you and yours to humanity’s fight against the Enemy Jews (every single jew). And after Victory has been achieved, if I have any power in it, we will sincerely help you to return and prosper in Africa according to you and your race’s abilities.

    • I am an Arab and Muslim my friend.
      Yes, the jewish culture is a big threat to every one. It is not something new. They exploit others and cause conflicts & wars that they benefit from them.
      However, not all jews share the same way of thinking but this is an exception.
      As for the guys here in this web site (which I always read from time to time), Forget about them.
      They are also creation of jews in the sense of “Every action has a reaction equal in magnitude and opposite in direction”.
      They destroyed their soles. You do not fight the racism of jews by becoming racist yourself.
      But by transparency and 100% freedom to express opinion.
      The jews are not that smart nor superior. They only achieved that with the whites in the west because they did not know them.
      We are their cousins & they can never fool us because we know them by heart and know all their tactics.
      There is a guy here called “Doug”. He said it all when he said that they used to leave their doors open. This is a mistake because you should think about the future if a thief happens to be passing by.
      The whites were taken unguarded till today.
      However, do not let the jewish hatred destroy your soul and turn to a criminal like them.
      And I pray that God would enlighten the minds and souls of their victims like the guys in this website of Alt-Right way of thinking.

      • Some readers will be surprised that I allowed the above comment. Why would I do that? It’s such a great opportunity, that’s why.

        The Number One response to the Arab’s comment must be this: Of course the lesser races (who are all racists) don’t want us Whites to be racist! They want us to keep giving them everything and tolerating what they do.

        Many little points:
        * It is useful that he wrote he is an Arab and Muslim. Arab is the race, and Muslim is the religious membership. People who get their info from jewsmedia are confused about that.
        * Arab, you are not “my friend.”
        * Jews are a race, but this Arab says they are a “culture.” Wrong.
        * Yes, Arabs are cousins of the jews, as he said. That’s all the more reason to be wary of Arabs.
        * He believes in a “God” that presumably decides to tweak minds and souls now and then — yet does nothing to stop wars for jews, child abuse, ritual killings by jews, other murders, killings by tornadoes, fatal car accidents, etc. So, the Arab displays his stupidity.
        * He mentioned “Doug” and the comment about leaving doors unlocked and bikes in the yard. We could (and my family did) do that when we lived among Whites only. We cannot do it now because of the nonWhites muddying our states and our lives.

        We are correct to hate the enemy. We are correct to kill the enemy. There is nothing whatsoever “criminal” about hating and killing the enemy.

        If you don’t hate the jew or negro, etc., who rapes your sister, then there’s something very wrong with you.

        If you don’t kill the enemy who is slowly but surely killing your race, then there’s something very wrong with you.

        That enemy is jewry, as we very well know. They are a race. They are the parasites of humanity on our Earth. They use every kind of lie and murder to get their way. They do these every single day of every single year.

        We know the history of the world wars, in which our ancestors were duped (and forced) into killing fellow Whites. Likewise, the so-called Civil War. We know why the wars in Korea, Vietnam, etc., happened, who got killed and who didn’t, who profited and who didn’t. We know why the U.S. military machine is killing everybody but jews all around Israel, meanwhile the jews keep killing the Palestinians.

        We know who lies to us every minute of every day in all the big media, and through the government. We know who owns the money system. Through banking and taxation, both controlled by the jews, they drain us of the financial ability to be owners of businesses and institutions in our own country. They drain us of the ability to have families and raise them our way, the White way, the right way.

        We know who needs to die. All of jewry. And any nonWhites who get in our way need to die, too.

  9. America does not belong to whites. It belongs to the Red man. They have a natural right to that land. Not white Europeans. Whites have mismanaged the land which gives them even less of a claim to it. Rivers have been poisoned, trees cut down, animals are overgrazing and farmers are eroding the soil with their substandard farming practices. Fields and fields of monocultures (one crop planted in row after row) is depleting the soil of nutrients and after harvest the bare soil gets washed into rivers and blown away by the wind.
    Whites blame Jews for their atrocities and rightly so, but if we are to fix this world we need to look at the stick in our own eye. We need to take responsibility for our own misdeeds. Give the Natives back their God given land and go back to Europe. That is the right thing to do. The Natives weren’t hunter gatherers like we were falsely taught. They were sophisticated farmers who had a deep understanding of Mother Nature. They worked with nature, not against it. They weren’t clever like Europeans. But they were wise. White people owe the Natives a huge debt for the misery they have brought. As do Jews who engineered the rape of that continent. Whites were complicit and still are.

    • O’ Sarah, you’re so very ignorant.

      1. You have shown that you know nothing of ancient history on the American continents nor of the world. Otherwise, you would not say any particular race has a “natural right” to a particular area of land by choosing a particular time in history and saying that your particular group was on the land before another particular group came along and by peaceful means or violent means displaced the prior group.

      2. Big evidence that you are obviously not aware of is the network of pyramids around the world, including on the American continents. The network of pyramids CERTAINLY was not mapped out and built by Mongoloids (Asians, including the “Red men” of which you speak).

      3. Obviously, the Mongoloids came along and either killed the builders of the original pyramids and other giant stone structures and giant images on the lands, or they simply came into possession of the lands by the departure of the race who built it all. Why a departure? We don’t know, but we don’t make up an explanation and pretend it’s the truth, either.

      4. If “the Natives” — as you call them — were “sophisticated farmers” or sophisticated at anything, it’s because they had interbred with the more intelligent race and produced a few capable offspring, or because they copied methods they got from that intelligent race before their departure (or interbreeding into stupid mud). Judging by performance through known history, the muds of the American continents invented nothing nor did anything that sprang from their own DNA-enabled capabilities that we could honestly call “sophisticated.”

      5. You say “God given” land and whatever. That shows that you are a “believer” instead of a knower. There’s no god that gives or takes or lifts an almighty finger to influence anything on this planet. UNLESS you are willing to say that your “God” causes the chaos, wars, endless injustices, murders, killer storms, etc. Look at my fairly recent “Subtotal” article to help cure of your “beliefs,” whether of the Christinsanity variety or other.

      I could continue, but I doubt any of what I say will soak in. And of course, IF you are just a jew trying to make a little trouble here with your mixed-bag comment, then I shouldn’t even have published your comment.

      But on this website, you can find articles and links to great sources about the historical people and events of which I have written above. You will learn that as far as we know, the portion of damage done by Whites was done by Whites duped and corrupted by jews pretending to be Whites. Example: Our White Founding Fathers of the USA did not realize that there were jews among them who were pretending to be Whites. Thus, the original country was lost when the jews inflicted the CONstitution on the young country. (See the link at the top of this website.)

      A final note. Your I.P. address is in Ireland. If that is your true location, rather than a proxy location, I’ll bet your ignorance rages in regard to Ireland, too.

      A man who can greatly help you, other than me, is Martin Doutre. His amazing website has links to monumental knowledge related to Ireland and to other aspects I have mentioned, such as pyramids and other stone structures. He is found by a google search or by getting a link from my articles about the Great Pyramids or by getting the link off my TruthfulSites page 2, country New Zealand.

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