Note: Much more text added, 17 Jan. 2017.

We already have well established the term “whigger,” which is a White person acting much like a Negro (nigger).

The term I coin and present here has a much deeper meaning and represents a hybridism that is both rampant and mortally threatening the existence of our White race.

Whybrid. This term means a human who is perhaps half or mostly of White DNA but also mixed with nonWhite DNA. Thus, a hybrid largely involving White. Also, by my reckoning, not a human qualified or deserving to be called White.

In my underemployed underpaid job in the big-box retail store carrying the connect-the-dots asterisk of the common symbol of the enemy jew race, I see a constant parade of Whybrids.

Seemingly of mainly White blood, they exhibit one or more of the following physical and mental traits:

  • black hair
  • curly hair
  • eyes too dark, burnt brown or black
  • no neck
  • pair shape, from pronounced and ugly, to grotesque
  • no “S”-curve of the spine
  • no butt (as in, a flat butt)
  • legs too short as a proportion of the overall height
  • arrogance
  • idiocy
  • dishonesty (toward fellow Whites)
  • no respect, no consideration, for others
  • most tattooism (I except military veterans and a few others) and whiggerist piercings with hardware on and inside the head

Let’s not descend into minute detail nor list the other aspects that help us identify jews pretending to be Whites. Let’s move on to the danger to our White race’s survival.

I see hundreds of people per day, all within a few feet of me. I see all this hybrid and mongrel humanity. I look into their eyes. I interact with them — with professional phrasings, light jokes, references to history (especially when the sums of money suggest dates), remarks about current affairs, etc.

People who I see and identify as my fellow true Whites are a distinct minority. Yes, minority. That’s bad.

These true Whites and I often meet eyes and experience a sense of recognition that I find assuring, comforting, and rewarding. Some of them, only some, offer remarks that signal to me their position somewhere on the ladder to TRUTH about RACE. I respond to each one of them with a careful reply that lets them know I share in their knowledge but can’t get into specifics because I need to keep the damn job.

Most rare of all are the true Whites who seem to be aware of the enemy of humanity, jewry. None has ever uttered the “j” word in the store, yet. But by way of phrasing about the Federal Reserve, or the (s)Election process, and the like, they give me the clues I use to reach tentative conclusions about their admirable and vital awareness.

I hope you appreciate this discussion about our fellow Whites. Please offer your own observations and reactions, if you want to, in the comment section below.

Returning to the Whybrids

I fervently hope that not all other areas of the USA are as bad with Whybrids as this area in Tennessee!

If all or nearly all other areas are this bad, it doubly underscores what I have been saying and urging: We Whites Must Not Wait! We Must Spark The White Revolution, Now, Each Of Us To The Best Of Our Ability!

If most areas are so bad, it would tell us that the race-mixing has already been alarmingly widespread. In that case, we are a smaller minority than we had thought.

Who wants to lay his or her life on the line to save the Whybrids?!

I intend to add to this post. For now, I’ll leave it, provocatively, here, except to say:

I lay my life on the line to save our true White race. I say it’s not too late.

Add your experiences and thoughts to this discussion, please. Take whatever precautions that you like to keep your true identity and exact location private, if you feel it necessary.

Note: My current online access is very limited, so your comments may not get posted for some days.

Addition, 17 Jan. 2017:

Here’s a long excerpt from another email from a different admirable person. This long passage has been edited by me especially to help preserve the privacy of the emailer. I also received many photos of people mentioned, but of course I must not post any of them!

“I’ve also attached photo files of my friend’s sister. I started to suspect that his sister was a jew and that he was a jew, due to the negative way that they were acting to me. His sister filed [a charge] against me with a jewish-nigger-kike black-nigger judge for bogus reasons, so now I can no longer get a gun for two years in any of the United States areas.

I had a kike-police-officer come over, with the crypto-kike-nigger surname of Kelly. [Local] police have a lot of kikes on their force that pretend to be the White-Race, they blend in very well.

Also from the pictures that I’ve sent you can see that [an extended-family member] is half-nigger and the other kid is half asian-nigger. It says a lot about how stupid this family is.

I consider jews and all the races that are not the White-Race, niggers.

It is very sad and depressing how the White-Race is ignorant to the agenda and if you try to educate them about it, it usually has them not ever talk to you again for multiple reasons. One reason is that they may not want to accept the reality as a reality, another is that they will think one is crazy for talking about these things, a third is due to the programming that they have been through by the jews. Other reasons are they might not actually believe you at all, they are too brainwashed by religion, they might not actually comprehend anything one is saying about the jewish/nigger-problem, and they may know what’s going on but choose not to do anything about it and go along with the jews because they are traitors.

With every person or group of people the reason and/or reasons are different and it can be a combination of these reasons or one of these reasons and/or other reasons that I haven’t outlined.

As for my family, it seems that the jews have infiltrated very well, as it seems that I am the only White-offspring of all my primary-family. My grandmother on my mom’s side had several children, one son became extremely successful although was a parent to no children, my mom was just a parent to me, my mom’s other sister did not have children, my other three uncles were parents to no children and then my mom’s eldest sister seems to have married a kike. He’s a patent-attorney and looks very kikey to me, supposedly he is “Irish-catholic”. He seems to be a crypto-kike. I’ve attached pictures of him and his children. A cousin married a part japanese-most-likely-part-kike. Another cousin went to Haiti as part of some teacher-program and got knocked up by a hatian nigger and as a result gave birth to that disgusting little half-nigger-creature you can see in exhibit photos.

I definitely agree with you that Trump is a jew and I also knew that before the election results came in and I even knew he would win all the way back in May. I don’t think the kikes would ever allow a White-man to run for election.

It seems that without D.N.A.-test-results that no results can be truly determinable without hard-evidence if said entities are questionably-jewish. I suggest that when the White-Race creates their own country for themselves that the White-Government of that country should use D.N.A.-tests. I know that has to happen, as any blood that is tainted with any amount of other races’ blood is no longer the White-Race and is a dangerous threat to the White-Race.

I know that one site (stormfront) was saying that if one admitted to have any blood of other races that one was not the White-Race, although if one identified with the White-Race without saying that they had nigger blood that one was White and they said that they weren’t going to argue about that person not being White, this is delusionally-wrong of course. I know that there was one sicilian that was on stormfront.com doing his best to fit in as a White, and sicilians are not the White-Race and sicilians are also jewish. The people there were definitely unaware of that as there was a discussion about sicilians.

It is incredibly difficult for someone who is enlightened in these regards and having a family that is simply unreceptive to the gross-actualities about the jews and unwilling to accept the truth about the situation although living the way that the jews want them to.

None of my family ever calls me or makes any effort to see me. In the past I have tried to reach out to them although they never did return that act for me. It is also difficult to not have any White friends I can meet with in person, and also people I can talk with about the truth of the situation.

If I were in your situation, I certainly would not give up on finding a beautiful young-woman, perhaps the age of thirty-eight to thirty-nine-years of age and at least being a parent to one child. It is not unheard of and I know the jews have made the situation that way so it is more difficult so your situation is rather normal.

The only way to stop the jews is ironically through the military. Whatever they do to us, needs to be done back to them, plus more creative advancements of terror and offensives against them to finally and completely snuff them out. I have my ideas of what needs to be done although there are many more ideas that are probably unknown to me.

I know of people who have clandestinely murdered israelis. Murdering the jews is actually the only option, as the jews cannot be reasoned with, cannot be trusted due to their compulsive-natural-lying and are a parasitic and pedophile-race that seek to destroy the White-Race.”

There it is. Provocative on many topics, eh?





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After 50 years of being fed every kind of distortion, half-truth, and outright lie about the White race of humanity, I finally overcame. So can you. Together, we will fight back, and we Whites will win -- again.

24 thoughts on “Whybrids

  1. In a recent email from a most admirable fellow White man, I received the following paragraph, which I paste here because it’s a perfect contribution to this Whybrid discussion.

    “Interestingly I work with a man from Europe and he said his girlfriend left the states to go back home. It was too scary for her here. I asked if she has blond hair and he said yes. Next I said she would be a target. Then he stated that the mexican beaners here shouted to her constantly. It must be a nightmare for an attractive White woman. He wants a family but there are no ‘attractive women here,’ he said. The weight of the system crushing him and our kind specifically is starting to wake him up.”

  2. I’ve read a few articles of your blog and I’m very impressed by your excellent research.

    I wanna asked, do you think that there a jews (crypto-jews) who do not know, that they are actually jewish?

    I ask this question because I’m pretty sure that in Germany many people who looks like jews – and maybe they are jews -, do not know of their real heritage.

    Is that possible?

    And: What do you think about the Germanic-Sub-races ak European Races and their features ….

    · Nordische Rasse
    · Ostische Rasse
    · Dinarische Rasse
    · Ostbaltische Rasse
    · Fälische Rasse
    · Westische Rasse
    · Sudetische Rasse/innerasiatische Rasse
    by, Hans F. K. Günther

    Please apologize my English!

    • Hello, sir. Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, I do think that there are jews (half-jews, quarter-jews, eighth-jews) who do not know that they are jews. Some of this Whybrid crap around me here I will bet are actually hybrid jews. The physical features are, I think, conclusive. Yet, my educated guess is that those individuals would say that they are Whites. This is why we will need to do blood tests — DNA tests — on everybody. These self-ignorant jews are the result of male jews impregnating by whatever means they could every White female they could get into. Lots of one-night-stands, rapes, spring-break affairs, office affairs, etc., for generations. Ignorant/stupid females give birth instead of aborting the demons, and up grow all these ignorant jews thinking they’re Whites, further poisoning our gene pool.

      As far as the subraces you have listed, I do not have specific knowledge of each of them. It looks like you are using the great German language in listing them, and I understand all but one of the terms. Sorry, but I am not going to delve into the science, again, in order to accurately answer your question.

      No matter the case, our rule of thumb must be that we make preliminary judgments based on The Characteristics I have listed and explained in my articles on how to identify crypto-jews. If we err, we try to err in our own favor. We simply don’t trust anybody who looks nonWhite to be White. And we judge people who look like jews to be jews.

      On this basis, we go forward, and we join the race war the jews started by Winning the War. After that, we can sort out the populations of our countries and of the world.

      Please accept my lack of a detailed answer. My online time is very limited these days. Smaller specific questions are always welcome, and I will try to answer them directly whenever feasible.

      Thanks, again. Danke schon!

  3. Wow, you described these almost Whites to a T!

    My child bearing years behind me I dream of finding a place where I can feel safe again. It’s counter-intuitive but there are probably (some) third world countries where I’d be safer and be with more White people (say, in an expat community). The U.S. is just so politicized against us.

    Probably just crazy talk though.

    Anyway, there are still many pockets of White people having White babies. I think White couples don’t feel the need to parade around town virtue signalling like the freak race-mixers do so I don’t see them as much.

    I have hope that one day we’ll be able to make test tube white babies on a wide scale. I’d be happy to raise one or two! More and more people are realizing that White people are superior to the brown races. Even the SJWs know it, deep down.

    • Hi, Maureen. Your visits and comments are much appreciated.

      Find a great sanctuary in a turd-world country? Yep, that’s crazy talk.

      Test tube White (capitalize us, please) babies. That’s more crazy talk. It takes actual White wombs to produce actual White babies. Better to focus on matchmaking than any unreal fantasies.

      Yes, indeed, many of the nonWhites know very well that our White race is superior. That’s why they want Whites to teach them English in their countries — such as in Asian countries. And that’s why they want to come to our White-founded White-built countries. Most of them know that what we Whites have invented and produced is beyond their ability to invent and produce. Meanwhile, they are not intelligent enough to figure out that jews, not Whites, are in control of our country (countries) now and that they (the other nonWhites) are being used as tools against us.

      Oh, you know these things, eh? I just drop it there.

      Back to matchmaking, how about encouraging an attractive single White female to contact me?

      Meanwhile, I know another worthy White man in need of a worthy White female. He is helping me, funding-wise, to make the musical project a reality!

      • Oh wow, I’m glad to hear you have help with your music project. What wonderful news! I didn’t know such things were possible in our world.

        How old are you? I will keep you in mind as I meet nice women. I will try to remember to check back but if not, please just come by my blog again. I don’t really check the email address associated with this account.

  4. What do you think about what the Jews did to the Palestinian people. And do you consider the Palestinians are white?
    Also where do you think Ar father of the white came from?

    • The jews have been terrorizing and killing the Palestinian people for more than a century, especially since one of the Rothschilds kicked off concerted effort with funding and direction in the late 1800s. What do I think about it? It’s natural for a race to want to conquer another race and take their land. Every race sitting on land now did so to the race sitting there before, and before. But the jews do it with lies, torture, and every inhumane way of doing it. All races should be united in one common necessity: killing all jews. The Palestinians, and all Arabs, should have killed off the jews in the Middle East a long time ago. They STILL should. But they don’t even try. Why? They’re cousins. And they’re not smart enough.

      Are Palestinians Whites? No. They are Middle Eastern hybrids/mongrels.

      “Ar father of the white”? I don’t understand the question. If you are asking where Whites first came from, my answer is that Whites evolved as a branch of what I’ll call the human tree-trunk, and we developed our unique physical form and higher mental abilities long before the other races got to their current levels. (This follows William Pierce’s great scholarship on the subject.)

      I am not an expert scientist in this field, but my extensive reading and thinking has led me to favor the idea that there were only two original races of what we call humanity — if we include the Congoids in humanity. The two: Congoids (the Africans) and Whites. All other races are hybrids/mongrels as a result of mixings, periods of separation, and more mixing, etc. However, it may be that Mongoloids (Asians) are a third “original” race. No matter.

      Our White race seems to have developed on the European continent into our modern greatness of physical and mental capabilities.

      Notice that in regard to origins, I don’t make up answers and pretend they’re true for questions that NOBODY can decisively, based on evidence, answer.

      • “I am not an expert scientist in this field, but my extensive reading and thinking has led me to favor the idea that there were only two original races of what we call humanity — if we include the Congoids in humanity.”

        Have you ever heard of Anatoly Fomenko?
        If not …I highly recommend his writings.


        You can also find some videos on this topic on YouTube.

        The researches by Fomenko regarding to our history is more than mind blowing. It will change your point of view – beforehand, the Jews lied about everything history has written.

        I know a German Professor and engineer he studied Fomenko’s writings and made his own conclusions. He developed a program to find out, how many people real lived on earth the last 100 – 500 years.


        The page is in German. But thanks to google you can translate ist, if you like. You have to read the comments too. There you can find further more important informations.

        PS: For the second time, I have to apologize my english. In German I could explain the whole topic in more details.

      • Dear “From Germany,”

        Welcome back, sir. (I’ll bet you are male, not female.) YES, I have read much of Anatoly Fomenko’s work, and I wrote favorably about it in the article on this website at the following link:

        I would like to read the info by the German Professor. I hope to find the online time for that soon. Thank you for the link!

  5. I have been impressed by your knowledge and wisdom on the Reality Of Race and The Enemy Of Humanity — the inhuman race of jewry.

    But now, on Whybrids, aren’t you being divisive? Aren’t we going to need those Whybrids who think they are Whites to be on our side when this cold war turns hot? Why, and why now, whittle us down to our nucleus of true Whites?

    My answer: Wait till we win.

    a true White

    • Thank you. And well said.

      I don’t grant that laying reality bare is being divisive. Whatever the true reality of our situation is, it is what we need to know, and it should be the foundation from which we launch our efforts. The reality of our situation is worse than most people realize. It may be worse than what I’ve said. All the more reason to get energized, to man up, now, to rise up against jewry’s war against us and WIN IT. The only way to win it is for enough of us to kill enough of the jews, starting now and continuing with purpose and joy, no pity no mercy, until victory is achieved.

  6. What is your take on Tom Metzger?
    Denies Crypto Jews even exist
    Blames Hitler for starting the war and denies the Soviet Union would have attacked!


    • I don’t know if you are correct about what you claim to be Tom Metzger’s positions. I know that I have disagreed with some of his positions, and I have written about that somewhere.

      Ah, yes, on my TruthfulSites pg2, currently item 16, which is my blurb about Mr. Metzger’s site Resist.com. There, I say that he is wrong about now being a time for us to wait. And I say:
      “In an article on jews in his “Positions” category, he says jews are not a race, and he says Adolf Hitler said jews are not a race. Wrong and wrong.”

      So, he has offered a lot of good info on his site, especially the free resources of books and the files of the Liberty Bell magazine. And he has been wrong about some things.

    • Yes, that’s a very good link. Thanks. Trump-ettes, such as the numbskull Carolyn Yeager, should study it and add it to what some of us have already provided to her. Nah, it wouldn’t work. She is either that numb, or working for the other side.

      By the way, red flag number one about you is that you identify yourself by a jew term, “goy.” And your previous, very long comment (which I did not approve for publication) is all about your supposed superiority when your people are, and have been, in a worse situation than we Whites of the jewSA.

      But you got one comment posted. Don’t abuse the privilege.

      Hey, by the way, what do you think of Capt. Ajit Vadakayil, website http://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.com ?

      • “Trump-ettes, such as the numbskull Carolyn Yeager.”

        She’s a Christinsaniac. Or a pretender, as you suggest she could be. But if not a pretender, then her being pro-Christian tells us her mind has a major flaw, and that flaw allows belief in other contradictions and lies that are obvious to us. Thus, the Christinsaniac believes in Trump as if he is a White savior.

        Also, I support your distrust of anyone identifying himself of herself by kike terms. We are not “goy,” we are Whites!

        Mr. killemall has a comment below with a link to a video. The video is full of stills that do not seem to show White people actually doing anything to the Congocrap. So, I hope it is what he says it is, and I hope the Whites there are finally rising up.

  7. You wrote a few post about how to spot a Jew.

    I wanna show you some mind blowing videos about Hollywood male celebrities pretending to be women.

    Let us start with Julia Roberts

    And, from Germany, Heidi Klum

    This transgender manipulations is unbelievable. There seems to be a more than dangerous hidden agenda – created by Jews(?)

    What do you think about all this??
    What does it have to do with Jewish facial and body features?

    Honestly I don’t know what to believe any more.

    • I’m not going to look at those videos. If you are saying that those female jew females are/were actually males, then I say you should stop wasting your time and your mind on such jew crap.

      I hope you won’t go any further down such a path into the jew sewer because if you do, I will have to suspect that you are a fake German man and are attempting to turn my site into a tool of confusion serving the jew agenda.

      Put your mind on the correct, straight, and narrow. Read the stalag version of Mein Kampf (link on my WhiteSchool page), and read the best of my site and JB Campbell’s site. The jew race is the enemy of humanity. We Whites are the best race — judging by historical performance not conflated with what jews-pretending-to-be-Whites have done. Our best Whites we call Aryans. The jews do EVERYTHING imaginable to derail us from being Whites, from being MEN, and from killing the ENEMY race.

      The solution to all our big problems and most of our little problems is for enough of us to kill enough of them. Period.

  8. hi. i just found your site today and add it to my blog list.
    together we will make it!
    the more, the better.

    i have two websites (in portuguese, cause i’m Portuguese, but you can use translator):

    hope you like it. i like your vision. even the detail about how you write the word “jew” with lowercase instead of uppercase, unlike many Aryans. those repulsive bastards don’t even deserve seing their name with uppercase.

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