If You Want

Do you want to start a clean new country?

Sure, you do.

And if you want porn to exist to poison your families, let a few jews into your new country.

If you want prostitution, let in a few more jews. The jews started and own the porn industry here in the USA, and published (or performed) porn is always preceded by or accompanied by jew prostitution.

If you want a banking system that takes windfall profits to drain you of your income, allow jews to exist.

If you want the criminal industry of insurance (which is an offspring of jew banking) to bleed you further toward poverty for the enrichment of the owners of the insurance corporations, then tolerate jews.

If you want a mis-education system to lie about your history and poison your children’s minds against you and your own race, let jews live among you.

If you want to be duped into letting other races live in your country, rape your females, degrade your neighborhoods, and demand welfare, let jews operate in your country.

If you want all popular media (tv, movies, magazines, radio, textbooks, and their related Internet sites) to lie 24/7, telling you your great White race is the villain race, a “cancer” on Earth, and telling you the other races are honest and noble and the jews are only geniuses or victims, then allow jews to breathe in your country.

If you want jews constantly, relentlessly, trying to enter your country to do what that race of murderous, conniving parasites always naturally does, then neglect to exterminate them from the planet.

11 thoughts on “If You Want

  1. “exterminate them from the planet.”

    It’s shocking to me James how many self professed “jew wise” have not come to this conclusion.
    Far as I’m concerned …. HOW DARE ANY OF YOU REFER TO YOURSELVES AS JEW WISE if you do not fully understand the above quote.

    Have you learned NOTHING from the historical mistakes of our great White ancestors ?
    And yes, they all made mistakes in dealing with their jewish problem. We must admit this and face todays reality because of it.

    All the way from their youngest children to their oldest elderly. Even their scum floating around in petri dishes waiting to be hatched.
    You either understand this once and for all or we condemn our children and race to extinction.

    • Yes, yes, and yes. I am most grateful for your comment — and all of your previous comments.

      Our ancestors’ mistakes. Absolutely, from my parents on back to both Germany and Ireland.

      But we have the science that has confirmed what the eye can see and has underlined what historical performance (and lack thereof) proves, race by race, and often subrace by subrace. Differences in DNA, bone structures, brain structures, behavior, level of reasoning power: These are all known by us now, thanks to the advancement of White science (there is no other honest kind). Thus, we can cut through the jews’ lies that confused and stymied our ancestors. We now know without reasonable doubt the truth about the races on this planet. Likewise, the solution to the problem.

      Definitions: “Ignorance” means “not knowing, yet.” “Stupid” means “unable to know.”

      Among our fellow Whites, only the ignorant disagree with us.

      Among the nonWhites, both stupidity and enemy’s lies disagree with us.

      Neither the nonWhites’ stupidity nor enemy’s lies should hinder us anymore.

      Our mission is twofold. Help relieve our fellow Whites of their ignorance while we covertly, efficiently, heroically, kill the enemy jews and any other nonWhites opposing us in our own White-founded White-built countries.

      Again, thank you, sir killemall.

  2. And if you want your children alienated not only from our race but also from reality so that they will grow up with stunted minds unable to shun the claims of the pushers of superstitions and religions, then let jews exist.

    I say this because Christ-insanity is a major hurdle for us. Major. Adolf Hitler knew it, too, and said so — in the books “Table Talks” and “Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin.” But he felt he couldn’t tackle that problem at the same time he tackled the race problem.

    Speaking of leadership, I nominate James and killemall as leader and vice leader of White America. To my knowledge, you men are our very best.

    Whites Must Kill To Win!

    • Simply excellent. I thank you very much.

      To all White readers: Feel free to add an “If you want…” to include something big that has not been mentioned yet.

  3. Greetings from Riki, your faithful East Asian National Socialist and Anti-Jew comrade. How are you James? I believe you still remember me. Haven’t talked to for a while. I’ve been extremely busy lately with my own job and family affairs. Hope everything is fine and you stay healthy and safe, and always thank you for your uncompromising, unflinching and hard-hitting anti-Jew activism that has never failed to educate, motivate and inspire countless minds of the best segment of the White race. The following is my three humble offers on this topic of yours, if you ever intend to compile a collection of all suggestions from your readers which might include mine, feel free to edit those words of my contributions as you deem fit. After all, English is not my native language, as you certainly understand. :)

    If you want your country’s wealth and wealth-creating and life-sustaining means to shipped wholesale to overseas slave labor factories in China and other third-world shitholes by greedy and venal corporations with impunity at the expense of the livelihood of the middle and working class Americans, let Jews in control of your government and business.

    If you want the advanced military hardware and knowhow, the cream of the White man’s industry and creativity be handed away in a silver platter to China the vicious and ruthless potential enemy of the White race with dire consequences to long term security of American people, let Jews in key government positions continue to practice their treason undisturbed.

    If you want the liberal activist judges to continue to wantonly distort the justice, disrupt legal order, halt the law enforcement, and let in millions of law-defying, rights-demanding and crime-committing third world aliens to forever contaminate your country, hijack your society and endanger your neighborhood, turn a blind eyes to Jews enabling such a scenario.

    • Welcome back, Riki. Glad to hear you are well and productive. It’s my pleasure to accept your suggestions.

      Your first two items are especially good. The third is the one I would adjust. Anyway, they are here for all to see and consider.

  4. unrelated…

    you despite christianity, i get that…myself, i don’t know anywhere near as much about it as many, i admit…but i come across this link below and wonder what jesus was really all about. has he, personally, been totally lied about, such as like so many others (vlad, luther, lincoln, adolph, etc.).



    • There is no reason to think the specific character called “Jesus” written in the Bible by jews actually existed. (Notice that I use the word “think” not “believe.” “Beliefs” typically have no factual, verifiable basis.)

      No real historical writings from that time period say anything about such a character. My sources for this include Revilo Oliver, who was a professor of languages and could read for himself the ancient documents in various languages. Another man whose name I cannot immediately recall was another expert and agreed with Revilo Oliver — both of whose accounts I read in the archived issues of the great magazine The Liberty Bell.

      If you do a quick search on the issue of Jesus’ existence, you will find reliance on a so-called historian named “Josephus.” A jew. Another proven lying scum jew.

      Thanks for the comment. Who is the “vlad” you refer to?

      • very good. was going for the chronological approach, so tepes…the impaler. not putin come to think of it, lol

  5. So many retards, so little time . . .

    Yeah, Christ was a Jew. Sure thing. That’s why the Jews call everyone who attacks or demeans Him an anti-Semite.

    And of course the Bible is a Jewish book. That’s why it says the Jews killed Christ and why the Old Testament prophesies that Israel would be a blessing to all nations. We all know what a blessing the Jews have been to all nations, don’t we?

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