Destabilization: Personal jew crimes against us


The historian-author David Irving from England said in a London Forum video (screenshot above) that the jews inflicted upon him a stunt related to the death and funeral of a loved one.


It was a real life event, more personal and vile than simply emailing or commenting or trying to hack one’s website — which are the common jew tactics against us owners of pro-White anti-jew websites. David Irving admitted that the stunt had destabilized him, briefly.


I hope the jew stunt taught Mr. Irving to stop beating around the bush about the vermin jews and to stop vacillating about their monumental lies such as the Holocau$t.


david-irving.Hitlers-War.bookBy the way, some years ago on my website previous to this one, I wrote and published a critique of David Irving and his books on Adolf Hitler and WW2. I had read much of his huge website, his book “Hitler’s War,” his book “Churchill’s War,” his work on Joseph Goebbels’ diary, and more. The great facts in his books and the requisite conclusions the intelligent reader should make based on those facts were in sharp contrast with Irving’s infesting his books with insults against our great Germans — such as sprinkling the term “henchmen” throughout — and his public flip-flopping and wrongful statements about the jews’ monumental hoax called the Holocaust. (Back then, his website offered some books for free! Maybe still. Here is the url:


As for Destabilization, Mr. Irving’s story made me realize that the jews have tried it on me two or three times since I launched this website.


First, in Vietnam: They got a key official or two to prevent my visa renewal in Vietnam. That was a big deal, as I wasn’t yet prepared to depart that asinine country. It was an ordeal, draining me of money as I tried in vain to renew the visa and then to struggle for permission to depart the land of supposedly 95 IQ (certainly lower) (funny, though, same average IQ as in Israel).


Recently, a pair of disruptive customers where I work went beyond all facts and reason in trying to provoke me into a response that would get me fired. They claimed I had mistreated customers before them and asked me insultingly, “What is your problem?” Of course, my problem was only them. Last year, a similar stunt was perpetrated against me.


The beauty of realizing these tactics is that when I suspect that they are doing it again, I will take it in stride, knowing what it is, thus it will not “destabilize” me — no matter if the jews are behind it or not.


I publish this account in order to arm my fellow White truthtellers and activists who are public figures and, thus, potential targets of the enemy jews’ dirty tricks. Despite our ability to shrug them off, we should count these attacks as personal crimes against us and doubly retaliate — not in kind but in deeds of permanence. Yes, as JB Campbell has written and I repeat: heroism required.


They are the enemy. They are warring on us. They must be put down. They must be wiped out. They have earned it. And they will get it.


lions.shun-opinions-of-sheepFor those readers who lack the DNA for heroism, the alternative is to continue showing them that we are strong, that their lies against us and their crimes against us do not cause us to cower but instead throw fuel on our flames. We stand stronger. We spread the truth in better ways, to more of our people, to waken them from lambdom to lionhood!


And for our better fellows about to join the best, we salute you as you “turn the other cheek,” transforming yourself from victim to predator. Be right, be covert, be lethal, be White!


4 thoughts on “Destabilization: Personal jew crimes against us

  1. Greetings sir,

    I admire the passion and dedication you have to preserve the existence of your people. I know you have certain opinions of blacks, east asians and mexicans. But I was wondering what your thoughts and views are on people of the Indian Subcontinent for example Indians and Pakistanis aka South Asians. Since that is the human stock I come from and last time I checked we share 70% of our genetics with Western European.

    Being a brown man born and raised in America who has lived in America all his life and who loves this country…do you honestly think people like us have no room in this land? Despite the fact we have no interest in changing America in anyway and would not want America to ever lose its European heritage?

    Best Regards,


    • Whites Only in this White-founded White-built country.

      You could be a fine enhancement for the “human stock” of the Indian subcontinent you have specified as a place of origin.

      You wrote: “last time I checked we share 70% of our genetics with Western European.” That is insulting phrasing, which is surely how you meant it, too. It’s also absurdly ignorant to claim a specific amount of “genetics” shared. Supposedly, we all share more than 70% genetics with chimps! I’m not going to explain it all to you in a comment. I suggest looking up various other claims like the one you made, and then observe the constant change in what the jews who poison science (invented and advanced by Whites) say about our genomes. Example, they used to say we were loaded with “junk DNA,” but now they hover closer to the truth.

      By the way, your given email address says that you are a follower of yahweh. You are not welcome here, not on my website and not in my country.

      It doesn’t matter what generation of invader you are. When you get yourself outside my country and preferably with your own “human stock,” then your words and behavior will determine whether I behave in a friendly manner to you.

  2. I was wondering if you could put an edit option (or at least delete option) here for your comments, since I wanted to somewhat edit my last one but could not only not be able to edit it but also not able to delete my pending comment.

    • Maybe I could. Maybe I could find a plug-in for this website software that would offer such options. Maybe I could study the required coding and insert it into the coding of this website. But I am not going to do it.

      Think about what you do BEFORE you do it, before you commit to it, before you click the “Post Comment” button. That’s not too much to ask of a person who thinks he should be allowed to live among Whites and enjoy all the inventions and civilized behaviors of Whites.

      Do that as you buy yourself a plane ticket online for your one-way flight to the land of your “human stock” and the level of civilization and comfort that your human stock has built and maintained (with massive help from White inventions) over there in India and Pakistan.

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