Launch of White Man Music!


Boomer Rock without the ignorance.

If The Stones had stones.

Above, if the video doesn’t autoplay for you, simply click the download link up there and choose to play the vid with your own player, such as VLC, WindowsMediaPlayer, etc.


The video and songs provided on this page are short versions for your free enjoyment. What you’re missing are the guitar solos, the stronger verses, and group-chorus climaxes of the songs. And you’re missing the fun and inspiration of the video’s second half.

For a puny donation to the cause, you may own the full versions of the video and songs.

Note: I will not give away these songs and video prior to May 2018, if ever. They are available only in trade for a donation.

  • $5 donation gets the Triumvirate of songs — by email, or by other arrangement that you may request.
  • $10 donation gets the Triumvirate of songs and the “Wake Up!” video — by email or other arrangement that you may request, such as download or dvd.

To get the music, please scroll down to where you see my mailing address. Nope. No more mailing address. See below.


UPDATE: 13 June 2017

The response has been overwhelming. Oops, I mean the lack of response has been overwhelming. Not a single order for the music has been received. No friend, no anonymous reader, no foe. Nobody. I am the only person who has ever heard the full versions of the songs. And that’s the way it will stay. I like them, I listen to them in my car, and I am proud of them.

I will not give the songs away for free. If anybody wants to make a special request, do so by email (get my current email address from the homepage, bottom-right column).

Most of you own music and listen to music — all jew-written, jew-sung, and/or jew-approved for the deterioration of White minds and our White race. You think those are famous White people doing that writing, playing, or singing. Wrong. They are jews pretending to be Whites. Well, you’ve made your choice. And I’ve made mine.

The above offer and the current email address will expire soon.


“Wake Up by WhiteMan if the stones had stones”

7 thoughts on “Launch of White Man Music!

  1. As a whybrid born to a white mother and an African immigrant father what do you think the fate for people like me who reside in this country be? Is it my fault that I am a whybrid? Will you honestly suggest that I leave the United States? And if so, go where? To Africa? I don’t speak the language nor is there anything culturally African about me. The only language I know is English and the only culture I know is the American culture. I know you believe blacks have the lowest IQ from all races. That may be the case on average but still does not speak for individual African-Americans like myself. I am a novel writer and have the ability of creative writing.

    • Yes, obviously, you have the ability of creative writing.

      Let’s say that your comment is honest and not from a scum jew casting bait for whatever purpose. You have indicated that you are half “African.” Surely you mean “Congoid” or “Negro” and not White South African, for example. Let’s proceed.

      You are NOT White. Your fate should be to be forced out of this country (the USA) and to live wherever else you want or can.

      Fault is no issue. Your mother’s crime against my race was not your fault. It’s nobody’s own fault to be born a sheep and get eaten by a lion, or to be born a gorilla in the jungle, or to be born a gorilla where jews put a necktie on you and call you an “equal” man, or to be born a true White man in this jew-corrupted hell.

      If you energize yourself, you might become not only an “enhancement” to your half-breed kind but also a leader who might succeed in establishing a country for whatever you want to reside alongside you.

      If you were intelligent enough right now, you would realize that the extermination of the jews would benefit you wherever you might find a place for yourself on this planet. You would realize that I am correct. And you would be joining the effort to exterminate jews rather than pleading like a child to be given, given, a place of comfort in a WHITE-founded WHITE-built WHITE-re-established country.

    • WhyBird101,

      Lets assume you’re who you say you are and your question is legitimate.

      Since you’re on this site, we might be able to assume you have a certain awareness.

      Some direct questions for you that we expect answers to:

      #1. do you fully understand jews, all jews are ultimately the real problem ?

      #2. do you fully understand and accept the solution to the jewish problem is extermination ?

      #3. are you actively training, procuring necessary equipment and supplies, intel gathering for target acquisition etc. etc. for the necessary task at hand ?

      I assure you, your TRUE answers to these questions will be the ultimate determining factor to your fate.

  2. I stopped feeling sorry for Negroes when I learned that Whites have had their share of suffering. The “forgot” to teach us that in school. Here’s just one example of the many atrocities committed against my people.

    I’m all for helping repatriate blacks to their countries of origin. I’m sure it will be much better for them in Africa where they don’t have to worry about us “racists”.

    PS. We don’t need anymore “creative writers” in the U.S. Geez, do you really consider that a contribution?

  3. Thank you for your response. Yes my dad is what you may call a “Congoid” or “Negro”, specifically from West Africa, while my mother is white of North European (English/Scottish) descent. Now on your website you say that American Indians are an exception and as a result despite being nonwhite can still reside in the United States. So here are my list of questions.

    1) Why are they the only exception?

    2) Why should nonwhites (half-breed or otherwise), who have are in no position of power nor in any position of influence nor have any desire to harm the white European heritage of America nor pose any threat to European Western civilization, be removed from the US like a tumor from a body?

    Furthermore, I don’t plan to marry nor have children (for personal reasons I do not wish to get into) and as a result there are no extra nonwhites coming into this country from me. Despite all this, if you can prove to me that even people like us are harmful for America’s survival as a prosperous and flourishing civilization, then please do tell me.

    3) What should the fate of whites be who have married into nonwhites and have nonwhite children, yet do not want to be separate from their spouses nor from their children?

    4) I completely agree with you regarding the fact that Jews are at the center and forefront of every problem in the world. They are the most evil race of people on this planet and unlike most African-Americans I do acknowledge that it is the Jew not the white man who is our true enemy. This enemy has to be defeated. Anyways moving onto your following words,

    “rather than pleading like a child to be given, given, a place of comfort in a WHITE-founded WHITE-built WHITE-re-established country”

    Let’s say that there is a family called the Richardson family who build a home for their family and for generations the Richardson family live in that home. Then comes a time when the Richardson family adopts an orphan and raises it as their own child with that child never knowing any family other than the Richardson family nor knowing any home as the Richardson home. Then comes one day when he is told that the Richardson home is not his home and will be forced out due to not biologically belonging to that family.

    The Richardson family is analogous to the white race, the Richardson home is analogous to the US and the adopted child is analogous to nonwhites like me. Unlike many countless of your fellow whites I am less likely to take the beautiful things about this country for granted. Nonwhites like me are more likely to be loyal and to value this WHITE-founded WHITE-built country than countless of your fellow whites would. If a family had an adopted child who was less likely to take that family for granted and value it more than even some of the biological members of that family, should that adopted child still be given the boot?

    You say I am pleading like a child, but you also need to understand that its human nature to feel emotionally attached to the place he or she has lived all his life. However I also understand that one must never make decisions based on emotions but on logic and facts, and if logic and facts dictate that I should eventually leave, I will.

    Anyways thank you for your time and would love to know your comments on what I have said so far as well as would love to know your answers to my questions. Take care.

    • More “creative writing” by you, I see. I will not allow any more.

      You are doing what jews do and what jews have done before on this website and my previous two websites as I climbed out of the jewed interracial muck and reached this summit, WhitesWillWin.

      You open with “bait,” as I suspected and stated in my first response, and then you follow with misquoting, twisting, whining — all intended not to change my mind but to poison the minds of visitors to my site who have yet to develop the mental shield of wisdom required to reject all the jew spew.

      The misquote you have performed is the deliberate, wrongful, indirect quote of what I say on my AMERITocracy page about American Indians. What I actually have there, unchanged for a very long time, is:

      “We demand that all non-Whites (with the possible exception of American Indians now living, which is a topic to be discussed and settled) shall be required to leave the USA immediately….”

      NOTE THE “possible exception”. That was me being nice, offering only a possible exception.

      For any readers in doubt about this “WhyBird101″, there can be only two plausible scenarios: a jew, or a whiny half-negro of mediocre IQ.

      A jew will say any lie — even the lie of being completely in agreement with us against the scum jews — in order to be allowed another opportunity to spew mind poison. If you don’t know what the jews’ Kol Nidre (sometimes “Kol Nidra”) is, then look it up. In a nutshell, it is this: every year, they sing a jew chant of sorts that says they are forgiven already, in advance, for all of the lies they will tell in service of their race in the coming year.

      Also, the jew will pretend that you didn’t already say what you said, no matter how conclusive your statements were and how thoroughly they demolished the jews’ supposed logic. The jew will carry on co-mingling the previous issues with new ones, always increasing the emotion-tweaking content and convoluting the logic.

      Look again at the discussion above. “WhyBird101″ (misspelling of my “Whybrid”) did exactly that.

      But if WhyBird is not a jew, then the half-negro was and is too stupid to absorb the clarity and finality of what I said in my first comment of reply to his whine.

      The only point raised above that raises a new and interesting issue is that of what to do about Whites who have ignorantly married or otherwise glued themselves to a nonWhite. The answer is: A simple choice. The White person has a choice to stay here while the nonWhite departs, or the White person can choose to depart with his or her nonWhite ball and chain.

      Man-up, White-up. Within our White population, only ignorance wants it any other way.

      Of course the enemy jews and other nonWhites don’t want us to be wise, to be principled, to be strict, to be fully pro-White.

      Imagine if there were a race superior to ours here and that we knew they were superior. We would have to plead with them or deceive them, or both, into letting us live among them and enjoy the benefits of their inventions, and their honesty, and their generosity. And if we succeeded, we would be dumbing-down their civilizations, we would be dragging it down, and tainting it, poisoning it. And if they let us interbreed with them, they would be committing slow racial suicide. It would be proof of their stupidity in that regard.

      So, that’s what the jews and other nonWhites do: They deceive and plead with us. And our ancestors of recent generations have been a combination of duped and derelict. Those who were not duped were derelict because they did not kill the enemies and expel the refuse.

      They handed this whole shitbag to us.

      We know what to do about it.

  4. James,

    I’m aware of all the efforts demanded from start of an idea to finished musical product.

    Appreciate your hard work and determination to bring awareness through music.

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