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Admirable McCanney Keepers

James McCanney, White, Irish, scientist, truthteller

James McCanney, White, Irish, scientist, truthteller

Independent scientist James McCanney is White, is a genius, and gives away some of his knowledge every week of every year (for about 15 years, so far) by way of his Science Hour radio broadcast and archived mp3 files on his website.

I have listened to all of his broadcasts of the most recent three years, and I am currently listening my way up from the beginning. I am now in the archive of 2008.

Here I present an image of the contents of my own folder containing what I call the McKeepers.They are the mp3′s that most impressed me, that I think I might listen to again (and maybe again), and that I want to bring to the attention of others — you.

Mr. McCanney does not provide an index or topic list, and he says he has reasons for not doing so (so I will never offer anywhere near a full list). One reason, he has said, is to not make it so easy for the enemy to mine quotes from which to manufacture misquotes against him.

What enemy? It’s interesting to hear his evolution in how he has referred to the enemy. More than a decade ago, he was saying, “European bankers,” “C.I.A.,” “psychos,” and even “Rothchilds.” But never “jew.” Thus, his listeners surely filled in the racial blank with “Whites.”

More recently, he began to say “jew” occasionally. Major improvement. But I’ll bet it cost him a portion of his audience. He has said that he knows an increase in hard-truth-speak results in decrease in audience.

Another evolution he has made is in his references to Adolf Hitler and Germany of the Third Reich era. His older statements right on up to statements made recently have been wrong. But finally, earlier this very month (July 2017), he said his first correct statement regarding Adolf Hitler, as far as I have heard. He said that Adolf Hitler got in trouble by throwing out the banksters. For longterm listeners of McCanney (or for those who have read his site in-depth), “banksters” should equal “jew bankers,” thus Adolf Hitler is seen in the rightly positive light.

Well, enough about the non-science topics, vital as they are.

On science, hard science, McCanney is a genius. By the way, he is Irish, all Irish. That’s all White. (I am half Irish and half German, also all White.) Henry Ford was Irish, too. Ford was a great truthteller against the jews, though he pulled his punches, probably due to christ-insanity. McCanney suffers a bit of same. But on science he will turn your worldview and universe-view rightside-up from the upside-down view that we were all taught.

I have written about this before, recently.

See the articles of my category “Science: James McCanney.”

Here, I simply want to help my fellow Whites zoom in on whatever is of immediate interest. So, I offer a partial list of Science Hour topics.

Update, 20 Aug. 2017: Two images instead of one.



I used my Windows "Snipping Tool" to make these images of my folder contents. Notice the dates, organized by year, month, day. The gap from 2010 through 2013 is because I haven't listened to those yet, as of this writing.

I used my Windows “Snipping Tool” to make these images of my folder contents. Notice the dates, organized by year, month, day. The gap from 2010 through 2013 is because I haven’t listened to those yet, as of this writing.

NOTE in regard to downloading and playing the files. Any computer nowadays will download and play the mp3 files. McCanney’s oldest files in the archives are real-media files — a problem for some people? I don’t know. But I use Mozilla Firefox browser with the DownloadHelper free add-on for easy downloading of all audio and video files. And then I use the free VLC media player (which will play anything) to convert the “.rm” files to mp3 for playing in my car.

Again, the McCanney site links to the homepage and to the specific archives:

What’s the value in this for we who know we need to get down to killing the enemy jews?

Science —> weapons –> advancements, inventions –> better weapons.

We need better weapons. We need better covert weapons for exterminating the enemy one or two at a time. Also, we need better weapons for exterminating groups. The better weapons will not be noisy.

We must, of course, use the weapons we have. Waiting is not a viable option. Waiting is racial suicide. We have guns. We have the availability of sound suppressors (“silencer” is a misnomer). We have other weapons.

But think how great it would be to ride in your car, hold your electro weapon inside your car, point it out the open window and drill a quick laser hole in the jew head(s) in the car beside you. No noise. Maybe no flash of light.

We need our best Whites to tackle this need. Covertly. And then spread the weapons by the most covert and secure methods. Rule One: No group meetings. One on one. Develop trust first. And then convey the technology.

Mr. McCanney has always said he is a pacifist. He still talks of “the human race” instead of strictly and correctly saying “the human species” and the White race and other races that compose the human species. Unless he is doing that to throw off the kikenvermin, he is  not helping fill our weaponry needs. But our best White minds can learn the great White science of McCanney, truly understand the electric nature of life, and be inspired to make the next advancements, invent the next generation of White tools to freedom!

So, I invite you to peruse the limited “table of contents” image I have offered. Dive right into whichever topic grabs you. You will not regret it.

James McCanney publishes his own books and offers them for sale on his website. I have yet to be able to spend the money — I’m waiting till I can afford to buy “the library” in one shot.

Remember, as I often say, we don’t need nor want a “foundational belief system.” We need and want a Foundational Knowledge System. White Science is the Foundational Knowledge System on this planet. Not the jew-corrupted lies and absurdities put out by NASA, the Smithsonian, Scientific American, the government, textbook publishers, etc.

The White scientist James McCanney will set you right on the gravitational and electrical nature of our selves, our planet, the weather, comets, planets, the Solar System, and the Universe.

The jews know we can’t advance while mired in their lies.

We can and will and must advance from the springboard of Truth as best we know it.

Whites Will Win.

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  1. @ Mike:
    After the domain expires, this site will still be up. How long is yet to be determined. But as noted in the righthand column of the homepage, the ongoing link — it works right now and will continue to work — is . So, you might want to bookmark it and use it now instead of the URL/domain that I own and will soon expire.

    As for the image link you provided, it seems suspicious to me. All I see there is photo of a layered mound with a rod sticking up out of the top. Without a location, without context, it says nothing to me.

    Am I describing the correct image? If you would like a discussion about it, please provide whatever info you know and think about it, and then we’ll go from there.

    Update: Mike, your subsequent comments did not do what I asked you to do, so I have deleted them. I want you to type info into a comment. Tell me and other readers why we should be interested in whatever you want us to click on and spend time and thought on.

  2. Hi James. Is your site going to expire? Is there something I can do to help?

    It’s great to see our fellow Whites finally coming around on the Jewish issue, especially when the are brilliant scientists. I’m going to try to listen to some of the mp3s you have provided…expand my mind a little.

    I was never able to figure out how to get your music onto my blog. If you have any ideas,,,,

    Hope you are well. I haven’t been blogging much. Got caught up in work.

    • Hi, Maureen.
      Good to hear from you. by email, you haven’t answered, so I’ll ask again: Did you decide not to move to Tennessee?

      My site’s URL of “” will expire in September 2017. I will not renew that domain. But my website will continue to be available by my great host-server’s option of having the site accessible through them at no extra cost. So, the URL that works right now and will continue to work as long as I want it to work is:

      That’s a much better URL because it doesn’t have that crap word “party” in it. I’ve always regretted putting that in there.

      Music. Let it go. NOBODY offered to pay for the songs or video. So, as I vowed, nobody is going to hear the full songs or see the full video for free until after a year has passed. I’ve given so much work and knowledge away, I drew the line at the music. I’m proud of my songs and video. And I LIKE them. I will continue to record new songs, the current project being one titled “Tornado,” which combines the very personal with our race’s plight and Solution. And the drumming will be like nothing I’ve ever heard on a song before, and yet so very natural.

      I continue the music project because I love it and because I want to produce a good size body of work, at least one album — 9 or 10 songs.

      Mr. James McCanney will “expand your mind,” for sure. Great stuff, when he sticks to his main scientific fields. Also great in some other aspects. But irritating when it comes to the most vital issues, though he seems to be learning — despite his age of 70+.

      Looking forward to your reply.

  3. Hey, James,
    I know you have quoted Jan of before because of his sometimes powerful pro-White voice. I just read his latest, and if I may, I’ll post a couple paragraphs here to juice-up our fellow Whites.


    “BTW, someone on the social media was pointing out that new evidence shows that whites were living in what is now the Czech Republic 30,000 years ago. The person commented: ‘We are a species with amnesia.’ And that my friends are the truest words spoken about us white people. Our greatest failing is that we’ve forgotten our incredible history. A history more amazing than you can believe, and its a topic I’ll get to. There was a time when we whites were like Gods. No kidding. Everything ever created that amounted to anything in ancient times, ANYWHERE on this planet … came from us. Do you think I’m insane? I’m telling you, I’m not far off the mark. We whites are incredible and more and more archaeology and science is proving all kinds of stuff and each time it leads back to whites. A simple example are the ancient egyptians who were white. Egypt degenerated into a multicultural civilisation. But its creators and rulers for long were WHITE.

    Forget the guilt tripping. Stop that nonsense. Throw it to one side. No whites anywhere should ever turn on their fellow whites due to some kind of guilt trip. That has been a disaster for us all and its bitten us in so many terrible ways. We must stand together like one. If someone comes to me and says: The White Americans murdered the Red Indians, I’ll yawn. So what? If the Red Indians could have murdered us, they would have. What of the Mongols who invaded Europe? What of the Ottoman Empire that invaded Europe? You think they would not have conquered us and enslaved us if they had half a chance? Now we all feel guilty because WE WON? We feel guilty because WE SURVIVED? How insane is that? We feel guilty because we’ve been on a planet-wide winning streak? Let me tell you, if the blacks could dance on our corpses tomorrow they would do it and they would not have one ounce of guilt. Ditto for everyone else. We must take all these guilt trips and throw them onto a rubbish heap, and pick up our rifles and stand up for ourselves.”

    Jan has come a long way in the last year or two, eh?

    Let’s hope he’s bringing a lot of other slow Whites up the ladder with him.
    Whites WILL Win!

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