Putting catastrophist jew Velikovsky in his proper place

Putting catastrophist jew Velikovsky in his proper place

I’ve read the books and listened to the audios
so maybe you don’t have to

Helping make jew Velikovsky famous and wealthy, the jew Rolling Stone magazine published this image with an article in 1974.

Helping make jew Velikovsky famous and wealthy, the jew Rolling Stone magazine published this image with an article in 1974.

I suppose I’m writing this for only about five people, but I want this on the record, so let me present an abstract at the top and then the evidence stretching out below.


James McCanney and one of the famous Nazca Figures.

At left is one of the famous Nazca Figures, which McCanney has identified as a fractal antenna complex — a historic discovery.

Our great White (all Irish) independent scientist James McCanney overflows with fervent praise and defense of the jew Immanuel Velikovsky, made famous, infamous, and wealthy by his jew publisher and the jewsmedia in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s as a catastrophist. McCanney in the late 1970s, before knowing anything of Velikovsky, arrived at his own brilliant model of the electrical nature of the Universe, our Solar System, and the fact that comets are electrical beasts, of which some of the bigger ones can be captured into the Solar System and settle into orbit as planets, though not before causing massive destruction and even extinctions of living things near their paths. In the 1980s, McCanney while still at Cornell University, suffered severe injustice and expulsion as a teacher at the hands of the same rulers at Cornell (jew Carl Sagan and henchmen) who previously had severely criticized Velikovsky’s assertions about comet Venus (before it became a planet) and its catastrophic meeting(s) with Earth. My conclusion is that we did not need the jew Velikovsky to get where we are. White scientists were making great strides before Velikovsky, and McCanney has come along since, making tremendous advances without any need for the work of Velikovsky. So why does McCanney praise the jew? McCanney is not yet race-aware, is a pacifist, is not yet wise to jewry as the Anti-Humans, and probably feels a false “brotherhood under oppression” with Velikovsky as a co-catastrophist.

The Beginning

The point in history at which I choose to begin is the early 1800s. Here we find White scientists exploring the world and amassing startling evidence of worldwide catastrophes while also improving in their conceptions about comets.

First, I point to Georges Cuvier and Robert Jameson. They published in 1827 a book now known in English as “Essay on the Theory of the Earth.” This, I tell you, is a deliberately awful translation from the original title in French:

Discours sur les révolutions de la surface du globe

You don’t have to know French to know what it says!

“Discourse on the Revolutions of the Surface of the Globe.”


Cuvier, author, and Jameson, illustrator, amassed a vast treasure of knowledge — especially examples of what they said were four different periods of animal life. The bones were found in mixed-up, splintered, masses in crevices in mountains, crevices in rocks, the La Brea Tar Pits and other such places, ancient sedimentary material, and on and on. They speak a few times of comets. They speak repeatedly of “catastrophes” as the cause, though not knowing the causes of the catastrophes. This book from 1827 is a GREAT BOOK of knowledge, still important for people NOW to inform our historical and present worldview.

Here are just five images from the book, actual pages, which show the scope of the book and a few highlights, including “summation” paragraphs in the final two images.










A source of the Cuvier book, for free, is here on archive.org:


* Historically, also consider: Thomas Jefferson and mammoth bones, etc., from Kentucky, earlier than Cuvier, near 1800.

* Also consider: Charles Darwin‘s travels were later than Cuvier: and Darwin described massive upheavals in South America that he said must be recent.

Ignatius Donnelly, 1898

Ignatius Donnelly, 1898

Secondly, we come to the great, White, Irish, American, Ignatius Donnelly, who came more recently than Darwin.

Except for Velikovsky’s calendar construction and naming of Venus as history’s most destructive comet, Donnelly’s book Ragnarok published in 1883 says all the pre-McCanney revelations. Yes, comets, upheavals, floods, ancient literatures (from Norse to Greek to American and several more), and even electricity and magnetism.


Ragnarok, with a great cover, 1883.

Ragnarok, with a great cover, 1883.

I focus on the book Ragnarok, published in 1883. McCanney sometimes mentions Donnelly, who was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Minnesota in his 20s, elected to positions including lieutenant governor of Minnesota, the home state of McCanney. But McCanney never mentions Ragnarok, instead mentioning the earlier Donnelly book titled “Atlantis: The Antediluvian World.”

Update, 20 Aug. 2017: I have found a McCanney mention of the book Ragnarok. It’s a brief article with a couple of good images. Here’s the link directly to it:

I have not read Donnelly’s “Atlantis” book nor feel any pressing need to do so. Simply put, a man’s later book ought to be better than his earlier book. Also, I trust McCanney has our most advanced understanding of Atlantis.

Let me inform you of the disappointing aspect of Donnelly’s book. Overall, a joy the book is, until about page 315, when Donnelly descends into exaggerating the Bible’s worth, after which he spends 25 pages rewriting the book of Genesis attempting to “restore” it to remove its contradictions and provide a sensible chronology. In a word, christ-insane.

And still, in “divinely inspired” Genesis, as I like to point out, God made no planets! The Earth, Sun, and stars. But no planets. How ignorant was God’s inspiration!

The fact that Genesis doesn’t make sense is proof that the jews stole what they did not understand, mixed it up, and then added their gray-bearded pervert on the clouds to mislead and oppress the great White race into slavery and oblivion.

Now, important images from Raganarok. I apologize for some lack of clarity. Skim the text in the images for your edification, astonishment, and racial pride.









Note: Anderson's historical Norse Anthology book, which I have read.

Note: Anderson’s historical “Norse Mythology” book, which I have read, in free pdf form.


Evidence against the jew Velikovsky's "collective amnesia" idea. It has been forced "forgetting" due to jewry's destruction of our history, endless lying, constant flood of Distractions, and the de facto outlawing of the teaching of our true history.

Evidence against the jew Velikovsky’s “collective amnesia” idea. It has been forced “forgetting” due to jewry’s destruction of our history, endless lying, constant flood of Distractions, and the de facto outlawing of the teaching of our true history.


Right on diamonds.

Right on diamonds.









A source for Ignatius Donnelly’s book Ragnarok, free, is here:


Preliminary Summation

So, did we need the jew Velikovsky to come 60 years after Donnelly? No. What did we get new from the jew? The naming of Venus as a comet to become planet, the naming of Mars as a combatant, and the jew’s version of historical chronology. Again, did we need the jew? Should we praise the jew? No, and No. And you will see below why I am firm about this.

On the jew Immanuel Velikovsky

I’ve read his most famous trio of books and offer a briefing on each, as follows.

immanuel-velokovsky.jew.book-wic* Worlds In Collision, published 1950. The first of his books and one that enjoyed a media storm, scientific debates, and huge sales, making the jew wealthy.

We have a great White scientist of today, James McCanney, genius in his main fields, who makes the mistake of highly praising this jew Velikovsky, saying that even other jews, such as those of media and government, “tore Velikovsky apart” with their attacks on him. But the jew publishers published and advertised Velikovsky’s books, the jew media made him famous, thus Velikovsky’s fellow jews knowingly helped make him famous and wealthy.

Dear Mr. McCanney: The jews don’t and won’t do that for you, will they?

Let me now offer extensive info from and about this book. I present quotes from the book along with my notes of reaction as I read it. Also, I offer an image of an interesting page.

In the Preface of this book Worlds In Collision, the jew follows a common formula for his biological kind: referencing his fellow scum jews and their works. Smell this exerpt:

“If cosmic upheavals occurred in the historical past, why does not the human race remember them, and why was it necessary to carry on research to find out about them? I discuss this problem in the Section “The Collective Amnesia.” The task I had to accomplish was not unlike that faced by a psychoanalyst who, out of disassociated memories and dreams, reconstructs a forgotten traumatic experience in the early life of an individual. In an analytical experiment on mankind, historical inscriptions and legendary motifs often play the same role as recollections (infantile memories) and dreams in the analysis of a personality.”

The “psychoanalyst,” of course, is the psycho jew Sigmund Freud, who Velikovsky praises by name in another one of these books.

What follows that Preface, however, is what seems to be a very good collection of reported physical facts explainable by nothing but cataclysms caused by objects or forces not of this Earth.

And then references in ancient literature.

In this book, as we expect, comes the notion of comets as the causes of cataclysms. Are we to credit the jew Velikovsky with originating this theory? No.

On page 43:

“W. Whiston, Newton’s successor at Cambridge and a contemporary of Halley, in his New Theory of the Earth (the first edition of which appeared in 1696) tried to prove that the comet of 1680, to which he (erroneously) ascribed a period of 575K years, caused the biblical Deluge on an early encounter.”

We are told that Georges Cuvier [whose book on "Revolutions of Earth" I reviewed above] reacted, in print, to the idea, in the negative. And then this:

“I. Donnelly, author, reformer, and member of the United States House of Representatives, tried in his book Ragnarok (1883) to explain the presence of till and gravel on the rock substratum in America and Europe by hypothesizing an encounter with a comet, which rained till on the terrestrial hemisphere facing it at that moment. He placed the event in an indefinite period, but at a time when man already populated the earth.”

We can be certain of two things, thus far. Learned men before, during, and after these two published examples also theorized comet catastrophes. Works of our White ancestors.

p. 46 Very interesting note:

“The sailors of Columbus and Cortes, arriving in America, found there literate peoples who had books of their own. Most of these books were burned in the sixteenth century by the Dominican monks. Very few of the ancient manuscripts survived, and these are preserved in the libraries of Paris, the Vatican, the Prado, and Dresden; they are called codici, and their texts have been studied and partly read.”

Next, chapters of ancient literature, heavy on Bible, plus many others.

Continuing, through page 58, too many jew sources. Some other sources of interest, including Chinese. It is said that a Chinese king around the year 260 ordered all documents of history burned. So, then, are we to think only spoken “traditions” remained in China?

p. 59. Chapter: East and West

Egyptian, Greek, and others, say there were two different periods in the past when the Sun rose in the West and set in the East, thus the Earth had been jolted, flipped, more or less upside-down. And zodiacs exist that show the planets and stars as if that had been the case.

By page 67, it seems abundantly clear that the problem with all this — in the eyes and brains of we who are not christ-insane — is that the jew Velikovsky presents the Bible (and other jew sources) as the authority and then supports that supposed authority with evidence from other races and their various cultures around the Earth. The proper view of the Bible (and jews such as Josephus) is as johnny-come-lately, a twisted and falsely decorated assemblage of stories taken from the older, original, and potentially honest reports.

By page 73, one can’t help but wonder how so many people lived through the monumental catastrophes and the decade or two of near darkness that is herein described. Accepting the catastrophes is one thing, an easily doable thing in the face of the mass of evidence. But accepting the idea that every different kind of people preserved “eyewitness” accounts is something else.

p. 86. Venus arrives as a heading, officially, though talk of it has come before.

p. 194. CHAPTER 10
The Synodical Year of Venus

Interesting info on Earth years versus Venus years, and calendars.

p. 196. The jew puts “the discovery of America” at 1492, which was better known as a lie during his schooling period than it is now. In the early 1900s, Americans knew about Leif Ericcson, son of Eric the Red, in North America 500 years before Columbus. This raises another issue that has been simmering: The almost complete avoidance — shunning — of Norse history and literature from this jew’s reports on the many races’ and cultures’ descriptions of planets, comets, and catastrophes. Not accidental, we can be sure.

p. 202. Would you like an EXAMPLE of the good layered with crap that we have to wade through in this jew’s book? Here’s one:

Since the latter part of the eighth century before the present era, Venus has followed an orbit between Mercury and earth, which it has maintained ever since. It became the Morning and Evening Star. Seen from the earth, it is never removed more than 48 degrees (when at its eastern and western elongation) or three hours and a few minutes east or west of the sun. The dreaded comet became a tame planet. It has the most nearly circular orbit among the planets.

The end of the terror which Venus kept alive for eight centuries after the days of the Exodus was the inspiration for Isaiah when he said:
“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.”

Note: The old jew who wrote the book Isaiah called Venus “Lucifer.” The jews, and others, had a variety of names for what is Venus.

But my point is that the Bible quote does not fit here. Psychologically, the jew’s intention was that we are supposed to read into the quote, twist it, remake it, and shoe-horn it into some kind of glorious appropriateness to help us all pretend that the jews’ Bible is a historical authority.

p. 207. Mars

* NOTE: All this religious-literature bullshit just goes on and on. We must not let ourselves sink into it. We keep ourselves out of it by remembering that there were great men back then, and earlier, who had built the Pyramids and had, at least some of them, tapped into the electricity in the atmosphere, and there were those who built the Nazca Figures

  • as antennas, says James McCanney;
  • as models of knowledge of celestial objects and global sea navigation, says Martin Doutre;
  • as proof of their intelligence, knowledge, and interplanetary existence, says Carl Munck.

Those great ancestors were not numbskulls mired in religions and human sacrifices. We also keep ourselves out of the Biblical bs by knowing that it was written AFTER the events and AFTER the written histories of them by our ancestors, and the jews inserted their “prophets” predicting what was to happen when all the true natural events had already occurred.

We have Whites, such as McCanney, who lay claim to the Biblical bs and assert that it is true by way of saying that the “Hebrews” weren’t jews, etc., and by that method inserting our own ancestors in their places. McCanney, as one of many nowadays, says the Israelites were Whites. I, however, reject the whole mishmash of misleading crap that is the relatively young jew-Bible. And I reject all religions — mere “beliefs,” thinking certain things are true despite having no real evidence — they are mind-poisons. I require real flesh and dirt facts as evidence from real people who are not among all known history’s Masters Of The Lie, Masters Of Deceit, namely, the vermin jews.

p. 228. … sickening reliance on jew and jew-Bible supposed history.

p. 238. This is bullshit. A stoppage of the Earth for an hour or two caused only a retrograde view of the Sun and nothing else?! So the jew Velikovsky says it must have been a smaller body than Venus that did it. He goes on quite a stretch to try to get “sources” to confirm such a thing happened at all. One is a Chinese writer saying something 400 years after the supposed event. And the body is: Mars.

p. 244. CHAPTER 3
What Caused Venus and Mars to Shift Their Orbits?
The jew’s idea: Venus and Mars collided.

p. 298. at end of Chapter 5:
Lest any reader not yet hold the proper view of what jew Velikovsky did, here is a paragraph of LIE as only jews do that should nail it down:

The Jewish people did not obtain all of its “supremacy” ² in that one day at the Mountain of Lawgiving; this people did not receive the message of monotheism as a gift. It struggled for it; and step by step, from the smoke rising from the overturned valley of Sodom and Gomorrah, from the furnace of affliction of Egypt, from the deliverance at the Red Sea amid the sky-high tides, from the wandering in the cloud-enshrouded desert burning with naphtha, from the internal struggle, from the search for God and for justice between man and man, from the desperate and heroic struggle for national existence on its narrow strip of land against the overwhelming empires of Assyria and Egypt, it became a nation chosen to bring a message of the brotherhood of man to all the peoples of the world.
Footnote 2: S. A. B. Mercer, The Supremacy of Israel (1945).

Finally, toward the end of this book, Worlds In Collision, the focus is interestingly on clocks and calendars, which have changed as a result of Earth pole-shift(s) and altered spin rates.

p. 342:

The reason for the universal identity of time reckoning between the fifteenth and the eighth centuries [BC] lay in the actual movement of the earth on its axis and along its orbit, and in the revolution of the moon, during that historical period. The length of a lunar revolution must have been almost exactly 30 days, and the length of the year apparently did not vary from 360 days by more than a few hours.

Then a series of catastrophes occurred that changed the axis and the orbit of the earth and the orbit of the moon, and the ancient year, after going through a period marked by disarranged seasons, settled into a “slow-moving year” (Seneca) of 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, 46 seconds, a lunar month being equal to 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, 2.7 seconds, mean synodical period.

p. 345:

Therefore, and in view of the vast material from many peoples, we conclude that at one time during the century of perturbations, for a period between two catastrophes, the moon receded to an orbit of thirty-five to thirty-six days’ duration. It remained on such an orbit for a few decades until, at the next upheaval, it was carried to an orbit of twenty-nine and a half days’ duration, on which it has proceeded since then.

And yet, following the above, there come sections on the Moon, Mars, and Venus.

And the end is a repeat of main material with minimal calendar concerns and maximal planetary and geological concerns.

NOTE: McCanney likes to say, and say, and say, that Velikovsky was only working on calendars, not on astronomy or other science. And McCanney says all you have to do to realize this is to read Velikovsky’s work. WRONG. Here I am in my third book, this Worlds In Collision the most famous book of the jew’s work, and it is dominated by the jew’s pronouncements on astronomy — the solar system, comets, and meteors. Likewise, Earth In Upheaval. The book most focused on calendars is Ages In Chaos. Thus, overall, the jew’s work is — and was — dominated by his pronouncements on astronomy — and his pro-jew propaganda.

We need somebody of great scholarly mind and insight to go back through all the available ancient literature — except all the jew shit — and find the truth to the best of his ability. That’s not me. I won’t do it. And it’s not McCanney, despite his brilliance in science. Why not McCanney? Because he is still suffering from christ-insanity and weakness for the jew.

James McCanney, White, Irish, scientist, truthteller

James McCanney, White, Irish, genius, scientist, truthteller

That said, now let’s imagine that Velikovsky had never existed. McCanney would have come along and had his monumental insights, the same as he did, and very likely would have expanded his researches into planet histories and comet histories and, thus, to ancient calendar discrepancies, the same as he has done. And McCanney would have arrived at, and produced, a much better, cleaner, more accurate result than we have even now.

The jew Velikovsky derailed White science in similar vein as jew Albert Einstein did. And jew Franz Boas did. And jew Freud did. And jew Carl Sagan did. And the jews of NASA do now. And the jews of tv and Internet sites do now. ….

What else did Velikovsky do? He attempted to cloak, to sweep away, the jews’ destruction of our history by saying that after the last of the big Catastrophes, humans didn’t want to remember what happened and so adopted a “collective amnesia” about it. Wrong! So wrong, and coming from a scholarly jew, it’s a jew lie.

How do I know?

Because we know the jew-Christians destroyed ancient White libraries and other institutions and built their churches atop the same sites. Because the jews weren’t able to fully wipe out the Norse histories written in a style we call “myth” — the Eddas, for example. See Rasmus Anderson’s “Norse Mythology” book for proof of that.

What do we Whites want to do when we read the Eddas and Sagas? We want to revise it, to take out the deities and conform it to reality. We want to know which comets came, and when, and name them. We want to say terrific lightning lashed out from Venus to Earth — rather than Thor threw thunderbolts. Right? We Whites want to get it right. But –

What do jews want to do with our ancestors’ his-stories? They want to poison them, to weaponize them, to personalize them with jew fairy tales so as to aggrandize their own race and mislead ours. We know there was a massive flood. The jews rewrite the story to have “God” — the bearded jew on the clouds — “choose” to warn a jew named Noah and give him plans to build a huge boat and “save” humanity and every land animal. Get it?

NOTE: Why the huge bruhaha over the jew Velikovsky, criticizing him while making him rich and famous?

- soon after WW2, truths about jews may have been rearing up, thus stirring the top jews to create a Diversion.
- Velikovsky, in his book, mentions the Talmud by name, which we are not even supposed to know about.
- Maybe Darwin was a jew (he had the beard for it, and the jew-given fame), and comet catastrophes upset the entire uniformitarian-origin-of-species applecart.

Funny: Velikovsky just wanted to get great praise, fame, and wealth for being an open jew who assembled what White men had already disparately published, like Einstein had done. He got two out of three!, and a large helping of praise, too.

BRIEFLY, the two other Velikovsky books I read

* Ages In Chaos, volume one, “From the Exodus to King Akhnaton,” published 1952. This book was finished before the above, Worlds In Collision, was finished, says Velikovsky. But it was held for publication in second place. Compared to the above book and the below book, this Ages In Chaos is a very reader-unfriendly book. In a word, tedious. The jew bases all on the hebrew version(s) of history. A couple of clues to this are: Chapter One is titled, “In Search of a Link Between Egyptian and Israelite Histories.” And in Chapter Two we have “The Israelites Meet the Hyksos.” And on and on.

* Earth In Upheaval, published 1955. The geographical, paleontological, and archaeological evidence is wide, deep, and persuasive — I would even say conclusive, a done deal — in regard to the certainty of past catastrophes that simultaneously formed mountains, washed seas over land, extinguished species of life, etc.

Of special note: Toward the end of this book, the jew Velikovsky offers a theory of evolution quite different from Darwin’s in order to account for not only the mass extinctions but also the sudden appearances of new species. Velikovsky calls it “Cataclysmic Evolution,” including the idea, somewhat supported, that violent electrical episodes, featuring radiation from the Sun, can cause widespread mutations, some of which result in new species.

Velikovsky, for your listening displeasure

* A 1966 lecture given by Velikovsky to a Bible college in Pennsylvania. He began by pushing judaism and concluded with references to hebrew prayer and pacifism, of course in support of both. In the middle was a defense of his own works.

Of course, in his lecture, the jew did not mention the jews’ Kol Nidre prayer — which the jews say or sing, annually, to forgive themselves and each other, in advance, for all the lies they will tell in service of themselves and jewry in the coming year. Nor did the jew admit to any of the jews’ monstrous historical lies and hoaxes.

jew-einstein.jew-math.wwwj* Velikovsky was a very longtime friend of jew Albert Einstein, another jewsmedia-made millionaire. Besides their social meetings, they wrote letters to each other.

In one such letter, linked here, we have Einstein replying to the issue of a jew named Shapley doing his job of attacking Velikovsky’s claims. Einstein says that “Jewish neighborly love” must be their response to the attacking jew. Not human neighborly love. It’s jew for jew. It’s jews only for jews. It’s never “jewish neighborly love” for a White man. This, and a thousand other ready examples make this utterly clear. Right?


Sources of Velikovsky books, lectures, letters:


So, who really needed the jew Velikovsky? Only jews. Whites had the pieces, Whites had some of the combinations, Whites had some of the concrete and tentative conclusions — already. Long before the jew, we had Georges Cuvier, and Ignatius Donnelly, and many more, and some of their books are available.

During and since the jew Velikovsky, which White men and their theories and books were drowned in the Catastrophe Velikovsky?! Somebody should look for them. Meanwhile, James McCanney, White, Irish, came along without knowing anything about Velikovsky and DID IT ALL, and McCanney is still ahead of everything being taught in schools because jews retard science and education. It’s their nature. Advancement, productivity, truth, and GULLIBILITY are ours.

JTL, done, 27 June 2017.

THE END of my notes and reactions upon analyzing all of the above.

See my other articles on the genius White independent scientist James McCanney:

James Laffrey
Whites Will Win.

4 thoughts on “Putting catastrophist jew Velikovsky in his proper place

  1. Indeed James, Donnelly nailed comet catastrophe before Velikovsky.

    During Donnelly’s time there still would have been much physical evidence to this since industrialization hadn’t hit full swing yet. Once one knows the truth and processes of this subject you can still see a fair bit of the evidence today.

    I read Velikovsky’s books years ago and “enjoyed” them. In retrospect it was more a case of lack of options on the subject at the time vs getting me toward the end of my search.

    And this is important because as I’ve said before, our history really only comes down to THREE things:

    1. massive destruction created by close passage of very large comets
    2. endless destruction created by jews
    3. humanity trying to survive #1 & #2 with Whites being the ones leading the charge of rebuilding …. simply because we have proven to be the only ones capable.

    Being the RE-writers of history, there’s no irony in the fact jews spend untold amounts to hide and distort these three all important angles.

    #1. for many years now the topic of “Planet-X” has been turned into a complete joke, nothing more than nutters who believe in a weird conspiracy topic. Yet, the EVIDENCE and REAL science prove this actually happened and is the single most important event(s) in human history. Most recent being about 3700 years ago. Yes, that recently folks.

    #2. evidence to the jewish problem is beyond overwhelming and of course the ones hiding this fact are jews themselves.

    #3. do I really need to go into the efforts to hide & erase the vast richness & depth of White history ? Do I really need to point out the now rabid anti-White attacks in all forms of media etc…. i.e.: the ramping up of White genocide ?

    The various christian bibles are nothing more than the HIDING of this history. The “bible” actually contains a lot of truths, but you’ll NEVER find it in there unless you read it AFTER you’ve discovered the truth. So therefore, it was written by jews to distort these all important 3 angles of history.

    So why is it these three MASSIVE jewish historical re-writing areas are receiving their greatest efforts throughout time up to this very day ?

    For some reason, they REALLY don’t want us to know it comes down to only the big 3.

    Kill them, before they kill you.

  2. I’m proud to be one of those “5 readers” haha, I’m reading now, haven’t finished.
    I’m very radical and distrustful of “history” books… they fake it daily, they faked in nuremberg, why the fuck should we trust blindly what they say happened 300 or even 200 years ago? We should use white rationality like the one applied in trials, chain of custody, technical analysis, what that here says, is it doable? possible? logistically? does it make sense? has it been tried physically again? calculated?
    I did buy his books, second hand, but never got to read them, I gave them away to public libraries.
    I strongly prefer Anatoly Fomenko’s History, Science or Fiction, and he is just the beginning and too soft… better, go to delendaestziobot.wordpress.com read his blog and get his Third Reich Pilgrim book…a gem.

    • I have an article on Fomenko’s “History,” professing that huge chunks of supposed history have been faked by the re-writing of other chunks. I reviewed that favorably.

      But the website you have recommended is NOT recommendable here. Despite a lot of good-looking content — such as about Adolf Hitler — one of the biggest WRONGS I found there is his/her pushing the Flat Earth disinfo. That is either stupid or criminal. Yes, I said “stupid” rather than ignorant. Let me quote your delenda guy:

      “Personally, my view, as it appears to me, empirically and with my senses and logic, is that the Earth is flat. The plane that the known world is on – is flat, but what is beyond the known geography is unknown, so I don’t know what lies beyond the boundaries that humanity appears to habitat, but the plane which humanity does habitat – continents, seas and oceans, etc, is on a flat plane… I don’t know what is below that plane either or above it…”

      LINK to the above:

      Another WRONG on that site is the extreme hoaxism, such that WW2 Japan supposedly did not have a big navy nor enough troops to have accomplished half of what Japan did.

      I don’t have to spend my valuable time reading the book you mentioned to know that my review of it would be negative with clear and detailed quotes and citations.

      I recommend that NOBODY go that website and that NOBODY buy anything by a Flat Earther.

      Be careful what you recommend on my website, especially when you even admit you didn’t finish reading my article under which you tell us we should click to somebody else’s site mixed with crap.

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