Jews Direct Hurricane Irma for Mass Murder plus Distraction from 9/11

Jews Direct, Control, Manipulate Hurricane Irma
for Mass Murder
plus Distraction from 9/11

Hurricane Irma's official path is shown up to midday Saturday, 9 Sept. 2017.

Hurricane Irma’s official path is shown up to midday Saturday, 9 Sept. 2017.

Hurricane Irma is a controlled storm, says independent scientist James McCanney (on the John Moore show, Wed. 6 Sept. 2017). The hurricane has been guided and enhanced in power by laser-satellite with the intention of mass destruction — just as were the infamous storms Katrina (2005, New Orleans) and Sandy (2012, New York area), along with many others.

Scientist McCanney has said for more than a decade on his weekly Science Hour broadcasts that the United States military developed, controls, and operates the laser-satellites.

James McCanney, White, Irish, scientist, truthteller

James McCanney, White, Irish, scientist, truthteller

These crimes against humanity are committed in service of “the world bankers,” McCanney often has said. On rare occasions, the genius White scientist has correctly specified “jews” as those bankers.

I, James Laffrey, and we who are fully race-aware and without businesses or the like to protect, plainly state that jews own the international banking system, the Federal Reserve System of the United States, and control the U.S. government and, of course, the U.S. military. The race of jewry has been known by the best humans throughout history as The Destroyers, as the Anti-Humans, as the race against all other races of humanity.

Those people who doubt or scoff at these facts must ask themselves how they think they know more about humanity and jewry through history than the following men, to name just a few, of high intelligence and honesty:

  • henry-ford.autobio-coverMartin Luther (yes, the famous German man of religion of the 1500s),
  • Alfred Owen Crozier (businessman, brother of a White banker, and author circa 1912),
  • Henry Ford (yes, the great inventor, automaker, and publisher),
  • General George Patton Jr. (great general in WW2, assassinated by jewry in 1945),
  • Revilo Oliver (WW2 intelligence expert, professor and author in Illinois for decades),
  • Gen. George Patton

    Gen. George Patton

    William Pierce (physicist turned scholar, historian, author, and organizer),

  • JB Campbell (American soldier for White Rhodesia in the 1970s, longtime investigator and author on these issues),

and I include myself after a decade of research, analysis, and publishing. I proudly say all of these men were and are White men.

Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was reported by scientist McCanney as having carved an obviously impossible path to New Orleans to wipe out a section of poor people and then abruptly turn eastward to hit oil refineries to give oil corporations another false excuse to further impoverish us by soaring gasoline prices.

Hurricane Sandy in 2012 similarly targeted areas of poor people, scientist McCanney has said.

Likewise, hurricanes during the last decade that have exhibited unnatural behavior (such as stretched, elongated eyes of the hurricanes) and have ravaged Cuba, Florida, and Texas. “Weather bombing” is what professor McCanney calls these heinous acts.

Annually since September 11, 2001, jewry has caused destructive events and otherwise staged false-flag terror events and other political or social conflicts as diversions from our White truthtelling focus on 9/11. The jews distract attention from their murder of about 3,000 people by the three controlled demolitions and subsequent massive misery from the billowing clouds of toxic dust that engulfed nearby city blocks. Also, the jews killed Pentagon workers by missile, not plane.


How many World Trade Center towers fell straight down on 9/11? Nearly anyone we ask replies, “Two,” still misled and uninformed by the jewsmedia to be totally unaware of Building 7, a case of proof of obvious controlled demolition. WTC Building 7 was never hit by a plane, yet it, too, went down completely in seconds on that day, at about 5 p.m., when lease owner Larry Silverstein, yes a jew, gave the order to “pull it,” as he admitted in a video still available for anyone to see.

Silverstein and thousands of other jews who normally worked in those three towers every weekday, did not go to work that day. Coincidence? No. Statistically, it’s an impossible coincidence. In fact, jews at that time had a messaging service for their race only, called Odigo, which was used by the jews to give their fellow self-”Chosenites” advance warning to avoid the World Trade Center area that day.

The jews had a message service called Odigo, only for jews. They used it to warn their fellow scum self-"Chosenites" to not go to work at the WTC on 9/11. As a limited hangout, some jew publications admitted to Odigo but lied about how many got the message and why.

The jews had a message service called Odigo, only for jews. They used it to warn their fellow parasites to not go to work at the WTC on 9/11. As a limited hangout, some jew publications admitted to the existence of Odigo but lied about how many jews got the message and why. Above, the image shows results from a simple search anyone can do today to read those accounts and more.

On 9/11 this year (2017), two days from now as I publish this article, the big media’s spew will be dominated by skewed reports about hurricane results with little if any mention of the anniversary of 9/11 — a monumental crime for which none of the major planners and executors has been tried and executed.


This is Trump, complete with jew cap. This is what jews do, folks. Not Whites. Jews.

This is Trump, complete with jew cap. This is what jews do, folks. Not Whites. Jews. Most jews in the USA, especially the “White-looking” members of their families, pretend to be Whites. The official historical term is “crypto-jew.” Trump is not only surrounded by jews, and he not only loves jews: He is a jew.

Donald Trump, who was (s)elected to be the current actor occupying the White House, did his part in the ongoing coverup when he said during the campaign in 2016 that he saw dancing Muslims celebrating the planes striking the twin towers. Trump knew and knows full well that the truth is “dancing Israelis” were reported on 9/11 on a rooftop after the first strike but before the second strike.

  • Here is a good article that also makes my points immediately above and below, with images, quotes, and links to sources.
  • Here is an article from 2015 in the NewYork Times (jew york times, since 1896) in which they took those words “dancing Muslims” out of their fellow jew Trump’s mouth and put them, instead, in a John Farmer’s mouth and in unquoted text. Further, this article is an example of jews using Muslims as a buffer of protection. On top of that, the article is designed to leave readers with the impression that there had not been ANY celebratory dancers on a rooftop. See the layers?

jews.dancing-israelis-on-jew-tvLater in Israel, those dancing Israelis, three of them, admitted on Israeli tv that they were there with their video cameras “to document the event.” This is another video available for anyone to see. (Here, just one of many such clips.) That team of jews got video footage of the FIRST strike, thus proving they knew it was going to happen. They were set up with cameras aimed at the right place, right time, in advance.

This should be enough evidence to persuade any doubter who still owns a working brain.

Yet, there is a mountain of other evidence, some of which is published on this website and with links to the best of the many sources. Here, one great example: This evidence is shunned by the jewsmedia, of course, and all truthtellers are demonized by the jews infesting media and governments.

What is the proper punishment for the mass-murder crimes of 9/11 and the many “weather bombings”?

How does a population bring justice and deliver that proper punishment when the enemy race is in control of that population’s government?

Does that victim population just give up and let the enemy continue their crimes, or does that victim population turn to heroic action to at least whittle down that enemy population infesting their White-founded White-built country?

James Laffrey
Writer of this article.
Owner of this website.

11 thoughts on “Jews Direct Hurricane Irma for Mass Murder plus Distraction from 9/11

  1. Revilo P. Oliver had the inside goods on everything. That’s why the John Birch Society distance themselves from him. Oliver is one of my favorite figures.

    • Yep. First, Revilo Oliver distanced himself from the John Birch Society. He wrote very well, in no uncertain terms, about that. He had been involved in the formation of the JBS and soon saw how it was being controlled to be yet another buffer of protection for the jews. So, he disconnected himself from them and exposed them.

      But the jew flood of disinfo is always wider and deeper than our truth info, and so all their operations continue on their merry way, causing ignorant Whites to waste years, decades, or their entire lives mired in misdirected pursuits usually serving the jew agenda against us.

      • The jews have been attacking and interfering with my life since I was a child. …

        They are the sickest race on planet Earth and are responsible for the deaths of up to 1 billion people. The numbers are unclear because they have been continually murdering people via their sick religious practices as well as the fact that every war has been instigated by the jews and then they conveniently fund both sides. They are not the chosen people of any GOD. ….

        wwwjames here. I cut the crap out of this comment, leaving only the above as useful. And I cut the link that this enemy or idiot included that would have taken readers to a jewtube video to get misled. The comment was meant to draw people in with a little truth and lead them step-by-step into asinine bullshit.

        By the way, isn’t it funny how the best truth videos get deleted by jewtube, but the bullshit doesn’t?

        Arelea, take your “godself” someplace else. You and your spew are not welcome here — unless you furnish a photo of yourself along with current address.

  2. Greetings from across the pond my good man. Ever since becoming racially aware I have had niggling doubts about these so called natural disasters being manipulated. The enemy hold some kind of ‘knowledge’ that can cause these said events and atrocities. With this being continually suppressed from our race, the white survival instinct in the racially unaware will surely kick in sooner rather than later. Keep safe whitey amidst this filthy jewry world.

    • Thank you, sir.

      Two minor reactions to your final sentence:
      - “keep safe”. This is not a major concern, nor is it really possible for a true White person in, as you rightly said, “this filthy jewry world.” What drives me is to exterminate jewry, not to keep safe.
      - It may be that you use “whitey” as a friendly term, but I dislike it. I am a White man. I am White. Also, as you can see, I always capitalize “White” when referring to our race. It shows a combo of knowledge, pride, and respect.

      Are you a witness to any of the spotty but good action our men are performing over there across the pond?

      • The ‘keep safe’ part of my reply was referring to the incoming Hurricane. As for the whitey part yes I agree with you now on reflection. Sounds too black doesn’t it? That aside, a good result over this way was the White man killing the jew MP last year. National Action is now proscribed and the digital jew reported a few soldiers of the British Army are now on remand for being members of the said proscribed group. May I ask what is your view of National Socialism? To one and all White men, stay and be lucky within this filthy jewry world.

      • Thanks for your reply.

        National Socialism. It was right for Germany in the 1930s. About the name, Adolf Hitler explained that he used the term “socialism” to fit with the political times of Germany in the early 1930s. Otherwise, “socialism” is a jew construct.

        I do not fault any Whites these days who espouse National Socialism and/or claim to be National Socialists. They are good followers, which is to say not leaders. The crypto-jews pretending to be Whites and National Socialists are the problem.

        I recommend having a look at my AMERITocracy page, which includes the NSDAP’s 25 points and my adapted version:

        Followers simply choose one of the main choices GIVEN to them.

        Leaders IMPROVE upon one or more of those choices, or invent a new one, and take us into the FUTURE.

  3. James, your boy McCanney is afraid to say “jew,” isn’t he? Saying it a few times in the spotty past, times that you have noted, and then falling back and saying such misleaders as “Jesuits” and “international bankers” et cetera is a show of either stupidity of fear. Right or wrong?

    McCanney’s homepage currently has a list of media appearances he has made. I listened to two of them: Believe it or not, I subjected myself to the Alex Jones broadcast, and then I suffered through the Power Hour christINSANITY. Nary a “jew” was spoken. He was asked point-blank about who was behind the weather crimes and all, and he skirted it. As you have correctly said, if they don’t say “jew” then they leave a blank that all the ignos fill with “White.”

    You have some interview experience, right? Do you think those interviewers require prior agreements about what they WON’T say on the air?

    Meanwhile, McCanney won’t say “jew” in the right, criminal, anti-human context on his own air. Why? Do you know, or would you give your best guess?

    • Yes, I think “my boy” McCanney is afraid. I say you’re right.

      About interview experience, yes I have some. However, since I have been doing pro-White anti-jew websites, I have not agreed to a single interview. In some cases, I didn’t trust the inviter. Example: Victor Thorne (with “e” or not?). He’s dead. In some other cases, I didn’t have the time and facilities, such as when I was stuck in Vietnam. In another case, the interviewer said in the invitation that I would not be welcome to speak about my solution — which is, of course, the necessity of killing the enemy. That was Patricia Aiken and her “Sacred Cow BBQ”, some archives of which are in a youtube jewtube channel.

      So, yes, there are prior agreements. It’s a safe bet that McCanney agrees to limitations laid down by interviewers or the interviewers’ producers/funders. Then they know they can ask “Who?!” and know that they won’t get the forbidden answer “jews.”

      I have listened to a bunch of the McCanney interviews on the John Moore broadcast, well archived on jewtube. One time, only one time, I heard McCanney say, “Let’s face it: They’re jews.” And never again. I’ve never heard John Moore, himself, say the “j” word.

      On his own broadcast, McCanney could say “jew” all he wants. Some days ago, I finished listening to his TOTAL archive of broadcasts of the last 15 years or so. I could write for hours about what I learned. Specific to our topic here, I must say that I do not “know” why McCanney began to say “jew,” increased and improved his saying of “jew,” and then backed off of it.

      My guess. He got reactions from his audience that made him fear he would lose too much of his audience, and thus his sales of what he sells on his website, and thus his income and livelihood. Also, his “friends” who are known jews (known to him, such as his Honors History teacher “friend” in Florida) probably pressured him. Also, the many crypto-jews pretending to be his friends and others who are in his audience probably pressured him. Also, his radio broadcast is carried on what I understand to be a christian station out of Nashville. And we know “christian” usually means “fool and tool for jewry.” McCanney would hate to lose his radio broadcast on that powerful station.

      Furthermore, in my guessing, I say he is not anywhere near fully jew-aware. Thus, he doesn’t have any idea of the extent to which crypto-jews are sabotaging his projects and trying to steer his thoughts and statements.

      He’s a genius in his specific scientific fields. He is obviously not a genius in these other areas of life. Of course, none of us is a genius in all areas. Most of us are not a genius in any area. So, we can still praise Mr. McCanney for his positives.

      And that’s where I will leave it — and stop myself from writing thousands of words in this comment field!

      Thank you, “un canney.”

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