Deceived, Damned, and Defiant. Salute to David Lane. Part 1.

Deceived-Damned-Defiant.cover.eDeceived, Damned, And Defiant” is the title of a book of compiled works by David Lane, his loved ones, and allies.

This is an important book covering a wide range of truth and educated opinion on history, strategy, and other necessities in our struggle. In it, Lane delves into a particular area of enlightenment surprisingly outside of anything I have read by Revilo Oliver. (Dear readers, please correct me, with a link, if you know different. Currently, this would need to be done by email since an atrocious and ongoing spam attack has required me to disable the comment system for now. The email address is WhitesWillWin followed by the @ followed by .)

That “area of enlightenment” is the numerology and its implied wisdom buried, or coded, into the mix of ancient tales and jew mind-poison against us that is the Bible. One conclusion by Lane that I agree with is that jewry stole, twisted, and otherwise has hidden from us much ancient Aryan wisdom predating the Roman Empire and perhaps predating our greats of ancient Greece. However, I disagree with the few parts of the book espousing creation or return to anything fitting the definition of religion. Religion, properly defined, is mind poison, and our race should have outgrown it by now. But all of that is not a subject for this article.

The book, fully titled Deceived, Damned, and Defiant: The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane (link at opens as a pdf file, free), is excerpted here to further our mission to incite our White brothers and sisters of heroic Aryan blood to action against the invaders, the anti-humans, the enemy jews.

This article, the first in an intended short series, will be brief, hard-hitting, and hopefully inspirational. (Now, as I am re-reading the book, I admit that it was only able to plant a few seeds in my skeptical mind upon first read a few years ago. Today, I accept nearly all of it.)

David Lane

David Lane, photographed in prison, after a decade including torture and long periods of solitary confinement. He died there in 2007. His eternal “14 Words”: We Must Secure the Existence of Our People and a Future for White Children.

Although David Lane said that we must “demonize” the enemy jews as part of our strategy, my purpose is not to demonize them but simply to show them as the demons they are. I employ the word “demon” in its true meaning as applied in the real world, with no religion-superstition in mind. The demon race, the supreme liars and connivers, the anti-humans, are proved demons by recorded history and their ongoing race-wide behavior.

First, I must pause to very briefly explain about The Bruders Schweigen for readers unfamiliar with that group variously known as the Bruders, the Brothers, the Brotherhood, the Order, The Order Of The Bruders Schweigen. Formed in 1983 by Robert J. “Bob” Mathews, the group acted admirably, for their time, in defense of all of us against the jew-controlled forces of genocide against our White race. The group’s core included David Lane. They are officially credited with reappropriating millions of dollars from the jew banking system that always has been robbing our race, and they are credited with the killing of one enemy jew, as far as has been publicly reported. Their mistakes led to their demise within only one year.

My own understanding of what The Bruders did and intended to do has improved to the point that I will soon publish an apology article, an apology for my previous overbaked skepticism.

Image of Bruders Schweigen from the book Deceived, Damned, and Defiant.

Image of Bruders Schweigen from the book Deceived, Damned & Defiant.

Without further do, here is an excerpt from David Lane writing from prison, page 17:

The Brüders Schweigen was composed primarily of men who had no criminal background and such proved to be a problem, for they knew little about police tactics. Those who deny that the methods of the Brüders Schweigen are now the only recourse if we are to save our kind are either cowards or fools. Only our tactics are legitimate topics for criticism. If we had it to do over, we would stay in much smaller autonomous units making it impossible for the enemy to destroy the entire organization when one man broke. Other tactical errors cannot be discussed for reasons of security. Additionally, our people as a whole must learn the revolutionary mentality, including ruthlessness.

 Those are important lessons. Read it again to help plant that wisdom in longterm memory.

Lane had reasons to not tell the whole truth at that time, as do remaining members and knowledgable loved ones of The Order now, because the members still alive could suffer increased torture if more of their actions were known to our enemies in government, and other Bruders as yet unknown to our enemies could still be hunted down.

The following, and final excerpt for today, is from page 39, where Lane expounds on the fact that the Constitution was deliberately written against us (as Patrick Henry and others proclaimed at the time, but treason and stupidity prevailed).

Let us consider just one of the innumerable examples. The U.S. Constitution says a man has a right to a “speedy trial.” To a lawyer, or a judge or associated slime, vermin, and tyrants, that means exactly nothing. A law without specifics and penalties is not worth the paper it is written on; when it is created as deception, it is far worse than no law.

If the Constitution said, “A man charged with a crime and arrested has a right to a trial in 3 days. If not either tried or released within 3 days, the officials holding him shall be immediately hanged by the neck until death,” then the Constitutional law would have meaning. As it is, the Black-robed devil called a judge decides arbitrarily what a “speedy trial” means. Then the defendant, particularly a White resister, sits in jail for months or years while the Federals murder defense witnesses, create perjured testimony and prepare kangaroo trials.

 As I parenthetically mentioned above, the great Founding Father Patrick Henry and others allied with him recognized and protested the monstrously flawed proposed Constitution, which had been written in a secret convention that Patrick Henry had refused to attend because he suspected it was exactly what it was.

In hindsight, we can rightly say that Patrick Henry and allies should have stormed the secret convention in Philadelphia and beheaded the traitors there.

But they had so recently fought for their lives, their nation (our Nation is our Race), and their land in the American Revolution, that we can understand why they may not have had any energy left for bloodletting of fellow Whites — though at least two of the “Framers” of the Constitution were secret jews: Alexander Hamilton and Gouverneur Morris.

JB Campbell rightly, cooly, and wisely advises us now to kill the invaders. (Especially see this article titled “Sedition,” dated 8 March 2013.)

I agree. The job has been left undone by generations. They published and spoke a lot of wonderful words. But words bounce off the enemy jews as do sticks and stones bounce off of us.

As an individual of minimal finances and other means, I advise a complementary strategy of individuals or very small groups going out now, even as weekend work, and “permanently persuading” any enemy jew(s) to stop living in our country. Nothing stands in the way of the careful, inventive White man.

Whites won against the Mongols. Whites won against the Moors. Whites won against all comers until a false sense of security set in, followed by dereliction of duty, allowing the anti-human jews to get the upper hand and flood our country with other races.

Awake! Avenge! We Whites Will Win — again.