Need A Job? Here It Is. Flexible Hours. Daily Pay.

Are you unemployed? Underemployed? Need extra income?

Here is the job for you.

Note: White men and White women only.

You choose your hours of work. You choose your clothing. You choose your tools, if any.

You reappropriate our money from the enemy jews (all jews) and other invaders, and you keep every penny of what you recover.

Or, call it “repossession,” if you like. Be a repo man, a repo woman. Take back what is ours. Take back what we invented. Take back what we produced. Take back what jews stole from us, our race, and our land.

Keep in mind that the very safest thing to repo is cash.

Suggested manner of working

If you are alone, choose lone jews. Use your White inventiveness, your White intelligence, your White efficiency, and your White heroic ruthlessness in defense of yourself, your family, your race, and your land (North America).

Use your stealth, likely at night. For each task, choose a different place far from the previous. Note the locations of security cameras and avoid them if possible. Wear new or secondhand clothing appropriate for the chosen place. Or wear two layers of clothing, one to be quickly discarded at the appropriate time. Don’t carry a working cell phone or any other such device that can give away your locations. Choose a place that has an area for concealment of a large “package” that you are about to acquire.

See that no witnesses are present. Likely wear gloves. Permanently “persuade” the jew to relinquish residence as an enemy parasite in North America. Quickly. Efficiently.

Reappropriate the cash.

Leave the “package” in the area of sufficient concealment so that your deed for the defense and security of our people and a future for White children will not be noticed until morning.

Leave the vicinity as normally as you entered it. However, having a companion who is ready with transportation will help dramatically.

As soon as is practicable, stealthily dispose of any evidence that may be on your person, on your clothes. Depending on locations and methods, consider disposing of the clothes, including shoes. This means that you planned for a change of clothes. By changing your appearance, including simple elements of disguise such as hat, glasses, or bandage, you will appear to people and cameras as if a different person unconnected to the scene.

The above are suggestions. Do what you think will work best for you with your own abilities, tools, and locations.

Your heroism in reducing the enemy jew population infesting our country is your proud secret for the rest of your life or until White victory is achieved, whichever comes first.

Smile. Relax. Enjoy. Spend your money wisely. It’s all yours. Plan for your next location.


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