Update: Latest sites and edits September 2017.

We Are A Movement

Here’s My First 150 Of ~300 Active Sites

Telling A Lot Of Vital Truth


James-Laffrey.1.eOur people — of our White race — are finally waking up in the U.S.A. and around the world. Thanks to our White invention of the Internet, we are able to share and spread the essential truth as never before.

Note: We have a dire need for White services similar to but independent of and especially YouTube — both of which are anti-White. (No, TruTube by kike Delaney is a front, a ruse.) But of course, the ultimate solution is to kill jews now. Dead jews cannot delete our sites, cannot delete our videos, cannot invite invaders called “immigrants” into our country, cannot falsely imprison and torture us, etc.

JB Campbell, great White truthteller

JB Campbell, great White truthteller

Naturally, since I know who the ultimate enemy is, no sites known to be owned or operated by jews will be listed here. (Three examples of the many: whatreallyhappened, rense, and the jew “Brother” Kapner’s site.)

Many supposed truth sites not listed are not worthy of being listed here because they have been judged as too wrong, too misleading. However, if you want to suggest a site for inclusion, or if you suspect that I have made an error in including a site, please tell me in a comment (on the latest article on the homepage).

Some fairly popular sites are not included because I saw, over time, that the owner-writers were unwilling to learn and increase their level of truth — especially in regard to jews.

Revilo Oliver, great White truthteller

Revilo Oliver, great White truthteller

And then there are a few sites involving personal betrayals against me or involvement with the ChristianIdentity cult, which is led by jews. They are not linked here. If you have questions about them, I will be happy to answer them.

Otherwise, this dynamic and growing Big List still includes people who are wrong on a small minority of issues, apparently in ignorance not complicity, but are helping to wake up our fellow American Whites (and our White race around the world, that is, the European race) to the top truth. Especially rampant among them is pacifism. When we Whites tolerate the violence done by other races against us and urge only nonviolent reactions, that is suicidal pacifism.

Alfred Owen Crozier, great White truthteller

Alfred Owen Crozier, great White truthteller

I must remember that I, too, was as wrong as they are before becoming so right. (Am I still wrong about something? The Meaning Of Life For Whites is to improve, which I forever strive to do.)

The purpose here is to show that we are a movement on the Internet rejecting the lies from the newspapers, tv, movies, and our government. The doubters need a strong group to show them the way. We are that group. And we are growing. The truth will win, and we will win.

You will find defunct sites here. They stay here as a record, a history, of our struggle on our Internet for the last several years. The jews have killed many sites, as noted. Meanwhile, new and often better sites are born.

Henry.Ford.w.quote(Beat the blockers! If you can’t connect to any particular site, it may be a deliberate, hostile blockage. Try using a proxy server, such as Notes: The link will start you on their “search” page, which is very good. After you search for anything, the results page will have a “proxy” link after every URL, which is what you should click in order to see the desired website via the proxy. When using a free proxy, it doesn’t allow the use of forms such as a comment form because that would reveal your IP address.)

Please see my P.S. at the bottom, too, along with a link to Page 2.

General George S. Patton on a boat after WW2 was won, as he said, against "the wrong enemy."

General George S. Patton on a boat after WW2 was “won,” as he said, against “the wrong enemy.” Yes, he saw that it was a jew victory, not an American victory, not a British victory. He said he would return to the USA and inform the American public, and so the jews assassinated him in Europe before he could return. Do you think he was wrong? What makes you think you know more than Patton knew about that war and about jews and about our government?

The Big List

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (and a few sites whose locations are not known to me)

jb.campbell.weblogoNote: There are so few actual Solution sites, I mean Whites urging effective action now, let’s feature them here. Read them first. Read them last. Let them educate and inspire you to action. The top four, all true Solution sites, are:

  1. This www! site,
  2. JB Campbell’s The American Defense Party along with his ExtremismOnline (there is nothing “extreme” about wanting to kill the enemy and preserve what is ours).
  3. CrushZion (Update, May 2017: the site is dead),
  4. Might is Right (Update, Aug. 2017: the site is dead, but videos link is still live, below)
  5. HistoryReviewed.

See those top sites described below, in alphabetical order. If you know of another deserving of this honor, please tell me so in a comment on the homepage’s latest article or in an email. (Comments are welcome on the most recent articles, or use email: WhiteMan1(AT)

  1. A2Z Publications, by Dr. Adrian Krieg. (note that the blog url has changed, adding the “.php”). Recent articles combining knowledge of history with current events expose Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the anti-White agenda of our government, the liars of economics, education, psychiatry, and much more. As book publisher, A2Z’s motto is “Better Old History Than New Lies.” Right. Update, July 2014: However, a recent article had so much anti-German propaganda in it that we must view this site with a very careful and skeptical eye.
  2. Abuse Productions video channel on youtube (jewtube). Exposes the Trump Deception, racial truth, jews, and more.
  3. Access St. Louis! Pro-White, anti-jew, good exposure of rampant crime against Whites by the African race wrongly allowed in America. (But stagnant since 2013.)
  4. Adamic Man, video channel on youtube. Update, late Oct. 2014: jewtube has wiped all vids from this channel. And we must wipe all yids from our country, now. The site was: Funny, hard-hitting ridicule in bite-size, truth-nugget videos. Admirable effort (I think by “Pat” the impressive commenter on, for example, This kind of humor weapon is a sure winner for the Whites still at the level of believing CNN, Alex Jones, Mike Delaney, and Andre Anglin — all anti-Whites despite their deceptions.
  5. Alternative Social  This forum site was a site of many admirable members in lively discussion, domestic and international. Update, May 2014: This, yet another Kyle Hunt site  that has gone to hell. Yes, he is the guy now infamous as the WhiteManMarch WIMP-OUT. It all looks coordinated to me. See my note on the WhiteManMarch entry on the second TruthfulSites page. Meanwhile, on this AlternativeSocial site, he has allowed the infiltrator named “fascist lemming” to flip from a fake pro-White to a crazed corrupter and dominator of the site. (Also see the related AryanWomen site, below.)
  6. America Farm  Good against jews. Update, Sept. 2013: The site is gone, no explanation. Likely wiped away by Anti-White WordPress company. Dear Whites, get your sites onto pro-White pro-FreeSpeech host/servers!
  7. american-defense-party.logoAmerican Defense Party As of November 2013, this site was a new strategy by the admirable J.B. Campbell. He has long been right against jews, as proved by his other website and his archived writings in the great Liberty Bell magazine. (Click to my brief article for more of my analysis of this new ADP site.) This valuable site has gone stagnant since 2015.
  8. The American Mercury “Founded by H.L. Mencken in 1924.” A continuation of the publication that inspired no action to save White America “since 1924.” This is an example of a weak site for those who want a nonthreatening presentation that asks nothing of the reader and urges no action of any kind. Actually, I loathe this kind of site, so I don’t know how long it will avoid deletion.
  9. AntiCain’s Blog. Right on race, right on guns. (However, he has a weird case of mind poison which spews “Praise Yahweh” at the end of comments. He claims it’s not God’s Chosen Predators’ “Yahweh.”) Update, 24 Feb. 2013: I’ve deleted the link. Why? The blog has a big section at the bottom of the homepage advertising crypto-jew convicted murderer Wm Finck’s Christian Identity cult, which is injecting its poison into our movement. And that explains the “Yahweh” nonsense mentioned above. See this article and the comments below it for full explanation.
  10. AntiWhite Gun Control. Update, 21 Feb. 2013: I’ve deleted the link, since the fakenamed “Prosno” is a vicious insulter from the mind-poison cult called Christian Identity along with crypto-jew convicted murderer Wm Finck and the deliberately divisive Mike Delaney of ProThink and related sites. Shun them, or better, if you’re able.
  11. Archaeoastronomy textbook link: This is a Seana Fenner website. When she is not writing about Odinism, she is one of the top-5 greatest pro-White anti-jew writers on the entire Internet. See her other very good sites linked near the bottom of this TruthfulSites page (above the wolf photo). I will repeat myself: Odinism, or whatever we call it, is a religion — and all religions are mind-poison. If, I say, IF, a large portion of our ancient ancestors believed in Odin and Thor and etc. as “gods,” then that belief system totally failed them. Completely failed them. The jews and their jew-written Christianity, invented less than 2,000 years ago and spread by force, won. A full understanding of Race and Nature healthfully negates any place or use for religion of any kind.
  12. Aryan Insurgent (Update, Aug. 2016: The site is dead.) Tentative inclusion, as of April 2015. This linked page shows awareness of the enemy jews. Negatives: Pictures intended to be of White beauty include crypto-jew actors, such as Robert Redford. The site owner pushes vegetarianism. Archived podcasts that I sampled seemed to be by teens for teens. Otherwise, the site appears to be strongly pro-White pro-Aryan.
  13. Aryanism DE-LINKED. Why? Previously, I listed problems with the site content and noted that its inclusion here hung by a thread. Well, now (Dec. 2014), the last straw. He wrote of “what it truly means to be an American: it is something that is not tied to ethnicity or skin color.” WRONG. IT IS ALL ABOUT RACE. (Ethnicity is part of race.) Which race? ONLY The WHITE RACE. Our ancient ancestors were here, built megalithic structures and mounds, and they were murdered and otherwise driven away, and then they came back and re-established our race’s control of this continent and subsequently invented and built a great country. A “great country”? Yes, but sadly infected with jews already. Thus, here we are in this fight for our lives and our race, again. And we Whites will win again.
  14. Street. “Taking Our World Back.” An admirable Aryan woman offers this fine site in our worldwide neighborhood. The term “Aryan” is often used to represent the best part of our White race, and she seems qualified to use it.
  15. Aryan Women “Be proud of who you are.” Update, Sept. 2014: DE-LINKED. Why? Read on. Update, July 2014: This site has devolved during its short life. It is not worth a click. They stupidly let men join, at least one of whom actually posted crap about sperm banks. Wake up! In fact, does anyone besides me suspect Kyle Hunt, his dishonorable self, is the “woman” called HeksKvinne? Yes, I think this is another in the KyleHunt group of sites intended to deadend. (See the WhiteManMarch item for more on this trash.)
  16. “Atrocities Perpetrated Against The Human Race” homepage. (Update, Oct. 2015: jew Google deleted the main site.) (Humans are a species, not a race. The human species has several races.) Other than the title, this site is right on race, jews, and immigration. (But suffers from religion mind-poison. Also beware because he/they don’t separate the jew-sourced nonsense from the truth.) Also see the “Anti-Hegelian-Dialect Blog” (Update, June 2014: jew-Google-Blogger deleted the blog site, which included a great page of old newspaper clippings on jewry’s historic lies.)
  17. Aus Den Bergen, Meine Ehre heißt Treue — “From The Mountains,” “My Honor Is Loyalty” Originals and excellent articles from other sites. (Stagnant since 2013.)
  18. The Barnes Review Weak versus jews. Strategy or complicity? UPDATE: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock is doing their “radio” interviewing, a major boost for the TBR operation for us Whites and against the enemy jews.
  19. The Beer Barrel A forum site, with real Whites spreading the pro-White anti-jew truth.
  20. This site originates from ‘Great’ Britain, but I include it here to get extra attention, which it deserves. Very wide, very deep. You could mine this site for months if not years. Here’s what the site owner said to me by way of introduction: “You might like my site …. Part of my site is which is a listing of jew-aware sites…. I’m unusual in having science interests — biology, physics etc. but you can see that from my home page. Note: my site is pure HTML; I’m not happy with WordPress, because if they get taken down, they [websites] are difficult to reproduce. …. But it’s difficult to include comments.” Caution: The nuke-lies idea is not one I subscribe to (yet?).
  21. Birth Of A New Earth Tentative inclusion, April 2015, for its mix of very good anti-jew articles, such as “Jewish Hollywood And The Promotion Of Incest,” and some nonsense, such as on vampires and other Distractions.
  22. Black Sun Invictus Update, Aug. 2013: This Luciferian loon didn’t belong here. He was right about that and only that in his email to me, which I have publicized. Invictus has been evicted.
  23. Blindlight Race-aware. Outs the jews. Yet different. I haven’t delved deeply into it, but so far so good.
  24. Blog Of Blogs Update, June 2014: I no longer recommend this site. It has devolved. Carol A. Valentine seems to have gone off the deep end. She already suffered from the mind poison of Christianity, so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that she now focuses on distractions. The site is a waste of time. Her older sites — if, indeed, she is the same Carol Valentine — are still useful and remain linked below, especially the one on the jews racial rulebook the Talmud.
  25. Bradley Smith’s Blog Update, June 2016: Mr. Smith has died. He had been right about the HoloHOAX, jewry’s monumental holocaust lie, for a very long time. Video is still easily available on the Internet of him telling truth on the old Donahue show to an audience stacked with lying whining jews. But he wouldn’t publish my comment under this article (as of 10July2013) in which I said nonviolence won’t get the job done in this war jewry has long waged against us. He was a pacifist who said there are “good” jews who were his friends. He married a Mexican, probably long before he became race-aware, and had hybrid children. Obviously, his value to our race had maxed out short of what is required to win.
  26. “BuelahMan’s Revolt” As far as I know, this linked post is his best.

    “My country won’t do it, so I wish my [tax] money go to any country that will take them out. It is time to end this monstrosity of evil. Yes, to remove them from the face of the Earth. You callous, murdering psychopaths have deserved it AGAIN, like you always deserve the scorn and hatred you earn.”

    Yes, he is talking about the enemies of humanity: the jews, though he probably means only Israel. A newer and recommended article is on YouTube’s hate against Whites and protection of god’s chosen censors. It includes a good script of a deleted vid!

  27. B.U.G.S. means Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar, by Bob Whitaker. Update, June 2017: Bob Whitaker has died. Maybe with him out of the way, somebody in the organization will rise up and produce one or more mantras against the actual enemy, the jews. Maybe. Whitaker is a political strategizer, a compartmentalizer, and message-maker “Fighting White Genocide.” His focus is pro-White. But he insists on not mentioning jews. He refers to “news and jews” derisively, about which he is not even half right. We need some news, and absolutely need Whites to expose jews as jews. Whitaker is also wrong about Adolf Hitler. So, why do I continue to offer a link? His focused wisdom on positive propaganda is useful. His main Mantra, which I have adjusted a bit, is:
    “Asia for the Asians. Africa for the Africans. But White countries for Everybody?”
    It is a gentle, effective, can opener. Use it everywhere.

    A B.U.G.ser actually does good in the physical world.

    This posting of a mantra on an overpass in Oregon in 2013 was a rare deed in the physical world by a BUGSer until a year later, when the WhiteManMarch took the tactic to a new level across the country. And then the leader of that “March” (not a march at all) abandoned it. False leadership by a false White. Not the first one; won’t be the last one.

    The site also has a Mini-Mantras page, including advice on how to beat YouTube’s censorbot.

    My summation: Words alone, and not naming the enemy, and nonviolence, will not get the job done. We’re being genocided, but Bob’s response is adamantly only words. In fact, he insults us who name the enemy and urge fighting back. Bob, if we don’t kill enough of them before they kill us, you will go to your grave in vain, as all mere wordsmiths have gone before. Do you think words would have driven out the British in the 1700s? Did words stop the jews from declaring war on Germany in 1933 and contriving WW2? Would better words have stopped Israel from the false-flag attacks on the U.S.S. Liberty, assassinations of presidents, and 9/11? Did the words after each of those atrocities stop the next atrocity? Are words going to stop the next big use of force and terror against us? No. Yes, we need the words, but more-so we need to kill the enemy who is, as you rightly say, genociding us. You do recognize genociding as killing, I hope.

  28. american-defense-party.flag-logoJ.B. Campbell: ExtremismOnline A True Solution Site. Here, the latest article, 5June2017. He has another site, American Defense Party, also linked alphabetically above. He is Right against jews. Right against the mind poison of Christianity. Right on the Solution: “Save America. Kill jews.” (Quote from his interview with Carolyn Yeager dated 18May2013.) As I recently (Feb. 2013) finished reading through the entire archive of the Liberty Bell magazine (see the link at, I saw in the issues of the 1990s the writings by Mr. Campbell that show his sincerity and long service to the great White cause, though he also speaks of great disappointment in our race, to say the least. Hear him: Found on a different site is a great recording of a Campbell speech made into a video. (I transcribed it, here, which includes that video and the following, with appropriate links and credits.) Here is the second video of more very serious advice in a speech by Campbell. Also, he has done many Internet broadcast interviews that are available. In 2014, those interviews include his absolutely correct statements on the mind-poison of Christianity and on the necessity of killing the enemy jews. The drawback to interviews is our having to listen to the excruciating interviewers.
  29. catherine.delancret.avatar.eCatherine DeLancret, a pro-White, pro-beauty video site on YouTube (jewtube): Update, March 2017: The site has been deleted.
  30. Cincinnati Is A Dump. “Black Crime In Cincinnati.”  And what big city in the USA doesn’t have this same problem? This site applies to all. The very good “About” page.
  31. “Come and Hear” by Carol A. Valentine Click this Link to her text of the Talmud, jewry’s rule book. Proof. Also see
  32. Committee for Open Debate On the Holocaust (CODOH) Scholarly approach and discussion. (However, don’t expect “open” debate, as Bradley Smith, founder, shunned my tame comment offered on his blog, and CODOH has been known to ban people such as Carolyn Yeager. Aside: Jews will never top changing their claims. For example, after they established the United Nations, the jews first tried 12 million as their holohoaxxx number, then dropped to 11 million, and finally settled on the still monumentally absurd 6 million — which had been a favorite number for their lies since before World War One.)
  33. Compulsory Diversity News Very funny, hard-hitting, pro-White, anti-jew site. After perusing the homepage’s top posts, be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the “Disparaging Labels,” which is a list of categories and links to his articles. One of the many well worth your click: “Jew/Holocaust Worship.” And here’s one on the “Williams brothers” Venus and Serena. Update: Site is stagnant as of late 2016.
  34. Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement Jim and Joe Rizoli, admirable brothers doing battle by local cable tv, public meeting appearances, this and other websites, videos, and covering topics from the holocau$t to current crimes by the enemy of humanity.
  35. Crush Zion Update, May 2017: sadly, this site is dead. A true Solution site. Absolutely right against the enemy jews. Admirable! See this linked post for a prime example. Quote: “Geographical displacement of the filthy Kike only leads to regrouping and radicalization among the Jewish bacillus. Let us not repeat the mistakes of history. The Hebrew virus must be totally exterminated. There is no other option.”
  36. Daily Slave “Fighting Against Total Enslavement” Update, May 2016: The revamped site is now “Infostormer Strong. However, a caution: This site has always had problems. Currently (May 2016), the ignorant site owner trumpets his ignorant — or worse — support for Donald Trump. Trump actually is a crypto-jew and obvious mis-leader to take our half-awake citizens down the toilet.
  37. Daily Stormer. No link to this site by “Andrew Anglin” and associates, except for the following example. Why? Here is one good reason among many: Anglin cheerleading for Vladimir Putin of Russia and actually saying he’d like Putin to conquer and reign over the USA (March 2014). Who else wrongly worships Putin? The jew fake-Christian clown Brother Kapner. More reasons to shun the Daily Stormer crew? Anglin was launched by Mike Delaney, a C.I. cultist and vicious liar who Anglin never broke with. The site was birthed in 2013 and hit the ground running, with too many visitors too quickly for a Truth site. We have all started slowly and built up slowly. And from the beginning, the site said it was funded only by readers, which was an impossibility when it first started, thus a lie. Where does the money come from for such a site? Nobody is told, right? Where does the money come from for Anglin’s world travels? His associate “Clement Pulaski” has his own site which is a C.I. site. And I ask you: Does Anglin really look White to you? My experience tells me that the site baited the pro-White movement with strong articles for Adolf Hitler and against jews, and now its true, secret, agenda is being exposed in the worship of Putin. Finally, they’re pacifists! A “stormer” is pacifist!? Beware, folks.
  38. Darkmoon One reason I hadn’t offered a description of this site earlier (today being 1Aug2013) is because of too much of THISupdate April 2015: I fixed the link but found that the article has been deleted from her site. It was John Kaminski praising a jew, and the comment thread was a typical combination of water pipe and sewer pipe. I had two comments there, along with insults and lies from others as replies. Well, maybe the deletion means she learned something, but she still routinely re-posts Kaminski articles, only some of which are good and some defeatist — which is one reason why I do not link to Kaminski.
  39. David Lane 1488 Great source for David Lane’s works of history, wisdom, and inspiration. Caution: Don’t fall for the “Pyramid Prophecy” nonsense. That’s not wisdom at all. The real wisdom is here, with many links of proof. Lane was a member of the Bruders Schweigen. If you don’t know about them, this site will inform you. Lane died in prison in 2007. His true Aryan “14 Words” live on:

    We Must Secure the Existence of Our People and a Future for White Children.

    The site includes “WAU,” which stands for “Women for Aryan Unity,” and they have a separate, admirable site focused for women,, though it appears static since 2011.

  40. DDees Illustrations site David Dees does anti-”Zionist” art. Free!
  41. Decoding Satan A good page on which to start is this one on jew ownership of Sweden’s big media. For doubters: Wake up to international jewry — the ultimate conspirators who make it a thought crime to point out conspiracy. Wake up.
  42. Defend Your Heritage  Pages on history, choosable by the year, from now back to 1933! — including the jew ancestry of Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Right on jews and their Holo-hoax fed to us as “the Holocaust.” A favorite page is this one, which includes lists of the jew owners and corporate officers of the major media, the jew owners and officers of the big banking corporations, the jewness of many of the rich and famous, and very much more. The “more” includes food, Japan’s nuke crisis, etc. etc. No eye candy, just info.
  43. Demitri1986 video channel on youtube. Superb collection of vids of Adolf Hitler. Most are brief, well done, and feature authentic excerpts from White Germany’s great leader. Seeing is believing him. The jews don’t show real films of him with accurate translations because they know that he, alone, completely obliterates the jews’ heinous lies against him.
  44. John de Nugent and John DE-LINKED. I gave him a second chance. But his nonsense about “good jews,” his plan to launch another mind poison religion, and his latest absurdity render him a detriment to our pro-White anti-jew movement. His latest (Sept. 2013): “The reality is that Whites descend from Nordic Aliens, and this is why we are NOT from this planet and are VERY different from other races.” Is he that stupid? Or is he a jew-paid tool? Or is he a crypto-jew? There are no other choices.
  45. Der Wehrwolf “Thoughts for a European Resistance.” (“European” means our White race.) Pro-White, very good on guns, against jew-invented religions. Includes reposts of articles from other sites. Update, March 2014: The banner is still up but the contents have been deleted, apparently.
  46. Destroy Zionism! Update, May 2016: This site is dead. “Exposing The World Parasite.” Right against jews. Right on Adolf Hitler. Right about Einstein. However, re-posts some garbage by infiltrators such as the RenegadeBroadcasting bunch. Update, Feb. 2013: But they deleted the link they had to this WhitesWillWin site. Why? No explanation.
  47. An important, effective image from David Duke's site.

    An important, effective image from David Duke’s site. But “ethnic” genocide misleads people. “Racial” genocide would be correct, as it was a deliberate mass-murder of Whites by jews in control of the Soviet Union including Ukraine. Similarly, jews starved more than a million Whites of the USA during the 1920s.

    David Duke One of the most well known defenders of our White race. Caution: He sows the poison seed that the bad jews are the “Zionists” and other jews are good jews. Also, he professes the jew-created mind poison of Christianity. (See the Liberty Bell magazine of Feb. 1990 to learn why Duke must not be trusted.) Furthermore, notice that he doesn’t allow comments, and he doesn’t provide links to any of our good pro-White anti-jew sites. He is a one-man show for and about himself. And yet he can not possibly produce all of that site’s content alone, including his radio broadcasts and books. Beware, indeed.

  48. DIEversity403, video channel on youtube. Many strong vids on race, especially the crime by other races against Whites. One very good vid on jews.
  49. The Double Standard “Exposing the Hypocrisy of International Jewry” Update, Aug. 2013: jew-owned anti-White Google deleted this site. White people, please find independent servers for your websites. Better yet: get started killing the enemy jews.
  50. Duke Of Durham, video channel on youtube. 5 pro-White vids at this time (April 2015), all brief and effective: 1 powerfully answers “Why White?,” 2 display our beauty, 1 exposes anti-White wikipedia, and 1 offers stopWhiteGenocide flags for various countries and languages.
  51. The End Of Zion Strong. Right against jews. Videos. Concise selection of books and other documents. Selected news. (The homepage had a link to this WhitesWillWin site. Hmmm.)
  52. End the Reds Strong video site on youtube. I hesitate to link many youtube (jewtube) sites because the best are quickly deleted by jewtube, and my BigList gets cluttered with dead links. But here’s another site (March 2017) with new videos and older gems. Truth about jews, race, and related issues.
  53. End ZOG. Update, May 2016: This site is dead. “ZOG” means “zionist occupied government,” which means jew-occupied government. Update, Feb. 2015: Soaked in Christ-insanity, the site was stagnant in late 2014, but now, it is again active and looking like a Solution site with this article: “Armed Revolution Is The Future Of Nationalism.” Let’s see if this admirable new call to action continues. If so, anti-White jew-protecting will eventually delete it.
  54. EN White Rabbit This site is apparently allied with the admirable efforts of the B.U.G.S. / Bob Whitaker sites listed above. (Personally, the rabbit caricature looks evil-eyed, so I won’t post an image here. But maybe it doesn’t strike others that way.) Update, Dec. 2013: This site has disappeared w/o explanation.
  55. EqualPartyUSA LINK This was my previous-previous site, which WordPress deleted because I violated their policy against “inciting violence.” Yes, I did that. I incited Self-Defense violence in this war that jewry started, and the best defense is a good offense. Anyway, at my prior level of ignorance, I poorly named the site “Equal Party.” R.I.P. to that. Also, YouTube (jewTube) in early 2014 deleted key videos from my actually rather tame video channel. Folks, that’s what jews do. And before they delete us from the face of the Earth like they deleted 100 million Whites during the last century, we must delete them.
  56. EuroAmerican Survival A strong YouTube (jewtube) channel. Update, Aug. 2013: JewTube deleted this site, of course. We must fight back. We must “delete” them!
  57. Everyone Who’s Anyone in Hollywood and other big media Here’s a better page to start on, a list of categories with links. Note: I don’t think this guy intends this site to be a jew-exposure site, but if you know as I do that nearly “every one who’s anyone” in those media are jews, then it is. Names, titles, email addresses, some street addresses, and some interesting feedback interspersed. Here’s a picture he says is of him, younger.
  58. Evil Came To Newton The site URL is a turnoff, but the content is sufficiently wise to jewry, so it is rewarded with tentative inclusion here. Another plus: The site has a spare style all its own. Update, Oct. 2014: The site has stood static for many months.
  59. Exulanten Here is a Link to a particularly valuable history. Update, Aug. 2013: Bad news. This entire site seems to require a special identity and password to enter.
  60. Facts Not Fairies
  61. Faith & Heritage Although suffering from the jew-created mind poison called Christianity, this site gets it right on White, for example: “Who Does America Belong To?
  62. Fathers’ Manifesto (Update, Feb. 2015: Extended link gets us past the gun-survey page and into the site.) Right on race. Right against jews, including their holocaust hoax and 9/11. Includes a fine page on the jew racial rulebook The Talmud. Yet, soaked in the mind poison of Christianity, and egregiously wrong about Adolf Hitler.
  63. FedUpUSA., April 2014: This site, valuable despite the owner’s wrong, stubborn stance against Adolf Hitler, has been axed by anti-White pro-jew
  64. Fighting14. Hopefully, this person means “Fighting For 14,” as in David Lane’s 14 Words. Site subtitle: “No matter how much they torture me, I’ll never say that 2+2=diversity.”
  65. Fight White Genocide “Diversity Is Chasing Down Whites.” One of the B.U.G.S. group, thus very rightly pro-White, big on mantras, absent on jews.
  66. Great with words and information -- proving that words won't get the job done.

    Great with words and information — proving that words won’t get the job done.

    First Amendment Exercise Machine, by Robert Frenz Unpopular wisdom abounds, such as:

    White people invent and forget. Yellow people copy and remember. Black people do neither.”

    Here’s a menu including works from the Liberty Bell magazine, Revilo Oliver, and George Lincoln Rockwell.

  67. First Freedom The site has good articles linked to authors’ names near the top of the homepage. Read some. Also, at the bottom of the homepage there are links to recent pdf files of their newspaper that they actually publish in Alabama and distribute. I have downloaded and read many issues. Problem: This handsome publication offers a contradictory variety of original articles, historical articles (example: excerpts from Henry Ford’s The International Jew), reprints from websites such as, and photos. Mostly right against jews, good on race, good on Adolf Hitler, and more. But pacifism rears its suicidal head, likely as a result of the mind-poison of Christianity espoused there. In mid 2014 I sent an email to Mr. Olaf Childress, editor. I offered free use of articles from this website, and I asked why he espouses pacifism. His single, awfully brief reply was to ignore my one question and to only say he would have a look at this site. (Now is Oct. 2014.) Meanwhile, his newspaper has published more garbage from news corporations and pacifists. Update, Nov. 2016: I see that Mr. Childress has quoted the entire blurb above in his Sept. 2016 issue. Thank you, Mr. Childress. And then he defended his mix of contradictory articles as “journalism.” I am a university-trained journalist who worked for six years (in my previous ignorance) in the 1990s for the jewsmedia, specifically the former Nashville Banner daily. What White journalism should be is entirely correct and true to the best of the owner/editor’s ability, knowledge, and wisdom — not a mix of contradictory articles some of which include obvious half-truths, mistakes, and outright lies. Such a mix is a jew staple. Furthermore, despite his newspaper’s recent improvement, especially in the publishing of J.B. Campbell articles calling for us to kill the jews as they are killing us, Mr. Childress’ own editorials have continued to spout a Christ-insanity peace-nik message. According to him, a relatively small number of trials and executions of only top jews will suffice. Wrong. I say no trials, and I say open season: kill every jew. That’s the true final solution for our country, countries, and planet Earth. After all that the jews have done and continue to do, murdering humanity, why would we stop short of the final solution? Only ignorance and/or weakness would. I would not and will not. Update, Dec. 2016: The newspaper has published my “Trump: Right and Wrong” article (slightly edited) in the December issue. Improvement continues?! 
  68. FirstLightForum Update, late Aug. 2017: The site has been killed by jewWordPress. Large site of news and resources, including this important exposure of the jews’ rule book, The Talmud. An excellent series of photos of 9/11 Truth runs down the right column. However, this site is totally wrong on Adolf Hitler as they repeat garbage all originally from jew sources. Also, the site is deeply soaked in a twisted version of the mind-poison of Christianity, with this linked article being Exhibit A. Yet, the site is rightly anti-jew.
  69. Flogging Dead Horses A good site, stagnant since 2012.
  70. The Forbidden Truth Update, March 2017: The site is dead. It was a very good forum site. Scott Roberts is especially strong. (But be wary because he was involved, perhaps only inadvertently, in the contrived blowup years ago involving jews Bollyn, Hufschmid, DB Smith, and Mike “Kike” Delaney; and a more recent one with Delaney.) Look at this great page on the fact of jews being a race. It includes discussion about the scientific results on DNA, genes, and haplogroups. But he allows argument by jews and idiots, all of which he thoroughly demolishes, though.
  71. The Foremost Problem “Examining The Causes, Effects, And Consequences Of Jewish Cultural Hegemony.”
  72. 1488 Blog See good videos at that link. The following link has very important local news articles not spread by jew media. One of the site’s other fine features is a superb page of Hitler Speeches, text in English. Since we know what happened, we can now read what Hitler said and know that he was right. Simply read. Update, June 2013: Two “weebly” sites have been in this Truthful Sites list, and both are now dead. Why? Is weebly wimpy, or?
  73. 14-88 Bunker A forum site, with major sections, including Detroit Is Crap.
  74. 14 Words Global Network  Inspired by White martyr David Lane and his famous “14 Words,” this is a resource for news for Whites that the jewsmedia try to hide from national and international audiences. Well done.
  75. Link to a very good starting point.
  76. Free American, by Clayton Douglas. Right on Race. Suffering from mind poison, with ads for two out of three of the jews’ desert-born mind poisons: Islam and Christianity. Companion site on BlogTalkRadio. Admirably, interviews with JB Campbell. Not admirably, he has interviews with jew Gordon Duff. Why give any lying, disinfo-spewing jews airtime except to bury them?
  77. Free Edgar Steele Edgar Steele is was one of the many political prisoners that our jew-infested government has wrongfully imprisoned. This site is run by his family. Update, Sept. 2014: His wife and family report that Edgar Steele has died in prison — actually murdered, of course, as he was wrongfully put there and abused there. My previous note stands:

    Note: The way to free Edgar Steele, Yorie Kahl, the remaining Bruders Schweigen, and many more, is not to focus on particular bellybuttons but to overthrow JewRule now. Then, we will free them all.

    Furthermore, pacifism/nonviolence/mere words will NOT GET IT DONE. Men: How many more of our Whites will you let them kill before you finally unleash your manhood and begin killing them before they kill more of us? Join us now in simple covert actions, safely, efficiently. Tell no one. Advice is provided in linked articles at the bottom of this site.

    Edgar Steele’s old but good site, last updated in 2010, is

  78. Free Matt Hale He’s a pacifist preaching pacifism, and yet he is rotting in prison. Isn’t there an obvious lesson there? My comment on “Free Edgar Steele,” just above, applies here, too. Now, let’s give Mr. Hale a break while he is in prison because in there he probably should appear nonviolent. But before the jewed government put him in prison, his “Church of Creativity” professed very strict nonviolence, and still does. That is pacifism. That is suicidal in the face of a violent, vicious, anti-White enemy. How has pacifism worked out for the tens of thousands of White females raped every year by blacks, jews, and other nonWhite scum? How has pacifism worked out for Edgar Steele? If you’ll notice, jews are not pacifists. They always seek to get control of every instrument of force, and when they get control, they use it to slaughter all nonjews, especially the Whites who are smart enough to oppose and defeat them. We Whites have lost control of our government and its instruments of force, so we — each of us — must kill the jews. This is the only way to regain control of our own government and country. Nonviolence, pacifism, is defeatism — whether you know it or not. Pacifism is a mind-poison that jews have injected only into Whites — in case you haven’t noticed. The jews instigate the Negroids (African race) to violence against us; likewise, the brown skins. The solution is simple: After enough of us kill enough of the jews, we win.
  79. Freyja Hof’s Muse Update, Sept. 2014: A first! This site was deleted by jew-Google’s Blogger in August and restored in September. From an Aryan woman in Hawaii (a very anti-White place in my experience), this site is related to the Odinia site listed below. Among the admirable variety here, including history, current issues, and Odinism (which should be seen as symbolism, not religion), is a fine page on the jews’ racial rulebook The Talmudwhich is probably what got the site deleted by the jews of Google. The restoration seems due to her powerful comments/emails directly to the top of jewgle, which she published for us to read on her site. Please go to the item below, where new sites and new links are provided.
  80. John Friend. I will not link to, nor even offer the URL of, the site of this infiltrator, this ChristianIdentity cultist, this false “friend” of our White race. I include this item as a warning to our fellow Whites. Update, Dec. 2013: They’ve done it again. The infiltrators have orchestrated another blowup to try to fracture, split, divide & conquer us. It involves “Friend,” Mike Delaney, Scott Roberts, and Andrew Anglin. No surprises there, folks. I won’t link to it, but you can easily find it by searching all of those names together. See the ZionCrimeFactory item below for Delaney’s involvement in two previous, contrived blowups.
  81. Gas Chamber Hoax video channel on youtube–which is jewtube, so click, learn, and perhaps copy while the site survives before the jews eventually delete it.
  82. German Cross Update, Feb. 2016: The site is dead. Why?! The mother lode, or should I say The Father Lode about the Fatherland. Many photos of Adolf Hitler I had never seen before. This is a huge and wonderful site. I have skimmed several pages in different sections of the site and find it brilliant. The site includes downloadable files. I downloaded a Powerpoint file of photos of Hitler. Great, including music. Yes, the HoloHoax (fed to us by jewry as the holocaust) is covered, as are inventions, heroes, and very much more.
  83. German Victims “Allied Ethnic Cleansing of Twelve Million Germans primarily after WW2.” Strong site with many fine sections. One quibble: The use of “Nazi” exhibits a weakness, at least. That said, the homepage alone is a good, healthy read. Here is the very good Current Posts section.
  84. The Glacier’s March De-linked. Why? Two reasons. It has proven to be crap, and it is by the “Kevin Sommers” of the new “WhiteShadeSociety” properly lambasted below.
  85. “Goon Squad”
  86. The Grand Occident Straight to the point about jews, this site offers excellent video clips and pdf books right on the homepage. Personal favorite: The inclusion of Dr. Karl Bergmeister’s superb 1938 book on the reality of the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion. The “elders of zion” are the leaders of jewry, and the “protocols” are their techniques for the undermining and overthrow of the great White countries of the world. Proof beyond reasonable doubt. Update, April 2014: Anti-White pro-jew says this site was “deleted by the authors.” Doubtful. If that were true, why would truthtellers delete their own site rather than, at worst, just leave it there? Get the Bergmeister book on the WhitesWillWin! WhiteSchool page, Item 2.
  87. adolf-hitler.greatest-story-Never-told.eThe Greatest Story Never Told This is a direct link to the great site of the great movie of “The Untold Story Of Adolf Hitler.” Free. Full movie. Clips. Text of truth. “Since the mid-20th century, the world has only ever heard one side of an incredible story. … Learn the untold story about the most reviled man in history.” If you got the story from tv, Hollywood movies, and modern textbooks, you got the jews’ lies about his ancestry, sexuality, personality, principles, goals, and deeds. Open your mind, please, to information not originating from jews.
  88. Great White Desert Update, April 2015: It’s dead. It was a great library of books and articles by famous and obscure writers, and had valuable audio files. It’s odd that the WhoIs info says this: “ Created on 2011-03-21. Expires on 2016-03-21. Updated on 2015-04-05. Registrant Name: Reactivation Period. Registrant Email:”
  89. Hammerstorm This site probably does not originate in the USA, but I don’t know where, and this location serves just fine. It’s a store. Wares include a lot of music and related videos (though most of it is death-metal crap “music”), good books (such as Henry Ford’s, though it is easily available free on many other sites; and many history holohoax revisionist books), old and new magazines, and more. Free text descriptions and samples are worth your clicks.
  90. HANNES ZAF777 youtube (jewtube) channel of videos. Strong on a variety of historical figures and events, from Germany to SouthAfrica, from William Pierce to Adolf Hitler, and much more.
  91. Heathens Of Vinland Collection of articles from others.
  92. Hidden In Plain Site Strong site re-posting excerpts and videos from other sites. Wise to jewry but not fully so. One of the best videos featured (though linked to youtube): “10 Hard Facts About The Holocaust.” Another is “Kennedy Murder Solved….”
  93. Wally Butterworth LP

    Wally Butterworth LP

    Historical Recordings Featuring the superb recordings from the 1960s by Wally Butterworth. Right on White. Right against jews. Right on Adolf Hitler. Also, great recordings by others, including Gerald L.K. Smith, and treasures such as bluegrass-style songs by “G.L. Rockwell and the Coon Hunters.” Click the site’s “Audios” tab for Truth and edutainment.

  94. HistoryTruths, a fine video site on youtube (jewtube) featuring archival film on White Germany’s greatest era.
  95. adolf-hitler.young.b-wHitler Historical Museum “The Hitler Historical Museum is a non-biased, non-profit museum devoted to the study and preservation of the world history related to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party. True to its role as an educational museum, these exhibits allow for visitors to understand and examine historical documents and information for themselves. The museum, while acknowledging the tragedy that over 50 million people died during World War 2, retains its non-biased status by refraining from making political judgments of any sort.”
  96. Hoff’s Jew-Wise site This site’s focus is on books, providing them in easy-access text pages. “Educating People About The Global Lying Jew Mafia.”
  97. One of the most effective eye-openers of all: the truth about Anne Frank. Holocaust Hoax Museum.

    One of the most effective eye-openers of all: the truth about Anne Frank. Holocaust Hoax Museum.

    Holocaust Hoax Museum (Update, Sept. 2016: The site is dead, already. Suspicious. Go to Carolyn Yeager’s or other stable sites exposing the jews’ holocaust lies.) Very strong execution of an excellent idea. Take a “virtual tour.” See videos. Click to other exhibits.

  98. Holohoax 101 The Fundamentals of the Holocaust Hoax. This site features historical photos, documentation, and links to sources. Extensive, starting with “The First Holohoax, During World War One” and of course continuing through WW2 and to “Holohoax 202″ — Consequences and Implications.
  99. Holy Swastika Simple truth and hard-hitting reality. This article enlightens every reader: Wrapping paper, activism, and the Northwest Front fails our White race. Also, see the very good “About” page.
  100. Hyperborea Rising Right on Race. Right against jew influence and the mind poison of Christianity. Partial focus on the sciences related to race. Interesting and reverent to our ancestors’ symbolism, myths, and advice. Update, July2013: The site is dead. WordPress gives us the message that “The authors have deleted this site.” Likely a lie by anti-White WordPress. We Whites must put our sites on White-owned servers!
  101. If Americans Knew
  102. “Immigration, Globalization, Political Correctness, & The Attack On The Western World” Link to a “holocaust” page.
  103. Immortal Truthz. Video site on YouTube (jewtube). Many valuable vids of truth on jews, their heinous holocaust hoax, etc., but mixed with a few duds, such as one by Fleetwood Mac, a band always infested by jews, more-so in later years.
  104. Incog Man This popular site kickstarts the common man. Strong on anti-jew news and the pandemic of Blacks beating, raping, and murdering Whites. Also, clear proof of the jew media monopoly’s anti-White agenda overblowing the rare White crimes while hiding most Black-on-White crime. BUT, he deleted the homepage link he had to WhitesWillWin! Why? Incog subscribes to the Christian mind poison. Folks, the “meek” will never inherit the Earth. Prayer and cheek-turning is suicidal pacifism while the enemy forcefully and violently takes our country and all that we built. Also, Incog is a Trump-ette. This is evidence that he will never progress.
  105. Inconvenient History
  106. Information Underground Homepage is like a blog, the rest is a forum. Wise against jewry yet no calls to real action, as far as I’ve looked.
  107. In Pursuit Of Happiness. Update: This site, never great, has gotten so bad I had to delete the link — July 2013.
  108. “Israel Did 9/11, Not Muslims!” – Oh, Google, owned and operated by jews, has deleted another truth site. The only free speech jews are in favor of is speech in favor of jews. That is a historic truth.
  109. j3133′s Truth. This scum was a suspicious, borderline case when I included him. Now (June 2013) I see him saying jews have won, we Whites are stupid — except for him, of course — and he will likely join with the jews as he is only interested in saving “the human race.” Finally, his June 11 post says: “I am at the very least, spiritually, part German, and part Jew. I have known that for a long time, to be honest.” It’s interesting that he is doing this at the same time jew fake-Christian “Brother” Kapner is saying that any Whites-only movement is doomed to fail. This tells us that the jews are worried and are telling some of their agents to try to demoralize the Whites who follow them. Our response: Kill all of the enemy jews — which is our right, our honor, and our duty.
  110. David James in Boston On Adolf Hitler and jewry: “If we had recognized, listened and stayed true to our racial brethren in Germany, we would have decimated this enemy and caused it to scatter to the four winds.” ‘Nuff said, eh? He also offers videos and his own music (none of which I have listened to, as yet.)
  111. These photos show the huge reduction in the jews' claimed deaths at the Auschwitz camp. Yet, they don't reduce their infamous "6 million" total. Why?

    These photos show the huge reduction in the jews’ claimed deaths at the Auschwitz camp. Yet, they don’t reduce their infamous “6 million” total. Why?

    January 27  The date is the jews’ Holocaust Commemoration Day. This site presents photos, facts, and documentation by historians, academics, and other researchers.

  112. Jett & Jahn Media Update, July 2013: Despite their site’s qualities, they push to our enemy’s delight the mind poison that is Christianity, and they deleted our important discussion — my comments and theirs — at this link. I had pointed out that Charlemagne invited to a meeting and slaughtered a few thousand of our White leaders because they were resisting Christianity’s destructive spread northward. Jett & Jahn have exposed themselves.
  113. jewish Faces Seeing is believing. Photos of jews by name in the government, banking, and popular media. There is no quicker way to understand the Truth of jewry’s monopolies against us.
  114. jewish-gas-chamber-hoax.comjewish Gas Chamber Hoax Update, Sept. 2017: The site is dead. This fine site is by Eric Bjorn Hunt. Videos include documented, conclusive evidence. Also recommended is the Blog section.
  115. Jewish Genetic Diseases Yes, this is an exception — a known jew-owned jew-run site in my list. Why? Well, for the numbskulls who won’t yet accept that race is real and that different races have different major aspects to their DNA, click this one for the diseases that the jews very well know that they get that we Whites DO NOT get. Which part of this does a usefully intelligent person not understand?
  116. jews Did 9/11 Videos on many topics historic and current.
  117. jew Watch news Note: Sept. 2014, this site is now displaying easily and normally. During previous months, my browser was unable to connect and display it, but success always came when I used a proxy, such as this one. One of the great pages is this presentation on the great White Huey Long and jew-assassin Karl Jacob Weiss. Caution: The site owner, “Frank Weltner” (which looks like a jew name), says on the site that there are millions of “innocent” jews in the USA. And he is a pusher of Christianity mind-poison. Reality: There are no innocent jews, and pushers of religion who have jewy names are usually jews.
  118. JoCo Nationalist “Nationalist Action In Johnston County, North Carolina.” Handsome site, strong on race, right for Adolf Hitler, thus at least somewhat jew-wise. (Stagnant since 2013.)
  119. John Doe’s “New World Odour” video channel on YouTube. Priority: If you haven’t seen the Leon Degrelle vid telling us an hour’s worth of great truth from personal experience in the international Waffen SS of valor during WW2, see it now. It might be over the heads of beginners, but great for all others.
  120. JR Books Online. A great free library, with some commentary. (But beware: bad books are mixed with the good, and the site is poorly organized.)  Here is a brave and true page on which to begin. Read this one page and know the truth about the world’s foremost problem. Here, a partial list of books, alphabetical.
  121. Justice For Germany The banner says, “Chuck W. Maultsby — 9/11 Truth — Jewish Power & Hidden History Revealed.”
  122. John_Kaminski.logo-imageJohn Kaminski This is John Kaminski’s new website  (Aug. 2017). His anti-jew writings are stronger than most and hopefully more persuasive than most — as long as he stays on message and doesn’t go depressing and defeatist, as he occasionally did years ago, which earned him a deletion by me. Kaminski has been a featured author published on other sites, such as the former “rebel” site out of Australia. Let us hope he earns success on his own platform.
  123. Diane King video channel on youtube (jewtube). Strong and deep on history, plus current events. One major, vital focus: Truth about Germany, Germans, and famous figures involved. Also, Diane King partners with Jim Rizoli for a variety of other videos wide in range and of historical import.
  124. Kiss My White Ass The site is as strong as the name implies. Pro-White. Anti-jew. But soaked in christ-insanity, which displays its twisted self fanatically on the homepage. Click the titles in the left column. Bonus: You will find references and quotes of some of the strongest articles by me, James Laffrey, enhancing various pages. The best commenter on the site is “White European” or “Rabid White European,” who tells it as it is. Enjoy!
  125. Koinen’s Corner, by Val Koinen. Wisdom plainly stated. Right on Race. Right on Whites. Right against jews. Also, immigration, and the Holocaust hoax. Admirable. Update, April 2015: Yet he still can’t, or won’t, get it through his head that he links to enemy jews and he critiques crypto-jews as if they are bad Whites. Recently he wrote an article about deleting Paul Craig Roberts from his blogroll, as if that were a big deal, because supposedly-White Roberts suddenly “crossed the line” and blamed Whites for a lot of things. Wake up, Mr. Koinen! Roberts is a crypto-jew. And Koinen doesn’t even have a website with “White” in its title in his blogroll. But he does have links to known jews, such as Henry Makow and “Brother” Nathanael. Not surprisingly, then, but still disgusting, he doesn’t link to any of our four SOLUTION sites. Koinen is an older guy, but age is no excuse. Maybe he drinks coffee and/or alcohol every day, addling his brain so he can’t learn any more. Look how good he was back in 2011, yet he hasn’t progressed at all since then. He still thinks there are “good jews,” he still describes institutions such as Congress as having a lot of White traitors when they’re not Whites but are jews, and he is still pacifist by all indications. WHY would I write this about a “good” longtime pro-White writer? I do this to show what DOESN’T work: good info combined with pacifism. Every “good” White writer must continue to learn and improve. We White MEN must use our speech to identify the enemy jews and to urge our MEN to join us in killing the jews. Our future happiness, and our race’s very existence, depend on it.
  126. kOnslk0nsl’s blog Interesting variety of articles and videos on Free Speech, Adolf Hitler, Doug Christie, Sylvia Stolz, web development, and more. Great page on “German Accomplishments,” which WILL surprise you in its depth and breadth, with items of amazement for every reader. I suggest that you save the page as a pdf for yourself like a treasured book. Put the URL into this and save it on your computer. Special Note: k0nsl runs a host-server for websites. CrushZion (see above, in alphabetical order) is a great site hosted on his server, so that means his is an admirable hosting option for us telling the full truth about Whites and against the enemy jew race. If you’ve had a site deleted or hacked, or if you want to start a new site, consider k0nsl’s service. Also consider, which is the host-server for this www! site.
  127. Elliot Lake News At the end of 2013, the site looked strong enough on race, pro-White, apparently against jews, and anti-nonWhite-immigration to earn inclusion here. But it has been stagnant since then. Articles and videos.
  128. “Legacy Of Dr. William Pierce” Superb links to free books, audio, videos. My favorite is Who We Are, a real education on the history of the races and why Whites are the most inventive and developed race.
  129. Leo Frank Case Research Library Many people reject multi-issue articles when just one of the issues is beyond their acceptance. So, here, ONE issue is offered, fully exposed, conclusively proved. This extensive site offers “Information on the 1913 budgeoning, rape, strangulation and mutilation of Mary Phagan and the subsequent trial, appeals and mob lynching of Leo Frank in 1915.” Leo Frank was a jew. The jews defend him to this day.
  130. Light White, video channel on youtube (jewtube). Very good on jew ownership of the African slave trade and other truths on the jews, such as the jew toxin of feminism. Also, very good on the White leader Adolf Hitler, and more.
  131. Alex Linder Relatively famous from, which he created. This one is just him. Commentary on current events. Right on race, jews, and more — though not on ISIS.
  132. ALinderblog: Integumentary Material Yes, another Alex Linder site. At present (May 2017), this one has daily commentaries. What does “Integumentary” mean? I don’t know. I suppose I could search it in two seconds….
  133. Kevin Macdonald, professor, author, pro-white intellectual

    Kevin MacDonald, professor, author, pro-white intellectual

    Kevin MacDonald Famous author, professor, scholar of history, active in our jew-wise, pro-White movement. See his site for links to articles and related sites. Articles by MacDonald appear on other sites, such as The Occidental Observer, a weak “scholarly” site linked below, in alphabetical order.

  134. Malevolent Freedom “We strive to provide news, reference materials, and blogs presented from the White Nationalist point of view.” “Embrace White Culture.” Articles, videos, radio, resources.
  135. Martin Luther King Jr. was not “Martin Luther King Jr.” But that really shouldn’t come as a surprise since anybody glorified by the jews’ media must not be as advertised. Real name Michael King, he was just another tool used by jewry to destroy our founding White culture and, thus, our race. Click for proof.
  136. John Martinson. Here is his — NO. Here he says “White Nationalists (among others) want to be Jews.” That’s on the lying fake-named ZCF site, well down in the comments — which is a disgusting display by ZCF, his accomplices, and his ignorant worshipers.
  137. Patricia McAllister’s Update, Dec. 2014: The site is dead. Apparently, the Negro bailed. Previous blurb here: She was the Los Angeles teacher, blackAfrican in the USA, who told truth on camera at an OccupyWallStreet event and got trashed by an OWS leader and the local tv “journalists.” (By the way, OWS was a jew-led deliberate dead-end, as I explained on my old UnEqualPartyUSA site from OWS’s get-go.) McAllister is right on jews, and right on Adolf Hitler, too! She deserves our help, after we defeat the jews, to return her to Africa or another appropriate place of her choice. (Nope, not any more.)
  138. James McCanney, scientist, truthteller

    James McCanney, scientist, truthteller

    James McCanney Science! True and therefore fascinating, wonderful, and worth every minute you give it. Understand, finally, our weather, electricity, the Moon, Mars, the Sun, comets, and much more. This Irish White man of America also solved the second level (Martin Doutre solved the first level) of the mystery of the great Nazca Lines in Peru and elsewhere. Also, prime numbers, and breaking encryption codes “for fun and profit”! Sometimes he even exposes the jews. (For more details, see my main article on this man and his work: “Praise for James McCanney.”)

  139. Mclendon89, a video channel on youtube (jewtube, as we all know). Update, Aug. 2017: jewtube killed this site for violating their policy against truth. The selection features a group of shorts by “A. Wyatt Mann.” Also, some of our history, and some nature, including hummingbirds and woodpeckers in action.
  140. MediSin’s good video channel on youtube. Fine selection of vids. Right on Race. Right on Whites. Right on Adolf Hitler. Right against jews. Right against religion. But smells of indirect support for the absurd satanist cult. Update, Sept. 2013: jew-owned anti-White YouTube (jewtube) deleted the site previously linked here. The link above is now updated to a different MediSin jewtube site. Update, 17 Jan. 2014: jewTube did it again. Update, March 2015: He got jewed again. Site is dead.
  141. Meine Ehre heist Treue The site is in English, but that title is in German. Look it up. Good stuff. I think this site, because of its style, is by our longtime ally Richard/Robert of Northern Ireland and a succession of websites. Enjoy. Pro-White, thus pro-German heroes of 1933-45, and rightly anti-jew.
  142. Metapedia Unlike wikipedia, Metapedia is, apparently, not controlled by jews.
  143. Might Is Right Network Update, Aug. 2017: this site is dead, apparently allowed to die by the owner, but see the next two items below for working links. “Bill Rhyes” headquarters. “Hard-core and hard-hitting  podcasts,” music, and vids. Great images on the homepage. Take a look. A superb feature is the instant-chat box on the homepage so that listeners can discuss what the host and guest are saying in the broadcasts. “Bill” is very good at referring to comments while speaking live. The content of the broadcasts is uneven, but the Articles page has a very good, consistent thrust throughout the select group there written by “Bill” and others, including two articles from this WhitesWillWin! site. MightIsRight is a real Solution site for our White race, the real Americans, against the enemy jews and the other invaders.
  144. Might Is Right Power Half Hour With Bill Rhyes This is the previous hq of the admirable “Bill Rhyes.” Notable interviews during Oct. 2013 included the famous Tom Metzger and an impressive turn by James Logsdon. They are there in the archives for your listening pleasure and inspiration. Update, Feb. 2014: Mr. Rhyes used slightly safer words than I use, but he said what must be done — use our White Might! Thus, we have here another real Solution site. Also, get the anti-jew truth and the Solution on the Bill Rhyes video channel on YouTube. See next item.
  145. Might Is Right70 videos on youtube (jewtube). Best for George Lincoln Rockwell videos and audios. Also, this site has a good Eric Thomson video.
  146. Christine Miller An admirable, longtime activist for truth in her local community, and more widely through the White invention of the Internet.
  147. Mindweapons In Ragnarok Update, 1Aug2013. Deleted the link. Why? The anonymouse there had mislabeled my first comment on that site as asserting a “military model.” Since then, three comments on different articles over a couple of weeks (on Heimbach and Gas $20/gallon) have been blocked. Yet another impostor exposed. Update, 2014: We’re told on this linked page on a jewy “anti-hate” site that the Mindweapons guy is named Robert Freeman, including a photo. Should we believe the image? How do we square the linked bio with his actions against me? As I said above, “another impostor exposed.”
  148. Modern Confederate  Young, admirable site from our American South. (But it has stayed “young” since Aug. 2013: stagnant.) Good on race. Right on Whites. Good against jews. A fine re-blog here titled “Science: IQ Is Largely Race-Based.”
  149. Eustace Mullins

    Eustace Mullins

    Eustace Mullins: the books, videos, etc., on a site by his nephew Matt Mader: This researcher-writer-author for our White race was the second great White author to expose and explain the Federal Reserve scam by the jews. (The first was Alfred Owen Crozier.) Also, Mullins wrote the historic expose on the jew race called The Biological Jew. See the WhiteSchool page on this WhitesWillWin site for a full description and other links to the treasures of Mullins.

  150. Murder By Media. Yet again, the latest (2016): New site (2014): “To Inform And Enlighten All The Sons And Daughters Of Europe!” — by that, I guess he means all Whites. Mostly, the sites offer very good re-posts of graphics from other sites, with some commentary. But he also includes jew-sourced crap such as this about “All Cancers Finally Cured.” Finally, I do thank MbyM for reposting my article on Henry Ford and his historic book.
  151. “My Honor Is Loyalty” In English, many speeches, writings, and other documents by great Germans, of course Whites, of the Adolf Hitler era. Intelligent people will allow these Germans to speak for themselves instead of listening only to what jews say the Germans said. Update, June 2013: Two “weebly” sites have been in this Truthful Sites list, and both are now dead. Why? Is weebly wimpy, or?
  152. My Name Is Joe Cortina Right against jews. Right for guns. But promotes the jew mind-poison of Christianity instead of our White heritage which is Nature-based and much older than the virgin-birthed miracle-worker Jesus/Joshua/Yeshua nonsense.
  153. National Alliance News Update, Nov. 2014: The domain has, apparently, been relinquished. The “National Alliance” has gone through big changes recently, but still pacifist. See next and related items.
  154. National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group This group finds too much fault with the previous and supposedly current leadership (as of early 2015) of the organization called the National Alliance that was originally formed by the late renowned William Luther Pierce. Thus, here linked is the effort to “reform and restore”–which includes Sanders Pierce, the brother of William Pierce. (Note: I find fault with both sides’ certain leaders, members, and supporters. One must suspect that this is the result of deliberate divide&conquer efforts by jews beginning long ago. Shun them, since they’re pacifists anyway.)
  155. National Asatru News Update, March 2017: The site is dead. Large site. Caution: “Asatru” is a version of the ancient European “spirituality” that some dupes and enemies want to make into a current religion for our White race. This site, however, offers a position a cut above the rest. So, if you need “spirituality,” try this one on for size! Meanwhile, this site is rightly anti-jew, pro-European, anti-nonWhite-immigration, and correct on Christianity. Highly recommended. A favorite: The “Out Of Africa” lie is annihilated. Most of us already knew that (my article here), and we didn’t need any jew scientists to confirm it yet twist the findings — as is done in the linked article, so be wary there.

    Subtract "gods" to make it divine.

    Subtract “your gods” to make that quote divine.

  156. National Coalition, “A New Kind Of White Activism” Right on race. Right against jews. Update, July 2014: This site has disappeared.
  157. Rev. Ted Pike’s “National Prayer Network.” Christians, this link is dedicated to you. If Ted Pike’s massive amount of evidence about jews doesn’t move you, then I must ask: By what method can you learn something? Think about it. I long resisted posting a link to this site because of its focus on the mind poison of religion, but I offer this as a vital stepping stone for Christians, with my ex-colleague Phil Newman in mind. What do you think, Phil?
  158. National Protectionism Update, Oct. 2014: DE-LINKED. Why? The URL now auto-transfers to the dishonorable “renegade” cabal of “Kyle Hunt,” et al. Don’t let them mislead you.
  159. National Vanguard Continuation, led by Kevin Alfred Strom, of a publication started by the late, famous William Pierce and handled by Strom. The About page has changed, early 2015. Although they know “powerful forces are attempting to obliterate all racial, ethnic and cultural differences worldwide,” their “goal is a change in consciousness.” Apparently, they want people to only be “conscious” that we are being stamped by the jews and our White race is being genocided. They suggest no retaliation of force against force. They offer only suicidal pacifism. (Important: See the note above on the item titled “National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group.” Strom is part of the group opposed by the NARRG.)
  160. This infamous jew, Elie Wiesel, doesn't even have the tattoo he said he has. This website proves that all of the "eyewitnesses" to gassing deaths are liars. Yes, all of them.

    This infamous jew, Elie Wiesel, doesn’t even have the tattoo he said he has. This website proves that all of the “eyewitnesses” to gassing deaths are liars. Yes, all of them. As for hate, here is what this jew wrote in his own book in 1968: “Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate — healthy, virile hate” against all Germans. See the website for the exact citation. by Friedrich Paul Berg. Perhaps everything a person would want to review about the jews’ holocaust hoax is here. It’s a One-Stop for proof with videos, document images, analysis, and a bit of humor. Superb on the holyco$t, but just a bit off base when touching on other big issues such as the JFK assassination. And the use of the jews’ insult term “nazi” is a turnoff. But the site is an education costing only your time. See his homepage, righthand column, for a great brief on Christianity and short superb list of nails in the holocau$t coffin.

  161. New England Media Watch. Right on jews. Right on race. Impressive homepage, though with a few clunkers. Update, July2013: I de-linked it. Why? “David” in comments on this page on theWhiteNetwork, demonstrates that he is unworthy, including defending the ChristianIdentity cult.
  162. New Nation Also see Commentary page. The site’s focus is on the anti-White murderous crime epidemic being committed by Africans wrongly residing in our White-founded countries. At this writing, Dec. 2013, the site seems ignorant of jews as the instigator behind the U.S. and worldwide anti-White rampage going unreported in jewsmedia.
  163. The New Observer Online Though likely based in the U.K., the majority of the site’s focus is on the U.S.A., so I place it here (until informed otherwise). Professional presentation. World coverage.
  164. NewsNet14 “World News For Europeans World Wide.” Professional, comprehensive, daily Truth news site. Update, Sept. 2013: Site is dead. Message says: “DUE TO COMPLAINTS WE HAVE BEEN FORCED TO SHUT DOWN NEWSNET14.COM.” Obviously, they need a better host/server. Suggestion:
  165. 9/11 Jewish-Mossad False Flag Archive
  166. 9/11 “Zionism Delenda Est!” Apparently, “Zionism Delenda Est” is Latin for “We Must Destroy Zionism.” That’s a good start. Destroying all of jewry is the full solution. This site features very good short videos on 911 showing the people speaking the evidence — firefighters, other witnesses. Good images. (But stagnant since 2013.)
  167. 9/11 Undeniable Evidence. YouTube link. Architect Ron Avery’s two-part video lecture is as personable and clear as anybody ever needs to be. (Late in Part 2, Avery says we need “God’s help,” which is mind poison at work. But that is a minor complaint overwhelmed by the effectiveness of his presentation.) Main site: Update, Dec. 2014: That “main site” link is now dead. The youtube link is still good, but only that one video on that channel is recommended.

    See a final word on 9/11, with graphic, at the end of page 2 of TruthfulSites.

  168. Noble1blog “Be proud to be born of the world’s most amazing race and Fight!” — quote from an article, Dec. 2013. A young site. Right on White. Right against jews. Update, Feb. 2014: Dead. Supposedly, according to, “the authors deleted” the site.
  169. “No Matter What, it always boils down to …” Right on race. Right against jews. But suffering from the mind poison of religion, Christianity, an epidemic afflicting our race. A favorite post is this: “Don’t Be Fooled,” exposing jews posing as White truthers, especially related to 9/11. Update, April 2014: jew-Google-Blogger killed this site.
  170. No One To Vote For. Update, July 2014: jew-Blogspot of jew-Google deleted this site.
  171. Place For Corruption, by Art Larson This admirable, low-key researcher in the style of the late Eustace Mullins provides documented evidence in naming the names, places, and crimes of specific jews. From the local corruption by jews in Pennsylvania to the national and international atrocity of 9/11. He also offers a pdf file, free, of the bulk of his fine work. (However, that pdf relies on too many links, some dead already, instead of providing the gist of each link’s evidence right there in the pdf.) Note: Mr. Larson was one of the best, if not the best, of the speakers at the 2014 Freedompalooza hosted by the Poker Face band, linked on the TruthfulSites-200 page.
  172. No Time For Silence “The Lies Will Not Always Hide The Truth.” Focus on the most wrongly demonized man in history: Adolf Hitler.
  173. No Time To Stray Strong YouTube (jewtube) channel surviving at the pleasure of the enemy, as does all that we do on their jewtube. But it is good that we have a large and varied presence on their very popular site, spreading the Truth to the masses. The site includes this very good “Beginner’s Guide To The Jewish Question.”
  174. Right on race. Right on jews. Fine focus on history. Includes occasional current event news. Update, July2013: Another good site deleted, this time deliberately by the owner, as he says at another site.
  175. NS Bibliophile Really right on Adolf Hitler means Right On Race, Right On White, Right Against jews. (But stagnant since 2013.)
  176. NS Revolution (But stagnant since 2013.)
  177. Harsh, wild, has too much of jew-Kapner, but is rightly anti-jew and, obviously, anti-Obamination. Caution: The site’s homepage is so long and video-intensive that it may freeze your computer temporarily.
  178. The Occidental Observer “White Identity, Interests, and Culture.” This site features Kevin MacDonald as a top writer. It is scholarly, wide, deep, wise to jewry, yet weak in the typical “scholarly” way. Litmus Test: When our final war is open and obvious, how many of our possibly-White “scholars” will kill the jew in the next office down the hall? Yep, none.
  179. — This image is no longer featured on her site, but it is here!

    The Odinist Site owner Seana Fenner has her powerful new articles currently (early 2015) appearing on her But I know of no better place to start than this “Darwin’s Choice…” page, which is a wonderful compilation of a series. We have here one of the five top webwriters in our pro-White anti-jew movement, folks. Powerful, personal, knowledgeable. This includes her careful but clear call to destroy jewry once and for all. My only qualm is the “religion.” Full thirst for truth about our ancestors, yes. Veneration, yes. “Religion,” no. She resides in Hawaii, a very anti-White place in my two years of experience there.

    A related site well worth your click:

    VikingAlthing of Odinia. Also, her links page, including links to these TruthfulSites pages. And see this gem, Abraham Was a Pimp: The Wacky World of Christian Identity.

    See this gorgeous image full-size at the "Darwin's Choice..." link above.

    See this gorgeous image full-size at the “Darwin’s Choice…” link of above.

  180. On The Contrary, by Michael Hoffman Update, Sept. 2014: DE-LINKED. Why? Already I had called this suspicious man’s site at best a stepping-stone. Reasons? He seemed strong about jews, such as on their Kol Nidre annual self-clearance for all lies against us in advance. But he let jews have their say without correcting their lies, such as in this linked article. Thus, he encouraged the mind-poison of “good jews.” But now, worse, Hoffman is saying key jews in history weren’t jews and that, for example, Oliver Cromwell didn’t re-open England to the jews. There it is: He has blatantly exposed himself. Put him in the Enemy/jew category and deal with him appropriately.
  181. “Our Weapon Is The Truth” From Columbus, Ohio, this site exposes the local racial crimes against our White race. Also, good coverage of national and international items. At this writing (Oct. 2013), the site looks weak against our Number One enemy: jewry.
  182. Pen On Paper This site reposted the www! article The Twelve Grades Of Christmas — thank you! This site is right on race, right on Hitler, right against jews. Update, May 2013: Google’s hateful, anti-White jews have struck again and deleted another truthful site. The only free speech jews favor is speech in favor of jews.

Because of memory limitations, the TruthfulSites page had to be split into two pages. Please continue with this U.S.A. section on Page 2. Also see many great sites from other countries, proving that our race is eager to learn the truth, share the truth, and defeat the true and historic cause of The World’s Foremost Problem.


James T. Laffrey


The very best sites are those by Whites who are Right on Race, Right against jews, Right against religion, Right on Adolf Hitler, and Right on Action. Such sites are rare. That’s understandable. Each of those categories is a high hurdle that jewry has embedded in our minds from childhood by their lying textbooks, tv, movies, newspapers, magazines, songs, and mind-poison religions. Only the best of the best overcome all of that early enough in life to do something about it. J.B. Campbell is one. Now, also CrushZion and Might Is Right (both linked above). And?

You know what this long list of mostly news websites shows? It shows that we don’t need more news. We need more action! Right now.

Action inspires. Action attracts. Action wins.


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