Here’s My 2nd Half Of ~300 Active Sites

Telling A Lot Of Vital Truth

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The purpose here is to show that we are an international White movement on the Internet rejecting the lies from the newspapers, tv, movies, and our governments. (Yes, our historical race name is the European race. But I suggest that White is a more acceptable term to the American mind and other Whites around the world despite jewry’s efforts to demonize “White.”) The doubters need a strong group to show them the way. We are that group. And we are growing. The truth will win the word battle. The truth plus force will win this race war we did not ask for. Combined, we Whites will win.

Beat the blockers! If you can’t connect to any particular site, it may be a deliberate, hostile blockage. Try using a proxy server, such as Notes: The link will start you on their “search” page, which is very good. After you search for anything, the results page will have a “proxy” link after every URL, which is what you should click in order to see the desired website via the proxy. When using a free proxy, it doesn’t allow the use of forms such as a comment form because that would reveal your IP address.

Please see my P.S. at the bottom, too.

This page contains:

  1. the final portion of the U.S.A. section
  2. sites, by country or region, around the world. (Not in alphabetical order.)

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (with a few sites whose locations are not known to me)

  1. Maurice Pinay Blog Caution: Although this site has strong material, the webmaster wouldn’t approve a comment I submitted to counter a wrong statement that Michael Hoffman made about Adolf Hitler. Beware the gatekeeper against the top truth.
  2. Piper Report DE-LINKED. His game is anti-Israel, not anti the enemy race. Big difference. Update, 2017: And he died.
  3. FreedomPalooza.logo

    The logo from 2013

    PokerFace, music group, “Protest Rock” (Update, May 2016: The site looks stagnant since 2014.) Paul Topete, the leader of the band, also is the main organizer of the annual outdoor musical extravaganza FreedomPalooza. Paul tells me by email that certain speakers have, and will, name the enemy jews. Update, July 2014: Art Larson was a rare, fine speaker at the Freedompalooza this year, as I saw by archived video on the livestreaming site. He gave excellent facts outlining the reach of the jew network from hometown to Las Vegas, L.A., New York, and D.C. The tag-team of James Traficant and Jim Condit were their normal, misleading selves but with a new twist: a campaign to take duped Whites down a deliberate dead-end of politics, flat-tax, and pacifism. Paul spoke well in the short part I saw, but he gave a mixed message, suggesting some jews are “good” jews, and he espoused pacifistic Christianity. Pacifism will not defeat a murderous enemy. Finally, of the videos clips I have seen, Jason Hiecke spoke the best against jews and about the jews’ corporate and personal crimes against us ranging from banking, to home foreclosures, to jobs.

  4. Carlos Whitlock Porter (Mirrored on JRBooks site.) Special focus on the documents out of Russia demonstrating “Made In Russia — The Holocaust.” Personal favorite: The About The Author page. Born in the USA, Porter eventually renounced citizenship and lives with his family, perhaps still in Belgium. One very valuable page deep within the site is on Adolf Hitler’s main doctor, who Hitler mistakenly trusted. Yes, it was one of the great leader’s flaws. The doctor, Theodor Morell, very likely a secret jew, poisoned Hitler throughout World War 2. That page, and the site, includes other topics of importance and interest.
  5. Ezra Pound. Poet, mentor of great writers including Eustace Mullins, editor, international truthteller vs. the jews.

    Ezra Pound. Poet, mentor of great writers including Eustace Mullins, editor, international truthteller vs. the jews.

    Pound By Pound Update, May 2016: This fine site is dead. That’s Ezra Pound, the great poet, literary editor, radio broadcaster during WW2, and political prisoner for 13 years under Truman and Eisenhower, both crypto-jews. Poetry. Current news, videos. Books, too, such as William G. Simpson’s Which Way Western Man?, a classic in the category “Reality Of Race” (though parts are muddled by the mind poison of Christianity).

  6. Pragmatic Witness, by White Wraithe. Update, March 2017: She has announced her swan song with a tribute to homo jew Freddie Mercury, the dead former leader of the rock band Queen. Stupid, to put it diplomatically. A related site is Being on WordPress, this White grandmother is still exposing her sites to sudden death by deletion — as the anti-White, jew-serving WordPress did to a site of mine. Here is an excellent page of what is apparently an archive. And I thank her for posting my About page, which she titled “A Truther’s Journey” (current as of Dec. 2013).
  7. Praxis Mag “Reclaiming White Identity, Community, & Culture.” Pro-White. Good on Adolf Hitler. So-so against the jews — which might help it avoid quick deletion by jewgle’s Blogspot. Mostly re-posts, often quite good, from other sites.
  8. and and I’ve disabled these links to Mike “the Kike” Delaney’s sites. And I never linked to his Trutube. For a progression of evidence, please see the ZionCrimeFactory item below and its links.
  9. Race/History/Evolution Notes Here is a recommended start page: a list of “Ethnic Origins of Forbes World Billionaires,” including a comment by me under that commendable article.
  10. Racial Nationalist Library The About page.
  11. “Racial Realities”
  12. Radio Islam Far better than the name suggests. (Islam, after all, is another desert-born Middle East mind-poison, as is Christianity.) Here’s the page for the “Latest additions in English.”
  13. Rat Faced Jews. A site in the MikeDelaney network of sites. Update, Feb. 2013: I’ve deleted the link to this and all Delaney-owned sites. Why? Please see the ZionCrimeFactory item for explanation and important links. Update, Oct. 2014: Also see my homepage “Bulletin” item on ‘Kike’ Delaney’s announcement on shutting down TruTube. For even the slowest minds among us, this should nail the coffin and cremate infiltrator Delaney.
  14. ReDiscover 9/11 The admirable Zan Overall, the “Wise Old Man,” is instrumental in this site. Videos, articles, images.
  15. rememberbuilding7.logoRemember Building 7 9/11 doesn’t get any more basic than this. Utter clarity on the subject comes easily through Building 7, the third tower that came straight down that day. This site lays no blame. Civil servants and a dad who lost his son in the atrocities of that day are featured in an excellent, very brief video that tops the site. Basic facts, true witnesses. Highly recommended.
  16. The Liberty Bell magazine is still today the most valuable magazine of truth.

    The Liberty Bell magazine is still today the most valuable magazine of truth.

    Resist The site of the famous Tom Metzger. Among many resources, the site includes an archive of the great Liberty Bell magazine, where all the vital truth was told 30 years ago. Highly recommended reading — generally, the later the issue date, the better. Also, many good books free by pdf’s. But it’s a site of mixed messages and some major errors. In interviews during the past year (2014), Metzger said repeatedly that now is the time to wait. I say, No, it isn’t, as some of his own older articles buried within the site attest: (Update, Sept. 2016: The site has been revamped and looks great, but the following set of articles seems deleted) “Begin With Lone Wolves,” Laws For The Lone Wolf,” and “Drop The List.” In an article on jews in his “Positions” category, he says jews are not a race, and he says Adolf Hitler said jews are not a race. Wrong and wrong. I think I’ve read as much as anyone can of what Mr. Hitler wrote and said, and he didn’t write or say that. Correct me if I’m wrong — with a quote, source, and link!

  17. Resisting Defamation  A site of advice on how to resist the enemy’s actions against us, how to counter their lies, how to win points and arguments.
  18. Some doubters require scholars, professors with Ph.D.s, academics of high standing, etc. Here many are. Why not believe some of them instead of only believing jews of the big media, Hollywood, and government? Example: Click this Link to the “Fred Leuchter Webpage” of proof that there were no homicidal gas chambers in camps under Adolf Hitler’s administration.
  19. Rise Of The West This particular article, Dictates Of Survival, shows what we should all know, but not enough of us do: Jews say that when they are defending their race’s survival, “there’s no place for morals.”
  20. Saboteur 365 “Sabotaging the System one Truth at a Time 365 Days a Year.” Update, Aug. 2014: De-Linked. Why? The site seemed good on race, so got tentative inclusion here. But now, this stupidity of believing obviously fake photos, and other recent posts were actually anti-White. Already, the homepage had a long list of links, most of them crap. Another problem, all too common, is the webwriter suffers from religion mind-poison, version Christianity, thus suicidally pacifist/nonviolent. Notice that it’s another site with a name that can be read as against us, a “saboteur” among us. Reject him.
  21. Sacred Cow BBQ. Patricia Aiken’s “Sacred Cow BBQ” interviews on YouTube. Starter: posted 11 Oct. 2015 with 2 guests fully onto jews The channel with a few vids: Note, Nov. 2015: She invited me to do an interview with her, but I declined, partly because she forbade discussion of my Solution to the jew problem and related problems. Also, I have declined all such invitations thus far.
  22. Save Your Heritage Update, Feb. 2016: This site is dead. Scroll down the homepage to see many important images, inventions, and wise quotes. Surprises await! However, their “White History” is not recommended because their version of Christianity mind poison says we Whites are the true Israelites.
  23. Scrapbookpages Blog See this article on jewess Angelina Jolie, double mastectomy, jew diseases, and a fun comment thread with me, Carolyn Yeager, and others discussing the origin and usage of the “N” word: “Nazi.” I say that Adolf Hitler did not use it in books nor speeches, so why would we? We ought not. Caution: The writer of Scrapbooks uses what appears to be sarcasm when stating the standard lies from the jews, but the sarcasm will not be recognized as such by novices. Instead, it will seem that the Scrapbooks writer supports the lies of the jews.
  24. “See the Jew.”…. Perhaps every topic you might want and maybe don’t know about. Includes historic quotes, a “Large Collection of New York Times Articles,” and more. Many photos, including recent and emotional material.
  25. Smoloko The homepage is full of images with text on them, many of which get copied and pasted onto other good pro-White anti-jew sites. Very good site. From where I just tried to access it, I was blocked, so I had to use a proxy ( to get to it. It’s an honor to be so blocked, for “violence/hate” whatever, the jew-serving filter said.
  26. Social Nationalist Very good, though not great, pro-White anti-jew site. Some articles there should help bring in the man-child population still addicted to adults playing with balls and other such progress-stunting distractions flooded upon our population by the jews. Example article: “The Passion of Tim Tebow,” though the article also helps the jews by its support of Christ-insanity.
  27. Solar General Great site for vital books, free, other media, news, etc. And here is a page of proof on jews.
  28. Do not let Deanna Spingola mislead, confuse, and divert you from the truth.

    Do not let Deanna Spingola mislead, confuse, and divert you from the truth.

    Spingola Speaks, by Deanna Spingola Also,, with easily accessed recordings of her broadcasts. Update, Sept. 2014: DE-LINKED. Why? Already I had cited her support of the ZCF ruse. And ZCF turned out to be a jew — see that info at the ZCF item below. Also, I had cited her Mother’s Day broadcast in which she actually said she believed the jew-Khazar story because of her solid “sources,” and then she listed jews! Yes, Arthur Koestler and Shlomo Sand were two of them. She also said she is against all killing, saying something like this: God’s creatures aren’t meant to kill each other. But worse, in an archived broadcast dated 7 Sept. 2014, she had the jew Judy Wood and the Brit jew Andrew Johnson as guests talking about 9/11 for two hours, and I listened — suffered — through all of it. Two hours of professional misdirection about “energy weapon” nonsense and away from basic truths, especially avoiding saying the word “jew.” Spingola was complicit in that, blatantly. She pretended to raise the issue of “who did it” twice but aided the jews in avoiding it. In the audio, the best evidence of their jewness came at the 1:43 mark late in the recording. A “Jimmy from Nevada” called and admirably asked: “Are you guys gentiles or jews?” The jew Wood wouldn’t touch it, and the jew Johnson said he had been a Catholic. As we know, and surely does he, religion is a dodge jews use and has nothing to do with RACE. Then, obviously, Spingola disconneced Jimmy so that he could not follow up. Spingola is an impostor, an infiltrator, spewing the good with the disgusting garbage on a parallel with the jew Rense and the jew Rivera of WRH. Evidence says she belongs in the jew-enemy category with them.

  29. Spirit Water Blood. An amazing page: “Oh, the Germanity!“ Update, Sept. 2013: Sadly, this site has been dead for weeks. No known explanation. Oh, the Germanity, indeed.
  30. The Stampede News Yes, a ranchers’/farmers’ publication. Great to see high awareness and speech about the enemy jews put out to the agricultural network across our country. I hope the readership is huge. Coverage there includes the fedgov thugs’ attacks on the Bundy ranchers and their supporters, who are continuing to undergo a series of court trials there in the northwest.stampede-news-logo
  31. Revilo Oliver, 1938

    Revilo Oliver, 1938

    Kevin Alfred Strom and Strom writes from long personal experience with William Luther Pierce and other anti-jew and pro-White writers, actors, and martyrs. (He also hosts the valuable Look at this historical report on Pres. Franklin Roosevelt’s proved treason on Pearl Harbor and WW2. Update, April 2015: Strom is part of the leadership and part of the problem that the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group opposes in the National Alliance. See the NARRG item on TruthfulSites-150. I see both opposing groups as flawed beyond trust. Also, in an early 2014 audio file, Strom claims that the great quote about knowing who controls you, which has been attributed to Voltaire, was actually coined by Strom, himself. I am not going to research the writings of Voltaire to check that out. Are there any Voltaire scholars out there who can weigh in? (Send email, or leave a comment on the latest article via the homepage.) Further, Strom undermines himself by selling religion, pushing the “Cosmotheism consciousness” silliness, saying religion is a “fundamental and necessary impulse” in us. NO, IT ISN’T. He was raised on Pierce. Will he ever mature in his own right?! When will he even raise himself to a 1960s Revilo Oliver standard and say we must “destroy” jewry?

  32. Stuff Black People Don’t Like Sharp, fun, educational, and devastating against the hypocrisy on race by the government, big media, and the Africans wrongly in America.
  33. Subverted Nation Powerful anti-jew site. No new articles in four years, apparently, but comments are open and active. Look at this comment on BRICS for how strong and right he can be. At the following link is a strong pdf, his book. Here, interesting brief videos. Also, a great Lists page of jews infesting every vital institution of our country. (However, site-owner Adam Austin bans discussion of race! And in emails, he chose to insult me for disagreeing with him on strategy rather than hurt the feelings of any of his precious nonWhites. Emails are available to anyone who wants to see for themselves. Further note, he shows no evidence of learning during the last three years, still stuck on vicious insults against Adolf Hitler, for example.)
  34. Supreme White Alliance Update, early 2017: The site is dead. It WAS; a very strong site. Right for Whites. Right against jews. And for our people who still believe the jews’ tales about the “holocaust,” why not see what the International Red Cross said about the prison camps? The Red Cross was allowed regular visits to German-controlled camps. The Red Cross was never allowed visits to Soviet-controlled prison camps, as the Soviet Union (and Russia) was jew-controlled since the World War 1 era, and still is. You don’t see the History Channel reporting any of this. And who owns the History Channel — and all the tv networks? Fill in the blank: j___.
  35. Take Our World Back At this link to a very strong jew-history page. And here, on 9/11, what more evidence — that is, proof — could a human desire? Start at the linked spot on the page, then scroll up or down for an amazing assemblage. Or have a look at the high-rise in China that recently burned: steel didn’t melt, the building didn’t crumble — of course!
  36. Talmud Unmasked  A Christian look at the jews’ racial rulebook, the Talmud. Proof.
  37. #TeamWhite. Link on youtube. This is a new effort (early 2017) (killed by jews, June 2017) by Alex Linder and an admirable man in South Africa (White, of course) named Jan. Videos worth listening to, though they don’t say the final and necessary solution — perhaps to save them from quick deletion by the jews of “jewTube.” Big caution: They are Trump-ettes, especially Linder.
  38. Think Tribally “Nordics all over the World… Time to think tribally.”
  39. 300 Sploggers Link to a very good place to start.
  40. tinnelle88-on-holohoaxTinelle88 Specifically great on the jew lie Holocaust heinous hoax and on the truth of Adolf Hitler and the great White nation he led. This young, fresh-looking site includes an excellent selection of videos, a superb display of holoco$t documents — jew-doctored photos, true population counts, true Red Cross counts, etc. — and much more. Also featured: an interesting selection of images of Mr. Adolf Hitler.
  41. Also see the fun fable about banking in Tomatoville. That article is called "The Great Tomato Bubble."

    Also see the fun fable about banking in Tomatoville. That article is called “The Great Tomato Bubble.”

    TomatoBubble It’s hard to imagine a better place to start on this site than “It’s A Wonderful Race.” The link goes to the first of two pages. It is Wonderful, as it tells a story that is a takeoff on the old movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” but is totally for today, with drama, pictures, travel around the world, and surprises for most readers. James Bronson is the writer credited for it. Great work. Persuasive for all comers. August 2014: A great new page provocatively titled: “Dead Blonds….” Read it. Cautions: If you subscribe to the site’s auto-emails, you will enjoy many of them. But webmaster Mike King has refused to learn that Vladmir Putin of Russia is a crypto-jew playing his role — despite my emails and links attempting to inform him. Also, he advertises himself pictured with a cat. Is he trying to appeal to females and homos? Is he White? He looks like a dark Italian or a jew. Furthermore, he pushes the mind poison of religion, the Christianity flavor. Moreover, he pushes the lie of “good jews,” and I quote: “Of course, there are Jews in Israel and America (some of whom are fans of TomatoBubble, I’m happy to report) who truly are horrified and angered over Israel’s brutal oppression of the Arabs;…” That quoted statement is amid an otherwise strong article on the very subject of “good jews”! Thus, he undermined himself and his article. Plus, he backs the Judy Wood “energy weapon” nonsense about 9/11. The stink is rising. Update, late 2016: He trumpets for Trump. So, is he really on our side? Doubt it.

    Note from www! Folks, for the jews to win it all, they only need us to be Christian passive, nonviolent, putting our hopes in prayers and televised characters instead of taking matters into our own hands and killing the jews as the genocidal, parasitic, murderous vermin that they are. Banking, insurance, vaccines, the IRS, militarized police, Negroes, etc., are tools used by the jews to take everything we have, including our lives one way or another. Who wins when the pacifist beauty is attacked by violent thugs? The thugs, unless the beauty defends herself with force. We Whites must use force in defense and to win, once and for all.


  42. Truth In Our Time — Forum The link starts you in what I think is the best place, the Race page. Top two categories: “Jewish Crime Data” and “Black Crime Data.” Very good.
  43. Truth Is A Hate Crime News and commentary clearly exposing the utter hypocrisy of what jews and Blacks are openly allowed to do against Whites while Whites are beaten, raped, jailed, or murdered for less. (But stagnant now in early 2015.)
  44. Truth Is Mighty, And It Shall Prevail A current collection of useful articles from other sites, though none from the best two sites known to this movement. Update, Aug. 2014: No surprise, jew-Google-Blogspot deleted the Truth site. Come on, Whites, put your sites on independent White-owned servers.
  45. Truth Militia. “Radio” broadcasting, timely articles and videos. New, yet apparently well funded. Update, Feb. 2013. I have disabled the link. Why? They join the casualty list in the Delaney Distraction because of their siding with Delaney, and for their stance against Adolf Hitler (see their 18February article redefining “fascism.”) See full explanation and important links at the ZionCrimeFactory item below.
  46. The Truth Will Get You Banned. Video site on YouTube (jewtube). Very good collection exposing “real axis of evil”: Israel, USA, and U.K.
  47. Twelfth Bough Stagnant since 2014.
  48. Uber Soldaten pro-White-German video channel on youtube (jewtube). Specializes in vids of the hero nation of 1933-45.
  49. Unity Of NobilityUnity Of Nobility Update, Feb. 2015: The site is DEAD. It WAS: “News For White Europeans.” “De-kosherized News And Research Material.” “Bound by Blood, Destined for Glory.” A page on jew John Kerry. A page on Hiroshima: a jew in Israel’s government says the Japanese “reap what they sow.” It is time for jews to reap — and rot in the ground. A fine group of books includes a favorite: the entertaining, educational dialog by Dietrich Eckart with Adolf Hitler. Good friends, Mr. Eckart was 21 years older than Mr. Hitler.
  50. Up2Space Humor + Truth make an effective combo in the enemy territory of jewtube. Great variety of vids, with only a few I would advise against. Well worth a visit. And some videos are not quite what they seem, offering valuable surprises!
  51. USA The Republic De-linked. Why? I took a deeper look, and the site has awful sewage mixed with the good parts. It is self-contradicting on the Protocols Of Zion, promotes every Distraction from Illuminati to jew-MyronFagan, to deep Christ-insanity, to “jews are a religious body, not a race of people”. Finally, there is a “Matrix–U.S. Constitution” pdf featured atop the site’s main menu. It is supposedly written by a judge, anonymously of course. The “judge” spells plurals as possessives. But the killer is that the pdf is infested with utter nonsense without ever getting to the jews. Advice: Don’t waste your time on that site. We must suspect such a feces-infested stew is intentional. (Speaking of the CONstitution: Right off the top, it was treason to the original 13 states by saying “We The People” instead of “The States” of America. See my WhitesWillWin! full exposure and documentation of that.)
  52. Vanguard News Network, VNN Forum. Here, in the Forum, an admirable effort to delete the mind poison from our race. The news page is here, with the slogan “No Jews. Just Right.” But beware because the slogan is not right. They do have jews who they let be members and poison discussion threads, such as “John from Canada” at this link about the WhiteCopShootsBlackMan story.
  53. Vanishing American Update, April 2014: Vanishing site. jew-Google has killed it. We must kill the jew owners and jew operators of Google.
  54. Veritas 6464 Beware: This site freezes my computer, it has been stagnant a while, it’s a mixed bag, and he has said he is an Aussie ex soldier with PTSD, and he has exhibited instability for a few years running. (Early 2015: It looks like it has been withdrawn from public access.)
  55. Video Rebel’s Blog
  56. VikingBitch’s Blog DE-LINKED, March 2015. (Update, March 2016: That site is dead, deleted, says “Viking” she is not. “Bitch” she is. This woman seemed to be doing a good job for our race and against jews — despite the name of her blog, which I have always said was an insult to herself and against the Vikings who were honorable and not what Hollywood has done to them. Briefly, her solution advice got better, especially with this linked article, and then got worse. After that, in Aug. 2014, her advice was to check out, “lay low,” and supposedly let some other race(s) war with the jews and clear the way for her/us. And then (Sept. 2014), she said in this linked article: “I am not from America, but immigrated here.” Well, that helps explain why she won’t urge us true Americans to fight and kill to keep our country, doesn’t it? Meanwhile, she has ratcheted-up her own version of feminism — yes, anti-WhiteMen. Finally (2015), on this page about infamous jew Monica cigar-in-cunt Lewinsky, she says, “I do not believe Lewinsky is a bad person.” The self-titled Bitch is trying to twist our White women’s minds. Reject her and reject her defenders.
  57. Violence Against Whites “Is Diversity Worth Dying For?” Huge site based in America, covering the world.
  58. waco-warningWaco Holocaust Electronic Museum Thanks to and others, this treasure is still available as a copy of the original discontinued site. The Waco group led by David Koresh was NOT what the jewsmedia led us to believe. They were a family-oriented group of practical people — except for their religious beliefs, of course. What got them mass-murdered, according to the admirable White scientist James McCanney, is that they monitored and amassed evidence of the illegal narcotics trafficking by the CIA going in and out of the nearby airport — where the operation had been transferred to from Mena, Arkansas.
  59. Wake Up From Your Slumber This site has turned to crap. Now, (June 2014) it’s nothing but lame news stories. No anti-jew knowledge. No wisdom.
  60. We Hold These Truths, and “Strait Gate Ministries”
  61. Wermod and Wermod Publishing Group “Dissident, Independent Publishers.” Understated, oddly addictive, the homepage offers brief bios titled either “Remembering …” or “Forgetting …,” for the good and the bad, respectively, of distant and recent history, with the bad being mostly jews and identified as such.
  62. Western Voices World News “A Service of European Americans United.” Active site offering news about the racial realities in the USA and other White-founded White-built countries where the non-White aliens are being allowed in to demand their “rights”, collect their welfare, and rape, kill, or breed Whites into extinction.
  63. We Thought They Were White A site by a negro calling himself an “African-American.” Why include it here? Because it may help the beginners who imagine halos over every jew head. This negro, named Dontell Jackson, begins on his homepage with the fact that jews not Whites owned and operated the slave trade out of Africa. Gee, imagine how much this guy could “enhance” Africa? — where he belongs.
  64. White Biocentrism A forum site. Posters/writers include Will Williams and Kevin Alfred Strom. Both of them worked with the late, famous William Luther Pierce.
  65. Whiteboy Rising  youtube channel. Good videos: pro-White, anti-jew. History and current.
  66. “White Children Get Very Bad News” by Mary Sullivan was deleted by jew-Google/Blogger but came back (mid-2014) stronger than ever as “White Children Pounded By Bad News.” As I predicted, it also got deleted. And now, entirely likewise, her followup site: has been deleted, too.

    Please, Whites, get onto independent host-servers!

  67. White Civil Rights Update, Dec. 2014: This site is dead. David Duke was the owner of it. In WhoIs, the expiration date was listed as 01 Dec. 2014, and now the Registrar Name is DNC Holdings, Inc. This site featured articles including “The Ruins Of White California,” Whites did not come “Out Of Africa,” (see William Pierce’s book “Who We Are” for racial history), and a very informative FAQ page. All dead now.
  68. White Genocide Witness Wiki  As the name implies, this site is Right On Race. Featuring a selection of videos, images, and articles. Update, Sept. 2013: The site has been “closed,” no explanation given.
  69. White Information Network (WIN)  “News For Whites.” This site is by Michael Weaver, who pepper-sprayed one or two African criminals and got railroaded and imprisoned by the anti-White injustice system branch in the state of Georgia. Strong site, but be wary as he seems to have a soft spot for the Christian Identity mind-poison and at least some of that infiltrator-cult’s members.
  70. White Man March De-linked. The big date is was 15 March 2014. The site has had various sections, including a Blog. Videos, too. Update, May 2014: After less than a year heading this effort, Kyle Hunt removed himself. WIMP, or WORSE? Evidence: Instead of leaving the site up as an archive, especially his lame bow-out post, he killed it. Also, he blocked another site, or page, of his here, which gave some of his background. It is pretty sick that when we do a search on him we get only jew sites that show what he had posted about himself. Also, I never did put up a link to his “renegade” broadcasting site because of the dishonorable hosts and guests who insulted the audience by being intoxicated and talking about it, wasting our time. And more: On his AlternativeSocial site, he let an infiltrator called “fascist lemming” flip from a fake pro-White to dominate the site as a crazed corrupter of the site. So, “wimp, or worse?” I say, Worse. In fact, it all looks coordinated. Remember for the future, no matter what: He cannot be trusted.

    Here's a screenshot, which I had to get from a jew site, of what Kyle Hunt doesn't want you to see. Shameful.

    Here’s a screenshot, which I had to get from a jew site, of what Kyle Hunt doesn’t want you to see. Shameful.

  71. White Nationalist Think Tank Link deleted. Now we know why this asshole features lectures by propagandist university professors. July2013 in an article titled “Warning to Racists!” he said that only the stupid and the traitors use their real names on truth sites. And then the actual traitor — that is, him — wouldn’t publish my comment defending myself nor my follow-up asking him to expain why he didn’t publish my first comment. THAT’s why THEY are anonymous — so it’s difficult for us to find them and put an end to their treason.
  72. The White Network “Whites talking to Whites about White interests.” Update, April 2014: This site now automatically transfers visitors to because, as she reports, Tanstaafl traitored on her. No surprise. Her explanation here. Tanstaafl, whoever he really is, made a 30-minute explanation of his own, here on youtube. Athough he sounds sensible, the bottom line on him is he’s married to a jew, with children. Thus, he will never say the necessity: “kill the jews.” I haven’t linked to his own site, and won’t. But you know, Yeager, with her Christianity-mind-poison pacifism, also will never say “kill the jews,” will she? Her writings are her strength. Her speaking and “interviewing” are quite poor and difficult to suffer through on her broadcasts. Recommendation: Read her site.
  73. White News A forum section, a blog section, and an article-editing section. Problem: Does the writer/poster calling himself “Alexander Hamilton” know he has named himself after a jew?
  74. White-Power.skrewdriver.swastikaWHITE POWER Racialist Blog The banner of the site has a rectangle saying, “Ian Stuart Donaldson Skrewdriver.” I haven’t looked into it, but if the website is owned by the guy from the former pro-White anti-jew rock band Skrewdriver, it is worth your click.
  75. WhiteRabbitRadioTV videos on youtube. A Hitler comedy and a two-part satire on How Whites Took Over America are main attractions here.
  76. White Reference
  77. Longlived pro-White site with its current treasure of news articles that most American Whites have no clue about — and truly need to know about.
  78. White Shade Society Update, Aug. 2014, within a month or two of the new site’s launch. DE-LINKED. The site’s “CEO” has been on the Internet for at least a year or two by the name of “Kevin Sommers” who has been a naive and pacifist commenter on the ThuleanPerspective site. On the new WhiteShade site, already, he has posted atop the homepage a statement that says it’s a place to discuss “the right-to-die with dignity for our people”! Nevermind what else he says. That message is a common jew mind-poison against our White race. I had already delivered a frank blasting of the asinine site and warned that if it got worse, “we will have to conclude he is a ‘Sommers’ like Suzanne Somers, jew; or Larry Summers, jew; or Estelle, Phyllis, Christina, and Samuel Sommers, all jews.” Well, already, “Kevin Sommers” has done so. Put him in the EnemyJew category. Do unto him what he and his kind have long been doing against us.
  79. The White Tea Room A formerly lovely site. Now, with a bland layout, it is still good on current events. Right on Race. Right against jews. Caution: The owner/writer is soaked in mind-poison, the Christ-insanity kind. A woman, she has the natural female instinct against violence. But men must be MEN and know that violence, force, is the only way to put an end to jewry’s ongoing heinous crimes against our great White race. Oh, and even as late as now (March 2017), she is a gullible Trump-ette.
  80. WhiteUnity14. A YouTube (jewTube) videos channel surviving in hostile territory.
  81. The White Voice Update, May 2016: The site is now called “The Right Voice.” The site was formerly SaveWhitePeople and then CaucasionPersuasion. In previous incarnations, they avoided mentioning the true enemy — and probably still don’t now. In the long run, what good is that? Another discredit: they suffered, and probably still suffer, from suicidal pacifism, which jewry has sown throughout our lands, especially by way of “meek,” “turn the other cheek” Christianity.

    Wake up to Nature, Reality, and the necessity of Force to destroy the jews genociding our race.

  82.! Right on Race. Right on jews. Right on mind-poison religions. This site offers The American Solution, along with current events, historic articles exposing “illustrious” supposed Americans as crypto-jews, and the unprecedented book WHITE HONOR: Meriwether Lewis, A Modern Journalist, and The Common Enemy.
  83. Who Controls America?” New location: Old location: Photos of jews by name in the White House, Treasury, Congress, media, Hollywood, banking, and more. Seeing is believing. There is no quicker way to understand the Truth. Jews are not Whites.
  84. Why I Hate Israel 2. Here is a link to a great page about the jews behind the Internet’s Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, Ebay, and more. (Site has been stagnant since mid-2014.)
  85. Winter Patriot Community Blog
  86. “The Wise Old Man” Zan Overall This is his YouTube channel offering videos of his wisdom and street activism.
  87. Love Your Race. Mine is White, with pride, no apologies. This image is from Within Us Germany Is Stirring. Wouldn’t it be nice if more of our women stopped gluttony on grass seeds (wheat, bread, cereal, cake), guzzling “soft drinks,” and thereby returned to slender, healthy, lovely, natural Whiteness? Yes, men, too.

    Within Us Germany Is Stirring http://MedisinNaturalWarrior1488…  Sept. 2014: De-Linked. Why? Although the site is so good on Whites, race, Adolf Hitler, and against jews, its massive homepage causes computer freezes and the upside-down star is a bad sign. Furthermore, he links to many bad sites. Thus, it doesn’t deserve a click.

  88. Wolfgang Kennerly channel on YouTube (jewtube, of course). Name-changes, 2014: The title was “Wolfgang Voss,” then “Mystified Gynecologist,” now Wolfgang Kennerly. Right on Whites. Right against jews. Strong vids and podcasts.
  89. World According To AmericanGoy Link, watch Craig Ferguson, true, but know that jews knew they were doing that. Of course, Ferguson’s comedy is anti-White, serving the jews, as his recent (Feb. 2014) lying about Ragnarok and the Vikings proved, yet again. And this site’s name defines us by using the jews’ vocabulary — “goy” — which makes me wary.
  90. Winston Smith Ministry Of Truth http://winstonsmithministryoftruth… Look at this article with photo proof of the jews lying to put over the hoax they call the Holocaust. (Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for the movies and museums on the documented mass-murders of Whites by the tens of millions in jew-controlled countries such as “Soviet” Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and East Germany.)
  91. World View Foundations and  Update, Oct. 2014: De-linked. Not to be trusted. The “director” of these wheel-spinning sites is Rodney Martin. The wvf homepage has featured many videos of Martin’s appearances on PressTV, in which his commentaries were superficial and went nowhere near the truth of jews as the enemy of Whites and the rest of humanity. Thus, the still-ignorant Whites among us would fill-in the race blank with “Whites” as the villains, just as the jewsmedia have trained people to do (as I used to do!). Furthermore, Carolyn Yeager has exposed many of Martin’s lies. See the Yeager site listed below.
  92. World War Truth Update, Aug. 2014: Apparently, the site has disappeared without a trace. Step through history from the Federal Reserve Acts of 1913, to WW1, WW2, the Vietnam war, and more. Quote: “September 11th was the jump start for, what is now, an accelerating agenda by the ruthless elite. It was a staged war pretext, no different than the sinking of the Lusitania [to get the U.S. into WW1], the provoking of Pearl Harbor [to get the U.S. into WW2] and the Gulf of Tonkin lie [to kickstart the Vietnam War]. … However, 9/11 was a pretext for another war as well. The war against you. …” Right.
  93. Wrath Of The Awakened Saxon, a youtube site by Mike Wayne. On 9/11, a series of brief, inarguable, undeniable evidence from the people there, such as firefighters, other witnesses. Videos on other important aspects of the jew war against us.
  94. WVradioman’s youtube channel Very good on Adolf Hitler. Vids of truth on jews. But one or two vids of mind poison by Peter Peters on “true Israel.”
  95. WW3Zionism
  96. Carolyn Yeager

    Carolyn Yeager

    Carolyn Yeager My favorite content here is her translations of architect Hermann Giesler’s writings about working with Adolf Hitler. Yet, Yeager has had a radio sidekick who admits that his children have a jew grandparent. That’s how he puts it. Though a very poor interviewer and on-air speaker, her results are sometimes valuable, such as the May 2013 broadcast with JB Campbell. Also, see her site Elie Wiesel Cons The World, on which Yeager exposes and proves the famous pusher of the jews’ “holocaust” as a monstrous liar who doesn’t even have the prison-camp tattoo on his arm that he has claimed to have. That jew’s arrogant, audacious lie is proved a lie by photos and witnesses, as are his other lies about Germans, work camps, blood spurting like geysers from the ground, and more. Update, July 2013: I thank Carolyn Yeager for referring to me, James Laffrey, and this WhitesWillWin site reasonably and fairly in her broadcast of 8June2013, available here. Update, July 2014: Recently, I asked by email for info about her ex-husband (who some claim is a jew, named Theodore Kahant), and her response was to call me a “lying sob” and to say Kahant is “a fine man from a Christian family.” Surely, she knows by now that “Christian” or any other religion has nothing to do with jewness, as jews are a race. Nonetheless, I tried nicely, again, but she has refused to reply. Advice: Don’t listen to her. Only read her articles of your choice. Update, December 2016: Yeager is stupidly, yes stupidly (worse than ignorantly) still promoting Trump. Months ago, some of us tried to inform her. Even now, after Trump has been appointing jew after jew, she still promotes him. If you want to suspect she is a limited-hangout crypto-shite, this evidence is in your favor.

  97. Zion Crime Factory, Works And Research Of. Update, 15 Feb. 2013: Let’s use this link to an archive of ZCF. Why? Because Mike Delaney, the owner of Prothink, and its related sites, has seized ZCF away from the guy who had operated it. Why? It seems that Delaney is a Christian Identity cultist, and it all gets worse than that. See my initial comment and series of links here. The ZCF guy says he’s quitting the truth movement. I think the whole thing smells from every angle, and here’s my article on it, along with the comment section that finally exposes their trojan-horse cult as yet another enemy effort. _______Update,Aug.2013: The fake-named liar saying his name is Zander C. Fuerza (“ZCF,” you see?) is back, of course, as an agent to split our anti-jew movement. He has devolved, too. He is anti-violence, pro all races, and spewing disinfo about Adolf Hitler. Furthermore, has has said that he is not an American (but of course all jews in America can say that), and he says he is not German, specifically. I say he is not White. I say he is a jew. Perhaps I should write an article on the evidence I have. And many numbskulls praise his book. How ignorant are they? Do they not see that the jew Christopher Bollyn already did that 9/11 book? ZCF’s book is not new. And both ZCF and Bollyn laud “good jews.” It’s sickening to see people like Deanna Spingola and Fredrick Toben put comments of praise on the liar’s site, such as here. [Update, Nov. 2014: I see the jew scum ZCF has deleted that wordpress site and its evidence against him.] Read through all of ZCF’s comments on that page. Don’t fall for his straw-man approach to every important issue. With his own words, he hangs himself. Just as the Bollyn-Hufschmid-Smith show was a jew bomb in the anti-jew movement (with Delaney as a sidekick), the recent Delaney-ZCF-etc show was another deliberate jew bomb. Shun them, and if you get the chance, put an end to these jew agents. Update, early 2014: See the jew ZCF, now amid a remake of himself in jew-controlled-opposition appearances under the name “Brandon Martinez.” (For confirmation of that, see this zogbot page, but beware the propaganda there, as rabidly christian is not quite correct and is not to be considered a trustworthy source.) Was I right? Or was I right?
  98. Zionism Stinks
  99. Zombie Soup (recently retitled “CheckPoint”) Update, Sept. 2014: DE-LINKED. I can’t stand it anymore. Why? Though the site has been rightly anti-jew but never pro-White, she has now gone anti-White. She is featuring a pro-American-Indian graphic. The site owner-writer always has been pro-Arab, pro-Muslim. Her anti-White stance now puts her in the Enemy category.
  100. Zundel Site (Ernst Zundel) Although his Truth career began absurdly, including a focus on UFOs, Zundel evolved into one of the greatest truthtellers of our time. In the 1980s, Canada put him on trial repeatedly, based on the lies of an old jewess. He put Holocaust — HoloHoax — truth into the public court records of Canada, proving there were no homicidal gas chambers, proving that jews are the supreme liars of history and of today. Zundel has been abused by the jew-controlled governments of the U.S.A., Canada, and Germany, including imprisonments. A hero. The Truth Does Not Fear Investigation. But jews have made it a crime to merely disagree with them, such as in Zundel’s re-publishing of other authors’ research results. Yet, jews spew lies about Whites and spew “hate speech” against Whites, especially Germans, every day. Only the blind and mentally retarded cannot see the brilliant light of Truth when presented with the case of Ernst Zundel. (Sept. 2013: The site is undergoing reconstruction. The current featured image is of “blind justice,” which is a stupid concept in race-mixed countries. It can apply only to a Whites-only country.)


  1. Alfodr, “Spread the truth.” He seems to be a Canadian living in China. (If mistaken, please inform.) Update, early 2015: Site has been stagnant since 2013.
  2. CAFE Canadian Association for Free Expression The somewhat famous Paul Fromm is the leader. Mature and deep approach to the subject. Good on the enemy jewry, though useless on Solution.
  3. Emerging Growth This site is by a woman, pro-White, pro-folk-history. Update, May 2016: She moved to Germany, got married, gave birth, and got positive, again. Update, early 2015: She is weak, and the site is stagnant.
  4. Justice For Germans Update, Mar. 2017: The site is dead. Previous notes: This site is active again (Dec. 2014) after sitting stagnant for a year or two. Caution 1: He is now selling a “gold” currency, and he is openly talking about “good” jews. Beware! Otherwise, his site was excellent for historical news, photos, other documents. Including a fine expose of Brit-jew and U.S.-jew propaganda here: “Still think Goebbels and Hitler were the big fat liars?” And a film on what historians “neglect” to mention (because they are liars). Many prominent men and women knew Hitler was honest and urged the West against war. After the war, sickening, unforgivable atrocities were inflicted on innocent Germans. (Caution 2: This note is from 2012 but still relevent. The site owner, a sufferer of Christianity mind poison, edited a comment I submitted, taking the heart out of it. No explanation, no indication to other readers that the deletions had been done. I submitted a follow-up comment to expose the deletion, but of course it wasn’t published. Moreover, my first comment was then completely deleted. No “justice” for this half-German! Thus, all readers are warned that inJustice awaits your comments.)
  5. Morgoth’s Review A stepping-stone site, somewhat wise to jews. Maybe in Canada, maybe in Little Britain
  6. National-Socialist Party of Canada Update, May 2016: The site is, apparently, dead. A brave group harassed by the government and ordered to delete various files from their website. Check it out. The jewed Canadian government ordered censored a pdf on the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and a pdf of the book White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell. Those are just two of the many. Folks, it’s jewry who hates free speech and makes it illegal only for Whites. Meanwhile, the other races are allowed to say and publish anything against us. This NSPC site includes a useful page on the JFK assassination.
  7. Northern TruthSeeker This site has improved, with the author now up to the level of unequal races and naming the jews as the enemy. However, he has two steps to go, as he says jews are not a race but are a religion, and he needs to get over his pacifism. See that jew issue here, including my comment and his response. (Israel operates on parentage, which is blood, which is race, not religion. How much more obvious can the truth be?) On a different topic, here is an older, admirable article important for Americans: 40 stats on the fall of our economy. We must fight back now. Update, June 2017: I thank him for his longrunning strength against the NASA Apollo Moon Landing hoax, on which I have finally come around! See my comment on his related June article.
  8. North Vinlander  Good name, as “Vinland” was the name for our continent bestowed by Leif Eriksson whose fellow Norsemen had colonies here at least 500 years before the likes and lies of Christopher Columbus and his crew of jews. Update, July 2014: The site has been deleted, likely by anti-White WordPress.
  9. RadicalPress, by Arthur Topham. (Link deleted. Why? Why waste time on someone who wastes his life in court and asking us to give him money to waste in court, never taking the fight directly to the enemy jews? It gets worse. See below.) Canadian pioneer of truth on the Internet about jewry. But Topham suffers from religion mind-poison, which may be why he now features an Indian image atop his site (Feb. 2013) instead of a White man of the race who invented every tool he’s using to fight jewry — if that’s what he’s really doing. In comments on other sites (especially on the new “realzcf” site), Topham typically signs off with “Peace.” After all these years, doesn’t he know there’s a war on, a war against us, and “Peace” is not an option, “Peace” is stupid, it’s suicidal, and we must fight back? He advises lawsuits to fight jewry. That is a doomed strategy. There’s no indication that anyone in Canada is working to reduce the enemy jew population there. Thus, they’re losing. Oh, and perhaps this explains everything: His wife sure looks like a jew.
  10. Scriptorium Great source of German documents, history, English articles. Two of the greatest:
  11. Snippits And Snappits


  1. The West’s Darkest Hour ” White Racial And Cultural Preservation.” Here we have a pseudo-intellectual whose jumping off points, perhaps, are the works of William Pierce and Kevin MacDonald. There’s much to admire, yet I say “pseudo-intellectual” because he actually says that Muslims did 9/11, not jews. At this point in history, that is rank stupidity or the voice of an enemy infiltrating our anti-jew movement. See proof here (24 Aug. 2013) in his own comment, the first under the reposted article. Apparently, he also owns the website he calls “Addendum” to The West’s Darkest Hour, but he changed the URL and it’s not worth keeping up with. He was using Prof. MacDonald’s name in that website URL, which made for deliberate confusion, didn’t it? (If I am mistaken as to who owns which website, please inform.)


  • Germany’s government led by Adolf Hitler made this appeal to the sufferers of judeo-Christian mind poison to destroy the snakes of jewry.

    Note 1 of 2: Germany is, was, the home of the greatest, most honest leader in the last 100 years. Jewry won WW2 and made it a crime in Germany to even make a historical White hand sign in public, and it is a crime to merely disagree with the deceitful opinions, false statistics, and monumental lies of the self-Chosen people, the self-declared “Master Race,” the jews. We’re going to fix that. Except for one, the following sites surely do not originate in Germany, but they are placed here for obvious reasons.

  • Note 2 of 2: For translating German sites into English, we can try Google’s Translator, though Google’s jews have been increasing its programming’s automatic refusal to translate many truth sites. An alternative is to use the PONS site,, and copy-and-paste text for translation.
  1. jew-obama.lie-on-gunsFuhrerious. Very good, pro-White, anti-jew. As is common, though, the site treads the “nonviolence” path, which I hope is just a cover. As I post this (5 Jan. 2016), the crypto-jew president Obama is again pushing gun control against us Americans, and this site (originating somewhere in Europe) has posted the quickest, most devastating reply to that jew agenda — the accompanying image.
  2. German Cross (Please excuse the fact that this site is the only one repeated on this site, also listed in the USA section.) Update, Feb. 2016: The site is dead. / The intro says: “This is an informational web site dedicated to the CERTIFIABLE truth. If you prefer to live and believe the Big Lie please leave now.” Well said. Find here the mother lode, or should I say The Father Lode about the Fatherland. Many photos of Adolf Hitler I had never seen before. This is a huge and wonderful site. It includes downloadable files. I downloaded a Powerpoint file of photos of Hitler. Great, including music. Yes, the HoloHoax is covered, as are inventions, heroes, and very much more. German Contributions is a favorite page.
  3. Adolf Hitler was elected into the legislature, and President Hindenburg appointed him to the chancellor position in 1933. He became the fuehrer in 1934.

    Adolf Hitler was elected into the legislature, and President Hindenburg (left) appointed him to the chancellor position in 1933. He became the fuehrer in 1934.

    Der Fuehrer Another excellent archive of historical documentation on the greatness of Adolf Hitler and Germany during the National Socialist German Workers Party era of 1933-1945. The truth has been reversed by jewry. Try as they might, jewry cannot stop us from safeguarding and sharing these speeches, videos, photos, and more to prove the truth to our people and to ignite our resurgence to victory over the Masters Of Deceit (jewry).

  4. German War of Independence — The truth about the war, the Germans and their leaders It’s a pleasure to present another fellow German offering truth and commentary on the title issues and more. The site is all in the German language. Google Translate does a fair job of rendering it in English. Explore! Just the images on the homepage, alone, are worth your click.
  5. “Nordlux Bellator” fine channel on youtube (jewtube). Videos of truth illegal to say and publish in jew-controlled Germany — but still legal though routinely deleted in the USA by the jews.
  6. Ursula-HaverbeckUrsula Haverbeck. Praise this fellow White, fellow German woman! Previously imprisoned in jew-controlled Germany for citing truth against the Holocaust hoax, Ursula Haverbeck continues to push for German Truth. Her site is in the German language, but if you want Google’s Translator to change it to English, click this link. Seana Fenner has made an excellent video of an Ursula Haverbeck presentation with written and spoken translations in English. Watch it!
  7. Neues Europa A treasure trove of documents and videos from Adolf Hitler’s Germany. The site includes a blog: Der Angriff, which is historical, active, and admirable. A favorite: This English translation of a speech by Heinrich Himmler, the SS leader, on homosexuality, family, Christianity, and more. Greatness. Also, enjoy this about model Aryan Norwegian author: Knut Hamsun and the Cause of Europe.
  8. NeuSchwabenLand Archiv The link takes you directly to the admirable archive of free books and magazines, each in pdf form. Adolf Hitler books, Henry Ford’s book, government documents, and much more. One caution: Some of the books are by jews but are not so marked. This site originates, perhaps, in New Zealand.
  9. book.15.7mGermansKilled1939-1951Dr. Claus Nordbruch. Update, June 2014: This site has disappeared. A book site. Articles. Including: “Bleeding Germany Dry…” and “There Was No Genocide…”
  10. Operation Werwolf “European Resistance Blog.” (Update, Dec. 2015: The site had gone “private,” briefly, according to, and required a special login, but now it’s fully dead.) Update, Oct. 2014: Thanks to an email from a site owner for the following info: “most of our team is based in the Czech Republic. We’ve got members in England, Germany and Poland as well, but those are only occasional co-operators more concerned with real-life activism than with writing articles for a website. … Again, thank you for listing our website and for describing our Pagan views in such an amusing manner — it did make me laugh.” Here’s what I had said, unaltered: “Although the owner pushes our ancient ancestors’ mythology as religion, the site is good vs. jews, good for our White race, good on Adolf Hitler.” See the blog’s “Paganism Explained” post, which is very good except for the “religion.”
  11. Germar Rudolf’s Personal Website This man is one of the international heroes in exposing the jews’ heinous Holohaux hoax by scholarly investigation and documentation, which he began in the 1990s. For doing so, jew-controlled Germany imprisoned him for years. His current location is unknown to me, so I put him here in the Germany section as a great White man of the German nation.
  12. Truth Prevails! Wahrheit siegt! This site is careful to not say anything illegal in Germany — which is everything that might offend a jew. Otherwise, it is good. The featured-blogs list on the homepage is mostly good with only a few mistakes. Of course, truth will not prevail without force, as history has proved time and time again. Example: Truth did not prevail in WW2. The jews, the Masters Of The Lie, the Masters Of Deceit, and their combined force (U.S. military + Brit military + Soviet military) won that one. The site is in the German language, but if you want Google’s Translator to change it to English, click this link.


  1. Belfascist A very strong site. Right on Hitler, thus right on race, right against jews. But deleted by jewgle-Blogger (Jan. 2015). The jews continue to show in plain sight that the only free speech they protect is anti-White speech, as those sites don’t get deleted. Pro-White sites and rightly anti-jew sites are continually deleted by the jews, as many items in these TruthfulSites pages prove. This is not the first site by this ally, but he keeps using the free platforms of anti-White and anti-White google-blogspot.
  2. Celto-Germanic Romance Name-change, 2014: The site was titled “National Celticist” but is now “Celto-Germanic Romance” with the slogan, “Free, Radical, and National!” The About page’s first two paragraphs provide an admirable mission statement. (Of course, “Zionism” is really jew-ism. And “Celtic” can fairly be called a subculture but not “a race” nor “subrace,” as “Celtic” is not based on blood but is based on culture. Our race is White, or “European,” as those still in Europe like to say.)
  3. Irish4Palestine (But they’re infiltrated already: See here.) Update: The site appears to be inactive, static for a long time.
  4. IrishSavant A favorite, though not a Solution site. A negative: The list of websites featured on the homepage has been shortened but still suffers from inclusion of crap, such as infowars, and the devious, such as dailystormer. A positive: A commenter named “Nilus” posts U.K. tv-schedules, such as in this linked thread, identifying many of the jews.
  5. From the Belfascist site

    From the Belfascist site

    ZioYid Resistance! By an admirable ally. Right on Race. Right against jews. Also, see his site Are You Interested? — a holocaust truth blog, with great documentation.  Feb. 2013, these sites have been deleted by jew-owned, anti-White Google, the owner of blogspot. Robert, we must “delete” them.


  1. Anti-Traitors
  2. AntiZionistLeague (Remember: Zionist, Marxist, Bolshevist, Communist, Capitalist, and Socialist are all jew creations to dupe and destroy White culture and White governments.) Right against jews. Selection of current and historical events.
  3. Aryan Myth And Metahistory
  4. (Please see TruthfulSites page one for the full descrip of this admirable site.)
  5. Birmingham Nationalist Pays homage to David Lane’s 14 Words. Pro-White for the U.K. and Whites worldwide.
  6. Blood & Honour Music, Forum, and more, all linked here. “The Independent Voice Of Rock Against Communism.” (Communism = jews.) Key words: Ian Stuart Donaldson, his song Blood and Honour, and Skrewdriver. A successful, two-decade long movement, and growing.
  7. British Resistance The commenters are fully aware of jewry as the enemy though articles often avoid the “j” word, likely to skirt the “hate speech” laws. This article should help Americans awake fully to the immigration crisis (but replace “Liberal” with the correct word: “jew.”) And this: None Dare Call It White Genocide.
  8. DiggerForTruth Not afraid to say “jews,” but has his own version of mind poison showing up in various places, such as here where he says (in item 2) the actual enemy is not jewry but an “it,” a “darkness,” that would simply switch hosts if we eliminate all jews. Nonsense.
  9. Diversity Is Chaos
  10. Edel Right. “The Truth Europeans Need To Hear.” A new site with (at this writing, Sept. 2013) only two posts — but well worth your click! (“Europeans” means Whites, as our race developed into greatness on that continent.) Update, Sept. 2013: The site is dead already. It says, “The authors have deleted this site,” but that is likely a programmed lie from anti-White WordPress.
  11. England Reborn It’s a start. “Reviving The English Spirit.”
  12. English Asatro News I don’t know if this originates in England, or where, so I put it here. What attracted me to this site and got it posted here is this highly admirable article: “The jew media onslaught against our Swedish folk.” Proof enough.
  13. Exposing The Holocaust Hoax Archive Videos, photos, historical documents, links. Ye of sound mind and body cannot come and go unmoved.
  14. Eye Of Woden The domain is from France, but the webwriter is from England, and his wisdom is useful to all of us Whites around the world. Example: This very edutaining essay on “Privilege Versus Duty.” Update, July 2014: jew-Blogger-Google deleted this site.
  15. John Hardon’s Blog Update, Nov. 2014: John Hardon has died, reportedly without suspicious circumstances, according to a person claiming to be his daughter in comments on the site. The site is being maintained by a friend of Hardon who has his own site: National Socialist And Proud. Presumably, Hardon’s video channel on jewtube (YouTube) will continue to stand, though static. Rightly anti-jew, pro-European/White, but poisoned by a version of Christianity.
  16. Since 1998. Featuring a large library of works by the greats, little-knowns, and unknowns. One of the fine pages by Simon Sheppard, jailed by the jewed government, is “What Jews Do.” Among the lively body of work by Luke O’Farrell (I think his real name is Steve something) are “Masters Of Unreality” and “Three Parasites and a Funeral.”
  17. Heritage and Destiny This site “reflects a cross-section of 21st century racial nationalist opinion.” Note: “Contributors and advertisers should bear in mind that Heritage and Destiny is subject to the laws of the United Kingdom, including our infamous race laws.”
  18. Andrew Carrington Hitchcock This man is the author of the great and famous book (free on various sites) Synagogue Of Satan, which offers a very readable, enlightening, and persuasive history of jew activities. For listening enjoyment, I recommend his recent (28 Feb. 2014) interview though it was with the likely secret-jew Spingola: He is great vs. jews and very interesting on the Bible, Whites, and the RACES (but suffering from religion mind poison). Caution: Yes, he espouses the idea of Whites being the Israelites, but I do not think he is a jew-serving infiltrator. The C.I. cultists in general are jew-serving infiltrators, so beware.
  19. David Irving’s website david-irving.Hitlers-War.bookHis books (some have been free!), his blog, and more. A treasure, despite his mixed bag of great research and reporting tarnished by public flip-flopping and mistakes.
  20. J for Justice Proof of the government’s lies about the London terror attacks of 7/7 — which followed the jew job of 9/11. (But beware, as this site includes terrible usage of the term “nazi,” which is a jew-demonized term and insult term that we should not use — Adolf Hitler never used it in speeches nor in his books.
  21. London Forum Link to youtube channel, videos page. Jez Turner is the leader of this admirable public gathering. In a recent interview (Feb. 2107) with Kevin Alfred Strom, Mr. Turner showed high awareness of the enemy — jewry — though he most often uses the word “culture” instead of the correct word “race” when describing our plight and the solution.
  22. Everything in Nature is unequal, says James Mac. Right.

    James Mac’s Blog  One particularly good and representative article is “Celebrate Inequality.” Although he supports the Creativity religion, it is a very small step from overcoming that mind crutch entirely.

  23. Majority Rights. Their About page carefully expresses the truth quite clearly. And the site included a link to the former EqualPartyUSA site, among many other links, some highly admirable.
  24. Mimisbrunnr Admirable focus on cutting through the lies about our ancestors and their pagan system. “Pagan” has been demonized by the jews’ in their war against us. Judeo-Christianity spread up and across Europe, systematically destroying our history, our monuments, our Norse culture, and replacing it all with their lies. This site is good against jews, right for Whites, right for Adolf Hitler.
  25. National Liberation (Update, Nov. 2015: Site is dead and Joshua Bonehill is in jail, as of October 2015. Read about that on this page on the endzog site.) Joshua Bonehill is the leader of this new organization. Presently (early 2015) he is very strong in what he says for Whites, against jews, and for taking back his country. Of course, in England, pro-White “action” is all nonviolent even though the pro-jew government and their thugs and brown tools use violence against Whites every day. Bonehill is a young man, yet he has quite a past — a dodgy one, to use a Brit term. For true Whites in England, be careful. For the rest of us, he’s not in our country, thus of little import.
  26. News From Atlantis And here is a very good page on which to start about jew Obama, Romney, and the U.S. Election. But beware, as this webwriter does not know where the line is between physical reality and “spiritual” nonsense. The very inclusion of “atlantis” was a clue to that. (The site is listed here rather than Canada because the writer “Rufus” wrote that he is in Yorkshire, England.)
  27. Traitor666 News and commentary carefully stated where it’s illegal to say the full truth about jews (though much worse so in some other European countries, such as Germany, owned by jews and maintained for jews by the U.S. military since WW2).
  28. Western Spring “For generations past and for those yet to come, we fight.” Max Musson.
  29. White Independence  Admirable, but for nonviolence, which cannot get the job done. A favorite page: Homo Sapiens Sapiens.


Note: For translating sites not in our language, we can try Google’s Translator, though Google’s jews have been increasing its programming’s automatic refusal to translate many truth sites. However, it seems not to block translations when we copy-and-paste text — paragraphs, up to whole articles.

  1. Prof. Robert Faurisson, a hero of truth for our race (though not a hero of action, which can be said of nearly all).

    Robert Faurisson (the unofficial blog) (Use the link just above for translating this mostly French site.) This professor and international truthteller is a father of the academic movement of honesty against jewry’s Holocaust Lie. Jewry’s thugs brutally attacked him several times. An attack in 1989 was nearly fatal, putting him in the hospital in critical condition. Here, in English, is a bio on Faurisson on a different website. Look at this Holohoax proof from 20 years ago, which the U.S. jew media still deny. On a different website, see Faurisson give a video lecture in Sweden, decades ago, on the HoloHoax.

  2. didi18D channel on youtube.
  3. didi18 un grain de sable LINK (starts on a very good Horst Mahler page. “We Demand The Truth.” Current events, races, jews, Adolf Hitler, WW2, and more. If you want Google to translate the site homepage from French to English, click here. The site has a limited English section, link here.
  4. Identitas “Identities and the West” (Use Google’s translator to enjoy reading this site, any site, in English.) The “s” in “https” can be removed, if you like. A fine starting point is here, showing Stephen Jay Gould — a jew who was glorified by jew media as was Einstein, Boaz, Freud, and very many more — was a liar about evolution, race, and intelligence. Of course.
  5. Vincent Reynouard History, current events, with his videos.


  1. Monio Good on Adolf Hitler. Good against the jews. It is in Polish, but this jewgle Translator link is already set up to present the site translated into English for you by that service.
  2. Poland Fighting. “Free Poland Starts Here.” This link takes you through Google Translator from Polish into English. Avoiding Google, this link takes you directly to their re-post of my article in English “The Painful Truth About The Writers Of The CONstitution.” The site’s structure is a forum.


  1. Ariminia “A part of the true history, identity and culture of the Getae, today Romanians (Rumunians) — their rightful descendants — are prevented from knowing!” Deep on history of the world, especially Europe, the enemy jews, the jews’ corruption of our history, and the jews’ monumental lies.


  1. Alerta Judiada Use this link to see it already translated to English by jewgoogle Google: English version. “My Mission: Exposing the international Jewish criminal organization. That … promotes and imposes multiculturalism mass immigration, miscegenation, ‘sexual liberation’, pornography, drug use, cultural and artistic degeneration, feminism, gender agenda, political LGBT, etc.  All that is popularly known as ‘politically correct’, ‘progressive’ or …” Admirable mission. Covers current events, history, etc.
  2. Not the "gas mask" logo but a good secondary logo.

    Not the “gas mask” logo but a good secondary logo.

    The Gas Mask Blog I don’t know where this site is based, but since its first language is Spanish, I put it here. If this is inappropriate, please inform. Meanwhile, the site is easily readable in English, too, by simply clicking their “English” button. Fine selection of international current event articles and commentary. Wise to the enemy of humanity, jewry.

  3. Que Nos Ocultan “What We Hide. A site of News, Alternative Information, and Historical Review.” In Spanish, so maybe from Spain. For translation, use the deliberately flawed but useful Google translator or another such program. Highly recommended: I haven’t seen very much of the site, but I don’t see how it could get any better than this historic article full of quotes from intercepts of communiques by the Poland ambassador to the USA during the late 1930s and early 1940s, also quotes from others including Joseph Kennedy, and featuring newspaper page images from that time. The article is “Adolf Hitler: Man Of Peace.” (That link takes you through GoogleTranslator to the article converted to English.) Only the close-minded dupes can leave that page unmoved in favor of the historic White leader of White Germany.
  4. Una Dosis de Soma Admirable site with reposts from around the world. Mostly in Spanish, some English. (Use the Google translator, if you like, and tell it to change from Spanish to your language.)


  • This small country serves as a sharp example to our White race about self-genocide through race-mixing. Portugal was a White seafaring nation with an empire. And then the Whites interbred with their slaves and nonWhite immigrants. And now Portugal is what it is.
  1. Anti-Zog
  2. Hyperborea
  3. The Despicable Ones Emotional, hard-hitting, often entertaining, truth articles from around the world. In English. Update, Dec. 2013: This site has been deleted. Come on, webmaster. I think I know who you are, an ally. Why not quit putting sites on jew-owned hosts/servers where you just keep getting deleted?!


  1. “Balder” is a great word from our Norse ancestry. Yes, all of us Whites are of Norse ancestry. The ice ages pushed the great Whites of the North to migrate south and west, each time replenishing the best blood of our race into central and southern Europe and then into America. “Balder” is the personified symbol of summer. The Norse system of symbols and stories to explain the then-unexplainable about Nature was always rooted in nature, where it belongs. (Christianity, invented in the desert of the Middle East only 1,950 years ago, is anti-nature, with its absurd virgin-birth story and suicidal pacifism — “the meek,” loving thine enemy, “shall inherit the Earth.”) See the Balder blog for what these Danes know very well about the current plight of Whites in the U.S.A., terrorism by the Jewish Defense League, and about historical events including the jews’ “Holocaust” and much more related to Adolf Hitler’s Germany. Elvis, too. Finally, thank you, Balder, for your link to WhitesWillWin!
  2. Controversy Of Zion, by Knud Eriksen. Link to a speech by Eriksen in West Virginia, USA, titled “Three Models of the Jewish Problem — A Comparison.” Warning: This site features the huge book Controversy Of Zion by Douglas Reed (manuscript finished in 1956 or so) that is often praised and quoted by pro-White anti-jew writers. It makes me wonder if they have read much of the book. I read enough of it to know that despite saying many good and useful truths, it is pro-Christianity, anti-Hitler, kind to Alexander Hamilton, and says “good” jews were waking up to the evil of bad Zionist jews. To newbies, let me make clear that all of those characteristics are bad ones. Christianity and all religions are mind poisons. Adolf Hitler was a great White man. Alexander Hamilton was a crypto-jew infiltrator of the Founding Fathers. And jews, all of them, are the enemy of us and of every other race.
  3. Stop Joderne The site is in Danish language. White person/people wise to jewry as the world’s foremost problem. How do I know? I used a translation website and copy-and-pasted, which is what I had to do because jewgle’s translator wouldn’t process it by way of the URL. I’ll bet it won’t translate my site from English into Danish, either!
  4. “Truth At Any Cost” Though stagnant since 2012, this is still a useful stepping-stone site.


  1. Decaying Art (Update, 30 Oct. 2013: Link deleted at the request, by email, of the site owner. How lame can a “European” White man be? He doesn’t even want a mere link here. Why? Cowering in fear? I am obeying His Weakness’s request, as he doesn’t deserve to be honored here.)
  2. NordFront.symbol.eNordFront Also, and Use Google’s translator to enjoy reading this site (any site) in English. Copy and paste the URL into the Google box, choose languages if necessary, then click the new link it provides. This site included an article and very productive link to the previous UnEqualPartyUSA site, with very nice comments, which I greatly appreciated. Watch this video: One small example that they are active.
  3. Nordic Youth movement also Right on race. Active group, they protested outside a jew judge’s house. Note: GoogleTranslator and Firefox warn against viewing the page due to malware “attack”. I doubt it! will open it in proxy but it says I need to enable Javascript to view it, which I don’t do these days.
  4. The Midgard Watcher Good idea: “What is necessary is that the worldview and understanding of Pre-Christian, Pre-Jewish, Pre-Islam thinking returns to us.”
  5. The Swedish Resistance Online Magazine: National (Again, use Google’s translator to enjoy reading this site, any site, in English.)
  6. Why I Left Sweden This site is in English. Motto: “Telling Non-Swedes What Swedes Never Were Told.” (Stagnant now in early 2015.) Focused on the anti-White, forced immigration into Sweden. Includes awareness of the ultimate enemy — jewry. But includes featured, stupid links to sites devoted to an Indian immigrant! (Note: We need to not leave our White countries. No more White Flight. We need to stay, or return, and kill the enemy and the secondary invaders, too. Fight and Win!)


  1. Burzum, a site by “Varg Vikernes” now legally named Louis Cachet, DE-LINKED. WHY? See next item. From Norway, he lives in France. He is an independent musician formerly known for “black metal” music, if you want to call that music. Right on race. Right against jews. Right against the mind-poison Christianity. He admits to killing a former bandmate — “self-defense.” Prosecuted and convicted, he served 16 years in prison and was released on parole in 2009. His story about all of that is not worth your time unless you live near him.
  2. Thulean Perspective  DE-LINKED. WHY? Read on. Another site by Varg Vikernes — oops, his legal name is Louis Cachet, which he admitted explicity in June 2014 and which I also learned in June 2014. He is living in France with his French wife and their children. Update, July 2014: This guy has gone so far astray and backward that we must ask if it has been a deliberate campaign to swirl a portion of our better Whites down the pacifistic mind-poisoned toilet. Now, let me try to strip the mass of info I had here down to the essentials.
    • He is a survivalist, which means pacifist who is retreating without a fight.
    • He is a wimp while in the legal system as he tries only to get off instead of attacking back at the jew-controlled governments’ crimes against the true Europeans (Whites) in France where he lives.
    • He and his wife mislead their followers into thinking Whites are Neanderthals, autism is good, to share his focus on the game he wants to sell us, to reject technology although he hasn’t yet!, and to make a mind-poison religion out of our ancestors’ old symbols and tales about Nature—which, if it was a religion for our ancestors, it failed them!

    Related articles: This article by me shows him to be not a leader but a misleader. This post by him made clear his going backward. He and his started a potentially good child-education site called “The Ways Of Yore,” but he was still letting his kids watch Disney videos! and the site went stagnant. He was arrested in summer 2013 and had a court appearance in June 2014, which is noted in my first article linked above. Who cares anymore about that dragged-out wimp-fest? The police’s break-in, shoot-in, arrests, and confiscation of some property constituted terror and theft committed by the French government. And it worked, as he and all of his followers are quaking and cowering in pacifism.

    • Here’s a final note I must keep here: On the Neanderthal-R-Us bullshit, he offered a pdf file as the source. I downloaded it and tracked down the sources. It’s a jew-infested pile of fake science from an anonymous emailer. And now (July 2014), believe it or not, he has posted another Neanderthal article, this one featuring a picture of that jew, named Svante Pääbo. Does Louis/Varg think that what he says has more power than what is obviously shown by the photos?!

    Dear Readers: Go Forward With Us and Leave the pacifist, retreatist-survivalist, CD-seller, game-seller Varg/Louis Behind.


  3. New Sturmer Update, May 2016: Aw crap, another valuable site, this site, is dead. “All patriotic people have the right to learn the real truth about their racial kindred,” and this site strongly teaches and defends our German-Norse kin against the jews’ historical and ongoing lies about Germany and White Germanic people around the world. One of my favorite pages shows Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s family tree beyond what other sites show, and pinpoints FDR’s jew ancestry. In English. “Other Interesting Topics,” indeed, including jewry’s 5-year economic and racial war againt Germany and all Germans before WW2.
  4. Ravnagaldr Use Google’s translator to enjoy this in your own language. (Reminder: jew-Google automatically changes “NSDAP” to “Nazi” — not every time. It’s programming is sneaky yet obvious. Adolf Hitler did not use that “n” word in his books or speeches. I follow his lead on that. Why don’t so many supposed truthtellers do the same?) Ravnagaldr is yet another re-post site, apparently not an originator of articles.


  1. Adelaide Institute Source of scholarship, books, videos, and news on the jews’ “Holocaust” lies and other atrocious acts against us. Weak, but a useful stepping-stone for our up-and-comers.
  2. Anthony Lawson videos Update: On 8 Jan. 2015, Anthony Lawson died. Cause: colon cancer, says his son Ashton in the newest and likely final video on his father’s page linked above. Though from Australia, the late Mr. Lawson said he had lived in Thailand in recent years. He had provided professional, admirable, evidence-filled videos, but his solution advice was pacifism, such as “voting.” Mr. Lawson seemed never to rise to this level of understanding: When a killer comes to your home, can you vote your way out of it? Can Palestinians vote their way out of being genocided by the jews? Can a community of Whites vote their way out of being invaded and crushed by the SWAT teams and flame-throwing tanks? Wake up to the reality of FORCE on planet Earth. Murderous enemies must be killed. The jew race will not stop until the jew race is dead. In that video by his son Ashton, the son’s statements reveal himself as less than a chip off the old block. Sons must stand on the shoulders of their fathers! Sons must not cower as shadows of their fathers!
  3. Anti-semitic Nordicist (Update, Dec. 2015: The site is dead.) Probably, the “anti-semitic” is meant to be an in-your-face to the jews, but actually “anti-jew” is the accurate word. “Anti-semitic” is a jew bs term. Anyway, good young site. Pro-Nordic, which shows admirable awareness. Strong, original writings — though too often he publishes without fixing many typos and grammar errors. If he becomes aware that Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a jew — ah, that would be something.
  4. Australian Realist channel on youtube (jewtube). Some of the very best videos feature the late great Canadian scientist and professor J. Philippe Rushton teaching the Reality Of Race on this planet. Otherwise, please be selective. In general, when videos feature major-media names and faces as if they are telling the truth, they are laced with disinfo. Presumably, the video-channel owner does not yet know this.
  5. Expel The Parasite! Update, Oct. 2014: Don’t click this crap, except to prove what I state here is correct. Why? Although he had told us what we wanted to hear with his good “My Awakening” page, he has now gone full-bore DEFEATIST. Nobody should be surprised by that since I already had him flagged for pushing the ChristianIdentity mind-poison and featuring links to co-cultists such as the Finck of christogenea. The CI cultists believe in the same nonsense of supernatural miracle garbage as normal sufferers of Christianity. However, the leaders of CI don’t believe any of it. They are crypto-jews simply pushing another form of that very successful, very toxic, mind-poison against our race (and against anyone in the other races too stupid to reject it). Also, he viciously defends his insistence on NONviolence by portraying only a stupid, extreme version of violent action. HE is the Parasite, and he is EXPELLED.
  6. Isolate But Preserve Good but not great site. The writer, Brendon O’Connell, is still at the level of thinking the Australia government has some “good” honorable ministers. That’s a long way from the top, which is clear and correct: kill the jews, all of them, none of them are “good.” He had been imprisoned for three years, and he was arrested again (30 October 2014) for speech-related “crimes,” and was out on bail. He has been arrested again on bs charges only used against Whites (Dec. 2014). His video channel has a lively vid about the October arrest. And this video’s great first 9 minutes and last 5 minutes should shock all Whites awake to realize the jews are murdering our people, and we must kill them to stop them. Note: Mr. O’Connell also suffers from religion mind-poison of the Christ-insanity kind.
  7. Katana This admirable site may originate from Australia — if not, please inform me. The About page says:

    “This blog is about providing information on how White societies are being deliberately destroyed by organized jewry. Organized jewry’s psychopathic intent is to create a New World Order with them as tyrants over the rest of humanity.”

    Good stuff, but two steps from the top. More than merely “organized jewry,” the enemy is all jews. The final step is to overcome the mind poison of pacifism and urge the true solution: kill the enemy jews. But of course, that cannot be specifically said without getting deleted on the platform. Anyway, there’s hope, as the comment by katana17 at this link on August 9, 2014 at 13:42 shows intelligence.

  8. Nordic Anti Semite Update, April 2015: DE-LINKED. WHY? I thought his “Nordic” included the Norse and us who are of admirable White German, Irish, and Scottish descent, too. However: He is anti-Irish! Our ally Wyatt Wright reported on this in a comment here. NordicAntisemite allowed an anti-Irish comment to be published, he agreed with it, and then did not allow Wyatt’s Irish-defending comment to be published. Thus, whether of ignorance or complicity, NordicAntisemite is helping the jews divide&conquer strategy against our race. IF you read his site, let it help raise your awareness of our White greatness, but do not let him divide us. I am half German and half Irish. He cannot divide and conquer me.
  9. Odinic Rite Of Australia “The Pre-Christian Religion Of Europe.” (Note: I don’t support any kind of “religious” belief. Let’s not inflate our ancestors’ symbols of Nature and their related stories of education and absurdities into “religion.”) Highlights: “Odinism and Evolution” has a good first half and a crap second half. “How Europe Was Overrun By Christians” is good. “Revenge of the Unwanted” is a very good truthtelling, in the form of a book review, on the jews Freud and Boas and their vast poisoning of science and society.
  10. RebelNews Update, Sept. 2014: Finally, DE-LINKED. Why? This once-extensive news site with a long roster of so-called contributing writers, including a few jews, has undergone yet another overhaul, the third in about a year, and this is the worst. In content, it’s a site not unlike the sites by jews Rense and Rivero where the best content is drowned by the flood of sewage featuring quite a variety in stench.
  11. Wilson-Mount.SouthernOrder-siteSouthern Order, by Wilson Mount. Jew-wise, pro-White/Aryan. News and history. Update, May 2014: site deleted by anti-White pro-jew His previous site was The Olden Domain, which was also deleted by WordPress. Please get on an independent host/server, if you are able!
  12. Thirteenth Monkey
  13. Dr. Fredrick Toben’s new website, Töben, associated with the Adelaide Institute linked above, was bankrupted in September 2012 by Australia’s government, particularly by a vicious campaign conducted by governing-jew Jeremy Jones. Toben explains here. Previously, Toben was jailed in Germany in his long effort in service of Truth. He cowers under that oppression, sticking only to nearly safe speech and, of course, pacifism. He has said and proved the following (quite an understatement):

    Aspects of the Jewish Holocaust resemble fairy tales – no reality in space and time.”


  1. Martin Doutre’s Ancient Celtic New Zealand site This is the most amazing treasure of assembled knowledge on ancient White global sea navigation, the worldwide network of pyramids and other megalith sites (including those in North America), and the fantastic giant Nazca figures in Peru. Genius.
  2. O’Cathasaigh * The Vigilant One Update, Aug. 2014: De-linked. Why? The site pushes occult mind-poison and “nazi” disinfo. At this stage in the White Truth Movement, all of our top people should have progressed beyond all of that jew-spewed mind-poison, which also includes ignorant use of the term “nazi.” Adolf Hitler didn’t use that jew-popularized insult term, so neither should we.


  1. African Crisis Here are my two main reasons to list the site: It has a partial repost of my historical article on Gerald L.K. Smith. And it has a sibling site called AmericanCrisis — though it is weak against jews and features a lot of Drudgery.
  2. sunette.bridgesSunette Bridges. (Update, 2017: Site is dead.) Here is a very useful place to begin: “A Year from HELL! The Truth About South Africa!” She is a singer, too, with music for sale. Click to learn, listen, or just enjoy the view.
  3. A true Solution site, deserving this honor as of April 2017. This site is by Jan Lamprecht, born in Rhodesia and now living in South Africa. He knows race. He knows history — true history. And he knows about jews and how to solve that international, eternal problem. Strong commentary, great videos — mostly for their educational, insightful, and inspiring narrations. See my article about Jan and his sites.
  4. Reviewed TV Admirable channel on youtube (jewtube). Update, June 2017: jewtube killed it. This site is also by Jan, who recently has teamed with Alex Linder to form TeamWhite, which is linked in the USA section of this TruthfulSites list. His speaking/narration of videos is the treasure here. The still images he includes in the vids are of varying quality, most positive but some negative.
  5. South Africa Project “The primary purpose of this website is to draw attention to the plight of the White people of South Africa and to show the correlation between what is happening there and all other White countries.”
  6. White Genocide SA White Genocide South Africa. “What the mainstream (marxist) media doesn’t want you to know.” Of course, by “marxist” they must mean “jews” — since Marx was a jew, and marxism is an entirely jew creation and mind-poison originally targeting the Whites of Russia back when Russia was a mostly White country.   The Negroes/Congoids/blacks of South Africa were given puppet-leadership of the country by the jews who fomented the lie-ridden drive to overthrow the White government of the White-founded and White-built country of South Africa. The overthrow was accomplished by vicious, murderous terrorism and the international jew media campaign of monstrous lies. Now, jews totally control the gold and diamond industries while they encourage the low-IQ violence-prone ‘groids to murder Whites. Sounds like Detroit (and Baltimore, St. Louis, …) doesn’t it? Cause of it all: jews.



  1.  (I have deleted the link. Why? Mike Delaney has axed the site, and at this time, 15 Feb. 2013, the link connects to a Mike Delaney page. This is part of a stinking, steaming pile by Delaney in recent days. He admits without explanation here. But see my entry at ZionCrimeFactory in the USA section above for very important information and links.)
  2. This site came to my attention from an emailer in a province in northern Iran. Apparently, he is a member of a small population descended from Aryan ancestors there who fought off the Arabs. This site is in the Persian language. I used GoogleTranslator, which does very poorly with that language, and I read several pages.The site seems to be a young effort, on the right track. (Not to detract from this site but to inform everyone: Iran has a big infestation of jews. If Israel or the jew.S.A. ever openly invades there, you will see that the leadership will not be butchered, which will prove my position that we should take no stock in the supposed enemy status painted on Iran’s rulers by Israel. However, the jews do want to mass-murder the Arabs and remaining Aryans in Iran. Proving the opposite: The jews did murder Saddam Hussein of Iraq.)
  3. This site, also from Iran, is associated with the NS-Studies site above. The focus here is on the era of Adolf Hitler and his NSDAP, which means “National Socialist German Workers Party” (but the sitemakers ignorantly use the jews’ insult term “nazi” in the site name,etc.).


  1. Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    Tanker captain Ajit Vadakayil’s website The link starts you on his excellent page on the jews’ history of slave-trafficking. Another superb article is on circumcision, foreskin, and sex. In English. Caution: He occasionally makes anti-White comments when he should specify jew, not White. (He is not White, obviously.) He replied to me that Hindus think jews are Whites — which is wrong. Also, his religious mind-poison leads him to nonsense such as 12-strand DNA. And he’s wrong about 9/11. He ignored my questions about how the reinforced-concrete elevator shafts could have come straight down by his hydrogen-fire theory. Two more cautions: Stupidly, he is now saying (early 2017) that Adolf Hitler was a jew. Also, he has always professed on his site that India and Indians are the original seed of Aryans-Whites, whereas we say it is the other way around. If he were in the USA, I would not link to his site because of its negatives. But as long as he’s in India, this is a useful site showing that different kinds of people are aware of many of jewry’s crimes and historic, monumental lies.

  2. Lies Your Teacher Taught You Current and historic events, from the Federal Reserve to JFK, Churchill, and Hitler. In English. Caution: He didn’t post a comment I submitted, June 2014.


  1. armahellas-logoArmaHellas This is the English version of the site. What attracted me and got it posted here was their “Jewish Media In Sweden” article. Proof of this website’s merit.
  2. Is Golden Dawn the real thing? I think so. Their sites keep getting shutdown, content deleted. Update, 2015: Greece had a sham election, the Golden Dawn leadership were still falsely imprisoned, a jew-owned “independent” party won, the ignorant and the enemies among us said it was a victory for the Greek people, and then the “new” government promptly fell in with the jew agenda, and there is no official Golden Dawn site in operation at this time, as far as I know. That’s what NONVIOLENCE got them, folks. That’s what NONviolence gets you. So, why be nonviolent girls? The governments break laws in order to snuff out nonjews. Thus, there is no law, and there is no reason to limit ourselves to nonviolence. Force, intelligently performed, is absolutely necessary. A commenter has offered the following as a useful site for news on GD: Golden Dawn – English
  3. White Women Front (Stagnant since 2013). This seemed directly associated with Golden Dawn. Admirable. (Use Google Translator, or other such tool, to view the site in English.) Their video channel.


Building 7 is an example all by itself of full proof that the 9/11 attacks were pre-planned by jewry. The jew Larry Silverstein admitted, on tape, that he ordered WTC7 demolished. Despite its strong steel structure and mighty elevator shafts, it fell in seconds. Impossible without preplanted explosives throughout.

Building 7 is an example all by itself of full proof that the 9/11 attacks were pre-planned by jewry. No plane hit it. The lease owner and jew Larry Silverstein admitted, on video, that he ordered WTC7 demolished, “pulled.” Despite its strong steel structure and mighty elevator shafts, it fell in seconds — straight down. That is impossible without preplanted explosives throughout. Proof.

Anybody who has done a search for 9/11 sites knows there are many. I would say that a majority of them are gatekeepers, limiting the info and misleading discussions away from who really did 9/11. But despite that majority, there is a minority of 9/11 sites offering honest information. A few are included above. I haven’t attempted to list them all. Likewise, there are other single-focus groups of websites that I have not attempted to list exhaustively. But readers are welcome to offer them in comments below. If I have time to confirm their value, I may add them to the main list.


Many of the above sites contain long lists of other websites that are recommended by those website owners — though many are not recommended by me. But it is a certainty that many more truthtellers are online, and they and their readers should be ready to stand up and follow us (at a safe distance, which is the follower’s m.o.) when we who simply won’t tolerate another day of Jew Treason lead the way, united by this one absolute necessity: the overthrow of Jew Rule.


James T. Laffrey


The very best sites are those who are Right on Race, Right against jews, Right against religion, Right on Adolf Hitler, and Right on Action. Such sites are rare. That’s understandable. Each of those categories is a high hurdle that jewry has embedded in our minds from childhood by their lying textbooks, tv, movies, newspapers, and magazines. Only the best of the best overcome all of that early enough in life to do something about it. J.B. Campbell is one, though he is not officially pro-White. Myself, and this site, meet all requirements. Now, also worthy to be called Solution sites are CrushZion, Might Is Right (both linked on page 1), and HistoryReviewed (linked above, in South Africa section). And?

You know what this long list of mostly news websites shows? It shows that we don’t need more news. We need more action! Right now.

Action attracts.

Also, sites in the U.S. have no excuse for not using Free Speech to the fullest: Identify the enemy and urge the solution.


The white “W” is for “Whites.” We are the White race — the European race spread around the world. The red “W” is for “Will.” We have the will. The blue “W” is for “Win.” Whites Will Win.

The white “W” is for “Whites.” We are the White race — the European race spread around the world. The red “W” is for “Will.” We have the will. The blue “W” is for “Win.” Whites Will Win.