Updated, March 2016. An email note was added in August 2016.

My name is James Thomas Laffrey. I take responsibility for my free speech of identifying the enemy of our race and urging the solution. (Even my picture is openly displayed on various pages of this site.) It is not a right of government to say who the enemies are and who should be killed and then oppress us for disagreeing with the government.

But “our” government has no concern about what is a right of government, does it? Nor does the government care about our rights as members of the race who founded and built this country, our White race.

We know that our government breaks its own laws every day, our members of government break their oath of office every day, and our government commits unConstitutional acts against us every single day. Therefore, there is no law. The only freedoms we have, such as Freedom Of Speech, are the freedoms we use, maintain, and enforce by all means. On this website, I employ Freedom Of Speech to the fullest. I identify the enemy and urge destruction of that enemy. And I am always ready to enforce this freedom by all means.

Qualities, Qualifications

  • Race: I am White. (Our White brothers in Europe usually call our race the “European race,” and we cannot disagree. But most of us Americans prefer “White” rather than “European” because “European” implies an improper geographical limitation. Our White ancestors invented and built this country. Americans = Whites.)
  • White subraces makeup: German (father’s side) and Irish (mother’s side).
  • Nationality: In the true sense of the word “nation,” I am White, a mix of German and Irish blood. In the secondary sense of that word, I am an American, born in Mount Clemens, Michigan (in the metropolitan area of Detroit) in 1957. My parents were born in Detroit. (And they were killed by a tornado in Tennessee in 2002.) Their names: Edward Alexander Laffrey and Mary Loretta Brown Laffrey.

Profession: Educator, Journalist. Lately, a common, struggling, big-box store wage slave.

  • Previously, in reverse order:
  • Taught and trained foreign teachers of English.
  • Taught English in Honolulu, Hawaii (during my grad studies there, earning my master’s degree in teaching).
  • Published the weekly live-arts magazine Marquette Jam in Marquette, Michigan. (The city library may still have all 12 issues.)
  • Taught English in Japan.
  • Taught English in Marquette, Michigan (during and after my grad studies there, earning my master’s degree in writing).
  • Worked as a copy editor, the Copy Desk chief, and the Wire Editor at the former Nashville Banner daily newspaper in Nashville, Tennessee. (Yes, in my complete ignorance of jewry at that time, I worked for the enemy jews who steered that newspaper into oblivion so that their Tennessean newspaper could have the monopoly in Middle Tennessee. Please note that jew monopolies are never broken up: media, gold, silver, fashion industry, Hollywood, banking, insurance. But back when Whites naturally controlled those fields because Whites created and built this country, jews insisted that our “monopolies” be broken up and “integrated.” Rule of thumb: jews cry until jews control. And jews take control by every illegal and immoral means available.)
  • Worked as a motel front desk clerk while earning my bachelor’s degree in journalism.
  • Worked the night shift in the basement of Capitol Records in Los Angeles. Also in L.A., I was a driver-messenger for Music Express Co., and I was a driver for a struggling movie producer (former brother in law, apparently White).
  • Assistant-managed a great PopInGo video rental store in Nashville, Tenn., until the PopInGo chain was bought out by National Video and both the quality and the joy went to hell.
  • Worked as an unusually mature! courtesy clerk — bag boy — at Kroger, and was later promoted to the Seafood section, where the smell of fish and their illegal practices drove me to quit.
  • Managed a small musical instrument and record shop.
  • Among my other jobs: worked in a furniture factory, pumped gas, was a waiter, short-order cook, house painter, maple-sap hauler.

My Struggle, My Awakening

On September 11, 2001, I was training another grad student as my replacement in writing and publishing a newsletter for the College Of Arts And Sciences of Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan. A phone call urged us to go to a tv.

As my grad-student friend at that time (who since rejected me because of my teaching of Truth) watched the televised atrocities in New York and Washington DC, I remarked that the attacks will be used by the government to take more freedoms away from us law-abiding, honest, real Americans.

And yet, seven years later, as I was teaching English in Japan, I bought into the corporate media’s selling of the product called Barack Obama. I admit it. I regret it. Shame on me. At that time, I was still race-blind, as we all have been taught and brainwashed to be.

But in late 2008 and in Obama’s first month as president, it became clear to me that Obama was a traitor. His appointments of previous criminals over banking and the “justice” system who had infested previous administrations proved Obama’s betrayal of real Americans.

Thus, I began to do my own research to find out who was behind the entire system of treason — in which both the Democrats and the Republicans are partners in a false feud.

I followed the money, which led me to the Rothschild family, the most infamous criminal banking family in history. I learned that the Rothschilds are jews. Yet, I still suffered from race-blindness.

Later, I followed the jews to learn if there really are crypto-jews across the country, and to learn if there really is a division among jewry between the bad and the good. I learned that crypto-jews (secret jews, usually pretending to be Whites) have infiltrated our entire country. Also, I finally cut through the religion scam to know that jews are a race, as many of their leaders have stated in published accounts. Also, I confirmed that Israel’s test of jewness is by parentage, blood, race, not religion at all.

In retrospect, I realized very clearly that I have known quite a few crypto-jews. And I learned that jewry is not divided. Jews are united, not only in the USA but also internationally, against the “enemy.” Who is their stated, published “enemy”? All non-jews.

Yes, as the jews’ racial Rule Book, The Talmud, makes clear to the world (but few of our people will read it and believe it because it is so disgusting, so foreign to our White mentality), jews consider all non-jews to be nothing but “cattle” for the jews to exploit in any and every way. The jews even have specific, official words for non-jews that include the meaning of inferiority, such as “gentiles” and “goyim.” We Whites have no specific words for all nonWhites. You see?

At that point in one’s personal education, the larger truth about race becomes clear and explains every large problem on the domestic and world stage.

The jews, as a race, are using the other races — the African race (Blacks), the Mongolian race (Asians, and American Indians), the Mestizos (the mix including Mexicans, Latinos, etc.), and the Arabs — as tools to disturb, displace, race-mix, rape, and murder Whites. The jews in control of government policy on immigration have opened the flood gates allowing massive incompatible immigration. We Whites are the jews’ most capable enemy — when we are aware of the problem! Therefore, the jews’ focus is on destroying the White majority population in every White-founded country.

Destroying us, and our racial qualities toward creativity, inventiveness, fairness, and generosity, can be as easy as duping us to intermarry with other races and breed our own blood into oblivion. Other tactics simultaneously used by the jews (a brief, partial list):

  • Discouraging us from having many children, if any.
  • Overworking us and underpaying us so that we cannot afford to have a proper family.
  • Shipping our jobs overseas so that we must scrape to survive.
  • Draining our financial blood through usury (theft by banking) on mortgages, car loans, and credit cards.


I do not accept this situation. I do not accept that a traitor race can illegally take from us our country, our livelihoods, and our future and get away with it.

Not on my watch.

I am an American man. I am a White man. Finally, my White traits of problem-solving and administering Justice are completely awakened and engaged.

It is in Self Defense that we react to jewry’s war against us. Remember the World Wars. Remember the Depression they deliberately inflicted on us, which killed by starvation one-million to two million Whites of America. Remember the U.S.S. Liberty. Remember 9/11. We are fully justified in defending ourselves. By All Means. Until it is done.

I used to say, before I overcame the pacifism that had been indoctrinated into me, that we have two paths to victory within our lifetimes.

  • Path Number One was the public and so-called “legal” organization effort to elect our people in 2014 and make a clean sweep of Congress’s House Of Representatives — where we could mass-impeach jews and all other oath-breakers from the government! We would have needed only a few public candidates from each state (and armies of voters) to have made this a reality. But as I said, I overcame that pacifistic, currently impossible notion.
  • Path Number Two is the ongoing, stealthy, killing of the enemy among us. We can not win if we leave the enemy standing! This is the job for new heroes, a job left almost completely undone by our previous generations. Be smart, be secret, be lethal, be proud. See articles of advice linked at the bottom of this website.

It is my duty, and it is yours, dear reader, to end and undo jewry’s multi-generational crimes against our people. What will happen if we don’t? What will happen if we only continue the “waiting and educating” strategy that nearly every famous name in White truthtelling has regurgitated? Everything will continue to get worse.

It is not enough to know the truth. It is not enough to write the truth. Words do not make the bully stop beating the honest gentle man. Words do not make the jew-controlled military and law-enforcement agencies stop the false arrests, renditions, false trials, false imprisonments, tortures, and assassinations against us.

Words of Truth did not save Adolf Hitler’s great and happy Germany of the 1930s. Words did not prevent the deliberate murders of our people by jews on 9/11 in New York City and Washington DC.

Words today will not prevent jewry’s next big atrocity against us, nor will words prevent the ongoing genocide against us by non-White immigration to displace us, by welfare to non-Whites, by jew banking, by jew insurers, by jew doctors, by jews in control of our government.

It is not enough to be Right.

We must Fight Back.

Be Right and Fight — By All Means, until it’s done. The more help we get, the sooner our victory.

Whites Will Win! — again.


James T. Laffrey

I invite emails from likeminded Whites in the USA and around the world. Update, Aug. 2016: Hushmail.com deleted my WhitesWillWin account there. If you find an email address on the homepage at the bottom of the right-hand column, use that.

Note about email: Both Yahoo and Google are trying to force us to reveal all of our connections among email accounts, our websites, people we email with, and then Google wants phone numbers, too, which would allow GPS tracking of your mobile phone location, anytime, all the time. So, I will not open another email account with them. You know what needs to be done with those jews and their companies.

Expose and Oppose jews in every way that you can. Discourage them permanently from residing among us. The most effective and necessary way is to kill them. Now, and every day, until the job is done.