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We White People Must Learn Who We Are

* A fun, friendly place to start is “It’s A Wonderful Race.” The link goes to the first of two pages. It is Wonderful, as it tells a story similar to the old Jimmy Stewart movie but is totally for today, with drama, pictures, travel around the world, and surprises for most readers. James Bronson is the writer credited for it. Great work. Persuasive for all comers.

william.pierce.stamp.www.e* Have you ever read history from the point of view of race rather than by country? I never had until I found William Pierce‘s great work of history titled Who We Are. Finally, I allowed myself to read and learn about the “taboo subject” of race. Though it is a long scholarly read (containing many unfamiliar terms referring to sub-species, tribes, and leaders from history), and though the images have been lost, Who We Are is the most educational and inspiring history book I have ever read. (I read it twice, the first time skeptically, the second time eagerly.) Pierce pulled few punches. Some passages include Pierce’s harsh but learned, enlightening opinions. Pierce was a physicist turned organizer, broadcaster, and author. After you read this book, you will know why the jew-controlled media and education system will not teach us the truth about race history. The truth wakes us up to the incomparable accomplishments of our White race.

  • This link opens Who We Are as one long normal webpage with no images. Originally written as a series of magazine articles, the series was later assembed into this continuous “book” form.
  • This link opens as a free pdf file with no images. It seems that the images are lost, though at least one copy confiscated by government thugs may still be in government storage.

which.way.western.man.Simpson.e* William Gayley Simpson was also a famous writer among people awake to race. Simpson wrote Which Way Western Man? Although a few chapters of this reader-friendly book are wasted (in my opinion) on Simpson’s struggle with Jesus and Nietsche, other chapters are superb in describing race differences — physically, chemically, and mentally — and in nailing down the plight of the White race. We are actually a minority on this planet. Oh, the irony! We’ve been brainwashed all of our lives into thinking we have to be nice to the “minorities” when in fact we are the planet’s most-threatened minority! Our White countries — and only White countries — are being forced to allow a flood of non-Whites in. But Whites aren’t allowed to flood into Black, Arab, and Asian countries, so what is really happening?

  • This link opens a page containing a link to a free pdf of the book Which Way Western Man?
  • This link directly opens Which Way Western Man? as the free pdf file.

The First Settlers of This Continent. Here is a nice, recent article. Apparently jewry has not seized total control of the science of archaeology. Otherwise, these scientists would not have found a single place to work and publish their findings. My title for this piece: “Archaeology says Whites Were The First Native Americans.”

J. Philippe Rushton

J. Philippe Rushton

The recent science, the truth. The late great White Canadian scientist J. Philippe Rushton stood strong yet personable throughout his career. One of his most recent articles was to summarize science’s most important and undeniable findings on race, especially concerning Whites and Blacks. The images, alone, are worth your click (it opens as a pdf file). Or select one of his other publications, proving the racial inheritance of not only the physical but also our mental traits, here on his university faculty site archive. (Update, that link doesn’t work because the university “changed” its website. Yeah. Here’s a different and good article by Prof. Rushton: Race and Reality.)

Aryans in ancient China: J.B.Campbell had this well sourced, well documented article published in the great Liberty Bell magazine of Feb. 1997: “Our People, The Aryans,” exposing the documented truth of White people greatly affecting China long, long ago. Why is this amazing knowledge not widely known? The jew-owned media shun it, that’s why.

Ancient Ancestors Navigated The Seas: I published this article, which adds up documented, photographed proof of our White history of worldwide sea navigation and giant construction projects by our ancestors incorporating their knowledge into the measurements of the monuments — long before but also including the Great Pyramids. It is astounding. It is wonderful. It is true beyond reasonable doubt.

Who destroyed the books that our ancestors surely wrote to document such achievements? The jews and their Christianity, which was forcefully spread throughout Europe in the style of Sherman’s March To The Sea. But some of the greatest monuments have defied their efforts of destruction. Thus, they had to resort to lying, saying that nonWhites and even “ancient aliens” were responsible for those wondrous works. On tv, the jews are still lying about such ludicrous nonsense as “ancient aliens,” broadcasting a show by that very name, featuring a curly-haired lying scum jew as a host. In previous decades, for the more intelligent dupes among us, they gave us the eloquent mind-poisoner jew Carl Sagan. For the less intelligent dupes among us, they give that absurd “ancient alien” pusher.



We Must Learn Who Jews Are

In 2008, as Barack Obama was running for president, I knew nothing of importance about jews. In other words, I was a normal, mis-educated, race-ignorant White American. However, after a month in office, Obama’s utter betrayal of Americans was obvious, and I began my research to explain how such a thing could be. Now, I know. Please join me.

A mere sampling of the invading race, jewry, holding an anti-White monopoly of all big media.

A mere sampling of the invading race, jewry, holding an anti-White monopoly of all big media. Great sources for images such as this one are Incogman.com and a few other superb TruthfulSites.

Since jews own all of the big media, from newspapers to tv to movie companies to big publishers and big websites, jews decide what information we receive and don’t receive about jews. That is why the media usually do not identify the races of people in the news. They do not want us to know which race owns the banks, most big corporations, who the big swindlers are, who the worst sex offenders are, and which race controls the government. The silence on race allows jews to pretend to be Whites, with Whites getting the blame for the anti-American financial and law-enforcement crimes throughout our country.

Jews bought the New York Times in 1896, and all other big media before or since. Thus, jews owned the tv networks from the beginning. Example, William Paley, a founder of CBS, was a jew. Everything that has come to us through tv (other than a few local cable-access channels) has been produced, written, or edited by jews.

Proof in names and photos:

  • SubvertedNation.com offers a great Lists page of jews in every vital institution of our country.
  • Another great site is Jewish Faces http://jewishfaces.com. Seeing is believing. Photos of jews by name in the government, banking, and popular media. What quicker way could there be to understand the Truth.
  • Who Controls America?http://thezog.wordpress.com. Photos of jews by name in the White House, Treasury, Congress, media, Hollywood, banking, and more.
  • One more: What World Famous Men Said About The Jews. These are quotes from famous men throughout recorded history. We know that jews will slime them all as “anti-semitic” (Arabs are the main Semites, so even that jew-created mudball is a lie), but how can the top men of every other race be wrong and jews always right? Obviously, one side is lying.
  • Jewish-World-Conspiracy.1938.bergmeister.eFinally, the jews’ heinous anti-human agenda is so huge as to be impossible to keep secret. In fact, their agenda was leaked more than 100 years ago: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Of course, the elders of zion were, and are, all jews. Here is an excellent introduction to and presentation of the Protocols. Jews continue to spew lies to sow doubt about the authenticity of the Protocols. They are authentic, as the following great book explains while exposing the jews’ manipulation of an actual court trial on this very question: Jewish World Conspiracy, published in 1938 (link opens as a pdf file) by Karl Bergmeister. I consider it proof.
  • Bonus: See Number 8, below, for Henry Ford’s historic publication The International Jew.
  • Bonus: See the Eustace Mullins’ article “The Secret Holocaust,” about the real 66 million. Compare that to the infamous, fake 6 million.
  • Bonus: Martin Luther, late in his life, learned the truth about jews and boldly published his vital knowledge in a book titled The Jews and Their Lies (link opens as a small pdf file; beware the modern intro paragraphs that spew a few jew lies). When was that? In the 1500s! Yes, he is the original Martin Luther who was soaked in the mind-poison of Christianity. Earlier in his life, he translated the Bible into the German language, and he became the namesake of the Lutheran religion, which of course parted from Luther’s path long ago because jews infiltrated the leadership of all major religions. The above linked book was his only great service to our White race.



We Must Clear Our Heads Of Mind Poison

As Earth-shattering as the two subjects above are to most Americans, it is my duty as a White American man of honesty, intelligence, and integrity, to share my hard-earned, heartfelt wisdom.

thomas.jefferson.papers-at-LoC.eThomas Jefferson, Aug. 10, 1787:

Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because if there be one he must approve of the homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear.

I realize that most Americans are not able to take this third step with me. That is ok. Leaders are who I seek to develop and/or attract. The strongest minds among us can and will take this third step after seeing the evidence.

Thomas Jefferson, Dec. 6, 1813:

History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes.

Our Founding Fathers were the best of the Whites who created our country, and Thomas Jefferson was (arguably) the best of them. Normally, the White way is to revere the best and to build on the shoulders of the best, always seeking improvement.

Thomas Jefferson, April 13, 1820:

Among the sayings and discourses imputed to him [Jesus] by his biographers, I find many passages of fine imagination, correct morality, and of the most lovely benevolence; and others again of so much ignorance, so much absurdity, so much untruth, charlatanism, and imposture, as to pronounce it impossible that such contradictions should have proceeded from the same being.

Why, then, 200 years later, are most White Americans still sucking the teat of religion instead of standing on the shoulders of Jefferson and the other greats of our race?

Thomas Jefferson, 1822:

Man once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder, is the sport of every wind.

White people, who developed as a strong, civilized, inventive people in northern Europe, had their own (our own) mythology somewhat similar to ancient Greek mythology. Usually, it is called Norse Mythology. Based on Nature, the mythology centered on seasons, fertility, and the necessity of fighting to secure their (our) existence. They named a symbolic figure for each of the basics. Our days of the week are still named for them, though spellings have been changed to disconnect us from our heritage.

In the Middle East, jews invented quite different myths. The worst was Christianity, which was created to poison the minds of the Romans to destroy the great White Roman empire. As always, jews borrowed ideas from other peoples’ ancient tales such as floods and virgin births. And the jews declared themselves as god’s Chosen People. Jews ordered that everyone must believe in their invented god(s). Jews then pushed their grand superstition(s) on other races mostly by force — through governments of which jews had gained control. Such murderers for jewry included Constantine in the year 325 and Charlemagne in 787.

Meanwhile, jews kept their own race separate, and tried to keep their race’s rule book, The Talmud, secret. (See Item 11 below to read the heinous Talmud for yourself.) Jews are not Christians, are they? Of course not. Jews have been so successful, they openly scorn the very religion(s) they invented 2,000 years ago to weaken all other races. And those of us with functioning brains cannot disagree with that scorn.

Thomas Jefferson:

“The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as his Father in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.”

“Virgin” gives birth? A “billion” jews were killed in ancient times before there were a billion humans? Two of every animal, insect, and worm were put in one boat as the entire Earth was flooded? God sits upon the clouds somewhere? A man born in the flesh later walked on water and rose from death into the sky — and went where? It’s all absurd. But the jews’ mind poison remains in our people: “love thine enemies,” “turn the other cheek,” the meek shall inherit the Earth,” and all people are “equal.” Jews have never believed nor practiced those poisonous Christian ideas they have sown among our people.

Revilo P. Oliver

Revilo P. Oliver

Short articles on the history of religion(s) abound in the Liberty Bell magazine, most written by the great scholar Revilo P. Oliver, professor at the University of Illinois for three decades. Newcomers to Oliver’s writings may mistake his sarcasm for praise or agreement with jew lies, but veterans will nod and smile in appreciation. Here linked is a long list of selected articles for perusal by title. Also see:

  • Liberty Bell magazine archive here (all files are pdf files), but issues are listed by month and year of publication with no subject info. I suggest starting here for an Oliver article touching on Norse mythology. For Christian/Jew history, start here Jan. 1983, or here May 1987.
  • By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them.” This article is part of an archive at a different website. Oliver exposes what really happened with the Dead Sea Scrolls and what the one scroll allowed into an honest researcher’s hands revealed. As usual, Oliver spices the article with his sarcastic wit against the one enemy race.
  • Making a Home Run, part 1.” Oliver reveals the history of jew Popes in the Vatican, and as always, offers extra history, and spices the article with his irreverent and sarcastic vocabulary of terms referring to the enemy race.
  • Christianity and the Survival of the West.” This is a small book written in the late 1960s, published in 1973. The link directly opens a pdf file of the book on the SolarGeneral site. In this book, written earlier than most of the above, Oliver was quite generous to Christianity yet quite devastating, too. I don’t recommend this book as a first read, however, because it is too pessimistic. Winners combine realism with optimism — that’s us.
  • Nicholas Carter offers a long article on jew and biblical history in the Liberty Bell magazine of June 1989.



Who Were The Founding Fathers, Really?

This item had been rather long and it documented my own evolution as I read one vital set of historical documents after another. However, since I researched, wrote, and published the article linked directly below, nearly nothing else needs be said. Yes, it is that powerful. Please read the article, which also links to an Appendix:

Why Was The Convention In Philadelphia Secret? The Painful Truth About The Writers Of The CONstitution.

Update, July 2014: Further research confirms what I only suggested in the above linked article about George Washington. Now I can announce: He was a jew. And that explains what previously defied explanation. Get the facts, the images, and the reasoning, in George Washington’s Very Flawed ‘Farewell’.

In general, of course, instead of trusting the corporate media (newspapers, tv, movies) and corporate-produced textbooks to tell us what our Founding Fathers said and did, why not let our best Founders tell us themselves? The above article on the “CONstitution” quotes some of the most admirable of them, and it links to more.

Furthermore, the articles linked below offer complementary information.

  • At this link, the focus is on Patrick Henry’s great turns in the debates in Virginia, summer 1788, on whether to ratify the new proposed CONstitution. Note: Found there are links to all of the pages of text of the debates: http://www.constitution.org/afp/phenry00.htm
  • Pennsylvania had rushed their convention to consider ratifying the proposed CONstitution, ending in a pro-ratification vote of 46 to 23 in December 1787. Twenty-one of the 23 in Pennsylvania signed a long letter of dissent. Thus, Patrick Henry and his fellows in Virginia were in good company with likeminded wise Americans in Pennsylvania and certainly other states as well. But FearMongering and outright lying won, and the fatally flawed, deliberately flawed, CONstitution became the law of the land. Again, the above linked article on “Why Was The Convention … Secret?” is the single most recommended item of this FF section.



Alfred Crozier, in 1912, published the most important book on U.S. money ever

Alfred Owen Crozier

Alfred Owen Crozier

103 years ago, the true patriot American named Alfred Owen Crozier published his historic book on our money system and absolutely correctly predicted, in detail, the ensuing recessions, depressions, bankruptcies, homelessness, and who would benefit from all the misery. Crozier’s historic work is titled U.S. Money VS. Corporate Currency. Do not let the dry title cause a moment of hesitation. It is a total expose, and that is why you almost certainly never heard of it before. The enemy jews tried to bury this book down the Memory Hole for all time. Thanks to the White invention of the Internet, we can share this essential American book freely and almost instantly.

Here is a direct link to a free pdf file of the book. Please read it, or at least skim it. It is that important. To fans of Eustace Mullins, please not that this book was published about four decades before Mullins published his first book.



The works of Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins, a vital author and persuasive, though marred by errors, as a speaker.

Eustace Mullins, a vital author and a persuasive — though marred by errors — public speaker.

Here is a new link (March 2014) to all but one of the books listed below: This is a site by Matt Mader, a nephew of the late Mr. Mullins. The books are freely available in pdf files.


The late Eustace Mullins was one of the most important authors in the USA since 1913. And still, not enough people have read his major works, beginning with his unveiling of the Federal Reserve System’s creators and true owners (though Mullins was in the footsteps of Alfred Crozier, our Number 4).

This Mullins book was first published in the 1950s. Crozier’s book, above, was published in 1912. The truth has been well published, but it has been withheld from us. Every school should present these books.

In this book, Mullins presents authentic facts gathered from original documents in the Library of Congress and he quotes suppressed books. If you only read the Foreword, Introduction, and Chapters 1 and 2, you’ll have the basics. You’ll know that the jew-Rothschilds sent a top henchman from Germany (Paul Warburg, not a German but a jew from Germany, an important distinction; Germans are White, not jew) to control the writing of the Federal Reserve Act. You’ll know how they did it. You’ll know about some true Americans who opposed it.

You’ll realize that jewry’s criminal control of our money and government has grown in the last 100 years to be complete.

More works by the late Eustace Mullins (he died in Feb. 2010) and related documents are linked below. (Important Note: Please see farther below for the Flaws of Eustace Mullins.)

Three essential books for Americans are, in this order: Federal Reserve (above), Murder By Injection, and The World Order. They are the education we never received. Read and understand those three books, and it’s a university bachelor’s degree. It’s essential preparation to be wise citizens and honest, principled government officeholders — when we establish an honest government.

  • book: Murder By Injection, by Eustace Mullins, published 1988. (a big .pdf file, wait for it to load). The medical system, who controls it, and what they’re doing to us. Also, farming and food.
    • Also see Chapter 10 of this book for a clear explanation of the Rockefellers‘ place in the Rothschilds’ worldwide empire.
  • book: The World Order, by Eustace Mullins, published 1984. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, FDR, CIA, and much more. Here’s an alternate link, same book, but lacking Mullins’ important Foreword.)

This is the third in the trio of essential Mullins books for us, as Americans. Today, it can be argued that this is his single most important book because it is all-inclusive. Note that the book “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” does not include the word “jew.” But “The World Order” does, though sparingly. Mullins provides further proof of the Rothschild-jew criminal network, names the names, provides the dates, and sums up the monstrous reality we face.

  • book: The Biological Jew, by Eustace Mullins, published 1967. Surely, some wise men would say this is the most important book by Mullins. This book combines the science of parasites and the historical performance of the jew race to show that jewry is a vile parasite on humanity.
  • book: The Secret History of the Atomic Bomb, by Eustace Mullins, published 1998. Most readers will find Mullins’ information shocking about such famous people as Albert Einstein, a jew, and the general and President Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower, a jew (crypto-jew, or secret jew). Likewise, awesome facts expose the Manhattan Project and the Cold War. If you haven’t read it yet, you’re in for some surprises. This is another in the series of books and articles proving Mullins as an outstanding American author of the last 100 years.
  • book: The Rape of Justice, published in the 1980s. Here is the book on one long page of text at archive.org. Another option: Click, and then on the left side, you’ll see a list of Mullins books and file types. Hover over the kind of file you want and look at the bottom of your browser to see the name of the book as part of the file name. Then, click the one you want. This book takes the reader through the history of the Rothschild-jew network’s undermining of the U.S. Constitution by creating unconstitutional layers of legal systems that our courts treasonously follow. Also, this book offers Mullins’ accounts of his many court cases and his advice for us. The book is spiced by shocking info related to J. Edgar Hoover, Charles Lindbergh, and other famous names.

The Flaws of Eustace Mullins. Was Mullins perfect? No. Great? A qualified Yes. Why not perfect? Well, nobody is.

  1. One Flaw of Mullins, which I proved in an article on my previous website deleted by WordPress here (1 Sept. 2011), is Mullins’ later assertions in interviews that Hitler solicited funding from jew-Rothschilds and jew-WallStreet and that Hitler was “an agent” of the Rothschilds and their zionist-Israel project. Mullins said similar nonsense in a few of his books, but did so much more in later interviews. Beware corrupted book files on the Internet into which lies have been inserted. Although this realization of Mullins’ area of error is very troubling, it doesn’t mean that the Mullins’ library of books and articles is discredited. By independent research and agreement from other good sources, the bulk of Mullins’ written work stands as vital and true.
  2. Another Mullins Flaw is his lack of writings on the White race. Was he ignorant of race? He wrote one book, a fantastic and total exposure on the parasitic race called jewry, titled The Biological Jew. But Mullins published no books on the proper place in history of our own race. (Item Number 1 at the top of this page fills that vacuum.)
  3. Speaking of jews, Mullins should have identified the jews in his books. His books that came after The Biological Jew should have labeled every jew he could identify as such, which would astounded his readers and greatly helped our race’s progress against the jews. Mullins’ main books provide long lists of owners, founders, and directors of banks, companies, and foundations. At least 80 percent of them were, and are, jews.
  4. A final Flaw in Mullins was his belief in the mind poison called religion, specifically Christianity. A mind so poisoned will always be handcuffed with the pacifist, suicidal nonsense of “loving thine enemies” and will go soft when righteous, decisive action is necessary.

Yet, Mullins qualifies as great. Read up. Mullins died in vain, a witness to only our continued decline, waiting for our resurgence, our comeback. It is not enough to be right. We must fight. Specifically, we must kill the invaders. The invaders are the jews. All of them.


7. (A.H. was member Number 7 of the group he built into the NSDAP.)

Adolf Hitler (left) had offered the sketch and some specs, and Ferdinand Porsche (yes, that Porsche) made it a physical reality. Volkswagen. "Volk" means the people, the folk. "Wagen" means vehicle. True history is far more engaging than the lies they spew in our schools.

Adolf Hitler (left) had offered the sketch and some specs, and Ferdinand Porsche (yes, that Porsche) made it a physical reality. Volkswagen. “Volk” means the people, the folk. “Wagen” means vehicle. True history is far more engaging than the lies they spew in our schools.

Adolf Hitler. Since about 1923, jew-owned media have lied to the world about Hitler, and since 1933 have done so extremely and viciously. Why? Because Hitler and nearly all Germans knew the truth about jewry. Since 1933, folks. We were born into the lies, thus we accepted them as truth. Jewry, owning our media, was actually able to reverse the truth about Adolf Hitler. Help yourself to the truth:

The following group of four articles were on my first major website, which suffered deletion by the jew-serving webhost (WordPress). Update: And the first article was republished by an ally, but his webhost (jew Google’s Blogger) has deleted his site.

  • On my second site (this .org site is the third), a sensationally titled article still stands. It assembled many of the best points from previous articles. It has been imported to this site: Is James Laffrey The New Adolf Hitler?

Jews, in desperation to try to discredit Hitler among those of us who are wise to jewry, started the lie that Hitler was part jewish. Hitler was NOT a jew.

  • CarolynYeager is a reliable source on many matters German, and her article here sets the record straight.
  • Also, the April 1990 issue of the Liberty Bell magazine (direct link, opens as a pdf file) offers evidence of where the lie originated — with jews, of course.


  • Jud Suss. In English: Jew Seuss. Great. Based on recorded history of the jew usuror Josef “Suss” Oppenheimer finagling his way into undermining a German ruler, causing strife and death, and suffering the German people’s rightful wrath.
  • Die Rothschilds. In English: The Rothschilds. Great. Historic. The story of the jew Rothschild family’s rise to banking control across Europe, though jewry had stolen control of the Bank Of England long before, during Cromwell’s reign.
  • Der Ewige Jude. In English: The Eternal Jew. Documentary. Extensive footage of jew families in their homes, their neighborhoods. Wait for the footage of jews’ brutal animal slaughter ritual. Hitler outlawed such barbarity, which symbolizes jew ethics — lack thereof.


A great video, poorly titled, is linked near the bottom of this page of www.theThirdCraft.org. (UPDATE: Sadly, the link is dead. A search for the video’s filename came up empty.) A better title would be “Hitler’s True Personality,” but the video’s title was “one-day-fat-basterd-no-more.wmv.” The “basterd” is a reference to Winston Churchill, a supreme liar in history. If you find that video, or one like it, listen to Hitler speaking, read the English subtitles, and arrive at your own conclusions about the man based on what he said, what he did, and what we now know.

Personal favorites:

  • Hermann Giesler, an architect who worked with Hitler and became a valuable confidant, wrote this memoir from personal experience with Hitler in Paris. This is very revealing about Hitler’s personality, expertise, knowledge and reverence for history, and his candid opinions on people such as Winston Churchill. We thank Carolyn Yeager for this and related great works.
  • This very short book now in a pdf file was published in 1924 by Dietrich Eckart, who died in 1923, and was a poet, a playwright, a journalist, scholar, and companion of Hitler. The book is a marvelous conversation of the highest candid truths vital to us all. The title is “Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin.” Do you get the meaning of the title? Bolshevism was a jewism, and the title tells us the book starts the story of that jewism with Moses the Old Testament jew. Indeed, Eckart and Hitler agreed about Christianity and the other religions invented in the Middle East during the Roman Empire.
  • This image is from the translation of Mein Kampf published in Amsterdam. It was an international best-seller, and now it is still popular -- but free in digital form.

    This image is from the translation of Mein Kampf published in Amsterdam. Hitler’s book of wisdom was an international best-seller, and now it is still popular — but free in digital form.

    Many readers might now exclaim: “At last!” Finally, I offer a direct link to Adolf Hitler’s historic book Mein Kampf, which means in English “My Struggle.” I could have, and perhaps should have, included this book in the top two sections here, “Who We Are” and “Who Jews Are.” Adolf Hitler told us the answers to those questions, and very much more, in his supreme book. Get used to the word “Aryan,” which Hitler used in reference to the best of our White race. Later, when he achieved power, he stayed true to his stated principles while showing that he was generous with all other races, even too generous to the enemy jews, since he mass-executed none of them. Note: This book is the 1939 version translated by James Murphy. It is the best version I know of. Two complaints: The paragraphs are not set apart for better ease of reading. And the translator’s introduction is biased, including the only use of the insult term “Nazi” in the entire book. Doesn’t that give the newcomer a most eye-opening revelation? Hitler didn’t use the term “Nazi.” So, why are we pummeled by that word in newspapers, on tv, in movies, and on most websites? Because jews created that insult term and use it not only for Germans but for all people who dare to even disagree with a jew’s claims.

    • Mein Kampf — Stalag edition. New here as of Aug. 2016! I am reading this recently available edition, about half-way through at this moment, and I find it by far the best. Full text, translated by a member of the NSDAP, this version was distributed by Adolf Hitler’s government to various places including the stalags — prisoner of war camps. It was made available to U.S. and Brit prisoners, among others. I got it free as a pdf, here. Also, it can be bought on paper at the fine Ostara site at this link. Note: The pdf contains a lot of little typos probably due to the optical character recognition software that read the book pages and turned them into the pdf.
    • Mein Kampf, free on this page at archive.com in various format choices.
    • Mein Kampf, direct link to the free pdf file at archive.com.
    • Mein Kampf, in a lovely display for online-reading only, on the New Stuermer site.
    • Note: In the Liberty Bell archive, several authors there referred to a “Mannheim translation” of Mein Kampf. I have searched and found commentaries both pro and con that version, likewise with an “unexpurgated” version. I wish I had studied the German language — instead of French, Japanese, and Vietnamese! — so that I could render my own judgment on the question.

Awaken with General George Patton

General George S. Patton on a boat after WW2 was won "against the wrong enemy," he said.

General George S. Patton on a boat after WW2 was won against “the wrong enemy,” he said.

Dear Americans, please read this one page on a different website with great quotes from Gen. George Patton, the greatest American general of WW2. His step-by-step awakening is plainly stated. Please, awaken with him. (And then I offer this page on another website for confirmation and expansion — including the comments.) Also, here is one of my recent articles and a tribute to the great White American general, including additional information regarding the murder of George Patton in 1945. And here is my most recent article, attacking the major motion picture titled “Patton” and adding info about the murder, his wife, and his disappointing son.

The Truth Must Defeat Jewry’s Monumental Lies Of Our Lifetimes.


Jews declared war on Germany in early 1933 -- that is six years before the "official" start of World War 2. Doesn't that fact turn schoolbook history upside down, folks? The History Channel never tells the pre-war truth about jew crimes, does it? Jews own the History Channel.

Jews declared war on Germany in early 1933 — that is six years before the “official” start of World War 2. Doesn’t that fact turn schoolbook history upside-down, folks? The History Channel never tells the pre-war truth about jew crimes, does it? Jews own the History Channel.


Henry Ford, the great automaker and publisher

Henry.Ford.w.quoteThis man, a White American inventor, was born during the so-called Civil War of the USA. After establishing his network of Ford auto dealerships across the country, he began publishing a newspaper called The Dearborn Independent. (Dearborn is a part of Detroit, Michigan.) In that publication, Ford published a long series of articles completely exposing the truth about jews in the USA and around the world. The series was later published as a book titled The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem.

Here is Ford’s historic book, shared for free thanks to the White invention of the Internet.

  • The complete version of assembled articles, this link opens for online reading and offers an option for downloading all of it as a free pdf file for yourself.
  • One source of the online version, this opens as a normal web page.
  • Another source of the online version, this opens as a normal web page.

Caution: The Ford book has its flaws, two major flaws. I have fully explained that claim, along with many quotes from the book, in this linked article published 15 July 2013.



The Liberty Bell archive at resist.com

Liberty.Bell.urge.reading.black.eThe Liberty Bell magazine, published by George Dietz, was a publication of truth as best they knew it — back in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. I knew virtually nothing about it until early 2012, after which I read it voraciously, finishing in early 2013. The Liberty Bell archive is the best, concise, first-draft of our recent history available anywhere, to my knowledge. Many issues of the Liberty Bell feature a column by Revilo P. Oliver and other semi-famous names who deserve full fame.

The Liberty Bell accepted articles and letters from people with somewhat different opinions though mostly the same facts, from knowing the jews’ “holocaust” has always been a hoax that only jews have the mentality to commit, to knowing that jews created and own the Federal Reserve Bank system, and much, much more.

The archive linked above contains the files of each issue of the Liberty Bell as a pdf file, including very many, but not all, from Sept. 1979 to Oct. 1997.

Update: A selection of articles from the Liberty Bell is archived at GreatWhiteDesert.org, on this page, and the files are listed by title (not author) and are quickly accessible text files, not pdf files.



Subverted Nation

http://www.subvertednation.net. SubvertedNation is a very powerful site. Here is a mighty pdf file. It will man you up or expose you to yourself as an unready or unwilling wimp. Watch these brief videos for an easy and quick education, one of which is amazing.

Note: In 2010, Adam Austin of SubvertedNation professed agreement with the “no planes on 9/11″ theory and the claims that the Moon Landing was a hoax. On those, we disagree. On jews, we agree.

Update, January 2013: It gets worse. Site-owner Adam Austin refuses to learn documented truth about Adolf Hitler. Instead, Austin continually bashes Hitler. Also, Austin bans discussion on his site about race. And in emails with me, he would rather insult me for disagreeing with him than have his site hurt the feelings of any of his precious nonWhites. My emails are available to anyone who wants to see for themselves. Perhaps I should remove him from this important page.



Carol Valentine is, or was, the writing force of Public-Action.com.

The site is, apparently, static now. Nonetheless, Valentine’s site offers admirable evidence and logic on some of the biggest issues of our times: 9/11, Waco, and jew-network crimes. She had them pegged as government lies almost from the get-go. Look at the dates on her articles. You don’t have to believe everything there, of course. We’ve all gone through evolutions on 9/11 specifics, haven’t we? But if she can’t persuade the deniers and doubters on the basics, then maybe brain surgery is the only thing that can. ;^)


George W. Bush, crypto-jew. But Franklin Roosevelt was the earliest jew president about whom we have decisive evidence.

George W. Bush, crypto-jew. For some years, Franklin Roosevelt was the earliest jew president about whom we had decisive evidence. But my 2014 book WHITE HONOR moved that back to Madison. Yes, Madison. And a more recent article by me pushed it back to Washington (see Item 4 above).

Another treasure is her publishing of much of the jews’ racial rulebook, The Talmud, in English. It proves that jews consider themselves not a religious group but a race. It proves that jews consider themselves the only humans and that all other races are nothing more than “cattle” to be used by jews, to serve jews. The Talmud also proves the anti-human mentality of jewry, encouraging incest, rape, robbery, and murder. White leaders would never imagine writing such a book and certainly would never teach such depravity. But jew leaders wrote their Talmud and the jews’ rabbis teach it to their kind as their ultimate rule book.

Other sites give portions of the Talmud. Look at this list on the Balder site – click the link and scroll to the bottom right.



Ezra Pound. Poet, mentor of Nobel winners, editor, international truthteller.

Ezra Pound. Poet, mentor of Nobel winners, editor, international truthteller.

Ezra Pound. The great Ezra Pound, who guided Eustace Mullins to greatness, gave radio lectures from Italy through WW2. Our government locked him up for 13 years for it, claiming that Pound was insane, but never pressing an official charge against him. (Familiar, isn’t it? Jews in our government and media claim our truthtellers are insane. Among many other examples, James Forrestal and Joseph McCarthy, both killed while hospitalized. Evidence also says Gen. George Patton was murdered in a hospital after a contrived vehicle “accident.” See link to my Patton article above.) Pound was released thanks to nonstop visits and pressure by his wife and other concerned White Americans, including Mullins. Luckily, we have transcripts of many of his broadcasts. If you don’t know the names of the wealthiest financial criminals in history, and if you don’t understand a little history of banking and wars, then it will be difficult to understand much of this. Nonetheless, please try. Pound names the jew Rothschilds along with the jew Sassoons (yes, including the family of shampoo’s Vidal) and others. Many transcripts:

A favorite: In the following broadcast transcript, Pound steps through American history (again). It’s an entertaining read in which, as usual, he lets some emotion spill.



Jewish Encyclopedia and Jewish Virtual Library

On the left, a heinous crypo-jew leader of Russia and the jews' Soviet Union. On the right, heinous open-jew Michael Chertoff the Bush Department of inJustice and of 9/11 coverup infamy.

On the left, a heinous crypo-jew leader of Russia and the jews’ Soviet Union. On the right, a heinous open-jew of the GWBush Department of inJustice and of 9/11 coverup infamy. The resemblance is racial, by DNA, both physically and mentally.

Although Whites should never need jew sources to verify anything, the jews’ own documents can be interesting. On the following two sites, despite their protection of their fellow Jews, the information paints a vivid picture.

The Jewish Encyclopedia.com. Yes, believe it or not, there is a Jewish Encyclopedia, assembled for Jews by Jews and published between 1901 and 1906. It covers Jewish history up to that time of publication. It has been uploaded to the Internet.

It has a Search option. Here’s a link to a search on “Rothschild.” The results will astound the novice.

The Jewish Virtual Library.org. This library is extensive and up-to-date. Again, do a search on “Rothschild.” Read whatever looks interesting. You can easily connect the dots of Rothschild historical international financial power, corporate power, and thus political control.

Note the other family names associated with the Rothschilds. Jews, henchmen, and agents. Everybody who marries into the family or engages in big business knows who’s the boss.

Also, note the intermarrying, the inbreeding. For a long time, they married only within the family to keep absolute secrecy and control over their empire. The lack of male babies forced them to “extend” the family.



The Jewish Federations Of North America

Though Arabs are an unwelcome invasive minority in our country, many of them know the truth about jews. This Arab cartoon shows that jews own the Democrat-Republican two-party tyranny in the USA.

Though Arabs are an unwelcome invasive minority in our country, many of them know the truth about jews. This Arab cartoon shows that jews own the Democrat-Republican two-party tyranny in the USA.

Look at how many organizations the jews have metasticized, like skin cancer, all across the USA. This is a jew-made list on a jew-made website. JewishFederations.org. These are the organizational networks they admit to, of course, so it’s not anywhere near a complete list. But it’s more than enough to open the eyes and minds of even the most-doubting Thomases among us. By the way, why do they use the word “Federations” instead of more accurate words? Because they want to sound “federal,” part of the government, which they are not. Likewise, the banking system that jews treasonously own and call The “Federal” Reserve Banking system. Not federal. It is private — not owned by our government. That’s a fact.

What other race, what other group, is so well funded and working so hard to undermine the culture of our Founding Fathers and the majority of our population? No other race, no other group, comes anywhere close. Jewry is the Common Enemy of all of us Whites and other non-jews. And it is jewry who has made saying that truth a crime in many countries though not quite yet in our USA.



If you have read a sufficient selection of the WhiteSchool educational materials above, then turn your tassle. Welcome to the leadership level of knowledge. Apply it. We already are, and we need your help.


Advice about bad websites

Since 1896, jews have owned the New York Times. Since then, jews bought, stole, or started every other major newspaper and the chains of local newspapers, every tv network and tv station, every large publisher and nearly every small publisher of books of every kind. And then the Internet was invented, and the jews launched website versions of all of their media. And then jews created a flood of new websites, too, from the little “independent” blogs to the huge and well-advertised celebrity platforms such as HuffingtonPost. All of those sites, and nearly every site they link with, is an anti-American, anti-White, liar for jewry.

We have been flooded from birth with the lies of jewry shaping our thoughts, telling us what is acceptable to discuss and what is out of bounds.

Please, do not allow jews to further poison your mind. We Whites (and a few rare sites of truth from members of other races) have the best news sites, the best entertainment sites, and the best solution sites. Get the truth, and then get off the wires and re-connect with Nature, loved ones, and immediate human smells, needs, and deeds. Jews would prefer that you stay in sight of the ElectricJew (as Revilo Oliver and others used to call tv) and online with their other programming delivery systems every waking minute.

The truth minimizes the need for news and liberates time for doing what needs to be done, for making the news ourselves, and for making history for future Whites to revere.


James T. Laffrey

(Email is welcome. If an email address is on the homepage at the bottom of the right-hand column, use it. Why “if”? Because Hushmail.com deleted my email account — because I urge humanity to wipe out the jews — and other email providers might do likewise.)


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