August 2014, publication in installments began, and concluded in September 2014, of the new book titled:


Meriwether Lewis, A Modern Journalist, And The Common Enemy

Author: James Thomas Laffrey.

Update, October 2014: The entire book is linked here, chapter by chapter, in order. This historic book is not yet available in one piece, for example as a pdf file.

  • If you like reading novels, this book may be right for you.
  • If you prefer facts over fiction, this book is right for you.
  • If you want an honest, amazing White story that reads like a novel, tells the truth, and engages and entertains you in service of our race, this is it.

Finally, if your life needs purpose, if you need inspiration, here it is.




copyright 2014 JLaffrey

copyright 2014 JLaffrey


  • Chapters 16 and 17: “Holidays ‘n’ Deeds,” and “Archivists, Obstructionists.”
  • Chapter 40: “Meriwether Lewis And The jews.”



4 thoughts on “WHITE HONOR. book

  1. [SPOILER ALERT. The comments here reveal two of the major conclusions the author intended for each reader to come to realize either while reading the book or after finishing and pondering the totality of it. -- James.]

    This is the only place on this site open to commenting at this time! So, here I am.

    James, I have felt the need to offer a reaction to your book, but I have been busy with other pursuits and only spottily online, and that time, as you may have noticed(?), was spent reading other sites where I dropped a few choice comments and referred to you, your book, and your site.

    Moreover, I felt the need to let the book digest. :-)

    That process is ongoing. It’s a HUGE book! I mean that in the best figurative way. So, I am not ready to offer my final thoughts, whatever they will be, but I do want to get two thoughts out and on the record.

    1. This is the negative one. I imagine that the book’s emotional intensity on love and sex will scare off any lovely, unmarried White females. They must think they could be only second fiddles.

    2. By HUGE, I mean: its sweep through time; its explosive exposure of illustrious and infamous historical figures; its conveyance of the reader from full ignorance of the Jews all the way to wisdom on the Jews; and its antidotes to a succession of mind-poisons to bring the reader to the absolute necessity of our employing force to kill the killers, to kill the anti-humans, to kill the Jews.

    There is more to say, and I intend to say some of it, soon. For example, you put that bug in my ear about the narrator. But this is all for now.


    • Thank you, sir. Yes, I did notice a couple of your comments elsewhere. Happy sights on sappy sites.

      In response to your #1 above, I don’t doubt it. That atop most White females’ partly natural and partly indoctinated aversion to violence, and we can guess that the pleasure of family encumbrances is not in my future. Such has happened to many leaders, known and unknown, a disappointment for our gene pool.

      The sooner we kill enough jews, the sooner we fix it all.

      Looking forward to your next.

      • You’re welcome. And here is my next.

        Fine turn of phrase about “happy sights,” though I would not call one of them “sappy.” It is nordicantisemite.com.

        Now, the main event:

        The Narrator. Early in White Honor, the narrator and Jim are distinctly separate entities. But throughout the (roughly) second half of the book, Jim’s voice evolves until, finally, and amazingly, his voice and the narrator’s voice have become one.

        I don’t know that such a thing has been done before. Has it? I suppose so. I can imagine a fiction, novel, movie, in which the narrator in the end turns out to be the villain who our main character was trying to track down. But any such examples are fictional contrivances, nothing more. But yours is nonfiction, it is truth, and I have to think that what you have given us is a first.

        Have I passed the quiz?

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