Note: Most recently edited in March 2015. This page describes an evolution in thought. At bottom is the heroic action most necessary right now.

The New American Revolution

Final Solution

Thomas Jefferson wrote, in 1787, after Shay’s Rebellion, that he expected we could never go

“twenty years without such a rebellion. … [T]he tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

That means that every generation would have to fight to put tyrants out of government. Are we not overdue? Consider:

  1. Twenty-five years after Jefferson wrote that, the U.S. had to fight off traitors and the British again in the War of 1812.
  2. A generation after that, President Andrew Jackson and his group of patriots were forced to fight the jew bankers inside and outside the government, with success.
  3. A generation after that, the jew bankers successfully instigated the so-called Civil War, after which our original republic was lost, as the union of states was no longer voluntary.
  4. A generation later, bank “panics,” created and orchestrated by jew bankers, became a cyclic occurrence.
  5. A generation later, in 1913, the jew bankers succeeded in enacting their “solution” to financial instability — the instability they had created — as traitor President Woodrow Wilson signed their Federal Reserve Acts into law. World War 1 quickly followed, in which White Germany’s jew enemies were largely funded by money siphoned from our economy by the jews’ Federal Reserve System.
  6. Less than a generation later, the jew bankers inflicted us with the Awful Depression (not “Great) to drain the People of their accumulated savings and assets. A decade into the Depression, jews created World War 2, which repeated the crime of WW1, though with more devastating results worldwide.
  7. A generation later, jewry killed the U.S. president (JFK) and launched the Vietnam war to kill more nonjews and reap the profits.
  8. A generation later, President Ronald Reagan sold arms through jew-Israel to Iran (who had just released the hostages they had held for more than a year to finish Jimmy Carter’s presidency) for all eight years of his two terms, lying all the way through, and gave vital functions of our government to jew corporations (called “privatization”).
  9. A generation later, jews committed the terror atrocity of 9/11 (September 11, 2001), and absurdly blamed Arab Muslims who had no control of any aspect of the operations, but jews obviously did.

Every generation, a rebellion was needed. Every generation, our country became worse for our White race who founded and built this country.

Rebellion is long overdue.

Here I present Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C to show what cannot work and what will work toward a successful Jeffersonian “rebellion.”

Brief overview

If we can awaken enough of our fellow White Americans by mid-2014, we can employ the nonviolent Plan A for a legal, national victory. Note: This out-of-date plan still remains here as an example of what cannot work and puts the final nail in the coffin of electoral strategies.

Plan B prepares the minds of all who read it so that we are ready if the American public suddenly awakens with anger and generates cascades of large public protests to sweep the country — or at least sweep Washington DC. If that uprising lacks intelligent White leadership, failure is certain.

Our Common Enemy — jews — will inject chaos, violence, and murder into any ignorant masses of honest protesters, thus giving the jew-controlled government the excuse they want to crack down and crack heads, killing thousands, establishing full police-state martial law, and filling the FEMA camp system with our patriots. Plan B is the answer to all criminal government activity, no matter how violent.

Finally, Plan C. The “C” is for “covert,” but it could also mean “current.” Plan C is the current, ongoing necessity of covert activities by our White heroes most capable of surgical actions to weaken jewry’s murderous, parasitic presence in our country. Bonus benefit: turn the Fear Factor back on them. Most of them will take their stolen money and run.

American opportunity and necessity

We recognize that our U.S. government is controlled by jews and their nonjew accomplices. We must overthrow the jew control of our country.

Immediately, let us realize two facts:

  1. There is no law. Since the governments in D.C. and every state break the laws every day of every year, there is no law. Since the governments deliberately do not enforce laws against nonWhites while the governments extremely inflict laws against Whites, there actually is no law. We must never consider what is “legal” and “illegal” out of fear but only for our own strategic purposes.
  2. Peace is not an option. There is no peace now. The jew idea of peace is for jews to freely rule the world and all other people to be dead or hopelessly enslaved. Only after we win can we Whites establish true peace.

As the American Might is in the hands of jewry and threatening the rest of humanity, our fellow Whites in other White-founded White-built countries have little chance of completing revolutions in their countries and then helping us to retake control of our country. We must first slay the monster of the world — the jew-controlled U.S. government and all of its tentacles. This is our great opportunity to be the heroes not only for White America but also for our White race around the world. Our heroism is an absolute necessity to secure the existence of our White race and free us from all enemy constraints once and for all.

Now, the plans.


(Again, this plan remains here only as a model of what cannot work.)

(6 steps)

  1. Write down very clear principles and goals. Publish them for all to see.
  2. Get about 400 White Americans (about 8 from each state) to be your group’s candidates for federal offices so that you can elect your own majorities to Congress — especially the House Of Representatives. The House Of Representatives has the most power, controlling money, impeachments, and law-writing. Every member of the House is up for election every two years. Thus, the entire House can be replaced in any even-numbered year. The Senate is of secondary importance, where one-third can be replaced every two years. (In a presidential election year, of course, candidates will be offered for president and vice president). Only this Constitutional seizing of the reins of government would provide the “legal” power to overthrow jewry’s control.
  3. Fulfill the requirements for Write-In Candidates that vary from state to state.
  4. In advance of the election, have groups in every voting precinct visit the precinct office to demand that paper write-in ballots be available on Election Day. (Otherwise, the fallbacks are Absentee Ballots, and worse, the corrupt electronic-voting Write-In function.) We see blackFrican and Mexican groups marching and making their demands — on our country. Whites must stand up, stand together, and demand what is ours.
  5. On Election Day, have a large group at every voting location to demand eye-sight, personal access to oversee the voting, the vote-counting, and the reporting of vote-totals up to the state level. Record all these numbers so they can be checked later against the federal government’s vote reports. Also, consider doing your own exit-polling to help prove if you have won, lost, or been robbed.
  6. Enjoy the victory. If robbed of victory, consider Plan B. Govern by your previously stated goals and principles. Do not let the criminals decide anything. The jews and their accomplices do not get to decide their fate nor anything you say or do to reset the USA upon the founders’ principles.

That is Plan A. Since the duped masses will not follow one honest White American, Plan A provides a group of 400. But would the masses follow that courageous group of true patriots of our race and our country? No. One reason is that the masses would believe lies about the group of 400. Another reason is that masses don’t operate that way. Never have, never will. They don’t drive an agenda. They follow. For decades already, our best White Americans have known that any and every election-based plan is dead in the water, there exists no nonviolent way to reestablish White America. They are correct. We cannot quickly awaken the masses and stir them to risk jobs and lives. They will only follow, and they will follow when they see that Whites and Truth already winning. See Plan C for the only other options to achieving Liberty from jewry within our lifetimes. But first, let’s consider the “flood control” of Plan B.



(This plan is useful in preparing for potential chaos caused by the government or as a reaction to our breakthrough against Jew Rule in this race war they have inflicted upon us.)

(8 steps)

  1. Write down very clear principles and goals. Publish them for all to see.
  2. Be a group. Prepare many leaders. Do not be a one-headed, easy-to-decapitate mini monarchy. Beware of infiltrators. Do not depend on secrecy: Secrecy among a big group is impossible.
  3. Prepare for electronic communication devices to be blocked by the government and/or the jew-owned phone and Internet corporations. Prepare for how to identify and neutralize infiltrator-instigators of violence who will pose as fellow patriots during operations in Step 5 below.
  4. Prepare to shun all orders from anyone, in or out of uniform, with or without guns. This is an overthrow, a WHITE revolution. Ignore all supposed offers of dialog, compromise, and other such lies. Prepare for the fact that some guards will shoot whether our people are armed or unarmed as our masses overwhelm barriers. The quicker others kill or swarm upon the shooter(s), the fewer the victims. Again, prepare! The next step must succeed!
  5. When sufficient, overwhelming numbers of our White Americans are flooding the streets of Washington DC (and state capitals), proceed. Flood first into the White House and then other key Executive Branch buildings and into the Capitol Building (Congress) and other buildings of Congressmembers’ offices. Kill them all, no exceptions, thus no confusions. Keep the buildings flooded with people inside and out for safety’s sake.
  6. Proceed with the operation of government. Carry out the previously published goals. Instantly, “behead” the media (kill the entire jew-laden ownership and top management) and do everything, openly and on camera, warts and all, for the people to see, believe, and support.
  7. In every state, the above process will be necessary and should be simultanous or quickly follow. Otherwise, many state governments will solidify as jew-controlled enemies to White Restoration. They are already jew-controlled, so they must quickly be overthrown to avoid their marshaling of armed forces.
  8. Coordinate with other White leaders. Govern as you would be governed.

Print This Page. Or At Least Copy-And-Paste It Into A Document File On Your Computer.

Do At Least That Much To Prepare For A Better Future.




Founding Fathers. White men (except for a few jew infiltrators). They established our country as a White-led country in which only Whites would be citizens and allowed to vote. We are taught that there is something wrong with that, but then why can Israel be a jew-only country? Meanwhile, there are Black-only countries, Arab-only countries, and Asian-only countries. Only White-founded White-built countries have been forced to accept incompatible immigrants, a policy we never voted for. Who forced it upon us? The jews did, and they have held the reins of our government at least since crypto-jew president Woodrow Wilson invited their mass infiltration. We have the right to undo all of those crimes of treason against us and render capital punishment upon the current generation of perpetrators.

Plan C answers the imperative that we must reduce the enemy jew population that infects our country. White Americans founded our country and built our country, and White Americans were duped into letting jews into our country. What is the jew race doing to us? For a century already, and ongoing every day, jewry:

  1. bankrupts us through criminal banking,
  2. poisons our minds through media, so-called education, and jew-created and -led religions,
  3. poisons our bodies (slow murder) by toxic “medicines,” vaccinations, and tainted “food,”
  4. robs us through the scams of insurance and income tax,
  5. imprisons us through criminalized courts and “law enforcement” agencies,
  6. treats us as guilty when we try to travel and when we exercise our CONstitutional right to “keep and bear arms,” which means “to have and carry weapons,
  7. abuses and murders our young girls and boys in jew sex-abuse rings and the jew organ-harvesting network,
  8. and kills us in their false-flag Terror atrocities.

That is war. The jews started it, jews have been waging it, and our White race has yet to begin to fight back.

Meanwhile, across the entire country:

  • jewry is hoarding assets, buying our foreclosed homes and businesses, buying up land, and keeping everything within jewry, blocking us from ownership and control of what was White property.
  • jewry is inciting the other minorities against us.

We must begin our Self Defense, better late than never. In the jews’ war against us, we must have both of the following kinds of activities ongoing:

  1. educational, organizational, public efforts.
  2. careful, covert efforts. (Plan C, below)

The public efforts, such as this website and hundreds of others, are essential as ongoing efforts to inform and energize our fellow White Americans. Also, we give the masses the all important visible image of strong White leadership.

In the meantime, as jewry continues to make progress on all fronts in their war against us, we must weaken that enemy population.

This is Plan C. “Covert.” Is it illegal to encourage action in Self Defense, to “incite” Self Defense? If it is, then the government who enacted such a law is a government of traitors who deserve capital punishment. I am inciting Self Defense, and the best defense is a good offense. The best defense attacks.

We have every right to act in secret as individuals. And “covert” means “secret.” It is up to every White hero to decide what he or she can do to effectively Defend our families, our race, and our country.

Food for thought: Many of our men and women have served jewry in our jew-controlled military and “law enforcement” agencies, and during that service they killed many people — but always the wrong enemy. The clear and imminent danger is from the enemy among us, right here, throughout our country.

Jewry controls our population mainly through fear. However, we can easily instill fear, and thus chaos, in them.

Basic advice: Tell no one. Likely work at night. Work where nobody knows you. Consider buying used clothes for one-time use to be discarded where they will never be found or connected to you or your action. Consider simple elements of disguise, such as hairstyle, glasses, a bandage, a limp, or other. Do not choose targets or places of any personal connection to you. Leave no trail coming or going. Dispose of identifiable refuse in rivers or fires.

Again, tell no one. Expect no glory, no recognition. You know you are a hero, and that must be enough for now. Expect the jew-controlled media to blackout coverage of your deeds or to lie about your deeds. Otherwise, expect them to bait you by their lies. Do not ever send them a message in any way, shape, nor form. Keep yourself clean and free to perform another day.

Every killed jew is absolute, undeniable progress against the enemy race infesting our country. Secondarily, every kill of every nonWhite invader (including so-called “undocumented immigrants”) is progress for our race, for White America.

The only proper time to share information on our heroic accomplishments will be after our victory, not before.

Whites Will Win!

Be Right and Fight. Today, tomorrow, and until it’s done.


P.S. To see related, true Solution ideas, visit JB Campbell’s admirable site here.