CleanUp, 2May2017: Right-Column Items ‘Jews Sick Dogs On Me,’ and ‘Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler’


When I decided to test the claims of modern newsmedia, one thing I did was compare the writings and speeches of U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt to the writings and speeches of Germany’s president Adolf Hitler. This was about seven years ago.

Anybody can do this. Videos and texts are easily available.

What did I find?

From FDR, I found lie after lie — promises to keep the USA out of foreign wars, promises to help farmers while deliberately bankrupting tens of thousands of White farmers, promises to secure freedoms while confiscating Americans’ gold and while enacting “gun control,” and many more.

From Adolf Hitler, I found truth after truth. I read his book and found astonishing honesty and claims easily verifiable now. In his speeches, I found truths such as who instigated conflicts, who started the murdering of civilians, who did the assassinations of leaders during peacetime.

And then I found documentation — from Ernst Zundel, the International Red Cross, and many others — on the transport and treatment of jews from 1933 to 1945. Autopsies showed no homicidal gassings. A high water table showed that mass burnings of bodies in ditches at Auschwitz were impossible. On and on, folks.

And then I learned my way to the full Reality Of Race on this planet Earth.

So can you — if you’re not a lazy f’n sheep but are a truthseeking truthloving truthdemanding White man or White woman.

Happy Birthday, 20 April (1889), to this White man who gave his all — everything — to his White German people and, thus, to our White race wherever on this planet we reside!



I’m living in Tennessee, where the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) has been asking about me as to whether I have been doing any race-based recruiting or other racial activity. The person who told me this said that the TBI told him to not tell me. The TBI have not contacted me.

Meanwhile, the county sheriff paid a visit to one of my relatives with the stated purpose of looking for me. I haven’t lived at my current address for long, and it would seem that the sheriff’s department didn’t know my current address. My guess is that they were attempting to serve me with notice of some kind of jew lawsuit against me. Although I was told that the TBI know where I live, the sheriff personnel have yet to visit me directly.

Of course, there are jews infesting those government agencies. A question: Do the nonjews working in those agencies know about jews yet? If not, they are ignorantly “serving and protecting” only jews, not Americans. And we know there is only one way to put a stop to all of it.

– 20 Oct. 2015

P.S. I get email from a lot of jew websites and such asking me to “confirm” my supposed postings of my “profile” or my “ads” and whatever. Of course, jews are doing all of that. It’s identity theft against me. But one of the purposes of those jew sites is exactly their use against us Whites. So, I will say it again, there is only one true solution to it all. See advice at the bottom of this website to help you help us all. Heroism is required.

Whites Will Win.

Which Part of Rape-Murder-Genocide Does He Not Understand?

Which Part of Torture-Rape-Murder-Genocide Does He Not Understand?

Which Part of Jews-Hate-Whites Does He Not Understand?

You may be asking for an immediate answer to who the “he” in the headlines is. That “he” is any White man who is not committed and energized as both –

  1. a defender of our race and
  2. a killer of the enemy race of humanity.

Which part of this does he not understand:


Maybe it’s “just an old cartoon, a cartoon about the Soviet military, and cartoons are not reality.” Yeah?


That’s a real photo. That’s what the Soviet military did to Whites everywhere in Eastern Europe and extra viciously in eastern Germany.

But, “Oh, that was a long time ago, not now. Besides, it’s black-and-white, which doesn’t look like real life to us nowadays. And they were Soviets. What are ‘Judeo-Bolsheviks’ anyway?”

The Soviet Union was the result of the “Bolshevik” revolution, and the self-titled “Bolsheviks” were a group created by, led by, and funded by jews. Thus, “Judeo-Bolsheviks.” This is history that even the jew-owned “encyclopedia” websites admit now. The jew bankers of the USA were major funders of that jew revolution against the longtime White leadership of Russia. Those jew bankers were pretending to be Whites — that’s how the jews duped actual White leaders into giving them such power.

Which part of this does he not understand:


“Wow. But –.”

“Dramatic and personal. But just another damned cartoon.” Eh?

Cartoons and paintings had to stand in for the lack of photographs and videos. Do you think the jew-Soviets photographed and videod themselves committing these crimes against humanity? Also, the most gruesome of photos that do exist are not available to us.


Even though it’s a recent photo of a recent race crime, you don’t care because it’s in Germany, right?

If you’re White, you almost certainly have some German blood in you. Germans were the main part and best part of the colonizers from Europe to North America, though the big media never offer that information. Look at the German names of towns and land formations in your state and other states, from Frankenmuth to Hohenwald.

And the “Syrian refugees” are both Syrians and fake Syrians. The jews instigate and fire-up those wars, such as that in Syria right now, to create refugees for the forced import of nonWhites into White countries to function as the jews’ tools against us Whites.

Which Part of this does he not understand:


Finland is a White-founded White-built country. Finns fought heroically in early World War 2 against the jew-Soviets but lost, as did we all. Just like in the USA, the jews pretending to be Whites have taken control of Finland’s media, banking, and government. They have used those tools to miseducate, mislead, and dupe the Finns into false “guilt” and “multiculturism” (actually multi-race-mixing) and let the jew-infested government bring in Africans and other nonWhites by the truckloads and boatloads and give them every kind of preference and welfare paid for by Whites.

No truly White woman is ever “Miss Israel,” or “Miss Nigeria,” or “Miss Angola,” etc.

But jews and negroes become “Miss Finland” and “Miss America” and the “Miss” of any White country infested with jews.

Is the jew agenda not clear?

Is the jews’ ANTI-WHITE worldwide agenda not clear?

To Be Continued.



That sign in the above image is right. It doesn’t matter what kind of people we see in the photo. The absolute undeniable fact of World Trade Center Building 7 falling straight down later in the afternoon of September 11, 2001, after NOT getting hit by a plane and after NOT having any major fires — it sends every logical truthseeking White mind on a beeline to the capital-crime TRUTH.

The beeline:

  • The only way for that very strong structure to completely fall straight down is by pre-planted explosives floor-by-floor. (Tentative conclusion: the whole of 9/11 was planned.)
  • The jew owner/leaseholder Larry Silverstein said on video (you can watch and listen to it now on youtube or other sites) that he decided “to pull it.”
  • Perhaps aided by seeking and intaking statements by many professionals in and around the controlled-demolitions field (found easily on the Internet), the realization about Building 7 is then applied to the WTC twin towers that also fell straight down — but with material blown out horizontally floor-by-floor. Thus, the whole of 9/11 was planned.
  • Who planned it, then? The answer comes in who owned it, and who controlled the security of the buildings so as to allow the teams of men to enter the building like worker ants carrying and installing the explosives and wiring — for weeks.
  • Again, Larry Silverstein, owner-leaseholder, is a jew. The security company was jew-owned.

Every other avenue of pursuit on this course turns up jews.

No Arabs, no “Muslims,” nobody but jews had ownership or control of the government agencies and private companies involved in preparing for 9/11, letting it happen, making it happen, and covering-up the truth of it afterward.

And then we learn that thousands of jews didn’t go to work that day in their jobs in the WTC towers. We learn that the jews had (and probably still have) a jews-only messaging system by which they were told not to go to work that day.

Which part of PrePlanned, Mass-Murder, Crime Against Humanity by jews against Whites and anybody else but jews does “he” not understand?

Which part of jewry is the enemy of the White race and every other race does “he” not understand?

Hand-in-glove, the government and jewsmedia conspire in the lies. Yesterday, I asked a tv-watcher, “How many big buildings fell on 9/11?” The middle-aged White woman answered, “Two.”

Gullible, unthinking, sponge living in the bubble of only jew-approved information from which she forms her “knowledge” and opinions.

I have other things to do. These other things are in service of our race. So, just one more thought:


When a murderer or rapist or committer of treason is put to death — killed — that person NEVER AGAIN murders a person or rapes a person or commits treason or commits any other crime. One-hundred percent effective, that’s what KILLING is.

Mr. Adolf Hitler did not order mass killing of jews. He should have. Instead, jews had already united (as of March 1933 — 6 years before the official start of WW2) to kill him and most if not all Germans.


Let’s say the “he” still thinks Adolf Hitler was evil and somehow got workers in prison camps to gas and burn 6million jews. (Physically impossible from several angles, as anyone who has actually thought about it has realized.)

Anyway, all the German White leaders who were hanged, and the millions of White soldiers who were starved to death right after the war by jew Dwight David Eisenhower and his tribe, and the White camp workers who were “tried” in Israeli (jew) courts and executed — NONE of them has ever committed another “crime,” eh? Surely “he” can understand that.

But I started this article with the truth about the big wars. So, enough about them.

The little wars, too, since WW2 that have involved any White countries have all been wars for the purposes of killing anybody but jews for the profit of jews and nobody else.

Owners of the major corporate arms manufacturers, jews.

Owners of the international middlemen corporations selling arms (violating any and all sanctions, embargoes, bans), jews.

It bears repeating, and perhaps I don’t repeat it enough: jews are NOT Whites. But most of the jews in the USA and other White-founded White-built countries are pretending to be Whites, thus duping the White populations into not only letting the jews control our countries but also making Whites wrongly think that fellow Whites are the villains!


Now, which part of jewry is the enemy of humanity does “he” not understand?

The “final solution” has never been applied to the jews, but it should be and must be, the sooner the better.

Yes. Kill them. Kill the cockroaches. Kill the rats. Kill the jews. Secure the existence of our great White race and the future of White children.

1. The government tells us to kill Muslims in the Middle East, Arabs in Arab countries, Negroes in Africa, Syrians in Syria, on and on, anybody and everybody but jews.

2. We disagree, and so we identify the true enemy and urge the killing of them.

We both incite violence. The government incites violence also against us. We incite violence to preserve us, to free us, and to free other races to live in their own countries, not in ours.

Two totally opposed positions. Only one can be right.


James Laffrey

Whites Will Win.


Admirable Jan Reports MASSIVE BANNING by the enemy jews

Meet Jan of South Africa and

With pleasure, I am doing something I very rarely do: devote an article to another website owner-writer.

TeamWhite.logoJan Lamprecht has risen from years of offering mixed-bag sites such as and (included in my TruthfulSites pages) to his current heights with and TeamWhite (youtube channel), the latter in partnership with the American Alex Linder (most famous for his Vanguard News Network).

In my estimation, Jan’s video production is the most valuable service he is providing to our White race. Although some of the images he displays during videos detract from the message, his explanations and analyses of historical figures and events are very impressive.

Most of all, in his videos, his pep talks, his inspirational orations, are supreme. Listen to him as he describes how our White race has been duped into defeatism and loss of confidence. Listen to him as he shows by words and images how we are more powerful — both as individuals and as a race — than we know.

Once, I actually sat and transcribed much of one of his videos because of the great confidence-inspiring passages he spoke. And since then, I have repeatedly thought, “Wow, this is better than the one I transcribed!”

In the headline on this article, I mentioned the massive bannings, as reported by Jan, and by some others. So, let’s get to that.

If you choose to subscribe to his email newsletters (as I do), you will receive info such as the following, which came in a recent email. Caution: He is either a Trump-ette or pretending to be one in order to attract the Trumplings and move them toward the truth. I quote:

The Jews are in OVER-DRIVE just trying to drive Whites off the Social media at a pace like you can’t believe. In my view, this is a Jewish counter-offensive regarding the victory of Donald Trump. They and the Elite must have realised that all these little efforts by Whites were actually busy DEFEATING THEIR GLOBAL MEDIA. I’ve seen all sorts of youtube channels. Some of them have reaches in the hundreds of thousands of video views and others even were reaching millions. The Jews are busy sweeping WHITES off the Social Media.

Today I was notified that even my rather boring Pinterest account had been suspended! They are trying to sweep away the slightest thing they can find! I was hardly active on Twitter and Pinterest, yet they’ve killed those accounts.

What it shows me is that the GUERILLA internet activities of the Whites have shocked the Jews and scumbag elite. They clearly thought they had EVERYTHING under control … but White guerilla activities had been beating them.

So, that’s just a taste. See the accompanying images for his notices on the massive bannings of his videos, mostly by youtube-jewtube across Europe but also some worldwide.

Image from Jan's website

Image from Jan’s website. Difficult to read, but YouTube claims to be complying with “local laws” when banning a #TeamWhite video — a reading of a chapter of Henry Ford’s book “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem.” The middle paragraph is a list of mostly European countries.


Image from Jan's website

Image from Jan’s website. This notice from YouTube shows the wholesale, improper, criminal banning done by jewtube. The video is “blank hrc link 1″ — a blank video waiting to be put to use as a link to a video on another channel or website. The video itself violates no laws. But it’s by Whites who are pro-Whites and anti-jews, so it’s banned.

Another taste, especially about social media, such as Facebook and Twitter:

The thing to watch is whether can become a solid platform for us. But I suspect we’re going to be under attack endlessly no matter what we do. The Jews will be back. But its astounding the MASSIVE SCALE on which the Jews are attacking the Social Media. What this shows me is that despite the Jews having total top-down control of the Social Media for years, White men and women were extremely successful in penetrating those areas.


Someone told me that in December alone 285 Youtube channels were terminated. But I must say, when I see how many people have lost their accounts, I wonder if the Jews haven’t driven tens of thousands of Whites off the social media?

However, Jan says that he will not give up the fight on those media. He urges us to keep hitting back, rebounding after every deletion, after every banning. Our combined efforts Will Win.

Recently, jew-owned (CEO jew jeff bezos, above) banned an entire category of books -- what's called "revisionist history" -- most of which are Whites' truthful reports, full of verifiable evidence, about the the jews' massive Holocaust hoax.

Recently, jew-owned (CEO jew Jeff Bezos, above) banned an entire category of books — what’s called “revisionist history” — hundreds of books, most of which are Whites’ truthful reports full of verifiable, documented, evidence about the the jews’ massive Holocaust hoax.

Also, Jan points out that the jews’ massive censorship of truth by Whites is most intense in Europe, where, of course, they won the last world war and gave themselves the power to ban and censor most heinously. He says the jews must intensely fear the awakening of our White cousins of Europe — certainly true.

Aside: Here’s a link to Carolyn Yeager’s article about the World Jewish Congress taking credit for Amazon’s banning of the hundreds of “revisionist history” books about the jews’ Holohoax. The jews in the USA and around the world aren’t united against us Whites? Which part of all of this, from South Africa to Europe to the USA, do doubters not grasp?!

I think I’ll post the bulk of what I transcribed some weeks ago. This is especially good as a follow on my off-mission article about White science and the killing of Einstein. Also, it underlines what I have said repeatedly, No More White Flight! In Jan’s “Jew Shock” video, he said, noting his own decades of study of astronomy:

I still am quite awed by the fact that we’ve not found another planet exactly like Earth. … We have no idea how far away we’d have to go before we’d find another planet that’s got as much intelligent life on it as ourselves. And no matter what is wrong with this place, this planet Earth is special. It really is very special. … And our place here is very special. And I find it unthinkable and utterly illogical that we should give up anything here.

I think it is a sin, even in the physical material sense, it is an absolute sin: We would not be living our lives in accordance with nature if we Whites gave up. It is absolutely unthinkable that we should give up, surrender, commit suicide, even give up one grain of sand. …

We are the highest form of life that we have ever discovered. We’ve not come across anything that even comes close to ourselves. For that reason alone we should preserve ourselves at all costs. And we White people, we are the ones who built all the science and have acquired all this knowledge. …

The bottom line is that, mistakes and all, regardless of what we are, warts and all, we must cling to and fight tooth and nail for absolutely everything we have. And we White people must stop running, hiding, surrendering, etc. … We were the people who built civilization. … We as the creators of the greatest civilization this planet has ever known, we should fight tooth and nail, and work with each other and in support of each other, no matter where. …

Don’t give up anything. Don’t listen to the enemy. … We are going to create a whole new force. And you’re going to see, we are going to tear apart those who thought that we, the White people, are dead. They’re going to see, we are far from dead.”

Good stuff, eh?! And he’s gotten better since. Also, I would guess that Alex Linder has been a very good influence in Jan’s rise since Mr. Linder says, as only a few of us do, that we must exterminate all of jewry.


The name of the site is HistoryReviewed, after all. For me, the most valuable video discourses on history by Jan have been on Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and NSDAP Germany, and on — surprise — South Africa and Rhodesia. Yes, including South Africa, it all applies to our plight right now.

Jan quotes Adolf Hitler as having said: I don’t study history but “let history teach me.” Indeed, our learning from history — trying to make sure it is more or less true history — teaches us what not to do and what to do TO WIN! We don’t re-fight the old war but we bring our knowledge of the past along with our intelligence and creativity to the current war.

When Whites do this, and when not opposed by a majority of DUPED White militaries against us (as great Germany faced in WW2), then Whites always win.

Addition: 17 April 2017: As I said above, what has happened and is happening in South Africa applies to what we are dealing with right now. Prime example:

In a recent video by Jan, he interviewed fellow South African Dr. Peter Hammond. The video title is “Top Jewish Organisation behind Draconian Hate Speech Law In South Africa.” Here’s the salient paragraph from Jan’s newsletter about that video:

The key thing here is that NOBODY in South Africa has discussed the origin of the Hate Speech Laws. Everyone thinks the ANC are behind it but actually the entire idea comes from JEWS OUTSIDE GOVERNMENT including the LGBT crowd. The Jewish Board of Deputies is the top Jewish organisation in South Africa.

There it is, from a great source: The top overt jew group in the country was behind the creation, pushing, and enacting of laws against what the jews call “hate speech” — which is any truth against them and their tools. Same as here in the USA, though the jews haven’t quite succeeded, yet, in getting their proposed laws enacted.

However, since the jews push those poisonous, anti-White ideas constantly in the jew-owned media (tv, movies, magazines, songs, etc.), we suffer discrimination by the force of duped public opinion and jew-trained law enforcement thugs.

More Banning

Website owner Seana Fenner is another of the few webwriters to whom I have devoted an article on this website. On my TruthfulSites pages, I say this (Link, currently #167):

We have here one of the five top webwriters in our pro-White anti-jew movement, folks. Powerful, personal, knowledgeable. This includes her careful but clear call to destroy jewry once and for all. My only qualm is the “religion.” Full thirst for truth about our ancestors, yes. Veneration, yes. “Religion,” no. She resides in Hawaii, a very anti-White place in my two years of experience there.

Seana Fenner’s pro-White work is extensive, much of it you would never know about if you only occasionally check for new articles on one of her sites. On the subject of bannings, she has suffered many and continually suffers more, and she fights back in various ways — eloquent, devastating arguments to our enemies and dupes; new articles totally exposing those enemies; letters on legal issues to the jew-controlled companies such as Facebook, et al; and actual legal actions.

The following image, Seana’s version of “coexist,” was deleted by Facebook. It’s just an image with symbols! But it has the ancient Aryan symbol called the swastika, so that must have been “hate,” according to the jew-owned jew-operated Facebook.



The following image is Seana’s response to another anti-White crime by Facebook. seana-fenner.facebook-anti-truth


And one more. For anyone of sound mind who views the comment threads to which Seana contributes, her superiority over the vicious enemies and dupes is obvious.


Addition, 17 April 2017:


Consider how all of the big jew-owned media, such as newspapers and magazines and their websites, and tv and the tv-related websites, prevent us and our truthful reports from ever getting on their media.

We are pre-banned.

The vast majority of the public still sheepily gets all or nearly all of their information of every kind from the lying big media. People are constantly fed lies about every kind of science (from space to weather to natural resources to diseases to nutrition, etc.), constantly fed lies about what the government does and does not do, about who owns and controls the biggest corporations and institutions, constantly fed lies about history and fed reversals of the truth about who were the villains and who were the heroes.

paypal.jews.memePayPal and other such services ban us simply because of our speech — even here in our “free speech” country. They agree with the government on who are the enemies “of our nation and our freedoms” and who must be hated and killed. We disagree with the government and say who really must be killed, and so PayPal and many other such service companies deny us service because of that speech.

Their speech promotes violence against their named enemies. They don’t ban themselves. Our speech promotes violence against our named enemies. They ban us.

And who owns those services? Always jews.

(R.I. reports on many such companies.)

Remember: The jews are not Whites, but most of them in the USA are pretending to be Whites for the purpose of duping us into letting them dupe us.


People who cannot see from this evidence that Jews Are The Enemy are people who cannot be trusted and are of no use to truth, justice, and the comeback of our great race.

But the Whites among those ignorant people can, in the near future, shed their ignorance and become trusted and useful members of our great race. I, myself, am an example. Ten years ago, I was an intellectual “everybody’s equal” numbskull! But I learned. I investigated, I researched, I read many pdf books and watched many videos. I separated the meat from the tofu.

My fellow Whites, you can do that, too. But thanks to my WhiteSchool page, it need not take you so long as it took me.

We who are of truly White blood and not mixed-race mongrels have — as Jan has powerfully said in choice videos — inherent capabilities beyond what we have ever been taught.

Wake up, my fellow Whites. Fully wake up.

We have only to STRIVE, and we will THRIVE.


James Laffrey



Re-Post, Improved: White Scientists Kill Einstein, Again. Finally?

Re-Post, Improved: White Scientists Kill Einstein, Again. Finally?

Well, I was just trying to be completely positive. I was putting my normal (and necessary) skepticism on the back burner while celebrating what looked like a very WHITE, therefore honest, and great White group effort in science to overturn a monstrous part of the sewage from jew Albert Einstein and the international jews’ organized propaganda machine.

So, the previous headline on this article was:

Finally, White Scientists Kill Einstein

The article lauded two main things: The Electric Universe theory of the universe, and the Thunderbolts Project group whose websites, videos, and other free publications are quite impressive.

So that you can get the full picture, I will leave the whole previous article in place, below. (Here’s a link to it. The comments there are useful.) After it, I will add new remarks.

Before we get to the content of that previous article, though, I need to provide a new introduction so as to properly set the stage.

Here’s what happened since I posted that article on 6 April 2017:

  • I received an email from a very knowledgeable White man who works with electronic components, builds electronic-component systems for professionals in a popular industry, and for many years has immersed himself in the science of electricity and the electrical nature of our solar system and universe.
  • Here’s much of what he said. I quote:
    “For approx. the past 16-17 years I have been studying Plasma Comet Fusion and Catastrophism (due to close passage of comets) via an independent White American scientist named James McCanney.
    McCanney is the man who coined the term ‘Electric Universe’ long before Thunderbolts was heard of.  I essentially like what the Thunderbolts guys are doing, however there are TWO glaring red flags with them.
    #1.  It’s IMPOSSIBLE not to reference McCanney’s scientific model while talking about the electrical nature of our universe.
    #2. To date, I’ve yet to encounter where they [the Thunderbolts guys] have explained the actual origin of the electricity generated. Maybe TB guys have explained this, however I’ve not seen it (nor looked too hard to find it to be honest because it should be front and centre in their work).
    It’s quite clear in McCanney’s model how the ‘solar capacitors’ are generated.
    Nonetheless, it’s fantastic to see White scientists destroy the lying SOB jewstien.
    I always tell people Earth’s history only comes down to THREE things
    - destruction at the hands of jews
    - destruction due to close passage of very large comets (planetary sized nucleus within 10 million miles)
    - White’s building and rebuilding from these disasters.
    Really, that’s what it all comes down to.”
  • So, I HAD to visit the website of James McCanney. The initial experience was similar to when a commenter on this website suggested I look at Carl Munck’s work (“The Code” — the locational math proving the connections between the greatest of the pyramidal complexes around the world. See my article: “Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid” and that article’s part one, linked there.) I quickly realized that I had taken a look at McCanney’s site before, several years ago.
  • I watched a video interview of James McCanney by Randy Maugans (see two screenshots, below), in which McCanney identifies the giant figures in South American called the Nazca lines as tremendously powerful antennas! (I have mentioned these figures before in reference to the fantastic work by Martin Doutre ( on the Nazca figures and megalithic stone structures around the world. McCanney’s discovery adds an amazing layer to the functions of those astounding figures.)
  • And then, I HAD to either update my article or delete it and write a new one!
cut line

James McCanney, right



Just one of the many huge Nazca figures, above left. This one shows various kinds of antennas interconnected, says Mr. McCanney.

So, here we are. Now, let me say that I think Mr. James McCanney is a brilliant scientist — inventor, too. But there a couple things that bother me, and I will provide those things right after I give him some space, letting him speak for himself by way of a quote from his homepage (

Announcement of Death … the term i created in 1979 “Electric Universe” and used and developed long before (minimally 25 years) … before any of the johny come lately internet imposters… yes the term “Electric Universe” has been thoroughly stomped on and misrepresented until it finally has died … the handlers of the imposters have succeeded in completely destroying any meaning to this term … and the entire purpose of this effort was to do what they always do … take an entity … redefine it … bring in the replacement nut cases … and finally place them as the representatives … to completely obfuscate the original source … the internet is full of internet information pirates … opportunists that take and then claim “30 years of research” … that is … in grandma’s basement … but there is a solution … return here to find out what it is … jim mccanney

Mr. McCanney is right about what the “handlers of the imposters” do, right? Right. And who are they? They are jews, as we well know. But McCanney never says “jews” on any of the many website pages I have looked at thus far. He does indict the Rothschilds by name and their bankster network and the control over institutionalized science and other institutions. But no “jews.” Why not? He’s already independent and self-sustaining, so why not?

Another negative is right there on his homepage: He urges readers to buy gold — in the form of KaratBars — and to join what looks like a pyramid scheme in selling KaratBars and earning commissions. (I’ll say again that the enemy jews own the gold, so you’d be buying from them, actually. And IF there’s a major breakdown in society — which we want and need in order to fully wage and fully win the necessary race war — gold will NOT be what we want. We will want food, weapons and ammo. Can’t eat gold. Don’t want to shoot gold.)

He sells other things, and more power to him for that: His own water filters. His books, his scientific reports, some videos, other related things. And his newest series of videos.

Two links from his homepage to other pages of major interest:

Ok. Enough introduction. Now, I present the previous article. I’m leaving my overdone praise there for you to see and to judge. Yes, judge. We all judge. Be a judge. After that, I will offer some remarks as a conclusion.

Great White scientist. Right now. See highlights of his historic work below.

Great White scientist. Right now. See highlights of his historic work below.

Yes, finally, great Whites have dumped scum jew Albert Einstein into a cauldron of boiling excrement. So to speak.

Wal Thornhill is my favorite of the group of scientists I want to introduce you to. Here’s the best related slide from a presentation he gave in Maryland a few years ago:

A screenshot from the video of Wal Thornhill's great presentation.

A screenshot from the video of Wal Thornhill’s great presentation.

More on that later. First, I want to share some of what I went through as a frustrated science lover — much of which maybe you can relate to.

When I was a teenager and on through my twenties, I loved science and subscribed to science magazines. And then came the day when, in disgust, I stopped all subscriptions. Why?

The utter absurdities were no longer bearable. The “popular” science — and the amount of academic science that I was aware of — were divorced from reality. And their own constructs were self-contradicting, yet they taught them to us as if the basics were all glorious fact with only a few “anomalies” to be ironed out.

1990s bs

1990s bs

The Big Bang, with its rapidly expanding universe. Nonsense, and I knew it back then. How did I know? Over several years, I noticed the various reports of huge celestial bodies colliding — even galaxies colliding. How can galaxies move toward each other when the universe is expanding and everything is, therefore, moving away from every other thing?

Also, while they were telling us the universe was a particular age, the newest telescopes could “see” farther than the supposed outer edge of the universe. They didn’t have to see across the whole diameter of the universe. We’re inside of it, so they only needed to see to the nearest edge — at most, half the diameter of the universe. Thus, they should have been reporting on seeing what was beyond, or that nothing was beyond. But they weren’t. Not a word about it.

I didn’t even buy their claims of planets forming from collections of rocks and dust. How could the stuff compress and get rounded into a nice ball from only gravity? If that’s how it works, if the bigger stuff always attracts and incorporates the smaller stuff, then how can there be any moons around planets? And why is the asteroid belt full of pieces of rock and whatever that haven’t combined and compressed and rounded into big balls? I didn’t know how planets formed, but I knew that the “popular” media-glorified scientists’ explanation could not be correct.

2012. Recent, pervasive bs.

2012. Recent, pervasive bs.

And then there were the absolute excrements of alternative universes and the “strings” and bile from Stephen Hawking and the rest of them — all divorced from reality, nature, and physical facts. Upon that heap, put black holes. The black hole is a self-contradicting idea. It sucks stuff in, nothing can get out of it, yet it is somehow a mechanism for “creation” of stars, galaxies, whatever.

On top of all of that, there were the predictions. In five or ten years, we’ll have the Jetsons this, and the Star Trek that.

After ten years of paying for those magazines, little if anything that they predicted came to pass. But no mention of their failures appeared in the magazines. They were filled with the newest absurdist concoctions.

I was reminded last year (2016) of all of that as I had free access to a great variety of current magazines. I saw in them that there had been no positive change. A negative change in their march of madness now includes foul language. Yes. Even a magazine that we would think is targeted for dads and their sons, such as Popular Mechanics, spews the word “fuck” and various inappropriate references to sexual matters.

Of course, all of these negatives are the marks of the jews. I had no idea about that in my younger years, but since about 2009 I know it very well. (See my article “Beetle” about specifics in current popular car magazines. Seasoning many articles on this website are citations of deceit in many specified popular magazines.)

So, last month (March 2017), happy surprise and sweet joy welled up in me while viewing the videos by the founders of the Thunderbolts Project and their explanation of the universe as the Electric Universe.

My favorite, thus far, is Wal Thornhill, pictured above.Some of what he says:

  • “Science went off the rails about 100 years ago.”
  • The wrongly glorified Einstein led the derailment.
  • Physics is “dead.”
  • “There’s no such thing as massless particles.”
  • The Big Bang is a “rewrite of religion.”

Let me show you some more screenshots from videos of his presentation mentioned above and a more recent one — both videos available on the Thunderbolts Project website and their channel on youtube.



The coolest aspects of this slide for me: (1) Electrons are not single particles but are made of particles — which is a necessary and sensible conclusion in order to fit with the reality of matter and in order to get to an actual explanation of the CAUSE of gravity. (2) Einstein said nothing could go faster than the speed of light. Wrong. One proof: the electron’s subparticles are moving far faster than the speed of light.





Ok, this is getting deep for people who haven’t given deep thought to any of this. So I will just say that the top point, about the ETHER, indirectly says that space is NOT empty. We were taught in school that outer space between planets and galaxies is empty. Wrong. It is full of particles — matter — upon which the electricity of the Electric Universe rides, flows, and jumps from place to place, planet to planet, star to star, galaxy to galaxy.


Point is

This slide from Mr. Thornhill’s presentation in 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona, shows that the great White scientist Michael Faraday was onto the truth way back in 1850. And he was not alone, as you will see if you view the Thornhill videos. But the jews, with their near monopoly of the media, swamped the public and academia with glorification of the jew Einstein, thus corrupting and detouring institutional science into the jew sewer.


Another of the great White scientists before and during the scam of Einstein.

Another of the great White scientists before and during the scam of Einstein. Oliver Lodge invented and demonstrated working radio before Guglielmo Marconi. Lodge was one of the many great scientists who spoke against the Einstein fraud but were shunned or otherwise drowned out by the jewsmedia’s flood of propaganda to the unsuspecting public.



Sorry if the type on the slide is too small to read. Please watch his video from which this screenshot came: “The Long Path To Understanding Gravity,” in the links given at the bottom of this article.


Mr. Thornhill said that gravity can work somewhat differently in different situations, on different bodies in space. Here on Earth, because of the polarity at the surface of the Earth, we get the gravity we have.

Mr. Thornhill said that gravity can work somewhat differently in different situations, on different bodies in space. Here on Earth, because of the polarity at the surface of the Earth, we get the gravity we have.


That’s enough slides, I think. But one more important fact that Mr. Thornhill makes clear: Gravity is a very weak force. Electricity is a far far stronger force. Demonstration: a modest magnet (magnets work by their inherent electrical flow) can pick up a steel marble — against the gravity pull of the Earth!

Two of the other men of note involved in the Thunderbolts Project and in the development and spread of their Electric Universe science:

Don Scott

Don Scott, a giant of the Electric Universe science.


Dave Talbott

Dave Talbott. His monumental work shows that ancient drawings, sculptures, and monuments depicting a very different sky above the Earth — a sky dominated by Saturn, Venus, and Mars! — is not myth but is fact. The ancient people saw it and drew it and carved it. Later, after the planets receded to their current distant positions, the facts of what the ancient people saw were transformed by succeeding generations into ever more fantastical stories further and further removed from the truth. Thus, “gods” and religions. I was slower to accept all of this. But I’m there, now, tentatively, waiting for a fuller explanation and video model of how the planets were nearby, interacted electrically, and then moved away to their present positions.

Dave Talbott’s series of videos titled “Discourses on an Alien Sky” (the “Alien Sky” being the sky as it appeared to the ancient people who carved and sculpted the original depictions) is at this link:

Yes, these White men — Wal Thornhill, Don Scott, and more — have killed the whole jew Einstein BigBang BlackHole DarkMatter monster. Yes, it is DEAD, even if the masses don’t know it yet.

What about the destructive parasites?

We must ask the question. What about the enemy jews?

I haven’t noticed a shred of evidence, yet, that these great scientists are aware of jewry as THE enemy. For example, when Mr. Thornhill mentions Einstein, he doesn’t say “jew.” It’s easy to guess that these White men lack sufficient awareness of jews — the same as I did as recently as ten years ago.

However, if these White men are aware of the anti-human race and the jews’ total blame in the corruption of science (and our countries, and the world), then they are keeping it to themselves, thus avoiding the united jewry onslaught that would bombard these Whites from all directions and probably cost them their jobs and visas for international travel.

Are there jews infecting this Thunderbolts Project? Certainly. In the credits at the ends of the videos, I see a few jew names. The mainstream jews are shunning this White Science truth, thus far. But eventually, they will have to accept it, at which time they will do two things:

  1. The jews will lie and conjure up jews in history who were supposed “pioneers” in the field; and
  2. The jews will try to lead it astray as they did physics, astronomy, psychology, history, journalism, and more. Because that’s what jews do.

Conclusion [the first article's conclusion]

Well, I’ve said enough. I hope you’re interested enough to watch a video and get yourself acquainted with White Science and the honest and best investigations and explanations of how Nature works on this planet and off. The truth as best we know it is far more interesting and useful than all the fictions by the jews put together.


James Laffrey



First, a note about my headline saying White Scientists Kill Einstein “Again.” Good, White-owned newspapers in the early 1900s published articles quoting good, White scientists saying the truth against Einsteinian excrement. I know this for certain from two sources: (1) In the early 1990s, I took a science class at Roane State Community College in Tennessee. The admirable Professor Kring and an admirable associate instructor informed us of some of the criticisms of Einstein theories. (2) A book that I extensively reviewed on one of my previous websites — “The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein,” by Christopher Jon Bjerknes — quoted long passages from some of those newspapers and other sources. Documented. Proved. (That book is still free on the internet.)

So, for people in the know back then, Einstein was already killed. Now, killed again. Finally? Probably not. Not untill we kill all of the eternally lying jews.

Are the Thunderbolts guys a group of ultimately-jew-controlled “imposters,” as Mr. McCanney says? I guess so.

On the positive side, the Thunderbolts guys rightly criticize institutionalized science and the governments misleading and misusing science. On the negative, they never identify the true cause, the enemy jews.

On the positive side, the Tb guys produce lovely videos and offer what I judge (in my love but ignorance of high-level science of electricity and plasma physics) to be useful, helpful knowledge — perhaps as a stepping stone for us to then understand and appreciate McCanney’s work, or the parts of it in reach of our ability to understand! On the negative side, we don’t know which parts of what the Tb guys say and do are misleading us.

We shouldn’t have to spend any time being deliberately misled. But such is the awfully corrupted world we were born into, blame on the anti-humans, the jews.

In comments on the previous article, “the messenger” offered this, followed by my reply:

the messenger on said:


jew Velikovsky

Don’t blame me! But I bear bad news.

Thornhill and Talbott seem to be worshipers of Immanuel Velikovsky. A quick search turns up the fact that Velikovsky was a KIKE. A lot of what he tried to do, apparently, was reconcile Bible bullshit “history” with ideas of how the cataclysms could have been real-life events. WikiJewPedia quotes supposed British scientists saying that VeliKIKEsky was the then-last in a long line of Cataclysmists. So, the question is who the kike got his best ideas from.

One of the books praised by Thunderbolts and McCanney.

One of the books praised by Thunderbolts and McCanney.

Anyway, I submit that Thornhill et. al are NOT aware of jewry as the mortal enemy. Otherwise, they would seek the Whites who originated the best ideas and properly minimize or, if evidence supports it, fully excise jews from their list of influences.


Reply: wwwjames on said:
Welcome, sir or ma’am. I don’t blame the messenger. I praise you. And I agree.
In my haste, and in my limited online time (though much better recently as I have acquired a computer again, which accounts for my increased productivity on this website), I was concerned about exactly what you have reported. I didn’t try to delve into the backgrounds of any of them. Now, I see what you have said is true.
For the moment, though, I’ll note that I almost didn’t mention Dave Talbott in the article. One reason is that he mentions a couple of ancient “hebrew” claims while almost completely shunning ancient Norse representations. It’s bothersome that he notes world cataclysm stories and images from many points on the globe but not Ragnarok, not the Norse mythology serpent circling the globe (under the sea), Odin, and more. I have seen only Thor in image but not named.
[Another point, added 10 April 2017: Talbott's series of videos go on and on repeating the same ideas and the same images without saying much of anything new, not living up to the videos' titles. And where is the video on a plausible way the planets came to be in the formation that Talbott constantly depicts? I say it's a necessity, and as far as I can tell after voraciously viewing dozens of his and the group's videos, they have yet to issue one.]
Anyway, I’ll soon produce an update on this, or maybe a supplementary, separate article. Oh, I don’t have time for this! It feels like too far astray from the mission of this website! Meanwhile, I am in the final stage of producing my first three pro-White anti-jew rock songs. And other things on my plate, as always.
But I will do as I have said.
Thank you, again, messenger.

Since then, I listened to an hour recording by Mr. McCanney from 7Aug2001 (from the archive on his website), and in it he very strongly praised the jew Immanuel Velikovsky — same as Thunderbolts guys Thornhill and Talbott.

Also, I received another email from the very knowledgeable White man whose previous email I quoted near the top of this article. Important excerpts:

    • “Yes, McCanney knows about the jewish problem and has publicly stated it many times.  I’ve listened to every program he’s put out. It’s in the high 100’s at this point. He’s unfortunately christian but doesn’t push it.  McCanney waivers from time to time with names and descriptions like Rothschild, Jesuits, etc, but I’m aware from contact with him years ago he knows it’s the jews.”
    • “Believe it or not James…. EVERYTHING,  and I mean EVERYTHING about our history can be explained by finding out the truth of what a COMET actually is.  Even jewish motivation. (that’s for another long e-mail).”
    • “… the big secret is the comet tail is being drawn TOWARD the nucleus !! NOT blowing off of it.”
    • “It’s IMPOSSIBLE to study this electric universe model and not learn what a comet really is. So why is that not front and centre with TB?”
    • “Anyway, my bottom line take on Thunderbolts THUS FAR is they are shills to DISTRACT from our history.”

More knowledge, less ignorance. Maybe I will revisit this subject in an article in the future.

“Maybe” is right. This is an important subject for potential inventors of new weapons based on this knowledge, weapons for us to use individually and as a race against our enemies. I am not one of those potential inventors. At 18 years of age, my first year of college was in Electrical Engineering, and I was in over my head. Maybe now I could handle it, if I were to delve into it. I won’t stop learning, but overall, at 59 years old, I ought spend my time in more practical, effective pursuits based on what I already can do. More and better. The White way.


James Laffrey