‘Revelation,’ September Object In Sky, David Meade

A Planet X in September?

I had wondered if I needed to publish an expose of this minor media blitz about a supposed September-October revelation in the skies, and I decided not to.

But along came this paragraph today (20 Sept. 2017) in the email newsletter from Jan Lamprecht of HistoryReviewed.com:

A Christian copied me in on an email claiming that parts of Revelation will come true on the 23rd of this month and that he also thinks there will be a phenomenon in the skies. I replied to him and said: If you are WRONG also remember to email me. This is how I deal with all Christians and believers in prophecies these days. REMEMBER TO COME AND TELL ME AFTERWARDS WHEN YOU’VE BEEN PROVEN WRONG!! Tell me that too! Thanks!

So, let me add some background and some science to this.

In early August (2017), I listened to an archived broadcast by Andrew C. Hitchcock on the The Barnes Review (TBR) website. Mr. Hitchcock interviewed a David Meade. Link:


On 4 Aug. 2017, I sent the following message to Mr. Hitchcock through the TBR contact field:

Dear Andrew C. Hitchcock:

First, I want to praise you for raising the jew-aware bar at TBR. As I always say, if we don’t say “jew,” then most people automatically and wrongly fill in the racial blank with “White.”

On your recent interview guest David Meade, he is surely a jew-employed Disinfo agent. The “Planet X” subject is a longrunning Disinfo operation — for decades. The truth is that there are many “Planet X” objects in and out of our solar system. The term simply means “a planet-like object not yet officially named.”

My main knowledge source on this is the great independent scientist James McCanney. His website is www.jmccsci.com . He does an hour broadcast for free once a week, and all broadcasts are archived for the last 15 years and running.

How to be brief yet persuasive on this? Well, anybody who makes a prediction about a significant object entering our solar system — or our part of it — MUST give data on the location of the object and data-estimated velocity. Otherwise, it is not scientific and not in any way acceptable.

NASA, a lying jew-controlled agency, contracted with R. Harrington in the 1990s to look for a specific “Planet X” object. He found it, at least one, but was killed before he could return and report it to the public. That object was almost certainly the soon-to-appear (in the 1990s) so-called comet Hale-Bopp.

Every previously unnamed medium-to-large size comet that comes along is by definition a “Planet X” object. In about 2008, NASA actually released a news article — only through the BBC — that “thousands” of planet-x objects had been found in our solar system, most of which are in two zones: between Mars and Jupiter, and then in the Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto but still within the defined reach of our Solar System.

I could continue with a mountain of evidence, but I hope this is enough for the current purpose. For more info on scientist James McCanney, of course see his website. Maybe he would do an interview with you. But also, for my analyses of McCanney’s greatness and flaws (nobody is perfect), see my website’s recent articles: www.whiteswillwinparty.org .

James Laffrey

Along with that message, I suppled my correct email address. I did not receive any response of any kind.

The above material ought to put to rest any ignorant fear or expectations in regard to the predictions by scum David Meade and related liars for celestial objects in September (this month) and October.

However, in order to be thorough, let me now paste my notes that I typed as I listened to the above-linked mp3 file:

*** notes on the David Meade interview by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock of TBR Radio (supposed expert on Planet X, EMP, survival, govt shit, etc.). Title: “David Meade The Prepper’s Guide …” .

- He has made a prediction with date of arrival of Planet X on September 23, 2017! And he says, “Everything breaks loose in the following month, October 2017.” Therefore, he is shit. He says “Planet X” is a “dark star with an orbiting planet system” visible from Earth now but no amateur can see it because chemtrails are being floated for the purpose of keeping people from seeing it — all BS! WHAT DATA does he base this planet-x on?

- He promotes the “Electric Universe” concept but the wrong version(s) of it, the disinfo version(s) of it funded by the jews. The main disinfo version is by the Thunderbolts Group, a group who steals the true White science of James McCanney and twists it into absurdities (about which I have written). James McCanney is the true originator of the Electric Universe concept. The disinfo and misinfo tools are those who talk about the electric universe without crediting McCanney and without honestly representing his work. This David Meade is one such tool. I say “tool” rather than call him an enemy jew because he appears to be White — pending further info.

- He slightly refers to “jewish” and “jews” with negative connotations but not in decisive statements, as far as I have heard thus far. And then he reverts to saying merely “the elites.” (That’s a bait and switch.) Also, he pushes the nonsense of military “remote viewing” as a way of looking into the future. Furthermore, he mixes all of this with christ-insanity, purporting that “scriptures” predict the September 2017 arrival of Planet X. This is crap for the christ-insane masses, folks.

* HOW do we know that David Meade’s spew is sewage? Because, as James McCanney explains, the term “Planet X” is merely a label for any newly discovered potentially planetary object that has not been named yet. Also, there are many, many, of those not-yet-named objects, hundreds of them in our solar system. That’s why NASA and their network of liars didn’t want Pluto to continue to be called a planet — because they would have to also call at least dozens more known objects “planets.” And that would begin a domino effect of exposing all the jew-NASA-govt science axioms as false.

This David Meade has published multiple books, and he has appeared on famous radio broadcasts on which McCanney used to appear, thus Meade must know of McCanney’s easy-to-understand, sensible truth, yet Meade shovels disinfo instead.

As McCanney makes clear, the only predictions of visitations by planetary objects (including comets) that can be taken seriously are those that come with absolutely required scientific data: namely, the current position in the sky (so that others can verify the claim, if true) and any other important observed data, such as estimated velocity. Mere general claims without specifics are certainly empty claims and thus lies.

Ok. That’s that.

Returning to Mr. Hitchcock on TBR:

Naturally, I wanted to be completely positive in my introduction of myself to TBR and Mr. Hitchcock, so I didn’t include criticism, negative criticism, that TBR and Hitchcock deserve.

There’s too much bad with the good.

Some of the good: Jan Lamprecht, Jim Rizoli, Diane King, Rae West.

Rather than list the lame and awful guests he has had during the last month or two, let me highlight one of the more interesting ones, though from 2016: David Dees. This one comes with a glaring red flag. Here is a copy-and-paste of my notes from my listening to that archived mp3 file:

+ Hitchcock’s 2016 interview of David Dees, the famous illustrator. Dees described himself as “jew-wise” and said a lot of truth about “the jewish problem,” yet proclaimed “some of my best friends are jews.” And Hitchcock agreed to the idea of many “good jews” and named some supposedly good ones, the typical famous ones who actually did tell partial truths about the jews but I point out that none were ever pro-White.

Thus, Dees and Hitchcock, if followed, would ensure that the jew problem is never solved.

In your house, if you protect some cockroaches as “good cockroaches,” you will guarantee the continuation and growth or regrowth of the problem. Would you pay an exterminator who boasts, “I kill only the bad cockroaches. I keep the good cockroaches alive and kicking!”

It makes you wonder. Does Hitchcock pretend to agree with every interviewee? If so, that would be a dishonest tactic, no matter the purpose — such as to put the interviewee at ease and to encourage the guest to open up even more. Dishonesty is not required in this regard. Finally, though, I will say that if Hitchcock judges the guest to be a crypto-jew, then dishonesty is totally acceptable if done to serve our pro-White anti-jew purposes.


Let’s return to the main topic.

Suppose, if you will, that some months ago NASA saw an object coming and projected its arrival to be late September, and then sent out their paid scum to lie to the public to misrepresent the object. This would be nothing new, folks. NASA has done that repeatedly since Comet Hale-Bopp of the late 1990s. Scientist McCanney has these cases documented on his site and in his archived Science Hour broadcasts. In one case, NASA knew years ahead of time that a particular Moon rise would have the Moon looking especially big and orange. So, a huge disinfo campaign was contrived to conclude on that day.

Anyway, if, I say “if,” an object were to be BIG in the sky on September 23, it would have already been visible to the naked eye, but small, as it approached.

Do you see anything in the sky? No. Case closed.

Learn the truth and easily handle all of the jew-produced, heinous, even murderous, nonsense. How?

  • Read my articles in my “McCanney” category: Click on that title in the Categories list on the right side of the homepage.
  • Read and listen to the source: Prof. James McCanney’s website, www.jmccsci.com.

Notice I said “murderous” nonsense above. Yes, the jews are killing us. Did you know that the Heaven’s Gate event related to Comet Hale-Bopp was not a mass-suicide? The government says it was a mass-suicide. But it was a mass-murder by the jews in control of the U.S. government.

They kill White astronomers who decide not to keep the jews’ heinous secrets. They kill White scientists working in the bio-weapon labs who decide not to keep the jews’ heinous secrets anymore. They kill our White leaders who gain a signicant following and make plans of rightful action.

Do you want me to list some names for you to verify? Say so in a comment or email. If you’re afraid to communicate, then just search the topics for yourself.

Who contrived the recent Charlottesville fiasco so that the group who went through all legal hoops to get a permit to hold a peaceful meeting were violently prevented from holding their meeting by the vicious “antifa” employees who were allowed by the police to freely riot against the peaceful group?

Who? The answer is: jews. It’s important to note that jews are not Whites, but most jews in the USA pretend to be Whites. That’s how they duped our ancestors and took control of our country.

Don’t you want to stop the jews from all of this, and from legalized theft through criminal banking and mandatory purchases of insurance and the taxing of our labor and the Hollywood mind-poisoning of our own children against us and …

Wars, in which anybody and everybody EXCEPT jews are killed, and …

Need I go on?

Don’t you want to stop them?

How do we stop a murderer? We kill him.

How do we stop a gang of murderers? We kill them.

How do we stop a race of murderers? We kill them.

See advice in linked articles at the bottom of this website.

Whites Will Win.



My call for action is specific: For now, lone heroes, or pairs, whittling away at the enemy population in complete secrecy.

What I want to see is a visible increase in good kills in North America.

Now, let’s look back at the recent event in Charlottesville, Virginia. Originally, it was planned by garbage as a false-flag “hate” event in order to produce staged conflict, with jews (if I have to name Soros, et al, then you are out of your depth here) funding and organizing both sides. Did you know that the planned event — with scheduled speakers — was prevented from taking place at all?

Some good guys, actual intelligent Whites, were duped into joining the event for the original stated reason of the gathering: a peaceful show of support and speeches for keeping where it is the statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee, leader of the South’s army in the unCivil War.

Who are the “some good guys” of whom I speak? Much of the organization called The League of the South. If you are unfamiliar with them, click here and read their version of why they went to Charlottesville and what happened there.

Onward toward the point:

I want to talk about all of those guys who march or do pre-announced public gatherings, such as the Charlottesville event where they got a permit and informed the police of their intended location, route, etc.

Example: Why is this piece of shit not deservedly dead?

Example: Why is this piece of shit not deservedly dead?

They make me sick when they go armed, and then they get spit upon, and rocks and acid thrown at them, etc., and they don’t retaliate!

If they are going to go in public like that, they need to be INCLINED to gun down a crowd of jews, niggers, and muds. The only way PROGRESS will be made by public events like that is for the enemy to be killed for their offenses right there in public. Those marchers need to be MEN and be willing to be MARTYRS who send the only message that counts: Dead enemies killed by WHITE MEN.

DEAD ENEMIES. That’s the only real way to turn the tide. I say that for now we need more intelligent silent heroes producing DEAD ENEMIES. No need for martyrs. More covert, silent heroes must produce DEAD ENEMIES.

The Wrong Road

Recently, an admirable White Man wrote to me by email:

“Survivalist/prepper types are pussies, pure cowards. … dangerous to us because they can and will sell out if faced with it. I’m only into survival from the standpoint of needing to be alive to protect & provide for my family and fight the jewish problem. The rest of “survival” is nothing more than a bad TV series.”

I replied to him in agreement and with an example.

A man I know is one such survivalist/prepper. This guy was drafted into the army for two years in the late 1960s, so he has that as background. As of about nine years ago he knew more about the jews, for example the HoloHoax, than did I. But I immersed myself in research and blew past him. He has actually used the word “fanatical” on me. But he owns a corner property including a few rental units on a main residential street in a small shit town. I see that as a strong position from which to defend and to dominate the area once the real shooting gets going. But his plan is to run away to a hole he has prepared way out of town. I said,

“That’ll just give away your property and the town to full jew control after the surviving mudskins run away and what’s left of jew-controlled ‘law enforcement’ corrals the sheeple. And then, eventually, the enemy can seek and destroy real Whites who are all spread out in the countryside, each man and family one at a time, each too weak to win that pitched battle.”

Or, the slow way to kill countryfied Whites would just be to pin them down so they can’t get enough food and water, thus dying soon by starvation — and certainly unable to produce another generation to keep our race alive and kicking.

Does anyone disagree with that logic? Disagree with that reality?

The Right Road

The admirable emailer also wrote:

“Somewhere along the line a group of jews figured they would get much further ahead at surviving with ‘a plan’. That’s essentially what the jewish problem is to me. So …. we need a plan to survive as well. One half of it we already have: we invent and build civilizations. The missing part of our plan is to kill off those messing with our plan for survival. Pretty darn simple when it comes down to it.”


Again, my call for action is specific: For now, lone heroes, or pairs, whittling away at the enemy population in complete secrecy. What I want to see is a visible increase in good kills in North America.

DEAD ENEMIES. That’s the only real way to turn the tide. I say that for now we need more intelligent silent heroes producing DEAD ENEMIES. No need for martyrs. We must have more covert, silent heroes producing DEAD ENEMIES.

Revisit the Charlottesville Fiasco

For those who think we need groups right now making public appearances, with flags and speeches and all, imagine this.

Imagine if we had a White group gun down those attackers in Virginia soon followed by a similar great deed in another city and another in another city. White groups wouldn’t be attacked in public anymore — except by the government.

White Power would finally be real, visible, and set the stage for quick progress, emboldening many more White MEN, soon leading to our armed takeovers of media such as tv stations in certain areas, and more and more.

The spread of this would be too much for police and military to quash, and they would be partly busy with infighting.

For us, from then on, it would be full-on offensive, taking no prisoners, commandeering gunshops for weapons and ammo, killing everything not White. Most nonWhites would run for the borders. Others would group up in inner-city shitholes where we would thank them for being such easy mass targets once we got control of military bomb capability.

I could continue, including a vision of the international ramifications at that point. But is this too much of a dream and not enough in the realm of possibility in this jew-poisoned, jew-stupidified society?

I never let myself lose all hope, just most of it! While we breathe, there is hope. Meanwhile, we know that hope doesn’t make us free. Only killing the enemy makes us free.


The jews are quite advanced in seeing their plan to fruition, killing off our race to make themselves free to reign over the dEarth full of Detroits and Baltimores and Haitis and Indias etc.

We must advance our plan. Right now.

Remember, as our fellow White man said in his email: “One half of our plan we already have: we invent and build civilizations. The missing part of our plan is to kill off those messing with our plan for survival. Pretty darn simple when it comes down to it.”

DEAD ENEMIES. Can’t win without ‘em.

No need for White martyrs.

Be one of our covert, silent heroes producing DEAD ENEMIES.

Your deeds, done well, will leave no hard evidence nor viable witness to identify you. Instant cold cases. Every day, cold cases pile up as LEOs take up the new cases.

Help create a visible increase in good kills across our country. Dead jews, that’s Number One. Dead invader muds — mexicans, arabs, africans, etc. — that’s Number Two.

DEAD ENEMIES. Can’t win without ‘em.

And we can’t win without you and your White heroism.