Bookmark This New URL. Update Your Links. is a temporary post for the purpose of announcing and highlighting the fact that this website will continue but only by the following URL:

In the “nfshost” part of that URL (the address of the site), the “nfs” stands for, which has always been the host-server of this WhitesWillWin website. And the URL above, actually, has always been an alternative address for viewing my website. But later this month, it will be the only address for viewing this website.

only-Whites-make-Whites.pregnant-nudeWhy? Because I am letting the domain/URL that I own,, expire. I have always regretted putting “party” in the domain name. We are not a party, we are a race. Our White race. And we who have learned that jewry is the enemy of humanity, we are among the best of our race. And we who are working to wipe out that enemy, we are the best of the best of our White race.

This website features a combination of vital truths and necessary strategies not found on any other open-access website. So, I will keep it up.

I thank my host-server,, for great inexpensive service, and for offering the alternative URL for my website so that I don’t have to pay nor register with any of the jew-corporations controlling the buying and selling of domain names.

WhiteHonor.cover.jtl.a.e.miniSo, to my fellow Whites who are not cowards, who are hungry for the top full truth (as best we know it) about our existence on this planet and how we can and must obliterate the enemy duping and genociding our White race, I invite you to stay with me, with our visible allies, and with our growing brotherhood of invisible heroes.

Bookmark/update your link to WhitesWillWin with this URL:

james-laffrey.holding-atlasI am James Laffrey. I am a verifiable intelligent example of a White MAN standing up and fighting back. We need more like me. But we also need more who remain anonymous, which is a much better position from which to carry out White heroic deeds. Make your choice.