If You Want

Do you want to start a clean new country?

Sure, you do.

And if you want porn to exist to poison your families, let a few jews into your new country.

If you want prostitution, let in a few more jews. The jews started and own the porn industry here in the USA, and published (or performed) porn is always preceded by or accompanied by jew prostitution.

If you want a banking system that takes windfall profits to drain you of your income, allow jews to exist.

If you want the criminal industry of insurance (which is an offspring of jew banking) to bleed you further toward poverty for the enrichment of the owners of the insurance corporations, then tolerate jews.

If you want a mis-education system to lie about your history and poison your children’s minds against you and your own race, let jews live among you.

If you want to be duped into letting other races live in your country, rape your females, degrade your neighborhoods, and demand welfare, let jews operate in your country.

If you want all popular media (tv, movies, magazines, radio, textbooks, and their related Internet sites) to lie 24/7, telling you your great White race is the villain race, a “cancer” on Earth, and telling you the other races are honest and noble and the jews are only geniuses or victims, then allow jews to breathe in your country.

If you want jews constantly, relentlessly, trying to enter your country to do what that race of murderous, conniving parasites always naturally does, then neglect to exterminate them from the planet.