The Thanks We Get


The Thanks We Get

thanks.return-keyFirst, I want to post most of two recent comments by “Doug” that puts a great personal narrative on the point I’ve made many times about Whites inventing and jews stealing.

After that, I’ll build toward the conclusion about The Thanks We Get.



Submitted by Doug on 2016/10/30 at 12:58 pm:


It was early afternoon and I was walking through the student center at the College of Engineering, Rutgers University. The place was packed. People were jammed elbow to elbow. I liked walking through the building, looking for images of current science or engineering related endeavors. That stuff sometimes motivated me. This afternoon, however, there was no motivation to be found. In fact, it was the opposite. I was surrounded by dark-skinned people. They were everywhere. I could not move without bumping into them. Feeling odd (the thought came into my head that they could kill me by swarming) I left. I was overwhelmed by rubbing elbows with these people.

It turns out there was a huge support group, offering advice, resources and various forms of help (and camaraderie) to these seemingly middle-eastern people. In fact there were support groups advertising all around the place. But these support groups were always for someone else – supposed minorities. I did some research. Professor Kevin MacDonald had written an article about this kind of thing. The gist of the article was this: if you feel alienated, it is no accident. It is a deliberate act and jews are behind it. Indeed, I felt alienated. So much so that it all added up to a horrible experience. I have seen first-hand how summer jobs, internships and research programs for the engineering department are reserved solely for minorities. Yes minorities. [Example at Rutgers today: look at the pictures.] In one class, VLSI design, there were thirty-one students total and three White ones. Who is the minority? One day I conducted an experiment. I wandered around the engineering campus looking for an open seat either in front of a computer or a study desk that was not occupied by an asian student. I did not find one. There was not a single seat unoccupied by an asian. Still, I got two degrees.

Sometimes the other students would reveal clues. A student from Iran passed by me one day and said, “I know you are better than me.” He went on to describe how he had a summer internship which would earn $875 per week. There was nothing for me. Another student, a chinese one, told me I have much greater insight than he does when it comes to circuits. He got a job. In all of the engineering textbooks, all of the original work was done by White men. And this knowledge was shared freely. These days, I am sure it is much worse for Whites. My Japanese roommate got a summer job in the Technology Leadership Program. A chinese student that copied homework also got a job. The summer internships put them all ahead of me for job hiring. There exist entire networks, which conceal information from White students, whose sole purpose is to inject these other people into our companies and universities. Finally I called a company and talked to the CEO. He was a real White man and did not answer to Wall Street. He sent me an airline ticket, rented me a car (in his name), showed me around the new city and eventually hired me.

Then came work, and life in general. The alienation continued. Every day it grinds onward. When 9/11 came, the whole office watched it. It felt staged. Our CEO (a real White man) sent us home that day. The research always pointed to the same spot. The jewish spot. Going further back, I asked big questions: Who benefited from World War II? Israel, i.e. international jewry. Who benefited from World War I? The Balfour Declaration shows the answer. Why are there kosher symbols on so many food items? Who benefits? It never ends. The World War I revelation caused a lump in my stomach, which rose to my throat. I bought an old encyclopedia set from the 1950s and there is no mention of “Holocaust.” I recommend we all buy old encyclopedia sets. They are available, but still jewed, I suppose.

And this site has tied it all together. A giant puzzle has taken the form of a revelation. All of the small pieces add up to a giant answer. We need to stick together. Support groups exist for every form of ‘minority,’ and jews use our tax money to fund them. James, you are correct. James, your work here is admirable. James, your work is excellent. James, your work is essential.

I work in the supposed tech center of [a place in] California. In this jewtopia, as well as every other place I have worked, I feel the anti-White hostility. Every engineering job I believe is like that: hostile to Whites. At least the ones with companies that answer to Wall Street. The jews steal technology and White intellectual property and then deny it to Whites. I researched Von Neumann, a jew, who stole the intellectual property of a White man – it is computer-related technology. Now this jew is credited with computer design breakthroughs which he stole from a White man. My jew-wise friend always points out that jews try to limit our access to technology. I can tell a lttle story to confirm this.

One day I was working as an engineer. I noticed an image of a silicon wafer circuit (a blowup of an integrated circuit) posted on an engineer’s cubicle wall. I asked him about it. “It is a digital signal processor for a modem,” he said. “I worked on the interface. But the core and algorithms, the intellectual property, was outsourced to israel.”

And at a different large tech company, I noticed the CEO, a jew, was outsourcing work to israel. That means they have all of the intellectual property of the company. In fact, one day a jew came by our office. He did not work in our office. “He is from israel,” someone said proudly. He installed the operating system on my computer! I was told to give it to him and let him work. I left the company soon afterward and believe it has since been broken up by jews. Result: technology stolen by jews, profit for jews, lost jobs for Whites, stolen intellectual property of Whites, and a large hole created for Whites. My jew-wise friend said that if a company hires an indian to do work, then the intellectual property of the company becomes open source in India. I suppose the same holds true for chinese.

I had a little discussion with that operating-system-installing jew. I was talking with a co-worker. “If an alien came to Earth, he would need to see one thing,” I said. “If the alien sees a lock, then he would know all he needs to know to understand this place. There are electronic locks on data and physical locks for property. That would tell him everything. The fact that we need locks would define us.”

The jew suddenly looked up from his work and focused – more like squinted – his reptilian eyes. And without blinking, responded, “No, that is just an extension of the natural world. It is completely natural.” That sums it up well, I think. He felt theft is natural. But when I was a child, growing up in a very White town, we never locked our doors at night. We left our bicycles in the yard and never had a problem. Why?

P.P.S. My jew-wise friend said he won’t have a child in this ‘jewtopia’ as he calls it. He won’t subject a child to that. Well, jews have defeated him and ended his line. That is unacceptable to me.

Submitted by Doug on 10 November 2016 at 12:01 pm:

I would like to add another note here. This (s)election [of Trump as president] has provided a context in which to study the reactions of other groups. I work in what is called a “diverse” office as an engineer and have seen first-hand how diversity benefits from our contributions and we get the bill. What this really means is that these people are benefiting from White inventions, creations, and our sense of fairness. They reciprocate nothing and in fact have come to expect it.

For them, this (s)election is about taking from Whites by force. This is about race for them. The perceived notion – they view Trump as an obstacle to continued theft of White knowledge, contributions, and inventions – that they will not be able to exercise force (through voting and government enforcement) and take/benefit from all White contributions has them in an uproar.


Thanks to “Doug” for sharing that valuable personal experience with us. His paragraphs are very rich with information. Careful reading and contemplation of all that he said would make any further writing in this article unnecessary.

But I will go further! Let’s underscore and extend some of his points. For anybody still in doubt about the singular greatness of our White race, let’s re-offer some eye-openers.



It’s A Wonderful Race” is a two-page spread telling a wonderful story that is a takeoff on the old movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” but is totally for today, with drama, pictures, travel around the world, and surprises for most readers. James Bronson is the writer credited for it. Great work. Persuasive for all comers. Note: The TomatoBubble site’s owner Michael King pushes Putin and Christianity, just so you know.

The Great Patents Heist.”  As the linked article says, one of the greatest ripoffs of all time was the theft of German-patented inventions after World War II. Of course, the ignorant among us would respond by saying, “It’s not a ‘ripoff.’ They were evil, we conquered them, and so we get their stuff.”

Autos, planes, rockets, synthetic oil, synthetic fuels, the first broadcast tv network, ... and the most honest government and heroic nation in modern history.

Autos, planes, rockets, synthetic oil, synthetic fuels, the first broadcast tv network, … and the most honest government and heroic nation in modern history.

But the truth is, “they” were not evil. They were the truthtellers. They were our White cousins. They were the most inventive, hardworking, and prosperous segment of our White race in known history on planet Earth. We speak of the Germans of Germany 1933-1945.

Simple Questions

Did Africans, Arabs, Asians, Mestizos, or jews invent science?

Did they invent bicycles?

Did they invent motorcycles? Cars? Steam engines? Combustion engines? Control of electricity? Electric lights? Electric motors? Heating and cooling machines? Trains, planes, rockets?

Effective sanitation systems? Global navigation systems? Photography? Radios? Phones? TVs? Computers?

Clothing-making machinery? Advanced metalworking? Plastics? Synthetic oil?

We could go on and on with questions. The answer is “No” for all of those above and for all of the added questions I would pose.

Members of our White race invented them all. White individuals, and White groups.

The most inventive of all have been our German brothers. And then we can broaden it and say Germanics. I don’t want to leave out any productive individuals and subraces of our great White race, but I do want to properly recognize our Germans.

Have we thanked Germans specifically for what Germans have done for our race? No. Why? Because we were all (with very few exceptions among us) raised on hate speech — from subtle and outrageously overt — against our Germans. I am half German, and I didn’t come to grasp this truth until a mere several years ago!

In the meantime, I have read thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, and website pages. Most recently, I have read magazines on cars, trains, planes, guns, and military history. Bit by bit, the evidence has piled up. Here and there we find researchers admitting the origins of inventions and advancements that are falsely credited to jews. The origins are nearly always German.

Great Duo! How appropo this image is. Germany's Graf Zeppelin, in 1931, flies by the Great Pyramid, also created and constructed by our great White ancestors. The low-IQ Egyptians sit and watch. Their ancestors and jew cousins destroyed the unequaled white beauty of the exterior of the Pyramid, which was covered in gorgeous white stone top to bottom.

Great Duo! How appropo this image is. Germany’s Graf Zeppelin, in 1931, flies by the Great Pyramid, also created and constructed by our great White ancestors. The low-IQ Egyptians sit and watch. Their ancestors and jew cousins destroyed the unequaled white beauty of the exterior of the Pyramid, which was covered in gorgeous white stone top to bottom.

Just today, I was reading the current issue of Foundation magazine on naval aviation history. An article on zeppelins actually identified the German Airship Travel Corporation as “the world’s first airline.” Of course, the article lied about the cause of the zeppelin  Hindenburg disaster at Lakehurst, New Jersey, on May 6, 1937. But for Foundation to credit the German company with that first was a pleasant surprise. Most Americans would assume that the first airline was in the USA, as led to believe by the jewsmedia.

Motorcycles, autos, planes, zeppelins, guns, and more — bit by bit, the evidence points to our Germans as the main inventors and advancers. As always, the jews are the stealers.

Global gratitude?

This just goes to show that when we conquer somebody, we need to go all the way and not leave any rats to continue breeding and biting our heels.

This just goes to show that when we conquer somebody, we need to go all the way and not leave any rats to continue breeding and biting our heels. They should thank us for letting them live, letting them wear machine-made clothing we invented, letting them wear glasses we invented and manufactured, letting them access our vast Foundational Knowledge System instead of leaving them to their to their eternal, shallow ignorance. The Thanks we get? None. The hate we get? There’s an example of it. And it won’t end until we end it, once and for all.

Mexico is full of cars, bicycles, phones, etc. Did those brown Mexican racial hybrids invent and produce them? Of course not. Our inventions are there because we have given our inventions to them, or jews sold our inventions to them. Yes, that’s a might of exaggeration. Now, every major carmaker has one or more factories in Mexico. NONE of those factories should be there. WE should have all of those jobs and be paid family-supporting wages. Meanwhile, do the Mexiturds, Latrinos, and the rest of them thank us? Hardly. Instead, they are easily herded by the jews into protest marches saying that they are going to take “their land” back in the southwest USA.

Africa. The Congoids have machine-made clothes, shoes, appliances, etc. Did the Negroes invent any of it, or anything else? No. Do they thank us?

Obviously, I could go continent to continent, country to country, pointing out what all those nonWhites use and abuse but did not invent. And in every case, we could tally up the thanks we have received.

The Thanks We Get

As some of you know, I lived in Japan for one good year and in Vietnam for about nine arduous years. The Japanese people are a subrace of the Mongoloid race and are the only nonWhite nation worth admirable mention. The Japanese are not inventors but are generally honest, orderly, and excellent adapters and modifiers of our inventions. In my experience, they seemed to know who deserved credit and who didn’t. Also, let’s remember that the Japanese were allies with our great Germans against the anti-humans. In a way, I felt thanked when I was there teaching English in Japan.

Vietnam. In a word, the “opposite” of Japan. In general, I felt like a mark there. In my mind, there is less than a handful of individuals of that low-IQ hybrid Mongoloid race who genuinely befriended or thanked me without an overriding underlying motivation for taking whatever they could take from me or out of me.

Jews. Most of all, the jews should thank us, especially us American Whites. Gullible to their lies, we have never punished them, never even put them in camps, never put them to productive work in our defense, never even deported them. For them, living on our productivity, life is a beach, is a party, is a wonderland of open doors to the easiest jobs, the highest positions, the biggest salaries, the fame, the glory. They don’t thank us for any of it. They believe themselves to be the gods on this planet in this universe. Thus, they delude themselves as “deserving” all that they have taken and all that they plan to take, which is all.

Meanwhile, the jews consume, serving their every appetite, their lusts, their depravities. They are worms that wax the apple skin while they utterly rot it from within.

We must kill them before they kill us, before they drown us in a squirming mass of maggots.

The Thanks We Get? In this jew-infested jew-poisoned jew-strangled world, the thanks we get is none. But after we exterminate the anti-humans, and after we spread the truth, the thanks will come. No, not from Africa, not from that species. But from the humans capable of analysis, reflection, and gratitude, there will finally be reasonable thanksgiving.

love-your-race.WhiteResister.comToday, it is up to us to thank each other, our best individuals and groups of our race, the Earth’s White race.

We must thank Whites and support Whites — only Whites.

We owe others nothing.

This is no time for continued, suicidal generosity and tolerance.

This is the time for our re-union.

patton.sidearmThis is the time for us to reclaim what our ancestors conquered.

This is the time for us to reclaim what our ancestors established and built.

This is the time for us, each one of us, to take action,

and to thank each other for our accomplishments!

We Whites Will Win.

Whites Will Win

Whites Will Win

How Many Enemy jews Are In The USA

From the Belfascist site

Diversity is separate races. The jews, while keeping their own race intact, are pushing the rest of us to mix into one gene-pool of mud. Most of all, jews want our White race to mix with others to dilute and destroy our unique DNA. Only our race, by high IQ and historical performance, has shown the ability to resist and defeat the jews permanently.

Note: This article follows the related article titledjews In The USA: Statistics, Damned Statistics, And Lies.”

How many jews are there in our country, the United States Of America, the control of which the jews have stolen?

I will quote from discussions on this important issue by the great White inventor and publisher Henry Ford Sr. and the great White professor of classical languages, scholar of history, and important author Revilo P. Oliver.

First, An Outline

  • In 1880, according to the jews’ report for public consumption, there were 250,000 jews in the USA.
  • In 1921, again according to the jews, there were 3,500,000 jews in the USA.
  • In 1984, a jew said in a major newspaper in Atlanta that there were more than 23 million jews in the USA.
  • Since jews cannot be believed, we must make our own educated guess(es).

Second, Let’s Tour Those Numbers and Their Sources

InternationalJew.bookFrom the Henry Ford book titled The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem, we get started with a vital fact about the U.S. Census. (Major publications cited, such as the Ford book, are linked and available for free from the WhiteSchool page.)

On p. 611: (This describes Louis Marshall, a top leader of jewry in the USA circa 1920)

“Mr. Marshall … fought the proposal of the Census Bureau to enumerate Jews as a race. As a result, there are no official figures, except those prepared by the American Jewish Committee, as to the Jewish population of the United States. The Census has them listed under a score of different nationalities, which is not only a non-descriptive method, but a deceptive one as well. At a pinch the Jewish authorities will admit of 3,500,000 Jews in the United States. The increase in the amount of Passover Bread required would indicate that there are 6,000,000 in the United States now! But the Government of the United States is entirely at sea, officially, as to the Jewish population of this country, except as the Jewish government in this country, as an act of courtesy, passes over certain figures to the government. The Jews have a “foreign office” through which they deal with the Government of the United States.”

On p. 417:

“In 1880 there were, according to Jewish statistics, 250,000 Jews in this country. The Jews now claim [in 1921 -- jtl] 3,500,000, for the most part an undistributed mass huddled together in a few of the great cities — one-third of them in New York.”

On p. 41:

“There will probably be a million Jews enter the country this year, increasing our Jewish population to nearly 4,500,000.”

For clarity, let’s review that information with three bullet points:

  • In 1880, according to the jews’ report for publish consumption, there were 250,000 jews in the USA.
  • In 1921, again according to the jews, there were 3,500,000 jews in the USA.
  • In 1921, Henry Ford’s writer(s) made the educated guess that about a million jews would enter the USA in that one year.

So, let’s make our first preliminary guess based on those numbers. If we start with 3,500,000 and we add a million per year for the next 20 years or so, we arrive at a guesstimate of 23,500,000 jews in the USA at the end of World War 2, 1945.

Adolf Hitler and an Aryan girl growing up in safety and prosperity -- until jews contrived the White-against-White was to destroy

Adolf Hitler greets an Aryan girl growing up in safety and prosperity — until jews contrived the White-against-White world war in pursuit of their declaration that “Germany Must Perish!”

Why did I choose a million per year for those two decades? Because Adolf Hitler’s rise in Germany was throughout the 1920s and early 1930s followed by his leadership of Germany from 1933 until 1945. During that time, there was a flood of jews from Western Europe into the USA, both reported and unreported. Revilo Oliver worked in U.S. intelligence during WW2 and declared his knowing of jews being smuggled into ports on the East Coast for years.

So, if we use 23,500,000 in 1945, how many do we add to that number, accounting for more immigration and breeding, during the 69 years since 1945?

Revilo Oliver, pictured in 1938, five years after jewry declared war on Germany but one year prior to the "official" start of the war.

Revilo Oliver, pictured in 1938, five years after jewry declared war on Germany but one year prior to the “official” start of the war.

Let’s lay that aside and go to quotes from Revilo Oliver, who wrote for the most admirable Liberty Bell magazine for three decades ending in the 1990s. Oliver is fun to read, especially after we get a handle on his style of sarcasm, so I will not be so brief when quoting him. Enjoy.

Revilo Oliver in his own article at this link on site:

In December 1979 the periodical “Instauration” published the following very significant letter from a subscriber:

The writer of a letter in your August issue estimates the number of Jews in our country at “twenty million or more.” He is probably right. I grew up in the 1930s in a small town in Minnesota that had a population of four to five thousand. When I went east to a graduate school, one of my professors was an amiable Jewish scholar, whom I came to know fairly well. In a conversation one day I remarked that I had spent my childhood in a town in which there were no Jews. He smiled patronizingly. “They were there,” he said, “but you didn’t know it.”

The estimate of twenty million, to which the writer refers, was, of course, much too low, if, as the Jews have now disclosed, twenty-three million swarmed in between 1880 and 1920.

The reader is now wondering where that “twenty-three million” came from.

That number, 23 million, came from a “boasting” jew’s article in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution of 4 March 1984 as noted by Revilo Oliver in the article already linked above.

Oliver wrote that the boasting jew

“let slip one fact: ‘by one count, 23 million Jews came to the United States between 1880 and 1920.’

That is a figure you should memorize, together with the dates, so that you can recall it whenever you see official statistics that report there are only about seven million of God’s specially-created Masterpieces in North America and about twice that many in the whole world.”

So, Ford’s book gave the jews’ official number of 3,500,000 in 1921. But Oliver quotes a jew saying that more than 23,000,000 jews were in the USA by 1921 because 23 million had come in during the previous 40 years, not counting the many jews here before 1880.

Let’s make a new guesstimate. If we start with 23,000,000 in 1921, and then we add the 20 million more from 1921 to 1945, we have 43 million jews in 1945 in the USA. Again, how many shall we add due to immigration and breeding from 1945 to today, 2014?

Again, let’s lay that aside and proceed with more quotes.

In regard to that number of 23 million from the boasting jew, Oliver added a cautionary footnote to an article of his in the Liberty Bell, August 1990, p. 3:

Footnote 3. The number of poisonous parasites now in this country is unknown. They provide statistics that are naturally deceptive, in keeping with the instincts of a race that lives by deceit. A Jewish admission that there were twenty-three million of them battening on Americans by 1920, before the great influx that came when the Germans tried to clean up Germany, may be an inadvertent admission of fact or just another canard.

That’s right, of course. The jews are liars. Throughout recorded history, they were known as liars, and worse, and we know them now to be liars every single day, every day of the year, year after year, on tv, in movies, in newspapers, textbooks, on radio, the Internet, in offices, in conference rooms, in stores, on street corners, in person, everywhere.

The only race with a proven track record of honesty with all races is our White race. Of course, not all Whites are honest, but our White inventors, scientists, technological experts, and various kinds of teachers have communicated honestly with othere races in the USA and around the world.

I have international experience, and from that experience I know that the other races choose when to be honest and when not to be honest with us. My experiences include members from every major race, and I rank them this way: The Japanese slice of the Mongoloid race (Asians) are the best, though we must remember that they are protective of their nation and will mislead us whenever they see fit. The other races fall well below the Japanese. From bad to worst in my experience: Chinese (a huge slice of the Mongoloid race), Koreans (another slice of Mongoloids), Turks (many of whom are jews, otherwise a mix of Arab, African, and White), Mongols (of Mongolia), Africans, and Vietnamese. Of course, jews are the worst, and they even have an annual ceremonial chant called the Kol Nidre that they do, which says that they are free to lie to any and all nonjews throughout the coming year.

For those who wonder why I rank Vietnamese (another slice of Asians) specifically and rank them very low: That’s because in addition to my several years of teaching English in Vietnam, I also did a research project of my own on a group of librarians from various cities in Vietnam who I was teaching in preparation for them to go attend a librarians’ technology course in Boston, Mass., and on a group in my Translation/Interpretation Class, which I co-taught with a Vietnamese teacher. Unanimously, those adult students reported that they would inform the Vietnamese principals involved if members of other races were lying to them, and they would not inform members of other races if the Vietnamese principals were lying. This did not vary with the proposed nationality of their employer. In all cases and situations that I presented, they were unanimous in loyalty to their own subrace.

My assertion about our own race is that Whites who are still race-blind will be loyal to their employer no matter what race that employer is a member of. They will, for example, inform their Japanese employer, or their Arab employer, or their Vietnamese employer, etc., when they know a White person is lying in a meeting. Right? I know that I, myself, would have conducted myself that way, supposedly “honorably,” back when I was still ignorant of the primacy of race.

Now, if you will, let’s return to our final quotes on the jew population of the USA and then finish with our own tentative conclusion.

The jews, the ever-lying jews, have published population figures. Let us view a table of the jew population by countries and world totals up to 2012.

The numbers from the jews, themselves, clearly expose their lies.

The numbers from the jews, themselves, clearly expose their lies.

Image source:

Here are a few simple observations in regard to those numbers.

  1. For 2012, this official jew tally put the jew infestation in the USA at about 5,425,000 (which is about 40% of their world jew population total of 13,746,100.)
  2. Compare that 5.4 million in 2012 to the Ford report above of 3.5 million in 1921. The jews would have us believe that despite their flourishing in the USA especially since 1913′s guarantee of massive wealth, and despite their supreme freedom in the USA, and despite their massive immigration from Europe’s war eras, supposedly their population increased in the USA by only l.9 million in 91 years! In black and white, with utter clarity, the jews again show that no lie is too big for them to spew upon us.
  3. A similar glance at the jews’ world population columns yields impossibilities, which are, being deliberate, lies. In the 14 years from 1925 to 1939, the jews report an increase of very nearly 2 million. Yet, in the 15 years from 1945 to 1960, the jews report an increase of only 1 million! That 15-year period was post-WW2, when jews enjoyed ultimate freedom, a flood of money including “reparations” for the supposed crimes against humanity done to them, their own new jew-only country since 1948, and nobody even purported to be killing them, yet they increased their world population by only 1 million. It bears repeating: No lie is too big for them to spew.

Of course, one aspect of their population lies is to try to cover for, and distract from, the fact that there was no “Holocaust” of the jews — not 6 million, not 1 million, not a half million. There was no effort by Germany nor anyone to mass-exterminate jews, although there should have been.

Let’s consider the jews’ population numbers in the light of a few other noteworthy “big ones” spewed by the “Chosen” (self-Chosen) tribe.

  • jews.israel.genociding.palestinians.eWe know that the jews’ official pronouncements about their population are just as accurate as their pronouncement in the early 1900s and again in the 1940s that they had no intention of taking Palestine from the Arabs but only to establish some small “religious” communities there, and now they have taken by terror and murder nearly every patch of Palestine and are not finished yet.
  • Likewise, we know that the jews’ official pronouncements about their population are just as accurate as their declaration in 1913 that they wanted to take control of our country’s money system to “establish stability,” to end the “financial panics,” to end the destructive “inflations” and “deflations.” And then the jews got control of our money system, with President Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Acts, and they simply and deliberately inflicted the inflation of the “Roaring Twenties” followed by the sudden and massive deflation and The Great Depression, followed by every other inflation, deflation, recession, and depression since.
  • Likewise, the jews officially said that they did not attack the U.S.S. Liberty ship in 1967. And then, when proof was leaked, the jews said they did attack the Liberty but “accidentally.” Of course, the jews should be paying restitution and retribution for those murders — that little “holocaust” — but no, oh no, everybody must pay the jews; the jews never pay for their crimes against humanity.
  • Likewise, the jews demonized the Germans by calling them “Huns” in the era of WW1 and again in WW2. But Huns were Mongoloids (Asians), which better describes that significant part of the jew mongrel DNA and has no significant relation to the White German DNA.
  • Likewise, the jews claimed that Germans mass-murdered the group of thousands of Polish officers at Katyn during the WW2 era. And the Germans invited reporters and their cameras from around the world to watch and record as the mass graves were uncovered and the evidence unveiled for all to see. Thus, the world’s media knew the truth at that time. Yet, the jews continued to lie about that massacre until Russian records were released in the 1990s to again prove the Germans’ innocence, which quieted most yet still not all of the jews’ lying on the subject.
  • Likewise, we can cite historic event after historic event, promise after promise, which can fill enough books to fill a library.

Theirs is a history of deceit for every purpose, from whim to murder to genocide. Theirs is a history of deceit against all of nonjew humanity. Theirs is a historic program to wipe out the White race (the only race of sufficiently high intelligence and performance to be able to defeat the jews) and to mix and control the rest of a brown humanity to serve the jews — as their racial rulebook The Talmud and their Torah (basically The Old Testament) say quite clearly.

The jews’ vile agenda is a Public Secret!

It only remains a Secret from people who get their news and other information only from jew sources, such as tv, movies, school books, newspapers, and government publications.

It is Public Knowledge to the rest of us who have sought sensible explanations to the monstrous contradictions and deliberate failures of public and institutional efforts during our lifetimes. The best of the White race have always had the answers and have always published them (some of which are listed and freely available on the WhiteSchool page). And jews have always done their best to prevent the spread of our best publications, with their “best” efforts often including murder of our leaders, authors, and public speakers.

The jews are lying about their population, of course. It is in their interest to make us think their population is small and thus not a threat. The truth is that even a small population of jews is a threat, a mortal threat. And the actual population of the heinous parasites in the USA is far, far more than what the jews say it is.

How Many?

I see no way to know, to really know, how many jews are infesting our country now. After we kill enough of them, the rest will flee as rats from a fire, and we will get control of our government and seize the jews’ own records of their communities, organizations, synagogues, etc., and we will assemble a good total. And we will kill all of them.

In the meantime, we have some ways to make useful estimates. Three examples:

  1. Occasionally, the most boastful of the mongrel jews blurts out a piece of truth. The “23 million” likely was such a blurt. Starting there, we can add numbers for estimated immigration and domestic breeding to bring the number up to date.
  2. We could add up the likely portion of each profession known to be jew controlled and infested, and then we could use that number as the nuclei of families and add on the average number of each family to arrive at a fairly solid base number. For example, the population of lawyers in the USA. Count 50 percent of them as jews. Consider them as the nuclei of 4-member families, and arrive at a total. Do the same with doctors, professors, etc. Use a higher percent for actors, directors, producers, and the like across the USA. Use 95 percent for bankers. Likewise, use a high percent for journalists. I was a newspaper journalist, and as I think back on the newsroom staff and the editors (various bosses), it was about 50 percent jew and growing, as new hires were most often jews (in 1996).
  3. Similar to Number 2 above, we could go at it by industry and institution.
Our opportunity, our duty, our pleasure is to kill the true enemy of our White race and of all humanity. It is the job left undone by previous generations.

Our opportunity, our duty, our pleasure is to kill the true enemy of our White race and of all humanity. It is the job left undone by previous generations.

It is enough for me, personally, to know that the jews’ deceitful, heinous, murderous minority has millions of members (all of them) waging war on us. My focus is on killing the enemy jews. That’s all jews.

Someone so inclined may do the work of counting them, and I will be thankful for that work.

Meanwhile, the jews must continue to be killed. And if we want to enjoy the victory (during our lifetimes) and shape the great productive prosperity afterward, we must increase the pace at which we true White Men and White Women kill the enemy jews.

See articles of advice linked at the bottom of this site.

Whites Will Win.


James T. Laffrey

Thinking About Christmas — Really Thinking

James Laffrey, Yule.

James Laffrey.

Today, many people will sing the Christmas hymn that says, “Born is the king of Israel.”

“Israel” as a country was born in 1948. The song was not written to refer to a country. Before 1948, “Israel” meant the race of jews. The nation of jews. “Race” and “nation” nearly always meant the same thing. The word “country” focuses on the territory the race controls.

So, “born was the king of Israel.” What does that tell us? It tells us Jesus was a jew. And it tells us that Jesus was born a king of the jews.

In fact, the word “christ” was a title, essentially meaning “king.” This information comes from the great scholar of ancient languages, history, and professor Revilo P. Oliver. (The TopLinks page has a selection of Oliver documents to enjoy.) The word “christ” was wrongly applied as a name, and widespread use made the error permanent.

Let us pause and review. Christ Jesus, that is “king” Jesus, was a jew. Are you, dear reader, a jew? Almost certainly you are not a jew. Jews read my website only to monitor how well I am waking up my people — the more effective I am, the more they increase their attack, thus my previous site was deleted by WordPress.

What came first

Jews used the word “christ” for a very long time before “king Jesus” was born from the brain of Saul in the hot, sandy Middle East.

Meanwhile, up north, the White race living in 4-season land had annual celebrations at the end of harvest time and the end of the year. Our White race had a group of stories and symbolic characters to express our appreciation, awe, and love of Nature, Seasons, Fertility, and Fighting for Survival and Prosperity.

I would not call it a White religion, nor a Norse religion, nor a Nordic religion, nor an Aryan religion. It was mythology, and everybody knew it was mythology. Similarly, Greeks had their mythology — the great Greeks were an ethnicity of the White race, but then Greece race-mixed into mediocrity.


This entry is from the’s page on Norse paganism. The Yule came first, and then came jewry’s Christianity, which Whites have constantly altered and adjusted in attempts to make the square peg fit the round hole. More accurately stated: Adjustments were inadvertently made to make the mind poison more palatable to our people.

We Whites had absolutely no need nor want of a religion. We certainly had no need nor want of a jew religion.

The jew religion of which we speak, Christianity (remember what “christ” really means), was born during the White Roman empire, which was about 2,000 years ago. That’s right. Christians tend to believe, without really thinking it through, that Christianity “always has been” a belief among humans. One reason for that is because Christianity offers the Genesis story, so that the believer tends to think Christianity began when humanity began.

But the first Christian religion was born during the Roman Empire, which stretched across southern and middle Europe, with the city of Rome in Italy as the capital. The Middle East at that time was under Rome authority.

Map is from  Click image too see full-size.

Several decades into what we call “A.D.,” some jews, especially Saul, now known as “Paul,” started writing a religion around a guy not mentioned in any recorded history of the time. This new religion was really a new soup of beliefs, borrowing fruits and vegetables from old stories already there in the hodgepodge of the Middle East, a crossroads of races, trade, and cultural ideas. The virgin birth, the flood, the miracles, etc. None of that was new.

However, the main new twist that jew Saul put on it was that all the people of all the different races were supposedly equal in the eyes of god. Of course, jews never believed that. Jews always held their own race as supreme, which is why they chose themselves as “The Chosen People” of god. That alone is proof enough that jews birthed the whole hoax.

Jews never believed that all people were equal, so why did jews write a religion that said all people were equal? Jews wrote that to undermine the Roman Empire, which was the greatest entity of White power on the planet at that time. If the jews could make all the non-Whites and some White dupes believe that “all people are equal in the eyes of god” then the people would tear down the Roman structure, which was based on the Reality Of Race and the obvious inequality among humanity.


Part of a painting of the Roman Senate. They were all White men — until they allowed the infiltration of jews and others, setting in motion their own decline and fall.

The original Romans knew they were Whites and that their White race had invented and built everything worth caring about, from chariots to aquaducts, from sewer sytems to justice systems.

Jews never invented anything involving physical labor. Jews as a race have always detested physical work and have always attached themselves as parasites to the societies who did the work. Their favorite method is to use usury (theft by banking and money-changing) to provide them with wealth, which they use to benefit jewry only. Another method is surreptitious control of the media so that they can blame all ills on the host population and other immigrants — anybody but jews. But enough of that. Let us return to Christmas.

The jews’ invention of Christianity never did fit with us. That’s one reason why there are so many different kinds of Christian religions. In fact, as we all well know, every different White believer has a different version of Christianity in mind, choosing which parts to accept wholly, partially, or not at all, and modifying any or all parts as is convenient or self-satisfying.

Many popes have been jews -- secret jews, of course. Here's one. Why would jews, whose Talmud says Jesus is hanging in excrement for eternity -- want to be Catholics? To control the feeding of the mind poison, directing it to benefit jewry. "The body of Christ," the priest said to me every Sunday. And I replied, "Amen," and ate the "body of Christ." What utter nonsense. Will this girl overcome it or forever worship jews?

Many popes have been jews — secret jews, of course. Here’s one. Why would jews, whose Talmud says their fictional Jesus is hanging in excrement for eternity — want to be Catholics? To control the feeding of the mind poison, directing it to benefit jewry. And it’s a money racket. “The body of Christ,” the priest said to me every Sunday. And I replied, “Amen,” and ate the “body of Christ.” What utter nonsense. Will this girl overcome it or forever be a dupe, a worshiper of jews?

Is it too late for me to tell the reader that I was raised a Catholic? In seventh grade, I began my solo search for knowledge about all the religions I could find explained in encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other books. Therefore, I know of what I speak.

The jew invention called Christianity was forced on the White race by kings and other rulers who got themselves into debt to parasitic jew bankers, and by other methods.

Absolutely against Nature and against Race, the teachings of Christianity tell all of us non-jews to forget about race, to “love” our enemies!, to wait forever for the meek to “inherit the Earth,” and other nonsense. Mind poison. It is all mind poison to our White race. It dupes us into letting down our defenses, lapsing into pacifism, while jews silently seize all the reins of power.

Christianity, more than any other single mind poison, is what makes us passive in the face of incompatible, destructive immigration of Blacks, Mestizos, Arabs, and Asians. Christianity makes us passive in the face of one enemy race taking control of our money system, thus forever robbing us of our profits through “interest,” and thus robbing our communities through loans that are created out of nothing but that we must pay back in real money. It’s a total transfer of wealth from us to jewry. It’s Cold War, absolutely. Yet, we have remained passive and accepting. Jewry has taken control of our media, too, and we remain passive and accepting.

We should fight it with all of our might once and for all, which we can easily do. We only have to wake up, spread this truth, and use the tools that our White race has already invented for our use. By All Means (B.A.M.), we should use all of our tools, especially those guaranteed for us by our White Founding Fathers to “keep and bear” at will. Stupidly, passively, we have let that right be eroded, too.

No more!

yule.log.candles.eThis Christmas, let us shun the mind poison. Let us celebrate the Yule with family and friends of our race, with great food, with our racial trait of generosity in gift giving and helping each other. Let us shun, boycott, and stigmatize the jew usurpation of our culture: Oppose their culture of deceit. Oppose their symbols of oppression, including their menorahs, and especially the monstrosity looming over our White House.

Celebrate White Christmas Yule. Stop worshiping jews. Stop celebrating jew tales. Celebrate what’s right. Celebrate what’s White.