Meme: Jews Hate Me, Want To Rape Me “meme” is a very short powerful message. Why it is powerful is another discussion.

A “meme” of written words with an image, such as the one above, is a short powerful message partnered with an image forming a combo of greatly increased power.

Jews Hate Me Want To Rape Me
because I’m White

Foundational Knowledge: jews are not Whites

Bob Whitaker, who recently died, was a pioneer and expert in written memes before the word “meme” was coined in recent times and then spread, let’s realize this, by the jewsmedia. Mr. Whitaker called his powerful phrases and sentences “mantras.” One mantra. Two mantras.

Example: Diversity is a code word for anti-White.

His focus was on White only. In general, he forbade himself, associates, and followers from including “jews” in mantras. His website continues. Here is part of what I have had posted for years on my TruthfulSites page about him and his effort:

His focus is pro-White. But he insists on not mentioning jews. He refers to “news and jews” derisively, about which he is not even half right. We need some news, and absolutely need Whites to expose jews as jews.

And after he died in June (2017), I added this:

Bob Whitaker has died. Maybe with him out of the way, somebody in the organization will rise up and produce one or more mantras against the actual enemy, the jews.


The jews have established many anti-White memes, many anti-White mantras in their every-day every-angle war against us. The jews’ war on us is both a hot war and a cold war.

  • The hot war is the maiming and killing of us Whites — by duping young Whites into joining the military and going to kill and get maimed or killed anywhere on this Earth in service of jewry, killing anybody but jews; and by poison “medicines” and vaccines; and by militarized police (many of whom have been trained in Israel to shoot Whites first and ask questions later); and by the jews inciting negroes to riot, to rape and murder Whites, while the jew-led government orders “law-enforcement” troops to lay back for hours or even days before moving in and stopping the crimes.
  • The cold war is the war of words, the war of perceptions, the war of discrimination against Whites, as Bob Whitaker said in one of his last mantras: “… Chasing Down The Last White Person.” The cold war includes the actual obliteration of our freedom of speech in government, in big media, in schools, even in universities, even in our jobs in most corporations. Just for truthful speech, not even action, we lose jobs or are blocked from better-paying jobs.

Our White heroes react to the jews’ hot war against us by killing jews. All too rare. This website’s main mission is to inspire more heroes to action.

Our strong but not heroic Whites do battle in the cold war. This article by me is meant to arm and inspire these Whites.

The jews have duped our population into believing that our White race is evil, is guilty (of what? everything bad!), is hateful, etc. The jews have control of the government and the media, so they can bombard us from birth with lies against our race and in favor of theirs. The jews portray us White men as stupid, racist, hateful, child-abusing, wife-beating, greedy, self-centered, born anti-humans.

Meanwhile, if you’re still ignorant enough to “entertain” yourself by tv, you see that negroes are put in authority positions over Whites (actually jew actors pretending to be Whites), and you see jews portrayed as brilliant cooperative computer experts, or quiet wise men who aid the supposed heroes of law enforcement, or wiser-than-everybody psychiatrists, or do-gooder wealthy philanthropists. You see anybody but jews portrayed as villains of the home, community, country, and Earth.

WE MUST get the correct message into our fellow Whites’ minds that JEWS ARE THE ULTIMATE HATERS, JEWS ARE THE VILLAINS, JEWS TRULY ARE THE ANTI-HUMANS.


I do not intend to turn myself into a meme machine. I could do it. But I have other missions for myself. We need you, my fellow White person, if you are not busy with other pro-White anti-jew action, to wrap your mind around this mission. Produce and spread memes. Focus. Simplify. Continue what works. Discard what doesn’t work.

Our best brains still read, and are still interested in real science, and real history. Thus, my article-based website is still valuable, the same as books and articles have always been valuable influences on me.

But as we look out upon the current mass of the White population, we recognize that they don’t read much. They don’t invest time on self-education. They are jewsmedia-trained to have short attention spans receptive of only what’s current, what’s “new,” what’s sexy.

So, we must have a big part of our cold-war effort focused on mantra or meme work in text, images, audio, and video.


Which of these images above and below immediately struck you as effective? Go with that. Run with that. Build on that.

At least copy and paste the image on other sites, or in emails, etc. Link it anywhere, everywhere.

Realize that different segments of the audience usually (but not always) need memes adjusted specifically for them. Men without children will be influenced more by the attractive adult female images. Young mothers will be influenced more by the images of women like themselves or of young children. Etc.

Where did I get the images upon which I placed text? The internet, and snapshots from videos. I don’t know who they are, except for the image immediately above: She is Sylvia Stolz, a German truthteller lawyer who has been imprisoned simply for defending a truthteller in court!

Note: On other websites, I often see attempts at memes with images of supposed White people who actually are jews! Realize that most well-paid models, along with actors and other celebrities, are jews pretending to be Whites. They are not Whites.

As an aside, let me also point out that some websites, example:, report on crimes against Whites but occasionally rail, mistakenly, about murders usually by negroes of Whites who are not actually Whites but are jews! Now, this is ok for an audience generally ignorant about crypto-jews. But for those of us in the know, we look at those articles and pictures and think, “That was a good kill!” We’re happy that the negroes are killing jews, too, though thinking they’re killing Whites.

Ramp it up, folks.

Do what you can. Do what you’re able to do. Do what you want to do.

If you’re not good at it today, you’ll be better at it tomorrow.

WE need you.


If Bob Whitaker Were A ‘Genius,’ He Would Have Nailed The jews In A Mantra By Now

If Bob Whitaker Were A ‘Genius,’

He Would Have Nailed The jews In A Mantra By Now.

Instead, all Whitaker is doing is getting people to say “White people,” and White people have a right to not be genocided. Basically, that’s it.

Some genius.

After working for the jew government for decades — as a wordsmith and strategist for jew-serving Ronald Reagan and others at that most criminal level — BUGS Bob the “genius” made no real-world progress with his years of “pro-White” mantra work until last year when a BUGSer put up a banner in Oregon. This year, Kyle Hunt followed up with the so-called WhiteManMarch, which wasn’t a march but was a banner-flying affair.

Meanwhile, “genius” Bob has always insulted anyone who actually identifies the enemy. If you write “jews,” he derides you as one of the “news and joos” crowd of IQs inferior to his.

But let’s just be as clear as clear can be:

If Bob Whitaker were a “genius,” instead of giving the enemy jews a total pass, he would nail the jews in a mantra. No, actually, he would have done so a long time ago.

Dear fellow Whites, have you ever, ever, heard of a group defeating a murderous enemy when that group refused to even identify the enemy by name?

Of course, not.

The victors always identified their enemies specifically so that their efforts would not be wasted in any wrong direction with any non-enemies.

“Brilliant” Bob’s strategy is like that of the impostors among us who focus for years on which kind of explosive brought down the three World Trade Center towers (1, 2, and 7) instead of focusing on WHO committed the crime and then killing that enemy.

BUGSBob’s strategy is like this: If the remaining White South Africans were to refuse to identify as “black Africans” the black Africans murdering them. Also, it would be absurd if the White South Africans were to refuse to identify the jews controlling, funding, and directing the black Africans. Instead, following “genius” Bob, the White South Africans would only be allowed to say that it’s not fair for “somebody” to genocide Whites in South Africa.

See how effective that would be? The jews and the black Africans actually want the Whites genocided, so the genociding would go on unopposed. And the duped masses around the world actually don’t care if Whites get disappeared from an African country. The Whites’ only hope in South Africa is to rise up and kill their enemies — the jews and the black Africans.

Likewise, our only hope is to rise up and kill our enemies — the jews. Of course, we must also kill any jew-tools who stand in our way or who threaten us.

We must ask about Bob Whitaker: Whose side is he on, really? His life’s work has helped the jews remain alive and in power far more than his work has helped us, if any, to identify and kill the enemy.

As I have said to Bob, rhetorically, on the TruthfulSites-100 page:

Bob, if we don’t kill enough of them before they kill us, you will go to your grave in vain, as all mere wordsmiths have gone before. Do you think words would have gotten rid of the British in the 1700s? Did words stop the jews from declaring war on Germany in 1933 and contriving WW2? Would better words have stopped Israel from the false-flag attacks on the U.S.S. Liberty, from assassinations of presidents, and from 9/11? Did the words after each of those atrocities stop the next atrocity? Are words going to stop the next big use of force and terror against us? No. Yes, we need the words, but more-so we need to correctly identify the enemy and kill the enemy who is, as you rightly say, genociding us. You do recognize genociding as killing, don’t you?


James T. Laffrey