Jews Direct Hurricane Irma for Mass Murder plus Distraction from 9/11

Jews Direct, Control, Manipulate Hurricane Irma
for Mass Murder
plus Distraction from 9/11

Hurricane Irma's official path is shown up to midday Saturday, 9 Sept. 2017.

Hurricane Irma’s official path is shown up to midday Saturday, 9 Sept. 2017.

Hurricane Irma is a controlled storm, says independent scientist James McCanney (on the John Moore show, Wed. 6 Sept. 2017). The hurricane has been guided and enhanced in power by laser-satellite with the intention of mass destruction — just as were the infamous storms Katrina (2005, New Orleans) and Sandy (2012, New York area), along with many others.

Scientist McCanney has said for more than a decade on his weekly Science Hour broadcasts that the United States military developed, controls, and operates the laser-satellites.

James McCanney, White, Irish, scientist, truthteller

James McCanney, White, Irish, scientist, truthteller

These crimes against humanity are committed in service of “the world bankers,” McCanney often has said. On rare occasions, the genius White scientist has correctly specified “jews” as those bankers.

I, James Laffrey, and we who are fully race-aware and without businesses or the like to protect, plainly state that jews own the international banking system, the Federal Reserve System of the United States, and control the U.S. government and, of course, the U.S. military. The race of jewry has been known by the best humans throughout history as The Destroyers, as the Anti-Humans, as the race against all other races of humanity.

Those people who doubt or scoff at these facts must ask themselves how they think they know more about humanity and jewry through history than the following men, to name just a few, of high intelligence and honesty:

  • henry-ford.autobio-coverMartin Luther (yes, the famous German man of religion of the 1500s),
  • Alfred Owen Crozier (businessman, brother of a White banker, and author circa 1912),
  • Henry Ford (yes, the great inventor, automaker, and publisher),
  • General George Patton Jr. (great general in WW2, assassinated by jewry in 1945),
  • Revilo Oliver (WW2 intelligence expert, professor and author in Illinois for decades),
  • Gen. George Patton

    Gen. George Patton

    William Pierce (physicist turned scholar, historian, author, and organizer),

  • JB Campbell (American soldier for White Rhodesia in the 1970s, longtime investigator and author on these issues),

and I include myself after a decade of research, analysis, and publishing. I proudly say all of these men were and are White men.

Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was reported by scientist McCanney as having carved an obviously impossible path to New Orleans to wipe out a section of poor people and then abruptly turn eastward to hit oil refineries to give oil corporations another false excuse to further impoverish us by soaring gasoline prices.

Hurricane Sandy in 2012 similarly targeted areas of poor people, scientist McCanney has said.

Likewise, hurricanes during the last decade that have exhibited unnatural behavior (such as stretched, elongated eyes of the hurricanes) and have ravaged Cuba, Florida, and Texas. “Weather bombing” is what professor McCanney calls these heinous acts.

Annually since September 11, 2001, jewry has caused destructive events and otherwise staged false-flag terror events and other political or social conflicts as diversions from our White truthtelling focus on 9/11. The jews distract attention from their murder of about 3,000 people by the three controlled demolitions and subsequent massive misery from the billowing clouds of toxic dust that engulfed nearby city blocks. Also, the jews killed Pentagon workers by missile, not plane.


How many World Trade Center towers fell straight down on 9/11? Nearly anyone we ask replies, “Two,” still misled and uninformed by the jewsmedia to be totally unaware of Building 7, a case of proof of obvious controlled demolition. WTC Building 7 was never hit by a plane, yet it, too, went down completely in seconds on that day, at about 5 p.m., when lease owner Larry Silverstein, yes a jew, gave the order to “pull it,” as he admitted in a video still available for anyone to see.

Silverstein and thousands of other jews who normally worked in those three towers every weekday, did not go to work that day. Coincidence? No. Statistically, it’s an impossible coincidence. In fact, jews at that time had a messaging service for their race only, called Odigo, which was used by the jews to give their fellow self-”Chosenites” advance warning to avoid the World Trade Center area that day.

The jews had a message service called Odigo, only for jews. They used it to warn their fellow scum self-"Chosenites" to not go to work at the WTC on 9/11. As a limited hangout, some jew publications admitted to Odigo but lied about how many got the message and why.

The jews had a message service called Odigo, only for jews. They used it to warn their fellow parasites to not go to work at the WTC on 9/11. As a limited hangout, some jew publications admitted to the existence of Odigo but lied about how many jews got the message and why. Above, the image shows results from a simple search anyone can do today to read those accounts and more.

On 9/11 this year (2017), two days from now as I publish this article, the big media’s spew will be dominated by skewed reports about hurricane results with little if any mention of the anniversary of 9/11 — a monumental crime for which none of the major planners and executors has been tried and executed.


This is Trump, complete with jew cap. This is what jews do, folks. Not Whites. Jews.

This is Trump, complete with jew cap. This is what jews do, folks. Not Whites. Jews. Most jews in the USA, especially the “White-looking” members of their families, pretend to be Whites. The official historical term is “crypto-jew.” Trump is not only surrounded by jews, and he not only loves jews: He is a jew.

Donald Trump, who was (s)elected to be the current actor occupying the White House, did his part in the ongoing coverup when he said during the campaign in 2016 that he saw dancing Muslims celebrating the planes striking the twin towers. Trump knew and knows full well that the truth is “dancing Israelis” were reported on 9/11 on a rooftop after the first strike but before the second strike.

  • Here is a good article that also makes my points immediately above and below, with images, quotes, and links to sources.
  • Here is an article from 2015 in the NewYork Times (jew york times, since 1896) in which they took those words “dancing Muslims” out of their fellow jew Trump’s mouth and put them, instead, in a John Farmer’s mouth and in unquoted text. Further, this article is an example of jews using Muslims as a buffer of protection. On top of that, the article is designed to leave readers with the impression that there had not been ANY celebratory dancers on a rooftop. See the layers?

jews.dancing-israelis-on-jew-tvLater in Israel, those dancing Israelis, three of them, admitted on Israeli tv that they were there with their video cameras “to document the event.” This is another video available for anyone to see. (Here, just one of many such clips.) That team of jews got video footage of the FIRST strike, thus proving they knew it was going to happen. They were set up with cameras aimed at the right place, right time, in advance.

This should be enough evidence to persuade any doubter who still owns a working brain.

Yet, there is a mountain of other evidence, some of which is published on this website and with links to the best of the many sources. Here, one great example: This evidence is shunned by the jewsmedia, of course, and all truthtellers are demonized by the jews infesting media and governments.

What is the proper punishment for the mass-murder crimes of 9/11 and the many “weather bombings”?

How does a population bring justice and deliver that proper punishment when the enemy race is in control of that population’s government?

Does that victim population just give up and let the enemy continue their crimes, or does that victim population turn to heroic action to at least whittle down that enemy population infesting their White-founded White-built country?

James Laffrey
Writer of this article.
Owner of this website.

WW2′s Impact And Inspiration On Us Today

This is a followup of a very different kind to my previous article that also contained World War Two truth, titled “Images to Edify and Alarm.”

WhitesWillWin2014.H.jtl.eLet me repeat one paragraph:

Coming soon this year (2015) will be a tv, newspaper, magazine, and government barrage of lies in commemoration of the END of WW2. It has been an even 70 years since the official end, but not the real end.

Note: I hope our younger readers realize that 70 years is not a very long time when we observe that it is less than the average lifetime of a healthy White person.

This is an article of a very different kind mostly because I did not write it and it’s the first time I have ever re-published so much of someone else’s work. This is also different in its intended emotional impact, which should be heavy.

Here, now, is the article by the highly admirable Seana Fenner given the indirect title of “What are Values?” with the subtitle “Is telling the truth ‘racism,’ ‘hatred,’ or ‘blasphemy’?” The following is a series of excerpts from the beginning of the article, slightly edited by me. Two examples of edits: I replaced “Odinist” with “White,” and “zionist” with “jew.” Also, some but not all of the images and none of the videos are included here. The entire article awaits your click, if you like, on its title.


What are Values?

“Is telling the truth ‘racism, hatred, or blasphemy?”


Using one’s Gods-given reason, intellect and common sense, embracing one’s own perspective, and working for the good of one’s own people is sanity, not hatred. In fact, in a society where one is not allowed to reason, and even the feeling of certain natural basic emotions is legislated against, as with “hate crimes”, one is no longer a human being, but a slave. A free human being is allowed to think, speak and to experience emotion… to hate, love or be indifferent… as he or she chooses. Emotions are given us for a reason, and sometimes even hatred is appropriate, and necessary for survival.

I do not apologize for telling the truth in regard to history, or anything else. When facts have been hidden, it is often for no good purpose. Any argument that cannot weather open debate is no argument at all. In the case of the historical facts presented here, the truth is especially important. This is information each one of our people desperately needs to know. Truth, to true Whites, is a virtue, not a “crime.” It is one of many good qualties that we value. …

About the Noble Virtues

For example, we stand against the recent onslaught of arrests, and the jailing, under jew-made “hate” laws (laws which actually are meant to supress free speech), of historians for the supposed “crime” of writing verifiable facts in books. We do not agree with Galileo Galilei being forced to recant the Heliocentric Theory, on pain of death, by the jewish cult of Christianity, which worships ignorance, either. These are much the same sort of thing.

Cowards who want to “fit in,” who look after their own advantage first, last, and always, and who collaborate with such things as indefinite detention without trial are not our people. Anyone who thinks nothing of arresting authors for writing books is the enemy of all free humankind. If a European person is so far gone, so brainwashed, that he or she no longer has the inclination, or the courage, to face reality, or deal with it, there is nothing I, or anyone else, can do to help. For those who still do have the blood, spirit, and courage of our ancestors, read on…

Truth is Hate for Those who Hate the Truth


The date of the Paper, above, is 2 September 1939. If you look carefully you will see just above the title of the article the words “Britain First.” Strangely enough, before I ever saw this newspaper, when I knew only a fraction of the truth, I made a facebook group called “America First.”

In it, I used to talk about “Israel Firsters,” referring to people who wanted to callously use America, its resources, and the very lives of its people as cannon fodder in order to advance Israel. How little I knew then, about just how serious the problem really is and has been, and how much more I have to learn…

I created this group, America First, after an incident in which several hundred “Americans” attacked me online on Independence Day, and some even gave me death threats. They did this simply because I had said that invading the sovereign Kingdom of Jordan so Israel could expand its borders was not only morally wrong, but not in the interests of the United States of America.

How very strange that English people wrote those words, “Britain First” in the face of Jewish tryanny, so long ago… but it is not a coincidence. They knew. If only people had seen, and had listened, then I would not have had to write the words “America First” these many years later and we would not be in this predicament. Now not just Germany, Russia, England, Palestine, and America have the same problem… but the entire world. If no one listens soon, and if we all do not take strong action in every way we can to reverse what has happened, soon there will be no one left to write.

Consider The Source


The Leadership of the Red Army was overwhelmingly jews, not “Russians”

I can walk into my living room right now and pick up a “historical” timeline that says Karl Marx was “German.” But he was not a German man.

Marx, otherwise known as Moses Moredecai Levy, was descended from a long line of rabbis, and rabbis are teachers of the jew racial rulebook the Talmud. Leon Trotsky, real name, Lev David Bronstein, was also a jew. Vladimir Lenin (also not his real name) was a jew, too. 75% of the Bolsheviks (regular men not leaders) were jews. The international bankers who funded the rise of Communism in Russia? All jews. Stalin’s real name? Iosif Dzhugashvili. Dzhugashvili means jew-son. He was part jew, and all three of his wives and mistresses were jews.

Then there is Lazar Kaganovitch, a jew who killed as many as 15 MILLION Europeans, but you have never heard of him, I imagine. You have heard of Hitler though, I would guess.

The KGB leadership…[the KGB was the Soviet "C.I.A.", more accurately another version of the Mossad] 75 percent jewish. The gulags? You guessed it, run by jews. And there is a lot more, including mass murderers such as Genrikh Yagoda. Who *wasn’t* jewish? The Russian royal family, nobility, and farmers who were killed and their land taken. Communist jews ["Communist leader" = jew] killed tens of millions of Europeans out of racist hate..and almost no one even knows…

The Hidden Holocaust

Of the 90,000 German men who surrendered at Stalingrad alone, only 5,000 ever returned to their homeland. Overall, approx. 3 MILLION German soldiers — who had surrendered — died after the war… 1 million at the hands of the Judeo-Bolsheviks [jews using the deceitful political party name "Bolsheviks"] and 1.7 MILLION at the hand of jew General Dwight David Eisenhower.


“Huddled close together for warmth, behind the barbed wire was a most awesome sight; nearly 100,000 haggard, apathetic, dirty, gaunt, blank-staring men clad in dirty gray uniforms, and standing ankle deep in mud … water was a major problem, yet only 200 yards away the River Rhine was running bank-full.“

Quote source: Col. Charles Beasley

The Genocide of White European Men

The Genocide of White European Men

“When they caught me throwing C- Rations over the fence, they threatened me with imprisonment. One Captain told me that he would shoot me if he saw me again tossing food to the Germans … Some of the men were really only boys 13 years of age…Some of the prisoners were old men drafted by Hitler in his last ditch stand … I understand that average weight of the prisoners at Andernach was 90 pounds…I have received threats … Nevertheless, this has liberated me, for I may now be heard when I relate the horrible atrocity I witnessed as a prison guard for one of ‘Ike’s death camps’ along the Rhine.”

Quote source: Col. James Mason

A Racist Mass-Murderer Portrayed as a “Hero”

Eisenhower’s Death Camps. The story was partly covered in Canada, but not in the USA. And by the way, it was far from the "last" dirty secret.

Eisenhower’s Death Camps. The story was partly covered in Canada, but not in the USA. The related book was not sold in any jew-owned bookstore chains. And by the way, it was far from the “last” dirty secret.

“Ike” Eisenhower. He killed 1.7 million German servicemen who had surrendered *after* the war. He directed that “prison enclosures are to provide no shelter or other comforts.” Eisenhower wrote in a letter to his wife “God I hate the Germans” and this was the one thing he said that was true. He is referred to in his school yearbook as “the terrible Swedish Jew”. Funny how there is the word “antisemitic”, but we have not even had a word for those who hate Europeans [our White race].

So extreme is the media bias that many people have not the barest conception of the truth… One good example is Lazar Kaganovitch, a jew, who was in charge of an operation that killed as many as 15 million European people, a third of them children, and no one has ever even heard of it through any big media. Think about why.


The picture above shows starved Ukrainian children of the Holodomor. They were starved to death for their land. Everyone has heard of Hitler and of the supposed “jewish” holocaust, just not the real facts about it. When a true historian tells these facts, he or she is arrested… 44 so far that I have looked into so far, and there are many more. The reason is that when any rational person looks at it, he or she sees the truth.

Ilya Ehrenberg: the war propagandist and war provocateur who invented the “6 million” number, the bars of soap, the lampshades…All admitted hoaxes. His words are quoted below. It is hard to believe that anyone could be filled with such monstrous hate. Of course, all of this is in accordance with the Talmud. In fact, he left his memoirs to Israel.

A common, heinous, anti-human jew.

A common, heinous, anti-human jew.

The following words were written in a booklet meant to encourage the Judeo-Bolsheviks to savage European civilians, and he was successful. It led to the gang-rape, and often torture and murder as well, of 2 million European women and little girls as young as 6.

“Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! …Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.”

Ehrenburg has never been charged with a war crime.


The tiny little girl above on the right has had her pants pulled up for the picture. She was raped to death. Just a small part of one account of what happened to helpless, unarmed women and children at the hands of the Jew-Bolsheviks (paraphrased from Berlin Downfall 1945 by Antony Beevor). I know it is hard to believe, but some of the stories are even worse in their own way.

Half-drunk Red Army soldiers, armed with rifles and machine guns, made unarmed Germans stand in rows. Other Judeo-Bolsheviks forced women and girls to lie on the ground, tore off their clothes and began raping them. Some U.S. soldiers from their truck looked on at all this with eyes wide open. It seemed that they were simply paralyzed by the spectacle. When two young German girls, stripped naked, shouting all the time, rushed to the truck and in desperation began to climb on it, the American guards pulled them up. The Jew-Bolsheviks did not like this. Firing wildly into the air and shouting, they rushed to the American truck. The U.S. soldiers quickly readied their guns, and the truck raced away across the road. When it had disappeared, the Jew-Bolshevik soldiers attacked the German women again.

A young German woman, a little over thirty, mother of a 12-year-old girl, knelt at the feet of a Jew-Bolshevik corporal and prayed to God that the soldiers take her, and not the girl. But her prayers went unanswered. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she kept praying. The corporal walked away from the woman, his face contorted into a mocking grin. One of the soldiers hit the woman on the face with his boot. “Damned fascist pig!”, he yelled. The young mother fell on her back. The soldier who had hit her, shot her in the head and killed her.

The Judeo-Bolsheviks seized all the German women who were visible. The little daughter of the murdered woman was dragged behind a tank by the killer of her mother. He was joined by other jews and heinous Soviet nonjews. For half an hour rang out wild screams and moans. Then, completely naked, the girl, unable to stand on her feet, crept back. However, in the overall picture of the atrocities, the suffering of the girl was not unusual. The helpless German men tried to persuade the guards to allow them to help the girl. Rifle at the ready, the Judeo-Bolshevik allowed a German medic to attend to the girl. An hour later she died, and her last sobs burned the hearts of Hartmann and his soldiers. 8- and 9-year-old girls were being repeatedly raped mercilessly by the brutal Judeo-Bolshevik military. They showed no other feelings other than hatred and lust. Those who were dragged away from the truck, nobody saw them again.

2 million women and little girls…Little boys who tried to save their female relatives were shot. Many of the victims, who were almost always gang-raped, died. The victims included little girls as young as 6 and women in their 80s, and also many catholic nuns were assaulted. There was even an assault in a church. The women were led to believe that they would be safe there and then the doors were locked and organ music played by laughing jew-Bolsheviks who then assaulted them.

We have ALL heard the name of Anne Frank — child Anne Frank who wrote her memoirs in ball point pen (which had not been invented yet) and who actually died of typhus. Why is she considered more important and more worthy of public consideration than these little girls who really were assaulted and butchered? It is because she was a jew and these European children are considered to be “goyim” or “human cattle” by the jew rulebook The Talmud. This is not ancient history either. The IDF rabbi in Israel recently publically stated that rape in war with non-jewish victims by jewish rapists is acceptable because the wars of Israel are, in his words, “not like the wars of other nations.” According to him, they are “Mitzvah,” or “holy” wars.

We do not even know the names of these little European girls who jews and their accomplices gang-raped to death.

sfenner.h.children-girls-raped-killed.e Victims of the strategically unnecessary bombing attack upon Dresden, a city of unarmed civilian refugees, mostly women and children. More of butcher jew Ilya Ehrenberg’s words:

“The Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word ‘German’ is the most horrible curse. From now on, the word ‘German’ strikes us to the quick. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day … If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime… If you have already killed a German, then kill another one – there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses. Don’t count the days, don’t count the kilometers. Count only one thing: the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the Germans!”


____________ End Of Excerpts ____________

DEAR MEN AND WOMEN: After the above, and knowing that the jews have never stopped committing such crimes against us, how can any White adult not know that we must kill the jews?

Words have never stopped them. Votes have never stopped them. Only force has stopped them, such as when Adolf Hitler and his great fellow Germans applied force to them. But the Germans were too kind: They did not mass-extinguish the jew plague. We wish they had.

Now, the job — and the honor and the pleasure — is ours.

See advice in “THE BEST” and other articles linked at the bottom of this site to join our silent White heroes.

Whites Will Win.