JB Campbell's symbol

JB Campbell’s symbol

As we remain at high alert for perhaps two more weeks (read JB Campbell here to catch up on that), I would like to give a taste of what we are fighting for.

After enough of us kill enough of the jews, we will have control of our country again.

Yes, there may then be some battles for power. Our educational efforts, movement-wide, are helping to prevent that or at least reduce that.

But here’s the taste:

We would immediately remove and execute all jews of the media, and we would announce by every form of media that

All Debt to jew lenders of every kind Is Now Instantly Forgiven.

Do you think the hesitant, ignorant masses would then “see the light” and support us?


Houses, cars, computers, and everything purchased on credit would suddenly be fully owned.

Could we afford that? Certainly. With the money amassed by the jews that we will seize, we could easily afford it. Also, with control of the money system, which includes the money-creation system, we could and would operate that system for the good of our own people.

What would we do about the rest of the jews and the nonWhites wrongly allowed to enter and reside in our country?

We would declare open season on all jews. (Now is open season, but our new and very limited government would declare it officially.) Whites who kill any jews could seize and retain the jew’s personal possessions for themselves. This means houses, cars, etc. But not businesses and not bank accounts. Businesses should be given to the employees, and bank accounts must be seized by governments, whether local, state, or national.

Other nonWhites will be ordered out of the country, given a reasonable amount of time to do that, and given a reasonable amount of help to do that. (One exception: the American Indians? They wiped out our White ancestors who were here before they — of the Mongolian race — came to America. And then a new wave of our ancestors conquered them. If we allow them to grow as a race, which they would under our medical care, education, and job creation, they would become a rival-race problem again. Unacceptable.)

On a previous website, I offered the idea that if nonWhites wanted to stay, we could simply limit nonWhites to no children, thus they would die out within one generation.

But that would not be a wise course of action. Why? History has shown that when our White people relax, we get too friendly and too generous with nonWhites, suicidally so.

The nonWhites must be expelled as part of our revolution, and once they are expelled, the revolution will come to a close.

That’s what we’re fighting for. Closure.

WhitesWillWin.logo.9-2013.b.miniPeace will not come until enough of us kill enough of the jews and enough of all other nonWhites who choose to stand in our way.



This could happen very quickly.


Why not? Because not enough of our White men will man-up very soon against the infestation of jews. (Oh, how I would like to be wrong about this. Men, make me wrong!)

Nonetheless, We Will Win, but less quickly than we would prefer.

Do your share! Waiting is what previous generations did, and they left the heroic job to us. It is our opportunity.

We are the new makers of history.

Whites Will Win!

Heroic Measures Against Unconditional Surrender

jbcampbell.rifle-flag-logoThe experienced, no-nonsense, admirable American JB Campbell has followed up his great “Heroic Measures” article of warning with the new and urgent article “Unconditional Surrender” (currently at the top of that linked page).

Unconditional Surrender is what our jew-infested government wants from us. And here is part of Mr. Campbell’s response, with which I agree 100 percent:

“This essay is an announcement that this writer is now fully committed to the resistance and to the total destruction by the resistance of the federal tyranny based in Washington, DC and controlled by the Rothschild cartel which creates federal policy including all wars at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan, Chicago and Washington, DC. The CFR must be destroyed and all four thousand plus members executed, along with all CFR clone organizations, all of which are funded by the Rothschild cartel.”

Yes, the Rothschilds and their cartel are international jewry, as Mr. Campbell makes clear in other paragraphs. The questions in your mind will be answered: READ HIS ARTICLE NOW.

After you read his article, I hope it will be absolutely clear to you that action is required right now. Also, it should be clear that the reduction in the jew population that I have urged all White MEN to do will make the subsequent — likely imminent — war that much easier.

I should add one more thing. Prepare yourself for the possibility that our main websites will be taken out. Do not let that disturb you. Accept it, and proceed By All Means to defeat all forces of treason in your way.

We Will Win. We are a nation of hunters and veterans — all well armed.

We will not accept government home invasions. We will not accept martial law. We will not accept roadblocks. We shoot down all drones. This is our country, and we will kill all jew-serving forces of oppression against us.

Take no prisoners. Leave no witnesses. Let none escape.

If you have not read JB Campbell’s latest, urgent message, READ IT NOW.


James T. Laffrey

Save America, Kill jews and all those who are complicit in every treason against us.