Admirable Jan Reports MASSIVE BANNING by the enemy jews

Meet Jan of South Africa and

With pleasure, I am doing something I very rarely do: devote an article to another website owner-writer.

TeamWhite.logoJan Lamprecht has risen from years of offering mixed-bag sites such as and (included in my TruthfulSites pages) to his current heights with and TeamWhite (youtube channel), the latter in partnership with the American Alex Linder (most famous for his Vanguard News Network).

In my estimation, Jan’s video production is the most valuable service he is providing to our White race. Although some of the images he displays during videos detract from the message, his explanations and analyses of historical figures and events are very impressive.

Most of all, in his videos, his pep talks, his inspirational orations, are supreme. Listen to him as he describes how our White race has been duped into defeatism and loss of confidence. Listen to him as he shows by words and images how we are more powerful — both as individuals and as a race — than we know.

Once, I actually sat and transcribed much of one of his videos because of the great confidence-inspiring passages he spoke. And since then, I have repeatedly thought, “Wow, this is better than the one I transcribed!”

In the headline on this article, I mentioned the massive bannings, as reported by Jan, and by some others. So, let’s get to that.

If you choose to subscribe to his email newsletters (as I do), you will receive info such as the following, which came in a recent email. Caution: He is either a Trump-ette or pretending to be one in order to attract the Trumplings and move them toward the truth. I quote:

The Jews are in OVER-DRIVE just trying to drive Whites off the Social media at a pace like you can’t believe. In my view, this is a Jewish counter-offensive regarding the victory of Donald Trump. They and the Elite must have realised that all these little efforts by Whites were actually busy DEFEATING THEIR GLOBAL MEDIA. I’ve seen all sorts of youtube channels. Some of them have reaches in the hundreds of thousands of video views and others even were reaching millions. The Jews are busy sweeping WHITES off the Social Media.

Today I was notified that even my rather boring Pinterest account had been suspended! They are trying to sweep away the slightest thing they can find! I was hardly active on Twitter and Pinterest, yet they’ve killed those accounts.

What it shows me is that the GUERILLA internet activities of the Whites have shocked the Jews and scumbag elite. They clearly thought they had EVERYTHING under control … but White guerilla activities had been beating them.

So, that’s just a taste. See the accompanying images for his notices on the massive bannings of his videos, mostly by youtube-jewtube across Europe but also some worldwide.

Image from Jan's website

Image from Jan’s website. Difficult to read, but YouTube claims to be complying with “local laws” when banning a #TeamWhite video — a reading of a chapter of Henry Ford’s book “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem.” The middle paragraph is a list of mostly European countries.


Image from Jan's website

Image from Jan’s website. This notice from YouTube shows the wholesale, improper, criminal banning done by jewtube. The video is “blank hrc link 1″ — a blank video waiting to be put to use as a link to a video on another channel or website. The video itself violates no laws. But it’s by Whites who are pro-Whites and anti-jews, so it’s banned.

Another taste, especially about social media, such as Facebook and Twitter:

The thing to watch is whether can become a solid platform for us. But I suspect we’re going to be under attack endlessly no matter what we do. The Jews will be back. But its astounding the MASSIVE SCALE on which the Jews are attacking the Social Media. What this shows me is that despite the Jews having total top-down control of the Social Media for years, White men and women were extremely successful in penetrating those areas.


Someone told me that in December alone 285 Youtube channels were terminated. But I must say, when I see how many people have lost their accounts, I wonder if the Jews haven’t driven tens of thousands of Whites off the social media?

However, Jan says that he will not give up the fight on those media. He urges us to keep hitting back, rebounding after every deletion, after every banning. Our combined efforts Will Win.

Recently, jew-owned (CEO jew jeff bezos, above) banned an entire category of books -- what's called "revisionist history" -- most of which are Whites' truthful reports, full of verifiable evidence, about the the jews' massive Holocaust hoax.

Recently, jew-owned (CEO jew Jeff Bezos, above) banned an entire category of books — what’s called “revisionist history” — hundreds of books, most of which are Whites’ truthful reports full of verifiable, documented, evidence about the the jews’ massive Holocaust hoax.

Also, Jan points out that the jews’ massive censorship of truth by Whites is most intense in Europe, where, of course, they won the last world war and gave themselves the power to ban and censor most heinously. He says the jews must intensely fear the awakening of our White cousins of Europe — certainly true.

Aside: Here’s a link to Carolyn Yeager’s article about the World Jewish Congress taking credit for Amazon’s banning of the hundreds of “revisionist history” books about the jews’ Holohoax. The jews in the USA and around the world aren’t united against us Whites? Which part of all of this, from South Africa to Europe to the USA, do doubters not grasp?!

I think I’ll post the bulk of what I transcribed some weeks ago. This is especially good as a follow on my off-mission article about White science and the killing of Einstein. Also, it underlines what I have said repeatedly, No More White Flight! In Jan’s “Jew Shock” video, he said, noting his own decades of study of astronomy:

I still am quite awed by the fact that we’ve not found another planet exactly like Earth. … We have no idea how far away we’d have to go before we’d find another planet that’s got as much intelligent life on it as ourselves. And no matter what is wrong with this place, this planet Earth is special. It really is very special. … And our place here is very special. And I find it unthinkable and utterly illogical that we should give up anything here.

I think it is a sin, even in the physical material sense, it is an absolute sin: We would not be living our lives in accordance with nature if we Whites gave up. It is absolutely unthinkable that we should give up, surrender, commit suicide, even give up one grain of sand. …

We are the highest form of life that we have ever discovered. We’ve not come across anything that even comes close to ourselves. For that reason alone we should preserve ourselves at all costs. And we White people, we are the ones who built all the science and have acquired all this knowledge. …

The bottom line is that, mistakes and all, regardless of what we are, warts and all, we must cling to and fight tooth and nail for absolutely everything we have. And we White people must stop running, hiding, surrendering, etc. … We were the people who built civilization. … We as the creators of the greatest civilization this planet has ever known, we should fight tooth and nail, and work with each other and in support of each other, no matter where. …

Don’t give up anything. Don’t listen to the enemy. … We are going to create a whole new force. And you’re going to see, we are going to tear apart those who thought that we, the White people, are dead. They’re going to see, we are far from dead.”

Good stuff, eh?! And he’s gotten better since. Also, I would guess that Alex Linder has been a very good influence in Jan’s rise since Mr. Linder says, as only a few of us do, that we must exterminate all of jewry.


The name of the site is HistoryReviewed, after all. For me, the most valuable video discourses on history by Jan have been on Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and NSDAP Germany, and on — surprise — South Africa and Rhodesia. Yes, including South Africa, it all applies to our plight right now.

Jan quotes Adolf Hitler as having said: I don’t study history but “let history teach me.” Indeed, our learning from history — trying to make sure it is more or less true history — teaches us what not to do and what to do TO WIN! We don’t re-fight the old war but we bring our knowledge of the past along with our intelligence and creativity to the current war.

When Whites do this, and when not opposed by a majority of DUPED White militaries against us (as great Germany faced in WW2), then Whites always win.

Addition: 17 April 2017: As I said above, what has happened and is happening in South Africa applies to what we are dealing with right now. Prime example:

In a recent video by Jan, he interviewed fellow South African Dr. Peter Hammond. The video title is “Top Jewish Organisation behind Draconian Hate Speech Law In South Africa.” Here’s the salient paragraph from Jan’s newsletter about that video:

The key thing here is that NOBODY in South Africa has discussed the origin of the Hate Speech Laws. Everyone thinks the ANC are behind it but actually the entire idea comes from JEWS OUTSIDE GOVERNMENT including the LGBT crowd. The Jewish Board of Deputies is the top Jewish organisation in South Africa.

There it is, from a great source: The top overt jew group in the country was behind the creation, pushing, and enacting of laws against what the jews call “hate speech” — which is any truth against them and their tools. Same as here in the USA, though the jews haven’t quite succeeded, yet, in getting their proposed laws enacted.

However, since the jews push those poisonous, anti-White ideas constantly in the jew-owned media (tv, movies, magazines, songs, etc.), we suffer discrimination by the force of duped public opinion and jew-trained law enforcement thugs.

More Banning

Website owner Seana Fenner is another of the few webwriters to whom I have devoted an article on this website. On my TruthfulSites pages, I say this (Link, currently #167):

We have here one of the five top webwriters in our pro-White anti-jew movement, folks. Powerful, personal, knowledgeable. This includes her careful but clear call to destroy jewry once and for all. My only qualm is the “religion.” Full thirst for truth about our ancestors, yes. Veneration, yes. “Religion,” no. She resides in Hawaii, a very anti-White place in my two years of experience there.

Seana Fenner’s pro-White work is extensive, much of it you would never know about if you only occasionally check for new articles on one of her sites. On the subject of bannings, she has suffered many and continually suffers more, and she fights back in various ways — eloquent, devastating arguments to our enemies and dupes; new articles totally exposing those enemies; letters on legal issues to the jew-controlled companies such as Facebook, et al; and actual legal actions.

The following image, Seana’s version of “coexist,” was deleted by Facebook. It’s just an image with symbols! But it has the ancient Aryan symbol called the swastika, so that must have been “hate,” according to the jew-owned jew-operated Facebook.



The following image is Seana’s response to another anti-White crime by Facebook. seana-fenner.facebook-anti-truth


And one more. For anyone of sound mind who views the comment threads to which Seana contributes, her superiority over the vicious enemies and dupes is obvious.


Addition, 17 April 2017:


Consider how all of the big jew-owned media, such as newspapers and magazines and their websites, and tv and the tv-related websites, prevent us and our truthful reports from ever getting on their media.

We are pre-banned.

The vast majority of the public still sheepily gets all or nearly all of their information of every kind from the lying big media. People are constantly fed lies about every kind of science (from space to weather to natural resources to diseases to nutrition, etc.), constantly fed lies about what the government does and does not do, about who owns and controls the biggest corporations and institutions, constantly fed lies about history and fed reversals of the truth about who were the villains and who were the heroes.

paypal.jews.memePayPal and other such services ban us simply because of our speech — even here in our “free speech” country. They agree with the government on who are the enemies “of our nation and our freedoms” and who must be hated and killed. We disagree with the government and say who really must be killed, and so PayPal and many other such service companies deny us service because of that speech.

Their speech promotes violence against their named enemies. They don’t ban themselves. Our speech promotes violence against our named enemies. They ban us.

And who owns those services? Always jews.

(R.I. reports on many such companies.)

Remember: The jews are not Whites, but most of them in the USA are pretending to be Whites for the purpose of duping us into letting them dupe us.


People who cannot see from this evidence that Jews Are The Enemy are people who cannot be trusted and are of no use to truth, justice, and the comeback of our great race.

But the Whites among those ignorant people can, in the near future, shed their ignorance and become trusted and useful members of our great race. I, myself, am an example. Ten years ago, I was an intellectual “everybody’s equal” numbskull! But I learned. I investigated, I researched, I read many pdf books and watched many videos. I separated the meat from the tofu.

My fellow Whites, you can do that, too. But thanks to my WhiteSchool page, it need not take you so long as it took me.

We who are of truly White blood and not mixed-race mongrels have — as Jan has powerfully said in choice videos — inherent capabilities beyond what we have ever been taught.

Wake up, my fellow Whites. Fully wake up.

We have only to STRIVE, and we will THRIVE.


James Laffrey



Yule is White. Christmas is jew.

That headline or title for this post is as basic, simple, and true as can be. It says it all — if readers have real knowledge about Yule, White, Christmas, and jew.

Yule log with candles. A White race tradition. A Yule tree is good, too. Don't call it a "Christmas" tree.

Yule log with candles. A White race tradition. A Yule tree is good, too. Don’t call it a “Christmas” tree.

Last December, I wrote and published an article on this topic. Please click here to read all about it.

Another from last December that is more fun is this one, including Charlie Brown.

Seana Fenner, one of our greatest current pro-White anti-jew writers on the Internet and certainly the best female writer, has published various articles on our Yule heritage. If you like, click to this page of hers and scroll to the bottom to the Yule section, where you’ll see a fine image of an Adolf Hitler tree ornament, too!

I say again, Yule is White. Christmas is jew.