Direct from Sweden: Rape Epidemic Rages

Direct Report from Young Swedish Man:
Rape of Swede Girls and Women by ‘Immigrants’ is Sky High

It is worse than one image can begin to say.

It is worse than one image can begin to say.

In email correspondence with a young man in Sweden, I asked him for his own knowledge about the situation we all have heard about secondhand and thirdhand. I wrote:

Some pro-White websites have done articles on the horrible influx of nonWhites into Sweden and the sickening rate of rapes of true Swedish girls and women.

Are such stories true? How bad is it?

Is there any other info you might share about jew activities in Sweden that I and others may not know about?

He replied:

The rape of Swedish women and other harassment is sky-high in Sweden and it is of dire need that the rest of the world can understand that whatever the Swedish government publishes on their official website is false information. The government knows this themselves.

Here is the government’s ” official ” version for the sheep:

They say it’s because Sweden has a ”broader definition of rape”, yet Swedish women have been less comfortable reporting rape in the last 7 years. As you might know, the intake of non-Europeans in Sweden has been increasing during this time, but has declined a little bit the last year. The damage is already done, though, and we still give room to more non-European immigrants. In fact, a 2005 study by BRÅ (Crime-preventing Counsel) showed that immigrants are 5.5 times more likely to be suspected of rape than Swedes. A motion to make a new study was made this year, but got declined with the argument that ” it might work in favor of racist parties”. What a country.

Here are the reports that might be of interest, they are in Swedish though so they might be superflous :

I actually live [in the area of] Malmö, the most culturally diverse city in the whole of Sweden, and it is hell. Europeans are constantly put down and the invaders are glorified.

Bonnier Awards. jews award jews. Same as jew Hollywood. Same as every other organization controlled by jews and by jews pretending to be Whites.

Bonnier Awards. jews award jews. Same as jew Hollywood. Same as every other organization controlled by jews and by jews pretending to be Whites.

Concerning jews, Bonnier (jewish family) is rumoured to influence a share of the state-controlled TV channels, SVT1, SVT2 and numerous others. They also own a number of independent TV channels like TV4, TV12, Channel 7. They also own newspapers like Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Svensk Filmindustri, and others. All these are very influential and most Swedes watch them or read them. They also print books that are used in schools and for private use. These publishing-houses are called Bonnierförlagen. Barbara Spectre (ironically the name of the evil James Bond organization) and her institution Paideia have obviously influenced the current state of Sweden.

jew-barbara-spectre.endwhitepeopleThe majority of the government are not jews, but merely puppets, in my opinion. They are not working for the native population at all, are probably rewarded substantially for it. If you look at where they live, they never live in the multicultural parts of town they speak so warmly of. They always live with other rich, ”tolerant” Swedes, while the common man is forced to live with the immigrants, if you live in the town so to say. …

jew-barbara-spectre.aThat’s about all I know. I’m not an expert on the subject, but this is what I’ve researched.

That’s the end of the email excerpt. Thanks to the Swedish man for his knowledge and input for us.

This is

This is a snip of my browser on the jew JTA website showing an article from last year. For those wise to jewry, you see that advertisement on the right about the American Revolution and glorifying George Washington? Gee, why would the jews do that? Because George Washington was a jew. The jews do NOT glorify White men. They always lie about Thomas Jefferson, for example, but always praise Washington. Read my historic page on the CONstitution, linked in the top menu, for the full story.

I did a simple search and turned up following linked White sites with reports on the jewsmedia of Sweden. (I have added these two sites to the TruthfulSites pages.) The jew families and companies in Sweden are, of course, directly linked by DNA and business ties with our jew scum in the USA. “Duh,” should be your response, as all jews internationally are directly tied together. For those who didn’t know that, now you do. For doubters, do your due diligence, then, do the research that I and hundreds of our other webwriting Whites have done.

Sad. Even in Sweden, where we would think the White population would have more unity and awareness against the mud invasion than does our Whybrid-infested White population of the USA, still they don’t rise up and kill the mudskin invaders and the jews and treasonous Swedes in government who have inflicted the invasion upon the true White Swedes.

What the hell are they waiting for? Do they think the very government that invited the rapists and other muds and gave them housing and jobs will magically turn pro-White and reverse the crime against humanity that they have committed?

Are they, again, proof of our race being suicidally tolerant, suicidally gullible, and frozen in fear so that even the pro-White anti-jew members of the population actually DO nothing?

How many obvious, proved, horrific examples are needed for our White MEN in every White-founded White-built country to wake up and rise up?!

Sweden. Germany. England. South Afica. Rhodesia. Detroit, Michigan. Baltimore, Maryland. Hell, nearly everywhere, USA.

You know it. I know it.





Trump: Right and Wrong

Trump: Right and Wrong

This morning in my car, I heard on the radio that Donald Trump won yesterday’s (s)election for the next president of the United States of America.

Back in the primary season, I said that Trump was another “designated loser” whose job was to make the half-awake Whites think they had a viable representative in the electoral process. Thus, the built-up steam of rightful anger among the half-awake would be vented off, and the jews could go on about their normal anti-White business.

So, I was wrong about Trump being a “designated loser.”

When Trump won the Republican nomination for president, my thinking was forced to change. I retreated to the foundation of solid rock.

Since I don’t have a short memory, since I have researched and analyzed a lot of history, it was easy to note that the jews don’t let a two-term president be followed by another president of the same party. They keep flipping back and forth. There’s a great little one-panel cartoon showing an American in a car and alternately shifting from forward to reverse, either way crashing into a wall in front of and behind the car. One wall is Demo, the other Repub. So, knowing that Trump was likely to get the paper crown, I fell back to saying what was certain: Trump is another lying crypto-jew.

Adolf Hitler correctly noted that Communism and Democracy were, and are, two sides of the same jew-owned coin.

Likewise, Republican and Democrat are two sides of the same jew-owned coin.

I am right about these things.


Our original WHITE Founding Fathers had no parties. They were all Whites for a White USA. They established a Republic of semi-sovereign States, NOT a Democracy. They were for fair and free Commerce, NOT Capitalism which was later invented by the jews for the jews. And then only 12 years into U.S. history, the jews succeeded in their monumental CON in overthrowing the original USA of the Articles of Confederation and foisting their CONstitution upon our White country. Read all about that here in my historic one-of-a kind article.

How did the jews — James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, et al. — get away with it? Our Founding Fathers didn’t know about crypto-jews. They only knew about the jews who openly identified themselves as jews, and they thought being a jew meant a religious affiliation rather than being a member of the parasitic, devious, heinous anti-human race. Also, the Founders were surely war-weary. And as Whites, yes we must admit it so that we can overcome it, they were gullible to jew lies.

And immediately after establishing the CONstitution, the jews caused divisions giving rise to parties.

Adolf Hitler said he used the party structure in order to win power but that he planned for a future of no parties, just Germans. Sounds great.

That’s what I want. That’s what I see for our future: No parties in the USA, just Whites. A government by Whites, of Whites, for Whites, in the White States Of America.


So, Trump. I began my big wake-up when Obama was (s)elected and then immediately appointed known criminals from the Clinton administration. Maybe some more of our fellow Whites will begin their big wake-up when they see Trump appointing known criminals from previous administrations. Also, because of the Internet’s ubiquity now, our fellow Whites will have an increased possibility of becoming awakened to the fact that Trump is already surrounded by jews that he chose to be surrounded by, and that Trump’s new appointments will be all or nearly all jews. (Note: I use the nonpersonal “that” rather than the personal “who/whom” whenever I want to in referring to the anti-humans, who do not deserve human status.)

The only slightly interesting aspect for us is whether Trump will mostly appoint jews that are hard to identify as jews or whether he will appoint a slew of the already known and obvious jews.

Did I say it yet in this article? Trump is a crypto-jew. Has to be. A White man is not given the opportunities by jews that Trump has been given. The jews do not give tv fame and wealth to White men. The jews do not give massive banking help to White men to survive and make comebacks from massive bankruptcies. Doesn’t happen, folks. The jews push us down. They bankrupt us. They do not prop us up. Therefore, Trump is not a White man. Period.

But now the half-awake have had all their steam vented off. Trump will be shown to have lied about nearly everything that matters. When he doesn’t do what he promised he would do, he will use the age-old excuses of “a contrary Congress,” and information he “wasn’t privy to” before he became president, and Climate Change, ha ha, and on and on.

It was so-called conservative Republican Ronald Reagan who did the first big amnesty for invaders. Yes, I say “invaders,” while the jews used to say “illegal immigrants” and now say “undocumented immigrants” and simply “immigrants” and “migrants.” They are all vile invaders and more of us should simply be killing them. (I plan an article on this subject.) You see, a Republican could get away with doing what Reagan did at a time when a Democrat would have been lambasted for “overdoing” his liberalness.

That’s how it works. No matter which jew party’s animal mascot is on the balloon at the White House festivities, the jew agenda advances. The elephant pushes it forward or the donkey pulls it forward, each to whatever extent the gullible, dumbed-down, medicated, intoxicated, self-poisoned populace will tolerate.

How about a prediction? Democrat jews couldn’t get gun control to go forward. But Republican jews will be able to, to some extent. I predict they will. The NRA (National Rifle Association), led by crypto-jews, went all-in for Trump because Trump made the appropriate noises in favor of the “Second Amendment.” Hillary Killary Clinton promised to be a gun-grabber — not a grabber of her fellow jews’ guns nor her jew bodyguards’ guns, of course. Not Negroes’ guns. Not Mexiturds’ guns. Whites’ guns. Our guns.

So, Trump will advance the jew agenda against us. He will help the jew bankers continue their massive crimes. He will sign some kind of limits on guns or ammo, or on private sales, or he will advance the recording of gun-owner registrations. He will not deport enough of the shitskins illegally and wrongly alive inside our country. He will not even try to force the jew-owned corporations to pay us a living wage instead of the current poverty wages. He will, certainly, continue the massive funding of jews-only Israel. He will not stop the U.S. Military Murder Machine from killing anybody but jews around the world for the sole benefit of jewry.

A problem now is that the masses who wanted Trump to win will wait and do NOTHING while waiting to see what will happen, bit by bit, month after month, year after year. And as Trump’s deeds display step-by-step his true DNA, the jewsmedia will trump-up other secret jews pretending to be better-than-Trumps for the still-ignorant masses to pin their hopes on and say their stupid prayers for.

Those of us with both Knowledge and Wisdom have seen it all before. We know that waiting is continued slow suicide. We know that the solution is to kill the invaders — including all jews and the shitskins that the jews invited in, no matter how many generations they’ve already been here.

White heroes are wise, careful, courageous, effective killers of the enemy. One by one. Two by two. Occasionally, groups of jews, when such great opportunities arise. White heroes, for now, tell no one. White heroes choose the best advice from the articles listed at the bottom of this website, and adapt that advice for their skill sets and situations.

We are falsely asked if we “want a race war?” There already is a race war, a long-running race war. It’s all anti-White. We need that race war to flare up so that it is in our fellow White MEN’s faces, and then they will rise to join us, and finally we will win the race war once and for all.

Trump, surrounded by jews, says he will “make America great again.” Only our America WHITE again will be great again. Only Whites ever made a country great for Whites. Only Whites will do it again.


Some of the best Whites who read this website may be wondering why I have written about the so damned obvious jew-owned TV Electoral Big Show. To get a lot more hits, a lot of new visitors, that’s why. The stats that I get from this website software tell me some of the search terms people use to reach this site, and they tell me how many visitors came by way of search engines. Articles about popular subjects produce more visitors. For better or worse, my articles on “John Lennon’s Penis” and the jew model covergirl Hannah Davis bring a lot of visitors. Happily, so do the articles on how to I.D. jews.

Progress is being made. But we White MEN must light it up.

TV: Should ’24′ Live Another Day?

TV: Should ’24′ Live Another Day?

24.s09.e12.posterWhat I like about tv’s 24 is that a character who we are to believe is a White hero gets to kill jews and other enemies of our White race.

Oh, I know, that’s not even one of the intended messages of the show.

But for the jew-wise viewer who selectively watches tv for his or her own purposes, the jews’ anti-White propaganda works against the jews instead of for them.

We see it for the crime that it is, a crime against us. We feed off of it, knowing how destructive it is upon our race, and we direct our mighty reaction to the destruction of the jews.

Father and son, in younger days.

Father and son, in younger days.

The jew-produced, jew-written, jew-infested tv show 24 starring crypto-jew Kiefer Sutherland, son of longtime Hollywood actor Donald Sutherland, was a longrunning, very successful series that jewry abruptly stopped a few years ago. No surprise there. Other popular shows have been canned in similar fashion.

Anyway, it was brought back to “Live Another Day” — just one 24-hour day. And that day, already done, was a dishonest “day” of only 12 hours in a 12-episode mini-season.

No matter why they did that. The new programming had the same intent as the old programming:

  • attract, most importantly, White viewers by providing a supposedly-White hero.
  • provide vicarious satisfaction for White men when seeing a supposedly-White hero kill bad guys, thus providing an emotional vent for White men, keeping them pacified and pacifistic with ass on chair and beer in hand.
  • advance the mind-poison of multi-cult, with most positions of authority filled with obvious nonWhites. (Actually, there are no positions filled by Whites because not a single significant character is played by a true White person; they are all jews.)
  • push the suicidal absurdity that a hero is always honest even with the enemy, and he keeps his word with the enemy who is trying to kill him.
  • portray as normal the absence of families for important White people.
  • portray the low-IQ races (Africans, Mestizos, most Asians) as having Whites’ advanced mental traits, such as: multi-level analysis and problemsolving; perseverance to complete a mission no matter how difficult; honesty; loyalty; and noble intentions in all situations. In reality, nonWhites do not have that combination of mental traits. Those of us with multi-country experience know it.
  • provide support for the government’s increasing every kind of invasive surveillance against us.
  • provide support for the government’s increasing use of illegal methods of arrest and use of torture on detainees and prisoners.
  • paint Whites as most often the villains behind all massive crime and terror atrocities.
  • provide an absolute absence of jews (although, if there should occur any exception, the jew is never portrayed as negative but only as victim or as ethical, noble, and benign).
  • continue to pretend that there is any terror organization other than international jewry. (From the mass-starvations of the Great Depression and the Holodomor, to the mass-murders of Katyn and Waco, to the mass-bloodletting of contrived wars, to the specific terror atrocities from 9/11, to London’s 7/7, airliner explosions, preplanned cinema and mall and school shootings, they are all the work of the only international terror organization in history: the jews.

Meanwhile, of course, the tv show consists of a parade of jews, some of them physically obvious jews, to further dupe White viewers into thinking that those physical characteristics are White characteristics. (I use present-tense because the show’s finale was very recent, July 2014, and is likely to be revived again.)

Both jews pretending to be White. "Jack Bauer" and "Chloe."

Both are jews pretending to be White. “Jack Bauer” and “Chloe.”

The “Chloe” character is played by an actress who is an obvious jew, easy to identify by her eyes and mouth, but surely most viewers think she’s White. Name: Mary Lynn Rajskub. Her ugly character had a multi-cult family. Happily for viewers, her husband and kid were killed off.

The “agent Morgan” character is played by an actress who is not an obvious jew but is a jew, a crypto-jew. Her real name is Yvonne Jaqueline Strzechowski, fake name Yvonne Strahovski. She pretends to be of White polish descent but is the daughter of jews from Poland who infest Australia, where she was born. Strahovski is yet another bottle-blonde jew with bad facial skin that, in close-ups, even the tv makeup doesn’t totally hide.

The “president Heller” character is played by longtime Hollywood actor crypto-jew William Devane, featuring a too-wide jew mouth. The jews probably like the fact that Devane looks very much like the scum Ted Kennedy who was such a successfully divisive plague on the White race of America. “Heller” is also used to continue pushing the lie of Alzheimer’s, as if all old White people lose their minds.

The president’s daughter, a character satisfactorily shot dead in the finale of season nine (July 2014), was played by crypto-jew Kim Raver. Her mutant upper-lip action added a clue to expose her mongrel jew DNA.

The villain “Adrian” — well killed, but by a Chinese character instead of by the hero “Jack Bauer” — was played by an obvious jew, complete with unreconstructed jew nose, named Michael Wincott.

The president’s chief of staff “Mark Boudreau” is played by a subtly obvious jew named Tate Donovan. That character’s assistant is played by an obvious jew named Ross McCall.

An Irish Aside

The name “Donovan,” of the jew mentioned above, reminds me of another tv series that includes some satisfactory killing: Ray Donovan. The title character and his brothers, father, wife, and children, are all supposed to be Irish. Utterly and insultingly absurd. It’s insulting because I am half Irish. All of them are jews, some very obviously so, such as the curly haired, angry brother who is a boxer-trainer. Also, one of the jews on the show has freaky Kiefer ears.

Kiefer Sutherland, a.k.a. "Jack Bauer" of tv's 24.

Kiefer Sutherland, with those lobes and jowls.

By the way, isn’t it funny to notice how short nearly all of those jew men are? Even “agent Morgan” is a bit taller than little “Jack Bauer.” That’s another clue, you know. Historically, most jews are quite short. That’s why Hollywood has always been loaded with short leading men. Even the so-called “tall” ones are not as tall as we are led to believe by watching the electronic-jew. Crypto-jews such as Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Tom Selleck, and homo-jew Rock Hudson were/are not as tall as their publicists have said.

Fiction. No matter the type of program, tv spews fiction. Hollywood spews fiction. The jew race spews fiction. 24 season nine was set in London and filmed there. London and the U.K. have been firmly controlled by jews far longer than the USA’s government and institutions have been controlled by jews.

Tom Cruise, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, William Shatner, Michael J. Fox, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, and on and on, are all examples of normal runt jews. Yet, most of them look so much like White men that they have passed as White, duping nearly all Whites of America and around the world.

Kiefer Sutherland is just another one. His mother is crypto-jew actress Shirley Douglas, and his father is, mentioned above, Donald Sutherland, a freaky looking jew. The freaky fatherly physical features that his son Kiefer displays are those odd earlobes and cheek protrusions beyond the corners of the mouth.

Of course, it’s best to turn off the tv, the electronic-jew. Don’t let it pacify you and drain you of your energy to kill the true enemy. TV is the most effective mass-propaganda tool every invented by Whites and heinously employed by jews. The jews did the same with the printing press for books, newspapers, and magazines. And then the radio. And then the movie camera and projection system, which they stole from Thomas Edison. And then tv. And now the Internet, though it is proving too difficult for them to completely control, thus far.

Our White invention of the Internet and its World Wide Web is our best mass-communication tool. We must use it to the fullest to expose jews and urge every White MAN to join us in exterminating the jew infestation from our country (countries).

The jews should not Live Another Day.

  • For advice on safety and effectiveness, see the articles linked at the bottom of this website.

Weed The Garden!

Weed the Garden!

This photo, found on the web, came with good advice: Pull weeds while they are young, before they have a chance to ...

This photo, found on the web, came with good advice: Pull weeds while they are young, before they have a chance to …

Do you want a great garden in this world?

To have and keep a nice garden, somebody must pull the weeds.

And then, do we carry the weeds to another location and re-plant them?*  No. We kill the weeds.

The USA was a great garden. But nobody — nobody — pulled the weeds. And then we were born into this weedy garden, and nobody taught us which were the poisonous weeds, which were the secondary weeds, and which were our food plants and flower plants.

Meanwhile, the poisonous weeds pretended to be food plants and flowers as they robbed us and our plants of nutrients and as they invited more and more secondary weeds to come in.

The weeds must be pulled, folks. We must pull the weeds. Nobody has done it for us, and nobody is going to do it for us. We must pull the weeds.

The weeds of all weeds are the jews. They are the poisonous weeds. After we pull those weeds, most of the secondary weeds will cower and flee.

Clean-Up-America.whiteswillwin.eWhites are the food plants. Whites are the flowers.

We cannot live well when infested and surrounded by weeds.

Whites invented and built the United States Of America. And then Whites were so badly duped that jews pretending to be Whites gained control, and then the jews invited other nonWhites to flood into our White country. And now we who are no longer duped are we who must pull the weeds.

It is our duty, and by doing our duty we earn Honor. Enjoy it. Killing the right enemy is a pleasure. Plan it. Keep it simple. Tell no one. Leave no worthwhile evidence. And you’re clear.

We have certain strengths in this unorganized situation.

One of our strengths is the ability to go out alone or in a pair and do a deed without attracting major attention to ourselves coming or going. Use it.

Be a silent hero, for now. Victory will bring the rewards.

* Do we carry the weeds to another location and re-plant them? That’s what Adolf Hitler ordered done, thus leaving nearly all of the enemy jews alive to plague us. That’s what leader after leader in European history did, over and over again. History records more than 100 times of that leniency. We know better. Finally, thanks to the quick and nationwide education we can get by way of our White-invented Internet, we know better. We will not repeat the mistakes of history. We will end the jew plague on humanity.

  • For advice, see articles linked at the bottom of this website.