Yule is White. Christmas is jew.

That headline or title for this post is as basic, simple, and true as can be. It says it all — if readers have real knowledge about Yule, White, Christmas, and jew.

Yule log with candles. A White race tradition. A Yule tree is good, too. Don't call it a "Christmas" tree.

Yule log with candles. A White race tradition. A Yule tree is good, too. Don’t call it a “Christmas” tree.

Last December, I wrote and published an article on this topic. Please click here to read all about it.

Another from last December that is more fun is this one, including Charlie Brown.

Seana Fenner, one of our greatest current pro-White anti-jew writers on the Internet and certainly the best female writer, has published various articles on our Yule heritage. If you like, click to this page of hers and scroll to the bottom to the Yule section, where you’ll see a fine image of an Adolf Hitler tree ornament, too!

I say again, Yule is White. Christmas is jew.

Yule Revere ‘Mutter Und Kind.’ White Mother And Child. Not Jew Mary And Jesus.

Our White German reverence for motherhood expressed here. (Image source: endzog.com)

Our White German reverence for motherhood expressed here. (Image source: endzog.wordpress.com)

Most White Americans have some, if not mostly, German blood nourishing their very being. This is never acknowledged in our big media, is it? Why is this covered up? Why is our heritage denied us?

The answer is simple. If our true heritage were properly taught to us, we would choose our own great and historic culture over the alien non-White cultural poisons that have been forced upon us.

Our White heritage features the Yule celebrations every year. Before any “Christ”-mas was invented to inject jewish poisons into our culture, we were one with Nature, right on Race, and fully celebrated the essentials of Life.

Germany of the 1930s and early 1940s was very well in touch with our historic heritage.

Mutter Und Kind. Look how close that is to our English “Mother And Kid” or “Mother And Child.” “Kind” is the root for Kindergarten. The German language came first, followed by our English language.

German poster, 1930s. Our White Germans were not lying. President Obama and his  jews, however, constantly lie that they are pro-family, etc., while they constantly diminish our freedoms, our ownership of our own country, and our race.

German poster, 1930s. Our White Germans were not lying. President Obama and his jews, however, constantly lie that they are pro-family, etc., while they constantly diminish our freedoms, our incomes, and our opportunities for ownership of our own country, and mis-teach our children, mis-inform our people, and denigrate our race. (“NSDAP” was the abbreviation for “National Socialist German Workers Party.” Not “Nazi.” Germans did not use that word. That “N” word is an insult word invented by jews. Proof of who are the liars and who are the truthtellers is everywhere you look. A major ethnicity of the jew race is the Ashkenazim. Note the “n” word there.

Is this not eye-opening?

Motherhood was deeply admired in the Third Reich [which was the era of Adolf Hitler's leadership]. Adolf Hitler wanted to create a warm, loving environment for children to grow up in and a peaceful, honorable, and safe climate for motherhood to blossom. Mothers received medals just as soldiers did to honor their important role. (Source)

Why do the jews never let up in their demonization of Adolf Hitler and his Germany? Because the jews want us to shun our own great roots, our own great heritage, our own great ancestors, our own great culture, and our very own race.

Who We Are, and who we are not, is as important as ever.

Learning, and knowing, who we are and who we are not is the key to overcoming all of our current ills and reclaiming Freedom, Happiness, and Prosperity.

Happy Yule To You!

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Make It So.

Thinking About Christmas — Really Thinking

James Laffrey, Yule.

James Laffrey.

Today, many people will sing the Christmas hymn that says, “Born is the king of Israel.”

“Israel” as a country was born in 1948. The song was not written to refer to a country. Before 1948, “Israel” meant the race of jews. The nation of jews. “Race” and “nation” nearly always meant the same thing. The word “country” focuses on the territory the race controls.

So, “born was the king of Israel.” What does that tell us? It tells us Jesus was a jew. And it tells us that Jesus was born a king of the jews.

In fact, the word “christ” was a title, essentially meaning “king.” This information comes from the great scholar of ancient languages, history, and professor Revilo P. Oliver. (The TopLinks page has a selection of Oliver documents to enjoy.) The word “christ” was wrongly applied as a name, and widespread use made the error permanent.

Let us pause and review. Christ Jesus, that is “king” Jesus, was a jew. Are you, dear reader, a jew? Almost certainly you are not a jew. Jews read my website only to monitor how well I am waking up my people — the more effective I am, the more they increase their attack, thus my previous site was deleted by WordPress.

What came first

Jews used the word “christ” for a very long time before “king Jesus” was born from the brain of Saul in the hot, sandy Middle East.

Meanwhile, up north, the White race living in 4-season land had annual celebrations at the end of harvest time and the end of the year. Our White race had a group of stories and symbolic characters to express our appreciation, awe, and love of Nature, Seasons, Fertility, and Fighting for Survival and Prosperity.

I would not call it a White religion, nor a Norse religion, nor a Nordic religion, nor an Aryan religion. It was mythology, and everybody knew it was mythology. Similarly, Greeks had their mythology — the great Greeks were an ethnicity of the White race, but then Greece race-mixed into mediocrity.


This entry is from the fullwiki.org’s page on Norse paganism. The Yule came first, and then came jewry’s Christianity, which Whites have constantly altered and adjusted in attempts to make the square peg fit the round hole. More accurately stated: Adjustments were inadvertently made to make the mind poison more palatable to our people.

We Whites had absolutely no need nor want of a religion. We certainly had no need nor want of a jew religion.

The jew religion of which we speak, Christianity (remember what “christ” really means), was born during the White Roman empire, which was about 2,000 years ago. That’s right. Christians tend to believe, without really thinking it through, that Christianity “always has been” a belief among humans. One reason for that is because Christianity offers the Genesis story, so that the believer tends to think Christianity began when humanity began.

But the first Christian religion was born during the Roman Empire, which stretched across southern and middle Europe, with the city of Rome in Italy as the capital. The Middle East at that time was under Rome authority.


Map is from http://gbgm-umc.org/umw/corinthians/empire.stmĀ  Click image too see full-size.

Several decades into what we call “A.D.,” some jews, especially Saul, now known as “Paul,” started writing a religion around a guy not mentioned in any recorded history of the time. This new religion was really a new soup of beliefs, borrowing fruits and vegetables from old stories already there in the hodgepodge of the Middle East, a crossroads of races, trade, and cultural ideas. The virgin birth, the flood, the miracles, etc. None of that was new.

However, the main new twist that jew Saul put on it was that all the people of all the different races were supposedly equal in the eyes of god. Of course, jews never believed that. Jews always held their own race as supreme, which is why they chose themselves as “The Chosen People” of god. That alone is proof enough that jews birthed the whole hoax.

Jews never believed that all people were equal, so why did jews write a religion that said all people were equal? Jews wrote that to undermine the Roman Empire, which was the greatest entity of White power on the planet at that time. If the jews could make all the non-Whites and some White dupes believe that “all people are equal in the eyes of god” then the people would tear down the Roman structure, which was based on the Reality Of Race and the obvious inequality among humanity.


Part of a painting of the Roman Senate. They were all White men — until they allowed the infiltration of jews and others, setting in motion their own decline and fall.

The original Romans knew they were Whites and that their White race had invented and built everything worth caring about, from chariots to aquaducts, from sewer sytems to justice systems.

Jews never invented anything involving physical labor. Jews as a race have always detested physical work and have always attached themselves as parasites to the societies who did the work. Their favorite method is to use usury (theft by banking and money-changing) to provide them with wealth, which they use to benefit jewry only. Another method is surreptitious control of the media so that they can blame all ills on the host population and other immigrants — anybody but jews. But enough of that. Let us return to Christmas.

The jews’ invention of Christianity never did fit with us. That’s one reason why there are so many different kinds of Christian religions. In fact, as we all well know, every different White believer has a different version of Christianity in mind, choosing which parts to accept wholly, partially, or not at all, and modifying any or all parts as is convenient or self-satisfying.

Many popes have been jews -- secret jews, of course. Here's one. Why would jews, whose Talmud says Jesus is hanging in excrement for eternity -- want to be Catholics? To control the feeding of the mind poison, directing it to benefit jewry. "The body of Christ," the priest said to me every Sunday. And I replied, "Amen," and ate the "body of Christ." What utter nonsense. Will this girl overcome it or forever worship jews?

Many popes have been jews — secret jews, of course. Here’s one. Why would jews, whose Talmud says their fictional Jesus is hanging in excrement for eternity — want to be Catholics? To control the feeding of the mind poison, directing it to benefit jewry. And it’s a money racket. “The body of Christ,” the priest said to me every Sunday. And I replied, “Amen,” and ate the “body of Christ.” What utter nonsense. Will this girl overcome it or forever be a dupe, a worshiper of jews?

Is it too late for me to tell the reader that I was raised a Catholic? In seventh grade, I began my solo search for knowledge about all the religions I could find explained in encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other books. Therefore, I know of what I speak.

The jew invention called Christianity was forced on the White race by kings and other rulers who got themselves into debt to parasitic jew bankers, and by other methods.

Absolutely against Nature and against Race, the teachings of Christianity tell all of us non-jews to forget about race, to “love” our enemies!, to wait forever for the meek to “inherit the Earth,” and other nonsense. Mind poison. It is all mind poison to our White race. It dupes us into letting down our defenses, lapsing into pacifism, while jews silently seize all the reins of power.

Christianity, more than any other single mind poison, is what makes us passive in the face of incompatible, destructive immigration of Blacks, Mestizos, Arabs, and Asians. Christianity makes us passive in the face of one enemy race taking control of our money system, thus forever robbing us of our profits through “interest,” and thus robbing our communities through loans that are created out of nothing but that we must pay back in real money. It’s a total transfer of wealth from us to jewry. It’s Cold War, absolutely. Yet, we have remained passive and accepting. Jewry has taken control of our media, too, and we remain passive and accepting.

We should fight it with all of our might once and for all, which we can easily do. We only have to wake up, spread this truth, and use the tools that our White race has already invented for our use. By All Means (B.A.M.), we should use all of our tools, especially those guaranteed for us by our White Founding Fathers to “keep and bear” at will. Stupidly, passively, we have let that right be eroded, too.

No more!

yule.log.candles.eThis Christmas, let us shun the mind poison. Let us celebrate the Yule with family and friends of our race, with great food, with our racial trait of generosity in gift giving and helping each other. Let us shun, boycott, and stigmatize the jew usurpation of our culture: Oppose their culture of deceit. Oppose their symbols of oppression, including their menorahs, and especially the monstrosity looming over our White House.

Celebrate White Christmas Yule. Stop worshiping jews. Stop celebrating jew tales. Celebrate what’s right. Celebrate what’s White.